Hey everyone! First off, sorry to all for failing to update my previous games. I couldn't really handle 52 tributes and wasn't motivated to write the reapings. These games are being made because this time, I Promise I will update. These are my second hunger games, called "New Hunger Games 2: The Death Games." Note that my first Hunger Games in this series, called The New Hunger Games 1: The Eversion Games is still trying to get finished. I am unsure if I will finish them or not. Thanks for checking this game out, and please submit a tribute :).

Rules And Other Important Information

1. I am looking for limit of 3 tributes each. HOWEVER, I am only accepting one career tribute from each user. These numbers may increase if this game doesn't get popular, though.

2. Please don't be rude to other users or be rude to me because your tribute died.

3. I will allow a reservation for any spot that's available. There's no real expiration but just make sure it doesn't take a week to post your tribute or I may remove your reservation.

4. Because my lazy self couldn't handle 52 tributes, (Just look at my slow update times in the previous game.) there will only be 1 male and female from each district this time. I will however include the Capital along with District 13, though.

5. I usually try to make sure that at least one of everyone's tribute makes it past the Bloodbath. There are also ways for me to increase your tribute's chances of making it far into the games.

  • Be active and comment to show your still following
  • Make it so your tribute is nice and detailed

6. Be sure to post advice in-game. This is REALLY important, not only so I know what your tribute wants to do during the game, but so your tributes chance of winning will increase.

7. Here is the tribute templete: (Stolen from Ninja Toast again, but edited it a bit, so give him credit here, too.)

Name: (First and Last name minimum.)

Age: (Ranged 12-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)

District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)


Appearence: (Typed, lunaii's, and pictures allowed)


Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum)

Strengths: (To make sure I don't have any super tributes...)

Weaknesses: (Make sure the number of strengths and weaknesses is the same)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Alliance: Choices: Careers (You know what this is.) Anti-Careers (A large alliance that anyone can join.) Alone (Will go solo in games.) Or list the tributes you are allying with. You can also say you are looking for an alliance. Anyone who is still undecided when I start Individual Training will automatically join the Anti-Careers.

Bloodbath Strategy: (Tell what you want your tribute to do in the Bloodbath here. Strategies while in-game will be told by advice.)


Tribute Token:

All the bold words are requirements, and I won't accept a tribute without one. Backstory and Tribute Token is optional, but if you want your tribute to be nice and detailed so I can increase his/her chances of winning, it is advised you add those, too.

8. You can post lunaiis or pictures but I don't want a gallery for now so I won't do anything with them.

9. I don't use any curse words but will use words like stupid, dumb, loser, etc.

10. Other then the actual games, there will only be Individual Training. If I feel like it, I may add a little pre-games, but I would like to get to the action fast, and writing stuff like the reapings and interviews will just slow me down.

11. And that's it for the rules! If there is an error or problem I make please let me know and I'll fix it.

Alright now with the rules over with let's get to the real thing.

Story And Twist

After the 1st New Hunger Games ended, there was many complaints from Gamemakers that they were having a hard time managing all 52 tributes. The new Panem president, President Fire, didn't want to do this at first, but then later accepted this because he had an idea. He told the Gamemakers that he will reduce the games to 1 male and 1 female from each district ONLY if they could include a male and female from the Capital to join the games. The Gamemakers had little choice but to accept, so now the games are down to 28 tributes; one male and female from the Capital and districts 1-13.

Now for the twist. It was already announced that the reapings are reduced to only one male and female. Everyone in Panem but the Capital citizens were happy. However, opinions changed when President Fire announced the twist for this game.

"So we could see the same amount of action in-game despite having the number of tributes be reduced by almost in half, I have decided to team up creatures from The Netherworld and President Snow's ghost to create an arena with the most evil traps and obstacles known to mankind. What the arena will be like will be revealed later. Thank you, and happy New Hunger Games!"

All the citizens in Panem went from being happy to being shocked. Just how evil will this new arena look? With President Fire teaming up with creatures from The Netherworld (A world were ghosts, dragons, and other monsters live.) and with President Snow's ghost, the last president to have the Hunger Games, it must look pretty evil.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon(s) User
C Male Prometheus Oracle 18 6'1 Cleaver, Sword PumPumPumpkin
C Female Cherry Laver 18 5'11 Throwing Knives, Spiked Whip XXToxicScreamxx
1 Male Jeffery Killheart 14 5'10 Knife, Martial Arts, Stealth Mistfire333
1 Female Lucy Tillington 18 5'8 Bow, Throwing Knives,  MissRandomStuff
2 Male Marc Gage 18 6'6 Scythe, Boxing Thresh Is Best
2 Female Veronica Morderkaiser 18 5'9 Daggers, Seduction, Knives PumPumPumpkin
3 Male Frade Spectrus 14 5'11 Dagger, Crossbow, Traps Mistfire333
3 Female Karla Flake 16 5'0 Knife Nightlock Kryptonite
4 Male Felix Seaworth 17 6'4 Trident And Net, Throwing Knives District22
4 Female Medusa Vantor 16 5'11 Trident, Spear SuperTomato
5 Male Shade Spectrus 16 6'2 Dagger, Crossbow Mistfire333
5 Female Hannah Hurdersnicker 15 5'3 Throwing Knives, Archery, Axe Andy1854
6 Male Ash Fields 14 5'7 Spear, Whip District22
6 Female Calista Hawing 15 5'5 Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives, Spears Equestria Gurl
7 Male Sam Mason 16 6'2 Throwing Axes, Nun-Chuks, Spear District22
7 Female Cleopatra Andrews 13 5'2 Slingshot, Blowgun, Knife MissRandomStuff
8 Male Mist Scorchil 14 5'11 Axe, Dagger, Hidden Blade Mistfire333
8 Female Laila Bennett 16 5'5 Throwing Daggers, Bow And Arrows Sgirl11
9 Male Octavian Silvercrest 18 5'11 Bow And Arrow, Throwing Knives LightStone123
9 Female Irina Dupree 16 5'7 Axe, Throwing Needles, Sword Andy1854
10 Male Phoenix Rouge 18 6'9 Bow And Arrow, Rapier, Hand-To-Hand Combat Thresh Is Best
10 Female Helena Krisp 18 5'6 Katana Nightlock Kryptonite
11 Male Gloom Ivy 13 6'0 Scythe Nightlock Kryptonite
11 Female Tiburica Heloise 17 5'10 Bisento Ninja~Toast
12 Male Kyle Dake 18 6'3 Sledgehammer Thresh Is Best
12 Female Sylvia Matthews 17 5'6 Poison, Dagger, Blowgun MissRandomStuff
13 Male Cashon Lastoro 18 5'10 Sword, Axe SuperTomato
13 Female Allana Darkbloom 17 5'6 Knife Gloves Nommehzombies


Careers (Open)

Veronica Morderkaiser (2, Leader) Frade Spectrus (3, Co-Leader) Cherry Laver (C) Lucy Tillington (1) Marc Gage (2) Felix Seasworth (4) Medusa Vantor (4) Irina Dupree (9) Helena Krisp (10) Kyle Dake (12) Sylvia Matthews (12)

Anti-Careers (Open)

Shade Spectrus (5, Leader) Mist Scorchil (8, Co-Leader) Hannah Hurdersnicker (5, will join later in games) Ash Fields (6) Calista Hawing (6) Cleopatra Andrews (7) Laila Bennett (8) Octavian Silvercrest (9) Phoenix Rouge (10) Cashon Lastoro (13)


Prometheus Oracle (C) Jeffery Killheart (1) Karla Flake (3) Sam Mason (7) Tiburica Heloise (11) Gloom Ivy (11) Allana Darkbloom (13)


The Arena will be split into 2 sections; a Forest and an abandoned Village, with a Cornucopia surrounded by a small area of grasslands in the middle. The Forest will be a better spot to hide from other tributes but you will have a better chance of running into Mutts. The Forest will also contain caves for tributes to stay in. The abandoned Village will be a better spot to avoid Mutts but other tributes will be more likely to find you. Some of the houses in the Village are huge. Some of these big houses contain a maze and if you can make it through the maze, you will find a special weapon and some food and water.
Forest Hunger Games

The Forest during the day.

Now for the exciting twist!


These games won't be called the Death Games for nothing. The interesting twist here is that it is dangerous to be in the open at night. Why? Zombies. Everynight, Zombies will be released into the Arena. The good news is that you won't turn into a Zombie if one simply bites y
Village Hunger Games

The Village looks somewhat like this, but includes some bigger houses

ou. The bad news is that any tributes who dies will be revived into Zombies the next night. These revived tribute Zombies are stronger and harder to kill then regular Zombies. You can easily recognize the tribute who was revived into a Zombie. More bad news is that the Zombies in this games are not slow like other Zombies you normally see, they can actually move at a pretty decent speed. You can weaken and die if a Zombie bites you multiple times in a row. Luckily, caves in the Forest and houses in the Village are safe spots from these Zombies at night. So beware if you want to go tribute hunting during the night! Don't forgot other Mutts too, such as wolves, bears, etc. Lastly, the "special weapon" I was talking about earlier will be something like a flamethrower or another weapon that will destroy the Zombies more easily.


The POVS will go like this; a random tribute from each district. I will try to make sure that at least 1 of each user's tributes will have a POV during the actual Individual Training. Then the POVS throughout the actual games will be random.

Individual Training

I will start these once I get all the tributes.

Cherry Laver (Capital)

I am waiting in a room filled with 27 other tributes. Until my name gets called, which should be shortly as The Capital tributes will be called first, I talk to the career tributes. The reason why I'm doing this is because I hate waiting and talking to others will keep me busy. Another and more important reason is because I am trying to join the career alliance and getting to know them first is a good start. Another good step will be impressing them with a high training score. I could of brought a bottle of liquor with me but I didn't think the careers would be too impressed with me drinking in front of them.

"Cherry Laver." A voice announces from somewhere loud enough so that everyone can hear it over the chatter. I say goodbye to the careers and walk to the doors at the end of the room. I walk into a room with the Gamemakers watching from the side. A forcefield is around them; I guess they still didn't forget the accident in the 74th old Hunger Games. Fortunately the Gamemakers don't look bored as I'm the first to be called; a small advantage I get if I want to get a high training score.

"Cherry Laver, Capital." I announce. All of the Gamemakers look closely at me. Now is the time for me to act. I take out some knives; my favorite weapon to user, and quickly head over to this station with about 10 dummies lined up. This is good for me because I am fast and what I'll do with combine speed and good weapon usage. I take a deep breath, relax and throw my first knife at the first dummy. The knife hits the dummy right on the center of the chest. I feel a boost of confidence in myself. I throw the rest of the knives at the dummies with great accuracy. I look at the Gamemakers, and they nod, as if they were pretty impressed with my performance.

I get dismissed to leave the room and exit the room with good confidence in myself. If I can just get at least an 8, then that should convince the careers enough that I deserve to be with them. I would also like to see others view the Capital as having career tributes.

