Hello so this is our first games on this account. We hope it goes well. So we will both be writing this blog.  You can submit 4 tributes, 2 stylists, 2 mentors, 1 gamemaker, and 1 escort. 

If the comment is from Natalie it will be signed "-nat" and if the comment is from Cindy it will be signed ~cin. this is a messad from cin ~nat


1. No Spamming

2.No foul language

3.No Wikia Contributors

4. Don't be rude to other users.

5. You can make the lunaii's if you want but we will make them also.

6. You must provide the information on the charts besides tributes.

7. There will be an appearence for each chart. 

Tribute Template












Bloodbath Strategy: 

Backstory: (optional)

Token: (optional)

(Our 2 tributes will not win)


The arena this year is super simple and back in those days, (The first few games) the arena wasn't as creative as the Current Day Games. The arena only has 2 sections+ the Cornucopia (3). They are the tundra and desert, but watch out because there are traps EVERYWHERE. The mutts are camels, poisenous snakes, and coyotes (Desert), and Mountain Lions and bears (Tundra). The traps will include avalanches (Tundra) and Sand Storms (Desert). Whether your tribute has a heat stroke in the desert or get crushed by an avalanche in the tundra. Either way, this is the 10th Annual Hunger Games!



Gender Name Age W.O.C Likes/Dislikes Personality User
1 F Cindy Highhill 17 throwing knives watching people Skwrim,looking pretty and being the prettiest girl in the room/girls that are prettier than her. cold,unloving,flirtatious


1 M Louis Nightcart 17 Spear, Machete To win the hunger games, Career Group, Capitol/All of the other districts Brutal and Mean, wants to win Ninjaguy3107
2 F Jennifer 18 Sword

Weapons,Training/Other Tributes

Bloodthirsty, Ready to kill 

2 M Cody Rickzz 18 any type of sword, throwing axe sports, hanging out with friends, truth or dare, training/

bullys, video games, school

cockey, sweet to close friends', sarcastic, charming, sexy, funny, protective of little sis.


3 F Aveara Copley 15

Throwing Knives, Hand-to-hand combat 

People who won't go easy on her/

People who go easy on her because she's a girl

Shy, kind, caring, draws a lot, not like everyone else in the district but alike in some ways, is up for just about anything, and sort of a bad a**(yes, she is a contridiction) ArleneLove'sTHG
3 M Seth Blaque 16 Sword, snares, hand-on-hand combat, Team Work/ People who don't try. Kind, charming, cunning, smart, and loves his girlfriend, and yes, a total jock(as in with weapons, etc.) ArleneLove'sTHG
4 F Nettie Hartin 14 Trident Fashion,Clothes/ Fishing, Weird People Sweet, Sassy, Rude, Tomboyish Hello im cat lady
4 M Daniel Bluewater 16 Spear and Sword Spear Fishing, Friends, Animals he had back home/Hunger Games, Capitol, President Snow, Careers kind but can be furious with people that annoy him easily


5 F Claire Clove 15 Bow and Arrow Dresses/Blood nice, bubbly but will kill Pinkiedot102
5 M

Jared Long

15 Sickle, Axe Power, family/Capitol, Hunger Games, District 2 Can be very Nasty and Brutal, otherwise average Jabberjay1234
6 F Olive Cameron 14 poison or bow and arrow People who are willing to take a stand; rebel/ Girls who think that they can be all delicate just because they're girls; most peacekeepers Outspoken, determined Kawaii Manga
6 M James Woodlark 18 trees, happiness, beautiful life in District 6/THE CAPITOL Ninjaguy3107
7 F Mia Freylie 15 Throwing knives, axes Using her weapons, killing (not all the time, not a die hard killer), bullying, and leading the troup/

People who try to mess with her or hurt her, drama queens, girly-girl stuff, and things (people and animals that disturb her)

Mean, and considered to be in the Careers. She is SUPER fast, and also very swift and quick in her work. Mia hate dresses and girly things, and is more on the tomboy side, although she isn't. She is mostly feared of by alot of people, and she is very determined and doesn't play when it comes to work. If you get to know her well she might just let out a laugh or joke around a bit, but she will do it rarely. She doesn't brag, and she enjoys throwing knives at things and chopping. She might just surprise people, but doesn't do it often. She is more likely to be a leader, not a follower.


