Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the 4th Annual New Hunger Games! If you are new to my games, it is suggested that you check out my previous 2 games in the series; The Death Games and Disaster Games. You don't need to read the entire thing, but I recommend reading at least the plot and ending because my series revolves around a big storyline.

Also, in order to speed up the updating process of the games since this is the time of year where it is normally hardest to update, Andy1854 will be helping me on writing the games. If you would like to help to, notify me.

Now let's begin!


1. I am looking for limit of up to 6 tributes each user but no more than 2 Career tributes in that 6. These numbers may increase if it takes too long to fill up the tribute slots.

2. Please don't be rude to other users or be rude to me because your tribute died.

3. I will allow a reservation for any spot that's available. There's no real expiration but just make sure it doesn't take like a week to post your tribute or I will eventually remove the reservation.

4. There will be twice the amount of tributes reaped this year. (2 males and 2 females from each District) I will be including the Capital and District 13, which all together leads to a grand total of 56 tributes!

5. No tributes from my previous games, unless I re-enter them myself (Which won't happen in this game). Once again, these games are revolved around a storyline, and it wouldn't make sense for a tribute to reappear in the games without any reason.

6. I will try my best to make sure each user has at least one tribute that makes it past the Bloodbath. After that, it is any user's game. It is highly recommended that you comment often on the games to show me that you are following. This will significantly increase your chances of having at least 1 tribute have a good run.  Advice is also recommended if you want your tribute to do something in particular that day.

7. Here is the Tribute Template:

Name: (First and Last name minimum.)

Age: (Ranged 12-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)

District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)


Appearence: (Typed, lunaii's, and pictures allowed)

Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum)

Strengths: (To make sure I don't have any super tributes...)

Weaknesses: (Make sure the number of strengths and weaknesses is the same)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Alliance: Choices: Careers (You know what this is.) Anti-Careers (A large alliance that anyone can join.) Alone (Will go solo in games.) Or list the tributes you are allying with. You can also say you are looking for an alliance. Anyone who is still undecided when I start Individual Training will automatically join either the Anti-Careers or be a loner.


Tribute Token:

Everything in bold is required, and even though I may still accept a tribute without one, don't expect them to last very long. Backstory and Tribute Token are optional, but suggested to have. (Note that I may sometimes reference your tribute's backstory if it is interesting enough.)

8. I will not use any curse words, just words like dumb, stupid, loser, etc.

9. The POV'S will go as follows. 6 Random tributes will have a Training POV. (3 will talk about Group Training, 2 will talk about their Individual Training, and the last will basically be the reactions to seeing the scores.) A random number of tributes will also have a Night Before The Games POV. (It depends how many alliances there are. One POV for each alliance.) Then the games will start with random POVS throughout the games.

10. Wikia C's are allowed to join ONLY if they give me a name to refer to them as.

11. That's it for the rules! I hope you can enter a tribute. :).

Story Introduction

Note: This is not necessary to read if you are joining, but I recommended you do if you are interested in the storyline and if you want one of your tributes to have a chance of being a part of the storyline. Or you can take a look if you feel like reading something. :)

The 3rd Annual New Hunger Games ended with Galina Theorena of District 1 and Archie Rye of District 8 both winning in a decisive final battle against a very powerful mutt. They safety returned home to their families and District.

However, we also found out a lot more information about the true backstory of the New Hunger Games. President Fire, whose true identity is still unknown, is trying to get revenge against nature by destroying the Galaxy. Apparantly, something happened that caused Fire's own planet to be destroyed and now he wants payback by destroying this Galaxy and replacing it with a more peaceful world with no fights, wars, or anything of that.

This also means that the innocents in the Galaxy would also be destroyed. Fire's Arch-rival, Pacster, previously chose a small group of tributes to save from the Death Games to introduce them to his planet and tell them about the plan. Now, Pacster saved another tribute, Allan (2), from the Disaster Games and with everyone on board the Hovercraft, Pacster explained the plan again to everyone, but this time more in-depth.

Pacster tells everyone about the Hope Stars, and how 10 are separated in different parts of the Galaxy. If all 10 are collected, peace would be brought back to the world and President Fire's plan would be ruined. The first Hope Star lies in Pac-Land, Pacster's home planet. He explains to them that taking one Hope Star to a transporter machine will open the path to the world that contains the next Hope Star.

Also, he explains that 1 or 2 tributes from the New Hunger Games will be attempted to be rescued at the last second before they died so they join the plan, as they will need as much backup as possible to collect all the Hope Stars.

Unfortunately to them, President Fire found out about their plan. His two spies, Fawful and Dimentio, found out about their plan while spying on them in their Hovercraft. Fawful himself tried to stop them on their first trip back to Pac-Land, but the best he could do was cause a crash landing which everyone survived.

President Fire, furious of this, decided to change things up. First, he decided to pay more attention toward stopping Pacster and the others by sending his assistants and mutts along their path to the Hope Star, making their adventure more difficult then they thought. Pacster and the others don't know about this yet, however.

Next, President Fire decided to hire one of his best assistants, Dr. Bad-Boon, a half-monkey half-human creature who had previously succeeded in taking over a planet, to take over his place as Head Gamemaker. Dr. Bad-Boon excitingly accepts this offer. Unfortunately for Panem citizens, Dr. Bad-Boon's game ideas are even more crazy than President Fire's, so while Pacster and the others go on their adventure to save the world, they have to deal with the games which seem to get worse every year. Panem citizens don't know about the backstory to the New Hunger Games, but people are starting to get suspicious.

Lastly, President Fire decided to start the destruction earlier than planned. It will get Pacster and the others to know that he knows about their plan, but it will speed up the destruction process giving them less time to find all 10 Hope Stars. He plans the destruction by pressing a master destruction button that unleashes the power of the 10 Dark Stars; the stars opposite of the Hope Stars, and the only way to stop them is to counter them with the Hope Stars. These Dark Stars gather in the Sky, forming a void that can be seen from all over the Galaxy. It starts out looking small, but it will only get bigger as time goes until it completely consumes the Galaxy.

Now, let's check back with Pacster and the others for any updates.

Irina Dupree, District 9

We are finally arriving at Pac-Land after being on the Hovercraft for a while. Luckily, no invadors or anything like that messed up our trip this time.

After landing, Pacster, Mrs Pac-Man, and the 4 Ghost Friends guide us to the center of town where we a Star on this little Pillar-like thing.