Jeffery Killheart (District 1)

I am waiting in a room filled with other tributes scattered around. I mainly have been by myself ever since I got reaped. All of the tributes are probably too terrified by my face that got messed up in a accident I had back home with a few troublemakers. I did talk to some career tributes for a bit because they think I'll be a good addition to their alliance. I may think about joining later but not right now. I saw 3 other tributes leave the room already. I am unsure on what they did and where they are right now. All I know is that I better get prepared because my name should be announced quickly and I'll see what those tributes were doing behind those doors.

"Jeffrey Killheart." A voice from somewhere announces. Looks like it is my turn. I start to walk toward the doors to the Individual Training room. Some of the weaker tributes try to avoid looking at me which I find kind of funny. They will be fun targets when the games start. I walk through the doors and into a room with the Gamemakers watching from the side. They are protected by a forcefield, so unfortunately I can't use them to show The Capital how I can kill. I do however see some dummies line up that I can practice killing. It won't have the same feeling as killing someone for real but its better than nothing.

"Jeffrey Killheart. District 1." I say to the Gamemakers. Some of them are freaked out by my appearance and my voice, but as long as I have their attention I am Ok. I reach for a knife. A very sharp knife. I start to head toward the section with a row of 10 dummies. I easily hit the first 9 dummies by throwing knives into their skull or heart. Since the Gamemakers don't look all that impressed, I decided to change the last kill. I knock the dummy down, whisper "Go to sleep." to it, and slowly push the knife into the dummy's skull. I then with all my strength push on the knife, putting it almost through the dummy's head. The Gamemakers look wide-eyed. I don't think they saw a kill as brutal as that.

I get dismissed to leave the room and exit the room. I hope The Capital enjoyed that, and will give me a good training score. No matter what score I get, I know I will be the one who wins the games. I will kill the tributes in their sleep just like how I killed that last dummy. Nothing will be able to stop me.

Veronica Morderkaiser (District 2)

My name is going to be called next. I don't really get what the point of Individual Training; only how good you do in the actual games matter. However, one of the tributes in my alliance, Frade from District 3, wants to be the leader of the careers. I will allow no one other then myself to lead this alliance. Besides, I am part of a family that is meant to have leaders and victors. All the tributes to me are basically just obstacles I need to destroy to achieve victor status and my alliance members are tools that will help me destroy them, although I'll need to destroy them too eventually.

"Veronica Morderkaiser." A voice announces. Time to show Frade and the others how I deserve to be number 1 in the careers. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They are just regular tools to me just like most other people I know. They do look kind of freaked out, though. Probably because Jeffrey's name got called before mine and he is freaky enough to scare most people, but not me. Time for me to show The Capital what I can do.

"Veronica Morderkaiser. District 2." I shout loud enough so they can get out of their fear mood and into the mood of paying attention to me. The Gamemakers look toward me, so now is the time to do my act. I grab a dagger, go to a section with dummies, and do just about every single move I can remember I did during my training at home. What lies is a mess of dead dummies. I still have one more trick up my sleeve. I throw my dagger at the last remaining dummy. The dagger lies right in the bullseye of the dummy's forehead. I have trained for years and years, yes, but even getting a bullseye with a dagger is something I don't do everytime. The Gamemakers stare at the dummy mess, looking pleased with my performance.

Afterwards, I get dismissed, and leave the room feeling pleased with my performance. To me, I need to get an 11 to even meet my expectations for Individual Training and show everyone that I should be the leader of the careers. Once again though, all that matters is how good you do in the games, and I expect myself to win the games and add another victor to the Morderkaiser family.

Frade Spectrus (District 3)

I am still waiting for my name to be called. I am already getting tired of waiting, so I have no idea what the tributes in District 13 must feel. They must feel like they are stuck in hell. When my name does get called, I just hope I can do better then that loser Veronica. I am supposed to be the leader of the careers, not some careless girl. Instead, I am the so-called "Co-Leader" whatever importance that is. If I get a higher training score than her, maybe then she will be convinced enough that I should be the leader. If I'm still not the leader later on, I may get some revenge during the games. Another tribute in the games that I hate is my stupid brother, Shade. He is the leader of the "Anti-Careers" and he is pretty much the opposite of me. I better get a higher score then him as well.

"Frade Spectrus." A voice from somewhere announces. Finally, it is my turn. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. I can see these dumb dummies lined up in a row of 10. I know what I can do. First though I need to get the lazy stupid Gamemakers attention. They are always drunk and sometimes don't even pay attention to you.

"Frade Spectrus! District 3!" I shout very loud so they can snap out of whatever they are doing. They jump in their seats looking surprised. Now I got their attention. I go to the weapons ract and bring out a dagger. I head over toward the row of dummies and swing, throw, and do whatever you can to kill with a dagger. The last I save to bring out a knife I also secretly took from the weapons ract and throw in right at the dummy with the knife landing right in the skull. A huge mess of dummies is whats left in the section. The Gamemakers nod, as if they think I did pretty good. Well, guess what, doing something as stupid as nodding isn't enough. I therefore bring out a thing with a red button in the middle. I stay away from where the dummies were and press the button. An explosion could be heard, and the remains of the dummies are now on fire. Now the Gamemakers look shocked, which I like better. I knew it was a good idea to use that unexpected trap. I get dismissed to leave the room shortly afterwards.

That shocked look on the Gamemakers should be enough for me to get a higher score than both Veronica and my brother, Shade from District 5. Now that idiot Veronica will be begging for me to be the leader and Shade will now know who is the better brother.

Medusa Vantor (District 4)

I am waiting for my name to be called. Most of the career tributes have already left. Only our alliance members not in a career district are left. I have heard a lot of argument today about who is the leader of our alliance, the careers. I prefer to stay away from that kind of stuff so I don't really have an opinion on who is the leader. However, my main attention right now is to get a good training score on Individual Training. I just hope that the Gamemakers aren't too drunk or tired yet.

"Medusa Vantor." A voice announces from somewhere. Alright, it is my turn to go. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They look surprisingly awake. I'm not sure if something from earlier woke them up or what. I'm Ok with it though because I have their attention. I can see dummies lined up in a row at an area in the room. I know what I can do.

"Medusa Vantor. District 4." I say to the Gamemakers. Now time to do my act. I head over to the weapons ract and take out a trident. I then head over to the dummies and stab them with my trident, one by one. This causes a bloody mess. After about 3/4 of them are stabbed, I switch over to a spear. I throw my spear at the remaining dummies with great accuracy. Not perfect, but all of my throws at least hit the dummies at one spot. One of them in fact hit the skull. Ouch. Afterwards, the Gamemakers applaud of my performance.

I get dismissed to leave the room, feeling pretty good with my performance. I don't know if I'll get the best score in the world but I know I got at least a great score. I'm not sure what is happening with the leader situation in my alliance but I am going to take no part in it. I'll just fight with them during the games and late in the games we'll see what happens.

Hannah Hurdensnicker (District 5)

I am still waiting for my name to be called so I can start Individual Training. I have been chatting with members from the anti-careers lately because I have a plan during the games. I will go solo for the first half of the games so I can get supplies and food for myself. If I am still alive about halfway through the games, I will join the anti-careers if I run into them. The others agreed with my plan, so that's all good. Now, I will try to get a good training score.

"Hannah Hurdensnicker." A voice announces. Looks like it is my turn. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They look more awake than I thought they would be, which is good for me. I can see a station with targets lined up. I am a very good archer, so I know what I can do.

"Hannah Hurdensnicker. District 5." I say to the Gamemakers. Now its time to start. I head over to the weapons ract and pull out a bow and some arrows. I then head over to the targets station, take a deep breath, and put an arrow on the bow. I concentrate, release, and watch the arrow fly toward the target. I look at the target, and the arrow lands a little to the right of the center. I shoot another, and this time it lands slightly left of the center. With only one arrow left, I looked at the Gamemakers to see if they're still paying attention. They were still staring at me impatiently, as if they're waiting for something good to happen. I knew it was either this arrow hitting the bullseye or the Gamemakers bored and me getting a low training score. I get my arrow ready, aim carefully at the center, take a deep breath, and let the arrow fly. It flies fast right toward the target. I couldn't believe when my arrow landed right on the bullseye! I rarely can do that even at archery class!

The Gamemakers clap and I get dismissed, feeling good with my performance. That last arrow was all or nothing, and I got right in the bullseye. I feel confident I got a good training score. Next I will see how my plan in the games works out.

Ash Fields (District 6)

There are 14 tributes left in the room including me. That is half of the 28 total. I am waiting for the actual games to start because I have an evil but smart plan that I'm going to use. I will join a random alliance with someone, probably the anti-careers. I will act innocent in front of them like I'm a normal member, but then, out of nowhere when they're not expecting it, I will probably kill another member and take the supplies from the alliance. I don't really care how good I do on Individual Training, but I guess I should get a decent score.

"Ash Fields." A voice announces. Now it is my turn to go. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They don't look too tired, they should be awake enough to pay attention. I can see this one station that has 3 dummies lined up. I know what to do.

"Ash Fields. District 6." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. I walk to the weapons ract and pull out a spear. I then walk toward the station with the dummies and get my spear ready. I have 3 chances here to impress the Gamemakers. I aim carefully at the first dummy, and throw it. It lands on the stomach. Not too bad, but I need better to impress the Gamemakers. I take my second spear and aim it carefully at the second dummy. I throw it, and it lands a bit higher up on the stomach. Still good, but not enough. I take my final spear and aim it carefully at the last dummy. I aim for the head, take a deep breath, and throw it. The spear lands on the lower part of the head. That should be good enough. The Gamemakers clap, and I get dismissed.

I think I did decent overall. I am more looking forward however to do my plan when the actual games start. It is still a while away, and I do need to survive a couple days in the arena, but it will be fun if I accomplish it. The supplies I get will help me win, too, and I will win for Aurora, an extremely nice neighbor back in District 6.

Cleopatra Andrews (District 7)

My name should be called any minute for Individual Training. I would have been called much earlier if I were still in District 1. I wanted to become one of the first ever victors of the New Hunger Games so I trained hard when I was in District 1. However, my parent's didn't want me to risk dying so we moved to District 7. I don't get as much chances to train there, but I still have District 1 talent. I did end up getting reaped, and because we were in District 7, no one wanted to volunteer. Even though I'm only 13, I think I have done enough training to shock everyone and win the games. I will also hide my District 1 talent by trying to get an average District 7 training score. (About 5-7.)

"Cleopatra Andrews." A voice from somewhere announces. Now it is my turn, finally. I walk through the doors and into a room with the Gamemakers watching from the side. They don't look fully awake, but it doesn't matter for me since I'm purposefully getting an moderate score. I see a station with a bunch of targets lined up. I know what I can do.

"Cleopatra Andrews. District 7." I say to the Gamemakers. Now I can start. I head over toward the weapons ract and pick up a blowgun. I then head over to the target area and start to shoot the targets. I am not really paying attention, however, and I'm missing some on purpose. Afterwards, I miss about a third of the targets. The Gamemakers clap silently, but don't really seem that impressed with my performance. That's Ok with me; I want to get an average District 7 score. I then get dismissed to leave the room.

I did a good job of pretending to be a young District 7 weakling. Now no one will know that I really have District 1 talent hidden in due to all the training I've done. I will surprise everyone when the actual games start and win the games to show my parents I am good enough to be volunteering to join the New Hunger Games.