7 M Quineroo Salvix 17 Axe His family, carving wood, and District 7/Animals, President Snow, The Hunger Games Quineroo can be very friendly and loyal, but can also be very dangerous. He has a short temper. He does feel guilty for any wrong doing as he thinks that everything he does is for himself and will not affect anyone, except his family. He loves his family very much.

Migs Villanueva

8 F Illiad Cross 13 Poison darts, daggers, shuriken Dogs, apples/

Tall people, society, Capitol

Very introverted and anti social, has great physical strength when provoked.


8 M Reagen Justice 18 spear and dagger Sewing, Crafts, District /Capitol, Treaty of Treason, Snow Friendly, Shy Jabberjay1234
9 F Aurora Anderson 17 Bow, dagger EHKnight
9 M Scott Wesley 17 Machete, Poison, Throwing Knives Wheat, Grain, District 8&/District 10, Careers, Hunger Games Quite annoying Jabberjay1234
10 F Aprcot 16

Throwing Knives 

Sweet and Weak for other tributes to see her while training but when she is in the games she will show her real side a Strong Violent Dangerous Slightly Unhinged Killer. District2Career
10 M Lemon 18 Spear Sword Defiant Brave Strong and Caring for his sister District2Career
11 F Mina Lavernity 17 Sword creepy things, darknes/people who are quick to judge Nice, sweet, mysterious, "bad girl" Hello im cat lady
11 M Hoe Jordan 17 Spear and a Sickle Agriculture, District 11, Wind, Family and Friends back hom/Capitol, Careers, Mosquitos, Peacekeepers Hoe is a Fun, loving person with a great personality. He loves all his family equally, and treats them by giving them bread which he makes. He was reaped and said his last goodbyes to his family before he went. Jabberjay1234
12 F Idalia Summers 12 bow and arrow flowers; peac/war, hatred sweet, shy, friendly

Kawaii Manga

12 M Maylor Keizer 17 Dagger, Knife To Not go to this years games/Anything to do with The Capitol Quiet and Shy Ninjaguy3107

Tribute Colors

District 1- Pink

District 2- Green

District 3- Gray

District 4- Sea Green

District 5- Orange

District 6- Navy Blue

District 7- Brown

District 8- Purple

District 9- Yellow

District 10- Red

District 11- Light Blue

District 12- Black


Position Name User
Head Gamemaker Miarona Friar Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair (Cindy)
Head Gamemaker Amu Tadease Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair (Natalie)


District Mentoring Gender Name Advice User
1 Female



Kill people and look good while doing it. Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair (Cindy)
2 Male Jack Hailey Stay at the Cornucopia with the others. Pick off the weak, and then go hunting at night. Don't always trust the tributes from 1 Jabberjay1234
3 Male Harley Rein Run to the forest and don't look back and hunt for nuts and berries. Stay together, and make electrical traps Jabberjay1234
4 Female Sadie Halomen Grab a backpack and meet your team at forest, then go to the cornucopia Ninjaguy3107
5 Female Finch Cartswelling Run away from the cornucopia. Stay near water source and only leave when other tributes are around. EVADE, not ATTACK. Only kill when few tributes are left.

Migs Villanueva

6 Female Alice Grey This is my advice of what I did in my hunger games, so listen closely. Sprint to the back of the Cornucopia, swing around and grab some supplies. Run to the forest, climb a tree, and bury it in leaves, and make sure you are not followed. Once you are in the Final 5, go out and kill. Every day, grab some nuts and berries, then hide yourself before climbing. When you are in Final 3, climb the Cornucopia and pick off the last tribute. Make sure you try to battle it out if you are in the final 2. Jabberjay1234
7 Female Yaya Kinadosa Get the bag that no one is after and find the nearest water source.



