Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual New Hunger Games!  If you are new to my games, you should check out my previous and first completed games, The Death Games, won by Shade Spectrus of District 5 and created by Mistfire333. I suggest you read at least the plot and ending because my series revolves around a big storyline.

Now let's begin!


1. I am looking for limit of 6 tributes each user. These numbers may increase if it takes too long to fill up the tribute slots.

2. Please don't be rude to other users or be rude to me because your tribute died.

3. I will allow a reservation for any spot that's available. There's no real expiration but just make sure it doesn't take like a week to post your tribute.

4. There will be twice the amount of tributes reaped this year. (2 males and 2 females from each District) I will be including the Capital and District 13, which all together leads to a grand total of 56 tributes!

5. No tributes from my previous games, unless I re-enter them myself (Which won't happen in this game). Once again, these games are revolved around a storyline, and it wouldn't make sense for a tribute to reappear in the games without any reason.

6. I will try my best to make sure each user has at least one tribute that makes it past the Bloodbath. After that, it is any user's game. It is also highly recommended that you comment often to show you are following as it will increase your tribute's chances of winning significally. Advice is also recommended if you want your tribute to do something in particular that day.

7. Here is the Tribute Template:

Name: (First and Last name minimum.)

Age: (Ranged 12-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)

District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)


Appearence: (Typed, lunaii's, and pictures allowed)

Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum)

Strengths: (To make sure I don't have any super tributes...)

Weaknesses: (Make sure the number of strengths and weaknesses is the same)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Alliance: Choices: Careers (You know what this is.) Anti-Careers (A large alliance that anyone can join.) Alone (Will go solo in games.) Or list the tributes you are allying with. You can also say you are looking for an alliance. Anyone who is still undecided when I start Individual Training will automatically join either the Anti-Careers or be a loner.


Tribute Token:

Everything in bold is required, and even though I may still accept a tribute without one, don't expect them to last very long. Backstory and Tribute Token optional. If you want to add it, you can. (Note that I may sometimes reference your tribute's backstory if it is interesting enough.)

8. I will not use any curse words, just words like dumb, stupid, loser, etc.

9. The POV'S will be a little different this time. 5 Random tributes will have a Training POV. (2 will talk about Group Training, 2 will talk about their Individual Training, and the last will basically be the reactions to seeing the scores.) A random number of tributes will also have a Night Before The Games POV. (It depends how many alliances there are.) Then the games will start.

10. That's it for the rules! I hope you can enter a tribute. :).

Story Introduction

Note: This is not necessary to read if you are joining, but if you are interested in viewing the storyline, or just feel like reading something, you can check this out if you like.

We discover that after the 2nd New Hunger Games ended, a round yellow fellow with the name of "Pacster" (Also commonly referred to as "Pac-Man") has saved a few tributes from their death. The "chosen ones," Irina Dupree, Octavian Silvercrest, Tiburica Heloise, Mist Scorchil, and Kyle Dake are informed that they are on a mission to stop the "enemy" who has started the New Hunger Games and devasted not just Panem, but the entire Earth as well. What they don't know though is the 5 helpers of Pacster and where exactly they are going. Most importantly, who is this "enemy?" The chosen ones take a ride through outer space where they arrive on a different planet.

Octavian Silvercrest, District 9

After being on the Hovercraft for what seems like days, we finally receive a message from Pacster that we are almost at our destination. "Welcome to my world, Pac-Land." Says Pacster as he points to a planet through one of the windows. "The leader of our planet, President Spheros, has a broadcast for us for TV." says Pacster. The TV in the front room all of sudden turns on and we see someone who likes the same type as Pacster, but green and older. "Greetings! Nice meeting you." President Spheros says. "As you may already know, I am the leader of Pac-Land, President Spheros. You all should be very close to the planet, so I prepared a place where we can welcome you. Once you get here, we can tell you more about your mission. See you soon." President Spheros says on TV as the TV turns to static.

As soon as the TV turns off, though, a green and red chest-like thing with a weird face with a big smile and weird glasses falls from the ceiling and right where the TV is. "What is THAT?!" says Kyle, who has acted back to normal after getting on the Hovercraft. "I don't know." says Pacster, sounding a little freaked out. "This wasn't part of the plan!" All of sudden, green smoke is released from the chest and out of the smoke comes a weird beanish guy with red clothes. "I have fury!" the thing shouts as a force all of sudden pushes all of us toward the wall. "I am afraid I can't make your arrival so peaceful. Why not add a little bit of action around here?"

Look like a battle is starting even though we are not even in the New Hunger Games

Tiburica Heloise District 11

As soon as were pushed back, I can hear Pacster ask us a question. "Do you guys still have your weapons and remmeber how to fight?" he asks. We all nod, grabbing our weapons out of our backpacks. "Good." He says. "I will distract him, while you guys give him everything you got." Pacster says as he eats a bean out of this little machine and flies around the bean guy. While he gets distracted, we all throw our long-ranged weapons at the bean guy. This goes on for only 20 seconds before the bean guy notices us and tries to attack us with this laser beam. While we dodge it, Pacster comes from behind and does the finishing blow on the bean guy. The guy falls to the ground all beaten up. The chest opens again and a round yellow thing similar to Pacster comes out. "Mrs. Pac-Man, its you!" Pacster says. "Meet the chosen ones." Mrs. Pac-Man looks around and sees us all. "Great to meet you!" She says. "I was not the only one in the chest..." Four ghost like thingies pop out of the chest. They come in 4 colors; red, pink, blue, and orange. The red, pink, and blue ghosts are small while the orange one is big. "Finally out of that unpleasant space." The red ghost says. "Are these guys the chosen ones?" The blue ghost asks. "Yes." says Pacster. "Meet the Ghost Gang; Blinky the red ghost, Pinky the pink ghost, Inky the blue ghost, and Clyde the orange ghost. Don't fear them, they are on our side. Wait, so you guys were trapped in that chest?" Pacster asks. "Yeah, this bean-like dude appeared in our room and a force trapped us in that chest. It was a very uncomfortable feeling in there." The orange ghost says. "Yeah, who IS that guy anyway?" The pink ghost asks, pointing to the bean guy.

"A winner is you." The bean guy says, still on the floor beaten up. "Now since you have bested me for now, I will disappear back to my home... WITH YOU!" The bean guy heads to the control gears of the Hovercraft and explodes. The Hovercraft all of sudden starts to make weird noises and starts to fall toward Pac-Land. "Oh no!" says Irina. "This looks like a rough landing!" After falling for a bit, I can start to see the surface of the planet. We appear to be heading toward an airport like station. That is the last thing I remember until I hear a crashing noise.

Mist Scorchil, District 8

After blacking out from that crash landing, I start to hear someone trying to wake me up. It was Pacster. "Its a pretty big miracle." He says. "Everyone is Ok. Come on outside, everyone is waiting for us." Pacster then leads me outside the Hovercraft.

While everyone seems safe from that crash, one big question remains.

Who was that bean-like guy?

The Twist

Many months after the New Hunger Games 2 ended and Shade Spectrus was crowned victor, President Fire, unknowing of the mission and questions from the chosen ones, knew it was time to announce the twist of the New Hunger Games 3.

"In order to see how our brave young citizens will fare against even the worst natural disasters, with the exception of Day 1, every day in the Arena will have a certain natural disaster going on such as flooding and extreme temperatures. How will our tributes respond to these disasters, what exactly will the disasters be, and what will the Arena environment be like? These questions will be answered later on. Happy New Hunger Games!"

As what happened in the last 2 years, citizens throughout Panem were shocked to hear this news. President Fire always seems to come up with the most extreme twists, and this was no exception. They can only do nothing but watch and see what happens when the games start.


District Gender Name Age Weapon(s) User
C Male Dusk Olive 17 Crossbow, Bow and Arrow, Spear LivesInDistrict1
C Female BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie 13 Crossbow, Camoflague WiressFan21
C Male Aston Wilkinson 16 Sword, Hand To Hand Combat Saxaphonegirl
C Female Dawn Olive 17 Dagger, Throwing Knives, Scythe LivesInDistrict1
1 Male Ceour Rabbit Sucré 16 Scythe TehOnlyUmbreon
1 Female Savera Hayes 16 Bowie Knife, Bow and Arrow, Hand to Hand Combat Xbilliex
1 Male Gauis Wellwood 14 Sword, Knife Xbilliex
1 Female Galina Theorena 17 Throwing Knives, Archery Andy1854
2 Male Allan Smith 14 Fishing Hook Toast With The Most
2 Female Cira Marco 17 Dagger, Sickle, Chain WitchAndWizard
2 Male Cloize Crisante 14 Twin Rapiers TehOnlyUmbreon
2 Female Yumi Luna 16 Bow And Arrow, Sword Grumpily14
3 Male Wire Elec 17 Anything Tehblakdeath
3 Female Winter Hourglass 12 Technology, Coil Net Yui Nii-san
3 Male Jeremiah Glacier 15 Crossbow, Intelligence Xbilliex
3 Female Kiki Elosy 15 Bow And Arrow Abbeylover
4 Male Kodai Hitogoroshi 17 Dagger, Teeth, Poison, Strangling Mistfire333
4 Female Pinkamena Diane Pie 14 Torture, Sickle, Knife, Trust Mistfire333
4 Male Poppa Rocks 15 Sword, Crossbow, Distractions Mistfire333
4 Female Oceania Seacrest 16 Trident, Hand To Hand Combat Xbilliex
5 Male Daniel Lores 16 Mace, Broadsword, Shield WitchAndWizard
5 Female Hailee Lores 16 Dual Swords, Dagger, Scythe WitchAndWizard
5 Male Kingsley Orion 14 Machete, Trident, Chain LivesInDistrict1
5 Female Kolya Linwood 18 Mughai Jambias, Traps And Snares YoungGuy5
6 Male Blade Spectrus 12 Crossbow, Sword Tehblakdeath
6 Female Ophelia Carlile 16 Brass Knuckles Yui Nii-san
6 Male Aventus Redwood 17 Knife, Axe, Bow And Arrow Captainsv
6 Female Lucia Morris 13 Katana, Crossbow Xbilliex
7 Male Finale Spectrus 14 Dagger, Crossbow Mistfire333
7 Female Sharpe Cindre 12 Knives, Crossbow, Sword Tehblakdeath
7 Male Connor Kenway 18 Tomahawk, Bow, Rope Darts, Hidden Blade Mistfire333
7 Female Lily Endeavour 13 Intelligence, Axe Tsteen
8 Male Hibernius Rashid 18 Knives, Scythes WiressFan21
8 Female Hazel Underwood 12 Throwing Knives, Crossbow WiressFan21
8 Male Archie Rye 15 Knives, Bow And Arrow, Net YoungGuy5
8 Female Anastasia Lilias 17 Bow And Arrow, Mace ~glitterday~
9 Male Michel Twobellies 17 Knife, Sickles, Brute Strength WiressFan21
9 Female Kacey Anderson 15 Spear Yui Nii-san
9 Male Chuck Wheaton 12 Slingshot Saxaphonegirl
9 Female Allysa Mallet 16 Throwing Knives Grumpily14
10 Male Justice Endevour 17 Survival Skills, Animals Tsteen
10 Female Hannah Kendrick 14 Throwing Knives JoJoguy2435
10 Male Hayden Austin 18 Anything Grumpily14
10 Female Lola Greenbry 17 Bow And Arrow JoJoguy2435
11 Male Radiant Tayz 16 Anything Tehblakdeath
11 Female Sequoia LaFontaine 14 Spears Saxaphonegirl
11 Male Bolton Meadow 15 Tracking Skills, Determination, Butcher Knife Tsteen
11 Female Sally Bone 12 Knife JoJoguy2435
12 Male Midareta Riot 17 Fists, Scythe, Dagger, Chain Mistfire333
12 Female Gerda Hollow 18 Spear Grumpily14
12 Male Gunjar Demon 12 Hand To Hand Combat JoJoguy2435
12 Female Caitlyn Hollow 15 Knife Grumpily14
13 Male Tristan Ryder 16 Sickle Xbilliex
13 Female Taylor Quincy 14 Dagger KatyE13
13 Male Jack Harrer 17 Spear, Mace, Barehanded Grumpily14
13 Female Grace C. Lamprey 14 Bow And Arrow, Sword, Knife LivesInDistrict1


Careers (Open)

Aston Wilkinson (C), Savera Hayes (1), Galina Theorna (1), Ceour Rabbit Sucré (1), Gauis Wellwood (1), Allan Smith (2), Cira Marco (2), Clozie Crisante (2), Yumi Luna (2),

Anti-Careers (Open)

Kacey Anderson (9), Connor Kenway (7), BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie (C), Winter Hourglass (3), Kodai Hitogoroshi (4), Kingsley Orion (5), Kolya Linwood (5), Ophelia Carlile (6), Aventus Redwood (6), Anastasia Lilias (8), Archie Rye (8), Michel Twobellies (9), Sequoia LaFontaine (11), Tristan Ryder (13), Taylor Quincy (13)

District 8 Alliance (Private)

Hibernius Rashid (8), Hazel Underwood (8)

District 7, 3 and Captial Alliance (Open)

Sharpe Cindre (7), Wire Elec (3), Dawn Olive (C), Dusk Olive (C)

District 5 Alliance (Private)

Daniel Lores (5), Hailee Lores (5)

The Spectrus Alliance (Private)

Blade Spectrus (6), Finale Spectrus (7)

District 4, 7, 10, 11, and 13 Alliance (Private)

Justice Endevour (10), Poppa Rocks (4), Lily Endevour (7), Radiant Tayz (11), Grace C. Lamprey (13)

District 6 and 4 Alliance (Private)

Lucia Morris (6), Oceania Seacrest (4)

Rebels (Private)

Hayden Austin (10), Gerda Hollow (12), Allysa Mallet (9), Sally Bone (11), Bolton Meadow (11), Caitlyn Hollow (12), Jack Harrer (13)

Sneaks (Private)

Kiki Elosy (3), Hannah Kendrick (10), Lola Greenbry (10)


Jeremiah Glacier (3), Pinkamena Diane Pie (4), Chuck Wheaton (9), Midareta Riot (12), Gunjar Demon (12)

Looking For Alliance

Bold letters on name means leader. Italic letters on name means co-leader/second-in-command. A ? mark after the name means that the alliance member is either an unconfirmed leader or uncomfirmed member.

Arena And Disasters

The Arena will be split into 4 sections; The Forest, The Plains, The Jungle, and The Mountains.

The Forest: A good biome for finding food and water and for hiding. However, it is the biome with the most mutts and the biome with that is affected the second greatest by the Disasters.

The Plains: This will be the area around the Cornucopia. An Okay-ish biome for finding food and water but not good for hiding from other tributes. This biome has the second-fewest mutts and is affected the second least by the Disasters.

The Jungle: The best biome for hiding and getting food, water, and all sorts of supplies. However, it also has the most mutts and is affected the most by the Disasters.

The Mountains: The worst biome overall for getting supplies, food, water, and surviving. However, it is also a safe haven from mutts and is little affected by the Disasters.

The Disasters

Each Day, with the exception of Day 1, there will be a certain Disaster that greatly affects the Arena and the tributes' situations. To keep the games more of a surprise, the Disaster will not be revealed to anyone until the Day it happens.

All the Disasters and what Day they occured will be listed below.

Day 1: None

Day 2: Flood/Tsunumi

Day 3: Extreme Heat Wave/Drought

Day 4: High Winds/Tornado

Day 5: Lightning/Storms

Day 6: Blizzard

Day 7: Volcanic Eruptions/Magma Flowing

Day 8: Alien Attack

Day 9: Mega Earthquake (Megaquake)

Day 10: Summoning of the Alien Emperor


As I said before, there will be 6 random training POVS (3 for Group Training, 2 for Individual Training, and 1 for viewing the scores.) and a random number of Night Before The Games POVS. (1 POV for each alliance there is.) Then the POVS throughout the games will be random. (I will try to balance it as much as possible.)


Aston Wilkinson, Capital

After the Head-Trainer went over all the rules and stuff, I grouped with the Careers. We still are not sure of our leader, but I am sure it won't be me. The Careers only accepted me to their alliance despite me not being from a Career District because the Anti-Careers greatly outnumber the Careers. I also notice that the alliance does not have any District 4 tributes. This is a very rare event. Still, the District 4 tributes this year seem very crazy. I also notice Radiant (11) from District 11, who must have been accepted into the Careers for the same reasons as me. After discussing on what we should do, we decide to go to the weapon's station to show the other tributes, mainly the Anti-Careers, that we are no joke this year. Ceour (1), Gauis (1), Cira (2), Clozie (2), Radiant (11), and I all go to the close-ranged weapons station, while Savera (1), Galina (1), Allan (2), and Yumi (2) go to the nearby long-ranged weapons station. We take turns in showing our skills and showing off our moves to the rest of the tributes.

Bolton Meadow, District 11

I formed an alliance with a group of people who feel the same way I do about the Capital. We are called the "Rebels." We all have a hatred toward the Capital, especially President Fire. I mean, who in the world would want to restart the Hunger Games when they have already been removed in the past? Panem was doing fine during the time when there were no Hunger Games. I am starting to get a little suspicious, but I think it is just President Fire being crazy. I hated the New Hunger Games the second they were announced, but what really made me angry was an accident I had months ago. I remember being in one of the richer families back in District 11. The Capital was doing nothing to support the higher number Districts, so District 11 is now poor. As a result, I was pretty much giving away my money and food to the poor. Worst of all was this image of when I saw 3 innocent young children die in an accident. I try not to think too much about it, but it still haunts me. This started my true hatred toward the Capital and convinced me to move from the Anti-Careers into this Rebel alliance. During training, it was pretty much normal; the Careers are showing off their moves at the weapons station and everyone else is scattered around doing other stations. Nothing unusual happened until almost the entire alliance notices that one of our members, Allysa (9), is talking to the Careers. I don't know what she is thinking; the rebels are supposed to be against the Careers as they are the most loyal tributes to the Capital. Our leader, Hayden (10), is especially furious by this, and discusses a plan with us to make sure she dies at the Bloodbath.

Wire Elec, District 3

I am walking around the training arena with my ally, Sharpe (7). I became friends with Sharpe since the time we first met. We both seem to think in similar ways and we are both looking for an alliance to join. We know that just the two of us would not be enough to win against some of the other large alliances, so we look to see if we can find a small alliance where we can form one big team. After going from area to area looking for the perfect alliance, we finally found one. We see two tributes that I recognize from the Capital talking to each other. They seem to be in a disagreement or something. Sharpe and I decide to go see what is going on and fix their problem. Maybe then we can form an alliance. "Hello." I say to them. The boy Capital tributes looks at us and speaks first. "Hello." he says. "Nice to meet you. I am Dusk and this is Dawn." Dusk points to the girl, who seems more shy than Dusk. "Hello." Dawn says. "We heard some sort of arguemental conversation going on." says Sharpe. "What is going on?" "Well..." says Dusk. "Dawn and I want to train together at the stations, but we can't seem to think of any plan, since we are big oppisotes on pretty much everything. I am good at weapons but bad at survival skills, while Dawn and bad at weapons but good at using survival skills." I think I know how to solve this problem. "Well..." I say. "I know I am pretty good at survival skills and Sharpe here is good at weapons. Maybe we can train together with what we are good at and teach each other what we struggle with?" "That sounds like a good idea!" says Dusk. "We were also wondering... are you looking for an alliance?" Dusk asks. "Yes we are!" says Sharpe. "In fact, that is why we came here. We are looking for another small alliance that we think would be a fit for us." "Wow." says Dawn. "We are in fact looking for a leader for our alliance." "Then this will be great!" I say. "The 4 of us could be an alliance, and since I know Sharpe is a great leader, she can lead our alliance!" "Sounds great!" says Dusk. "Let's start training!" Looks like we found the perfect fit for our alliance. The 4 of us work together in training until the Group Training section is over.

Pinkamena Diane Pie, District 4

After days of Group Training it is announced that it is finally time for the Individual Training. I am glad because I am in a need of some fun! It was pretty boring in the Group Training, as I have planned to be alone since the moment I stepped onto the train. There wasn't really much to do other than some stupid no-fun stations. I am waiting for the Individual Training because I heard they have realistic dummies with blood! I haven't had the taste of blood in a long time, and if the dummies really do have blood, killing them will be a refreshing experience. After a night of sleep, I am guided into a large room next to an even larger room. 55 other tributes surround me. Some, knowing of my personality, try to stay away from me. After some boring moments of hearing other tribute's names get called, I find out that it is finally my turn. A voice announces my name, and I head through the doors and into the huge room.

In the room, I can see the thing I was looking for; dummies lined up in a row. I can also see some knives in the weapons ract. I am sure this will work. "Pikamena Pie. District 4." I announce to the Gamemakers so I can get their attention. They all look at me. It is time to start my act.

I run over to the weapon's ract, take what seems like the sharpest knife available, and run over to the dummies. One by one, I slice at their neck, arm, leg, you name it. Turns out the word was right; blood splashed from the spots where I cut the dummies at. Feeling the blood on my face is a great experience for me. After doing this for a while, I realised I have a good chance to have the feeling of torturing someone; something I haven't done in a long time. Once I get to the last dummy, I knock it down, lay down on it, and quietly slice through spots on its head. I take the blood coming from the bloody spots and wipe over my face. After having fun with the dummy for a bit, I put all my force on one final stab in the forehead before standing up. The Gamemakers surprised faces tells it all. I get dismissed to leave the room, feeling great about that experience. I hope to have another when the games start.

Justice Endevour, District 10

I have been waiting for seemlingly hours as tribute after tribute is called; reducing the population of the room. I am sitting next to Grace (13) and Radiant (11), the other tributes in my alliance other than me that hasn't gone to the Individual Training yet. I have formed a little private alliance with Poppa (4), Lily (7), Grace (13), and Radiant (11), who was originally on the Careers until he decided to leave them to join us. Good choice there, as I hate the Careers like every Non-Career does. After talking with Radiant and Grace for a bit, I finally hear my name getting called. I head through the doors into a very large room with the Gamemakers watching from the side. They appear tired and drunk. I don't blame them, I am like the 40th tribute or something to do this. 

I look to see what I can do. I am not very good with weapons but I am good at evading traps. I look toward this one section with an obstacle course that includes swimming, climbing, you name it. I shall complete the obstacle course so the Gamemakers can see my stealthy power. "Justice Endevour, District 10." I say to the Gamemakers loudly to get their attention. They look at me half tired, but still good enough so they can pay attention. Now it is time to test my skills.

I start off by running toward the beginning of the obstacle course. I first quickly swim through a small pool. Then, I see vines over a much larger pool. Looks like this time I will have to use the vines. I swing and climb from vine to vine until I reach the other side. This is much easier than I thought it would be. Next, I see these arrow machines shooting arrows every few seconds. They must be out of rubber but I still can't fail here. I study the pattern of the darts before running and avoiding getting hit. I am feeling great so far! Lastly, I see a tree I must climb from branch to branch. I use all my skills to climb the tree and step on the branches. I nearly fall off after hearing one branch crack a bit, but I manage to be very careful on the branch and get through without the branch snapping and making me fall off. At the top of the tree lies a white flag. I hold it up signalling I completed the course and the Gamemakers clap for me. I climb down, feeling great about my performance. I hope I can get a good training score; I need to prove to the others that I am a good alliance leader.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I am waiting in a hotel room with one of my District partners, Hibernius (8). There are two hotel rooms for each District this year due to the fact that there are twice the amount of tributes. Fortunately, I am with Hibernius, whom I have formed a little private alliance with. He, like me, volunteered for the games despite being in a Non-Career District. In fact, I am only 12 and I volunteered, something nobody would expect a 12 year old to do, even one from a Career District. I have big reason on why I volunteered, and only my family and Hibernius knows. When I was a kid, I had cancer, a throat cancer that is bound to finish me eventually. After seeing a commerical for a treatment for cancer, I know my only hope is to win this game. The treatment costs a lot of money, and the only way I could possibly afford it is winning the games. Hibernius has also shared his story with me. After getting the District 10 boy last year, Phoenix, to volunteer, Hibernius felt bad after seeing that he didn't survive. Now, he is trying to make it up by volunteering for the games. Because we seem to be in similar situations, we decided to form an alliance.