Laila Bennett (District 8)

I am still waiting for my name to be called so I can start the Individual Training. My name should be called any minute though. I hope I can win these games. My brother died in the war that started the New Hunger Games and life has been awful since. My mother committed suicide and my father became an alcoholic. I am hoping that winning the games can improve my life. I am hoping that the anti-career alliance can help me win. Maybe they will be successful over those careers. 

"Laila Bennett." A voice from somewhere announces. Now it is time to go. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They are starting to get a bit tired and bored, but at least they aren't totally out of it. I can see a station with targets lined up. I do have a good aim, so I know what I can do.

"Laila Bennett. District 8." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. I head over to the weapons ract and pull out some throwing knives. I then head over to the targets station. Throwing knives at targets should be easier for me to do then throwing knives at living people. I would hate to kill people but targets are just targets. I aim carefully and throw my knives at the targets, one by one. After about half the targets have a knife on them I switch over to my bow and arrow and start to shoot arrows at the remaining targets. I look at my results after I finished. I missed 2, but overall I did good. A few were actually close to a bullseye! I then get dismissed to leave the room.

I feel good with my performance, but it will be hard for me to aim that well when trying to kill a living person. Well, I  do need to win these games if I have any chance on having a successful life. I will try to get rid of my fear of killing others and just win the games so my life can make a turnaround.

Octavian Silvercrest (District 9)

I am waiting for my name to be called so I can start my Individual Training. During my wait, I have mainly been chatting with the others in my anti-careers alliance. I want others in my alliance to view me as a nice person. I hate though how sometimes the girls like me a little too much, but I can handle it.

"Octavian Silvercrest." A voice announces. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They are starting to look a bit tired. I decide that shooting arrows and throwing knives at targets will be too boring for the Gamemakers, so I instead decide to attack the dummies at the dummy station.

"Octavian Silvercrest. District 9." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. I head over to the weapons ract and pull out a bow and some arrows. I head over to the dummies station and get my bow ready. I aim carefully, and shoot an arrow at the first dummy. It lands on the stomach. Ouch. I then quickly shoot arrows at more dummies. When half the dummies have been shot, I switch over to the throwing knives. I am carefully with my first knife, and throw it right on the chest. Double ouch. I throw my knives at the remaining dummies. After I finished, I look at my results. Almost all the dummies have been hit with a knife or arrow; only one knife missed. One arrow landed right in the skull. Triple ouch. One knife also landed just beneath the skull and on the neck. The Gamemakers clap and then dismiss me.

I did pretty good overall. Other then my shooting and throwing skills, I also have had some training in martial arts and parkour. I wasn't training for the games though; after my mom died in a robbery, I started to train in those areas so I can fight off criminals so nothing can that could happen again. Maybe my training in those areas can help me win, too.

Helena Krisp (District 10)

My name should be called any minute now so I can start my Individual Training. There are now just 8 tributes left in the room counting me, but it seems empty compared to when there were 28 earlier. I have mainly been chatting with Kyle Dake (12) as we were the only career members left. Although we weren't even near a career district, we act like a career. We both like to kill and don't mind seeing lots of blood. In fact, I even dyed my hair blood-red. Sylvia (12) may also join but our alliance leaders Veronica (2) and Frade (3) haven't decided if she should join yet.

"Helena Krisp." A voice announces from somewhere. Knowing it is my turn, I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They are starting to look tired, which I don't like. I want to prove everyone I deserve to be in the careers with a high training score. I can't do a Katniss Everdeen move since there is a forcefield protecting them. Even though I don't like to shout, I say...

"Helena Krisp! District 10!" I shout so I could get their attention. It sounds kind of squeaky since I rarely shout, but it was enough for them to snap out of it and look toward me. Oops... I haven't even thought of what to do. I do see a katana on the weapons ract and a station with dummies lined up in a row of 10. I run over to the weapons ract and pull out a katana. I then head over to the dummies station and, one by one, I swing at the dummies at different parts of their body. I hit some on the legs, some on their arms, some at their chest, and even some at their heart, neck, or skull. After I finish a bloody mess is whats left. I don't mind seeing all the blood unlike other girls in my district. The Gamemakers clap but look surprised as well. I think this may have been their most exciting act in a while. That is good. That is what a career does; shock the Gamemakers. Afterwards I get dismissed to leave the room, feeling good about my performance.

I did a great job of showing off like a career. In the games, I will hunt and kill tributes easily alongside the careers. Even when I am forced to go solo, I shall kill everyone myself with still no problem. I hope I can win. I really want to carry on with my life in District 10. I also want to win for my aunt and sister, who thought I was dead in a accident the day before the reapings!

Tiburica Heloise (District 11)

I am waiting for my name to be called so I can start on my next goal; get a decent enough score on the Individual Training. Afterwards my next goal is to win the New Hunger Games so I can fulfill Tavia's legacy. Nobody in Panem likes to remember it, but one of my family members, Tavia, was part of the reason why there is a New Hunger Games going on. In the last old Hunger Games, Tavia's alliance was a big one. It had 9 members and looked to be dominating the games, even the career alliance. However, they did something which the Capital found to be an act of rebellion. They painted the Capital's Seal on the side of the Cornucopia and burnt it down. Mutts were sent to hunt and kill the members of Tavia's alliance. Although one of the members of the alliance survived and won the games, an uprising started afterwards. This caused a war and started the New Hunger Games which we know today.

"Tiburica Heloise." A voice announces. Now its time for me to accomplish my goal. I walk through the doors and into a room with the Gamemakers watching from the side. They don't look too tired, surprisingly. I think something from earlier must have woke them up. I can use this fact to my advantage. I know what I can do. I can see a station with dummies lined up in a row of 7. I look to see if there is a bisento on the weapons ract. It isn't a popular weapon, but I can see one bisento standing up on the weapons ract. Now I'm good.

"Tiburica Heloise. District 11." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. I run over to the weapons ract and grab a bisento. I then run to the station with the dummies and, using all my confidence and strength, attack and slash at them, one by one. After a short amount of time, I can see a bloody mess. The blood is kinda disgusting, but so I can get a good training score, I make a look like I don't mind seeing blood at all, like I won't mind killing someone. The Gamemakers look impressed and clap for me. I then get dismissed to leave the room, feeling good with my performance.

I think I will get a pretty good training score. I honestly don't really care what score I get as long as it is not embarassingly low or shockingly high. My next goal now is to win the games. Since I just can't seem to trust anyone, I decide that I will go solo. I think it would be a smarter idea to go with someone with good trust rather then someone who is strong but doesn't care.

Kyle Dake (District 12)

I have been waiting a long time for my to be called so I can do this thing called "Individual Training." I am the last career member waiting in the room. Sylvia (12) just left the room. I don't know if he is a member of my career alliance or not. Whatever, I am just hoping I can get this over with. I shouldn't even be in this situation anyway. There is apparently this stupid rule that you can't dye your hair. I got caught doing so, and they made me forced to volunteer. Besides, do I even look like someone who had their name in the bowl 20 times because of a tessera? Didn't think so. I am 6'3 despite living in a poor district like District 12.

"Kyle Dake." A voice from somewhere announces. Finally, it is my turn. I walk through the door and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They don't look too tired. A surprise considering I was tired and bored from waiting for so long. This is good for me because I don't need to wake them up. I can see my favorite weapon, a sledgehammer, on the weapon's ract. I can also see a station nearby with 3 dummies. Perfect.

"Kyle Dake. District 12." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start I run over to the weapon's ract and bring out a sledgehammer. It is a bit heavy, but I am strong unlike other weaklings from my district, so I don't really mind it. I then head over to the station with the dummies. I want to show the Gamemakers the most gruesome deaths they'll ever see, so I attack the first dummy by slamming the sledgehammer right into the first dummy's chest, knocking it over. Ouch. I then head over to the next dummy and slammed the sledgehammer into the dummy's heart. Blood started flowing out of the hit area. Double ouch. I want to save the best for last, so with the third and final dummy, I slam the sledgehammer with all my strength on the dummy's head. Blood started gushing out of the hit area, and I may even have caused a dent in the skull. Triple ouch. The Gamemakers look somewhat impressed. They clap for me and dismiss me to leave the room.

I did a great job overall. Now when the training scores get announced, no one will see me as some weak loser from District 12. I shall fight with the careers during the actual games and find a way to win. Then, the Peacekeepers who made me forced to volunteer will realise that their move was a mistake because I will win the games too easily.

Allana Darkbloom (District 13)

There are just two tributes waiting for our Individual Training to start; me and Cashon (13). I don't really talk to him since he is in the Anti-Careers and I am going solo. I don't trust allying anyone in the arena, especially with a sneaky plan that I am going to do. When my name gets called for Individual Training, I will fail on purpose, boring the Gamemakers. I bet everyone will laugh when they see my "1" next to my name when the results come and think I am silly, weak-minded, and overall just useless. Truth is, I am not your average District 13 tribute. I have been fighting like a career during my life, craving bloodshed. When the games start, I will show my true strength and nobody will take me seriously.

"Allana Darkbloom." A voice from somewhere says. Now its time to have fun and do my act. I walk through the doors and into a room with Gamemakers watching from the side. They are looking bored and a little drunk; not a surprise considering I am the second last one to be called. I put on my knife gloves, and look for the heaviest knife I can find on the weapon's ract. After I think I found out, I look over to a station with a target lined up. I know what to do.

"Allana Darkbloom. District 13." I say to the Gamemakers so I can start. I head over to the weapon's ract and pull out a big knife. Even though anyone could pick it up easily, I pretend it is too heavy for me. I struggle to bring the knife over to the target station. I then weakly throw the knife at the target. The knife doesn't even reach halfway to the target! I can hear some of the Gamemakers moan, like they are getting extremely bored already. I'm not even finished yet. I get the knife I threw, and try to throw it again. This time, I purposefully drop the knife right next to my foot. I act like it did it my foot by screaming and grabbing it. After about 30 seconds of this, the Gamemakers dismiss me. I walk away, looking disappointed.

However, when I exit the room, I smile. This is going exactly as planned. When the games start, no one will take me seriously. I will then show my true strength, surprising killing everyone and making perfect throws with my knife. Nobody will see me as a threat, but I will show them and win the games by surprise.

Training Score and Odds



9-10: You Did Great!!

7-8: You Did Good!

4-6: You did Ok.

1-3: you could do better...

