its coming.

I have thought of and hinted about creating one of these since May...

And even had have a plan going on about it on my profile for about a month.

But busy stuff delayed the release of the games.

However, Tomorrow, all the conditions for a game creation are here

Friday after school; no plans; little homework; little school stress work. None of that which prevents me from posting a games.

The New Generation Games will begin Tomorrow with the posting of the 143rd Annual Hunger Games! Its been and felt so long since the last time I have posted one of these, and I am looking forward toward starting a new series!

This series will consist of game years 143-150. Thats eight years of games, eight different games for the tributes to go through.

But alas, this is no normal games. In a story which will be explained in the full post of the game, the President has restarted the Hunger Games, and this time, he wants the Districts DEAD. But, he can't just go around blowing up all the Districts without warning, no, he has a special plan that will keep him from being suspicious.

Every year in the games, the President will not only have the Gamemakers work on the Arena and make traps and all, but have a few select Gamemakers enter the Arena to destroy the tributes on their own. One of these Gamemakers is assigned the main boss, and when that main Gamemaker is defeated, the games automatically end, the remaining tributes are crowned victor. But alas, the main Gamemaker is invincible until the games come down to a few tributes, so tributes will still need to fight each other in order to reach that far.

But wait, what happens if the Gamemakers succeed in killing all the tributes? Well, good question. The answer, all the Districts will be bombed, leaving the Capital able to seize full control of Panem as soon as the Districts are destroyed (The Capital can quickly transfrom the land back into a beautiful green land shortly after the bombs destory the Districts). This will be a major step toward them taking over the world, as their ultimate goal is.

So, what will happen in the end? What are the events throughout the series? Will the tributes successfully end the games at the end of the series? Or will all tributes die and the Districts will be bombed. Maybe the games will keep going on forever, never ending until one day all the tributes in the Arena are dead. You never know.

That is all for now. The full info will be in the full post of the games. See you Tomorrow! :)

EDIT: From now until the posting of the games (No more than 6 hours, probably less), you will be allowed to pre-reserve up to two spots. Only rule is that both tributes can't be Careers, only one of them can. I will include the Capital and Districts 1-14 in the game, a total of 30 tributes! Links will be allowed for tributes as well! :)

EDIT 2: ITS HERE! The 143rd Annual Hunger Games The game is finally released! You can check it out at the link! Thank you for joining! :)

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