After a bit, I can see the Head Gamemaker start to announce the training score results on TV. I pay attention to see the results. The Capital puts up pretty good scores with three 7's and one 8. District 1 and 2 had great scores like anyone would predict; with each posting up three 9's and one 10. District 3 posted slightly lower scores with three 7's and one 8. District 4, however, seems scary. Only 1 tribute put up a 9 while two others put up 10's. Worst of all, the crazy messed up Pinkamena (4) posts an 11, impressive as it is rare for tributes to post higher than a 10. Some 8's and 7's and one 6 is posted from Districts 5-7. Now time to see what Hibernius and I got. First, we see Hibernius get a 8. A pretty good score for someone from District 8. I get a 7, but still very good considering I am only 12. I feel proud of the scores Hibernius and I posted. The other two District 8 tributes Archie (8) and Anastasia (8) post a 7. No noticeable scores are seen throughout the rest of the Districts except for a 9 from the District 11 male who I think was with the Careers but may of left and a 10 from the crazy boy from District 12. Everything else is just 5's, 6's, 7's, and 8's. After all scores are told, we turn the TV off and start to get prepared for the revealation of the Arena and the actual games to start.

Training Scores And Rankings



9-10: You Did Great!!

7-8: You Did Good!

4-6: You did Ok.

1-3: you could do better...

District Tribute Score Ranking (From 1-57)
Capital Dusk Olive 7 31
Capital BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie 7 42
Capital Aston Wilkinson 8 18
Capital Dawn Olive 7 32
1 Ceour Rabbit Sucré 9 10
1 Savera Hayes 10 5
1 Gauis Wellwood 9 9
1 Galina Theorena 9 8
2 Allan Smith 9 11
2 Cira Marco 9 7
2 Cloize Crisante 10 4
2 Yumi Luna 9 12
3 Wire Elec 8 19
3 Winter Hourglass 7 34
3 Jeremiah Glacier 7 33
3 Kiki Elosy 7 43
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi 10 3
4 Pinkamena Diane Pie 11 1
4 Poppa Rocks 9 13
4 Oceania Seacrest 10 6
5 Daniel Lores 7 35
5 Hailee Lores 8 26
5 Kingsley Orion 7 36
5 Kolya Linwood 8 27
6 Blade Spectrus 8 16
6 Ophelia Carlile 7 44
6 Aventus Redwood 6 50
6 Lucia Morris 7 45
7 Finale Spectrus 7 37
7 Sharpe Cindre 8 15
7 Connor Kenway 8 17
7 Lily Endeavour 7 47
8 Hibernius Rashid 8 23
8 Hazel Underwood 7 38
8 Archie Rye 7 46
8 Anastasia Lilias 7 39
9 Michel Twobellies 8 24
9 Kacey Anderson 8 25
9 Chuck Wheaton 6 56
9 Allysa Mallet 6 55
10 Justice Endevour 8 22
10 Hannah Kendrick 6 51
10 Hayden Austin 7 40
10 Lola Greenbry 7 48
11 Radiant Tayz 9 14
11 Sequoia LaFontaine 7 41
11 Bolton Meadow 8 21
11 Sally Bone 5 57
12 Midareta Riot 10 2
12 Gerda Hollow 6 52
12 Gunjar Demon 7 28
12 Caitlyn Hollow 6 53
13 Tristan Ryder 6 54
13 Taylor Quincy 7 30
13 Jack Harrer 8 20
13 Grace C. Lamprey 7 29

Night Before The Games

Clozie Crisante, District 2

I am in the Careers' alliance. Our alliance is weird this year; NONE of the District 4 tributes are in our alliance this year, which has to be a first; especially in a games with double the tributes. Despite this, ALL of the District 1 and 2 tributes are in our alliance. This list includes Savera (1), Galina (1), Ceour (1), Gauis (1), Allan (2), Cira (2), Clozie (2), Yumi (2), and me, Clozie (2). Aston (C) from the Capital is also present in our alliance. Radiant (11) WAS with our alliance before joining some other silly alliance. What a traitor; I hope he dies in the Bloodbath. I do know I was the 4th highest ranked tribute and highest ranked Career, which is good for my chances of being leader of the alliance, which STILL hasn't been decided. Then again, as a Career leader, I will have to act rough and tough, and I know deep inside of me I am a very kind person. I just don't want to admit it. I say goodnight to Cira (2), who is in the room with me before going to sleep for the night and getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

Taylor Quincy, District 13

I am in one of the District 13 rooms next to one of my District partners, Tristan (13). We are both in the Anti-Career alliance; the biggest alliance in the game by a LONG shot. Its a long list, but I will try to remember all the alliance members. I know Kacey (9) is our leader with Connor (7) and BeDazzlia (C) co-leading. As for the others, I think we have Winter (3), Kodai (4), Kingsley (5), Ophelia (6), Aventus (6), Anastasia (8), Archie (8), Michel (9), Sequoia (11), and, of course, Tristan and I. Its a long list, but I think we have gotten to know each other well enough the past couple days to get used to each other and know who's who. We just need to be ready for the big day tomorrow. I say good night to Tristan before going to sleep for the night.

Hibernius Rashid, District 8

I am in the hotel room with Hazel (8) just like I was this morning when they announced the Individual Training Scores and released the ranks chart. We have been preparing for the big day tomorrow. I am in an alliance with Hazel because of our similar backstories on how we got here. I know there are many tougher tributes and bigger alliances out there, but we needed to volunteer. I didn't want to go through guilt throughout my entire life, and Hazel didn't want his life to end from cancer. The best we could do was volunteer for the games and hope we can win. I say goodnight to Hazel before going to sleep for the night.

Dusk Olive, Capital

I am in one of the Capital hotel rooms with my sister, Dawn (C). Just like our names, we are complete opposites. I am good at using weapons but not so good at using resources and all for staying alive. Dawn is just the opposite; bad at using weapons but good at using survival skills. Despite our extreme differences, we managed to work together and form an alliance with Sharpe (7) and Wire (3), who nicely asked us to ally with them. They were very nice to us in training, so I trust them. Now, though, I should get rested for the big day tomorrow. I say goodnight to Dawn before going to sleep for the night.

Daniel Lores, District 5

I am in a hotel room with my sister, Hailee (5). We are in an alliance together. We are aware of the other big alliances out there, but we feel like we are good with each other. Hailee is good offensively, while I am good defensely, so if we can just combine our strengths, we can defiantly take on others. Probably not the big alliances, so we will try to stay hidden during the games. Then again, who knows what the twist brings to the Arena? I think about it after saying goodnight to Hailee and going to sleep for the night.

Finale Spectrus, District 7

I am in one of the District 7 hotel rooms with one of the District 7 girls, Lily (7). I am currently the youngest of the Spectrus family members. I am just 14 years old yet I volunteered because about 2 weeks before the reapings on my 14th birthday, a bunch of rebels stormed through my house and beat me up badly. I was told that I had only 4 weeks to live before the damage finishes me off. The only way the Capital could heal me completely was if I could win the Hunger Games. That is why I am here and why I volunteered. It is better to at least have a chance of winning than having certain death. Speaking of the games, I am in an alliance with Blade (6). Although we are only an alliance of 2, we made a truce with the Anti-Careers. Prehaps we can ally with them around midway throught the games. I think about that before going to sleep for the night.

Radiant Tayz, District 11

I am in one of the District 11 hotel rooms with one of the District 11 girls, Sally (11). I don't know why I decided to be in a room with her, but I guess I did that to cheer her up; she is only 12 and only good with a knife. She is also the only tribute to get lower than a 6 on training with her 5. I mainly tried to keep her confident for the games. As for me, I am in an alliance with a couple other tributes. There isn't any true name for our alliance, but we do know that our alliance consists of Justice (10) as leader along with Poppa (4), Lily (7), Grace (13) and I. I was originally going to ally with the Careers but I decided I would be mistreated badly since I was from a Non-Career District and instead decided to team with a nice small alliance. I feel good with my move, but the Careers may view me as a big target by doing this. I decide to not think about it and just go to sleep for the night.

Hayden Austin, District 10

I am the leader of an alliance secretly known between us as "The Rebels." We are called this because we are tired of the actions President Fire has done lately. I mean, everything was going perfectly fine in Panem until President Fire came out of nowhere and re-started the Hunger Games. Now they even decide to double the tributes reaped, really? Rumor has it President Fire is really some evil professor or something trying to take over not just Panem, but the whole Earth as well, and a group of Rebels secretly took some tributes from the previous Hunger Games and used them to be part of the rebels. I don't think that is true, as the Capital should surely know and punish the Rebels, but who knows? All I know is that I must guide my alliance which conists of Gerda (12) as my Co-Leader and Allysa (9), Sally (11), Bolton (11), Caitlyn (12), Jack (13), and I. If the rumor is true, then hopefully the Rebels try to rescue at least some of us from the Arena. I think about the possiblities before going to sleep for the night.

Kiki Elosy, District 3

I am in one of the District 3 hotel rooms waiting for the night to end. I am in a private little alliance known as the "Sneaks." We are named this because our plan is to just run away from the Bloodbath and try to stay hidden throughout the games before coming out of nowhere when there are little tributes left. Then again, the Arena disasters can greatly affect our plan. Nobody but the Gamemakers know what the twists will be anyway. I think about what the disasters could possibly be and what we can do to survive them before going to sleep for the night.

Jeremiah Glacier, District 3

I am in the same District 3 hotel room as one of my female District partners, Kiki (3). We both seem to be more caught in thinking than sleeping. I decided to not be in an alliance this game. I know there are other big bad alliances out there, but I just want to win alone for my little sister Brittany who is not in this game. I miss her so much, and it would really be great if I could win for her. Even though the other tributes in the games seem tough with big alliances and even the other loners, Pinkamena (4), Chuck (9), Midareta (12), and Gunjar (12) all seem decent threats. I am a confident person, though, and I know I must win this for not just myself, but my sister, my family, my friends, and pretty much my entire District. I think about what I can do to win before going to sleep to rest for the big day tomorrow.

Day 1 Part 1 (A Bloody Beginning)

Allan Smith, District 2

I say my final goodbye to my stylist before walking into a tube and getting pulled up. I heard the Arena this year will have some Natural Disaster or something each Day with the exception of Day 1. I don't need to worry about that, but still no tribute has any idea on what the Arena environment will look like. The best I can do is just stay with the Careers for the Day. Now, though, I have a Bloodbath to deal with. The tube rises up and releases me into this plains-like area. The weather feels perfectly normal, so it looks like there will be no Disaster today. I look around to see if I could find any of my other fellow Careers. As silly as it seems, we have no real leader this year. Pretty much everyone is equal in what we do. I do see Cira (2) and Galina (1) close to my tube, so maybe I should stick with one of them but at the same time watch my back at all times. In the Cornucopia I see useful supplies like every Hunger Games Cornucopia has; weapons, food, boxes, crates, backpacks, and much more. If we Careers can conquer the Cornucopia then we will be good to dominate the games. Then again, I just remembered on how many members the Anti-Careers have this year. They literially have at least 15, probably even more. I am sure though that fewer strong tributes can take over more weak tributes. All the thinking just made me remember about the time. I look at the clock and there is just 12 seconds left. I better get ready!

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,


Connor Kenway, District 7

As soon as the gong rings, I head straight toward the Cornucopia. In fact everyone, except for Kiki (3), Hannah (10), Lola (10), Chuck (9), and Midareta (12), who run away into a random direction, runs toward the Cornucopia. My focus right now is to get a weapon and meet with the Anti-Careers while I try to sneakily surprise others and get kills on non-alliance members, espeically the Careers. I quickly get toward the Cornucopia to find a tomahawk which I get before anyone else could. I then quickly try to hide and blend in on a part of the Cornucopia. I look around to already see tributes falling dead. I first see Gunjar (12) get killed by the maniac from District 4, Pinkamena (4) with a knife in the skull before she run aways.

Next I see the rest of the Anti-Careers run toward the Cornucopia and start to get supplies. Unfortunately, the Careers arrive shortly after, and start taking over. Savera (1) finds Kingsley (5) trying to get supplies from a crate and shocks him with a knife to his back. Clozie (2) then uses a rapier to slice and kill Ophelia (6) who was also trying to get supplies. Allan (2) then stabs Michel (9) with a knife while he tried to run away after getting supplies. After seeing those deaths, I knew it was the Anti-Careers turn. I see someone walking by the area I was hiding on the Cornucopia. I recognize her as Yumi (2), a member of the Careers. Now it is my turn. I quickly take my tomahawk and hit her in the face with it when she least expected it. She falls to the ground. I then quickly stab her in the chest to finish her off before the Careers notice.

Around the same time, I see the other big alliance and a bunch of smaller alliance start to approach the Bloodbath. Now seems like a good idea to run away while the rest of the alliances distract the Careers. I head over to where Kacey (9), BeBe (C) who I just seen kill one of the members from the other big alliance, Allysa (9), by shooting her with a crossbow, and the rest of the Anti-Careers were getting supplies. The 3 of us signal the Anti-Careers away from the Bloodbath and to safety before the Careers could notice. Unfortunately, I see that one of the Career members, Galina (1), sees us running away and shoots Tristan (13) with a arrow with her bow. Fortunately, we manage to escape out of the Bloodbath Area before any other Careers notice us running.

Sally Bone, District 11

I am currently protecting my alliance while Hayden (10), Gerda (12), and Bolton (11) grab supplies near the Cornucopia. The Careers and some smaller alliances are also around so we have to be quick. While staying close to the rest of my alliance, I see the Spectri brothers, Blade (6) and Finale (7) get together and run away, but not before Blade takes his crossbow and shoots Cira (2) by surprise, who drops dead. I then see Sharpe (7) stab Poppa (4) by surprise before he could run away with the rest of his alliance which runs away after seeing one of their members fall. Sharpe's alliance also runs away along with some of the smaller alliances and the remaining loners. Now it should be our turn to leave. Hayden signals to us to leave and we start running. However, Caitlyn (12) doesn't react fast enough, as Gauis (1) runs over to her and slices her with a sword. The rest of us escape safetly, as we leave the Careers so they will end up being the only remaining tributes at the Cornucopia. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Day 1 Part 2 (Preparing For The Worst)

Lola Greenbry, District 10

I am currently walking through the Jungle along with my allies Kiki (3) and Hannah (10). Although the Jungle is supposed to be the most dangerous biome to be in, it also has the most supplies and today is supposed to be the least dangerous day. Therefore, we are planning to get food and water that we couldn't get earlier since we ran from the Bloodbath and then leave before whatever bad thing tomorrow happens. The Jungle is supposed to be the most affected by the bad things so we are planning to leave before the Night ends. In fact, the Sun is already starting to set. Seeing the Sun set reminds me of last year's gruesome twist, where Zombie came out at night and killed anyone out in the open at night. This year's twist also concerns me. What will happen tomorrow? What disaster will sweep through the Arena? I think about it while my allies and I get food from Jungle Trees and water from the river. We were told that the food and water here is always fresh, so we didn't need to worry about any poison. We just need to get out of here before any dangerous Mutts see us. We quickly find our way out of the Jungle and into the Forest, where we plan to sleep in a cave for the night. It is getting dark now, so I say goodnight to my allies before going to sleep for the night.

Galina Theorena, District 1

I am currently camping in the Cornucopia with the rest of the Careers, enjoying the food and water we got from the Bloodbath. I could of sworn I saw a small group of people a little bit ago but they ran away after they saw us. I decided to be quiet about it since I didn't really want to get too much attention and I think I was the only one who noticed them. It is dark now, and the Anthem could be heard playing from outside. We check to see who died.

The Fallen

District 2 - Yumi Luna

District 2 - Cira Marco

District 4 - Poppa Rocks

District 5 - Kingsley Orion

District 6 - Ophelia Carlile

District 9 - Michel Twobellies

District 9 - Allysa Mallet

District 12 - Gunjar Demon

District 12 - Caitlyn Hollow

District 13 - Tristan Ryder

Only 10 deaths? For a games with 56 tributes, that is not a lot for the First Day. Two tributes from our alliance, four tributes from those Anti-Careers, and 4 tributes that I never really paid too much attention to. Still, I didn't hear a cannon since the Bloodbath ended. I have the feeling the Capital is planning something to change that... I better get prepared for the worst tomorrow then. Everyone says goodnight to each other before going to sleep for the night.

Day 2 Part 1 (Rising Waters)

Lucia Morris, District 6

I have just woken up from a much-needed rest from yesterday. When I wake up, I see the Jungle Trees around me. We have decided to settle in the Jungle due to the lack of supplies we got in the Bloodbath. We are aware of the potential mutt dangers and Disaster problems, but we thought it would be worth taking the risk for supplies. I look around the area to see if anything unusual is happening. This is the first Day of the Disasters. The air temperature feels normal, and I don't see any fire or anything unusual like that, so the Disaster must be either taking place somewhere else or it isn't noticeable yet.

Around the same time I wake up, my ally, Oceania (4) wakes up as well. "Notice anything unusual yet?" She asks, interested in knowing what the Disaster could be. "Not yet." I say back. "Prehaps we should go look around for any more food and water? We must make sure we don't get hungry." "Good idea." says Oceania. "Just stay together and make sure we don't run into other tributes. Watch out for the Disaster as well, you never know what it is or when we will run into it."

We then started walking around the Swamp, looking out for any Mutts or other tributes. We didn't run into any, but I swear when we passed by a River, the water looked slightly higher than it was when we passed by it yesterday. I kept quiet, though, not wanting to scare Oceania or anything. I try to ignore what I just saw as we start getting food and water.

Jack Harrer, District 13

The Rebels and I are currently in the Plains area near the Cornucopia. Our plan was to take over the Cornucopia shortly after the Bloodbath, but unfortunately, it seems like they beat us to it. We are discussing on which Area we should go to.

"I say we go to the Jungle." says Bolton (11). "We can go hunting for weaker alliances there and get supplies."

"I say the Forest will be slightly better." I say. "There will still be a decent amount of supplies to get and there will be a smaller chance of running into Mutts or a potential Disaster."

We argue over where to go for the next couple of minutes until Gerda (12) suddenly screams. She points toward the Cornucopia, where the Careers are running right toward us. "RUN!" Screams Hayden (10). We can't fight them now so run!" With that, we start running toward the direction away from the Careers. They start shooting long-distance weapons at us. Unfortunately, in a field like this, it is easier for one to aim correctly with a long-distance weapon. After running for a bit, we see the start of the Jungle. We all know if we can get there we will be safe from the Careers.

However, I suddenly see Gerda fall to the ground with an arrow on her back. She won't make it... we just continue running toward the Jungle. Once we get there, we run for a little bit more just in case. After a bit, we turn around, and see no one chasing us. However, we know that Gerda is doomed. BOOM! That must be her cannon. "Never again are we going to the Plains." says Hayden. "Agreed." says everyone else. Only Hayden, Sally (11), Bolton (11), and I remain in the alliance. Our alliance has been a failure so far, but we know we can turn it around. "Well, we are in the Jungle, so let's get supplies while we are here. Look out for Mutts and other tributes and the Disaster." Says Hayden. We then start walking around the Jungle together and start collecting supplies.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I am in the Forest with Hibernius (8), looking around for food and water. We start heading toward the Lake that we got our water from yesterday. "Look at that..." Hibernius says suddenly. "What is it?" I say. "The Lake... it looks huge, a lot bigger than it was yesterday." I look at the Lake and Hibernius was right. The Lake looks a lot bigger and deeper than it was when we came here Yesterday. "Wow, this must mean that the Disaster today has something to do with Flooding." I say. "Let's get water quick and then find a Tree to climb before the water level gets higher." "Good idea." Says Hibernius.

We then start getting water from the Lake and find a Tree to climb before the Flooding happens.

Sequoia LaFontaine, District 11

I am in the Forest along with the rest of the Anti-Careers. We have been searching for any supplies or other tributes to hunt. We have also tried to avoid any Lakes or other bodies of water; earlier when we were in a Lake area the water level was very high, much higher than it was Yesterday. We start discussing on our next plan.

"The rise of the water worries me... prehaps we should try to the Mountains?" says Connor (7). "Hmm... we could try... but let's only go on the lower parts of the Mountains, just high enough so we avoid any potential Flood." says Kacey (9). "I agree." Says BeBe (C). "As long as we are safe from the water, I am Ok with the plan."

We then start heading toward the Mountains. Along the way, we run into something that we did not want to see at all; a knife coming from out of nowhere, hitting Winter (3) in the head and killing her. BOOM! Then we see the faces of the Careers around us.

Day 2 Part 2 (The Great Tsunami)

Aston Wilkinson, Capital

We start to surround the Anti-Careers. Half of us surround the Anti-Careers on one side. When they see us, they try to back off, only to see that the other half of us is on the other side.

"We got you now losers." Says Savera (1). "Accept your defeat and fall to us!" "NO!" Screams Kacey (9), who I guess is leading the alliance. "RUN!" Kacey suddenly shouts. However, right when the Anti-Careers where about to attempt to run away, all of us get startled by a shaking. "Earthquake!" Shouts Kodai (4). "Just run!" He says. However, in the Distance, I can see a huge wave, about as high as the highest trees, head toward us at a fast speed. I am shocked and stare at the sight along with the rest of the Careers.

The Anti-Careers on the other hand seem to ignore this amazing sight and just run away. Wait what!? "WAKE UP!" I shout. "They are running away!" The Careers wake up by this and start running with the Anti-Careers. Since I am faster than most of the other Careers, now would be an excellent chance to prove my worth in my alliance. I run over to one of the slower Anti-Careers, Kolya (5) and slice her neck unexpectedly to her with my sword. BOOM! Although I am faster than the Careers and most Anti-Careers, none of us are fast enough to outrun the huge wave behind us.

The wave gains on all of us and splashes down on us.


Taylor Quincy, District 13

After that huge splash, all of us lie down, hurt, 4 of us even dead. Kacey (9), who survived the wave, tells us to gather near a tall group of trees. The current is slowly starting to increase. The Anti-Careers are faster to move than the Careers, who get washed away and separated from us. The Careers look mainly alive, but Aston (C) and Gauis (1) looked knocked out bad, probably dead. On our side, Connor (7) still hasn't woken up, maybe dead, but everyone else seems Ok. We help each other climb the trees while the Careers, having enough of us, try to swim along with the current away us.

"Is everyone Ok?" asks Kacey. "Looks like it." says Archie (8). "Well... except for Connor." "Oh..." says Kodai (4), looking disappointed in the lost. "Its Ok everyone." Says Kacey. "We still outnumber the Careers, and they lost I think 2 members in that Tsunami." "That's good." says BeBe (C). "But... now what are we supposed to do?" "I guess we wait until the water goes back down." says Anastasia (8). "My Backpack survived that Tsunami, although not in the best shape, it looks usuable." We all peeked into each others Backpack to make sure the supplies are safe. Fortunately, they were, and so we used the supplies, food, and water to survive until the water level goes back down.

Blade Spectrus, District 6

I am waiting on top of a smaller Jungle tree with Finale (7) with our supplies, food, and water. We knew something was about to happen when the water level was rising, so we climbed onto a tree to make sure we were safe. We made the right choose, as climbing the tree made us safe from the water below. BOOM! Suddenly I hear a cannon. Finale looks fine so it must have happened elsewhere.