8 Female Brandi Silk She will make sure to get there Tributes get Sponsers because that's she won also she will tell her tributes that In training to go too the survival skills stations then she will tell them to Try to not ally with the careers Becuase she also but killed by one so she will try to do anything to make sure that her tributes are ready in the area but she would be too close to them but she will Treat them nicely.


9 Female Ellis Morgan I competed in the 5 th Hunger Games at the age of 16, and was crowned victor. My Advice is run straight to the Cornucopia, and grab a weapon to pick off the weak, then run to the forest. Remeber to grab a backpack and stay together. Gather nuts and berries, and be friends with the careers, showing off your skills. I hope to see one of you with a crown in the next 2 weeks. Jabberjay1234
10  Female alexandra run away from the bloodbath you can go there when no one is there look for water stay away from the careers or other tributes. Here is some help how i run my games i only went to the cornucopia at feasts or when no on is there and i didnt kill tributes if they didnt come near me if they did i killed them. ~glitterday~
11 Male Juvilee Andreus Try to kill all the careers, form an alliance with strong non-careers and take over instead.

Migs Villanueva

12 Reserved District10male


District Styling Gender Name Chariot M Chariot F



1 Female



Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair (Cindy)
2 Female Aneria Tipez


3 Female Halda Cotton Kawaii Manga
4 Reserved


5 Reserved Kawaii Manga
6 Male Reid Larkin Jabberjay1234
7 Female Utah Yukari



8 Female Opal White Ninjaguy3107
10 Male Ted Havernee Ninjaguy3107
12 Male Mark Styles CoolCato
  • Sparkle Denim- District 1
  • Aneria Tipez District 2
  • Utah Yukari District 7
  • Opal White District 8
  • Ted Havernee District 10
  • Mark Styles District 12


District Escorting Gender Name Age User
1 Male Reuben Alleister 32

Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair (Cindy)

2 Male Raewyn Harris 29 Jabberjay1234
3 Female Julie Handfort 34 Ninjaguy3107
4 Male Erica Moyle 22 Jabberjay1234
5 Male David Slyman 32 Ninjaguy3107
6 Female Alyssa Rulianeva 27 Quineroo Salvix
7 Female Evelina Luvikhna 28

Migs Villanueva

8 Female Auvelina Lorphelin 30

Quineroo Salvix

9 Male Chris Lopez 29


10 Female Kayla Lorra 33 Jabberjay1234
11 Female Juliana Seasoning 29 Jabberjay1234
12 Female Carly Forlon 29 Jabberjay1234
  • Reuben Alleister- District 1
  • David Slyman District 5
  • Chris Lopez-District 9
  • Kayla Lorra District 10
  • Juliana Seasoning District 11
  • Carly Forlon District 12


Careers- Cindy Highhill (1), Louis Nightcart (1), Jennifer (2),Nettie Hartin (4), Daniel Bluewater (4), Jared Long (5),Mia Freylie (7), Maylor Keizer (12)

The Assassin Team- Claire Clove (5),Reagen Justice (8), 'Aurora Anderson (9),' Scott Wesley (9), Aprcot (10), Lemon (10)

Solo- James Woodlark (6), Quineroo Salvix (7 He knows people, dont mess with him),




Matches 80$

Medicene 100$

Crackers 30$

Dried Fruit 60$

Bread 50$

Small Feast 100$

Large Feast 150$

Jacket 200$

Water 100$

Sleep Syrup 90$

Trident 400$

Spear 300$

Pack of Throwing Knives 150$

Bow and Quiver of 12 arrows 250$

Arrows 50$

Sword 200$

Machete 250$

Sickle 250$

Shang 300$

Armour 500$

Rope 10$

Axe 400$

Slingshot 100$

Bag Of Rocks 20$

Dart Shooter 30$

Darts (20 per pack)10$

Numming Darts 30$

Poisen Darts 100$

Sleep Darts 100$

Immediate Death Darts 200$

Tent 100$

Sleeping bag 70$

Plastic Sheet 50$

Chariot rides

Wow look at those amazing costumes. I think the stylists did a great job 'this year! Why don't we take a look at those tributes so you all can see how great these 'tributes look. 













