Hello All! It is me, World, giving you all an update on my future plans on the Wiki!

First off, for my Wiki activity, it is have been down for about the past 2 or so weeks. This is because I have been very busy (The whole summer has been the busiest overall in my life, too), and have been preparing for school (Which starts September 2nd) by completing a few summer assignments (Seriously school, like why do we need to do those? My brain doesn't think as well at home as in school, so not good for me).

The good news is, that when September 2nd DOES come, I will no longer be as busy as I was previously was during the summer, especially on weekdays after school, so my Wiki activity will increase again to what it normally is. I will be able to be on chat much more often, too. There will still be times, such as preparing for huge tests (Such as mid-terms and finals), in which I need to make school top priority and will need to take a couple days off from the Wiki, but I will notify everyone when that does happen in my games (Which I will get to later in this blog post). There may also be a few occasions when I will be out for the weekend and can't go on the Wiki (Most notably a period in October when I will be on a huge vacation and will be away for TEN WHOLE DAYS from the Wiki) but I will notify everyone about these beforehand as well. So, overall, once school starts September 2nd, expect my Wiki activity to increase notably compared to what is was the past 2 weeks for me.

Now for the fun part; my next games. I am not sure if it has been noticed or not, but on my User Page, I have the plan for a WHOLE SERIES of games there in which will be my ultimate goal to complete before if/when the time comes for me to leave the Wiki. The first game hasn't been posted yet, but if you look at the date when I joined the Wiki, it is August 26th, 2012. At the time of this posting, it is August 24th, 2014. This means by 2-year anniversary on the Wiki is coming up in 2 Days! And, to celebrate it, I will post the first game in the series on that date, 2 days from now! It will be called the 143rd Hunger Games, so be sure to look for it when it is posted!

That concludes this update on my Wiki future activity! :)

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