District Tribute Score Odds
Capital Prometheus Oracle 8 15-1
Capital Cherry Laver 8 14-1
1 Jeffrey Killheart 10 8-1
1 Lucy Tillington 9 10-1
2 Marc Gage 10 9-1
2 Veronica Morderkaiser 11 4-1
3 Frade Spectrus 11 3-1
3 Karla Flake 6 29-1
4 Felix Seaworth 9 11-1
4 Medusa Vantor 9 11-1
5 Shade Spectrus 10 6-1
5 Hannah Hurdersnicker 7 23-1
6 Ash Fields 6 30-1
6 Calista Hawing 6 31-1
7 Sam Mason 7 21-1
7 Cleopatra Andrews 5 40-1
8 Mist Scorchil 8 15-1
8 Laila Bennett 6 32-1
9 Octavian Silvercrest 7 24-1
9 Irina Dupree 8 16-1
10 Phoenix Rouge 7 22-1
10 Helena Krisp 9 13-1
11 Gloom Ivy 7 21-1
11 Tiburica Heloise 8 16-1
12 Kyle Dake 8 15-1
12 Sylvia Matthews 7 24-1
13 Cashon Lastoro 7 25-1
13 Allana Darkbloom 1 70-1

The Night Before The Games

Marc Gage

I am in my bed thinking about the games. I need to win this. My father, grandfather, and great grandfather all won back in the regular Hunger Games, so I should continue my family streak and win too. I am really confident that I can win. Only problem is that some of the other tributes in my alliance are creepy. My alliance, the Careers, have a total of 10 tributes, including me. We are lead by this seemingly careless and bossy 18 year old girl named Veronica. She is from my District, District 2. We are also kind of lead by this 14 year old boy named Frade. He may be kind of young, but he keeps swearing whenever I hear him talk! Him and Veronica are also the only tributes who got a "11" in the Individual Training. We also have Lucy from District 1, Felix from District 4, and Medusa also from District 4. We also have non-career District tributes in our alliance; Irina from District 9, Helena from District 10, Kyle from District 12, and Sylvia also from District 12. We chose them because we needed more strong tributes if we wanted to match the huge Anti-Career alliance. They may not have the strongest tributes but they are loaded. I will now try to sleep; the games start tomorrow, and I don't want to be tired heading into the arena!

Cashon Lastoro

I am with the Anti-Career alliance. I am in my bed thinking of our alliance. I am wondering if we could actually match or even overpower the Careers. I know it may sound a little crazy, but both the Careers and Anti-Careers are loaded with 10 tributes each. It is almost like Hunger Game Wars. Anyway, in our alliance, we do have some pretty strong tributes. We are lead by Shade from District 5. He is the brother of Frade, who joined the Careers. Shade is very strong and he will probably be best as leader of our alliance. We also have Mist from District 8, who is co-leading our alliance. He also seems to have a lot of experience with weapons and dodging and all of that stuff you need for the Hunger Games. As for the rest of our alliance, we have Ash from District 6, Calista who is also from District 6, Cleopatra from District 7, Laila from District 8, Octavian from District 9, Phoenix from District 10, and lastly me, Cashon, from District 13. We also have Hannah from District 5, but she says that she will go solo to start and will try to meet us later in the games. Not sure how that plan will work out. Right now, I need to get some sleep; tomorrow will be the start of the games!

Sam Mason

I know I can win these games. In fact, I need to. I don't want to disappoint my mother, Johanna, who previously won one of the last regular Hunger Games. I will not let anyone get in my way. I have trained for years and years and volunteered the year where I felt confident I could win. I even feel confident that I could win over the Careers and Anti-Careers, who have 10 tributes each! They may seem strong, but they are really just wusses. They probably were too scared to go solo and wanted to rely on others to keep him/her alive. Not me, though. I shall win despite going solo. Some of the few other tributes brave enough to go solo like me are Prometheus from The Capital, Jeffrey from District 1, Karla from District 3, Tiburica from District 11, Gloom who is also from District 11, and Allana from District 13. We also have of course, me from District 7. There is also Cherry from The Capital but she is still deciding whenever to go solo or join an alliance. While we may not be the strongest tributes around, we should be the most confident. In fact, I won't be surprised if some of us make it far into the games because we are avoiding the action and battles that the Careers and Anti-Careers will probably have. I am getting tired, though, so I shall sleep and start my road to victory tomorrow.

Day 1 (Bloodbath/Daytime)

Mist Scorchil, District 8

I say good bye to stylist as I walk into a tube. The tube rises up and brings me to a Grassland area. There is forest surrounding the area, but I can see the tops of tall village houses in the distance past the forest to the left. I look to see if I can find out where the Anti-Careers are. It turns out we were lucky; because our Districts are close together, most of the members in the Anti-Careers are starting next to each other. I can also see Shade not too far away from me. We all know the plan; all the Anti-Career members will gather up near the core of the Cornucopia. We will gather all the supplies and try to kill a couple of Career members. Then we will run to the forest together. I look at the clock and there were only 10 seconds left! Yikes! I better get ready!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

Sylvia Matthews, District 12

As soon as time is up, I start running toward the Cornucopia. I am going for a dagger that I see close by. I managed to get there before anyone else. I can also see poison close by. I have an idea. While everyone is paying attention to the core of the Cornucopia, I dip my dagger in the poison and start to look for weaklings to kill. I can see Allana (13), the weakling who got a 1 in training, but she runs away with some knives. That scaredy cat! However, I see something interesting. Prometheus (C) is nearby trying to get a sword out of a box. This is my chance. I quickly run over to him and gets a dagger on his back. The poison should weaken and kill him if the dagger didn't. I look for where the other careers are.

Karla Flake, District 3

I managed to grab a couple of good knives on the outskirts of the Bloodbath! I am not going nearby the Cornucopia, though. It seems like there are a lot of tributes going there. I was thinking about getting poison close to the Cornucopia core, but then just when I was going to run to get it, I see Frade (3) killing Ash (6) with a dagger right where I was going to run. I decide it would be better to just run away. Maybe I can find something in the Village.

Shade Spectrus, District 5

That loser! I just saw my brother, Frade (3), kill one of my alliance members! I will show him! I run over to Frade, but he somehow senses that I was coming and grabs me before I could kill him with my dagger. "Hello, brother. Trying to kill me, eh?" he says to me in a weird cheerful voice. "Yes..." I say back to him. "But you got me instead. Are you going to finish me right now?" "No." He says back. "I want one of us to die in a good battle, not now. Now go to your stupid alliance. I got bigger problems to deal with." I nod, and he lets go of me. I run over to the Cornucopia core, where there appears to be a brawl between the Careers and Anti-Careers going on.

Phoenix Rouge, District 10

I am trying to defend the other Anti-Career members along with Mist (8) while the other members get supplies that we need. Shade (5) suddenly comes and helps us. The Careers are tying to attack us. One of the Career members, Helena (10) notices Cleopatra (7) trying to get some supplies from the outskirts of the Bloodbath. She throws a blade at Cleo, slicing her neck and killing her instantly. "WHY YOU!?" says Mist (8), mad that another one of his allies got killed. He throws a tomahawk at Helena, landing on her chest and killing her quickly. "Shade! We got enough supplies!" Octavian (9) says. "Then let's get the heck out of here." Shade says. All of the Anti-Careers quickly get up and start running toward the forest. Some of the Careers attempt to shoot one of us down, but they fail. We keep running until we think we are far enough in the forest.

Veronica Morderkaiser, District 2

Well, that was a failure. We could only kill two of the Anti-Career members in total and lost one of us. To make matters worse, we were taking too much time trying to kill the Anti-Careers that all the loners have left. I see Tiburica (11) grabbing the last of her supplies, but she runs away as soon as I see her. I won't be able to go after her. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Wow, only 4 cannons? Worst. Bloodbath. Ever.

Frade Spectrus, District 3

All of us Careers are gathering up around the Cornucopia. Although we managed to kill only 3 other tributes, we did get a lot of leftover supplies. We eat, have some water, and get ready for the night. I REALLY wished I could have killed that jerk Veronica (2) by surprise, but I was too busy trying to kill the Anti-Careers and dealing with my brother to do so before the Careers were the only ones left at the Bloodbath. Darn it! Hopefully I will have another opportunity later.

Day 1 (Nighttime)

Tiburica Heloise, District 11

I am walking and looking for shelter that I can find before the Sun sets and the Zombie Mutts are released. I have walked past several caves; I am looking for strong well-protected cave that includes dense minerals such as stone or gravel. I did manage to get some food and water at the Cornucopia, but probably not enough to last me through the entire games. After walking for a long time, I saw a cave next to a source of water; a pond. I looked inside the cave and it was made out of dense stone. Perfect. Now I will have enough water for the next couple of days. I get some clean water from the pond and go inside my cave. I brighten the cave up with some torches I got from the Cornucopia. I then noticed that the Sun is close to setting. Now would be a good time to protect myself. I cover the cave entrance up the best I can with stone from the cave and get ready to relax for the night, thinking of what will be my plan tomorrow.

Jeffrey Killheart, District 1

Haha. This is great. I have stalked Gloom (11) ever since he left the Bloodbath. I chose him mainly because he is the youngest loner that is currently alive. I have been hiding in the bushes and following him when he was walking along a trail, looking for a cave before sunset. After he finally found one, I hid in a nearby bush while he went in the cave. He lit up the cave as sunset approached. He covered up the cave a bit, but there is still enough room for me to fit in the cave and kill him when he sleeps. The Sun has just about set, so I better get moving inside before the Zombie Mutts are released. When the Sun gets low enough, I quietly sneak inside an opening to the cave. Inside, I see Gloom already sleeping. His weapons are off to the side, too. I have a good chance here. I sneak over to the area where he is falling asleep at. I tap him, and he wakes up, looking terrified at my face. I said to the line that I have said to all my other victims; "Shh, Go To Sleep..." Still having that scared look on his face, I take out my knife, and quickly stab him in the heart. He closes his eyes seconds later. BOOM! That must have been his cannon. Now I can use his supplies. I will stay in this cave for the night and tomorrow, I will take a look at what the Careers are doing.

Calista Hawing, District 6

I am starting to get a bit concerned along with the rest of the Anti-Careers. The Sun has set, and we still haven't found a cave in the Forest that we can use for shelter during the night. I am starting to think that we would of been better off in the Village. Then again, the Careers could have easily found us and kill us. "Has ANYONE seen any cave the entire time we were walking?" Shade (5) asks us all. "No." We reply back. "Well, we better find a cave, because any second we could hear-" His sentence is cut off by a groaning noise. Seconds later, we see a small group of greenish humanlike figures walk toward us. "ZOMBIES!" shouts Laila (8). The Zombies notice us and start running toward us at a surprisingly good speed. "We can't take on them! RUN!" Shouts Mist (8). We all start running from the Zombies, looking for any caves on the side of the trail while were running. After about 20 seconds or running, I can hear someone scream. I am unsure of who it is and I don't want to look because watching Zombies have a feast on someone will not be a pleasant sight. BOOM! That must have been the victim's cannon. About 10 seconds after that, Cashon (13) says "Hey, I think I see a cave." He points to a cave on the left side of the trail past a couple bushes. "Then let's get off this trail and into the cave!" Shade shouts. We all start to quickly go into the cave. We light up a couple of torches that we got from the Bloodbath and place them. We quickly cover up the cave entrance with rocks and sit down. "Are we missing someone?" Mist asks everyone. "Phoenix, didn't make it." says Laila. "So it was him who screamed and died." Octavian (9) says. That is bad, because he was one of our best fighters. We all start to relax and discuss our plan for tomorrow. "We lost 3 today. We have to do better tomorrow." Shade says. We then start to sleep for the night.

