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    'There are 12 mutts and 12 districts.'You can only submit 2 tributes. Cindy came up with the names and some of the descriptions and Natalie came up with the other descriptions and makes the characters appearences.

    'The Arena has 12 areas around the Cornucopia.' Each mutt is in a district and only the tributes from that district know about those mutts. An example is, only the tributes from District 1 know about Ponysaurus. The arena has 12 territories, one for each mutt. The mutts can only attack you if you go in their territory, as they cannot leave their own.


    District Name Age User
    1F Amber Pierce 16 Beautiful Mistake
    1M Luke Odair 17 Jack412
    2F Reserved
    Mine -Blissfully Mine
    2M Trenton Powers 17 HungerGamesFanatic21 
    3F Bethunia Underium 16 HungerGamesFanat…

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  • Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair

    Hello so this is our first games on this account. We hope it goes well. So we will both be writing this blog.  You can submit 4 tributes, 2 stylists, 2 mentors, 1 gamemaker, and 1 escort. 

    If the comment is from Natalie it will be signed "-nat" and if the comment is from Cindy it will be signed ~cin. this is a messad from cin ~nat

    1. No Spamming

    2.No foul language

    3.No Wikia Contributors

    4. Don't be rude to other users.

    5. You can make the lunaii's if you want but we will make them also.

    6. You must provide the information on the charts besides tributes.

    7. There will be an appearence for each chart. 












    Bloodbath Strategy: 

    Backstory: (optional)

    Token: (optional)

    (Our 2 …

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