Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 97th Annual Hunger Games! Also the first game in this 4-game series, the Truth Series, which will show the truth to the Hunger Games and why it really started, as well as background info on the "Dark Ages". This game will be very similar to a game I have recently cancelled (The 143rd Annual Hunger Games), but less ruley to make it more fun! I know I have cancelled my last 2 games, but this time, it will be finished truly! Trust me! :)

Now let's begin!


Rules will be less complex and less strict than last time!

1. 34 tributes Total! (1 Male and 1 Female from the Capital and Districts 0-15, yes, 15 is included)

2. 2 tributes per User! Number will increase to 3 if not enough Users join!

3. 24 Hours Reservations! You must get them tributes posted in this time or else it will expire!

4. Be Active, and Post Advice! If you want one of your tributes to have a good run, you should show me that you are paying attention!

5. Here is the tribute template. Adding anything less may result in Bloodbath victim tributes! You may add extra information if you'd like, as well! It is important to note that when it comes to the end, the tributes who I like more will survive, so make them tributes good!




District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)

Personality: (You don't need to type a whole paragraph here, but just type a brief description of your tribute! Just words are fine!)

Appearance: (A typed description is fine. A lunaii/real picture aren't required, but if you do post one, it will be accepted and you won't need to type a description)

Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum. Any additional weapon(s) over three will be completely ignored)


Weaknesses: (Try to make the stengths and weaknesses as even as you can!)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Alliance: Choices: You can either select the Careers, Anti-Careers, or loner. You can also organize a small open or private alliance with others if you want, just let me know!

Backstory: (You don't need to type a book here, but please type enough information so I will know what makes your tribute known for)

6. Cursing will be kept to minimal in this game.

7. POVS include; a few Training POV to get everyone introduced, including the Gamemaker bosses (Which will be explained more below), Interviews to get everyone more introduced, and, of course the game POVS.

8. No Wikia C's allowed, they can cause confusion! Create an Account to join!

9. No fighting in comments, or consequences will follow! No complaining over your tribute's death either, it is hard to win this game!

10. Most importantly, Have Fun!

Story & Twist

About 22 years after Katniss Everdeen won the battle against the Capital and President Snow and stopped the Hunger Games (And 3 new Districts, 0, 14, and 15 are added), a new President named President Julius was elected President. He is a younger man, but is seemingly very smart and powerful! Rumors are that he won the election because it was rigged, but it is not known for sure what his Backstory is. We do know for sure, though, that he must not be a positive leader, as he, out of nowhere, reinstalled the Hunger Games by force. He easily fended off any acts against this.

In addition, President Julius also announced two special twists! First off, the tribute's have another thing to worry about when in the Arena; the Gamemaker Bosses. These Gamemakers are trained to be excellent in fighting and will be put into an Arena. Normally, this group is small. Out of these Gamemaker Bosses, the strongest one of all is given the job of the Head Gamemaker Boss, and if he is killed by the tributes, than any tribute remaining automatically wins! However, this is not as easy as it sounds, as this Head Gamemaker Boss is invincible until only a certain number of tributes are left. Thus, tributes will still need to fight each other. The Gamemaker Bosses will both have boss battles and will do other things to make sure all tributes are dead! When it comes to the end, the remaining tributes will fight the Head Gamemaker Boss in a final fight to determine whether Panem's Districts live on for another year! Second off, speaking of "living on for another year," the second part of the Twist is that if all the tributes die (Which can happen), then the Capital will bomb all the Districts, and the Capital and President Julius will have successfully taken over the nation. In addition, the Arena changes a bit after a Gamemaker Boss is defeated, and the newer version of the Arena is harder to survive in than the last.

These twists caused outrage throughout the nation, but President Julius silenced those who spoke against him.