Medusa Vantor, District 4

All of us Careers are inside the Cornucopia, discussing our plans for tomorrow. We have already sealed up the Cornucopia with rocks to make sure we are safe from the Zombie Mutts. "I think we should go for the loners first before we take on the Anti-Careers." I say to everyone. "Yeah, you do have a point." Frade (3) says "I bet some of those dumb stupid loners will want to ally with the Anti-Careers if they run into them." Irina (9) then says "True, and the Anti-Careers may even be looking for more alliance members if those 2 cannons earlier were any part of the Anti-Careers." "I know the plan." Veronica (2) says to all of us. "Tomorrow, we will go after Allana (13)." "Allana?" Marc (2) says. "I thought she got a 1 in training! Why would she be our number one target?" "Trust me, I have seen her do better in the Group Training." says Veronica. "She is probably one of the strongest Non-Careers in the games. She is just pulling a Johanna Mason." Everyone agrees to the plan. We hear the anthem play outside. We see who died through a small opening through the rocks before we all sleep for the night.

The Fallen

The Capitol - Prometheus Oracle

District 6 - Ash Fields

District 7 - Cleopatra Andrews

District 10 - Phoenix Rouge

District 10 - Helena Krisp

District 11 - Gloom Ivy

Day 1 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 10 are now dead
  • Both tributes from Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, and 13 are still alive
  • Three tributes from the Anti-Careers died, but only one tribute from the Careers died.
  • 4 males and 2 females died today
  • Phoenix (10) is the first tribute to be the victim of Zombie Mutts
  • The Careers think that Allana (13) was just pulling off a Johanna Mason with her 1 in training, and plan to go after her tomorrow
  • There are 22 tributes remaining


Day 2 (Daytime)

Sam Mason, District 7

Through a hole in my cave I can see the Sun start to rise up. Looks like it is safe to go out of the cave now. I was able to find a good cave to hide last night and avoid getting attacked by Zombie Mutts. I know the plan. I will mainly stay hidden in the area around the cave with the supplies and food I got from the Cornucopia and environment around the cave. If necessary, I will try to kill anyone who gets in my way. I would rather have everyone kill each other first, and then when it comes to the final handful of tributes, I will go out and show my strength, killing the remaining tributes and winning the games. For now, I will try to survive as long as I can and hope everyone else can kill each other.

Kyle Dake, District 12

All of the Careers have just finished waking up. We know the plan for today; go search for Allana (13) to show her that we didn't get fooled by her silly act. We decide to leave two members of our alliance, Felix (4) and Lucy (1), behind to guard the Cornucopia along with some traps surrounding it. We decide to look in the Forest as most of the loners decided to go over there. After walking for a long time, we were about to give up on the search with no signs of any other tributes. Just then, I could hear a rustle in the bushes. "Did anyone hear a rustling?" I ask everyone. "No." They all reply. We start to walk back toward the Cornucopia. I can hear the rustling again, this time louder. Everyone else seems to hear it this time, as we all have our weapons ready. Then, out of nowhere, Cherry (C) falls to the ground with a knife on her neck. BOOM! That must be her cannon. Then we see her. Allana on top of Cherry with a grin on her face. Just when she was going to throw her next knife, Veronica (2) throws a dagger at her stomach, causing her to fall to the ground. When we were about to finish her, Allana says "If I am going down, then you are going down with me!" as she throws a knife at Sylvia (12), landing on her face and making her fall to the ground. BOOM! Medusa (4) looks furious as she throws her trident straight at Allana, finishing her off. BOOM! "That was a good battle." Veronica says. "Told you all she is much better then her 1 in training. Let's head back to the Cornucopia, shall we?" We all nod and we start to walk the direction we came from.

Octavian Silvercrest, District 9 

We have decided to move our alliance toward the Village but on the edges away from the Cornucopia. We are doing this because we think that will be the best place for staying away from other tributes and setting up a camp so we are not relying on luck from finding caves. Therefore, we won't have a repeat of a disaster like last night. Shade (5) assigns us different spots in the Village so we could kill any loners who walk by, especially Jeff (1). We won't be attacking the Careers just yet while we are outnumbered. I hope those cannons earlier had at least something to do with the Careers. Me, Laila (8), and Mist (8) are assigned to go on top of the building and kill any loners walking by from above with our long-ranged weapons. Everyone else is assigned different positions such as hiding in the shadows near the entrance of houses. All of us agree and head toward our position. Laila, Mist, and I walk inside a taller house and find our way to the rooftop. However, when we were walking through a darker portion of the house, Mist, who was in the back of the group, suddenly falls to the ground in pain and a laughing noise can be heard. I know it would be too dark to search for the attacker and decide to get the heck out of the house. "Let's get out of here!" I say to Laila and we both start running with all our energy back the way we came and out of the house as soon as we could. BOOM! That must have been Mist's cannon. As we exit the house, Laila and I both shout "Someone was in the house! Let's get out of this area!" We all quickly group together and get out of the area and back closer to our base. "We just can't seem to have any luck." Shade says as we start to slow down. "We need to think of some plan that will near guarantee our safety." We start discussing what we could possibly do to make sure we could be safe and have success.

Jeffrey Killheart, District 1

Haha. My plan was a huge success. I decided to forget about my plan to spy on the Careers and just look to see if I could get a sneaky kill. Turns out that was a success. If only I could have a better look on the other 2 when they noticed their ally was hurt. I do notice through a window that the sky is starting to turn orange. I decide to go on the rooftops so I could avoid any Zombies.

Day 2 (Nighttime)

Laila Bennett, District 8

We finally made it back to our base, disappointed about our lack of success in the games so far. We lost 4 members, including our co-leader Mist (8), and killed only 1 career while they killed 2 of us. We are thinking of what we could do tomorrow that can turn around this mess. While we were talking we are visited by someone. "Hey everyone!" someone suddenly says. We are shocked and get our weapons ready. "Calm down, it is just me, Hannah (5). Remember I said I would join about halfway through the games? Well, I decided to join earlier then planned due to so many other tributes running about." "Well, we are in need of another member, so we will be happy if you join." Shade (5) says. "We lost 4 so far, so we will take any backup we can so we could match the Careers." I say. "Ouch. I would be happy to join then." Hannah says. We continue discussing our plan, but just when we were about to hide inside a Village house for the night, we hear someone else come. "Hi there." someone says. We all look pleasantly surprised to see Tiburica (11), the nice girl from District 11 who must be strong considering her 8 in Individual Training. "I was wondering if you need an extra member in your alliance. I would be happy to join." Tiburica says. "Well, we will need as much members as we can, so please join." Shade says. "Ok, I will join then." Tiburica says. "Good. Let's find a Village house to stay in for the night. The Zombies should be released really soon." Shade says. All of us then find a decently sized house that we can stay in for the night. We finish discussing our plan, and then go to sleep for the night.

Lucy Tillington, District 1

I have been guarding the Cornucopia with Felix (4) for hours until they finally came about a half hour ago. We were glad to see them because we were bored just staying around the Cornucopia all day. We weren't glad to hear that 2 of our alliance members died when killing Allana (13), which is bad because we will need every Career member we need if we are taking on the Anti-Careers. We even almost lost our leader, Veronica (2). She almost got killed by Zombies when she tried to attack what seemed to be an Anti-Career member that Frade (3) pointed out. It turns out it is was just the Zombie of Cleopatra (7), who is probably looking for revenge because we killed her in the Bloodbath. Right now, we are getting ready to go to sleep for the night in our Cornucopia. We finish discussing our plan for tomorrow, and then go to sleep for the night.

Karla Flake, District 3

I am currently in a part of the Village where apparently no one else went to as I didn't run into anybody. I am getting ready to sleep in a Village house, away from the Zombies walking outside. I didn't hear any cannons during the last hour, so it seems like everyone managed to avoid the Zombies. I see who died through a window in the house before going to sleep for the night.

The Fallen

The Capitol - Cherry Laver

District 8 - Mist Scorchil

District 12 - Sylvia Matthews

District 13 - Allana Darkbloom

Day 2 Trivia​

  • Both tributes from The Capitol are now dead
  • Both tributes from Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 are still alive
  • There are 7 Anti-Career members: Shade (5), Hannah (5), Calista (6), Laila (8), Octavian (9), Tiburica (11), and Cashon (13)
  • There are 8 Career members: Lucy (1), Veronica (2), Marc (2), Frade (3), Felix (4), Medusa (4), Irina (9), and Kyle (12)
  • There are only 3 loners: Jeffrey (1), Karla (3), and Sam (7)
  • 1 male and 3 females died today
  • No one died during the Nighttime and from Zombie Mutts, although Veronica (2) nealy got killed by a Zombie that looks like Cleopatra (7)
  • The Careers and Anti-Careers never met since the Bloodbath ended
  • There are 18 tributes remaining


Day 3 (Daytime)

Hannah Hurdersnicker, District 5

We have just woke up and will head over to the same spot as yesterday. Our plan is pretty much the same as yesterday, except this time we are more aware of everything around us. If possible, we will try to get revenge on the tribute who killed Mist (8) yesterday. Octavian (9) and Laila (8) recognize the house where Mist was killed. We will try to avoid that house and try to kill the tribute when he/she walks out. We are all stationed at the same spots as yesterday, except I am stationed in replace of Mist and Tiburica (11) is with other members hiding in the shadows near the entrance of houses. Tiburica and I just joined the Anti-Careers yesterday so they don't fully trust us. This will be a great opportunity for them to gain our trust. We will mainly pay attention to the house Mist was killed to see if the killer walks out.

Felix Seasworth, District 4

This is stupid. We have walked in the Forest for a while now and we haven't seen any tributes. We decide to head back to the Cornucopia after walking in the Forest for hours to see if we could think of a plan. At the Cornucopia, which was being guarded by Marc (2) and Medusa (4), we discuss what we could do. "I think we should check the Village." Lucy (1) suggested. "If we couldn't find anyone in the Forest, then everyone must be in the Village." "Hmm... good idea." Veronica (2) said. "Yeah, and maybe we will run into my stupid brother Shade (5) and his allies." Frade (3) said. "Alrighty then. It is decided that we will hunt in the Village." says Veronica. We then all started to walk in the opposite way of the Forest and into the Village.

Cashon Lastoro, District 13

We have waited for hours now in our position with only one lunch break. No one has walked by our stations and no one has come out of the Village house. We were about to give up with the plan when the group stationed on the roof of a Village house (Hannah (5), Laila (8), and Octavian (9)) shouted "Its him!" Everyone jumped out from their position just in time to see someone try to sneak out of the house we have been spying on. Hannah doesn't waste any time. I can barely see her take out a bow and try to shoot an arrow at the direction where the tribute came out of the building. The arrow lands right on the chest, but it does not kill him/her. The tribute struggles to get up instead. Shade (5) quickly runs over to the tribute. "This is what you get for killing my buddy Mist (8), loser." I can barely hear Shade say. He brings out his dagger and stabs it right where the person's heart is. Ouch. BOOM! That must of been the tribute's cannon. We walk over to Shade we can tell by the face that the tribute was Jeffrey (1). That is good because from what I remembered in Group Training he was pretty scary. "Finally, we have some success." Shade says. "Not for long, losers." A voice I recognize says. We all turn around and see the last thing we would like to see at this moment; the Careers.