Interview (Questions answered by Nat) (Moving On)

Good evening Districts of Panem. Please give a warming welcome to Caesar 'Flickerman the |. *crowd cheers and claps* Now lets see what we're really hear for. Please 'give another warming welcome to. LE TRIBUTES!


Cindy: Submitted



































^Questions you MUST answer: 1: How did you feel when you met your stylist, mentor, and escort. 2: What is your plan to win the games?^

Message from Ze' President (Ms. Frost Rain)

So Panem, incase you didn't know I am Ze' President Frost Rain. These games will not fail, I can tell you that for sure.

This is about me Ze' President:

Name: President Frost Rain

Age: 30ish


Death Chart!

Name Placing Killer
Claire Clove 25 Olive Cameron
Maylor Keizer 24 Daniel Bluewater
Scott Wesley 23 Daniel Bluewater
Seth Blaque 22 Jennifer
Cindy Highhill 21 Mina Lavernity
Hoe Jordan 20 Louis Nightcart
Idalia Summers 19 Jennifer
James Woodlark 18 Mountain Lions
Nettie Hartin 17 Lemon
Reagen Justice 16 Mia Freylie
Louis Nightcart 15 Aprcot
Lemon 14 Jennifer
Aprcot 13 Jared Long
Jennifer 12 Aveara Copley
Olive Cameron 11 Snow & Hail Storm
Illiad Cross 10 Coyote Mutt
Cody Rickzz 9 Daniel Bluewater
Aurora Anderson 8 Mina Lavernity
Daniel Bluewater 7 Aveara Copley
Jared Long 6 Aveara Copley
Quineroo Salvix 5 Mina Lavernity
Aveara Copley 4 Mia Freylie/Mountain lion
Luke James 3 Mia Freylie
Mia Freylie


Mina Lavernity

GAMES! (Nat is impatient and really wants to write them.)


The tributes rise into the open air of the arena. They are surpised to see a desert and frozen tundra right next to each other. The countdown begins, the clock ticking.Finally, after the 60 seconds are up, the gong rings! The tributes run to the Cornucopia and the 10th Games begin!


Cindy Highhill (1):

'The gong just rang and mostly everyone goes running for the Cornucopia. I see Mina from 11 trying to take my throwing knives! 'I saw Claire get shot into a crate by Olive, and Maylor get speared in the heart by Daniel. I run after Mina and try to punch her but she ducks and stabs me in the heart!'I collapse and before I die I see the some of the careers kill Scott and Seth. The last thing I hear is my cannon boom.


Mia Freylie (7):

This is really odd. We are the ONLY people at the Cornucopia. Louis suggests we should clear out until the bodies are collected. Since he's Lead Career, we must do it. After some time, the hovercrafts come and we head back towards the Cornucopia. As we head back, I hear a cannon. The careers decide to go out and hunt tributes so the games won't last forever. They leave Jared and I alone at the Cornucopia to keep watch. Once they disapear, Jared leans in and kisses me long and sloooooooooowwwwww. It's so long, that the careers are done hunting and see us kissing. I see ALL their mouthes drop. "Ooh! Look at what we have here! A smooch fest! Should we leave you two hear alone so you can kiss some more?" Louis says teasingly. We stop and I blush. "Did you guys kill anyone because I didn't hear any cannons?" I ask the other careers. "We killed Hoe from 11 and Idalia from 12, as they were the only people we could find." Jennifer replies.