The Tributes

District Name Gender Age Weapon(s) User
C Anden Lorcan Male 15 Bow And Arrow, Dagger Eight
C Alluria Nexus Female 15 Mace, Flail, Machete Bee
0 Dimitri Kerr Male 15 Dagger, Awl Bacon
0 Winter Glacius Female 15 Trident, Throwing Knives, Kukri Eli
1 Sebastian Glaze Male 17 Axe, Throwing Axe, Battle Axe Eli
1 Ashlynn Mauntell Female 17 Bow And Arrows, Combat, Intelligence Billie
2 Thracius Norris Male 18 Sword, Spear Nlby
2 Rena Amador Female 14 Nata Tristan
3 Jin Torigawa Male 15 Traps, Wires, Poison Serpent
3 Aeralene Ekiert Female 18 Machete, Throwing Stars, Curved Sword Bee
4 Dylan Murrow Male 17 Trident, Throwing Knives Samantha
4 Brianna Lacorte Female 17 Sword Jason
5 Huxley Binarie Male 18 Sword, Throwing Knives, Electricals Samantha
5 Dakota Allamotta Female 18 Double-Sided Knife, Spear Billie
6 Ryan Dennis Male 18 Sword Marina
6 Saerin Vrox Female 14 None, Uses Available Resources Serpent
7 Samuel Coleman Male 13 Axe, Double-Sided Knife, Dartgun Emilia
7 Amethystia Thall Female 15 Spiked Mace, Throwing Axes Marina
8 Jackson Ace Male 18 Sickle, Hand-To-Hand Combat Jason
8 Tamara Raven Female 17 Machete Jason
9 Juniper Twist Male 18 Javelin, Spear Biel
9 Kerrigan Archer Female 17 Bow And Arrow, Hand-to-Hand Combat Marc
10 Axel Vixen Male 15 Poison, Throwing Knives Philip
10 Belinda Wren Female 18 Farming Tools, Throwing Knives Samantha
11 Jamieson Erie Male 14 Sword, Blowgun Emilia
11 Willow Cashmere Female 15 Bow, Throwing Knives, Posion Spike Ring Timber
12 Diamond Reaperson Male 17 Spear, Scythe, Sickle Blake
12 Xia Rose Female 14 Spear, Linked Mace, Dagger Summer
13 Thesil Jacobs Male 17 Axe, Mace, Throwing Knife Kaleb
13 Taylor Astrid Female 17 Fists Marina
14 Luxray Meganium Male 18 Morning Stars, Ninja Stars Blake
14 Teresa Vane Female 16 Sword, Blowgun, Throwing Knives Philip
15 Catio Lorcan Male 17 Bow And Arrow, Knife, Mace Timber
15 Echo Stryker Female 17 Poison, Knife Bacon


Careers (Open for Districts 1, 2, 4, and 14, Private for all other Districts!)

Sebastian Glaze (1), Thracius Norris (2), Anden Locran (C), Brianna Lacorte (4), Axel Vixen (10), Luxray Meganium (14), Teresa Vane (14)

Anti-Careers (Open)

Dimitri Kerr (0), Huxley Binarie (5), Echo Stryker (15), 

Nice Alliance (Open)

Taylor Astrid (13), Dylan Murrow (4), 

District 11 And 15 Alliance (Private)

Willow Cashmere (11), Catio Lorcan (15)

Capital, District 8 And 12 Alliance (Private)

Alluria Nexus (C), Jackson Ace (8), Tamara Raven (8), Xia Rose (12)

District 3 and 9 Alliance (Private)

Aeralene Ekiert (3), Juniper Twist (9)

District 7, 10, 11, And 12 Alliance (Private)

Belinda Wren (10), Samuel Coleman (7), Amethystia Thall (7), Jamieson Erie (11), Diamond Reaperson (12)

The Forgotten Ones (Private)

Thesil Jacobs (13), Winter Glacius (0), Jin Torigawa (3)


Ashlynn Mauntell (1), Rena Amador (2), Dakota Allamotta (5), Ryan Dennis (6), Saerin Vrox (6), Kerrigan Archer (9), 

Undecided/Looking For Alliance

None! Yay!