Frade Spectrus, District 3

Haha. They totally did not see us coming. "RUN!" my dumb brother Shade (5) shouts. All of the wusses start running away from us. They really think they can get away? After some failed attempts to attack them, I throw my dagger at Laila (8) as she falls to the ground, weakened. We try to make another Anti-Career member fall down, but those wusses are too fast. Dang, we really need to work on this. Same thing happened during the Bloodbath too, and as a result, only two Anti-Career members died. This time it may be only one. The Anti-Careers eventually get away, but at least we can have some fun with Laila. "Hello there." I say to Laila as we all gather around her. She looks scared. "Let's play a game, shall we? I will ask you a question about your little allies. Answer in 5 seconds, and I may leave you live. If you don't answer in time or give a nonsense answer, your dead, got it?" I say. Everyone starts to laugh. "Ok then, where did your allies run off to? We want to know so we can hunt them down. 5 seconds starts now." "I won't tell you anything, losers." Laila struggles to say. "My allies deserve to live, unlike you jerks." "Sorry, nonsense answer." I say as she gets a dagger to her face by me. BOOM! That is her cannon. Everyone laughs and hive-fives me. "Now, lets find a way out of here, shall we?" Veronica (2) says. We all nod and we start walking.

Sam Mason, District 7

I still can't believe the Careers missed me. I guess they were so bored and tired of looking that they completely ignored the cave I was hiding in! I may be the only tribute in the Forest. Who knows. I realize that it is starting to get dark so I start to get prepared for the night.

Day 3 (Nighttime)

Karla Flake, District 3

I am still hiding in the Village. Still didn't encounter another tribute since the Bloodbath, which is good because I need to keep a low profile. Then no one will want to hunt me down. I even wonder if the others know I am still alive. I do know that a lot of loners died so far and a big percent of the tributes who were participating were either in the Careers or Anti-Careers alliance. I do know that as long as I find a hiding spot to avoid the Zombies, I will survive another day. I decide to stay in another Village house. I enter the house, close the door so no Zombies can come in and out, and get ready to sleep for the night.

Tiburica Heloise, District 11

We have just arrived back at our base after getting away from the Careers. Although we had success in killing our first tribute, we have lost a member of the Anti-Careers as well. After we regrouped when getting away, we heard a cannon and couldn't find Laila (8). We assumed that the Careers got her and killed her. I also am trying to have success in the other alliance members gaining trust in me. I just joined the alliance yesterday. Although I trust the my allies, I don't think they fully trust me yet. I hope they can gain my trust in the near future. We discuss our plan for tomorrow, and go to sleep for the night in a big Village house.

Irina Dupree, District 9

Everyone in the Careers including me are starting to get a bit worried. We have searched and searched but just couldn't find our Cornucopia base. It seems like we got lost in the Village, and the Zombies are about to get released. "Is everyone sure they haven't seen any signs of the Cornucopia?" Veronica (2) asks everyone. "Yes." everyone else replies. "Just forget the stupid Cornucopia." Frade (3) says. "We just need to find a place to hide for the night." "Well that should be easy, right?" Marc (2) says as he points to one of the Village houses. We were about to go inside the house when all of sudden dark figures started to walk out of the house. Soon, the dark figures start to appear everywhere. "Nevermind..." Marc says. "ZOMBIES!" I shout. "Come on everyone! Run! I will guide us out of here!" Veronica says loudly. The Zombies then start chasing us at surprisingly high speeds. We all start to run away, guided by Veronica.

Veronica Morderkaiser, District 2

We are still running away from the Zombies. In seconds, more and more Zombies start to follow us until the point where we are chased by about 100 Zombies. It seems like we have no hope, as we are starting to get tired and there are too many Zombies to deal with. "Yo! Veronica!" a voice suddenly says. Frade (3) suddenly starts running near me. "I have an idea that will keep the Zombies from chasing us." he says. "Really? What is it?" I say. "I still have a flamethrower that I got from the Bloodbath." He shows a flamethrower to me. "Here, you can use it against the Zombies so they won't chase us." I decide to agree to this for two reasons. First, I want to show the Capital that their silly inventions are weak and useless when against me. Second, I have felt pathetic for not getting a single kill so far and killing a bunch of Zombies with fire should more than make up for it. "I will." I say. "Ok, be careful." Frade says as he gives me the flamethrower. I slow down and let everyone pass me. Once I am inbetween the Zombies and the other Career members, I start to put a wall of fire in front of me. "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!" I shout to the Zombies. Like complete idiots, they continue to go after me. The Zombies then start approaching near me. I burn them down one by one with the flamethrower. This will be an easy but epic battle. Then, something unexpected happens; my flamethrower stops working with about half the Zombies still remaining. How did it run out of flames so quickly? Did Frade possibly pull a trick on me? "Uh oh..." I say as the remaining Zombies start to surround me. They then start having a feast on me, and it hurts badly! I close my eyes, knowing I have no chance.

Kyle Dake, District 12

BOOM! As we start slowing down, we hear the cannon. "Sounds like Veronica didn't survive." I say. "Wait, I think I can see the Cornucopia!" Felix (4) points to a grasslands area to the side. We are all relived to have survived that mess. We quickly hide and cover up the Cornucopia. "From now on, we have to memorize where we go to make sure nothing like this happens again." Frade (3) says. We all agree. We look to see who died through a small opening before going to sleep for the night.

The Fallen

District 1 - Jeffrey Killheart

District 2 - Veronica Morderkaiser

District 8 - Laila Bennett

Day 3 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 8 are now dead
  • Both tributes from Districts 3, 4, 5, and 9 are still alive
  • There are 6 Anti-Career members: Shade (5), Hannah (5), Calista (6), Octavian (9), Tiburica (11), and Cashon (13)
  • There are 7 Career members: Lucy (1), Marc (2), Frade (3), Felix (4), Medusa (4), Irina (9), and Kyle (12)
  • There are only 2 loners: Karla (3) and Sam (7).
  • 1 male and 2 females died today
  • Karla and Sam seem to be unnoticed by the Careers and Anti-Careers
  • Frade outsmarts Veronica by luring her into a trap with Zombies
  • Frade is now the leader of the Careers
  • The Careers and Anti-Careers met for the first time since the Bloodbath
  • There are 15 tributes remaining


Day 4 (Daytime)

Shade Spectrus, District 5

We have just woken up. We know the plan I thought of yesterday. We can't attack the Careers, so we will try to outsmart them instead. Since the Careers will likely want to find us, we will place dummies that look like tribute in places where the Careers would like to check. Right where the tribute dummy is, we will place an explosives trap. We are hoping that the Careers decide to attack the tribute dummy, thinking its real, and setting off the explosives, killing the victim. The Careers are stronger than us and the only way to weaken them is to make them lose members. If my brother, Frade (3) can get killed that would be even better. We gets the traps ready and place the dummies in spots such as the side of houses. We then find a good hiding place where we could watch and see if the Careers fall for the trap.

Marc Gage, District 2

We are walking toward the area of the Village where we met the Anti-Careers yesterday. Before we do anything else, we all decided to take out the Anti-Careers as they are our biggest and pretty much only threat. We keep walking until we get to the place where we last met the Anti-Careers. However, we see no one around. When we were about to check the back of one of the houses, Frade (3) says that he sees a tribute at the back of the house. He then looks at all of us, and then looks right at me. Frade tells me to "have fun" and kill the tribute. I agree to this because I have yet to get a kill so far, which is kinda embarrassing for someone in District 2.

I walk over to the back of the building and see a male tribute just standing there with a worried look. This boy should be an easy kill. I walk over to him and get my scythe ready. Right when the scythe is about to hit the dummy, I can hear an explosion erupt beneath me as I black out.

Frade Spectrus, District 3

BOOM! I can hear a cannon during that explosion. That must of been Marc's (2) cannon. Everything so far is going to plan. I sensed that the tribute was a dummy and likely a trap set by my brother Shade (5) and the Anti-Careers. After looking around, I decided that Marc was probably my biggest threat in the Careers so I sent him to fall for the trap. "Wow. I did not see that coming." I say, pretending to be surprised and upset. I then tell everyone to split up so we can lure the Anti-Careers out of their hiding spot. After looking around for a bit, I could hear a scream. Looks like someone found their hiding spot. I follow the direction of the scream which leads to me the back of a house near the place where the trap was set off.

I come just in time to see the Anti-Careers run away from Lucy (1), Felix (4), and Medusa (4). The 3 of them try to attack the Anti-Careers with long-distance weapons. One of Felix's knives manages to hit Calista (6) right in the skull. Ouch. BOOM! That must be her cannon. The rest of the Careers soon come. We also notice that Tiburica (11) is running in a different direction then her allies. We decide to go after her so we will have one less threat to worry about.

Tiburica Heloise, District 11

I have the ultimate plan that should kill quite a few Career tributes. I will trap them in a Village house and put the house on fire while they're trapped. I have already discussed my plan with the Anti-Careers. They should be waiting for me not far from here. Who knows, if none of the Careers find a way out the fire could kill all of them. I would like to see what happens, but I know it would be smart to find the Anti-Careers as soon as the house catches on fire so the Careers don't know where I am if they do escape. I approach the house I plan on setting on fire and quickly get inside. I look behind for a second and see the Careers are trying to throw weapons at me. I better hurry. I run to the other side of the house, open the back door, and lock it from the inside. I see the back door start to move. I better do this quickly before they break through. I get my matches ready and start to light the house on fire. I see the flames quickly start to take over the house. I assume the Careers must be panicking, as the backdoor is about to fall off. I have no time to see what happens.

I have to get away before the Careers break open the door. I start to run away to the direction where I was told to meet with the Anti-Careers. I then see the Anti-Careers waiting for me at our base. "So, how did the plan go?" asked Shade (5). BOOM! BOOM! I heard two cannons just when I was about to answer. "Well, I guess those cannons just answered your question." I say. Everyone congratulates me for my plan. Hopefully now they have my trust. "I wonder what those two cannons were." says Hannah (5). "I guess we will find out tonight." Octavian (9) says back. "The sun is starting to set." Shade says. "I think we should find a place to hide in the Forest. The Careers still think we are in the Village, so they will be searching for us there." We all agree on this plan and start moving toward the Forest.

Day 4 (Nighttime)

Sam Mason, District 7

Its been a while since the last time I saw another tribute. I am been staying in the area around this cave ever since the Bloodbath ended. I am actually starting to wonder if I can win this in a similar way that my mom Johanna did. Everyone thought she wasn't a threat in her games, but when there were only a small amount of tributes left, she surprised everyone by killing viciously. I am in a similar situation; tributes are dying all around me, and I don't think anyone views me as a threat. I think I can do the same thing, but how? I think about this inside my cave as I notice it is starting to get dark outside.

Octavian Silvercrest, District 9

We have just found a cave in the Forest after walking for a while. We are proud to have our most successful day so far. Despite losing Calista (6), we managed to get Marc (2) to fall for our tribute dummy trap and had 2 other Careers die in the house fire plan that Tiburica (11) thought of. I think we actually outnumber the Careers by now, which is good since they are our biggest and pretty much only threat. We start to cover up the cave we are hiding in as it is getting dark outside. We discuss our plan for tomorrow and go to sleep for the night.