"I wonder whose cannon that was." Says Finale. "I don't know." I say. "There have been a lot of cannons today, probably as a result of that Tsunami." "Yeah." Says Finale. "I just hope that the Anti-Careers are Ok. I am worried that a good fraction of the cannons today have been from the Anti-Careers." "Well, we can always meet up and group with them if they are running low on tributes." I say. "They will surely accept us." "Agreed." says Finale. "Maybe soon we can start hopefully looking for them. Maybe we will get lucky and run into them."

We wait on the tree until the water level goes down, which starts happening about a hour after the Tsunumi.

Justice Endevour, District 10

I am in the Jungle with my alliance, down one member. When the huge wave unexpectedly came and washed and knocked of all of us down, Lily (7), Grace (13) and I managed to react fast and swim to the nearest tree to climb. However, Radiant (11) had a hard time swimming, as the current beat him. We tried everything we could to save them, but we knew more of would die by trying to save him. Once he got pulled away, he started to drown and we could hear his cannon.

"Next time, we should be prepared for something like this." I say. "Agreed." says Lily. "If we notice anything suspicious early in the Day, we should take note and prepare for something greater later on." "Well, at least we are safe with our supplies." says Grace. "Let's wait until the water is completely down before going back down." "I have an idea." I say. "How about we head toward the Mountains, where we will have less worries about dangers? Sure it isn't the best place to be, but we got supplies and I am sure we can survive there." Lily and Grace agree with me. As the Sun starts to set, the water level goes down as well. Soon, the water goes back to its near normal level, and we climb down the tree and head toward the direction of the Mountains.

Hailee Lores, District 5

I am with my brother, Daniel (5) near the top area of the Mountains. Nothing too unusual happened here during the Day, so I think the Mountains are a safe place from Disasters, even though it is cold and you run out of supplies fast.

"I think we should go to either the Forest or Jungle." says Daniel. "We are in a need for supplies." "I agree." I say. "Let's decide on where to go tomorrow before we go to sleep and then we can go there tomorrow."

We discuss on where to go before the Sun sets completely and Nighttime arrives.

Savera Hayes, District 1

Us Careers have finally arrived at the Cornucopia again after the water level went down low enough. Today has been a successful Day in killing, but we also got embarassed by that Tsunumi wave as 2 of us died. Fortunately, we carried most of our supplies in our Backpacks. This is good because the supplies we left here were mostly washed, wet, and useless.

I suddenly hear the anthem play and I look to see who died today.

The Fallen

The Capital - Aston Wilkinson

District 1 - Gauis Wellwood

District 3 - Winter Hourglass

Distirct 5 - Kolya Linwood

District 7 - Connor Kenway

District 11 - Radiant Tayz

District 12 - Gerda Hollow

The fallen tributes were mainly just the Anti-Careers and us Careers and 1 guy we killed from a small alliance this morning. However, we are pleasantly surprised to see Radiant (11) on the sky. It kinda does make sense, since today's Disaster was mainly about water and Radiant was never a good swimmer when we saw him in Training. We discuss our plan for tomorrow before going to sleep for the night.

Day 3 Part 1 (The Capital Turns The Heat Up)

Hannah Kendirck, District 10

I wake up from a relaxing rest yesterday. My allies, Kiki (3) and Lola (10) also wake up. I feel proud that the three of us all survived the first two days while the other alliances killed each other. We were also smart to climb a tree yesterday to avoid the Tsunami. That reminds me; I should start paying attention to what disaster could happen today. I do feel that the temperature now is defiantly warmer than it was when I woke up yesterday morning. I don't know if this will be a trend, but just in cause, I better gather supplies with my allies so we will be prepared.

"So, where should we go today?" Kiki asks us. "I don't know..." Lola says. "Maybe we should stay here?" "Maybe..." I say. "But I don't have a good feeling about the temperature right now..." "Yeah, it does feel warmer then it did the last two Days." says Lola. "It doesn't feel hot yet, but it could get a lot worse throughout the Day." "Do you want to go to the Mountains then?" asks Kiki. "It should be colder up there if the Disaster today does have something to do with heat." "I say we get supplies now and then go to the Mountains before whatever Disaster that happens really impacts the Arena." I say. "Good plan." Says Lola. "Let's start as soon as possible."

We then start gathering food, water, (Which seems to be a lot lower than yesterday, as if it went from the Wet Season to the Dry Season in one Day) and other supplies and then start heading toward the Mountains. "Man." says Kiki. "It is starting to get hotter. Good call by us. Quick, let's get to the Mountains before it gets too hot for us."

We then start running toward the direction of the Mountains. BOOM! I all of sudden hear a cannon and a scream. What was that!? I suddenly see Lola on the ground with a scythe on her back. "Keep running!" shouts Kiki. I agree with her, there could be an alliance after us! I look behind real quick to catch Midareta (12) far behind us with Lola's body. So he was the one who killed Lola. Dang, we should have paid more attention to our surroundings; we were too focused on getting to the Mountains. We keep running until we get out of the Forest and to the lower area of the Mountains.

"We made it but..." says Kiki. "I know..." I say. "But what can we do?" "Not much... but let's get to the top of the Mountains for now, it is getting too hot to be wasting energy, and it should be better on top of the Mountains." We quickly climb the Mountain, where it feels a bit colder but still pretty warm. We settle down and talk about our plan for the rest of the day.

Savera Hayes, District 1

We have been discussing our plan for today this morning and are ready to hunt. I am still a little bit upset that I lost my best friend in the games, Gauis (1), yesterday but I know he would want me to keep fighting and not worry about him.

"Ready everyone to hunt in the Forest?" Allan (2) asks us. "Defiantly." says Clozie (2). "Yeah..." says Galina (1). "Its just that it is super hot." That reminds me; it does feel a lot hotter today than it did yesterday. In fact, I already notice everyone starting to sweat. "Whew, it IS hot here." I say. "Maybe the Disaster today is an extreme Heat Wave or something." says Ceour (1). "In that case." says Allan. "I think we should bring lots of water. I have a feeling the water level is going to be low today." We all agree with this plan. We bring most of our water supplies and start slowly walking toward the Jungle, hoping to find any weak victims.

Lucia Morris, District 6

We are currently in the Jungle, sitting near what little of the water in the Jungle is left. The extreme Heat Wave, which now seems to be the Disaster today, has nearly dried out all of the water from the Jungle. Pretty extreme considering yesterday we had too much water; now we don't have enough. My ally, Oceania (4), and I sit near the water with me, trying to cool off in the water.

"What should be our plan today?" Oceania asks me. "I say we just stay here and use our water supply from yesterday to keep us hydrated. Just try your best to stay cool." I say. "Sounds like a good idea." Oceania says back.

At least, I THOUGHT it was a good idea. I can hear the sound of footsteps nearby. We look around to find a bunch of Careers close by. In a second, a bunch of weapons fly at us. "RUN!" Shouts Oceania. We quickly get our supplies and start running. Everyone seems to have a hard time running in the heat, which is a big disadvantage for us. I can feel a sharp pain in my back. I fall down, with Oceania continuing to run. I can see a bunch of Careers surround me as one of them, Savera (1), throws a bowie knife right at me as I black out. BOOM!

Hayden Austin, District 10

I am currently sitting near a remaining body of water in the Jungle with the rest of the Rebels, trying to stay cool from the extreme heat. Suddenly, we see someone try to run pass us, slowed down by the hot temperatures. I recognize her as Oceania (4). We get our weapons ready in case of an attack.

However, she doesn't attack us. They try to stay something to us, but they seem too dehydrated to talk. "I come in Peace." Oceania finally says. "I would like to ally, please." She says. Should I trust her? Let's see if she has any useful supplies too. "Do you have any supplies?" I ask. She brings out a lot of water and some food and their weapons. I think I can trust her, we are short on members anyway; only Sally (11), Bolton (11), Jack (13), and I remain in our alliance, and we will take any member we can. We got on to a very bad start on the first Day but yesterday was much better. "Thank you." I say. "We would be glad if you join our alliance." says Sally. "Thank you." says Justice.

Oceania sit down and drink some of her remaining water, trying to get hydrated. "We were chased by the Careers." says Oceania. My ally.. didn't make it." She says that with a more depressing sound, but she mostly seems very tired. "I don't think they are chasing me anymore, but just in case, does anyone want to move a bit?" "Sure." says Bolton. "Ok." I say. "But lets be careful not to walk for too long." We then start walking for a bit in the direction opposite where they came from with our supplies. Oceania looks depressed on losing a member, but I try to cheer her up while walking. Looks like our alliance has gained a new member.

Chuck Wheaton, District 9

I try to go find any water from the Forest but it is no use. I had to walk all the way from the Mountains to get over here, but it just seemed to get hotter and hotter as the Day went on. Now, it seems so hot that the ponds have pretty much completely dried up and the plants start to die. If only I would have known today a Heat Wave would be the Disaster today, but I course, the stupid Capital screws me up. It is getting so hot that weirdish slightly-red-colored air comes out of the surface and spreads to the sky.

Knowing I don't have any chance of getting more supplies, I feel sharp pain as I count the seconds to my death. BOOM!

Day 3 Part 2 (The Muttation Plants)

Jeremiah Glacier, District 3

I have managed to salvage some melted snow from the Mountains to last me through as I climbed down the Mountain. Right now, I need food. It is blistering hot, but the cooled water is helping me from getting dehyrdrated too much. Still, I am still really sweating, and I think I should camp near the remains of any remaining body of water for the rest of the Day. A weird red heat haze surrounds the lower part of the Arena as I walk looking for any food. I do manage to find some animals to kill and eat, which pretty much get cooked on their own by simply leaving them exposed to the Sun.

I eventually find a small pond in the Forest. I set up my supplies there as I get ready in case of anything that comes at me.

Kacey Anderson, District 9

I am sitting near possibly the biggest body of water in the Arena right now along with allies; but that is not saying much. The pond the Anti-Careers and I are sitting in is much smaller than a pond should be; but still big enough to hold our remaining allies BeBe (C), Kodai (4), Aventus (6), Anastasia (8), Archie (8), Sequoia (11), and Taylor (13). The remaining water is mostly dirty too, so we only have to rely on our remaining water supplies from the past 2 Days to stay alive.

"Ugh." says Archie. "I am really sweating." Everyone is sweating a lot. The only way to stay cool is the water. "I wonder what is up with this red haze too." says Aventus. "I don't know." I say. "But whatever it is it can't be good." The red haze suddenly formed at around noon and came from the ground. I don't know what is, but I have a feeling it will have something to do with an obstacle or something. Now, the red haze has started to take over the atmosphere, as the sky is starting to lose its color and now all just has a light-red color to it. Some of the darker colored objects are also blending in with the red-color.

The past hour, I notice that some of the trees are starting to die as well. "Wow." says BeBe. "I don't think I have ever been hotter in my life." "Its Ok." I say. "Nighttime should be approaching soon, so just hang on for a little bit longer..."

"How do we hang on with... those things though?" Taylor suddenly says nervously. She points to an Arena close by to us where a bunch of giant plant monsters tower above a section of the Arena. "I remember reading something about that." says Kodai. "That is a Monster Venus Fly Trap, made from the Capital and used in war." "They look hungry though... I think we should walk away." Everyone agrees with me as we start moving the direction away from the monsterous plants.

Daniel Lores, District 5

I am with Hailee (5) near the top of the Mountains. We have been mainly using the melting snow as our main water supply. Even for the top of the Mountains, it is very hot here. I think we are safe though, and can wait until it cools tomorrow to go back down.

"Daniel look!" Hailee suddenly shouts. In a second, a bunch of monsterous Venus Fly Trap plants come out of nowhere and look down at us, and they look hungry. "RUN!" I shout. We start to run over to this cave where we could be safe. However, we are too slow, as Hailee screams behind me. "HELP!" She shouts. A plant grabs her with its mouth and gobbles her up. BOOM! I can't save her, unfortunately. I quickly run into a cave before another tries to grab me as well. I barely make it. There is no way I am getting out until next morning.

Dawn Olive, The Capital

I am running away from the Plant Muttations along with the rest of my alliance, Dusk (C), Wire (3), and Sharpe (7). We have mainly stayed in this Area in the Forest the entire games, but most of the Muttation Plants seem to settle in the Forest, probably because it is the most tribute populated region in the games so far. We managed to successfully run from the Plant Muttations without getting caught and into the Jungle.

"That was close." says Dusk. "Good thing they didn't see... OUCH!" Suddenly, a knife appears on Dusk's back as he falls to the ground. Another one hits him. BOOM! That one finishes him off. "DUSK!" I shout. Rarely do I ever shout, but I can't believe my own brother dropped dead like that in front of me. "RUN!" Sharpe shouts as we start to run away from where the direction of the knife came from. It is hard to run in this heat but we do our best. Behind me, I see Pinkamena (4) start to torture Dusk's body. I give a dirty look in that direction as we run to a safe Area in the Jungle, where we start to settle in.

Allan Smith, District 2

We are hiding from the Plant Muttations outside from the past hour by hiding inside the Cornucopia. We have used our remaining food and water supplies to survive, but it is starting to get really low, so we better get on a major supply hunt tomorrow. Suddenly, we hear loud coughing from outside. We carefully go outside to see the Plant Muttations start to wilt and choke. I guess the Capital has had enough of them for the night. The red haze also starts to disappear; I guess it was really just something to keep the Plants alive. The Plants start to collapse as the air starts to rapidly cool.

"Ah..." says Savera (1). "It is good to finally get a break from the Heat." We all agree as we breath in the fresh air. It is still warm for this time of Day, but Tomorrow it should be completely back to normal; as long as the Disaster tomorrow doesn't have to do with air temperature, which I doubt will happen again. After a bit, we go back inside the Cornucopia to dicuss our plan for tomorrow.

Grace C. Lamprey, District 13

We are hiding in a cave in the Mountains ready to go to sleep with my allies Lily (7) and Justice (10). We have been very successful today; we managed to keep cool by hiding in a Mountain Cave and drinking the water from the melting snow and eating from the supplies we got earlier. Justice even managed to make friends with two Snow Dogs from the Mountains, and keep it cool as well. We hear the anthem play and we look to see who died today.

The Fallen

The Capital - Dusk Olive

District 5 - Hailee Lores

Distirct 6 - Lucia Morris

District 9 - Chuck Wheaton

District 10 - Lola Greenbry

5 deaths. Not as much as the last two Days. The deaths were mainly just loners and some members from smaller alliances. I wish that some of the Anti-Careers or Careers could have died but oh well. We discuss our plan before going to sleep for the night. 

Day 4 Part 1 (A Windy Day)

Ceour Rabbit Sucre, District 1

We have just woken up from a terrifiying Day yesterday. First we had to live through extremely hot temperatures while living off of the quickly-running-out supplies, and then we had to hide from these giant Plant Mutts that tried to eat us. Fortunately no Careers died. Unfortunately no one from the Anti-Careers died as well. We know the plan today; get our supply level back to normal by hunting and then go hunt for tributes. We get out of the Cornucopia and into the Plains surrounding it.

The first thing I do is feel if there is anything unusual going on. There is going to be some sort of disaster today but it is hard to tell what it is yet. The only thing I can at least sense a little is a little breeze passing by. What makes this stick out is the fact that there was barely, if any wind the first three Days. I am gonna make sure my best friend in the Arena, Clozie (2), becomes aware.

"I sense a little breeze passing by." I say quietly to Clozie so no one else can hear. "It isn't much now, but since there was hardly any wind the first three Days, it deserves to be noticed. It could get worse as the Day goes on, so be aware." Clozie nods to tell that he is aware.

We walk toward the Jungle since there will be slightly less tributes there to interrupt us while hunting and since it has slightly more supplies than the Forest does. Plus it is early in the Day, where the Disaster affects the Arena the least. Without meeting a different alliance, we managed to make it to a good spot in the Jungle untouched. We notice that the water level is back to normal after being very incosistant the past two Days.

Allan (2) decides to fish out of the Pond while Clozie and I collect food. The others get water from the Pond and purify it to make it drinkable. So far, things are looking good, but it is still only the start of the Day.

Sequoia LaFontaine, District 11

We are currently in the Forest, trying to regenerate our supply level from yesterday. Despite how extreme the Disaster was and how fast we ran out of supplies, none of us died yesterday. Unfortunately, none of the Careers did as well.

We continue to get food, water, and other supplies. "AHH!" A scream of a girl could suddenly be heard. BOOM! That must be the cannon of whoever screamed. "What was that!?" Archie (8) says. "I don't know." Everyone else who was close to the alliance base, Kodai (4), Anastasia (8), and I say at basically the say time. Suddenly, Bebe (C) comes running from the trees with Aventus (6) and Taylor (13).

"Someone is back there!" Shouts Bebe, looking tired from running fast with Aventus and Taylor. "What happened to Kacey (9)?" asks Anastasia. "She... fell victim to whoever was back there." says Taylor. "Oh no!" says Archie. "Whoever was back there could be coming, so let's pay attention."

We all look toward the direction Bebe and the others were running from. We hear some rustling in the leaves. "I think the person is close..." says Bebe. "Get ready..." Suddenly, a dagger comes out of the bushes and hits Aventus right on the back, who falls to the ground. BOOM! I can barely see the face of Midareta run away from us. "After him!" Bebe, who seems like will be the new leader since Kacey died, says to us. "We can't get distracted by a death, we need to stay focused!"

We agree and run to the direction Midareta ran to. We find ourselves surrounded by a section with taller trees after running for a bit. The rustling of the bushes could be heard again. This time, I notice which bush was making the rustling. Midareta must be hiding in there. Before I could speak up, a dagger comes flying right at Archie. "DUCK!" I quickly shout. Everyone seems to duck instead, not knowing who the instruction was to. The dagger flies over Archie and to the ground.

"In there!" I point to the bush where I saw the dagger fly from. Midareta, knowing he may be doomed, tries to quickly go from bush to bush. "Shoot in the bushes!" shouts Taylor. Bebe doesn't hestitate. She gets her Crossbow and shoots a couple times right at the bushes. A quiet scream could be heard, as if someone is in pain.

"Did it hit him?" asks Kodai. BOOM! The cannon answers him. "Great job guys!" Bebe says. "Yes, that is one big threat out of the way." says Archie. "Too bad we lost two members though." says Taylor. "Its Ok." I say. "Let's try to stay postive." Taylor agrees as we walk back to the Base Camp. This time, we agree to all stay together so something like this won't happen again.

Wire Elec, District 3

I am with Dawn (C) and Sharpe (7) in the Jungle, trying to refill on supplies. We are a bit down over our lost of Dusk (C), espeically Dawn, but we are trying our best to forget about it. I have been trying to figure out what the Disaster could be today so we could be aware before it badly affects the Arena. So far, I think the most noticable change is the wind speed. The first Three Days, there was barely any wind at all. Now, there is a noticable breeze blowing in from a random direction.

"Have any of you noticed the breeze that is going on now?" Sharpe (7) asks us. Dawn (C) nods. "Yes, I was actually just thinking about it." "Hmm... maybe that has something to do with the Disaster." says Sharpe. "Let's get our supplies ready before they get blown away or something." I say.

We then at a quicker pace get our supplies ready before the wind speed gets too high. Once we finished, the breeze now seems to feel like a strong breeze. "Quick!" says Sharpe. "Let's go somewhere where we will be safe from strong wind gusts." We then start walking out of the Jungle and toward the Forest, looking for any safe places. The more we walk, the stronger the wind seems to get. Just when the wind starts to turn into a gust, I can see a cave near the area between the Forest and Jungle. "Wait!" I say. "Maybe we can hide there!" I point to the cave. "Seems good!" says Sharpe. "Let's hurry before our supplies get blown away!"

We then head inside the cave which seems safe from the wind and settle in there. We get our supplies and organized and get prepared for anything that can happen later on.

Finale Spectrus, District 7

I am with Blade (6) hiding inside a little cave in the Jungle. The reason why we are hiding here is because it is really starting to get windy outside, and all of our supplies would get blown away if we left them outside. Plus, clouds are starting to form in the sky, and I have a feeling this could get ugly.

While talking with Blade, we hear some talking outside. We look outside the cave to see a group of large tributes walking around, probably looking for shelter. "Oh no." Says Blade. "Those are the Careers, and I don't want them to see us!" "Me neither." I say. "Now what do we do?"

Suddenly, a net drops down from above. We see the Careers trying to get out. "I guess that works..." I say. "But who did that?" My question gets answered when I see what I think is the Rebels climb down the tree, laughing. They try to attack the Careers, but Savera (1) and Clozie (2) use their weapons to break through the net. One of the Rebels, I think Oceania (4), who I guess just joined recently, uses her trident to kill Savera (1) before she could finish cutting the hole. BOOM! That must be her cannon. However, Clozie just finished cutting his hole. The Careers start to get out and throw all kinds of weapons toward the Rebels, who try to run. One of the Rebels, I think Jack (13) gets hit by Galina's (1) Arrow, who drops dead quickly. BOOM! The Rebels then manage to successfully get away without anyone else dropping dead. The Careers try to go after them but they will probably be to slow to get another kill.

"THAT was close." Says Blade. "Yeah." I say. "Thank goodness for the Rebels, or else they could of noticed our cave and took over it." "The important thing is we are safe now though." Says Blade. "True." I say. "Let's rest now and get prepared for anything that can happen later on." I say. Blade agrees and we get ready in case of anything dangerous that can happen later on.

Jeremiah Glacier, District 3

I have just got my supply level high enough to survive, but I notice the strong wind and the dark clouds going on. This may not be good at all. I quickly take my supplies and look around for any places for shelter. I notice this small cave near some trees. Perfect for someone who is going alone. I go inside and get everything all organized. I take one more look outside and some shape of tornadoes throughout the Arena. Yikes! I better get inside.

I go inside and settle inside the cave. I will probably have to stay inside for the rest of the Day.

Day 4 Part 2 (The Twisters Of Doom)

Lily Endevour, District 10

I am hiding in the Mountains along with Justice (10) and Grace (13). We have been here the last couple Days so we can stay away from danger for as long as possible. We plan to go hunting tomorrow though along with our 2 Snow Dogs, since we are starting to run low on supplies and the Mountains is not a good place for finding supplies.

"Good thing we stayed in the Mountains." Says Justice. "Look over there." Justice points toward the rest of the Arena. Numerous tornadoes could be seen going throughout the rest of the Arena, destroying everything in its path. "Defiantly a good idea." I say. "That is why I think that, after we get supplies, we should quickly head back up the Mountain afterwards." "I agree..." says Grace (13). "But hopefully no other alliance decides to come up too." "True." I say. "We'll see what happens." Says Justice.

We watch with our Snow Dogs the Twisters spinning throughout the Arena, probably causing a lot of problems for those without Shelter.

Kiki Elosy, District 3

I am with Hannah (10) in the Forest. We are both quickly running, looking for any Shelter to avoid being sucked into any Tornado that comes our way.

"Over there!" Hannah suddenly shouts. She points to a Cave nearby. "Great!" I say. "Let's hurry, quick!" We quickly run over to the Cave when suddenly out of nowhere we can sense a Tornado quickly coming right at us from behind. "Keep running!" Hannah shouts. However, the Tornado is too fast. Hannah barely manages to get a grip on the edge of the Cave. I am forced to hold on to her other hand. I know my weight is keeping her from getting inside the Cave. I know that if I stay on, we both die, but if I let go, only I will die.

"It is no use!" I say. "I will only get in your way!" "Let go!" I scream. She looks at me with a sad look. "I can't..." she says. "Trust me." I say. "Just do it, quick!" Hannah then closes her eyes and let's go of me. I feel the force of the Tornado pull me in. Hannah uses her other hand to grab on to the side of the cave and barely manage to get inside before the Tornado can pull her in.