Any tributes still in the "Looking For Alliance" section once training starts will automatically be moved to either the Anti-Careers or be alone, depending on the information you previously gave me. Bold letters on name means leader. Italic letters on name means co-leader/second-in-command. A ? mark after the name that the alliance member is either an unconfirmed leader or an unconfirmed alliance member. For popular alliances such as the Careers and Anti-Careers, the tribute will automatically join the alliance if the leader doesn't say anything to the request to join the alliance. For Private Alliances, the tribute will not join the alliance if leader ignores request.

Gamemaker Bosses

To be revealed later on!


To be revealed later on!


Day One! (Welcome to the (NEW) Capital!)

Axel Vixen, District 10

The Train starts to pull into the Capital Area, only to encounter a shocking sight! As Belinda (10) and I look out the window, we expected to see the bright beautiful lights of the shining Capital, as what was seen as advertised in the Capital ads and on camera before the announcement of this.

Instead, we see a world of dullness and grayness. A world pull of pollution, a world that looks like it just went through a major economic disaster or something. Is this President Julius's plan to destroy the Districts if none of us survives the games? Will the rest of Panem look like this mess?

"Well." Says our District Escort, Candy. "Looks like you two seem fascinated by the new look of the Capital, now actually secretly renamed to Julius's world!" She, Candy, points to a huge sign that reads "Welcome to Julius's World, the new future look of Panem!".

"Are you kidding me?" I say. "This looks horrible! It looks like some sort of disaster hit this place!"

"I agree with that!" Says Belinda.

"Oh, well, I guess I'll have to report you two to President Julius about this. I am sure he will not be happy to hear this, and your chances of living a minute in the games will be a long shot!" Says Candy.

"No, no, no." Says Belinda. "We were actually talking about... uh..."

"Talking about your hair!" I say.

"Well, then, EXCUSE ME!" Says Candy. "Don't you dare insult my hair like that! However, changing the subject of that insult changes everything!"

"We won't get in trouble after all?" Says Belinda.

"Yes!" Says Candy. "By the President, that is! Now GET OUT OF THE FREAKING TRAIN, YOU TWO, AND TAKE YOUR PATHETIC MENTOR WITH YOU!" Suddenly, the train goes in hyperspeed mode and runs at incredible speeds toward the Capital. We end up in front of the District 10 Training building, and Belinda and I are kicked out of the Train along with our mentor, Jed.

And trust me, Jed is probably the dumbest person I ever met. Then again, probably all the mentors are; President Julius did not really want any of the old victors from the 75th and before Hunger Games to be a mentor, possibly because it will increase our chances of surviving the games. So, instead, he hired the dumbest people known to mankind in the country.

The Train then speeds away from us, and we are left in front of the District 10 Training building.The Area is built like a circle; on the outsides of the circle lie a building, each representing of the Districts and the Capital, and on the inside of the circle lies the main Training Center itself.

"I think she was just jealous of my hair." Says Jed. "Look at this!" Jed waves his wet hair (I won't be surprised if that was wine, especially judging by the smell, but I will not go close to him to make sure, and Belinda seems to be thinking the same), and Belinda and I stare weirdly at him.

"Uh..." Belinda says. "Maybe we should just go inside."

"I agree." I say.

We walk inside the District 10 building, which is about 5 floors high, as is the other District buildings. There is a Game Room, a Party Room, and a room for the District Mentor and for the District male and female. Why do those Game Rooms and Party Rooms exist, I don't know.

"Ok you two." Says Jed. "I am going to play poker in the Game Room with some of the Avoxs. Don't bother me, or else, Ok?"

"No problem" I say.

"Good." He says back. "Now, away I go!" Jed runs into the District building and into the Game Room, which is the first floor.

"He is weird..." Says Belinda.

"No kidding." I say. "But enough with him, let's go to our rooms!"

We both nod and enter the building. We go into the elevator and press the button that takes us to our respective floor. Belinda's floor comes first.

"Bye, good luck!" Says Belinda as she exits the elevator and into the floor. "I guess I'll see you around!" She waves, and I wave back. The elevators close again, and it moves up one floor toward mine.

