Hello everyone, it is I, World, here to tell everyone that I will unfortunately not be very active on the Wiki for a while, until probably at least around February, if not later. Here are the main reasons why:

1. One of the toughest times of the school year (Mid-terms stuff) is coming up, and I cannot do bad on those. This has been a tough marking period for me thus far, and doing poor on the mid-terms will be disastrous. I cannot afford to slack off of those at all.

2. I am a part of the High School Basketball Team for my school, and the practice schedule makes it tough for me to both go to the practices/games and do my homework in a short time period afterwards. As a result, I have very little free time to do all this. The season ends in February, so I might be able to become more active on the Wiki again in that time, but I can't say that for sure.

3. My real life social life has been higher over the past half a year than it was ever before, and I have been hanging out with my friends and all that stuff much more often lately.

4. Speaking of which, even my family overall has been doing more stuff over the past half a year. Like I said a while back, the past summer was overall my busiest summer in my life, and on the weekends and Friday nights I been doing more out of school stuff.

5. I have been on the wiki for over 2 years, now about 2 1/4 years actually. Eventually, things are not as enjoyable as they used to be. I believe this is happening to me; I have been losing interest a bit in creating tributes, joining games, and updating my own games.

To put how drastic my interest has changed, I will just describe it in the next sentence. What used to be my highlight of the day a year ago is now one of my last thoughts. I believe if I do also take a little couple months break from the Wiki, perhaps I can start fresh and few and will regain my interest. By that time, basketball season will be over, so we'll see, perhaps I'll comeback by then.

Now, don't worry, this does not mean I officially quit the Wiki forever. That will not happen until when I complete my Hunger Games series or finish grade school in about 3 and a half years, whatever comes first. I am just informing you all that I will not be on the Wiki for quite a while...

I hope you all understand. If you have taken the time to find and read this, thank you for doing so. I may be able to go on a bit throughout Winter Break coming up in two weeks that will last until early January, but after that, I'll be inactive for sure. But not completely absent, I will probably visit once in a while on a Friday Night or Weekend to check on some things and make a small update on my games. My games will not be cancelled, and will just be on hold for a bit. Even if only a few people are still following, I will finish it, as I do not feel like cancelling another games.

That is all, thank you all for understanding! :) I will miss all of you!

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