Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 143rd Annual Hunger Games! While I have created games in the past, this will be the first game of my new series; The New Generation Games. I hope you will all join and have fun! I am hoping for a successful start to the series!

Now let's begin!


1. There will be a limit of 2 tributes per User, with only a maximum of 1 of those tributes being from a Career District. The limit may be increased to 3 if it takes too long to fill up the tribute slots.

2. Please do not be rude to me or anyone else, as it may result in your tribute(s) dying. In addition, do not complain if one of your tributes die, as it will result in any of your remaining tributes dying automatically and may even result in a ban from joining another one of my games. Lastly, please do not spam to get the 69th, 100th, 200th, or whatever th comment. I do not give out rewards for this, and while it is Ok if there are around 3 comments left to reach the mark if you really enjoy getting that comment number, spamming with anymore than 5 comments will result in first a warning, and then your tributes dying.

3. I will allow a reservation for any spot that's available. Reservations will last a total of 48 hours; afterwards, it will expire and the spot will re-open.

4. In this game, there will 1 male and 1 female be reaped from the Capital and Districts 1-14, leading to a total of 30 tributes. I may consider adding District 0 in one of my future games depending on how this one goes.

5. There are 3 factors I put in to determine the death order and victor:

A. How many tributes does each User have left? I want each User who also follows the 2 factors below to have at least one of their tributes have a good run. Therefore, unless a User shows almost zero activity and/or enters a tribute that clearly put minimal effort in the making, I may first bring each User down to one tribute remaining before I have to eliminate all the tributes of a User.

B. How well made is the tribute? The more I like the tribute and the more effort put into the making of the tribute, the more likely that tribute may make it to the Top 5 (Or perhaps victor) instead of just Top 15 or even 10. If it took you less than 5 minutes to make a tribute, chances are the tribute won't make it far to the later part of the games.

C. How active are you/How well is your advice? Please comment often in the games to show you are active, even if it is cheering on your tribute. Also, it is highly recommended you give your tributes advice if you want them to do something specific that Day. This advice is especially important in the second half of the games when I need to decide on a victor. If you show near zero activity throughout Training and leave no Bloodbath advice, chances are all your tributes will die in the Bloodbath. Advice in the later part of the games can also mean the difference between a Top 5 and Top 10 appearance in the game. Of course, if you are on vacation or need to concentrate fully on school, just comment and let me know and you will not be punished for being inactive for those 2 reasons.

6. Here is the Tribute Template. It is not required to have all the info on the template for your tribute, but it is highly recommended if you want your tribute to have a chance at winning the games or even get to the Top 10.

Name: (First and Last name minimum.)

Age: (Ranged 12-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)

District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)

Personality: (This part is REALLY important on the quality of your tribute. I need to know what kind of person your tribute is. Is he/she nice and silly, or cruel and harsh? Make sure the tribute's personality makes sense with the Backstory!)

Appearance: (I am not too big on the Appearance part of a tribute, so a lunaii and/or real picture is not required. Just a description that includes the tribute's hair color, eye color, skin color, and size in relation to his/her age (Is he/she big for their age, or small?). Of course, if you want to add a lunaii or real picture, you are free to do so so you won't need to type a description. I won't be making a gallery, however)

Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum. Any additional weapon(s) over three will be completely ignored)


Weaknesses: (Try to make the stengths and weaknesses as even as you can!)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Alliance: Choices: Careers (You know what this is.) Anti-Careers (A large open alliance that anyone can join.) Alone (Will go solo in games.) Or list the tributes you are allying with, in which you can create an alliance and make it private or open. You can also say you are looking for an alliance. Anyone who is still undecided when I start Individual Training will automatically join either the Anti-Careers or be a loner depending on the information I received.)

Backstory: (This is VERY important on the quality of your tribute, like the personality section. I need to know what your tribute's life has been, so the tribute will be far more interesting to use in the games. Please put some effort into this, the more the better, and the more likely your tribute will survive long in the games!)

Feel free to add anything else you'd like. However, Training advice, Bloodbath advice, and all that stuff will be saved when I ask for them when the time comes.

7. Cursing will be not be used at any point in the game, only negative words such as dumb, stupid, and loser. Damn will probably be the worst word used in the game.

8. This is all about the POVS. There will be NO REAPINGS POVS, although some flashbacks of the reapings may be mentioned. I find reapings to be just too time-consuming to write, and for many who do write reapings, they know what I mean. There will also be no chariot races, as since I am not big on appearances, I am not big on that either. No Train Rides either, as there really isn't much to write about them lol.

Here is a list of what POVS will be included:

A. Training - Training is where all the tributes will create their alliances and meet their Gamemaker enemies, as well as learn about the President and go over the Backstory of the Hunger Games and all that. Enemies will also be made here, and who knows, one of the enemies may be one of the Gamemakers ;) Also, this may be a bit surprising, as I have done this in every one of my games in the past, but I will not be doing POVS for Private Training, mainly because it just feels repetitive, and plus I already know all the information for the scoring by your Training advice.