Mina Lavernity (11)

Right now im wandering in the tundra trying to find something to eat. Im pretty sure there is some berries here that aren't poisenous.
I wander for a little then i hear a female scream. I run towards it and i find Aurora dangling from a tree branch. I have to admit it was kindove funny.
I get my knifes out but then she says "wait please dont kill me!" i hesitate for a little and put back my knife. She says that if i would be in a alliance with her that we could share some of her food.
I was really hungry, so i accepted. We wander around a little and we hear another scream. This time it was male. We head toward it to find james stuck in a net. We try to get him out but a mountain lion comes and takes him away. We exchange looks and start walking around again. Soon we hear a cannon and we think its james finally being eaten by the mountains lions family.


Aveara Copley (3):

'Aveara Copley (3): I wish I had made an alliance as I'm all by myself in a desert. 'I had found a pack and have yet to open it. I decided to run quickly over tothe tundra 'as it's burning hot here in the desert. I find a nice tree, climb it, and open my 'pack that I obtained in the bloodbath. It was HUGE pack and as I expected, it had'a lot of stuff in it. I'm not exagerating! The awesome things I found in the pack were 'a flask of water, a basket of bread and fruit, a sleeping bag, 12 throwing knives, 'warm clothes, rope, matches, wire, burn medicine, and cut medicine. I told you I haven't 'gone insane! That's the most I've EVER SEEN anyone find in a pack in any games.'I'm so glad I went for the large pack deeper in as it was 100% worth it. Don't worry 'Seth! I will avenge you as I have A TON of stuff now. I will try to kill the tribute 'that killed you or make sure they die! If I win this thing I will tell your family that 'I avenged you. 




Quineroo Salvix (7)

Ok so right now im just wandering around the border lins of the tundra and desert waiting for something nice to happen. I see a little parashute fall form the sky and it has a axe and some water. I look around to see if anyones watching me then i start to play around with my axe. This thing is sweet man! suddenly i hear some footsteps coming from the tundra and its lemon and aprcot from the assassain team. Then reagen comes running behind them armed with weapons. I know some of their team died but wheres aurora? i get my axe ready to strike then i step back a little and scream something like KUA-SHA-MI-HAAAAAA and the careers come running from the cornacopia. The assassain team and the careers start doing a death match while i run away. I hear alot of canoons so i know someone died. i turn around and see that both sides have lost some people. Louis died, and nettie died. Reagen and lemon died too.  I seemed pleased and start running into the desert.


Illiad Cross (8)

I wake up to find a little parachute outside the entrance to the cave. I open it to find some instand death darts. I organize all my stuff and start walking again. I somehow wind up at the cornacopia and the careers arnt here. quickley grab some food and a few shurikens. I see some people coming so i keep running. I run back into the tundra and then i sneeze. I just ran into someone so i get my normal darts out and blow one into their shoulder. i see that they have no weapon so i reach for one of my shuriken when they scream " hey watch it!" i look up and see Olive taking out the dart. I look at her and say "oops" she stares at me and her stoumic grumbles. I ask her is she needs any food but she refuses and she says that she doesnt need any food from someone who tried to kill her. I keep offering her some food and she finally agrees happily. I ask if she got anyhting form the cornaopia, but she said no. We agree on an alliance and i give her my shurikens becuase she doesnt have a weapon.


Aprcot (10):

' 'Man I am so angry with Jennifer! She killed my brother just to get revenge 'on me for killing Louis. Like who cares (Cindy Does! :D). I found Aveara in the desert 'and she just about cuts my head off until I stop her. "WAIT! Do you wanna be allies?" I 'ask willingly. "Ever Since Lemon died, I feel so uh I don't know alone." I say in a sad  'tone. "Oh Alright! As long as you don't turn on me. And remember it's temporary." She 'says to me. We decide to sneak up opon the careers to get revenge AGAIN! You know 'I killed Louis, and for revenge, Jennifer killed Lemon, so it's revenge-revenge. We find 'that they're STILL at the cornucopia camping out. Only Jennifer is there actually.  'We made a game plan. It basically is, Aveara is going to distract Jennifer, and when 'she's distracted, I KILL HER! That'll teach her to mess with ME! Aveara runs off and 'starts to fight with Jennifer. I'm about to get up a sneak behind Jennifer to kill 'her, when suddenly, I don't have a head! I notice that the other careers returned and 'killed me. The last thing I hear is my cannon booming.