However, I know it is no use for me. I feel the intense wind pull me up to the top of the Tornado and blow me away to a random direction. The intense force causes intense pain. When I hit the ground after getting blown away I suddenly black out. BOOM!

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I am hiding inside a Cave along with Hibernius (8). So far our plan has worked very well; stay hidden and unnoticed while everyone else can kill each other. Today we just refilled on supplies that we lost yesterday and then found a Cave to hide from the Tornadoes. So far that has worked out.

We sometimes feel the intense wind of a Tornado nearby, but as long as we stay inside the Cave, it won't blow us away. "Good thing we sensed that there would be Tornadoes today." Says Hibernius. "Agreed." I say. "Good thing we were smart enough to know that high wind and Tornadoes go together." "True." says Hibernius. "And now we are rewarded by staying safe inside this Cave with all of our supplies and everything."

Feeling good about our progress so far, we stay in the Cave where we probably will stay for the rest of the Day. We should think of our plan for tomorrow until then.

Sharpe Cindre, Distirct 7

Wire (3), Dawn (C), and I are quickly running through the Jungle, looking for any kind of Shelter so we can escape the Tornadoes. The problem is, there are too many big trees and not enough hiding places in the Jungle, so finding Shelter is hard to do here. We did find a Cave earlier, but that Cave was taken over by Mutts who chased us out, so now are looking for a new one.

After running for a while and getting lucky with Tornadoes not coming right at us, I see a Cave hidden by vines off to the side of a path. "Over there, behind the vines!" I shout, pointing to the Cave. My allies noticed it too and we start running right toward the Cave. However, our luck with avoiding Tornadoes just had to end right now. A Tornado comes out of nowhere to the right of us by surprise and charges right at us from the side. "QUICK!" I shout. Wire and I manage to get to the Cave in time, but Dawn isn't as fast as we are. The Tornado catches up to her and starts to pull her in.

We think about trying to save her but we know by doing so it will only cause us to be dead, too. After a few seconds, Dawn gets completely pulled in by the Tornado and starts spinning to the top. Wire and I quickly run inside the Cave, since if we look to see what happened to Dawn, we would get pulled in and join her.

BOOM! Whatever happened to her must of not been good, as we hear a cannon. "Next time, we should make sure we have a place for Shelter before the Disaster greatly affects the Arena." says Wire. "I agree." I say.

We notice it is starting to get Dark, and the Tornadoes should start disappearing soon, so we settle in the Cave and discuss our plan for Tomorrow.

Galina Theorena, District 1

We are back in the Cornucopia. Earlier when we noticed the Wind picking up, we were prepared this time. We knew it would be smart to head to the Cornucopia as soon as possible so that we could avoid the Disaster. Turns out it was a good choice, since Tornadoes soon started forming and took over the Arena. We even heard two cannons during this time, so the Tornadoes must have killed two people.

However, since it is getting Dark, the Tornadoes start disappearing and the Wind speed slows down significally. We should be safe for the rest of the Night.

We discuss our plan for Tomorrow before hearing the Anthem play. We check to see who died.

The Fallen

The Capital - Dawn Olive

District 1 - Savera Hayes

District 3 - Kiki Elosy

District 6 - Aventus Redwood

District 9 - Kacey Anderson

District 12 - Midareta Riot

District 13 - Jack Harrer

So 7 deaths today. More than Yesterday. I think now about half the Tributes are left, so we must be reaching the halfway point of the Games. Although we lost Savera (1) today, at least the Anti-Careers lost 2 more tributes. The rest of the deaths are loners and members from smaller alliances.

We say Good Night to each other before going to sleep for the Night.

Day 5 Part 1 (A Gloomy Day)

Clozie Crisante, District 2

I am with the Careers around the Cornucopia. We have just woken up from barely getting to the Cornucopia after escaping tornadoes last night. We always seem to fall for the Disaster traps, and we lose or almost lose some members each Day due to that. I know today there should be a different Disaster than the one's we encountered the past three Days. Normally, my closest ally, Ceour (1) is the one who best observes the area closely and comes up with a good prediction on what the Disaster could possibly be. He has mostly guide me the entire games so far, and I wish there was something I can do to help him as well.

Ceour looks at me as if he is ready to tell me his prediction. I head over toward him so that he could quietly tell me. "Look at the sky." He tells me. I look at it, and it is partly cloudy, nothing unusual. "I don't see anything unusual." I say. "Look over toward the direction of the Jungle toward the sky." He points behind us. I look over there and wow, I can just see a small gathering of dark clouds at the edge of the Arena toward the Jungle. "I see it now." I say. "I have a feeling the Disaster today will have something to do with a storm... so be aware." He says. "I will." I say.

All of us gather near the Cornucopia, discussing our plan for today. For a while, it seemed like we would have to go through the same procedure of hunting for tributes then making an escape toward the Cornucopia before the Disaster could destroy us. That is, until Galina (1) points out something important that can make us last longer. "Everyone." says Galina. "I think we should be focusing on trying to survive rather than focusing on just hunting and killing. Everyone else can either kill each other or get killed by the Disasters. While this happens, we can focus on just making sure we have enough supplies to survive and guarding the Cornucopia and only kill when someone is around the Area."

Everyone stays silent for a few seconds, as if trying to make their decison. "I think it is a good idea." Says Allan (2). "So do I." Says Ceour. "There are only 4 of us left, so we can't afford to lose another member with still about half the tributes remaining." "I am with the plan too." I say. "Great!" Says Galina. "Maybe we can get some supplies first in the nearby lake then quickly come back here to guard the Cornucopia." "That sounds good." Says Allan. "Let's get started!"

We then start heading toward the really close lake while still keeping an eye on the Cornucopia. I also once in a while take a glance toward the gathering of the clouds. It may seem far now but it will only get closer.

Justice Endevour, District 10

I am with Lily (7) and Grace (13) in the Mountains along with the Snow Dogs, looking for any tributes to hunt on the way down the Mountains so we can supplies. I notice though that Lily is a bit slow and behind like usual. "Lily." I say. "Are you Ok? You always seem to be behind." "Well..." says Lily. "Its just that... our last names... they are the same... and you look like my brother that I lost when I was little..." "Are you saying that you think I am your brother?"

"Well... kinda yes... but that is wrong yes? It can't be. You are from District 10. Sorry about that... just forget I said anything." I don't know even what to say. Lily reminds me of my sister who I separated from. Still, what are the odds that we both got reaped in different Districts on the same year? "Possibly..." I say. "I do remember having a sister, but still what are the odds of us getting reaped on the same year? I bet there are others with the last name "Endevour" too." "True." Says Lily. "Maybe... I don't know. Let's just continue on." "Agreed." I say.

"Look over there!" Grace points to what seems like to be a walking figure in the distance. I have no idea who that is but I am pretty sure it might be another tribute. "Seems like someone is over there." says Lily. "Let's get a little closer." We look closer and can see the face of a tribute. The tribute appears to be a boy, but I am not sure who he is. "Should I get the dogs to attack him?" I ask. "Well, one of our goals of the Day is to hunt, so I say yes." Says Grace. "Me too." says Lily. "Alright then." I say. "Snow Dogs, Attack!" I look at the Dogs and point to the Boy who was walking. Both of them react quickly and run right toward the Boy with an angry growl.

We look away as the Snow Dogs knock and tear apart the Boy's clothes. Yikes, maybe I trained the Dogs' attacking skills too well. The Dogs then come back to us with the Boy on the ground. There is no cannon though. We head over to toward the Boy who is laying in the snow, knocked out. He will surely die a slow death by frostbite if we don't finish him off now. I recognize him as Daniel (5), now that I see him up close. I remember seeing her sister, Hailee's (5) face shown a couple night's ago, so he must be alone. As much as I hate to do this, I would rather him die now than by a slow painful death. Plus it means one less tribute to worry about.

My allies nod to me as I bring a knife I have kept out and finish Daniel. BOOM! That must have been his cannon. "Well, at least that is one less tribute to worry about." Says Grace. "True." Says Lily. "Let's start heading back down the Mountain and into the Forest and get supplies." I say. "Let's do it quick, because I don't have a good feeling about the dark clouds over there." Lily and Grace agree as we go down the Mountains and into the Forest where we gather more supplies.

BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie, The Capital

As we have for almost the entire games, we are in the Forest, preparing for anything that comes at us. We start to discuss our plan for today. "Do you think the Careers are busy hunting?" asks Anastasia (8). "I don't know..." I say. "I think so though, since they were every other Day." "I have an idea then." Says Kodai (4). "I know the Careers tend to leave their supplies at the Cornucopia when they go hunting, mostly only guarded by some sort of trap." "So do you think that we should... try to take or destroy their supplies?" Asks Archie (8). "Yes." Says Kodai. "Some kind of plan like that." "Alright." Says Sequoia (11). "Still, the Careers are unpredictable, so lets be real careful." "Agreed." I say. "Let's start heading toward the center of the Arena then, since that is where the Cornucopia should be."

We then start walking together toward the direction of the Cornucopia in hopes that the Careers aren't there and we can do something with their trap to take over their supplies.

Allan Smith, District 2

We have just arrived back at the Cornucopia after getting supplies from the lake. We are now heading into our stations for guarding the Cornucopia. Our plan is if an alliance passes by and tries to get our supplies at the Cornucopia, then we will attack them with long ranged weapons by surprise, forcing them to retreat.

We wait a little bit when all of sudden, a group of six people come from the Forest and into the Cornucopia Area. We are all stationed on the corners of the plains around the Cornucopia hiding in bushes so they can't see us. "I don't have a good feeling about this..." one of them starts to say. They won't have a good feeling at all after what we are about to do. We all wait a bit until they get closer to the Cornucopia and we get our weapons ready. Once they get close, enough, we start firing our weapons.

We mostly miss, but one of my knives manages to hit one of them in the skull, killing them instantly. BOOM! The rest of them get away and run back into the Forest, but at least we got a good much-needed kill against what I think was the Anti-Careers, since they were outnumbering us. We all get out of our hiding spots and look to see who we killed. I recognize the person as Anastasia (8). We all congratulate each other for getting the plan to work.

We notice the sky though is starting to get cloudy with dark clouds. We better get inside the Cornucopia since we don't want a repeat from the previous Days. We all head inside the Cornucopia, happy with our successful plan.

Jeremiah Glacier, District 3

I am in the Forest, just getting supplies and staying alive. I don't want to bring any kind of attention to others that I am a threat by going hunting and killing others. I should just stay alive and let everyone else kill each other. So far that plan has worked.

I look up in the Sky and notice a bunch of dark clouds taking over the skies. I start to even hear a rumble of thunder. It would be best if I get in my shelter cave. I head inside the Cave with all of my supplies as I avoid whatever dangers are out there.

Day 5 Part 2 (An "Electrifying" Moment)

Wire Elec, District 3

I am with Sharpe (7) in the Jungle, inside a safe cave from mutts. We had to make a rush here due to the weather outside. The rain and the wind are bad enough, but it is the lightning which is really taking over the show today. The lightning isn't just any regular lightning that flashes for like a nanosecond before disappearing. It is actually a weird blue-ish lightning that stays on the ground for a few seconds, destroying and burning everything in its path. It is hard to predict when they might occur, so it is dangerous to be unsheltered outside.

Sharpe and I are in the meantime discussing over whether or not we should meet up with the Anti-Careers to join their alliance, since they are starting to run low on tributes and we already lost the Olive twins.

"Maybe..." says Sharpe, answering to my question on whether or not we should try to join the Anti-Careers. "The hard part will be making sure they don't overreact and accidentently attack us, thinking we are an enemy." "You are right..." I say. "We should think of something so we can join their alliance without surprising them and making them overreact and attack us by accident..."

We discuss our what we should do while the action goes on outside.

Bolton Meadow, District 11

We are on a run. We are trying to run from the lightning around us and find a place for shelter, preferibly underground shelter. The problem is, finding the shelter won't be easy. We were too busy hunting to pay too much attention to the sky. Plus we didn't think that the storm would be this bad. In fact, the lightning isn't your average lightning; it is some weird electric wave that stays on the ground for seconds, burning and destroying everything in its path.

The biggest problem is that trees are collapsing everywhere around us. Hayden (10), Oceania (4), Sally (11), and I are trying to avoid the area with the most trees. The problem is, the lightning is so unpredictable and there are so many trees that we are in a tough situation.

"Over there!" shouts Hayden. "A cave! Quick!' He shouts as he points to an underground cave. Perfect. At least, we think it is perfect until a lightning wave burns down trees that fall in front of us. Sally was too far ahead, as a tree fell right on her with high force, problem crushing her bones. Ouch. BOOM! "There is still a part of the cave open!" Shouts Oceania. "Behind the tree! Quick!" We quickly run toward the fallen tree, do a little climb to get on top and over it, and eventually find the opening and go inside before anything else bad can happen.

"That was close." I say. "We should make sure we have shelter before the Disaster happens, as shelter seems to be the best way to stay safe from the Disasters." "I agree." says Hayden. "Too bad we lost Sally, though." "Yeah..." Says Oceania. "But we will we Ok as long as we stay in here for the night and make sure we have a good place for shelter so something like this doesn't happen again." "True..." I say. "Let's just stay here until the storm goes away and then we can discuss our plan for tomorrow."

Ceour Rabbit Sucre, District 1

Hiding in the Cornucopia, BAD CHOICE for a lightning storm. Apparantly, the metal of the Cornucopia attracts the lightning as the Cornucopia begins to get heated up and burn. "We have to get out and run!" Shouts Galina (1). "I remember there was a cave right next to the lake!" Shouts Allan (2). "We must get over there, and fast!" "Let's go then!" I shout.

We take as much supplies as we can before taking off. The remainder supplies will have to get burned along with the Cornucopia. Still, I find it hard to believe the Cornucopia will be gone the rest of the games, so I am pretty sure it will get regenerated by tomorrow. For now, it is gonna get destroyed though. We start running and I see Galina and Allan around me. Where is Clozie though? I look behind me and I see Clozie a bit behind. "Hurry!" I shout to him. "I am coming!" He shouts back.

Then, something terrible happened. I see a lightning wave move across the ground, and it seems to be heading straight toward Clozie. "CLOZIE WATCH OUT!" I shout. But it is too late. The lightning wave zooms right into the path Clozie is running and burns him. A burned body remains after the lightning wave goes away and disappears. "NO!" I shout. BOOM! That must be his cannon. "This way!" I hear Allan shout behind me. As sad as this is, I must first stay alive. I quickly run with all my speed to catch up to the other two remaining Careers. We reach the Forest Entrance and the Cave and go inside as Trees collapse around us.

We settle inside with our supplies. "Where... is Clozie?" Asks Galina. "Well... he... didn't make it." I say, depressed. "Oh..." says Allan. "I don't know what to say..." "Me neither." says Galina. "This isn't our fault." I say. "We didn't know. There was really nothing we could of done. There won't be a Disaster like this ago so when the Cornucopia regenerates tomorrow, we can go back and camp there." "Good idea." Says Allan. "Yeah, its a shame we lost Clozie though." Says Galina. "He was very nice, and now we only down to three members."

"Its Ok, just try to stay confident." I say. The other two agree with me. What I really wanted to say is that it is the Capital's fault for even having this stupid game. Why did this even have to happen? The only reason why I didn't say it out loud is because then my lose would be guarenteered. I guess I will just have to stay confident that I can still win. It is getting dark, so the storm should soon blow away.

BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie, The Capital

I am with the Anti-Careers in a cave inside the Forest. We now only have 5 members left; Kodai (4), Archie (8), Sequoia (11), Taylor (13), and I. We are in the Forest dodging whatever horrors lie in the storm. We don't want to go out and check, even though Nighttime is approaching and the storm is starting to calm down.

What we are really discussing is whenever we should find the alliances we made a truce with. That would be Sharpe's (7) alliance and Blade's (6) alliance. I am sure the Careers, even if that cannon not too long ago was from their alliance, they will stay be able to attack us easily despite being outnumbered. They are not called the Careers because they are weak; they have trained all of their lives.

We think about what we should do before we notice it is getting real dark and the storm has just about ended.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I am with Hibernius (8) in a cave with the Forest. The Day is just about over as it is getting very dark and the storm from earlier seems to have ended. The anthem should start playing any minute.

"Do you think... we can actually make it?" I ask Hibernius. "I think so..." says Hibernius. "If we stay confident and believe in ourselves and think of smart plans, we can win battles even if we aren't as strong as them." "You are right." I say. "Just believe we can do it and plan smart and we have a shot." "Correct." Says Hibernius. The anthem starts playing. "After the anthem plays we can start discussing our plan for tomorrow."

The anthem plays and we peek outside our cave to see who died.

The Fallen

District 2 - Clozie Crisante

District 5 - Daniel Lores

District 8 - Antastasia Lilias

District 11 - Sally Bone

So someoen from the Careers and Anti-Careers died. That is good because they are our two biggest threats keeping us from winning. Also two other tributes either alone or from a small alliance died. 4 deaths isn't a lot, though, and with 23 tributes still left, the Capital and do anything to speed up the death rate.

I discuss our plan with Hibernius before saying goodnight and going to sleep for the night.

Day 6 Part 1 (Winter Wonderland)

Galina Theorena, District 1

We have all just woken up from yesterday. We haven't really done as well as Careers should normally do. We have gotten a lot of kills, but a lot of us have also gotten killed. Only Ceour (1), Allan (2), and I remain. There are still 23 tributes left as well. We will need to turn this around. We cannot be overconfident like we were earlier. We were too confident that we were stronger than everyone else and as a result we kept hunting and going after alliances instead of focusing on surviving. We actually tried that plan yesterday by guarding the Cornucopia instead of hunting. At first it worked; we killed one Anti-Career and didn't lose one of us in battle. However we got unlucky when lightning was attracted by the Cornucopia metal and it caught on fire and burned. As we tried to run to a cave near the lake to hide instead, Clozie (2) was burned when a lightning strike burned him to ashes.

After discussing for a bit, we decide to use the same kind of plan as yesterday, except this time pay more attention to the environment around us instead of focusing only on other tributes. The Disasters are possibly even more dangerous than tributes since you cannot destroy the Disasters, you can only wait for them to disappear.

"Has anyone felt anything unsusual yet?" Asks Allan.

"No." I say. "But it does feel a bit colder than it has in the past Days... so we should keep an eye on the temperature again."

"Maybe." Says Ceour, who surprisingly has mostly still been tough despite the lost of Clozie. "This could be an opposite of that one Day when the temperature kept on rising and a drought occured."

"Could happen." Says Allan. "But if drought goes with heat, what goes with the cold?"

"Hm..." I say, thinking. Well, I do know that if temperatures get below freezing, water freezes, and instead of raining as water droplets, they freeze, bringing snow. That must be it! It doesn't really snow much in District 1 except in the Winter but I heard about it often in the North Districts. "I think snow goes with the cold."

"You are right." Says Allan. "It does snow when it is below freezing instead of rain, so if it is supposed to be getting colder today, there must be snow."

"True." Says Ceour. "Therefore, we must pay attention for both tributes and the temperature. For now, we can guard outside the Cornucopia, but if it gets too cold, let's not have a repeat of yesterday and be more prepared. Snow will turn the Cornucopia cold, so maybe we can take our supplies and hide in the cave again if it gets too cold."

"Good idea." I say. We then start getting in our positions to guard the Cornucopia and await for the Disaster that will happen later today.

Archie Rye, Distirct 8

We are in our base, discussing our plan for today. The amount of members in our alliance has decreased significantly over the course of the games, and there are still 23 tributes left. We only have BeDazzlia (C), Kodai (4), Sequoia (11), Taylor (13), and I remaining in the alliance, making a total of just 5. We have considered finding one of our alliances we had made a truce with often yesterday, but we decided not to do it because BeBe pointed out something useful.

We cannot risk our lives trying to find alliances that can easily die during the Day, especially with this few tributes left in our games. Plus, we will have to go through the Disaster, and if we don't have any Shelter by the time the Disaster starts getting bad as a result of getting lost when finding the other alliances, then we could have a hard time surviving when finding a new place for Sheltering.

For today, we plan to go toward the Mountain and settle near a Cave on the border of the edge of the Forest and the Bottom of the Mountain. Therefore, we could have supplies and be safe from the Disasters. Hopefully this plan works out and everyone around us kills each other. We take our supplies and start moving toward the Mountains.

We notice a drop in temperatures as we continue to walk, and snow flurries start coming down.

"The Disaster today will have something to do with bad Winter weather, maybe a blizzard." Says BeBe. "So let's find some firewood so we can light a fire just in case so we can stay warm and not worry about it later. We nod and gather some wood we can use to make a fire. Since the temperature is falling below freezing, where I think it will stay the rest of today, we start to put on our warm clothes that we got from the Cornucopia.

We continue walking with the flurries falling down around us, but one thing gets me worried.

The games are down to an average tribute-numbered games but we still have a large Arena for a large games. Will the Gamemakers do something about this to speed of the deaths? The Capital citizens do not like Days when only like 2 tributes or less die in one Day, and you never know what President Fire has planned in his crazy mind, so we should prepare for any drastic changes that can pick up the death rate in the next few Days.

Grace C. Lamprey, District 13

I am with Justice (10) and Lily (7) setting up our own little territory so we can be prepared to attack anyone who comes in our area. We will mainly just try to stay in this territory in the Mountains along with our Snow Dogs, only going down if we need supplies or for any other emergencies. Mainly though we will try to stay in this area of the Mountain where we will settle our supplies. We are now all in our positions, waiting for someone to walk by.

We are all looking in different directions. "Go!" Lily suddenly shouts. We all turn to the direction Lily is. We see her fling an axe at what seems like a loner girl. The Snow Dogs go after her and finish her off. BOOM! After hearing the cannon, we head toward the girl. I recognize her as Hannah (10). Wait, I thought she was in a alliance. I guess her other alliance members died. Oh well, one less tributes to deal with.

"Great job girls!" Says Justice.

"Yes, let's get back in our posit-"


Justice Endeavour, District 10

As soon as we see the knife hit Grace (13) in the skull, we rush into our cave. We have no idea what happened. All of a sudden, I see Pinkamena (4) walk by our cave. She smiles, as if she knows we are here but doesn't want to take on both of us and our Snwo Dogs. She walks back in the direction she came from.

"I guess now we know why Hannah (10) was running." says Lily (7).

"True." I say "Good thing Pinkamena didn't want to take on us, because she seems like a brutal killer."

"Well... now it is just you and me." says Lily. "And...:

"And what?" I say. Lily has been like this the past Day and I don't know what is up.

"Nevermind..." She says back.

"Are you sure?" I say.

"Yes..." Says Lily. "Maybe later I will tell you, maybe our last moments..."

"Don't say that." I say. "We have to stay confident."

"Right." Says Lily. "Look, it is snowing outside."

Lily points out the cave to see snow slowly falling. I actually did notice a small snow shower earlier but it wasn't really noticeable so I ignored it. Now it seems to be getting stronger.

"Yes." I say. "It wasn't that strong earlier, we must pay attention, I am sure the Disaster today has to do with snow."

"The good thing about being here is that there is already snow around here anyway, so it won't affect our situation much." Says Lily.

"True." I say. "Wanna go back to our stations in a little bit?"

"Sure." Says Lily. "But first, let's see if the Snow Dogs can sense if Pinkamena is gone for sure."

The Snow Dogs go outside and sniff the area. They don't bark, signaling they don't sense anyone. We head back to our stations with the Snow starting to fall harder.

Finale Spectrus, District 7

I am with Blade (6) in the cave in the Jungle, where we have been all games. Mainly, our strategy was to just focus on survivng. We don't need to kill anyone; just let everyone around us kill each other. So far, despite some close calls on tributes seeing us, that plan has been successful as we haven't been in any combat with other tributes so far.