"Here is the first Hope Star I was talking about. It was kept in the Center of Town as a sign of Peace for our planet, but now it is better if all of you have it and put it in the transporter machine." He says.

I look around the Area. Everything looks the same like last time except for this small gathering of darkness in the Sky. What is that? Pacster looks around and notices it too and frowns.

"It seems like this Adventure will be much tougher than I hoped. Why? Look at the Sky." He says. "See that small gathering of darkness in the Sky? That is what everyone calls the Void. No one knows if it is close or far. All we know is that it is small now but it will only slowly get bigger before consuming the Sky and the Galaxy completely."

Pacster continues on. "The Void's first appearance is the first sign of the destruction. If we don't collect the 10 Hope Stars, the Void will continue to grow. Only President Fire can summon something like that. That is why I am a bit scared. I think he knows about our plan and I am certain he will cause things that will make our adventure more difficult."

"I am sure all of you can do it though! Let's go to the Shop first where I will introduce you to them. They will contain useful items that will help you throughout the adventure!" He finishes.

Afterwards, we are directed to go to the Shop where the shop owner tells us about these shops and how the different Worlds will likely contain one. He tells us about buying the stuff and how it will help us.

We buy a few power-ups with the starting money Pacster gave us, and we are then guided to the Pac-Land Tower. On the top of the tower, Pacster presses a button and a machine pops up. It must be the transporter machine. Pacster tells us to put the first Hope Star on the first slot to the left. There are 10 slots in total, so there are defiantly 10 Hope Stars.

After Allan (2), our new member in the group, places the Hope Star inside the slot, a big of magic, energy, and all of kinds of special effects happen. Then, in the small open Area beneath the slot, a Red Door forms.

"This door will take you to where the second Hope Star is located; the Acorn Fields." Pacster says. "The Acorn Fields is a peaceful field where a small Town and other peaceful things are located. However, I also hear of a monster that lives in the Dark Parts of the World, so be careful. I will come with you. I will leave the President, President Spheros, to do all of the other work. Let's go! We need to be quick before President Fire can really send stuff in our way!"

With that, Allan, Octavian, Tiburica, Mist, Kyle, Pacster, Ms. Pac-Man, and the 4 Ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde come along with us inside the Red Door. Our adventure has begun.

I will not be typing the entire adventure of the tributes at the Worlds collecting the Hope Stars yet, but in the future I may eventually decide to write this New Hunger Games-like book thingy that includes the full adventures. For now, I will just write the events between the Worlds and maybe write a summary of what happened.

The Twist

Dr. Bad-Boon is nothing like President Fire. While President Fire announces his Twists publically on speaker, Dr Bad-Boon has a plan to go along with the Twists, but he will need to go to each District making a speech about the Twist and causing something to happen. What exactly is he up to and what is the twist? Let's go to District 1 for example and find out.

Random District 1 Citizen's POV

The reapings are supposed to start Tomorrow, but no Twists or nothing has been announced yet. The new Head Gamemaker, this guy named Dr. Bad-Boon, hasn't said anything about the Twist yet. What is he doing right now anyway?

Suddenly, while walking around the District 1 Town, I hear a noise from above. A shadow also forms on the ground. I look up to see a blimp, with Dr Bad-Boon standing inside on a big screen and his assistant driving the blimp. Why is he here and what is he going to do? All of us, fearing on what may happen, run inside a house for safety.

Suddenly, all the TVs get hacked to show Dr Bad-Boon standing inside his blimp, ready to make a speech.

"The food in the Districts are all for me, the great scientist Dr. BAD-BOON! People of the Districts, if you hate me and the New Hunger Games, you will all starve!! Hee Hee!"

Suddenly the TV shows this vaccum-like tube come out in the front of the blimp. After a few seconds, the vaccum activates, causing a strong wind. The vaccum causes the refrigerators, bags of food, and pretty much anything related to food to get sucked out the top of the building and into the vaccum. This guy is making me mad.

Furious, along with my family, go to the roof of our building and speak up so Dr. Bad-Boon can hear us.

"Stop it, Dr. BAD-BOON!" I shout loud enough so he can hear me. "Everyone is going to hate you and the games even more!"

"Shut up! Shut up! You insolent District 1 citizen!" Dr. Bad-Boon shouts back at me. "I am going to steal most of the food from all the Districts, and the only the victor tribute's Districts will get them back! Once again, if you hate me, you will all starve!"

"However, this game won't be like any normal Hunger Games. Other than having twice the amount of tributes again, all of the tributes will have to survive my devious Arena changing. The Arena will start in this nice, happy meadows, but after a certain number of tributes die, the Arena will change to a new kind of environment in front of everyones' Eyes! Each new Arena switch will be harder to survive in than the last one. So, do you think any of your District tributes will possibly get out alive...? Hee Hee Hee!"

After that speech, Dr. Bad-Boon takes off in his blimp, probably to District 2 will he will make the same speech and steal most of the food. He will probably do it to every District. What a jerk.

"Dr. Bad-Boon," I say. "I hope you will pay for this one Day!!" I shout one more time. However, he had already left, so he probably didn't hear me.

I hope somebody will eventually do something about this. The games seem to be getting more and more crazier each year! Now even the non-reaped Tributes will have to go through a punishment and have little food!

All I can do is just go through this and hope somebody One Day will do something about this. I mean, I am not sure what it is supposed to represent or know if the games have anything to do with this, but there is a small gathering of Darkness up in the Sky. Many of us have pointed out this, but no explaination has been made on what it could be.