I enter my room and start to look around. I will be in this building for the Morning and Afternoon until in the Evening, we will get introduced to the main Training Building and the other tributes, which I am looking forward toward killing in the future with the Careers, which better accept me because I am planning to be with them in the games. Tomorrow, we will get introduced to the Gamemaker bosses as well, so that is cool.

For now, though, I rest, getting ready for the rest of the Day and the incoming Days until the games start.

Tamara Raven, District 8

Here I am, currently in my hotel room doing nothing along with my District partner, Jackson (8). Jackson is a nice fellow; we have gotten along quite well, and I am glad we are getting along because our District escort is mean and our District mentor is drunk and annoying. We sit on our bed, staring at the view of the new Capital remodel from this huge glass window which allows us to see the outside. Trust me, this new Capital look is not pretty, it is mainly just gloomy and grey. I won't be surprised if its always cloudy here.

"I was wondering..." Begins Jackson. "You are a very nice person, I can tell, and you have defiantly been the bright spot of this gloomy adventure thus far. Do you want to create a small, private alliance? And perhaps bring another person or two with us?"

Ironically, I actually was thinking of asking something very similar to that to Jackson sometime soon, he just beat me to it. I don't want to be in a huge Anti-Career alliance, and I don't think Jackson wants to, either. I just want to be with a few people that I can trust.

"Yes, defiantly!" I say. "I think this will be a great idea! Perhaps a couple of trustworthy people can join us, as well. I always liked the idea of having a small alliance with trusty members."

"Great!" Says Jackson. "I am happy that you accepted."

For the next couple hours, we basically stay inside my room and occasionally go to the Training part of the hotel. The Training practice room in the hotel is garbage, though; everything there is too basic and plain. I have a feeling that the evil President Julius is behind this, he probably wants us to be as inexperienced as possible heading into the games. The Training hotel, which we should have access to in a little as the Sun is starting to go down, better be better than this.

Oh, and we can't even go to the other parts of the hotel other than our rooms and the Training room. Trust me, I saw our idiot mentor, Ben, try to go to the Party room, possibly the most pointless room in existance, and he was immediantly sent back to his room and strapped against his bed or something by Avoxes. I hear the party was Avoxes only or something, and I am having somewhat of a hard time imagining that. Funny things aside, the Avoxes did write to us a note on our door telling us to not go anywhere in the hotel other than the listed rooms, so we are staying here so we don't suffer the same fate as Ben.

Jackson and I are playing a game of chess when suddenly we hear a loud knock at the door.

"Coming!" Jackson walks up to the door and opens it. Ben comes in jumping all over the place.

"Guess what guys?" Ben asks. "They finally let me go from the bed!"

"Good for you!" Jackson says. "I guess they finally thought it was time, you were strapped for hours."

"No, actually, I bribed them." Says Ben. "I had to give away a Days worth of alcohol, or else they would keep me strapped here for the next 2 Days. It was a VERY tough decision, but I went for getting out of it, I did bring some soda and coffee too in case something ever happened to my alcohol!"

"Uh... good for you, I guess!" I say.

"Good for me?" Asks Ben. "Giving up a Days worth of alcohol has to be one of the worst Days of my life! I typically go through about 10 cans a Day, and now I can't even have ONE!?"

"Well, what are you going to do about it?" Asks Jackson.

"Nothing." Says Ben. "Oh, and forgot to tell you the main reason why I came here. I was ordered to tell you that it is time to go to the main Training building in the center of this plaza to get you all introduced to the Training building, because everyone will be in there A LOT over the next couple Days. Me? I'll be suffering here Tomorrow without nothing to drink. DANG IT!"

"Ok." I say. "We will go there now."

"Good. Now go!" Says Ben.

Jackson and I, for the first time since this Morning, are about to go outside. The sky is now a darker grey, and soon it will be completely dark in about 2 hours. As we press the button to go to the enterance first floor, we wonder what awaits us in the Training building.

Ashlynn Mauntell, District 1

We are all currently walking toward the Training building in the center of this plaza. It is getting pretty dark outside, as it is getting late.