Jared Long (5):

'SCORE! I just killed Aprcot. We killed both her and her brother! Actually, 'now that I look at it, the head itself is. Disturbing. I notice that the girl from 3 is 'fighting with Jennifer. I try to walk over there, but Daniel pulls me back. "What the  'hay-hay bro-bro?!?!?" I shout at him. "Jennifer can take care of herself, she could totally 'kill that girl." He replies. "Oh yeah! Why am I worrying so much?" I say. I hear a cannon so 'I turn back around to face the fight. When she turns around, I notice it's not Jennifer. 'It's Aveara! I start to run after her but she's too fast and gets away. :( I hear a voice 'and turn around and walk right into Mia's kiss, except it's more like a goodbye kiss. 'She suddenly stops and says to me, "Jared, I'm sorry but I have to go. I'm sorry." What? 'I think. She leaves and I actually feel a teardrop running down my face. We go see 'Jennifer and her throat is slit. We run out of the way and come back when the body 'is collected. ~Cindy

End Of Day 2

Day 3


Hello remaining tributes we would like to  in form you that we will be having a feast! we know what you all need so come and get it! ~nat

Cody's Rickzz (2)

Ive been wadonedering around the desert FOR AGES!! i followed some rabbit and i learned how to eat cactus. Its actually really good. The announcement just came on about the new tribute and the feast. Im sure i dont need anything but well i should go. I start running in a direction of a mountain and find that im the first at the cornacopia. I look around and find snow shoes,scarfs, and goggles. I take some when i hear something drop behind me. I turn around and see some kid that i didnt see durring training. He had green eyes and blond hair. I stare at him and then i hear screams coming from the tundra area then a cannon. I see a snow and hail storm over there and now i know why we had a feast. I grab my stuff and run. I see the new kid running after me which is kindove creepy...

Illiad Cross (8)

I run out as of the tundra I see the snowstorm standing strong over there. I sit doing nothing, making up a game plan. I'm crouched in a little cave thing that is empty. I heard that their is gonna be a feast and their is a surprise tribute. I hear a growling noise and scarily turn around. I see a coyote and get really scared. I actually think this cave may have been occupied. "Nice Coyote Mutt, it's okay. I won't hurt you." I say calmly. I slowly back out of the cave and start running, only to find it's chasing me. It's getting faster by the second. I get tired and slow down. I know it's the end for me. The mutt jumps on top of me and starts eating me. BOOM! Goes my cannon.

Daneils Pov

Me and Jared are going into the desert to find mia, Jared went crazy and wants to kill her. We find a hole in the ground and find quineroo ( i think thats how you spell it?) eating some rabbit. We take out our weapons and all he does is show us a bottle of water, looking paranoied. I was really thirsty so me and jared took it. we all talked in the hole and we decided on an alliance. We start walking again and find some blond kid chasing after cody. I throw my trident at cody and he falls to the ground. I see the blond guy take his stuff and turn around. He sees us and freezes, thinking were like t rexs and if he doesnt move we wouldnt see him. We go up to him and are like "who are you?" and "i didnt see in durring training" He says his name is luke and he came from the sewers of the capitol. We think he would be great for hunting down mia (jared pulled me into it) so we ask him to join us and he accepts. ~natalie


Day 4

Auroras Pov

Ive been with mina for the past few days and weve found a lot of caves and a lot of weapons that will help us in the end. I know that only one of us can win but i wish we both could. we walk around the tundra, staying away from anyone else or any other life and soon mina stops and stands still. I hear a growl and we turn around. Its a mountain lion and seems like hes hungry. Mina turns around and stabs it with her sword. She turns back to me and we find a cave to make a fire and to cook the lion. She turns to me and says "how badly do you want to win?" i saw "well i would like to live" Mina says "well too bad" and she stabs me. She takes my stuff and runs.I hear my cannon boom and my vision goes black. ~natalie