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon(s) User
C Male Carter Lane 16 Crossbow, Sword, Throwing Axe Ccmoco5
C Female Erika Funnel 18 Throwing Axe, Spiked Mace, Torture ~glitterday~
C Male Casper Duke 17 Throwing Knives, Blowgun, Traps Smilingtribute
C Female Lulu Glades 14 Blowgun, Kama Erlend
1 Male Blake Thiessen 14 Bolo Knife, Makraka, Mind Games Blake
1 Female Trinity Star 15 Sword, Throwing Knives, Sickles Den
1 Male Stone Rockgobbler 18 Machete YourFavoriteSalmon
1 Female Christina Lawson 16 Spicked Mace, Morning Star ~glitterday~
2 Male Zach Wilson 17 Axe, Sword ~glitterday~
2 Female Maleficent "Mal" Drake 18 Bow And Arrows Erlend
2 Male Aidan Ampleforth 13 Bow And Arrows


2 Female Lianna Ampleforth 13 Sword


3 Male Zios Elec 16 Iklwa Spear, Ishlangu Shield Blake
3 Female Jinny Billtrox 16 Traps, Throwing Knives Kaeghan
3 Male Shock Huxley Eleator 18 Wire Traps, Sword, Throwing Knives KatnissEverdeenFan
3 Female Aeliana Habinya 14 Spear D3Female
4 Male Fume Hilltop 18 Macuahuitls, Zhua Den
4 Female Nixie Calamari 14 Curved Sword, Trident Kaeghan
4 Male Bronze Lucrian 17 Spear, Kukri YourFavoriteSalmon
4 Female Alvida Pearl 16 Sword Toast
5 Male Albert Heller Brites 16 Combat Knife, Blowgun, Strategies KatnissEverdeenFan
5 Female Dahlia Hill 16 Bow And Arrow, Rope Traps Kaeghan
5 Male Scott Bow 17 Spear, Sword, Dagger ConspiracyKiller825
5 Female Katarina Seacrest 14 Axe, Treachery, Blood-Thirsty Attitude


6 Male Konami Aretino 14 Trident, Teeth, Brute Force Blake
6 Female Mallory Smith 17 Death Star, Axe ~glitterday~
6 Male Buck Rockwell 16 Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
6 Female Serenity Alegra 16 Hammer, Mallet Den
7 Male Max Calloway 14 Spear Smilingtribute
7 Female Kirsten Barker 17 Axe, Manipulation, Intelligence


7 Male Krane Octrus 17 Axe Whalemingo
7 Female Lily Starsight 14 Battle Axe, Axe, Throwing Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
8 Male Daniel Corrier 18 Crossbow, Sword, Throwing Knives CCmoco5
8 Female Cora Nightcaster 17 Needles, Knives Kaeghan
8 Male Ajax "Hercules" Emerson 17 Sword, Spear Nick
8 Female Thalia Wulf 15 Throwing Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
9 Male Nikolai Pytor 17 Nick
9 Female Akeela Amuna 12 Bow And Arrow D3Female
9 Male Brine Celesta 15 Axe, Throwing Knives Mist
9 Female Clarissa Ens 15 Jambiya Blake
10 Male Star Sunkin 14 Blowgun, Bow And Arrow Blue-Ribbonz
10 Female Luna Sunkin 15 Spear, Throwing Knives Blue-Ribbonz
10 Male Ganta Alomo 14 Bo Staff, Medical Kit WongPongSoup
10 Female Vivan Incomstanti 16 Knife, Throwing Knives Kaeghan
11 Male Taytus Crem 16 Sling Shot Kaeghan
11 Female Nikhita Akshaya 16 Bow and Spear Toast
11 Male Trent Willaims 14 Spear, Smarts Threshismyhomie
11 Female Flippy Twinmind 17 Camoflague, Dagger, Explosives Mist
12 Male Brock Stone 17 Bow, Crossbow, Sword Ccmoco5
12 Female Leona Soleil 16 Swords, Shield Erlend
12 Male Brock Green 17 Spear, Throwing Knives Wesly3016 (Wikia C)
12 Female Clarisse Winters 14 Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
13 Male Phil "The Snake" Baker 15 None, Uses Survival Skills Den
13 Female Sydney Hilton 15 Axe, Sickle Teeth ~glitterday~
13 Male Max Knightmare 18 Sword, Throwing Axes, Trident Ccmoco5
13 Female Brittany Glacier 12 Blowgun With Darts Billie

Tribute Gallery

(This is my first time including a tribute gallery. Lunaii's and real pictures are posted here.)


Careers (Open For Districts 1, 2, and 4, Private For All Other Distircts)

Maleficent "Mal" Drake (2), Brine Celesta (9), Erika Funnel (C), Carter Lane (C), Trinity Star (1), Christina Lawson (1), Stone Rockgobbler (1), Blake Thiessen (1), Aidan Ampleforth (2), Lianna Ampleforth (2), Zios Elec (3), Aeliana Habinya (3) Nixie Calamari (4), Fume Hilltop (4), Bronze Lucrian (4), Alvida Pearl (4), Nikolai Pytor (9), Max Knightmare (13)

Anti-Careers (Open)

Daniel Corrier (8), Brock Green (12), Casper Duke (C), Scott Bow (5), Buck Rockwell (6), Serenity Alegra (6), Lily Starsight (7), Cora Nightcaster (8), Thalia Wulf (8), Vivan Incomstanti (10), Trent Willaims (11), Taytus Crem (11), Brock Stone (12), Leona Soleil (12), Clarisse Winters (12), Sydney Hilton (13),

Rebels (Open)

Clarissa Ens (9), Flippy Twinmind (11), Lulu Glades (C), Jinny Billtrox (3), Shock Huxley Eleator (3), Konami Aretino (6), Mallory Smith (6), Nikhita Akshaya (11), Brittany Glacier (13), Phil "The Snake" Baker (13)

District 8, 9, and 10 Alliance (Private)

Ajax "Hercules" Emerson (8), Akeela Amuna (9), Star Sunkin (10), Luna Sunkin (10)


Katarina Seacrest (5), Dahlia Hill (5), Albert Heller Brites (5), Krane Octrus (7), Kirsten Barker (7), Max Calloway (7), Ganta Alomo (10)

Looking For Alliance

Anyone still in the "Looking For Alliance" section once training starts will automatically be moved to either the Anti-Careers or be alone, depending on the information you previously gave me.

Bold letters on name means leader. Italic letters on name means co-leader/second-in-command. A ? mark after the name that the alliance member is either an unconfirmed leader or an unconfirmed alliance member. For popular alliances such as the Careers and Anti-Careers, the tribute will automatically join the alliance if the leader doesn't say anything to the request to join the alliance. For Private Alliances, the tribute will not join the alliance if leader ignores request.

Arena Changes

All the arenas and their nickname, environment, and changes from last arena are shown here. The set number of tributes needed to die for the arena to change will be determined after the Bloodbath is over. As of now, only the 1st Arena has been announced, but the rest will be shown as the games start.

Arena 1

Name: The Peaceful Meadows

Environment: Warm, Peaceful, Sunny, all along with a good amount of resources.