B. Interviews - Yes, this will be the first time I am doing Interviews, although they will be short. I just feel it is a better way to have all the tributes be mentioned and introduced instead of scrambling to find a way to get every tribute involved in Training. Gamemaker enemies will also get their own Interview, including the Main Boss Gamemaker.

C. Night Before The Games - One POV for each alliance there is, coming from a random member within the alliance. They will go over their alliance members, what they of the tributes and the Gamemaker villains.

D. The Games - Random POVS throughout the games, I will try to keep it as balanced as possible between alliances.

Also, let me know if none of your tributes are getting POVS or not! While I do keep track of which tribute has had a POV or not, so they don't get multiple POVS in Training or in one Day in the Games, I do not keep track on how many POVS each User is getting from their tributes! I want to keep it balanced, so let me know if yours isn't getting enough, so I can add them! Also, Gamemaker enemies will get their POVS from time to time as well, and maybe even the President a few times.

9. No Wikia C's allowed, as they just cause confusion. Please make an Account to join, its not very hard to do so!

10. Most importantly, Have Fun! These are made for fun, not stress, so if you feel stressed about getting your advice in on time, please let me know! I will try to work things out!


"The Hunger Games."

Whenever anyone in Panem even hears those 3 words, they are instantly filled with fear. Fear from memories of the distant past, about 50-125 years ago, when such a game was occurring. After a failed rebellion during an already dark period 125 years ago, these games were installed, and did not bring joy to anyone. For 75 years, The Districts of Panem suffered for 75 years of these games, not knowing that the President throughout the later half of this period, President Snow, had even worse plans for the future Hunger Games passed down by the President who started this all before him.

Then, in the 74th year of the Hunger Games, a hero was reaped. A girl from District 12 known as Katniss Everdeen volunteered for her little sister, a surprise for anyone in a District that was poor at the time. A boy named Peeta was the boy reaped from the District that year. Together, the two fell in love, and managed to trick the Gamemakers to make them both the Hunger Games that year. However, this caused outrage in the Districts, and a 2nd Rebellion occurred. Led by Katniss, Peeta, victors of the past, and others, they successfully rebelled against the Capital, killing President Snow and another President, Coin, who also had evil intentions. The Hunger Games ended, bringing the country to peace.

As you all know, happy times such as these don't last. Eventually, a dark era has to rise sometime. About 50 years after the peace period started, after Katniss and Peeta died, a new President arose. His name; President Julius. President Julius was elected at the age of 30, a rather young age to start as President. Nothing suspicious arose about him for his first 5 years, well, that is, until one night, after he was looking up closely one night...

President Julius

Well, looks like I will have less time than I expect. My goal since being elected was to conquer first the Districts, and then the rest of the world, but looks like I will need to be quicker than I expected. Originally, I was gonna wait until everyone least expected it, another 10 years, but I will need to do this now. I need to re-start the Hunger Games so I can get my plan to work in time. My strategy; bomb the Districts, destroy them, then restore them to a happy plant and animal filled land, and conquer them. Then, conquer the rest of the world after making the most powerful army ever known. But, I can't just go around bombing the Districts without warning; no one will agree with me and I will just get targeted like crazy by even my closest of friends. Instead, I'll trick them by re-starting the Hunger Games, and claiming that if a game occurs where everyone dies, I will bomb the Districts. Then, not nearly as many people will be suspicious in me, and my plan will succeed without any problems.

First, I gotta take care of the Districts, and fast. I estimate I will have around 12 years to do all of this, so I estimate I cannot take longer than 8 years to destroy the Districts first. That will mean I will have until now, my first games starting called the 143rd games, until the 150th games, where I will just be forced to give up on the games and see what the others do. Don't worry, I will send my most loyal friends and fighters out in the Arena to destroy all the tributes in a game, each year being harder to survive in than the last. Perhaps I may get some help along the way, you never know. Anyway, I am going to install the first step of my plan in my next speech.

Time for the games to begin, well, the beginning part of the games to begin.

The Twist

After President Julius knew that he had to start the games now, he announced the re-start of the Hunger Games alongside his wife, Isabella, their two children, Julio and Bella, and his friends who will work in the Twist. Of course, not much happy reception came from the reinstallment of the games, but President Julius countered this by claiming that any disagree caused by any of the Districts will result in them getting bombed automatically. The Districts, knowing it would be better to be loyal and have a chance of surviving, agreed to this, but a more of a forced agreement than a happy agreement.

