'There are 12 mutts and 12 districts.'You can only submit 2 tributes. Cindy came up with the names and some of the descriptions and Natalie came up with the other descriptions and makes the characters appearences.

The Arena

'The Arena has 12 areas around the Cornucopia.' Each mutt is in a district and only the tributes from that district know about those mutts. An example is, only the tributes from District 1 know about Ponysaurus. The arena has 12 territories, one for each mutt. The mutts can only attack you if you go in their territory, as they cannot leave their own.

Types of mutts you'll be competing against:

There are only 1 Cataga and 1 Coyotl.

Natalie still has to make a Piggela.

'Ponysaurus (1)- A relative of the centar but more evil, the use human weapons like spears and bows. They also can 'trample you to death and their very fast.

'Coyotl (2)- Coyote type creature and they are SUPER strong and fast. They are usually the dangerous type of mutts and 'can kill easily. Coyotl's have EXTREMLY sharp teeth and inject their teeth into each victim. There is only 1 Coyotl and its name is Bailey.

Piggila (3)- A female pig race that are herbivores but with there strong teeth they can and will bite.

Fishington (4)- Fish-like creature that has pursed lips and makes a puckering noise. They usually only disturb you if 'intrude their homes.  Fishington's sing songs which create illusions, luring you into the water. Watch out for them, 'because they are capable of drowning you once your in the water.

'Monkeylas (5)-Enemy of the Snakerits this race is great in trees and can use their hands and legs to kill. Their main 'weapon is their tail. 

Cheetagah (6)- Cheetah-like creatures that pounce on you. Be especially careful when in District 6 territories. 'They are faster than most trains and planes. Their plan is to sneak-attack behind you and then pounce. Cheetagah eat 'their prey once it kills. Fresh kill is always the best!

'Cataga(7)- A black cat mutt type, she is very lazy and tempted by cookies and fish. She can be destracted by sphere 'objects.  There is only one and her name is Himamori.

Aracniada (8)- A female spider that never has a relationship and has the mark of a widow on her back. They can be very poisenous and love to eat men.

'Snakerit (9)-A female snake creature supossed relative of medusa, has an apitite for mice and rate and humans. 'They are very poisonious and can either strangle you, bite you, or swallow you whole.

'Cowerella (10)-' Seems like a normal cow but it is red and has razor sharp teeth. It drinks blood a when it eats stuff that is to spicy or gets drunk it turns into a normal cow for a few hours.

'Birdeprey(11)- A bird creature that has a heart of gold and has keen eyesight. He can spot you from 100 miles away 'and can get up to speeds of 90mph. They eat fruit and kill you with their extra-sharp talons and beaks.

'Batrowen (12)-' A female bat creature that resembles a vampire that will suck your blood but it can come out into the day. They will eat humans any day any time. ==Tributes== Name:






Appearence (Lunaii or Fantage):





Bloodbath Strategy: 

Backstory: (optional)

Token: (optional)

District Name Age User
1F Amber Pierce 16 Beautiful Mistake
1M Luke Odair 17 Jack412
2F Reserved Mine -Blissfully Mine
2M Trenton Powers 17 HungerGamesFanatic21 
3F Bethunia Underium 16 HungerGamesFanatic21 
4F WaWa Rivestia 15 WiressFan21
4M Ryan Riverstia 17 WiressFan21
5M Jared Long 15 Ninjamellark
6F Soul Silverless 14
7F Mia Freylie 15 Mine Blissfully Mine
7M Daniel Bluewater 17 Ninjamellark
8M Doom Citadel 16
9F Esther Ocapella 16 Dedejacob
11F Kaylie Alleman 15 Katniss992710
12F Natalie Mystique 17 Beautiful Mistake

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