Land: Mainly Hilly with bright Green Grass. The soil is good for planting, and some fruits and vegetables are already planted for tributes. (Just make sure they aren't poisonous) There are also some drinkable clean Ponds throughout the Arena. The only main problem is that most of the Arena is without Trees, making it a hard place to hide from other tributes and mutts. Only a few small Areas have small Forests with trees. Most of these Forests are close to the Cornucopia however so the tributes can have a good place to run to start the games.

Hazards: Beware of the animal Mutts roaming around the Arena. In this Arena, this is the only main hazard. More hazards will be in later Arenas.

Special Events: None really, but the Bloodbath does take place here so everyone will have to go through that.


As I said before, there will be 6 random training POVS (3 for Group Training, 2 for Individual Training, and 1 for viewing the scores.) and a random number of Night Before The Games POVS. (1 POV for each alliance there is.) Then the POVS throughout the games will be random. (I will try to balance it as much as possible.)


Daniel Corrier, District 8

After hearing the Head-Trainer go over all the rules and all of that stuff, the Group Training started. Everyone who agreed to ally with each other all gather together and start discussing their plan for Training. All the loners already had a plan set up. I am a part of the Anti-Career alliance, an alliance that is strongly against the hated Career alliance.

We had previously decided on our alliances, and we all decided that I would be the leader, with everyone agreeing that I would be a great leader due to my leadership skills. The reason why I wanted to be part of this alliance is because I know that I can't win the games alone. Ever since the New Hunger Games begun, no loner has ever won yet. All the victors in all 3 games so far have been a part of another alliance. In fact, the only loner who has even come close to winning was Sam Mason (7) in the 2nd Annual New Hunger Games. He came in 3rd despite going alone, but that may be because he was trained by his mother, Johanna, who won the games back in the first Hunger Games generation despite being a loner.

With Brock Green (12) from District 12 as co-leader, the two of us gather all of the tributes who agreed to be part of our alliance earlier. After seeing a ton of people gathered around us, I do a quick check to see if we have everyone. I counted 16 tributes including Brock and I, and that is the same amount we had previously planned, so we got everyone.

Brock and I guide all of us to different sections of the Group Training room. We look to see what our strengths and weaknesses are as this information can be useful during the games. In the middle of a climbing station, I see the Careers nearby try to look tough. They look at us with dirty looks and turn back to go to their weapons station. The Careers have mostly overall have been camping around the weapons station, probably to look tough and make the rest of us feel scared. I am not falling for that though, and if the Careers want to practice only in using weapons, that is fine with me. I wonder if they are planning anything secretive on us though... you never know about those Careers.

Trinity Star, District 1

I am with the Careers around the weapon's stations. We are all practicing the weapons that we have mastered before so we could be ready for the Bloodbath. Our goal is to get onto as good as a start as possible. We are also trying to look tough in front of everyone else, especially those darn Anti-Careers. Another similar large alliance, called the "Rebels," also seem to be a noticable threat. We have to try to make them lose confidence so we can dominate the Bloodbath and have a good start to the games. Even though at times it has been hard for me to talk with the Careers and all, as it has been hard all life making friends for me, I am getting along fairly well with the Careers. We are all clearly confident and are knowing each other well. Once again, our goal is to get on to a good start in the games and knowing each other well is a good start.

I am currently working on my sword skills as I slice the head of dummies. I am probably going to do this in Individual Training too, so this will be a warm-up for me. These sword skills will be extremely useful in deciding how successful I will be in the Bloodbath. I am also working on my throwing knives, as I will probably as some spot need to be good at long-ranged weapons if I have a shot at winning the games.

As I finish working on my weapons skills, I look toward this other little alliance containing 4 tributes from Districts 8, 9 and 10. They will not be favored to win the games, of course, but I wonder what they are

Luna Sunkin, District 10

I am in a small alliance, along with my younger brother, Star (10). Guided by Ajax (8), a tribute strong for someone from District 8, we decided to form an alliance together consisting of 4 tributes; Ajax, Akeela (9), Star, and me. We formed this alliance because we think we have a good shot of success by staying seperate from the big alliances. We don't want to be going alone, but want to be with people we trust. In fact, none of the loners seem to be that threatful anyway, except for maybe Katarina (5), who is the sister of Oceania (4), who died last game. I bet she is defiantly looking to win this for her sister.

Overall in our alliance, though, I trust my brother, and Ajax seems like a great leader for an alliance like ours, and Akeela seems like a nice person. I think we will be fine. We have been rotating through different stations here at Group Training, trying to figure out each other's strengths and weaknesses so we know by the time the game starts. My strength seems to be aiming with weapons while my weakness seems to be battling hand-to-hand. So I better get ready with all of that knife training.

I discover my other allies strengths and weaknesses. I get to know them better overall, and we feel ready for the games. The other, larger alliances may be better overall, but we got the confidence and that is whats important.

After a few Days of Group Training and watching some of the other tributes do their training moves to find out more information about them, Group Training ends with a announcement saying that Indiviudal Training will be Tomorrow at the end of the last Day of Group Training.

I will defiantly be ready for that. Even though I may not be in the strongest alliance, I am defiantly in the one where everyone knows each other the most.

Alvida Pearl, District 4

After Days of Group Training, it is finally time for Indiviudal Training. Right now I am in a large waiting room with the 55 other tributes. We were all called here earlier Today. One at a time, starting from one Capital male to one District 13 female, we will get called to show our skills to the Gamemakers. This will probably take hours to complete, so thank goodness I am more toward the 1st half of the pack so the Gamemakers won't look too tired and bored.

Its Ok though, because I have a plan that will get their attention anyway that I will perform in the training. A plan that will absolutely stun the Gamemakers. Right now, though, I will stay with the other Careers and talk with them as I wait until it is my turn to go.

"Carter Lane." A voice from somewhere says. One of the Capital males gets up and heads toward two big doors that lead to a huge training room. That was the first name announced. My name should be called eventually.

After waiting for around a half an hour or so, I finally hear someone call my name. "Alvida Pearl." The voice says. Most of the Careers have already completed their training, so I was one of the last Careers to be called. I glance at some of the Anti-Careers as I walk to the two big doors. I almost feel bad for them. I am from District 4 and it still took a half an hour for my name to be called and they already look bored. Some of them still have hours and hours of waiting time, so hopefully they find something to do.

I open the two big doors and head into this big Training room. The Gamemakers are to the side, looking protected by a forcefield. That is Ok, because my plan does not involve shooting something at the Gamemakers or anything. The Gamemakers are starting to look bored already anyway, but I will try to change that.