"Looks like the Snow is starting to stick to the ground well." Says Blade. I look outside the Cave and I do see that it is starting to snow pretty well now, with a layer a white covering the ground. We wear our jackets in the Cave to stay warm.

"Yeah." I say. "Its like a Winter Wonderland... in the Jungle!"

"And that is something you wouldn't normally expect; a snowstorm in the Jungle!" Says Blade.

We both laugh. "Let's focus on trying to keep warm though." I say. "I can light a fire to keep us warm."

"Good." Says Blade. "Let's warm the cave up." We then get some of our wood and do some steps to make a little fire to keep us warm. It works really well; we no longer feel the bitter cold that has been occuring throughout the Day in the snow.

"Just in time." Says Blade. "It is turning into a Whiteout out there, and I notice the wind picking up."

"You know what that means." I say.

"Yup." Says Blade. "A Blizzard."

"We are safe in here though, so let's just stay warm and survive the rest of the Day." I say.

We then settle near the fire and warm up in the cold as we wait for the Blizzard to end.

Day 6 Part 2 (Snow Mercy)

Sequoia LaFontaine, District 11

We are in the Forest, searching for any remaining food, water, or supplies that can be used for later before they freeze. Although the falling Snow has started to slow down, the wind still blows, and it brings an extremely cold chill to the Area. Good thing we brought jackets, or we could of froze.

"I think we got enough supplies." Kodai (4) says.

"So do I." Says BeBe (C). "Let's get back to the Cave before the Sun starts to set and we get lost."

We all nod and start walking toward the direction of where we set our base at. It seems like we will be safe from any dangers until suddenly, after a few minutes of walking, the Snow falling slows down to just a little Snow Shower. The Wind even calms down a bit. Is the Disaster already going away? If so, than that would make no sense, as it is still a few hours away until Sunset. It is still cold, but still, why is the Disaster already going away?

"That is weird..." I say. "I thought the Disaster didn't go away until Sunset."

"So did I." Says Taylor (13).

"Maybe..." says Archie (8). "Maybe it didn't go away. Maybe there is some sort of bad thing going on in the Arena but it hasn't reached us yet."

Suddenly, we hear a weird noise behind us. We look behind us to see everything frozen solid, with a line of ice advancing toward out way. The line of ice only affects the ground and objects, but it seems to freeze everything in its path, and I wouldn't go near it.

"Looks like you are right!" Says BeBe (C). "I wouldn't want to in the ice Area; who knows what can happen? Run!"

We all then start running away from the line of ice that quickly moves in our Direction, turning the Snow, Trees, and other Plants blue-ish and frozen solid. I don't think the Ice line affects the inside of Caves, so we must get back to our base and fast.

It appears like we would cruise through the Area and into our Cave in time, until we reach this Area with a bunch of deep Snow on the ground, making it harder to run and making it unable to see the ground. Everyone struggles to keep running in the deep Snow, but just ahead, we see our Cave and base. Not much longer.

Suddenly though, Taylor (13) falls to the ground and screams for help. She tries to pull herself up but something must of caught her leg beneath the Snow as she struggles to get back up. She was already the one in the back of us, so we try to go back and get her. Kodai tries to go after her the fastest but he is stopped halfway by BeBe.

"It is too late... don't risk your own life saving hers." Says BeBe.

She is right, as the ice line has just caught up with Taylor. We can only watch as she turns into a solid ice structure when the Ice line takes over her and continues to head toward us. BOOM! That must be Taylor's cannon. Kodai nods as we all continue to run through the deep Snow. We manage to get out of the deep Snow and the Forest and get to the Base as the Ice line seemingly stops at the edge of the Forest.

"That was a close call." I say.

"Yeah." Says BeBe. "Now we know to be more prepared since the Disasters can now change to something similar in the middle of the Day."

We get our Supplies and bring them inside the Cave. Inside, we light a fire and Warm-Up from it. We only have BeBe, Kodai, Archie, and I remaining in this alliance. Still, I think it is about a fifth of the Tributes remaining.

However, what they don't realize is that the numbers are about to go even lower. I have a plan to leave the alliance, and maybe kill one of the Alliance Members. I get one of my Poisonous Plants out that I have kept lately. It has mostly been frozen, but I think it will still work.

"Kodai." I say.

"Yes, Sequoia?" Kodai says back.

"I have a plant for medicine that can help get rid of any cold. It will help since it has been very cold Today."

"Really?" says Kodai. "I will try it."

I hand over the Plant to Kodai and he uses it. "I don't feel anything..." He says. "Maybe it will take a bit until the effects come in place."

"Looks like it." I say.

We wait inside the Cave for the rest of the Day, but Kodai hasn't dropped dead yet. Maybe the affects haven't gone through yet, but tonight, I shall leave the alliance when they don't expect it.

Sharpe Cindre, District 7

I am with Wire (3) inside a Cave in the Jungle, with us warmed up by a Fire we lit earlier. We actually did have to make a little run from a line of Ice that looked bad to be part of. Everything within it got frozen solid, and it could affect us too if we got caught in it. Luckily we made sure we were nearby our Cave, and the way the Ice came was opposite of where our Cave was, so we just ran away from it until we found our Cave. Since the Ice lines do not affect the inside of Caves, we hid inside.

After an hour of talking and waiting, I notice that the Area the Ice covered outside is starting to melt away. I also notice a little increase in the temperature. Looks like Today's Disaster is over.

"That was an unusually... quiet Day." Says Wire.

"I know right." I say. "Despite the bitter cold, just three deaths occured."

"Do you think they have something special waiting for us Tomorrow?" Asks Wire.

"I don't know..." I say. "But I think yes, since this is still a large Arena built for double the amount of Tributes, but now since the Number is going back to an average sized games, the Arena now seems very large and has a lot of places to hide."

"That is true..." Says Wire. "I think we should prepare for whatever surprises can await us tomorrow.

I nod as we notice the Sun is setting. Soon, it will be dark. We await for the Anthem to play and the Sun to set.

Pinkamena "Diane" Pie, District 4

I am inside a Cave in the Forest. Today was a very adventurous Day for me. First I took a hike to the top of the Mountain where I found this little boy walking around by himself. I tried to go after him for his Blood but he was a fast little boy. However, when trying to catch up, this other stupid Alliance stole my kill and killed him first. I wanted revenge. I killed one of their Alliance Members, bringing me good satisfaction. The other 2 Alliance Members were wusses though, as they hid in their little Cave when they saw me.

I could of gone after them, but I didn't want to risk fighting against a Group of Two when they clearly know I am around. I only go after Alliances if they don't know I am coming. Plus, I should save my killing for later, when it will come down to the final Tributes in the Final Battle. That is when I will go full strength. I then walked down the Mountains and went to the Forest instead since I thought it would be safer and there would be more Tributes around. I didn't find any, but I needed to stay warm from the Blizzard so I hid inside the Cave where I stayed the rest of the Day.

I notice the Sun has set and I hear the Anthem Play. I look to see who died.

The Fallen

District 10 - Hannah Kendrick

District 13 - Grace C. Lamprey

District 13 - Taylor Quincy

That's it? Only three deaths from weak Districts? There are still 20 tributes remaining.

"Attention Tributes!" I hear a voice say before the Anthem ends. That was surprising.

"I want to warn you that Tomorrow, be ready, because anything can happen that can result in more Deaths. Remember, be prepapred. Good luck!"

Just like I expected; the Capital is going to make a change tomorrow to increase the Death Rate. I better be ready. The Anthem finishes, and I go to sleep for the Night.

Day 7 Part 1 (The Volcanic Disaster)

Wire Elec, District 3

I am with Sharpe (7), exiting the Jungle Area and heading into the Forest. There are two reasons why we made this move. One, we wanted to find the Anti-Careers, since they are really low on members and two, because we we knew we had to get away from the Jungle since there is supposed to be some sort of major Disaster today.

We eventually reach the Forest and start looking around for any signs of any Camp. After looking for around half an hour, we finally find some sort of Camp in an area just outside the Forest and nearby the Mountain. We can see 3 tributes walk around the Camp area, looking like they are preparing for something.

We need to get their attention without shocking them too much that they shoot before realizing that we had made a truce with them earlier. We decide to call for them from a Distance.

"Over here!" I shout. The Anti-Careers turn their head toward this way, with their weapons ready to fire.

"We are not hear to harm you!" Says Sharpe. "We are hear to ally with you!" The leader of the Anti-Careers, BeBe (C), looks at us for a few seconds before telling all the others to put their weapons down. We walk toward their Base.

"I am Sharpe, and this is Wire." Says Sharpe. "We made a truce with your alliance in Training, and by seeing the Deaths, we feel like you need more Tributes. Our alliance is just down to the two of us, so we are in need of a good alliance too."

"Great!" Says BeBe. "We are down to just 3 Members, so we are defiantly glad to have you two in our alliance." BeBe starts pointing at the others. "We have Kodai (4), Archie (8), and me. Well... we SHOULD have 4 members but Sequoia (11) suddenly disappeared last night. We don't know where she is or what happened to her last night, but all we know is that she is no longer with our alliance."

"That is awful." I say. "We will be glad to ally with you 3."

"Good." Says BeBe. "Right now, we are preparing for whatever major Disaster awaits us."

"Yeah, speaking of the Disaster, today DOES feel different." Says Sharpe. "Normally there is a sign in the Morning around this time of the main Disaster that is supposed to happen today, but we both have spotted nothing unusual."

"Neither have we." Says BeBe. "So it looks like te Disaster today will happen out of nowhere at any time, so let's get prepared."

We then started to get used to the Anti-Careers and together we all got ready for whatever mega Disaster awaits us.

Ceour Rabbit Sucre, District 1

I am with the other two remaining Career members, Galina (1) and Allan (2) around the Cornucopia. Despite the loss of my friend, Clozie (2) two Days ago, I have mainly stayed strong. Yesterday we didn't go hunting at all, and as a result, just 3 tributes died despite the icy Disaster yesterday.

Now, the Capital has a huge Disaster that they hope will kill many tributes today. I wonder what it is, and how it will affect us. The image in my head of what it can be disturbs me. We talk about what our plan can be today.

"Should be stay around the Cornucopia or go back to the Cave to stay in for today?" Allan asks us.

"I think we should stay in the Cave." Says Galina. "We have no idea what can happen today, but the Cornucopia seems like a dangerous spot to be at, and one of the biggest targets for a Disaster to happen."

"I agree." I say. "Let's head over to the Cave then with all of our supplies."

We then gather all of our supplies and start heading toward the Cave. Once we arrived there, we settled inside the Cave with all of our supplies. We currently await whatever horrors will arrive soon.

Blade Spectrus, District 6

I am with Finale (7) out walking out of the Jungle and into the Forest. We are out to find the Anti-Careers since they seem to be in need of new members and since Kodai (4) can protect us since he is still alive and has been a great friend of ours, especially after Shade (5) won last year's games.

We continue walking, looking for any sort of noticeable change in the Environment or Weather, but sense none. What could possibly be going on today?

"I don't have a good feeling about today..." I say. "It is quiet, too quiet."

"I agree." Says Finale. "There is defiantly something odd about today. Everything just seems too... normal, just like in the old Hunger Games Days when there were Days with no deaths."

"I know right." I say. "Let's just find the Anti-Careers for now, ally with them, and get prepared for whatever may happen today."

We then continue walking until we reach this one area between the Forest and the nearby Mountains. Up ahead, we see a group of people around a Base and Cave. We must get their attention but at the same time not shock them too hard that they accidently shoot us.

"Over here!" Finale shouts, just loud enough to get their attention. They stop and look at us with weapons in their hands. "We are Finale and Blade. We are here to ally with you."

The leader of the group, BeBe (C) walks toward us. "I remember you two." She says. "We had a truce. We are in the need of as many tributes as possible, so it will be good if you can join."

BeBe starts introducing us to the other members of the alliance. "This is Archie (8), Kodai (4), and here is Wire (3) and Sharpe (7), who actually also joined us earlier in the Day in a similar way you two did."

"Great!" I say. "What do we do now though?"

"We just wait..." Says Sharpe. "You never know what may happen in this crazy Day."

We wait for a bit but still nothing happens.

"Alright, how long will it be until the "Disaster" starts? The Capital better not be lying to us." Says Archie.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, like a small Earthquake. Nothing major, but defiantly noticeable. "You just had to say it." Says Wire. "Sorry." Says Archie.

The ground continues to shake and around the nearest corner of the Arena a Volcano-like Mountain starts rising out of the ground. We see another rise on the second-nearest corner of the Arena. Although we can't see it, I am sure the other 2 corners also have Volanoes rising out of the ground.

"Volcanoes!" Shouts BeBe. Suddenly the Earthquake stops and the Volanoes have fully risen, but we can hear eruptions as waves of magma start coming out of the Volcano at high speeds, slowly covering the outside edge and starting to flow toward the center of the Arena.

Looks like the Capital wants to shorten the Arena size and at the same time kill off some tributes.

Day 7 Part 2 (The Volcanic Massacre)

BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie, The Capital

"RUN toward the center of the Arena!" I manage to say as quickly as possible as the magma starts flowing toward us at high speeds, destroying the outer edges of the Arena. All of us without saying anything else run at full speed toward the center of the Arena. The magma though catches up faster than anyone would of thought. It catches up to us easily, but strangely slows down to about a speed as fast as we can when it gets near us.

Now, the magma is barely behind us. We run through the Forest of trees as the magma burns and knocks down everything in its path. I sense the forcefield is also moving toward the center of the Arena a little bit behind the magma. It will be a death sentance for anyone who trips and falls as the magma will defiantly catch up and burn them.

Around me, my alliance starts to decline in members. I first see Sharpe (7) trip and fall in front of me. As much as everyone would like to help him, it will literially mean death for the helper as well, as the magma moves just like a Tsunumi normally would except made of magma.

BOOM! Sharpe's cannon sounds as he is unable to recover in time. Even Wire (3), who was with Sharpe throughout the entire games, realizes that an attempt at saving him would mean death for him.

Next, I see Kodai (4) fall behind and accidently trip and fall. Like Sharpe, he is unable to recover and everyone else is unable to save him. BOOM! Finaly (7) and Blade (6) are probably upset, but we all know that attempting to save someone else in this situation will only get themselves killed.

BOOM! BOOM! Wait, whose two cannons where those? I don't hear the screams of anyone around us. I guess some other tributes fell victim to the magma in a different part of the Arena. I wonder if anyone else is in the same situation as we are. That is probably how they died. Man, already more deaths than yesterday and the Day is not even close to being over. The Capital isn't lying on what they said yesterday.

We continue running. Eventually the Magma has to stop. Maybe just a little more...

Unfortunately, I did not expect a rock on the ground on the place I am running on. Looking more for anything ahead of us, I forgot to look at the ground for anything I could look out for.

Its Over. I trip and the other Alliance Members fly right by me.

"Good luck!" I say to them. I am not sure if they heard me or not.

I attempt to get up as quickly as possible, but the Magma reaches my legs as I feel intense heat and black out.

Some say 7 is a lucky number. In the Arena, it is a Day of horror. BOOM!

Archie Rye, District 8

We have lost 3 members and somewhere else in the Arena two other tributes have fallen, but we are still going strong.

We continue running hoping that the Magma will eventually stop flowing. The alliance now only consists of Wire (3), Blade (6), Finale (7), and I. We have lost Kodai (4), Sharpe (7), and even our leader, BeBe (C). With the Careers likely chilling out in their Cornucopia at the center of the Arena, we can not afford to lose another member.

However, we reach this one Area in which a row of rocks about 2 feet high surround the Area as if a circle of rocks was made in the Arena. This was not present earlier so this must have something to do with the Magma.

"Climb over the rocks!" Finale tells us. We follow and all as quickly as possible climb over the rocks. We jump down. However, I take a bad landing as I accidentently fall off the rocks and onto the ground.

"This is over." I think to myself. Or at least I thought it was. The rocks must have actually been some sort of barrier in which the Magma reaches, as the Magma all of sudden stops flowing once it reaches the rocks, and for some reason does not climb over it.

"It stopped!" I scream. The rest of the alliance stops and looks behind them. 

Bolton Meadow, District 11

Well, it is just Oceania (4) and I left in the Rebels. While in the Jungle, we heard an earthquake and then next thing we know, giant Volanoes start popping out at the corners of the Arena and magma starts flowing right out of it at rapid speeds, burning everything in its path as it quickly catches up to us and force us to run.

Surpisingly, despite the amount of obstacles that could easily slow us down. We only lost 1 of our members; Hayden (10) when he tripped on something on the ground and fell, allowing the magma to catch up and burn him. Unforunately, Hayden was the alliance leader, and one of the only 3 members remaining in our alliance. That makes just Oceania and I left in the alliance.

Luckily, before the magma could catch up to me and Oceania, it stopped flowing once it reached this small wall of rocks. I guess it is a barrier to prevent the magma from getting any further. Now, the Arena is smaller; everything beyond the rocks is filled with lava and burned. You burn alive if you attempt to go beyond the rocks.

Now, we are walking around what is left of the Jungle. The Arena is down to about half the size, so other tributes can more easily find us.

However, no one is around us.

"What should we do?" I ask Oceania.

"Stay alive." She says. "Let's not focus on killing, let's focus on staying alive now and coming out strong when there are few tributes left. Let's just survive."

"I agree." I say. "The rest of the Day should be calm, so let's just find a place to hide for the rest of the Day."

We then find a Cave where we decide to rest at. With our remaining supplies, we settle in the Cave and stay there ready in case of any tributes nearby decide to attack.

Lily Endeavour, District 7

I am with Justice (10) in the Mountains. I was never more glad that we decided to stay here in the Mountains. Apparantly, these 4 giant Volanoes formed during an earthquake on the 4 corners of the Arena, and all erupted, causing Magma to burn the outer parts of the Arena, killing anything in its path and shortening the Area of the Arena. The Mountains were largly uneffected, except for the fact that the outermost Mountains collapsed. We were on the center Mountain, so it didn't effect us though.

One thing has been bugging me since Day One of Training; should I tell Justice the secret of our family backstory? I know but she doesn't. I could tell her now since we probably won't have much longer to live and nothing really that signifcant is going on in the Arena.

I think I will try to keep quiet. Maybe, if we are both still alive on the last Day of the Games, I can tell her then. Maybe. I just can't seem to fully get it out.

Justice seems more focused on the Environment around us right now.

"I think we should try to hide in the Cave for tonight." She says. "I don't think anything else is going to happen Today. The Sun is already starting to set." She points at the setting Sun.

"I think so to." I say. "Let's go in the Cave."

We then take all of our supplies and go inside the Cave with our Snow Dogs guarding the Cave Entrance. With it starting to get Dark, we discuss tomorrow's plan before going to sleep for the night.

Sequoia LaFontaine, District 11

I just stolen the supplies in the Cornucopia and am now inside a nearby Cave. My original plan for today was to stay inside the Cornucopia after the Volanoes erupted because I thought the Volanoes would releash an Ash Cloud to pollute the Arena. Oh well, I guess even the Capital has a limit on how harsh they can get.

Also, I felt like I was getting watched around the Cornucopia. Not by the Careers, who I think were hiding around a body of water, but by this one person. One time, I could of sworn I heard a noise in the bushes. Oh well, I am just glad I ran away as soon as possible after hearing that or else whoever that was could of killed me. I am pretty sure the tribute was a girl, though.

Now, with the supplies, I get ready for Tomorrow. These supplies will be useless when the Feast starts, which could be tomorrow, but it will at least allow me to get a little bit of defense.

It is getting dark so I wait until the anthem plays before going to sleep for the night.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I am with Hibernius (8) inside a Cave in the Forest. I am very worried right now; what is going to happen next? I know today there was these giant Volanoes that erupted, releasing Magma that burned the outskirts of the Arena. Luckily, we settled closer to the Cornucopia then the edges of the Arena, so we were safe.

One thing that scares me though is what will we do now. Should we remain to stay hidden or go find the Anti-Careers, whom we made a truce with and they do not have many tributes and may be looking for more.

The Careers don't have many Tributes as well, so this should be interesting. I can't believe we even made it this far anyway. Everything seemed to have gone right; we found a good place for finding supplies and hiding from Disasters and no one found our Area despite it being close to the Cornucopia. I wonder if our luck keep up and we can actually win.

We will have to fight at least one time to win the Hunger Games, so we have to use all the skills we learned with weapons and our brains to make the battle easier.

All of these images of what can happen in the next 2 Days for us surround my mind. Will we ally with the Anti-Careers? Will we cause the death of someone else?

Hibernius and I discuss our plan for tomorrow before we start to hear the anthem play.

Blade Spectrus, District 6

I hear the anthem play and Finale (7), Wire (3), Archie (8), and I come outside the Cave we settled in and look to see who died. It sucks that everything beyond the rocks has turned into a wasteland. I won't be suprised if a forcefield surrounds the rocks. Finale originally had a plan to take advantage of the burned area to kill tributes, but we seem to be unable to go back.

All I know is that I see the faces of who died today. All the deaths happened due to the Magma. I can also see who the other 2 cannons that we weren't sure on who died were.

The Fallen

The Capital - BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie

District 3 - Jeremiah Glacier

District 4 - Kodai Hitogoroshi

District 7 - Sharpe Cindre

District 10 - Hayden Austin

So the other two cannons were Jeremiah (3) and Hayden (10). Too bad it couldn't be the Careers, but then again, they should have been safe from being near the center of the Arena.

There are now only 15 tributes remaining. This could be anyones game.

We discuss our plan for Tomorrow before going to sleep for the night.

Day 8 Part 1 (The Day The Arena Stood Still)

Allan Smith, District 2

I am with the remaining Anti-Career members. We arrive at the Cornucopia only to find out that about half our supplies are missing. Some fool must have have ran off with the supplies while we were not looking. Galina (1), Ceour (1), and I, all frusturated that we were robbed, look around the Arena to find any traces of where the thief could have ran off to.

However, after searching for about 5 minutes, we hear Ceour say something.

"I think the thief went over he..." Ceour says followed by a scream of pain. This can't be good.

Galina and I quickly run toward Ceour. He drops to the ground with a knife on the ground while I can barely see a girl run off into the Forest. We won't be able to catch her. I think that girl was Pinkamena (4), as she is the only remaining Non-Career tribute who has a lot of experience with weapons.

BOOM! We try our best to heal Ceour, but the knife went in pretty well, and his cannon sounds shortly after.

"Well..." Says Galina. "I guess it is just you and me..."

"I have an idea." I say. "How about we take our supplies and abandon the Cornucopia and move into the Cave.

"Wait... why?" Asks Galina.

"Well." I say. "We are the only 2 remaining Careers left now, so we will be terribly outnumbered by the Anti-Careers, and the Cornucopia will be a place where many tributes tend to go to late in the Games. By hiding in the Caves, we will be more safe, and right now I think we should focus on surviving until the Feast and coming out strong later on, at around the Feast maybe."

"That is a good idea." Says Galina. "Maybe the other tributes will either kill each other or get killed by the Disaster today. The less tributes the better for us."

"I agree." I say. "Let's get our supplies and head to the cave then, since I have a feeling that this Disaster will also come without warning out of nowhere."

We then get our supplies and head toward the Cave. It is a shame Ceour died, as he was very smart and paid attention greatly to the Area, probably explaining how he found Pinkamena before we did.

All we can hope now is to survive in the Cave for the rest of the Day and come out strong at the Feast, which hopefully will occur tomorrow.

Oceania Silvercrest, District 4

I am with Bolton (11) inside a Cave, trying to just stay alive for the Day while hopefully other tributes kill each other. In fact, we had already heard a cannon earlier this Morning.

I do wonder what the Disaster will be Today. So far neither of us has felt anything unusual in the Area, so this Disaster what come out of nowhere like the Volanoes did Yesterday.