I have to say, I REALLY hate my District partner, Sebastian (1). He is a part of the Careers Alliance, which I really HATE. I think they are just stupid. They do not know the harsh reality of life like I experienced before the reapings. My childhood was not pretty. My father always hated me because my mother died as a result of giving birth to me. He would always try to attack me and find a way to get me killed.

In addition, my older brother and sister, both twins, had a weird relationship, and because they, along with my father, kept on abusing me, I eventually spat out the truth. As everyone found out, my family started to treat me so bad that I eventually shot my older brother and sister in the head and heart with an arrow using a bow, killing them both.

To make a long story short, I ran into the woods, where I had a kind relationship with someone from District 7. However, as I finally became confident enough to go back to District 1, my new friend was killed in a riot there. I am now so angry, I can't trust ANYONE.

Sebastian thinks I am weird for not going with the Careers in the games, but I just shut him up. Its not like he is going to win anyway, only a few of us can. As we walk into the Training building, we saw all the other District building partners walk in as well. This will be a large meeting.

Inside, we are introduced to a large lighted room. Apparantly, the only rooms in here include the VERY VERY large main Training center which we are in. It has everything you need for Training, every station, and there are a lot of awesome brights. This is probably the nicest thing we have seen in the New Capital so far. The other rooms are probably just the Individual Training room and probably a waiting room for it.

We all start to group around this fat guy wearing red clothes and blue overalls in the middle of the huge room. I guess he is the Head Trainer or something.

"Imma Mario!" The guy says in a happy voice. I don't care how happy he may seem, but I don't trust him like anyone else in here. Plus, he is with the Peacekeepers, so I do not want to go near him even.

"Welcome to teh Training Center!" Mario says. "I am happy to see you all here. Enjoying the New Capital so far? Because I know I do! YAHOO!"

Well, just like our District Mentor, another weirdo. I have a feeling President Julius hired the stupidest people he could hire to help and train us, just so our chances of anyone surviving can win.

"Well, you all know the rules of the game, right?" Says Mario. "You just gotta survive and defeat teh Gamemaker bosses, which will be revealed Tomorroweh! For now, just take a little tour aroundeh! It will be a lot of fun! Also, the elevators are closed, so no peeking into any other rooms! Have fun!"

All of us are silent. That was a pretty lame introduction, but whatever, at least he told us what to do.

For the next 30 minutes we all walk around the room, looking at what we can do Tomorrow. Some of us try to leave, but the doors are locked and protected, so we can't leave. A lot of us get bored, especially toward the later half of the 30 minutes.

Me? I try to use up the time as much as I can. I want to get my revenge on the Peacekeepers, after all, and the main source of them is here. I gotta win and survive those games, so I study the stations as much as I can.

After 30 minutes, Mario calls us to group up in the center again.

"That is all-eh!" He says. "I hope to enjoyed your tour here. I will be happy to see you again Tomorrow as you will meet the Gamemaker Bosses! YAHOO! Thank you so much for coming here!" Yeah, we SURE decided to come here.

Some of us shout bad things at Mario and pretty much the idea of this tour, but whatever, they are probably stupid like the Careers, and some of the shouters are the Careers. We are instructed to leave the building and walk back to our District Hotels. It is now very dark outside, and it would probably be hard to see without the city lights. Then again, it is mainly just dark grey clouds now, as the sky is so polluted that there is pretty much no sky light.

Once we get back in our District Hotels, we just go right to bed. It will be quite a busy day Tomorrow, and we wanna get ready for it!

Day Two! (Meet The Enemies!)

Jin Torigawa, District 3

I hear a loud alarm-like noise as I wake up from a deep sleep. Looks like it is time to wake up and start the second day of Training.

I am ready for what lies ahead Today. Nothing ever scared me before. I did not feel any kind of what others call "emotions", even after I was reaped. I just knew that it was time for an interesting challenge ahead. To survive and win the games. To eliminate anyone who is in the way of my goal of surviving. I could kill everyone in Training if I wanted to, but I knew that that would only get me executed, and removing the purpose of the original goal, so I will just have to wait until we are in the Arena.