Mia Freylie (7)

I'm kind've sad I left Jared, although it had to be done. I made a tree hut in the tundra. The blizzard ended so I came into the tundra. I'm hoping Jared will understand why I left. I hear a cannon in the distance, worndering who it is. I hear a scream right after that and hear another cannon. Two cannons in a row, wow. I hear a loud shout saying: "Haha! Jared and Daniel! I got revenge. That's what you get after the things you've done!" It sounds like a girl, but didn't sound like Mina. So it HAD to be Aveara. So I guess the two dead are Jared and Daniel, surprisingly. Well that makes it a lot easier, as I couldn't stand to kill Jared after what I did to him. ~cindy

Lukes Pov

I just saw daneil and jared get killed and we were lucky that avera didnt see us or we wouldove been toast. We wait for her to leave and we take their stuff. theirs only 4 others left and their all hiding somewhere. We decide to go into the tundra and look for food in some caves. A lot of the caves were empty until we find one cave with a girl sleeping in their. Its ether mia,mina, or avera. quineroo goes and looks up to her face and we see its mina. She has a lot of good stuff so we take it and then she wakes up. She starts screaming and quickley heads farther into the cave. we follow her and soon find a HUDGE revene with tons of mutts down in the pit. Minas at the other side of the revine somehow smiling. we see a bridge to get to the other side their and me and quineroo go on it one at a time. quineroo goes first and near the end one of the steps break and he clings onto the other side of the revine. Mina walks up to him and says "good bye sucka!" and she slashes off his hands with her sword and he falls into the revine, getting torn up by rabid mutts.

Averas Pov

I was going to kill those other two in jared and daneils alliance but they mustove ran. I go into the tundra to find quineroo or luke. I see someone with black hair a distence away so i get closer. she sees me and runs. i follow her and it seems like were palying cat and mouse. i get my weapon out and keep chasing her. Soon i find her standing next to a mountain lion thats growling. It seems that its going to kill her but mia points at me and the mountain lion attacks me. Mia mustove befreined the lion and uses it as her killing macheine, nice move. The lion bites me in the neck and i black out. ~nat


Day 5

Minas Pov
Theres only 3 of us left, and im ready to win this. I get ready for the match in my cave when i hear a cannon. One of the finals are dead. I get my stuff ready when i hear a ANNOYING ringing outside and its a paracute with a few wepons, Axe,Darts,Dart shooter. I put my sword in my pack and start using my axe. I head toward the cfornacopia to see Mia there waiting for me. Her axe has blood on it and she seems really confedent. I walk behind her and swing to cut her head off when she ducks. We both start swining out axes at eachother while he uses the hilt of her axe and hits my in the stomic, knocking my bad away from me. I fall to the ground and start to reach for my pack when she steps on me. i finnaly reach my poisen darts and i stab her in the leg. She screams in pain and gets off me. I get my axe and slice her head off. I hear her cannon the i hear the trumpets...


Mia  350$
Mina 770$

Luke 650$

Please say if i did something wrong ~Nat

What your tributes need

Name What they Need What they Have
Mia Nothing Food,Water,Weapons
Luke James Nothing Food,Water,Weapons
Mina Nothing Food,Weapons,Water

SUPRISE TRIBUTE! (From the Capitol)

Name: Luke James

Age: 17

Height: 5'11

District: C

W.O.C: Bow or Combat Knives

Personality: Sneaky, Thief

Appearence: Blonde Hair, Green Eyes.

Likes: Killing, Stealing

Dislikes: Being Hungry

Alliance:Careers or Assasian Team if in careers he will steal from Asasians or vice versa

Bloodbath Strategy: Does it matter its over. :P

Backstory: Luke lives in the underground sewers of the Capitol stealing for a living after being caught was sentenced to the hunger games

Token: Ocean Necklace

Who ever voted for mina to win...

heres a waffle

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