"What do you think is going to happen today?" Bolton asks.

"I don't know." I say. "Whatever it is, hopefully we don't need to experience it."

"I hope we don't too." He says.

We wait in the Cave for any cannons to sound. After about an hour of sitting in the Cave without hearing any cannon, we start to hear a weird noise outside. Not a noise like a tribute walking by, but like a weird techno-like noise.

"What is that?" Bolton asks me.

"I am wondering the same thing." I say. "Shall we quickly look outside.?"

Bolton nods to me. We start to get out of the Cave and peek outside for anything unusual. We don't see anything unusual on the ground. However, when we look up, we see something that would be about the last thing somone would expect to see in a Hunger Games Arena; a UFO-like flying thing.

"I don't have a good feeling about that..." I say. "Let's go back in the cave."

Bolton agrees me with me and we both start running back inside the Cave. All I can say is that we will not be going back outside for the rest of the Day.

Pinkamena "Diane" Pie, District 4

I am just walking around the Cornucopia Area looking for any weaklings to sneak up on and kill, when all of a sudden I hear a weird techno noise from above. I look up and I can see a weird UFO-shaped thing above me. Looks like it is going to land.

I back up behind a tree and watch as the UFO lands on the Area around the Cornucopia. Suddenly, the UFO door opens and a staircase comes out of it. Out of the staircase, these weird green creatures about the size a little bit smaller than the average human comes out. They have the same shape of a human; just a little smaller but with green skin and different faces. They walk to the ground and look around.

After looking, the green creatures who I assume should be just called "Aliens" walk back into their UFO. They come out seconds later with these weird crates that I guess contains their food, water, and other supllies. I can only imagine what Alien food and water looks and tastes like.

However, after getting their supplies are settled, the leader of the group; a smaller Alien but with big glowing eyes takes out some sort of device. Suddenly, the Aliens start walking toward my direction! That device must be a tracking device!

But maybe, those Aliens aren't hostile. Maybe they are friendly and only attack when they are attacked first. Maybe I should just stay here and see what they do. They walk toward me and soon notice me around the tree.

"We come in peace!" The Alien leader says to me in English, surprisingly.

I come out of the Tree area and walk toward them. They look up at me with a friendly look.

"We are looking for someone to protect us and we explore this world." The Alien leader says. "You seem rather strong. Will you help us?"

I think I should be loyal to the Aliens or else they will may become hostile. Also, I will have back-up when I attack my victims, so that will help. I decide to accept the help offer.

"Yes." I say. "I will help."

"Great!" Says the Alien leader. "My name is Yul."

"Ok then, Yul." I say. "I am Pinkamena. What will we do first?"

"Right now we are looking for someone else to guard our supplies, Pinkamena. Just follow us." Yul says. 

Yul then takes out the tracking device again and guides the other Aliens and I toward a random direction toward the Forest. Will it be a good idea to ally with the Aliens? I will find out later.

Sequoia LaFontaine, District 11

I am on top of a tree, just waiting for the Day to end. Earlier, I noticed these UFO-like things come down from the Sky. Were Aliens inside? I don't know. All I know is that it landed at the Cornucopia Area not far away from where I am at. Hopefully they don't find me.

"You! Up there!" Someone in a voice I have never heard of before calls to me from below. I look down to see something I did not want to see: a bunch of green-like human figures that I guess are the Aliens and Pinkamena (4) for somereason with them.

"Yes?" I ask, trying to remain calm.

"We need your help." The smallest Alien, who I assume is their leader, says.

"Ok." I say. "I am coming down." As much as I don't want to ally with the Aliens and Pinkamena, I fear that they will probably become hostile and try to kill me if I reject, so I am pretty much forced to join.

I climb down the tree and greet the Aliens and Pinkamena.

"Greetings." Says the Alien leader. "I am Yul, and this is Pinkamena. We need your help to guard our supplies over at the plains over there while we investigate the Area for anyone of interest."

"I will." I say.

"Good." Says Yul. "I will guide you to where the supplies are. Follow me.

Yul and the others then guide me to where the supplies are. After walking for a bit, we arrive to where the supplies are, which seems to be the Cornucopia Area. Great. The remaining Careers are probably around here. They will probably try to mess me up.

"Now, listen." Says Yul. "If I don't see you or the supplies here when we come back, then we will have to hunt you down and you will never see the light of Day again. Got it?"

"Yes." I say.

"Good." Says Yul. "We are going to start looking for others. Good luck."

Yul, Pinkamena, and the other Aliens start walking away toward the Jungle. Pinkamena secretly shows an evil grin on her face to me as she walks away.

This is not good at all. The Aliens will surely find and kill me if I don't protect the supplies, but also I may be risking my life guarding the supplies here. I guess I should just stay here and hope nothing bad happens.

Finale Spectrus, District 7

I am with the remaining Anti-Careers, Wire (3), Blade (6), and Archie (8) around the Caves in the Forest. The reason why we are here is because I feel that the Careers are here since the Cornucopia is taken over by whatever thing was in that flying object we saw earlier.

We look around the Area to find the Careers, but they must have found a good place to hide, because we couldn't find them.

"I think I know what we can do instead of wasting our time finding the Careers." Says Wire (3).

"What?" Everyone else asks.

"Maybe we can go to the Cornucopia and look out for anything near that Area. I have a feeling something good is over there." Says Wire.

"Well..." I say, thinking of my decision. It is true that something valuable may be waiting near the Cornucopia, but something dangerous might be around there too. In the end, I decide it would be worth it to go to the Cornucopia, since we are making little progress in finding the Careers.

"I think we should." I say. Blade and Archie shortly agree to go afterwards.

We walk through the Forest and the past Caves until we can see the Cornucopia Plains up ahead.

Ahead, we see the flying object, which seems exactly like a UFO, and a bunch of supplies with food, water, and powerful weapons around it.

However, instead of Alien-like Creatures guarding it, we see our former ally, Sequoia (11) around the Area, guarding the supplies. She is holding a very deadly-looking spear.

We look at each other and know we want revenge on Sequoia. If she is going to be a traitor, then let's steal her supplies as payback.

"We will need a distraction, something to guide her away from the supplies before we can go ahead and take them. I fear something bad will happen if we fight her." Blade seems to think what we are thinking and says.

"Good idea." Wire says. "But what distraction could we use?"

We think about it for a couple minutes before Archie speaks up.

"Maybe we can pretend we are the Careers and scare her away." He says.

"Well, it seems worth a try." I say. "Let's do it."

We try to figure out who can make the most similar voice as Allan's (2). I actually end up having the closest voice, probably because I am the same age as him. I get ready for my speech before taking a deep breath and saying my line.

"GALINA!" I shout loud enough in a voice as similar to Allan's as I can. "Some loner is over there! Let's take her down if she doesn't run away!"

I must of done a good job. Sequoia shows a freightened look on her face before she runs away as quickly as possible to the Forest.

Everyone congratulates me for my act. We then start to head over to the Cornucopia and take the crates of food, water, and weapons from there and back into a Cave. One at a time we carry the crates back until every one belongs to us. The weapons in here can defiantly be of some use.

"Good job guys." Blade says to us. "That was a successful mission. Just wait until we see Sequoia's look when she gets back to find all of her stuff lost."

"I know right?" I say. "We can even put these supplies to good use later on."

We then settle inside the Cave where we put all of the supplies before resting for a bit from the work of carrying the crates.

Day 8 Part 2 (Supernatural Battles)

Justice Endevour, District 10

I am with Lily (7) in the Jungle to get supplies. We have just came arrived down here from the Mountains since we noticed that we were running out of supplies. Still, Lily seems to look more worried each Day, and I don't know why. She seems to be keeping something a secret, but what?

Other than trying to get supplies, we are also trying to look for anymore mutts to tame and be friends with. We will need all the backup we can if we want to win this game.

Suddenly, when walking around this Cave Area, we hear a lot of commotion. The noise seems to be coming from the biggest Cave.

"Should we look in there?" I ask Lily. Lily thinks for a few moments before answering.

"Yes." She says. "But only a peek. We can check if Mutts are in there but other Tributes might be in there as well."

We then approach the Cave and slowly walk inside. The Cave is probably the biggest in the Jungle. However, as we enter the Cave, a little Earthquake occurs and a bunch of giant rocks cover up the entrance of the Cave.

"That isn't good." I say.

"Its Ok." Says Lily. "Let's just keep walking."

We can see a light deeper inside the Cave. We walk toward the light to see something we did not expect to see; Oceania (4) and Bolton (11).

Most surprisingly though, we see this fat green big Alien around them. I guess the Alien came in the Cave while Oceania and Bolton were trying to hide.

Oceania suddenly steps up and says "Look! Justice and Lily came to rescue us!

Bolton also steps forward and says "Yeah, finally someone actually cares for us!"

The fat green Alien turns to Oceania and Bolton. "Wait just a moment there!" He says. "Don't you two realise that we have a situation here? You two are my slaves and there is a trade involved!"

I am confused. "Wait, what is going on here?" I ask.

"The price is 10,000,000 Panem coins." says the Alien. "Do you want to pay in advance, or create an installment plan?"

10,000,000 Panem coins? That is more than most rich people living in the richest Districts have.

"Hey girls." Bolton tells Lily and I. "This guy, named Wario, came into our Cave and forced us to be his slave or else he would kill us. He probably sensed you came in and triggered an earthquake to trap us in here. Now he wants you two to pay him money to release us."

"That is awful." Says Lily.

"I know, right?" says Oceania. "Do all of you think we should get rid of this fat Alien dude before all of us become his slave? Trust me, you do NOT wanna work for him."

"I don't know..." I say. "He does seem powerful. Maybe we should try to work with him. It is better than death anyways."

The fat green Alien dude laughs at us. "I don't need slaves anymore. I already have all the supplies I need. I want money! You will be paying the trade. If not, you will be eliminated."

"Uh oh..." says Bolton. "I sense a battle coming."

"Wait!" Says Lily. "Is there anything else we can do for you?"

"YES!" Shouts the Alien. "10,000,000 PANEM COINS OR ELSE YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED!" That isn't good. We don't have a single Panem coin. I REALLY wish we didn't need to, but I think we are forced to battle this guy.

"What's this?" Says the Alien. "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!?"

Bolton Meadow, District 11

Despite our attempts to ally with this Alien guy, named Wario, we are pretty much forced to fight him.

Wario wakes all of us up by getting out some sort of laser gun and starts shooting us. A line of energy comes out of the gun. Defiantly do not wanna touch it. We react fast. We get out our weapons and begin attacking the Alien.

We use our weapons to hit the Alien and we dodge his laser attacks. Nothing really happens until Oceania, probably our most skilled fighter, throws her trident at the Alien. It hits well. However, the Alien guy gets mad afterwards. He brings out another laser gun and shoots at us with both guns at the same time.

Oceania starts to throw her backup trident at the Alien, but unfortunately, the Alien is going nuts with the lasers. He shoots them all over the place, and it is very unpredictable and difficult to dodge.

I suddenly see a laser energy line come at me. I quickly react and dodge it, but another must have hit me after dodging the first one. I feel extremely painful electricity around me. The pain is unbearable. I fall to the ground, extremely weak and burned. In the last moments of my life, I see Oceania finishing the Alien off with her backup trident. Thank goodness. At least my killer will also be killed.

I also at least know that the others tried their best to help all of us and that they are Ok. That just makes me happy as I black out.

Oceania Seacrest, District 4

BOOM! As soon as I finish off Wario the Alien, I hear a cannon. As Wario drops dead to the ground and unexplainably disappears, I notice Bolton on the ground burned nearby. He must have got shot by the Alien before I could finish him off.

"This is my fault..." I say. "I didn't finish the Alien off in time." Justice and Lily come to cheer me up.

"No." Says Justice. "It is not your fault. I don't think much could have been done. I think the Capital was waiting for a death to occur, and, unfortunately, decided to kill off Bolton."

"Your right." I say. "We still have a team of three now. That is a good number for this late in the games. We need to stay strong and not give up, even after losing a member."

"That's the spirit!" Lily says. "But... how do we get out of here?"

I notice the Alien's lasers still on the ground. "Maybe we can blast those rocks with the lasers. Let's try it."

We then use the lasers to successfully blast the rocks, destroying them to pieces and opening the Cave up again. Lily and Justice later introduce me to their plan and their Mutt friends.

With the three of us and Justice's Mutts, we defiantly have a chance, a good chance.

Wire Elec, District 3

I am with the Anti-Careers, inside a cave nearby the Cornucopia Plains. Here, we can stay hidden but still hear and see everything going on out there. Therefore, we can see Sequoia's (11) reaction when she finds out that her supplies were stolen. That is what she deserves for betraying us anyway.

After waiting for a bit, we finally see Sequoia start to enter the Cornucopia Plains, coming from the direction she ran away to earlier. Blade (6), Finale (7), Archie (8), and I get ready to see the look on her face when she sees what happened to her supplies we stole.

However, instead of seeing a surprised or angry look on her face like we thought she would show, she instead looks fearful. Its as if the supplies were connected to her life; if something bad would ever happen to them, her life would end.

The scene gets even more interesting when we start to hear voices coming from the other side of the Plains, right around where Sequoia came from. We all look carefully and we can see a group of greenish human-like figures walking toward the Cornucopia.

I am guessing that they are Aliens, since there was a UFO-shaped thing also near the Cornucopia. It was the only thing we never bothered with since it was way too big to move and we feared trying to destroy it will only get us killed as well in an explosion. However, Pinkamena (4) is also with the Aliens in the back of the group. I have no idea what she is doing with the Aliens at all.

I can start to hear voices, and I can see the smallest Alien, who seems to be the leader of the group, talk to Pinkamena.

"So, why did you say we should be here again?" He says.

"Well, look at that!" Pinkamena points to the empty space to where the supplies were before. "I told you I felt like something was happening to the supplies."

The Alien leader suddenly shows a furious angry face at Sequoia. Sequoia tries to run away but the Alien leader bring out a device and presses a button on it. A small forcefield-like thing pops up around Sequoia, trapping her in a small Area and making her unable to run away. Is this why Sequoia was looked so fearful when she first saw the supplies were missing? It seems like it. I can hear the Alien leader start to yell at Sequoia.

"The supplies. The DAMN SUPPLIES." The Alien leader shouts angerily at Sequoia.

"Listen, Yul." She says. "You know that I really, truly, have no idea."

"If you don't tell me where the supplies are..." Says Yul, who seems to be the name of the Alien leader. "then something will happen to you that you will be able to read about in a LOT of different publications. SO WHERE. ARE. THE SUPPLIES!?"

"Well... um..." Says Sequoia nervously. "Those CAREERS, THEY must've got, uh, gotten 'em... I mean uh... They got them while I was just simply checking the inside of your UFO. Yeah, that's the ticket."

"I'm getting REALLY sick of your LYING tongue...: Says Yul angerily.

"Pinkamena?" Says Yul.

Pinkamena suddenly comes from the back of the group and in front of Sequoia.

"I hope her blood doesn't mess up my knife TOO much..." She says.

It looks like Sequoia is done for. "I guess I am out of luck, then?" She says.

Suddenly, I feel a strong gust of wind. The wind is strong enough to push all of us Anti-Careers into the Cornucopia Plains. It looks like the Capital wants us to be part of this event.

Yul senses someone is here. "HEY!" He says. "Wario? Is that you? I thought I told you to wait until night to...?" Yul turns toward us and notices us here.

"WAIT a minute... Who are you people?" He says.

Sequoia suddenly speaks up. "See? THEY are the Careers I was talking about. Who else would suddenly pop out of nowhere?"

"NO!" Says Archie. "She is lying! She is just trying to get out of trouble!"

"You know what?" Says Yul. "I think we will have to just get rid of all of you, since Sequoia failed to prevent the supplies from getting stolen, and you "Careers" seem to be the most likely robbers."

Yul then brings out the device again and now presses a different button. Now, the forcefield around Sequoia disappears, but a large one is created around the Cornucopia Plains. Now no one can run. We are forced to fight.

"Well, my knife does have plenty of edge for a group of people!" Says Pinkamena, getting ready to attack.

"All of you must have been through a lot to get this far..." Says Yul. "LETS SEE IF YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GET PASS US!"

Blade Spectrus, District 6

We all get our weapons ready to what promises to be a large battle. The Capital citizens must be excited to see this, but us? Not so much. We know we must win though, but Pinkamena will be tough to deal with.

First thing I notice is Yul pressing another button on his device, creating a small forcefield around himself. I don't think we will be able to damage him, we should focus on the other Aliens and Pinkamena (4) first.

"DO IT!!!" Says Yul. "Attack 'em all!!!"

The other Aliens get their laser guns ready, and start shooting at us. These laser energy beams come out of the laser guns. It will not be a good feeling to get hit by one. At the same time, Pinkamena gets into the action and starts to target us one by one. This will be a tough battle.

After minutes of dodging attacks from the Aliens and us Anti-Careers working together to use our weapons to kill the Aliens one by one, I can see Pinkamena catch Sequoia by surprise from behind and slice her neck open. BOOM! That must be her cannon. However, Pinkamena is very quick and hard to hit, so she seems like our main threat especially since Yul isn't really doing anything but watching while protected by his forcefield.

"We need to target Pinkamena!" I can hear Finale (7) say to us. "She is our main threat!"

We all nod and we all try to attack Pinkamena. However, her speed makes it hard for us to get a good hit on her. Finally, after a while, Archie manages to get a bullseye on her skull with his knife.

Normally, this would finish a normal person. However, Pinkamena must be tough. I actually wonder if the Aliens gave her an upgrade or something.

She recovers from the knife and gets back up.

"GRRRR..." She says when getting back up and pulling the knife from her head, leaving a big mark there.

"All that blood in your neck is keeping you alive... but it ain't doing ME any good." Suddenly a burst of anger comes out of her head.

"Now its time for you to see my TRUE power." She says. This could be dangerous. An already crazy person angry will not fit well.

"I think we should make a withdrawal!" Pinkamena says. She suddenly in a flash goes to where Wire (3) is and just as quickly bites his neck before Wire can react. Blood splashes out of his neck like a fountain. Man, that girl can BITE.

I don't think Wire can be saved, as that was some bite and trying to help him recover will only get us killed too, as the Aliens are also shooting at us all this time. It turns out I was right; Wire falls down to the ground as soon as Pinkamena lets go of him. He lies on the ground, dead. BOOM!

Something needs to be done, and fast. Pinkamena can probably kill the rest of us in a minute with her speed. However, I can see Finale (7) with his Crossbow in his hand. I have mine to. Maybe if we can combine powers and shoot at the same time, we can confuse Pinkamena and she may accidentently get hit by one of the bolts.

"Same time?" I say to Finale. "Yes." He says back, understanding my plan.

We get our Crossbows ready and start shooting at the same time at Pinkamena. If we can just get her in the skull one more time it should finish her.

Pinkamena, confused, runs at high speeds all over the place, seemingly unable to track down two bolts at the same time. We aim at head level so we can get her skull.

Finally, after around 30 seconds of this, Finale's Bolt hits Pinkamena right in the forehead. She drops to the ground, weakened.

Still, her cannon has not sound. One more Bolt should result in the death of her. Before Pinkamena can make any attempt at recovering, I let Finale finish the work he started and shoot Pinkamena in the Skull one last time, finishing her off. BOOM!

"DUCK!" I hear Archie scream. Finale and I both duck at the same time, not knowing who Archie is speaking to. I can hear the sound of a laser energy line above me. Dang, all of this battling with Pinkamena made me completely forget about the Aliens.

"Thank you." Finale and I say to Archie. He nods, and points to the Aliens. We must finish them off. We use our weapons to finish off all of the Alien guards. Although it took a while because there are a lot of Aliens, there laser energy lines weren't that difficult to dodge, so we finished them all off without any further injuries.

After minutes of brutal fighting, only Yul the Alien Leader, protected by his Forcefield, remains. We have tried to attack him before but his Forcefield prevents our attacks from hitting him. At the same time, though, he isn't able to attack us with his weapons, so pretty much he was just spectating during the battle.

Yul, realising all of his Alien Guards and Pinkamena have been defeated, looks furious.

"DAMN." He says.

"Alright. Let's see how you can take THIS." He brings out the device again and pushes a button. The Forcefield around himself and the Cornucopia Plains disappear.

However, we all can hear what sounds like the ticking of a Bomb about to go off. The device Yul is holding starts to flash. We need to get out of here before the device explodes, because I have a feeling that the explosion will be a big one.

"RUN TO THE CAVE!" I scream. Archie and Finale react quickly and they follow me back to the Cave where we were originally hiding in. As soon as we get inside, we hear a loud explosion. The explosion must be big, but it didn't seem to affect us that much.

Well, except for Finale, who was in the back of the group. He gets knocked into the wall of the Cave. He seems Ok, but he claims that there is a ringing in his ear on the side that faced the explosion. Hopefully his hearing isn't a problem for the rest of the games.

After a few minutes after the explosion, we check out what happened to the Cornucopia Area. Surprisingly, the Cornucopia and the Nature around it seems fine. However, a bunch of dead Alien bodies lie on the ground. Hopefully the Capital fixes that overnight. Also, UFO pieces lie all over the Plains. Seems like the UFO got destroyed in the explosion.

It also seems like the Aliens are finally done for today. It is starting to get Dark out, so with our supplies, we lie down in the Cave, discussing our future plans and resting from the rough battle earlier.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I am with Hibernius (8) inside a Cave in the Forest. We have stayed mainly inside the Cave the whole Day; only going outside when we needed more supplies. In the Morning, this flying UFO-like thing flew across the Sky and landed in what seemed like the Cornucopia Plains Area. We don't know what was inside that thing, but we didn't want to risk finding out, so we just stayed inside here. I wonder how many people are remaining. I know there were 15 left at the start of the Day and I heard 5 cannons throughout the Day. One occured before the UFO even came, another occured at around noon, and 3 more occured just minutes apart; there must have been a big battle or something.

That makes 10 tributes remaining. That means that there are 8 other tributes still around there in the Arena. I am not sure who the cannons were but I will find out tonight.

I have a feeling though we are down to our last 2 Days. Tomorrow there has to be some sort of battle, a must-attend Feast maybe, to get everyone together to particapate in a big battle. Whoever survives that battle will then maybe have one last battle on the last Day. Also, what will the Disasters be on these last couple Days?

I am thinking too much ahead though. It is getting dark out so the Day is about to end. Hibernius and I discuss our plan for tomorrow before getting ready to hear the anthem play and to go to sleep for the night.

Galina Theorena, District 1

I am with Allan (2) in a Cave in the Forest. We have mainly stayed inside the Cave Today after we lost Ceour (1) in a battle. Just after we went to hide inside the Cave, we saw a flying UFO-like thing fly across the Arena and to the Cornucopia Plains, so that pretty much guarented that we wouldn't go outside again.

Also later on, I swore I could of heard some people walking by our Cave. However, they didn't look inside, so we got pretty lucky there. Now, it is getting dark, so we are just waiting for the anthem to play.

Instead of hearing the Anthem Play, we hear someone start to speak.

"Attention all tributes! Congratulations for making it to the Final 10! There will be a must-attend Feast Tomorrow at Noon, containing very powerful versions of your best weapon! If you don't go, something will happen to you that will result in your death! Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!"

So there will be a Feast tomorrow. I actually almost forgot about that. After the speech, the Anthem starts to play. Allan and I look up at the Sky to see who died.

The Fallen

District 1 - Ceour Rabbit Sucre

District 3 - Wire Elec

District 4 - Pinkamena "Diane" Pie

District 11 - Bolton Meadow

District 11 - Sequoia LaFontaine

So, a couple Anti-Career members and the crazy District 4 girl are dead? That is great for our chances of winning. Still, we do have a must-attend Feast tomorrow, and the supplies there are probably a must-need in order to win the games.