To begin my plan, I start to smear at the tired-looking Gamemakers. They don't really react too much to that but they will to what I do next.

"Alvida Pearl. District 4." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. Time to begin my plan. First, I go to the weapons ract, and grab the sharpest looking sword I can find. Then, I head over to this one station with dummies, ready to attack with my sword.

Then, using all the skill I got, I begin to swing at the dummies with strength, slicing them at ease. I leap around, occasionally jabbing the sword into some of the dummie's hearts. Afterwards, a bloody mess of dummies lies on the ground scattered.

The Gamemakers clap for me, thinking my session is over and that they think slicing every dummy was enough. However, I am not quite done. I am going to take this a step forward, giving the Gamemakers prehaps the biggest surprise they ever saw.

First, I start a fire using a sequence I remembered, and then, one at a time, I throw the sliced dummies into it. The fire gets bigger after each dummy I throw in. The fire soon starts to get really big and dangerous, and, before I could get all the dummies thrown, the Gamemakers, looking worried, press a weapon, causing water to fall from the ceiling over the area where the fire is covering the floor.

The fire is out, but the Gamemakers seemed shocked by what I just did. This must of been one of, if not the most, shocking performance they have seen yet in Indiviudal Training. Feeling good from what I did, I decide to simply dismiss myself, not even looking at the Gamemakers as I leave the room.

I thought my plan went pretty well. The Gamemakers did look shocked by my plan. I was only a bit disappointed that the Gamemakers took the fire out so easily, but the impact was still made. I am going for a high score, so hopefully my plan shocked the Gamemakers well enough that they decide to give me a high score.

Katarina Seacrest, District 5

My name should be getting called any minute. I am glad, I am thirsty for blood. Even if it is just fake dummy blood, I want something. Something to keep me satisfied despite this brutally long wait. I can't believe that there are still many people that have to go, too. They will probably be as bored as heck by the time it is their turn.

Really, I am glad to be here, just so I can get out of that stupid mental asylum. That place has been torture for me throughout my life, as they locked me in there when I have no enjoyment in there whatsoever. The only time I have been able to escape this torture is when I found a way to sneak out of here and find my cousin, Oceania (4), who was visiting here to meet the rest of my side of the family.

As payback for being the cousin who is more popular and gets all the love, I attempted to sneak up on her at night and kill her. However, I was caught, and was thrown back into this place again. Luckily, Oceania did get killed in the 3rd Annual Hunger Games last year, although I did hear that she was close. Now, at least I know that Oceania is dead.

My name should now be called any second. I have decided to go solo in this game. They probably already know how insane I actually am when I was busy slicing the dummies and stuff at Training. The Gamemakers will likely be shocked by what I am about to do when it is my turn to go.

"Katarina Seacrest." A voice from somewhere announces. There it is. Time to go and get this over with. I walk past some of the remaining tributes who largely ignore me as I walk through the doors. I don't think they really want to mess with me or anything.

As I walk through the doors, I enter a large room with the Gamemakers watching from the side, protected by a forcefield. The Gamemakers look pretty bored. No surprise there, in a normal games, the Individual Training should be just about done. Unfortunately for them, they still have a long way to go. I might as well give them a surprise as they are not completely knocked out yet.

I look around the room to think of my plan. I see axes on the weapon ract. Good; my best weapon has always been the axe. I also see rows of dummies lined up. Also good; that will be bloody. I think I know what I will do to scare the Gamemakers.

"Katarina Seacrest, District 5." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. As the Gamemakers try to pay attention, I run to the weapons ract, grab the best, sharpest axe I can find, and rush over to the row of dummies.

Using all my skills, I throw my axe at the dummies' neck level, slicing their head off one-by-one. That was just the first row, I got better tricks waiting to be shown. On the second row, I hold the axe as I swing at the Dummies one by one as blood spreads everywhere, until there is only one left. Now for the grand finale.

I knock the last dummy down, use my axe to rip apart the body, and then grab the dummy heart. I show it right at the Gamemakers, who look wide-eyed. I don't think they have ever seen somebody do that. I then proceed to eat the heart. It tastes just like a real heart! To me, anything filled with blood tastes good, so I don't mind eating the heart.

The Gamemakers, though, look fearful. They haven't seen anything like that before, except maybe in movies. But never in real person. After I finish, they dismiss me in a hurry, wanting this experience to end. I wish it could last longer, but oh well. I proceed to leave the room. 

I think I did a good job overall at scaring the Gamemakers, which was my overall goal. Now, both the other tributes and Gamemakers are scared in what I do. Hopefully it will show on the scores tonight.

Akeela Amuna, District 9

I am waiting in our District hotel floor along with the rest of my District 9 partners, Clarissa (9), Nikolai (9), and Brine (9). We are all waiting for the Head Gamemaker to announce all of the tributes' training scores. This year, they made a small change to the hotel room situation. Last year, there were two smaller hotel rooms with each hotel room containing one male and one female from each District, and the other male and female in the other room. I am not sure why, I guess that tributes were complaining about the situation or something. Anyway, this year, they just let all the tributes from each District go in one big hotel room to stay in.

I really wonder what training score I got. I don't think it is honestly that good. I am only 12 years old and from a District that normally does not have much success in the Hunger Games. Then again, Training Scores don't really mean everything, and besides, at least others won't view me as a threat.

Speaking of threats, I heard that Brine is actually working for the Careers. He does appear to be one of the stronger, more crazier tributes in the games despite being from District 9 and only 15 years old in age. The other two tributes in my District, Clarissa and Nikolai, seem to be just average for District 9 standards, unless you consider Nikolai to be slightly above average because of his good strength.

As I think about these thoughts, I hear the TV start to play. The Head Gamemaker appears on screen, telling all tributes what the Training Scores are and stuff before getting ready to name the scores of the Capital and the Districts.

The Head Gamemaker starts with the Capital scores, and I start to pay attention to the scree. The Capital posted one 7, two 8's, and one 9. There has been some argument over whether or not the Capital should be considered a Career District. So far, the Capital hasn't really been that great in the New Hunger Games, as so far no Capital tribute has made it to the Top 10 or better.

District 1 is scarely, with two 9's and two 10's being announced. District 2 is not as impressive, with two 8's, one 9, and one 10. District 3 isn't good compared to the earlier scores, with one 6, one 7, one 8, and one 9 being posted. District 4, however, is almost as good as District 1, with one 8, one 9, and two 10's. At first, District 5 isn't that bad, with three 7's to start. However, somehow Katarina (5) posted an 11, tying the New Hunger Games record for best Individual Training score. District 6 is also above average, with two 7's, one 8, and one 9.