Now that the games have successfully reinstalled, President Julius now knew it was time to announce the twist. Stepping up to his podium ready for his speech, Julius announced the twist:

“As you all know, if all the tributes in a Hunger Games die, all the Districts will be bombed. Therefore, if I were you, I would cheer for not only your tribute’s Districts, but for all the tributes in the game in general. We also have more new twists. For this game, and every game from now on, there will be a twist where one of my most loyal and trusted Gamemakers will enter the Arena along with the tributes. This Gamemaker, known as the main-boss Gamemaker, will be sent out with a goal to destroy all the tributes so the Districts can be bombed. However, if the tributes defeat the main-boss Gamemaker first, then all the remaining tributes will automatically win. However, before you even think that the tributes should team up together to defeat the main-boss Gamemaker, you should also know that until only a few tributes are remaining (estimation around 5), the main-boss Gamemaker will be invincible. In addition, killing a tribute will reward the killer with a free sponsor gift that can either be a new weapon, or enough food and water to reset their hunger and thirst level to full level. The main-boss Gamemaker is also allowed to bring a random number of his “friends” to help him defeat the tributes. These Gamemakers will act as mini-boss Gamemakers, and won’t be invincible from tributes attacks, but will be invincible from mutts and Arena dangers. If you defeat one of these mini-boss Gamemakers, you will get a major sponsor prize, kinda like something you’d get at the Feast. One last thing, as the game goes on and the tribute number dwindles, the Arena may go through a few changes. The further into the games, the more intense the Arena. That is all for now. After the reapings, the Gamemaker enemies will be revealed!”

Of course, not many were happy of this Twist, but President Julius knew using this Twist would be the most fair way possible to blow-up the Districts. He already had a set line-up of Gamemaker bosses for the first few games, and they will only get tougher as the game goes on.

The Characters

President Julius Garland

The newly elected President of Panem, who suddenly took a dark turn to his presidency by restarting the Hunger Games. While we do know he restarted the Hunger Games so he can blow-up the Districts in the least suspicious way possible in order to start taking over the world, it is still a mystery as to why he decided to rush it by starting now instead of going with his original long-term plans.

Julius is 35 years old as of the start of the 143rd Annual Hunger Games. He is smart, tricky, devious, and always has an evil side to him, even when he may appear nice in public. Even as a kid, he was a troublemaker among his friends. He speaks with an intelligent British-like accent

For some reason, Julius is always referred to as a President by his first name instead of his last name (Garland). This could be because he feels Julius sounds better to him.

Isabella Garland

President Julius’s wife. Unlike Julius, Isabella is not very smart. She has evil intentions with evil plans, like Julius, but is overall more kind than he is, and mostly just goes along with his plans. She also dreams of taking over the world, but mainly so she will be able to enjoy all the food she is obsessed with.

Isabella is 32 years old as of the start of the 143rd Annual Hunger Games. Unlike her husband, she is dumb. It is also unknown if she is truly evil, as she normally just goes with Julius’s plans. Most of the time, she is happy. She speaks with an unintelligent southern hillbilly accent. Despite the opposites she and Julius may share, they both agree in world conquerization and still get along well as a couple.

There is a chance that either Isabella or Julio may mess something up in the Arena by accident, considering their dumbness, and that may either ruin the life of a tribute or save it.

Julio Garland

Julius’s and Isabella’s son, and younger of one of two children. Julio can be considered to be more on her mother’s side of the family, as he isn’t very smart like her, and is always happy and coming up with a joke here-and-there. In fact, the only happy moments of the Hunger Games (For those in Panem) is arguably just Julio’s funny comments.

Julio is 12 years old as of the start of the 143rd Annual Hunger Games. Like his mother, Julio is agreeing on getting the world conquered just so he can enjoy his favorite meals whenever he wants. Despite his not-smartness, Julio is still friendly, and gets along well with his family.

There is a chance that either Julio or Isabella may mess something up in the Arena by accident, considering their dumbness, and that may either ruin the life of a tribute or save it.

Bella Garland

The older of Julius’s and Isabella’s two siblings. She is more on her father’s side of the family, as, like her father she is very smart and devious. She has been working to become the meanest and most evil person child in the country, and as even had some training by Julius, who noticed the evil potential she has.

Bella is 13 years old as of the start of the 143rd Annual Hunger Games. Like his father, Bella wants to get the world conquered for personal gain, and wants to do it fast because of the secret event. Bella does get along pretty well with her family, especially with her father as they both share evil minds and thoughts.

She often likes to pull pranks on people, so don’t be surprised if one of her “pranks” are seen in the Hunger Games.