Medusa Vantor, District 4

I am hiding in the Cornucopia along with the other two, yes, just two other Careers. Today was a COMPLETE disaster as we could only kill one Anti-Career while 3 of us Careers got killed. Marc (2) was lost due to this trap that I am guessing was set by the Anti-Careers. Lucy (1) and Felix (4) were lost due to the house fire. To make things worse, we couldn't find Kyle (12) anywhere after we escaped the house. We only heard 2 cannons, so he should be alive somewhere. All of this just makes me, Frade (3), and Irina (9) the only Careers remaining. We need to think of something good so we can best the Anti-Careers despite being outnumbered. We discuss what we could do before going to sleep for the night.

Karla Flake, District 3

I am in the same area in the Village that I was in throughout pretty much the entire games. I am mainly just letting everyone around me die as I hide from them. It is dark and I could hear the Zombies outside the house that I am hiding in, so I look outside a window to see who died before going to sleep for the night.

The Fallen

District 1 - Lucy Tillington

District 2 - Marc Gage

District 4 - Felix Seaworth

District 6 - Calista Hawing

Day 4 Trivia

  • Both tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 6 are now dead
  • Both tributes from Districts 3, 5, and 9 are still alive
  • There are 5 Anti-Career members: Shade (5), Hannah (5), Octavian (9), Tiburica (11), and Cashon (13)
  • There are only 3 Career members: Frade (3), Medusa (4), and Irina (9)
  • There are 3 loners: Karla (3), Sam (7), and Kyle (12)
  • 2 males and 2 females died today
  • Kyle is now a loner after getting lost in the house fire. It is assumed he found shelter though, as he survived the night
  • No one died during the Nighttime
  • Shade and Tiburica outsmart the Careers. As a result, the Careers lose 3 members (Lucy, Marc, and Felix) and one member gets separated (Kyle)
  • Karla and Sam haven't saw another tribute since the Bloodbath
  • There are 11 tributes remaining


Day 5 (Daytime)

Hannah Hurdensnicker, District 5

We have just woken up from a well-needed rest. Yesterday was a great but wild day. We lost one of us but killed 3 of the Careers. That will mean that just 4 Career members are left but there are 5 of us leff. Although we outnumber the Careers, the remaining Careers are strong and remain a threat. We are also starting to wonder about any loners. I know there are 11 tributes remaining, and 9 of them make up the Careers (4) and Anti-Careers (5). That means that there are still 2 loners out there somewhere in the arena, somewhere surviving on their own. After talking for a little, I decide to bring that fact up. "Hey everyone, does anyone remember any loner who is still alive?" I ask. "Sam." says Tiburica (11). "Sam Mason." I guess she has been paying attention to his status lately because of the way Sam's mother, Johanna, won by killing brutually out of nowhere. "Should we go after Sam?" says Octavian (9). "Or should we go after the Careers first?" "I think we should go after the Careers." says Shade (5). "We need to make sure we are at full strength when taking on them. We can't risk losing anyone to loners or other dangers. Although we outnumber the Careers, we still cannot underestimate them." Everyone agrees. We have to take on the Careers with as much backup as possible, as we always seem to lose someone everytime we fight the Careers. "This time we will outsmart the Careers, but in a different way." says Shade as we start to discuss our plan.

Irina Dupree, District 9

We are still bummed over on our failures the last 2 days. We lost 4 members and are missing 1, including Veronica (2), our leader and probably the strongest tribute in the games. We still have Frade (3), who has been leading us ever since Veronica died. However, the Anti-Careers outnumber us, and we can't lose another member. "Hey, look over there!" Medusa (4) says. She points to what seems like smoke in the distance, not too far away. "Should we go investigate?" I ask. "Yes." Frade says. "I am wanting to kill my annoying brother, who has been a thorn by my side my entire life." We all start walking toward where the smoke is coming from. While walking, something unexpected happens; a huge next falls down out of nowhere and traps me, Frade, and Medusa. I look up and see the 5 Anti-Careers up in the trees. Frade tries to cut through the net with a dagger, but right when he is about to finish, Octavian (9) shoots and arrow at Frade's head, making him fall to the ground. Another arrow hits him, making him drop dead. "Just go without me... I will kill my freaking brother in my afterlife..." He barely is able to say before closing his eyes. BOOM!

Shade Spectrus, District 5

Haha. I just heard my brother's cannon. He is probably the biggest threat so it is great to have him gone. After his death, the other 2 careers begin escaping through the hole Frade cut out through the net before his death. We try to hit them with our weapons but fail. Nevertheless, there are only 2 Career members left, and I am starting to feel confident that the Anti-Careers could actually win the battle over the Careers. I also don't know why there were only 3 Careers instead of 4. I didn't see Kyle (12) with the Careers, nor did I see him during the night when they show who died, so I am assuming he must have got separated. We all climb down from the trees. "Great job everyone for killing my satanic little brother. Now we just have 2 more Careers to kill." We then start walking, feeling proud of ourselves.

Kyle Dake, District 12

I have been staying in the arena around a cave in the forest. In that forest fire yesterday, I found another way out of the house. I could have met with the Careers, but I was thinking maybe it won't be a good idea because my closest ally, Marc (2), died soon before the house fire. Also, it seemed like the Anti-Careers were going to win the battle between the Careers and Anti-Careers. I decided to run into the forest and a cave where I could stay. That is how I got to the situation I currently am in. Its a bit boring being alone, but it does make you less likely to run into something dangerous. I look outside, and notice that the sun is starting to go down. I go inside my cave and start to get prepared for the night.

Day 5 (Nighttime)

Medusa Vantor, District 4

We barely managed to escape alive from that attack by the Anti-Careers and ran into a cave before the Zombies could be released. The Anti-Carers are REALLY starting to annoy me, and I hope something bad will happen to them tonight. They have dominated us the last few days, and even killed our strongest member, Frade (3). Now it is just me and Irina (9) in the Careers. "I wonder how those Anti-Careers keep dominating us." Irina says. "I don't know." I say back. "Maybe we just were getting overconfident and fell for their traps over and over again." "Then we MUST outsmart them back." Irina says. "You're right. We can't lose confident in ourselves. We are the Careers after all. We are supposed to be the strongest tributes in the games." I say. "Right! Now lets think of an ultimate plan." Irina says. We start discussing our plan before we rest for the night.

Tiburica Heloise, District 11

We are starting to get nervous. Looks like our luck may have ran out. After we successfully captured the Careers and even managed to kill Frade (3), we can't find our way back to the cave. Nighttime rapidly approached, too, and at this rate, the Zombies should be released any minute. "C'mon guys." Shade (5) says. "We have to find a cave somewhere around here. Our luck can't just end right now." Just then, we could hear a moaning noise. We all start to get nervous. However, we were surprised to see what seemed like the Zombie form of our allies that have previously died. This includes Ash (6), Cleo (7), Mist (8), and the others. They all stare at us.

"Maybe they recognize us." Hannah (5) says. "Prehaps they may want to ally with us and kill the remaining Careers for revenge?" "That seems like a good idea to ask." Cashon (13) says. "But let's try to ask nicely, as they might not fully recognize us." "I will try to ask" says Octavian (9). "Oh. Great former allies. We need your assistance." One of the Zombies starts to move forward. But then, In a second, all of them rush toward us and try to attack us. Instead of running, we attack them with our weapons. Shade (5) takes on two of them with his dagger, killing both. Hannah trys to attack one of our former Zombie allies, but when she kills the Zombie, another one that looks like the Zombie of Laila (8) comes out of nowhere and feasts on her. I kill the Zombie by using my Bisento, but I am too late. Hannah falls to the ground, weakened. BOOM! That must of been her cannon. We manage to easily finish off the remaining former ally Zombie Mutts, but out of nowhere, a Zombie that appears to look like Frade (3) jumps from the bushes and feasts on Cashon (13), who was too close to the bushes. Shade throws a dagger at the Frade Zombie, and Octavian finishes him off the same way he finished the normal Frade; by using an arrow. However, it is too late for Cashon, who collapses to the ground the same way Hannah did. BOOM!

"Even our allies try to kill us when they are Zombies." Octavian says. "Yeah, especially when my undead brother joins the fight." Shade says. "Quickly, lets find a cave before anymore Zombies appear." I say. "There has to be one around here somewhere." We all start quickly walking. After a couple minutes of walking, we could see a cave behind a bush. We start to hear the moaning noise again. "Quick!" says Shade (5) "Into the cave!" We all run into the cave and cover it up, keeping ourselves safe from the dangers in the night. "That was a close one." Octavian says. We then discuss our plan for tomorrow before going to sleep for the night.

Sam Mason, District 7

I have been staying in the forest for the entire games. I haven't seen another tribute since the Bloodbath, but I have a feeling that will change tomorrow.

"Attention all remaining tributes!" A voice from somewhere announces loud enough so everyone who has slept already can wake up. "Great job making it this far to the Final 8! I want to let everyone know that there will be a Feast tomorrow at around noon. You must come or else unbeatable Zombie Mutts will be guarented to hunt and kill you that night Good luck!"

Seems like I was right about seeing another tribute tomorrow. Since we are down to the Final 8, and the the Careers and Anti-Careers are likely down to a few members, I am thinking tomorrow is the time where I should start to show my true strength. At the Feast, everyone will probably be paying too much attention to the Careers or Anti-Careers to really view me as a threat. I shall not disappoint my Mother, and win the games the same way she did and make her proud! First, though, I must rest. I look to see who died before going to sleep for the night.

The Fallen

District 3 - Frade Spectrus

District 5 - Hannah Hurdersnicker

District 13 - Cashon Lastoro

Day 5 Trivi​a

  • District 9 is now the only District with both tributes remaining
  • Both tributes from District 13 are now dead
  • There are 3 Anti-Career members: Shade (5), Octavian (9), and Tiburica (11)
  • There are 2 Career members: Medusa (4) and Irina (9)
  • There are 3 loners: Karla (3), Sam (7), and Kyle (12)
  • 2 males and 1 female died today
  • The Zombie of Laila (8) and Frade (3) got the two Zombie Mutt kills
  • Octavian killed both the regular and Zombie form of Frade
  • The Anti-Careers outsmart the Careers, resulting in Frade's death
  • Only 2 of the last 8 deaths have been directly from another tribute
  • There is a must-attend Feast tomorrow
  • There are only 8 tributes remaining


Day 6 (Daytime/Feast)

Irina Dupree, District 9

I have just woken up with Medusa (4) by my side. "Ready?" She asks me, knowing what is about to happen today. I nod back. There is a must-attend Feast today. The Feast will be a huge factor on who will win the games, as it is almost over. All that is left is me and Medusa, 3 loners, who I think are Kyle (12), Sam (7), and Karla (3), and the Anti-Careers. The Anti-Careers lost 2 members last night, but I am not sure how. I won't complain, though, as that will mean 2 less tributes to deal with. We decide to get there early while making sure no one follows us. We get up and walk through the Forest toward the direction of the Cornucopia. We look around a couple times to see if anyone is following us. We fortunately don't hear or see anything, just the nature of the forest. After walking for a while, we approach an open field with bags. "This must be it." Medusa says.