Finally, we see a District with low scores in District 7, with one 6 and three 7's. District 8 rebounds slightly, with one 6, one 7, and two 8's. Then comes our District, District 9. Nikolai posts a score of 7, about average to slightly-above average for District 9. Then my score comes up, and I feel a bit bad when I only see a 5. I swear I can hear Brine slightly giggle over my score, but I ignore him. I know these scores really mean nothing. Brine himself posts a 10, which is pretty amazing for someone from District 9. Clarissa then posts an average scre of 6.

District 10 posts slightly lower scores, with one 6 and three 7's being posted. District 11 is weird. Two tributes posted a 5 and 6. One of the other tributes, Flippy (11), posted a high 9. However, somehow, someway, Nikhita posted a 12. How did she do that? She has to have done something special if she really managed to post a perfect score. I bet a lot of people will keep an eye on her now.

District 12 was probably the worst District in the games, with one 4, one 5, one 6, and one 7. District 13 to finish is actually pretty strong, with two 6's to start, but a 10 from Max (13) and a 9 from Brittanty (13) to conclude the Training Scores. The TV gets turned off, and then that is all for Training.

Next, we are supposed to hear from something I heard the Capital citizens came up with called the Power Rankings. It sounds like some sort of new version of ranking all the tributes from best to worst. I guess I will check that sometime later. For now, I will rest for the games as Tomorrow is the Final Day before the actual games, which is supposed to be a Day for us to relax one last time before the New Hunger Games officially start.

Training Scores



9-10: You Did Great!!

7-8: You Did Good!

4-6: You did Ok.

1-3: you could do better...

District Tribute Score
Capital Carter Lane 9
Capital Erika Funnel 8
Capital Casper Duke 8
Capital Lulu Glades 7
1 Blake Thiessen 10
1 Trinity Star 9
1 Stone Rockgobbler 10
1 Christina Lawson 9
2 Zach Wilson 9
2 Maleficent "Mal" Drake 10
2 Aidan Ampleworth 8
2 Lianna Ampleworth 8
3 Zios Elec 9
3 Jinny Billtrox 7
3 Shock Huxley Eleator 8
3 Aeliana Habinya 6
4 Fume Hilltop 10
4 Nixie Calamari 8
4 Bronze Lucrian 9
4 Alvida Pearl 10
5 Albert Heller Brites 7
5 Dahlia Hill 7
5 Scott Bow 7
5 Katarina Seacrest 11
6 Konami Aretino 7
6 Mallory Smith 8
6 Buck Rockwell 9
6 Serenity Alegra 7
7 Max Calloway 6
7 Kirsten Barker 7
7 Krane Octrus 7
7 Lily Starsight 7
8 Daniel Corrier 8
8 Cora Nightcaster 7
8 Ajax "Hercules" Emerson 8
8 Thalia Wulf 6
9 Nikolai Pytor 7
9 Akeela Amuna 5
9 Brine Celesta 10
9 Clarissa Ens 6
10 Star Sunkin 6
10 Luna Sunkin 7
10 Ganta Alomo 7
10 Vivan Incomstanti 7
11 Taytus Crem 6
11 Nikhita Akshaya 12
11 Trent Willaims 5
11 Flippy Twinmind 9
12 Brock Stone 4
12 Leona Soleil 6
12 Clarisse Winters 5
12 Brock Green 7
13 Phil "The Snake" Baker 6
13 Sydney Hilton 6
13 Max Knightmare 10
13 Brittany Glacier 9

Power Rankings

New This Year! Here is an explanation to what these are:

First, this idea was inspired off the Capital Rankings, which were thought of by Kaeghan, so you can give him the credit for this idea.

If you follow sports, you may know what the Power Rankings are. In sport Power Rankings, they rank every team in whatever league they are playing from best to worst, depending on how well the team is playing. The best ranked team is 1st, and the highest number ranked is the worst. In addition, they leave a comment telling why the team is ranked what they are. Normally, the comment is biased off of humor to make it entertaining.

I will be doing something like that in this Power Rankings. I will rank all the tributes from 1st (best) to 56th (worst) biased off of their Training Score, their age, the alliance they are in, etc. I will also leave a comment next to the tributes ranking on the table telling why they are placed in that spot. Note that I am doing this just mainly for humor. Just because your tribute is ranked 56th does not mean that he or she will automatically die first in the games. Also do not feel offended if I write something negative or silly about your tribute. Once again, this is just for fun and humor, not me trying to make fun of your tributes, so just laugh and enjoy the comments!

One last thing, the Power Rankings will be updated after each day in the games, so I will shorten the table to include only the tributes alive. The rankings also switch depending on how successful your tribute is the Day before. For example, if the 56th ranked tribute survives the Bloodbath and gets a kill, do not expect he or she to be ranked last again in the next Power Rankings update.

Power Rankings Pre-Games (Let's Get Started!)

Welcome to the Capital's first edition of the tribute Power Rankings! Here, we will be reviewing tributes, ranking them from 1st to 56th, in a humorous way. Enjoy and laugh as you read the rankings list!

In our first week, we couldn't help but laugh. Nikhita Akshaya from District 11 tops our list by default with the very first 12 the New Hunger Games ever experienced. Is she the favorite to win and the strongest tribute out there? Probably not. But, based on the results from the Training sessions, Nikhita is the best tribute out heading into Day 1 of the games! :D

Also, we have Katarina Seacrest of District 5 at second, making the spot for having the second highest Training score of 11. Although some of the tributes who gotten a 10 are probably stronger (In fact, Stone Rockgobbler of District 1 is rated the strongest tribute, despite being ranked 3rd) being related to Oceania Seacrest, who almost won the games last year, gives her bonus points on her chances of winning.

Rounding out the rest of the Top 5 is Stone Rockgobbler of District 1 (3rd), Maleficent "Mal" Drake of District 2 (4th), and Brine Celesta of District 9 (5th).

We have Brock Stone of District 12 at the bottom of the rankings by default with the lowest training score (4) of all tributes, but, as proven by Sally Bone of District 11 making it halfway through the games last year despite having the lowest training score and odds of winning, this does not mean that Brock will be an automatic Bloodbath victim.

