Actually, I'll edit what I said in this post; not only am I going to be very inactive starting now (Or December 10th, when I made that first post), but I am probably not going to come back by spring, summer, probably never.

I'll make this plan and simple; the two main reasons why I am leaving this Wiki is because:

1. I am too busy with real life stuff. Before 8th grade, I used to be more of an inside person, hence why I was active on the Wiki. Starting around last summer, however, I started becoming more active with friends, and now I no longer have the time to be on the Wiki. I started making new friends, participating in more activites and becoming more known throughout the school overall. I realized what true friendship really is.

2. This Wiki simply just is not fun to me anymore. I have been on the Wiki for over 2 years, and things are now just starting to get boring. I do not like creating new tributes anymore, and chat conversation topics just seemed to be getting weirder and less interesting to me overtime. Even if I do have free time, I am more interested in doing other activities, such as playing a game with friends or making YouTube videos.

Actually, one more thing, High School is not easy, so I really need to concentrate on that, too. I did not include this as a reason for my leaving, because if it was, it would mean I would be back for the summer, but I do not plan on becoming active during the vacation months, either.

The positive impacts from the Wiki to me will live on, however. I did meet a good amount of friendly people throughout my time here (Unfortunately, most of them are not active nowadays), and the writing here did improve my writing skills.

Most importantly, however, I shall always remember this Wiki because it inspired me to do what I plan on doing when I get older; write a book series of my own. It will have nothing to do with the Hunger Games, it is kinda hard to explain, but somehow ideas grew out of my head, and somehow I used them to form ideas for a book series that, who knows, could be popular if they were to ever get published. ;)

I will not include a list of people who were good friends with me from my time here. I do not feel that is necessary, and I know who they are.

That is all, everyone! Adios! Hasta Luego!


August 26th, 2012-December 10th, 2014

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