I discuss Tomorrow's plan with Allan before going to sleep for the Night.

Day 9 Part 1 (Megaquake!)

Justice Endevour, District 10

Lily (7), Oceania (4), and I suddenly wake up from this loud rumbling noise and ground shaking. It comes without any warning in the Morning, and as a result catches us off-guard. Oceania tries to get us moving outside along with some supplies and the Snow Dog Mutts to see what is going on.

Outside the Cave we were sleeping in, we feel the trembling of the ground and see the ground shaking. This must be some sort of huge Earthquake.

"Look!" Shouts Oceania. "Run!" She points toward the top of the Mountain, in which an Avalanche is occuring. Behind the Avalanche, the Mountain is literially sinking to the ground, kinda like what you would see in an End of the World type of movie.

We quickly start running down the Mountain when we realize what is happening. The Snow Dogs, used to running on the Snowy Ground, move faster than we do and appear safe from getting from the Snow. We though will need to work together and run fast to stay safe. Even if we hide inside a Cave to stay save from the Avalanche, we will probably then be a part of the sinking Mountain and fall into a bottomless pit.

We try our best to outrun the Avalanche, literially throwing ourselves down hills to get to the bottom. Around the rest of the Arena, I notice that where the edges of the Arena are is sinking to the ground and into a huge Lava Pit. First, the Arena which has been previously burned by the Lava and taken over by the Forcefield is going to sink, but the Earthquake may reach the survivable area in the Arena, making it even smaller.

With success, we manage to get down to the bottom of the Mountain and spot the Snow Dogs waiting for us there. We are about to run off the Mountain and into the Forest when suddenly I hear the voice of Lily behind us, shouting for help. Oceania and I turn around to see Lily struggling to move her foot after she accidentently stepped in between rocks.

We try all we can to get her foot out of the gap. We try to pull her, the Snow Dogs try everything they can, but nothing seems to work.

Ahead, we see the Avalanche catching up to us. If we don't get out of here soon, it will catch up to us and the Snow will flatten us. I don't want to leave Lily here to die, and Oceania looks like she doesn't want to either. However, Lily starts to speak.

"Listen..." Lily says. "Forget about me, just go on, you will lose your life trying to save mine. Just go. Quick."

"Also Justice..." Lily continues.

"Yes?" I say.

"You... really are my brother." She says. I am shocked by what she says and I gasp.

"Wait... what... how?" I ask.

"You see..." Lily says. "Back when we were little, we were separated. You got in trouble for something I forget, but ever since that Day, you disappeared from our family. I waited a long time for you to get back. A very long time, but you never came. I never had any idea what happened to you, and eventually forgot and started doing other things."

"Until now. When I was reaped, and while I was checking on who else got reaped, and saw your name, I remembered. I remembered what you were like, and could tell it was you. I remembered everything."

She is right. I remembered the time before I left the District, wrongly accused of a serious crime. I tried to meet her again but I would get in big trouble if I was caught by a Peacekeeper. I eventually moved to District 10 and secretly started a new life first with Animal Friends, and then as a Farmer. Now I remember everything.

"I remember..." I say.

"I wanted to say this earlier." Lily says back. "But I didn't want you to feel bad or anything. I wanted to wait until a time when I knew there was no chance for either of us. Now was that time."

Even Oceania makes a sad look on her face. All this time, I was with my sister back when I was in District 7. I can't believe I have to depart forever with her now.

"Go!" Lily suddenly shouts, pointing at the Avalanche that is rapidly approaching us. Oceania and I nod, and start running toward the Forest. I look at Lily one more time, and she waves at me. I wave back at her before running off with Oceania and the Snow Dogs. BOOM!

We run off for minutes before entering deep inside the Forest inside a Cave. The Feast should be occuring soon so we rest up for it before we have to go there.

Hibernius Rashid, District 8

I am with Hazel (8), getting ready to go to the Feast. We know our plan; get to the Feast sooner than everyone else and then try to hide in the Cornucopia and get the supplies from there. We will throw our knives at anyone who comes by when the time is right.

We are walking toward the Cornucopia, with the ground shaking while all of this is happening. Looks like some sort of Earthquake is happening. The Mountains are disappearing, so the Earthquake must be destroying the outside edges of the Arena. It seems like the Capital wants the tributes even closer together to get the action started sooner. Luckily, we won't be affected badly by the Earthquake, since we are close to the center of the Arena.

Just in case, though, we will be ready for anything that awaits us at the Feast. The rumbling seems to slow down as we get closer to our destination. I don't know if it is because we are closer to the Arena center or if the Earthquake is starting to end. It could be both.

We finally arrive at the Cornucopia after walking for a bit. Judging by the time of Day, it is around 11:00 AM. An hour before the Feast starts. Good, we want to make sure no one else is here. It does seem like we are the first ones here, but we look around the Area carefully to make sure. After spotting no one, we run inside the Cornucopia.

We arrive here safely without any attacks against us, but for some reason, Hazel is acting nervous.

"What is wrong?" I ask.

"I don't know..." He says. "I feel like something back is going to happen. Worse than the Earthquake, worse than a tribute attack. I can just sense that the Capital has something ready for us once the others arrive.'

I don't know what to say. He does have a good point, and I have always trusted Hazel before.

"Maybe your right..." I say. "Do you think we should stay here?" I ask.

"Maybe..." He says. "Maybe we can stay here and try to hide deep inside the Cornucopia, just to be safe. I have a feeling something is going to summoned by the Capital and inside the Cornucopia I think will be a good place to hide."

"I agree." I say. "Let's stay here and hide while looking out for any others. When the Feast starts, we can try to get our bags only when it seems safe."

"Good idea." Hazel says. "Let's stay here."

We hide inside the Cornucopia, awaiting for anyone else to come. I have a feeling this will be a very eventual Day come later, especially if Hazel is right.

Galina Theorena, District 1

I am with Allan (2) outside the Cave. We are not staying inside because of an Earthquake which can easily destroy the Cave and squishing us below. We are currently getting ready for the Feast, which is sent to start in about 15 minutes.

"Are you ready?" Allan asks me.

"Defiantly." I answer.

"Good." He says. "So am I. Let's go. Remember, we will quickly get the bags and then come back to this Cave as soon as possible."

"Right." I say.

We start going to the Feast. The Earthquake has almost stopped by now. It wasn't really too bad, but I saw the Mountains collapse at that side of the Arena, so I think the Earthquake was only made to destroy the outer edges of the Arena, forcing tributes to come even closer together. It is probably stopping now in time for the Feast.

Still, something feels unsafe. I have a feeling it will be harder grabbing the bags than it sounds. Not just because of the other tributes and that it is a must-attend, but just that I fear something Capital-made will be waiting there. There were Aliens around yesterday probably battling, so the Capital most likely wants epic battles to finish the games.

After around 5 minutes of walking, we arrive at the Feast about 10 minutes early. We are hiding on the outskirts of the Cornucopia Plains. I am sure that the others are doing the same, so we have to look out for anything that comes at us.

After around 5 more minutes, a Forcefield-like thing appears around the Arena, a little bit into the Forest around the Cornucopia Plains. There is no turning back now. We probably won't be allowed to leave the Area until at least one tribute grabs their backpack, I'm guessing. I think everyone is here now, and if they weren't a cannon would sound.

A few minutes later, the table with the backpacks rise up from the ground. I look for Allan's and mine. It seems like it is at the middle back of the Table. Maybe we can run across the Plains, grab the backpacks when we get to the table, and then since the Table is closer to the other side of the Forest, closer to the Jungle, maybe we can run there and then sneak around back to the original side.

We all get ready, with about 1 minute till Noon, to start running.

That is, until I see the Anti-Careers start to run toward the Backpacks and we hear another shaking noise and this Giant Spider-like thing with four legs shaped like a square appears out of nowhere. It isn't like a Normal spider; it is a bright yellow and the legs go a bit outwards and upwards before going down, and the head is far above the ground and the face doesn't have any deadly features, but those legs...

Those legs will provide a challenge, and there is no escape; everyone may be forced to particapate in running across the Plains and dodging the Giant Spider's legs.

Day 9 Part 2 (Beast At The Feast)

Archie Rye, District 8

We are shocked when Finale (7), Blade (6), and I all see this Giant Spider. We were just going to get our backpacks and get out of here while everyone was probably not ready, but now we see this? Horrible luck.

The Giant Spider is about 30 feet tall and its four legs are huge enough to crush us dead. Its face doesn't have any deadly features; in fact it has no face at all. Its the legs that we need to worry about.

The Spider minelessly stomps around the Plains unpredictably. I don't think it even really notices us or wants to kill us, I just think it is just mindless and just goes around just moving whenever it feels like it.

However, we can't just stand here looking at the Spider; we need to get our supplies and get out of here.

"C'mon guys!" I say. "Let's get our backpacks and get out of here."

Finale and Blade stop looking up at the Spider and nod. We group together and start making a rush toward the Backpacks on a table around the Cornucopia while trying to dodge the Spider's legs as they crash to the ground. I don't think we will be able to kill the Spider as it seems too strong and big to take affect from our weapons. Plus it will just make us an easy target for the other tributes.

We manage to dodge the Spider's legs as we manage to grab our backpacks. So far this is going much better than I thought...

"Ouch." I hear Blade suddenly say. I see him fall to the ground with a knife on his head. I see another knife come out of the Cornucopia that finishes off Blade. BOOM! Someone is inside the Cornucopia. We have to avoid it.

However, we are paying attention so much to the Cornucopia that we didn't realize that the Giant Spider was nearby. It unexpectedly drops in front of me; right where Finale was. BOOM!

The Capital probably didn't want another Spectrus family member to win. I better get out of here though before somethign bad happens to me. I still have my backpack.

I stay away from the Cornucopia and watch out for the Spider. I run toward the Forest as fast as I can. I luckily make it there safetly. I sense a forcefield ahead of me. How am I going to escape now? Suddenly I feel my backpack start to vibrate. I think something inside there will help me get out of here. I open it and take a large glowing knife, called a "Master Knife" on the label. I don't know what I am supposed to do though.

I try to hit the forcefield with the Master Knife, and it tears it apart, leaving a hole big enough for me to get through and escape. I go through the hole and hear a noise behind me. It was just the forcefield regenerating.

I find a Cave to stay in and rest. I am Ok and have an excellent weapon, but now I am without my allies...

Oceania Seacrest, District 4

I am with Justice (10), hiding in the bushes around the Cornucopia Plains. We are waiting for a good time to make a run for the bags and avoid the Giant Spider. We are also going to try to avoid standing around the Cornucopia, since I saw the Anti-Careers get attacked from someone in there, and only one member survived.

Other than surviving the Feast, I am trying to keep a look out on Justice, since his sister died earlier Today and he can go betray me any second. I know he is a nice person, so I doubt it would happen, but this late in the games, you never know.

Right now, I should focus on making sure I survive the Feast. I also must make sure Justice is safe too, since I still feel bad for the lost of his sister and he has been helpful all games.

We wait for a good opportunity to run. I know the last Anti-Career member, Archie (8), has already left. I also know that at least one tribute is hiding inside the Cornucopia. However, except for Archie, I know that the remaining tributes, Hibernius (8) and Hazel (8), Galina (1) and Allan (2), and Justice and I are all in pairs, so either the Careers or Hibernius and Hazel are hiding inside.

The other pair is also probably looking for an opportunity to run, so we better look out for them too.

"Now!" I hear Justice shout. I look ahead and see that the Spider is currently walking around on the other side of the Plains, away from the Backpacks. We better hurry and get the Backpacks before the Spider starts walking back.

I immediantly start running along with Justice and her mutts toward the Backpacks table. We get there safetly and start grabbing the Backpacks until I hear a knife pass by me. I look toward the Cornucopia and see Hibernius and Hazel right next to it. I guess they decided to come out at about the same time we decided to run.

I quickly get my trident out and throw it full force toward the District 8 pair. The trident is bound to hit Hazel; I got a good and accurate throw.

Well, I though Hazel would be victim, until Hibernius all of sudden stepped in front of her, taking the hit instead. BOOM! That must be Hibernius's cannon as he falls to the ground. I think I know why Hibernius did that considering he is 18 and Hazel is only 12, but now is not the time to feel emotional. Now we need to run with our bags out of here. Out of here fast.

Actually, we are too late.

Distracted by the move Hibernius made, we didn't notice the Giant Spider until the last second when it suddenly steps down right on Justice. BOOM! When the Spider lifts its leg up, Justice's squashed body just lies there in pieces.

I suddenly hear an arrow past by me. What am I doing!? I need to get out of here! Hazel, still unable to escape since she doesn't have her Backpack, quickly goes back inside the Cornucopia. I do have the Backpack, so I can leave the Area, I am sure.

Hearing another arrow behind me, I know I must stop this madness. I go a bit into the Forest, and, with frusturation, open the Backpack. I see 5 sparkling tridents inside. Perfect. Hiding behind a Tree, I see the Careers, Galina and Allan, behind me. This is a chance for me to have to battle one less tribute in prehaps the Final Battle Tomorrow. I get out one of my Tridents, and, while the Careers are avoiding the Spider and grabbing their bags, I throw it at them.

I then grab another trident and throw it at the Giant Spider. I need to put an end to that crazy creation the Capital made. How do they even come up with things like that?

Not even needing to use all my strength as the Tridents seem to release at full speed on their own, I throw the Tridents and look at my results.

First I see one of the Tridents seemingly target Allan on its own, as if it is a heat-seeking Trident or something. It hits him in the skull, dropping him dead immediantly. BOOM!

The other Trident aims up and hits the Giant Spider right at hits head. The head cracks open at splits into two. The rest of the Spider Body collapses into pieces on the ground. Just like that a 30 foot Mutt is dead.

What have I done and why do I feel insane? I think it will be best if I get out of here before I do anything else insane that can put my life at risk. I get out of the Plains and into the Forest. I notice that the Forcefield is gone; I guess it got destroyed along with the Spider. I escape the scene and hide inside a Cave where I will stay for the Night. It is actually starting to get Dark sooner than it should. Does the Captial want us rested for something for Tomorrow? It appears so.

I just sit inside the Cave, trying to forget what just happened and focus on my plan for Tomorrow and the Final Battle.

Galina Theorena, District 1

I don't understand what just happened. I thought we were completely safe; The Spider wasn't near the Cornucopia and no one seemed to be in our Area. Then, this big sparkling Trident appears out of nowhere and targets Allan (2) right on? Then another Trident does the same to the Spider Mutt, somehow destorying it in one hit?

Was it Oceania (4), the person I thought Allan and I chased away? If so, these Backpacks must have powerful weapons inside that I must take. I think someone else is right near me, but considering the crazy events that have happened these last few minutes, it would be smarting if I get out of here as soon as possible.

Just for kicks, I take all the remaining Backpacks, not just mine, and get out of the Area, running around the remains of the Giant Spider.

I get out of the Plains and into the Forest, where I find the Cave where I stayed at earlier along with Allan and take a look at the Backpacks. In the other tributes' Backpacks, there are a bunch of good knives that I can use. There is also this book that tells you this spell or something to upgrade your Mutt friend, but I have no use of that as I have never tried to befriend a Mutt.

Inside my Backpack though, a stack of the shiniest Golden Knives that I have ever seen are present. They must be extremely powerful, so I better save them for later use.

For now, it is already getting dark out, so the Capital probably wants us to be rested for what should be the Final Day Tomorrow. I sit inside my cave, thinking about what I should do.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I think it is safe to come outside the Cornucopia now. After hearing the collapse of the Giant Spider and hearing two tributes nearby, one which died from something and another which ran away, 15 minutes later now it should be safe. I look outside carefully just to make sure. The Sun is starting to set and no one else is around except for a few dead tributes and the Spider remains on the ground.

I look at the Backpack table, and none of the Backpacks remain. Someone must have ran off with them! That will mean I won't have my upgraded weapon for the Final Battle when the others will! I will not be favored to win the games, that is really all I can say.

I should still try my best and stay confident. Since no one else seems to be around, I ran away from the Cornucopia Plains and into the Forest. After walking in the Forest for a bit, I find a Cave to rest in for the Night.

After it starts getting completely Dark, I hear someone start to speak.

"Attention all tributes! First off, congratulations for making it this far. Second, Tomorrow will be the Final Day! A victor will be determined Tomorrow! As for the events, all of you should go back to your original Tribute Plates at the Cornucopia Plains. There, all of you will have a Final Battle to determine the Victor! Just one thing, from now until that time, do not attempt to hurt any other tribute and make sure you are there are time! If you attempt to hurt a tributes or if you don't arrive at the Final Battle, you will be automatically eliminated from the games!"

"Oh, and if your wondering about the Disaster Tomorrow, well, you will see. Good luck!"

So we will have a Final Battle Tomorrow? That can't be good. I don't even have my upgraded weapon. I should try my hardest but this will be tough.

The Anthem plays and I look to see who died, even though I am sure who the other 3 tributes left are.

The Fallen

District 2 - Allan Smith

District 6 - Blade Spectrus

District 7 - Lily Endeavour

District 7 - Finale Spectrus

District 8 - Hibernius Rashid

District 10 - Justice Endeavour

Just like I thought; the three other remaining tributes are Galina (1), Oceania (4), and Archie (8). I have some tough competition, but I will defiantly do my best.

I also wonder what the Disaster Tomorrow could possibly be. It has to be something huge; Tomorrow is the last Day after all!

For now, since it is Dark out, I start going to sleep for the Night to prepare for the big Day tomorrow.

Day 10 Part 1 (Preparing For The Final Battle)

Archie Rye, District 8

I have just woken up from an important rest. Today is the Day. Today is the Day that a winner will be determined. The winner will be either me, Galina (1), Oceania (4), or Hazel (8). All of us joined separate alliances at the start of the games, so everyone will fight alone.

I eat and drink what food I have left before taking off to the Cornucopia. I don't need to worry about other tributes as the announcer said not to harm each other until we reach our Tribute Plates at around Noon. I look at my Master Knives. They will be extremely important in this battle. Unfortunately, I think the others got their super weapons as well.

Still, I think my biggest enemy will probably be either Galina or Oceania. They are from Career Districts so they are very experienced with weapons, and now they have an upgraded versions of their normal weapon. This will be tough, but I know I will give them all I got.

Another thing I am wondering about is the Disaster. The announcer never said anything about what the Disaster will be. It must be something special, as Today is the last Day after all. Prehaps some sort of Nuclear Explosion? I will have to wait and see. Hopefully the Disaster will be something distracting, as I will try not to get distracted and kill the others while they are distracted. Then again, who knows what will the Disaster be?

I begin walking away from my Cave and to the Cornucopia, taking my Master Knives and my other backup weapons. The Forest Today is... weird. Everything is just quiet... too quiet. The Weather is perfect, there is no wind, the temperature is very comfortable, and there is not a cloud in the sky. There are also no animals nor any other mutts, not even the smallest of animals are present. The Lakes are filled up with water, but I don't need any water. The plants also have berries on them. I am not sure if they are poisonous but I already have food so there is no point in trying them out.

Overall, everything is too quiet, too peaceful, and actually too safe for a Hunger Games Arena. There is something strange defiantly going on, but I can't get distracted. I must continue on and go to the Cornucopia to succeed in the Final Battle.

After going through the complete quietness, I notice that I am in the Area near the Cornucopia Plains. In about 30 minutes, the Final Battle will begin. Still no sign of any Disaster, heck no sign of any dangers, mutts, or anything. I am sure the other 3 tributes are going through the same as me, wondering what is going on with the quietness.

I wait in the bushes for the other tributes to come. Even though the others can't hurt me, I will probably feel more comfortable waiting here then at my tribute plate.

My adventure in the Arena is almost over. In a bit, the battle that will decide it all will begin.

Oceania Seacrest, District 4

I am walking toward the Cornucopia with my Sparkling Tridents. Those will be extremely important in this Final Battle. This will be a tough Final Battle, as the other 3 tributes seem tough.

Galina (1) is a Career tribute from a Career District. I, also being from a Career District, know what Careers are like. Combined with some sort of special weapon, she will be tough.

Hazel (8) may be the weakest of the other 3, but she is desperate for revenge since I killed her partner, Hibernius (8), Yesterday. I am not sure if she has her special weapon, since I last saw her without her bag inside the Cornucopia, but I will probably be her first target, so I have to be aware of her.

Lastly, there's Archie (8). He may be from District 8, a District not known for being competitive in the Hunger Games, but District 8 as a whole did very well this Year. Archie played a huge part in that. No tribute who makes it this far is a pushover, so he must be good with his weapons. Plus he likely has his special weapons, making him dangerous.

Overall, all of the other 3 remaining tributes will be no pushover, and I have to make sure I give them everything I have. My Sparkling Tridents worked very well Yesterday, even making me feel crazy since I was succeeding so much, and I am hoping they will help me again Today.

I finally reach the Cornucopia Plains with about 10 minutes until the Battle begins. Still no sign of a Disaster, nor any other non-tribute danger, yet the announcer did say there will be a special Disaster Today. I must be prepared for whatever is about to happen.

I am sure the other tributes are hiding in the bushes around here, so I shall do the same. I sit near the Bushes and get ready for what will be the fight of my life.

Galina Theorena, District 1

I am hiding in the bushes, getting ready for the Final Battle which can start any minute now. I do have my Golden Knives which seem very powerfully when I tested them on a Tree, putting a big crack in it. I am surprised by the fact on Today being the most calm Day throughout the Arena. Something strange is going on. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen any minute.

I have to be aware of my surroundings. My plan for this battle is to first play defensive and avoid the other tributes' attacks. Then, when it is just me and one other tribute, I will show all of my fight in me and lash out one last time to finish the battle.

Something tells me it will be much easier said than done. That plan only goes with a normal Final Battle. Who knows if the Capital has anything special in store for us in this battle.

With about 5 minutes until the Final Battle starts, and everyone probably hiding in the bushes, I hear someone start to speak.

"Hello all tributes!" Says the announcer. "The final battle will begin in 5 minutes. Good job all of you for not attacking each other and making it here. Now, you should get on your tribute plates to begin the Final Battle. Remember, no attacking each other yet."

We get out of the bushes and see each other. We give a good luck sign to each other before getting onto our plates. After we get on, I can hear the mines activating. This is just like a Bloodbath, but there is no leaving, as I can tell by the Forcefield that just formed around the Cornucopia Fields, and there are no supplies, and only 4 tributes. It is just a battle to the death.

"Now, we do have a VERY important twist." I hear the announcer start to speak again. "You are all probably wondering about the Disaster. Well, there is an EXTREMELY important twist for this battle. The battle won't be just the four of you, first of all. We will present to you in a little bit our greatest mutt creation yet. And second of all, well..."

There is a pause in the speech.

"We have decided that there can be more than 1 victor if the mutt we were talking about is defeated when 2 or more of you remain. To summarize it, if you all work together to defeat the mutt, all of you can win. However, we are not forcing you to do this. If only 1 tribute at anytime is left, that tribute will win regardless of if the mutt is defeated or not."

"You will have the last minute to determine your decision. Also in 1 minute, we will introduce our greatest mutt creation. Good luck!" The announcer finishes.

That was a huge turn of events. However, should I really decide to work with the others? They can betray me at any time during the battle. Also, how strong will this mutt actually be?

I think about my decision carefully.

Maybe... I should team with them? I look at them, and they don't look like betrayers. In fact, they look like they are wanting to team. They seem to be focused on trying to kill the mutt so we can get out of here.

I agree. I will team with them to defeat the mutt. I will feel better on killing some Capital creation than other innocent tributes. I will keep my Golden Knives in my hands at all times. They are strong and will be useful in killing the mutt. It will also help in case for some reason one of the other tributes decides to betray me.