Gamemaker Characters

Other Noticeable Characters

The Tributes

Name District Gender Age Weapon(s) User
Lionel Armani C Male 17 Saber, Knife Kekai
Amity Grace C Female 15 Trident, Bow & Arrow Samantha
Odin Amarth 1 Male 18 Spear Raymon
Rena Amador 1 Female 14 Nata Tristan
Thracius Norris 2 Male 18 Sword, Spear Nlby
Angelina Stotch 2 Female 17 Shotgun Eden
RESERVED 3 Female FOR Justin
Drake McLean 4 Male 14 Twin Daggers Marina
Oceana Colburn 4 Female 17 Trident, Spear Emilia
James Desmond 5 Male 15 Machete, Trident, Poison Jamie
RESERVED 5 Female FOR Taco
Dennis Rystentia 6 Male 12 Knife, Kukri, Sickle Blake
Freya Harsha 6 Female 14 Bow & Arrow, Dagger, Sword Bee
Acacia Twilight 7 Female 17 Ax, Blowgun Samantha
Favisn Thread 8 Male 15 Swords, Spear Bee
Ainsley Silverbead 8 Female 16 Machete, Sword, Javelin Emilia
Connor Smitherson 9 Male 14 Scythe, Fists, Sickle Harai
Fay Kariliah 9 Female 12 Slingshot Eden
Mortarion Xeran 10 Male 17 Knife, Bare Hands Raymon
RESERVED 10 Female FOR Erlend
Tommy Harns 11 Male 14 Throwing Knives, Explosives, Blowgun Harai
RESERVED 11 Female FOR Ray
Tyrone Faulkner 12 Male 18 Pickaxe Erlend
Rachelle Liolen 12 Female 12 Throwing Knives Marina
Radiant Tayz 13 Male 16 Knives, Fists Blake
RESERVED 13 Female FOR Taco
RESERVED 14 Female FOR Ray


Careers (Open for Districts 1, 2, 4, and 14. Private for all other Districts)

Lionel Armani? (C, Pending), Odin Amarth (1), Thracius Norris (2), Oceana Colburn (4), 

Anti-Careers (Open)

Amity Grace (C), Ainsley Silverbead (8), Favian Thread (8), 


Rena Amador (1), James Desmond (5), Mortarian Xeran (10), Tyrone Faulkner (12), 

District 2, 6, and 7 Alliance (Private)

Angelina Stotch (2), Freya Harsha (6), Acacia Twlight (7)

12-14-Year-Old Alliance (Open for tributes aged 12-14)

Fay Kariliah (9), Connor Smitherson? (9, Pending), Tommy Harns? (11, Pending), Rachelle Liolen (12)

Undecided/Looking For Alliance

Drake McLean (4), Dennis Rystentia (6), Radiant Tayz (13), 

Anyone still in the "Looking For Alliance" section once training starts will automatically be moved to either the Anti-Careers or be alone, depending on the information you previously gave me. Bold letters on name means leader. Italic letters on name means co-leader/second-in-command. A ? mark after the name that the alliance member is either an unconfirmed leader or an unconfirmed alliance member. For popular alliances such as the Careers and Anti-Careers, the tribute will automatically join the alliance if the leader doesn't say anything to the request to join the alliance. For Private Alliances, the tribute will not join the alliance if leader ignores request.


TBA. Remember, the Arena will make a few changes as the game progressives, so be aware!


This sponsoring system will be different from other sponsoring systems, mainly because I am too lazy to work with real money and want to keep it simple :D! Rather than state that you will receive an x amount of money to start and will need to pay a y amount of money to buy an item, each tribute will instead start with in between 1 to 3 free sponsoring passes (Depending on Training Score) which will be good for a sponsoring of any item on the list (Minor items are 1 pass, major items are 2 passes). 1-3 passes to start may not seem like a lot to start with but there are many ways to get more.

1. Voting - At the end of each Day, all Users will vote for 3 tributes (Not including their own) in which they feel like they want to help most get a pass, in no order of preference, just list the 3. After the sponsoring voting period is over, I’ll collect the results and the Top 3 (2 starting when there are 15 tributes or less left) tributes who were voted for most will receive a free sponsoring pass! These can make the difference between life or death, so choose your votes wisely!

2. Get a kill - Simple, do so and you’ll get one free pass added.

3. Defeat a Mini-Boss Gamemaker - Participate in a Mini-Boss Gamemaker battle and survive, and you’ll get 3 free passes! This will only happen 3 times though, so your tribute may encounter these only once throughout their game, maybe not at all.

Here is the list of items:

MINOR ITEMS (1 Pass Needed To Buy) - Food, Water, and Shelter











MAJOR ITEMS (2 Passes Needed To Buy) - Weapons and Medicine


Burn Cream


Arrows (12)







Darts (10)






Throwing Axes (3)

Throwing Knives (3)


Anything you feel needs to be added on the list? Let me know if so, and if it seems like a good and fair item, I’ll add it on! Also, a Sponsoring Table telling how many sponsoring passes each tribute has will added later. Ask me if you have any questions regarding this. Thank you! :)


The Adventure will start here, coming soon! :)

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