"Yo man!" Says Jerry very cheerfully. "It is time to go to the main Training building! It will be a whole lot of fun! You get to see the Gamemaker bosses, create alliances, and all of that good stuff!"

"Yeah, whatever." I say to him. "I'm coming. Just go."

Jerry goes back out the door. One of the things I wonder is why people like to chit chat like he did. All he had to say that it was time to go to the main Training building. Other than to say and respond to information, I never got the purpose of talking. Our mouths were only made to exchange information and say something you need, so I never got the purpose of talking just to talk for fun. That is what our minds are for. But whatever, people will learn eventually.

I better get going. I am not scared of anyone getting mad at me, I just want as much practice as possible in Training because why not. Plus, I want to find an alliance because of something I will think about later. I quickly get dressed into Training clothes and meet up with Jerry and my District partner, Aeralene (3), at the main entrance/exit of our District building.

She seems like a nice person, but she doesn't talk much. She did ask me a simple question before, to which I answered to, but that is pretty much it. She has been ignoring me mostly ever since. At least it seems like she feels the same way about talking as I do, but I don't know.

"You two ready to have some fun!?" Jerry asks excitingly. "Cause I am. Me and the rest of the mentor fellows are gonna have a poker tournament while the rest of you work your butts off at the Training Center. Ha Ha!"

Aeralene slaps Jerry, unsurprisingly, as that was a pretty rude thing Jerry said.

"Ohhh stars...." Says Jerry as he starts to fall down. "I knew I should have drank some of the caffine-double coffee I ordered this morning, I could probably run a mile in like 2 minutes when I'm that sugared up."

"Caffine-double coffee? YUCK!" Says Aeralene. "Sounds WAY too extreme."

"Are you talking about the caffine-triple coffee?" Asks Jerry. "Yeah, I had like a gallon of it one morning, and I couldn't stop moving and breaking things the next Day. Mainly I was stuck on the ground since a couple people had to strap me down. I couldn't stop shaking! Ugh the memories!"

"Forget what I said..." Says Aeralene.

"Anyway, you two go! I gotta win some money here!" Says Jerry as he begins to stand back up.

Aeralene and I then walk away from our District building and toward the Main Training Building in the center of the Plaza. The sky this morning is grey, like usual, but lighter as the Sun behind the clouds is starting to strengthen as the Day goes on. From all directions of the Plaza, I see others walking on a path to the Main Training Building, all from other Districts. Also, the only piece of vegetation there is in possibly the whole Capital is to the sides of the trail. Green grass, flowers, and even a few small trees lies to the sides of both of us as we walk down the path.

Soon, when everyone gets here, we will be allowed in. And from there, we will see what happens. Maybe I can get my little plan to work out...

Diamond Reaperson, District 12

As the rest of us arrive at the main Training building, I start to chat with a group of friendly people. This group I am talking to includes Samuel (7), Amethystia (7), Belinda (10), Jamieson (11) and me. They all seem friendly and I will definitely be willing to get more familar with them and perhaps create an alliance with them. That brings me an idea; perhaps we can train together. It will be very helpful to all of us and helping others is something I feel like everyone should always do.

In fact, back in District 12; not exactly a very rich District, I have been always giving out things for families in need. I live with one of the richer families in the Distrct, and instead of being selfish and keeping everything for myself, I decided it would be better for all of the District if I give some of my stuff away. The stuff I give out may not seem like much to me nor other rich families in the District, but to poor families, it is worth millions.

I hope to win this game, not just to survive and live on, but to continue to help the families in District 12 even more by using the abundant amount of money I earn by winning. In fact, my little adopted brother Dennis got killed in the war that created the return of these games. I got reaped this year, much to the disappointment and sadness of others, but if I win, I can use the won money to revive my dead new little brother.

Back to focusing on the present, though, I must focus on talking with the group.

"Hey guys." I say kindly. "I was wondering if you all think we can train together in Group Training, and perhaps know each other better?"

"Sounds good with me!" Says Belinda. "I would like to be the leader, please, can I?"

"Sure, its fine with me!" I say.

