If you have been paying attention around the Wiki over the past 2 weeks, you probably did not see any comment posted nor activity in chat seen. And this is true; I have not made a single bit of activity before posting this blog since September 29th. That is over 2 weeks without any activity whatsoever, and my last time on chat probably was somewhere around that date.

It is true, I have been on this Wiki for over 2 years now, with some periods of not being so active and some periods of being probably more active than I should be. I said over the last busy summer that I could be more active when school starts as I will not be busy. I was dead wrong, actually the opposite happened, and I now have even less time to be on. High School is a lot harder than I imagined, so I need to spend more time on homework, studying, and all that stuff, and my real life friend count and social activity has exploded over the past months, and now after school I typically hang out with my friends. Combine homework time with that, and you have very little time to be on this Wiki. Even on Weekends, I mostly have something to do that lessens the time available to be on the Wiki.

However, I am happy to say that I am not dead! I am still alive on this Wiki, and honestly, the main reason why I haven't been on the Wiki the past 2 weeks was because of a 9-Day long vacation way far away from where I live. I will still continue to spend some time on this Wiki, checking things out as many Days as I can, and will resume commenting on and joining games perhaps Today if I can. I may also create a game, as I still have the plan of a series in my head, which, at this point, will be 6 games long. I hope that if/when I really need to leave the Wiki, I will at least get that series done.

Plus... I do want to stay active on this Wiki mainly because I believe that it has a chance to change my future. Yes, it may insane, but I think this Wiki will impact my future, and in a good way too. Before I joined this Wiki, my writing stories skills were HORRIBLE, and English was my weakest subject. Now, after over 2 years, my English skills has improved by MANY, MANY times. I am even in Honors English now. I believe the writing on this Wiki has played a huge part in that, and I thank you all for that. I even hope to be a writer/author when I get older, and I have what could be a great book series imagined. This series will in some way be similar to the game series I will write about, but way different in a way that it has nothing to do whatsoever with kids battling each other to the death. If that becomes successful and published, then joining this Wiki will be the greatest decision I ever made in my life. Thank you all for giving me a better view of my future!! :D

So, that is all I have to say! I am glad to say that I'm Still Alive on the Hunger Games Wiki!

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