These are just the pre-game rankings! We will see what happens when the Bloodbath ends. Will there be any high-ranking deaths or low-ranking survivers? We will find out...

Ranking Tribute Comment Previous Ranking
1 Nikhita Akshaya I have absolutely NO idea. N/A
2 Katarina Seacrest As crazy as the 11 sounds, maybe, being related to Oceania, Katarina does have true victor potential. She was reportedly known as being "crazy" in training. N/A
3 Stone Rockgobbler Stone was argubly the strongest tribute in Training, and will receive the best odds of winning. Will he deal the most of amount of kills in the Arena? N/A
4 Maleficent "Mal" Drake As the leader of the Careers, will Maleficent be successful? Last year's Careers did not seem to have a clear leader, and Veronica of District 2 two years ago died sooner than predicted. N/A
5 Brine Celesta Some are calling Brine the "Frade" of this year's games, receiving a high training score (10) and the role of co-leader in the Careers, all despite being from a normally weak District (9). N/A
6 Blake Thiessen Blake looks to be one of the threatening Careers (and tributes overall) out there, with a large variety of weapons and tricks up his sleeve. Will this translate into in-game success? N/A
7 Max Knightmare Max was another shocker in training, seeming threatening with a 10 in training and joining the Careers despite being from District 13.  N/A
8 Alvida Pearl Alvida will have high expectations with a 10 in Training. How big of a role will she have in the Careers? N/A
9 Fume Hilltop Although the lowest ranked tribute with a double digit training score, as with any tribute with a 10 or higher in Training, watch out for this guy in the Bloodbath, other tributes. N/A
10 Flippy Twinmind Flippy is seemingly the strongest non-Career (Besides maybe Katarina) out there. She will look to guide the Rebels throughout the games, which will be important as the Rebels failed last year without any "big name" tributes. N/A
11 Zach Wilson As one of the oldest Careers, Zach will try to be a success in the Bloodbath, prehaps causing some deaths. N/A
12 Christina Lawson Christina does have some pretty special weapons. Will they help succeed her in the Bloodbath? N/A
13 Trinity Star Trinity seems to be an average to slightly above-average Career. How will she contribute to the Careers? N/A
14 Bronze Lucrian Bronze will try to be a successful Career in the Bloodbath, but how will high will that success level be? N/A
15 Aidan Ampleworth OK, Ok, maybe this is a bit too high for someone with an 8 in training, especially with some of the tributes ranked lower than this receiving 9's, but with the Careers offering so much protection and being from District 2, a good training district, he will receive high odds. N/A
16 Lianna Ampleworth Some as Aidan. Lower than average for a Career score, still high odds. N/A
17 Carter Lane As the Capital tries to be a part of the Careers (And be more successful than they have been in their previous times in the games), Carter seems to show some promise for Capital tribute fans hoping for a tribute who has a successful run in the games. N/A
18 Nixie Calamari Is Nixie the weakest tribute from a Career District? Maybe. But then again, with the protection the Careers have to offer, she will receive high winning odds. N/A
19 Zios Elec The best tribute from a non-Career District that no one will probably talk much about for now? Probably Zios. He is probably better than the 19th strongest tribute, but will be this low due to the low impact and attention he received in Training. Will this change in the Bloodbath? N/A
20 Buck Rockwell Speaking of good tribute getting little support, Buck also falls into this category. He may be the strongest Anti-Career out there, but will not receive very high odds due to the lack of victor-potential in the Antis. N/A
21 Brittany Glacier Brittany is probably not in the upper half in terms of victor-potential. In fact, she may be one of the weaker tributes in the Arena, if anything. But, she somehow pulled a 9 in training, so she must have done something to impress the Gamemakers. N/A
22 Erika Funnel Erika did not look too strong for her Capital Career try-out, but she will likely be a part of them anyway, which gives her support. N/A
23 Daniel Corrier Since he is 18 and the chosen leader of the Anti-Careers, Daniel will probably be one of the brighter spots in what will seem to be a bad year for the Antis. N/A
24 Casper Duke Casper is probably one of the strongest non-Careers out there, and will look to give the Anti-Careers signs of hope for success. N/A
25 Shock Huxley Eleator Shock will be one of the strongest Rebels out in the Arena. How big of an impact will he make? N/A
26 Mallory Smith Mallory looked solid in Training, and will look to contribute to the Rebels, who will try their best to compete with the very strong Careers this year. N/A
27 Ajax "Hercules" Emerson Ajax may be one of the strongest tributes in the game who scored an eight, but loses ranking points for leading a weak 4 member alliance team which no one has predicted to succeed in the games. You never know what can happen, though... N/A
28 Nikolai Pytor I will just say this; if you are in the Careers, even if being weaker and from a non-Career District like Nikolai is, you will have a high ranking and high winning odds compared to your actual strength. N/A
29 Scott Bow Scott may be the strongest tribute in the games who scored a 7 or lower, so even with a weaker Anti-Career squad, he will be receive decent odds and rankings. N/A
30 Lulu Glades Lulu, despite being the lowest ranked Career, does have some advantages by being with the Rebels, the second strongest alliance in the games. Will she be successful? N/A
31 Jinny Billtrox Jinny is in a similar situation as Lulu. He is an overall average to above-average non-Career tribute, but will get rankings and odds advantages due to his placing in the Rebels. N/A
32 Konami Aretino Konami, like the two tributes above, got a 7 in training but with strong combined forces occuring in the Rebels, keep an eye on her. N/A
33 Cora Nightcaster Cora has showed decent skills throughout her time in training, and will be one of the stronger tributes in the Antis. N/A
34 Brock Green I heard Brock will be the co-leader of the Anti-Careers. If the Antis want any hope of success, they will need good leadership from not only Daniel but also Brock. Will he be successful? N/A
35 Serenity Alegra Serenity will receive slightly below-average odds and rankings overall in the games, but by being a part of the Anti-Careers, she will still be one of the stronger tributes in the alliance overall. What an alliance! N/A
36 Vivan Incomstanti Vivan will be a part of the Anti-Careers as she hopes she can help them taste some success with her 7 in training, making her around fairly average to slightly above-average in the alliance overall. N/A
37 Kirsten Barker Kirsten may actually be one of the strongest tributes who scored a 7 in the games, but being alone will reduce the ranking points and odds a bit. N/A
38 Krane Octrus Very similar to Kirsten; fairly strong for a tribute who scored a 7 in training, but will lose ranking points and odds to him going solo in the Arena. N/A
39 Lily Starsight By being only 14 and in the Anti-Careers, Lily may be one of the weakest tributes who scored a 7 in Training. We will see what happens in the Arena, though, if her 7 was for real. N/A
40 Luna Sunkin Luna is only 15 and with a spectacular alliance squad containing Ajax, Akeela, and her brother, Star, will be one of the lowest favored tributes who scored a 7 in Training. N/A
41 Albert Heller Brites By being alone in the games, Albert loses ranking and odd points. We will see if he can surprise us, though. N/A
42 Dahlia Hill Dahlia will also be a loner in the games, which will make it tougher for her to pull out a win in a game with two dominant forces (Careers and Rebels). N/A
43 Ganta Alomo Being one of the youngest tributes at 14 and being alone does not go well on our ranking caculations despite a 7 in Training. Will he be a surprise? N/A
44 Aeliana Habinya If Aeliana manages to pull a successful run in the games, it will be thanks to her Career partners. By being 14 and scoring only a mediocre 6 in training, how will she fit with the Careers? N/A
45 Clarissa Ens How will your Rebel alliance leader (no misprint) do in handling a tough, big, alliance, even though many of her allies are greatly more favored and powerful? We will find out... N/A
46 Phil "The Snake" Baker Although he may be the weakest Rebel alliance member, he will still have the advantage of being a part of the dominance force that will challenge even the Careers. N/A
47 Star Sunkin Star is placed noticeably lower than his sister, because Luna is older and has more weapon experience overall, in addition to having a slightly lower Training Score. How successful will this year's non-Career same family members be? N/A
48 Taytus Crem Next up we have a group of mediocre tributes who probably wouldn't have a chance of surviving if it weren't for the Anti-Career's big size. Toping this depressing list is Taytus, who is the overall oldest in the group at 16. N/A
49 Leona Soleill Now we have Leona, who is very similar to Leona in terms of winning odds and rankings, the only difference being Leona being from a less competitive District (12). N/A
50 Thalia Wulf Thalia, despite being from a slightly better District (8), will be placed lower here because she is slightly younger (15), which to me is a bigger factor than Districts when you get out of the Career Districts. N/A
51 Sydney Hilton Sydney is also similar to the tribute above, but she is from a weaker District (13), so she will be placed a bit lower. I wonder if we will have any surprises, though... N/A
52 Max Calloway Every year, you hear about about this "loner that no one wants to face," with last year's honor going to Pinkamena and this year's going to Katarina. Meet this year's opposite, Max, who will be going solo despite being only 14 and getting just a 6 in training. At the same time, he has potential to be a surprise, so we'll see... N/A
53 Trent Willaims Trent got just a 5 in Training. This doesn't go well with the fact he with the weakest big alliance, the Antis, and is just 14 years old, in addition to being from a weaker District (11). N/A
54 Clarisse Winters Clarisse is just like Trent above in terms of odds for winning the games, but Clarisse is from a ever so slightly worse District (12), placing her ever so slightly lower. N/A
55 Akeela Amuna Akeela is the youngest tribute in the game, tied with Brittany at 12, her 4-member alliance isn't exactly favored to win by anyone, she only got a 5 in training, and she isn't exactly from the best District (9). Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you are looking at this year's tribute with the lowest odds of winning! N/A
56 Brock Stone Brock is only at the rankings basement by default, with the lowest training score in the games (4) of all tributes. However, being 17 years old, and at least knowing he's protective by the Anti-Careers, even though they aren't that strong, at least does not give him the lowest odds of winning. Could Brock show us all that the odds are right instead of the rankings by doing well in the Bloodbath? N/A