"I am happy with this as well!" Says Jamieson. "Just so long none of those idiot Careers get in our way."

"The Careers?" I say. "I really don't like them at all either. I feel they are too selfish."

"I agree." Says Samuel. "I would laugh if they all just die on the first day."

"Me too." Says Amethystia. "Maybe a giant giraffe will eat them all! xD"

We all laugh as we are let inside the bulding. I feel like our own mini-version of the Anti-Careers has formed. I wonder, though, who and where are exactly the Anti-Careers? Normally there will be a huge group of non-Career District tributes gathered together and talking. All I see are a bunch of little groups of tributes talking, and some are even alone. Perhaps the Anti-Careers are very small this year. I guess there will be a bunch of alliances this year with only a small amount of tributes in each alliance. I'll find out for sure when everyone starts Training together. I am just hoping that the Careers won't take advantage of this fact, as they seem to be the largest alliance here.

We are all ordered inside the HUGE, main room of the Training building to form a circle around Mario, the Head Trainer. He isn't exactly the smartest, as well as the Mentors aren't, but at least they try to help us at some points.

Time to hear what Mario has to say. Perhaps we'll get to see the Gamemaker Bosses? No signs of them yet, but I sense a lot of introductions coming up...

Thracius Norris, District 2

Mario is almost ready to start talking again all of us are circled around him. It feels a little... scary to me to be with so many people I have never seen before. Ever since I was born, and both my mom and dad died at around the time of my birth, I was raised by my Uncle. My uncle told me all about these other... beings. He explained to me that they are really just evil monsters that could strike at any given moment; my uncle and I are the only "real" people in the world. I originally actually thought that my uncle and I were the only living people, that is, until I actually saw a group of children.

Ever since then, I have been trained by my uncle to be an excellent fighter to fight off all these evil monsters someday. And when my uncle told me about these games, I knew that this was to put my skills to the test, to impress my uncle. He thinks I have the best chance of winning the games, and I will not disappoint him. I even allied with another group of people at around my size and District, called the "Careers" or something, to help me win and prove that I am starting to conquer my fears of the monsters.

Suddenly, my thoughts disappear as Mario begins to talk.

Xia Rose, District 12

As the rest of us surrounds Mario as we begin to hear him talk.

"Welcome back everyone-a!" Says Mario excitingly. "Imma very happy to see you all back-a!"

Silence comes from all of us tributes. "Let's get on with it already!" One of the bigger tributes shouts.

"Okay, a guess a not a good-a. But whatever." Says Mario. "Imma excited, because today, Imma gonna announce the Gamemaker bosses for teh games-a!"

"Now, get ready, Imma gonna announce them in this order-a. First, Imma gonna start with the Gamemaker bosses that will be designed to attack you first-a. Imma only gonna announce-a the main Gamemaker bosses, but don't be surprised if you see some mini-Gamemaker bosses that were not announced here, or if you have to battle a main Gamemaker boss multiple times, the first battles only being counted as early boss battles." Goes on Mario.

"You can look at the Gamemaker Bosses section on this blog to find out more about this. Whoops, I just-a realized Imma kinda breaking the 4th wall-a here, but whatever." Says Mario mysteriously. Don't know what he was talking about there.

"No offense, but can you please stop talking in that ridiculous accent?" One of the other tributes shouts. "It is pretty annoying."

"'Sigh'. Fine, whatever. I will stop." Says Mario. "But enough off-topic talk. Two last things to say before I start announcing the bosses. First, the main Gamemaker boss will be announced last. This Final Gamemaker Boss has been one of the most loyal to President Julius in the Capital, and he/she will be rewarded greatly in President Juilius's plan if you people lose. I was told I will get rewarded to, so no offense, but I am cheering against you people. Haha!"

"Second." Mario goes on. "I know this wasn't announced before, so this will be a kind of shock twist, but there will be a Gamemaker Ally in the Arena with you guys! Unlike the other Gamemakers, the Gamemaker Ally will help you survive, but will only appear when you are in need of help the most or in a tough battle. You will find out more later."

