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Ms.cato June 17, 2012 User blog:Ms.cato

Hello I'm going to make a lunaii competition on a lot of different charaters from the three books. All you need is a name and you will have challanges to do. I can let 10 people in.

Name: User:
Louisa NerdDFTBA
Cindy Ms.finnickodair
Ole Pendillumna
Bella Cupcakesrule
Buttconebaconnuggetking Mysims
Leslie ~ilovepeeta~
Toasty Pedo Catnipkatniss
Brianna Thena.airice14
Ben HeavyRotation
Boo Zannabanna

Challange 1

To make Katniss Everdeen. There will be a user with Immunity so you can not vote for that user. If you have any questions write them in the comments. I would like them by Thursday/Friday Good luck!

Immunity: HeavyRotation

Eliminated: Toasty Pedo

Challange 2

To make Peeta Mellark. I would like it by Wednesday/Thursday.

Immunity: ~ilovepeeta~

Eliminated: Boo

Challange 3

Time to make Gale Hawthorne. I would like it by July 20th.

Immunity: Ms.finnickodair

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