The minute is almost up. We look at each other in agreement that we will defiantly team up. We await for the summoning of the mutt.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

I may not have any special weapon, but I have my allies to help me defeat the mutt and win the games. At the Feast Yesterday, I didn't get my bag as it was missing when I looked for it at the Backpack Table.

I can't focus on the negative though. I have my allies and we will defeat the mutt together and we will all get out. How strong is this mutt anyway?

"Alright tributes." Says the announcer. "Your minute is up. From what we can tell, all of you want to team up to defeat the mutt. We will then release our greatest and most powerful mutt creation yet."

"Introducing the Alien Emperor!" The announcer says. Alien Emperor? So the leader of the Aliens two days ago wasn't their true leader? Although I never saw the Aliens 2 Days ago, I did hear that the Alien leader was this small Alien named Yul. Will this Alien be something small, or something huge?

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Underneath the Cornucopia, I see something try to push out of the ground. From the looks of the area in which the mutt is trying to get out of, it must be very big.

Then, the Cornucopia suddenly loses its touch on the ground and, after one big push from the mutt underneath the ground, is flown into the air and to the part of the Arena which was destroyed. Wow, this mutt must be strong if it can do that to something as strong as the Cornucopia!

Then, the a giant hole in the center of the Plains is created, and this Giant Green Alien-like Beast comes out of the ground. It doesn't look like the small Aliens that appeared 2 Days ago. This thing is a huge half Beast half Alien creature. Its mouth looks big enough that it can eat us whole if it wants to. The Alien Emperor looks threatening, but I am sure my allies' weapons will be huge in winning the battle.

"Let the Final Battle begin!" I hear the announcer say. Our tubes are suddenly opened and we run out of the tubes. The true final battle has begun.

Day 10 Part 2  (The Alien Emperor)

Archie Rye, District 8

We begin the battle by meeting up with each other as soon as possible, confirming that for sure we will be teaming with no betrayal at all. We discuss our strategy for defeating the Emperor Alien. It is big and seems powerful but it is also slow. Its weak point seems to be the face, mainly the mouth. Maybe we can get him to accidently eat and swallow our weapons. That could be the best way to damage it.

"The weak point looks like its face." Says Oceania (4). "The back looks too solid, aim for only the front!"

"I agree." I say. "But he seems hungry for us too. Let's try to get him to eat our weapons."

"Good idea." Says Hazel (8). "But... I don't have my special weapon..."

"Oops..." Says Galina (1). "I think I may have took your bag before I left the Feast, but have some of these." Galina goes into her backpack and brings out some Golden Throwing Knives and hands some to Hazel.

"Thank you." Hazel says. "Let's defeat this beast."

The Alien Emperor looks at us and slowly walks toward us. We attempt to throw our weapons at it. Even though our weapons do hit the Alien Emperor, it being such a large target, it is also too big to be affected by our weapons from the outside. Even our strong weapons to his face does little affect.

"Aim for the mouth!" I say. Everyone nods. "How do we get him to open his mouth though?" Asks Oceania.

"Well, he is trying to eat something, in this case us." Says Hazel. "So maybe we can offer him some real food and maybe he will eat it. Does anyone still have any food?"

Dang it, I already eat all of mine since I thought I wouldn't need them and I wouldn't to have as much energy as possible coming in to this battle.

"Wait." Says Oceania. She brings out some bread from her backpack. "I do have some leftovers. Lets see if he eats this."

"The bread is small for something as huge as that beast." I say. "But it is worth a try."

"Hey beast." Oceania calls to the Alien Emperor. "Have some of this to eat!" She takes the bread and tosses it to the Alien Emperor. The beast, walking toward us at a slow speed, ignores the bread, probably being too small for it to be worth eating to the beast.

"We need something bigger..." I say. We all look at each other sadly. I am sure they are thinking what I am thinking.

"I will take the risk." Says Oceania. "I was extremely crazy Yesterday anyway, and now I will pay the price. Just make sure you are all ready."

The rest of us are all too nervous to say anything. Oceania just heads toward the Beast. Once she is close enough, the Beast opens its huge mouth and attempts to eat Oceania. As quickly as possible, all of us use our weapons to throw our weapons at the Beast's mouth. Oceania tries to run away at the last second, but the Beast gets her first and the Beast consumes her. BOOM!

However, the weapons thrown at the Beast's mouth stuns it. It collapses to the ground for a few seconds before getting back up. Man, The Capital is not making this easy for us, but I think one more of a move like that, and he should be finished.

Hazel Underwood, District 8

Despite the death of Oceania (4), our plan worked and just one more good move should defeat the Alien Emperor. Even though Oceania killed my Arena best friend, Hibernius (8), I am proud for what she just did. She knew what she did Yesterday and decided to take the punishment for it herself.

For now, I should focus on finishing off the Beast as soon as possible so we can get out of this Arena. The Beast seems weaker; one more wave of weapons thrown into his mouth should finish him. The Beast looks at us not angerily, but the same as before. Is he going to use the same moves or do something different.

My question gets answered when suddenly the Alien Emperor unexpectedly jumps higher than I would ever imagined it to knowing its size and disappears into the sky. However, the Beast's shadow is still seen on the ground. Unrealistic, but it tells us where the Beast is above.

The shadow moves right where the three of us are standing. I know what this means; the Beast is going to land here and try to crush us! All of us realize this and try to run away.

I just wish I knew where I was running, because while trying to run, I didn't notice a rock on the ground that I accidentently tripped over. The others get out of range, but when I try to catch up with them, it is too late. I feel the pressure from the Beast on me with intense pain and I black out.

I was so close...

yet so far. BOOM!

Galina Theorena, District 1

I hear a cannon and turn around to see only Archie (8) with me. That means the cannon must be Hazel's (8).

This brings me to a big decision; should I just finish off Archie right now to just win the games, or finish the Beat with him so we both win? By the looks of him, I bet he is thinking the same thing.

After thinking for a bit, I think I have my decision.

"We will work together on this." I say.

"Defiantly." Archie says. I think he trusts me but to be sure I will keep an eye on him.

Now time to finish this Beast off. How do we get him to open his mouth again though? If we try to do the same plan we did with Oceania (4), there would be no point if the goal is to keep both of us alive because one of us in huge risk of dying by using that strategy. Since only one of us need to die to win the games, there would be no point.

So instead, we need a different plan.

"Do you have any idea on how to get his mouth open?" I ask Archie.

"I don't know..." He says. "If getting him to eat something besides us isn't opening his mouth, then we need to force him to by some other way."

I look at the Alien Emperor, walking at us at a slow speed. He does that jump move again while I think of a way to get his mouth to open.

Wait, I study the Beast when he jumps, and I see that is Eyes open wide whenever he is about to jump. We have tried to aim at his Eyes before but they were half-closed and whenever he seems a weapon coming at it, he closes it. Maybe we can somehow get a good hit from one of our weapons on his eye while he prepares to jump.

Besides, no enemy can be unbeatable. Everybody has a weakness.

While we run away from the Beast's shadow to avoid getting crushed, I discuss my plan to Archie. Archie thinks it is an amazing idea.

We look at the Beast while he walks slowly toward us again. We have our weapons ready. This Beast may be the strongest creation by the Capital but I don't think it is the smartest. We will outsmart him as soon as he open his Eyes... I hope.

After a minute, the Beast gets ready to do the jump move again. Here it is. Time to see if we can finish this off. I get my Golden Knife ready and Archie gets his Master Knife ready. We will each aim for one of two Eyes at the same time.

Time for the most important throw of my life. With my Golden Knife ready to be thrown, the Beast fully opens his Eyes. Without saying anything, we throw both our knives at the same time.

The sound of the Beast in pain answers my question as to if the weapons hit the Beast's Eyes successfully.

I look back at the Beast who, moaning in pain, has his mouth open. Now let's finish this for real. We throw all our knives at the Beast's mouth as quickly as possible.

The Alien Emperor, already in pain from getting hit in the Eyes, is completely stunned. He falls to the ground in a crashing noise.

Alien Emperor down.

We win.

Archie Rye, District 8

I can't believe it. We finally won. We can finally escape this miserable place and return to my home District. I will meet my family there in the Victor's Village where I will greet them for the first time in Weeks.

I get worried for a second that the Capital may revoke the twist that more than 1 tributes can win, but instead I hear victory music and an announcer.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" I hear the announcer shout. "Congratulations to Galina Theorena of District 1 and Archie Rye of District 8 for winning the 3rd Annual New Hunger Games!"

It's over. We did win. The Hovercraft is coming and it will bring us back us out of the Arena and soon to our home Districts.

I should though give credit to Galina (1). She was after all the one who thought of the idea on how to defeat the Alien Emperor.

"Galina." I say. "I didn't say thank you for keeping me alive with you for that last battle and thinking of the winning idea."

Galina looks at me and replies.

"You never had to."

The End of the 3rd Annual New Hunger Games.

Aftermath 1

And so, for the first time the 74th Old Hunger Games, a completed games had 2 tributes come out as victors. Galina (1) and Archie (8) both returned to their winning Districts and both were respected by their citizens.

Galina learned a lot about being friendly to everyone equally. Her idea of keeping Archie alive and fighting a huge Capital-created mutt instead when she could of easily killed Archie instead will go down as one of the most famous moments in Hunger Games history.

Archie learned a lot about trust. He always trusted his allies, even Galina's advice, throughout the entire games and that led to his victory. He will always be remembered as a sign that trust can be the difference between winning and losing.

Overall, both victors kindly helped their District improve its overall status. The future of the two tributes look bright.

If you are wondering what is happening to Shade (5), the winner of last year's games, well, he is doing fine. He still at times is emotionally upset about his brother. Did his brother really die? No, that can't be. Frade (3) was an insane one. There is no one he could of died from a simple weapon.

Is it true? Let's check out on what is happening for Pacster and the others. Will the enemy be revealed?

Aftermath 2

??? POV

I wake up to find myself in a Hovercraft room. This doesn't look like a Capital Hovercraft. It doesn't even look like a Hovercraft from Panem. It looks like something more advanced, more important. But why am I here? Should I be dead? I thought the sparkles of the trident when it hit me would be the last image I would see in my life.

But apparantly, it wasn't. Here I am, sitting here in a Hovercraft not knowing what is going on. After a few minutes, I hear the door start to open. I see a face that I can recognize but I don't know exactly who it is.

"Ah, so you wake up." Says a young 14-year-old looking boy. "I will notify the others."

"Wait, who are you? What am I doing here?" It will take a lot of explaining, and we will tell you the full story in the other room, but I will give you a short summary. First off, I am Mist (8). You may have seen me die in last year's games, but I didn't, as I am alive right now. You are in a Hovercraft heading toward Pac-Land right now."

I am still confused. "Pac-Land?" I ask. "Rescuing me? What is goin on here?'

"This yellow dot-looking guy named Pacster has saved you, along with me and some others from last year's games, to go on a mission to stop the New Hunger Games. The New Hunger Games are actually a distraction for a much more evil plan. Also, at the last second, Pacster replaced you the second before you were hit with a fake holigram so the Capital would think you legitmately died."

"Why me?" I ask Mist.

"We only choose who we think would be best for this mission. We thought you were a nice, trustful person who could be worthy as one of our leaders for the plan. Especially due to your high placing in the games, we thought you were that leader person."

"Well..." I say, still not getting the full story.

"I will just let you hear the rest of the story later. Not even we know all the details, except maybe Pacster, so it will be better if we tell you what we know back in the other room. Maybe even later on all of us will hear the entire story to his plot."

Before I could ask another question, I am guided to another room. There, I meet all of the other "chosen" tributes to be a part of this plan. The other chosen ones are Tiburica (11), Kyle (12), Octavian (9), Irina (9) and, of course, Mist and I. I also meet Pacster and Mrs. Pac-Man along with these 4 friendly ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

They tell me everything. They tell me that we are headed toward Pac-Land to start our adventure on saving the world.

Apparently, we need these 10 "Hope Stars", in order to bring peace back to all the Universe and stop President Fire before he causes something "bad" to happen. It seems like no one else knows who President Fire really is nor his Gamemakers, except maybe Pacster who may be keeping it a secret from all of us.

The first of these "Hope Stars" lie waiting for us in Pac-Land. The others already got a tour of Pac-Land but not me yet. They will show me one privately when I get there. I did hear though that they have a part of the town ready to help us with our adventures, including a shop and a meeting hall.

I also hear that we are supposed to put these "Hope Stars" in the slots in a transporter machine. Whenever we put in a Hope Star in one of the slots, the door to the world where we find the next star is located there. We go on our adventure there, get the Hope Star in that world, come back with it, and the process repeats. For now, we will put the first Hope Star in the transporter machine to start our first main adventure. There will be 9 other Hope Stars and 9 other Worlds for us to explore, so this will be a crazy adventure.

Lastly, I hear that the games will still be going during this, and after each world and after each New Hunger Games, someone else will be added to join the adventure, with the possibility of two.

And so, I understand. We are saving the world from President Fire by getting 10 Hope Stars from 10 different worlds. Once we have them all, peace will be brought back to Earth and the rest of the nearby Space Area. All the evil should be gone and President Fire should be defeated. I still have no idea who he is nor who is Gamemakers are, not even after hearing everything.

I last hear that this Bean-Like guy unexpectably game on the Hovercraft on the way back to Pac-Land last time. He hasn't appeared yet, but Pacster fears he is a spy and could tell President Fire about our mission, making it harder.

After hearing the entire story, Pacster announces that we are arriving at Pac-Land.

"Are you ready, Allan?" Pacster asks me.

"Yes I am." I say.

Pacster nods, and we start to approach a planet, probably Pac-land, and begin to land at a Hovercraft landing Area.

I don't know what lies in store for me ahead, but all I can say is that the games are not even close to being over.

Aftermath 3

President Fire's POV

Well, it appears like Galina (1) and Archie (8) found a weakness in my mutt and defeated him. Good for them. I still have DOZENS of more powerful creations of Mutts for extreme emergencies. The announcement was just a lie to get everyone excited. Don't be surprised if you see that more often.

I am already looking forward to getting started with my evil plan. Everything is in place so the destruction of the Galaxy can begin. If nature is going to destroy my planet, then I will destroy nature back. Still, I can't get my arch-rival, Pacster, to know about this. I am not sure if he knows yet, but if I start the destruction now, everyone will notice, and Pacster will know what I am up to.

I can possibly save up the energy for the destruction and use the power at once. it will take longer, but also keep my destruction plan more hidden from Pacster.

Suddenly, in my Office, I hear someone barge through the door. I knew I told everyone not to come in unless its an extreme emergency, so this better be good. I look to see that one of my loyalist minions, Fawful, has come in. I think he has something important to say, so I better listen.

"What do you have to say to me that is so important that you came in here?" I ask him.

"Well, Mr. President, I was spying on Pacster to make sure he wasn't informed of our plan. However, I tracked traces of a weird Hovercraft that I never saw before. I knew something weird was going on, so I secretly flew inside the Hovercraft into this room where I saw some of Pacster's buddies; Mrs. Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They were coming in right around where the Arena was, so I knew something bad was up."

"I used one of my old tricks to trap his friends inside a box, but later on, somebody opened the box, and I saw Pacster and 4 tributes from the 2nd Annual New Hunger Games. They were apparently headed toward Pac-Land, so I knew they knew about our plan. Well, at least Pacster did. I tried my best to stop them from landing, but the best I could do was cause a crash landing in which they survived. I again traced evidence of the same Hovercraft that seemed to pick up one tribute from the 3rd Annual New Hunger Games. That's where we are now."

I give an angry face. "Why wasn't I informed of this earlier!?" I demand.

"Well, President." Says Fawful. "I have been so busy trying to collect information about their plan that I forgot to tell you."

"Whatever." I say. "This is stupid. Do you know what is going on with them now?" I ask.

"I think the other spy, Dimentio, is currently spying them now. If they really know what they are doing, they should know about the 10 Hope Stars." Says Fawful.

"In fact, they do." I hear the voice of Dimentio. He comes in the room. "I was spying on the ship and I overheard Pacster and the others telling their new member, Allan, about the new plan. They and Tiburica, Kyle, Mist, Irina, and Octavian are all on board the Hovercraft."

"Did you do something about it?" I ask Dimentio.

"No." He says. "I don't think it is wise to let them know that we know about their plan. I think we should get them by surprise while they collect the 2nd Hope Star at the Acorn Fields. We can stop them with one of our greatest mutts right there and then they will be finished with."

"Great idea." I say. "But I think it will be harder than how you said it. We will need some help. I will start paying more attention to Pacster and leave someone else become the new Head Gamemaker on the Games. I was getting bored of thinking of the game ideas anyway. I know exactly who to bring."

I press a button to call in one of my minions, Dr. Bad-BooN, a monkey-like creature but with Human DNA. So basically he is half-man half-monkey. I actually didn't know him until recently, when he accepted the job to become the co-lead Gamemaker due to the fact that he already before had taken over a planet. Besides I know he has a possibly even more crazier mind than I do, so the game may even be more interesting with him leading the way.

Dr. Bad-Boon walks into the room. "Yes, did you call me?" He asks.

"Yes." I say. "I want to tell you that you have a promotion."

"A promotion." He says excitingly.

"Yes, due to problems with Pacster again, I will be focusing more toward stopping him. I want you to be focused on controling the games. Therefore, you will get a promotion to Head Gamemaker." I say.

"Really?" He says. "I have always wanted to think of my own ways to show those citizens whose boss. I accept!"

"Good." I say. "Make sure you are ready to make your announcement when it is your time."

"I will." He says.

"Good. All of you can leave now. I will start the destruction earlier to make sure the ultimate destruction of the Galaxy occurs earlier." I say.

All of them say Ok and walk away. I press the master destruction button to unleash the power of the Dark Stars. They will gather together, creating a void in the sky of every place in the Galaxy. That void will slowly get bigger until it swallows the entire Galaxy. Before that happens, I will escape the Galaxy, and create a good world of my own with my minions with no fights, wars, or all of that junk.

One Day Pacster will see who is better once and for all.

To Be Continued...

Status Chart

Tribute Allies Main Weapon Hunger/Thirst Meter (Higher the Better) Location
Galina Theorena Her Family No Longer Needs One Living In Luxury As Victor District 1 Victor Village
Archie Rye His Family No Longer Needs One Living In Luxury As Victor District 8 Victor Village

The Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer How? District When?
56 Gunjar Demon 12 Pinkamena "Diane" Pie Knife in Skull 4 Day 1 
55 Kingsley Orion 5 Savera Hayes Knife on Back 1 Day 1 
54 Ophelia Carlile 6 Clozie Crisante Sliced by Rapier 2 Day 1 
53 Michel Twobellies 9 Allan Smith Stabbed with Knife 2 Day 1 
52 Yumi Luna 2 Connor Kenway Tomahawk on Chest 7 Day 1 
51 Allysa Mallet 9 BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie Shot by Crossbow C Day 1 
50 Tristan Ryder 13 Galina Theorena Shot by Arrow 1 Day 1 
49 Cira Marco 2 Blade Spectrus Shot by Crossbow 6 Day 1 
48 Poppa Rocks 4 Sharpe Cindre Stabbed with Knife 7 Day 1 
47 Caitlyn Hollow 12 Gauis Wellwood Sliced by Sword 1 Day 1 
46 Gerda Hollow 12 Savera Hayes Shot by Arrow 1 Day 2 
45 Winter Hourglass 3 Galina Theorena Knife In Head 1 Day 2 
44 Kolya Linwood 5 Aston Wilkinson Sliced by Sword C Day 2 
43 Aston Wilkinson C Tsunumi Knocked Out - Day 2 
42 Gauis Wellwood 1 Tsunumi Knocked Out - Day 2 
41 Connor Kenway 7 Tsunumi Knocked Out - Day 2 
40 Radiant Tayz 11 Tsunumi Drowned - Day 2 
39 Lola Greenbry 10 Midareta Riot Scythe On Back 12 Day 3 
38 Lucia Morris 6 Savera Hayes Knife In Skull 1 Day 3 
37 Chuck Wheaton 9 Heat Wave Dehydration - Day 3 
36 Hailee Lores 5 Plant Muttation Eaten - Day 3 
35 Dusk Olive C Pinkamena "Diane" Pie Knife On Back 4 Day 3 
34 Kacey Anderson 9 Midareta Riot Hit By Dagger 12 Day 4
33 Aventus Redwood 6 Midareta Riot Hit By Dagger 12 Day 4
32 Midareta Riot 12

BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie

Shot By Crossbow C Day 4
31 Savera Hayes 1 Oceania Seacrest Hit By Trident 4 Day 4
30 Jack Harrer 13 Galina Theorena Shot By Arrow 1 Day 4
29 Kiki Elosy 3 Tornado Blown Away - Day 4
28 Dawn Olive C Tornado Blown Away - Day 4
27 Daniel Lores 5 Justice Endevour Hit By Knife 10 Day 5
26 Anastasia Lilias 8 Allan Smith Knife In Skull 2 Day 5
25 Sally Bone 11 Tree Crushed By Tree - Day 5
24 Clozie Crisante 2 Lightning Burned By Lightning - Day 5
23 Hannah Kendrick 10 Lily Endeavour Hit By Axe 7 Day 6
22 Grace C. Lamprey 13 Pinkamena "Diane" Pie Hit By Knife 4 Day 6
21 Taylor Quincy 13 Ice Frozen Solid - Day 6
20 Sharpe Cindre 7 Magma Burned - Day 7
19 Kodai Hitogoroshi 4 Magma Burned - Day 7
18 Jeremiah Glacier 3 Magma Burned - Day 7
17 Hayden Austin 10 Magma Burned - Day 7
16 BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie C Magma Burned - Day 7
15 Ceour Rabbit Sucré 1 Pinkamena "Diane" Pie Knife In Skull 4 Day 8
14 Bolton Meadow 11 Wario (Alien) Shot By Laser - Day 8
13 Sequoia LaFontaine 11 Pinkamena "Diane" Pie Neck Sliced By Knife 4 Day 8
12 Wire Elec 3 Pinkamena "Diane" Pie Bit On The Neck 4 Day 8
11 Pinkamena "Diane" Pie 4 Finale Spectrus Bolt On Head 7 Day 8
10 Lily Endeavour 7 Avalanche Crushed By Snow - Day 9
9 Blade Spectrus 6 Hibernius Rashid Hit By Knife 8 Day 9
8 Finale Spectrus 7 Giant Spider Mutt Crushed By Spider Leg - Day 9
7 Hibernius Rashid 8 Oceania Seacrest Hit By Trident 4 Day 9
6 Justice Endeavour 10 Giant Spider Mutt Crushed By Spider Leg - Day 9
5 Allan Smith 2 Oceania Seacrest Hit By Sparkling Trident 4 Day 9
4 Oceania Seacrest 4 Alien Emperor Eaten - Day 10
3 Hazel Underwood 8 Alien Emperor Crushed - Day 10
VICTOR! Archie Rye 8 Awesome! Nice Job! Amazing! Congratulations!
VICTOR! Galina Theorena 1 Awesome! Nice Job! Amazing! Congratulations!

Thank you all for joining my games! I hope you are paying attention to the plot. If you prove you are doing so, you will have a better chance of winning games when i can't decide down to the last tribute AND if none if your tributes win, your best placing tribute will still have a better chance of being a part of the storyline.

Also, as for the twist idea, I completely somehow thought of it when thinking of more "normal" twists lol. I will try to make the twists as exciting as possible but not completely crazy and "immature."

Anyway, I wonder if any of you can guess who President Fire really is. I won't reveal him until later, but if you do somehow manage to guess who he is in a maximum of 3 different guesses, your tributes will have a better chance of entering the storyline in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed ready the games and I hope you can join my next games, which I will let everyone know when there are posted. Thank you!

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