"JUST GO ON WITH ANNOUNCING THE BOSSES ALREADY!" A lot of other tributes shout loudly.

"OK, OK, I am moving on! Now, first, we will announce our Main Gamemaker Bosses! Not including the Main Gamemaker Boss, there are 3 total for this game!" Finally starts Mario.

"Our first boss... is... some strange guy I never heard of before until now... Burnt!"

Some guy, about Mario's size, but wearing black and red clothes walks into the room. Judging by his name and looks, he must control fire and heat or something. He could definitely be a threat as a boss in the games.

"I am Burnt. I am gonna be ready to burn all of you to crispy chicken early in the games!" Burnt says.

"Ok, our second boss... is... oh no, somebody who I used to like but now find VERY ANNOYING... my brother Luigi!"

Somebody taller and thinner than Mario wearing green walks into the room. He seems to have the same abilities as Mario would if he were a boss in the games, but Luigi seems like he would be more athletic.

"Imma Luigi!" Oh no, this accent again. "Imma gonna beat anyone who manages to survive the first few Days of the game, if that even happens-a! Haha!" Says Luigi.

"'Sigh', I just don't get him nowadays." Says Mario. "Anyways, our third and last regular main Gamemaker boss... is... some guy who I have fought once before but now we are good friends... General Guy!"

A small guy wearing a weird mask and white clothes walks into the room. He doesn't seem to have anything special about him, but we'll see if anyone of us manages to get that far to him.

"I'm General Guy! Commander of all Shy Guys! If any of you somehow get far enough to summon me to the games, my army and I will finish you up!"

"Ok. Almost done." Says Mario. "Now, your Gamemaker Ally for this game... will be... some small yellow bird named Tweety."

A small yellow bird flies into the room as Mario described. Some of us actually boo at him, as while we have to face against some hardcore enemies, we just get some silly talking yellow bird on our side?

"I am very pleased to be on your side!" Says Tweety. "I will fly your way if I see you are in trouble. Trust me!"

"And now... for the moment you have all been waiting for... our Main Gamemaker Boss is.... someone who has saved their own home planet before but now is here helping President Julius... representing..."


Bomberman?! I heard about this guy before. He is a good guy who has traveled across the Galaxy and helped save his home planet and people before. How is he possibly now on the bad side, President Julius's side? Just like how others described him, Bomberman walks in wearing white with red sleeves, his head and arms circular.

"Bomberman?" One of the other tributes asks. "You are with the bad guys? I thought you were supposed to help us!"

"Well, I was... until President Julius promised me a section of the land he will win when all of you die in the games to me. I have dreamed of having another land full of bombs and all of that stuff in two locations and not just lame Planet Bomber."

Either Bomberman woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or he was hijacked in some way. No way does the regular Bomberman I have heard of act like this.

"I doubt any of you will reach as far to defeat all the other Gamemaker Bosses, but if you do, I'll be there to finish you all off!" Bomberman says.

"And... so that does it for the Gamemaker Bosses." Says Mario. "May we have a round of claps for our Gamemakers Bosses... and Ally!"

Many of us clap lamely. Why would we clap for the people who will be most likely reponsible for our death? I just want to go home... back home, I was blamed for a death to my best friend that I never did on purpose and was just an accident on a tree or something. Now people think I am insane. Being part of these games will just make everyone in my District and family think I am even more of a killer, so this can't be good...

I do have people I can trust though. I created an alliance Yesterday with Alluria (C), Tamara (8), and, suprisingly, a male, Jackson (8). I have never gotten too comfortable of being around people of the opposite gender of me, but I feel confident with Jackson as he, along with Alluria and Tamara, all trust and believe in one another in the alliance. Together, we will have a chance... a good chance to survive these games and get rid of those Gamemaker bosses!

The Gamemaker Bosses are dismissed, and Mario tells us to get ready for Individual Training Tomorrow. That reminds me, I gotta get ready to think of my Individual Training plan! I think about what I should do as all of us begin to leave the Main Training Building and to our District Hotels.

Day 3 (Individual Training, Scores In Table Below!)

Training Scores

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