Day 1 Part 1 (The Bloodbath)

Sydney Hilton, District 13

I say my final goodbye to my stylist as I hop on to a tube. It is time for the start of the games, a torturous games. I know that there is a good possibility that this could be the last moments of my life. Well, in this world at least. I honestly really just want to show everyone that I am better than what they said. I was pretty embarassed to receive a training score of just 6 and be placed 6th worst on the tribute Power Rankings. I will prove them wrong in the Bloodbath. All of that is in the past and the real thing will start now.

The tube rises, and I am transported to the Arena. The Arena is just like President Fire has described; green, happy, bright, and warm. Apparantly, the Arena is going to transform everyday, and after each transformation the Arena will be more dangerous and harder to survive in than the previous Arena.

But that I should worry about later. Right now, I should focus on the Bloodbath. I look around for my Anti-Career partners. We are all furious right now because a lot of Capital citizens were making fun of us since they think that we are "one of the weakest big alliances to have ever formed." We will prove them wrong, just wait. I see our alliance leader, Daniel Corrier, not far from where I am. Here is my plan; first, use my speed to get to the Cornucopia FAST! Then, I will look for something sharp I can use as a weapon, the sharper the better. If for some reason I miss out on the weapon, I can use my teeth to bit my opponent. Then, I will meet with the Anti-Careers and help them gather supplies before we are forced to run away.

So that will be my plan. I look at the countdown until the games begin, and it will start in 10 seconds! All of this planning made the time fly by! I better get ready!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,


Jinny Billtrox, District 3

As soon as the gong rings, I activate my plan. My plan; stay on the outskirts of the Bloodbath and away from the Cornucopia, where the majority of the Bloodbath action occurs. I will collect some small supplies for my alliance, the Rebels, while doing this and leave the Bloodbath with them when they are ready to leave. We will run into the sections with trees in them, where we will hide from there. If I run into someone, I will try me best to just ignore and dodge them.

I stay around the same distance as the tube I entered in as I run around the outskirts of the Cornucopia, looking for supplies to pick up. While doing this, I look to see what is going on closer to the Cornucopia. It seems like most tributes decided to run toward the Cornucopia, get supplies, and leave, just like what the rest of my alliance did. Only few, if any, run away from the Bloodbath as soon as the gong rings, it appears. The Bloodbath is crowded, with so much going on that it is hard to see what is happening and what the current status of my alliance is like.

I am not sure whether or not any deaths occured yet or not. If not, it will begin any second. Fortunately, no one else really decided to stay on the outskirts of the Bloodbath, and the few others that did are far away from me, at a different section of the Bloodbath. I start to hear the screams of pain occuring; looks like the Bloodbath action has started.

Nikhita Akshaya, District 11

Aidan Ampleworth, District 2

Akeela Amuna, District 9

Day 1 Part 2

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