We are too far away to see the number on our bags though. Noon must have just passed because we could our former ally, Kyle, run across the field and to the bags. We won't let him get away with this. I quickly run onto the field, get closer to where Kyle is, and throw an axe at him. The axe lands on his head, but I must have not thrown it hard enough. Kyle barely seems affected by the axe. All he does is just briefly fall down but quickly gets back up, and runs out of the field with his bag. I was a bit disappointed in my throw. BOOM! Out of nowhere I hear a cannon. I look at Medusa, who has a smile on her face. I could see Karla (3) laying on the ground with a spear through her chest. "Good job." I say to her. "Thanks." She says back. We look around to see if there are anymore tributes around. After not seeing any, we quickly run toward our bags.

Octavian Silvercrest, District 9

We have just arrived at the Feast. We can see our bags near the Cornucopia, but it seems like somebody else was already here as less than 8 bags were present. Shade (5) leads Tiburica (11) and I close to the Cornucopia. We look around to see if anyone is around us. After not finding anyone, we quickly get our bags and run away from the Feast. While we are running, we could hear a weapon fly by us. We stop and see the last of the Careers, Medusa (4) and Irina (9), throw their weapons at us. We try to run away, but whenever one of us takes a step, they throw something at us. It seems like we are doomed. Right when the Careers were about to do the finishing blow on us, Medusa falls down in pain. We could see an axe on her back as Medusa falls to the ground on her stomach. Behind the Careers, we could see Sam (7) with an evil look on his face.

"C'mon guys. Now is our chance to get out of here!" Shade says. We quickly run out of the Feast area and into the Forest. Right before we run into the trees, I see Irina run to the other side of the Forest with her bag. Sam runs to the direction of the Cornucopia. BOOM! I am assuming that is Medusa's cannon. We quickly get out of the scene and into the woods were we keep running with our bags until we think we are far enough from the Feast. We find a cave, sit down, and get settled for the rest of the day.

Sam Mason, District 7

Haha. My planned work. I managed to come out of nowhere and kill Medusa (4), causing everyone else to flee. Now I get my bag. I look around to see if anyone else is around. After not finding any traces of anyone, I take my bag. I also notice Karla's (3) bag sitting here too. I think I heard her cannon shortly before I arrived at the Feast, so it looks like a double score for me. I take both mine and Karla's bag and into the Forest. After I think I am far enough, I find a cave, sit down, and look to see what is inside these bags. In Karla's bag I can see some well-sharpened knives. That is good but knives aren't the weapon I am best at. In my bag I can see a small stack of sharp throwing axes. That is much better. I will use these axes for the rest of the games and win, just like my mom did. In fact, I bet she is proud of me already. I do notice it is starting to get close to sunset, so I cover my cave and get prepared for the night.

Day 6 (Nighttime)

Kyle Dake, District 12

I am walking in the Forest, looking for a cave to sleep in for the night. My head still hurts from that axe incident at the Feast. Although it didn't do too much damage physically, I think it mentally did something to mess up my head. It seems like I can't control everything I do. I sometimes do something I never really would meant to do. I hope this will only last shortly and it won't decrease my chances of winning. I have come too far to mess up. Luckily, I haven't done anything stupid in the past few hours, so maybe I am starting to heal. After a few minutes of walking, I could see a group of 3 people near a cave behind some bushes. I forget what alliance they were called! I suddenly feel the urge to talk to them. Maybe a quick conversation just to get my bad feeling out of my head won't hurt...

Shade Spectrus, District 5

I am currently talking with the other two remaining members in the Anti-Careers alliance; Octavian (9) and Tiburica (11). We are discussing about a plan for us to split up; we don't want to be the three remaining tributes in the arena and have to kill each other. "I think we should just split up and head into 3 different directions." suggests Octavian. "We don't want to have the Final 3 be between the three of us when we are still an alliance and have to betray each other." Me and Tiburica agree to this plan. "Do you want to split now." I ask the others. "Yes." says Tiburica. "The sooner the better." We all say goodbye to each other. However, right when we were about to separate, we hear a noise coming from the bushes. "Are the Zombies here already?" asks Octavian.

Suddenly, we see someone coming from the bushes and into our area. "Hey guys!" He says. I recognize the person as Kyle (12). "Wait, Kyle, is that you?" asks Octavian, who just got her weapon ready in case of an attack. "Yes its me." says Kyle. "You can call me Kye, short for Kyle." "Are you Ok?" I ask, wondering why he is acting a bit strange. "Of course I'm Ok, why wouldn't I be? Do you want to read a book? I got loads that I got from the Cornucopia. This one is good." He pulls out a book that tells about plant identfication. "I don't know what it is about, but it looks cool. Oh heres a good one." Kyle says as he pulls out a book that is about swimming. "Its in Capital-ish though. I read it, very informative. Still had a hard time understanding it though."

"I don't have a good feeling about him..." Tiburica says silently to us. "He's acting creep-" "Mind your own business lady." Interrupts Kyle. "This is all your brother's fault anyway." "What?" says Tiburica. "You didn't tell them? I know my history about you... Besides, it was your brother who started the war. Yes, he burned the Cornucopia or something." says Kyle. I am confused of what is happening. "What is he talking about?" I ask. "He's right... my brother likely started the war and the New Hunger Games."

Octavian Silvercrest, District 9

Me and Shade (5) gasp after hearing the news. So Tiburica's brother is the reason for the start of the war? "Believe me, it had nothing to do with me. I think my brother was angry about how the Hunger Games even exist, and tried to show the Capital that the Hunger Games should have never been made." says Tiburica. "So he started this?" asks Kyle. "Yeah... you told me earlier remember?" says Tiburica. "Aha, so its his fault why I am even here." says Kyle. "Well no matter, you can talk to him in your next life." Wait, is he going to kill Tiburica? I can't allow that to happen, she has been one of my best friends in the arena. "Hey, she didn't have anything to do with the start of the war. You don't need to kill her." I say, trying to change his mind. Instead of doing that, Kyle all of sudden takes out a flamethrower and aims it at me. The last thing I remember is Shade calling my name before I feel intense heat and black out.

Shade Spectrus, District 5

"OCTAVIAN!!!" I shout after seeing her get shot by a fireball. BOOM! "And now you, Mrs. Heloise." Kyle says as he shoots Tiburica with the same kind of fireball. BOOM! "Why did you do that?" I say. "Are you questioning my authority?" asks Kyle. I am not sure what he means by his "authority" but I know I must answer loyal or I will be shot too. "No, not at all." I say. "Good. I think I will go to sleep. It is getting dark." Just then, I had an idea. As strange as Kyle has been acting, I may be able to outsmart him. "Hey Kyle, do you want to play a game?" Kyle stops walking into the cave. "A game? What kind of game? Checkers?" says Kyle. "I was actually thinking of a game that you don't need any supplies or anything, just yourself." I say. "Hmm... I don't know what game you are talking about." says Kyle. "I am talking about a game where you must stay still for as long as possible. If you move, you lose." "Is there any prizes?" asks Kyle. "Well, we can make it more interesting." I say. "If I win, you give me your flamethrower." "And if I win?" asks Kyle. "I will give you... the whole District 5." "District 5? I heard they make some awesome energy this time of year. Its a deal."

I know I can't really give him the entire District 5 and Kyle will probably shoot me if he wins and I don't give him his prize, so pretty much this game is life or death. However, I have a plan. I will stay close to the cave while Kyle stays more in the open. Once the Zombies come, they will most likely go after Kyle first. Even if he realises I was tricking him, I can kill him with my dagger before he tries to kill me. I begin my plan by moving close to the cave and starting the game. The sun has already set and the Zombie should be released any minute. After about 5 minutes of doing nothing, I start to hear moaning noises. Kyle isn't bothered by the noises and is more focused on the game. About a minute afterwards, Zombies all of sudden appear and I can see them gather up on Kyle. However, Kyle takes his flamethrower and burns all the Zombies, killing them all easily. Now is my chance. After finishing off the Zombies, Kyle gives an angry look at me. He looks like he is about to shoot me, but he never gets a chance, as I have already gotten my dagger ready to be thrown. I throw and it lands right on his stomach. Kyle falls to the ground and drops his flamethrower. Now time to finish him off. I take the flamethrower, aim it right at Kyle, who is still on the ground, holding his stomach tightly. I then press "Fire" and a fireball comes out of the flamethrower and right at Kyle, who instantly burns and dies from the impact. BOOM! That must of been his cannon. I quickly run deep into the cave before the Zombie can notice me. That was an eventful night. It was so eventful that I didn't even realised I was the only Anti-Career left. That must mean there are very few tributes remaining. I am really starting to think I can win this, but the games aren't over yet.

Irina Dupree, District 9

I am currently in a cave in the Forest, waiting for the night to end. I heard a lot of cannons earlier, which is good. The less tributes the better. I actually think there are very few tributes remaining. I remember there were 8 tributes remaining at the end of yesterday, and I heard 5 cannons total today. That means there are 3 tributes remaining, including me. What! I didn't realise how close I am to winning! Tomorrow must be the final day, the day when the victor is determined.

"Attention tributes!" A voice from somwhere announces. "Congratulations for making it to the top 3! However, the victor is yet to be determined. We will change that tomorrow. Tomorrow in the morning around 10 AM, you must arrive at the Cornucopia. There, the three of you will go into the place you started; your Bloodbath position. There, you will have a final battle. Only one will win. Also, do not attempt to hurt anyone before the final battle or not arrive at the final battle. If you do either, you will get killed by Zombie Mutts automatically, no matter the time of day. Good luck!"

Looks like I was right. There are only 3 tributes remaining and the winner will be determined in a final battle tomorrow. I still can't believe I made it this far, but my work is not finished yet. I look to see who died and figure out who are the other 2 tributes by looking at the sky before relaxing and preparing for the biggest day of my life tomorrow.

The Fallen

District 3 - Karla Flake

District 4 - Medusa Vantor

District 9 - Octavian Silvercrest

District 11 - Tiburica Heloise

District 12 - Kyle Dake

Day 6 Trivia:

  • No Districts have both their tributes alive
  • Both Tributes from Districts 3, 4, 11, and 12 are now dead
  • 5 Tributes died today; the most since Day 1
  • 4 females and 1 male died today
  • Sam's (7) plan works at the Feast. As a result, he killed one tribute and managed to escape with 2 bags.
  • The impact from the axe messes up Kyle's (12) self-control, causing him to kill 2 tributes as a result
  • Shade (5) manages to outsmart Kyle despite Kyle's lack of control, luring him into a trap
  • Tiburica (11) reveals his brother's dark side
  • There will be a final battle tomorrow between the three remaining tributes; Shade (5), Sam (7), and Irina (9)


Day 7 (Finale)

Sam Mason, District 7

I have been sleeping until I hear the anthem play from somewhere. Is it Nighttime already? It looks like it is Daytime, so I guess that was just a sign that this really is the Final Day. I suddenly hear a voice speaking.

"Attention tributes. The Final Battle will begin shortly. You all should head back to your tubes you started in at the Bloodbath. If you are not there within an hour, you will get killed. Remember to not attempt to hurt another tribute before the Final Battle, or you will killed for doing that too. You can bring whatever weapons you got. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor."

It is Noon already? I guess all that action yesterday made me tired, and nobody was allowed to get hurt last night, so I guess I just fell into a deep sleep and nothing was there to wake me up. Oh well, at least I got a well-deserved rest. I should start heading to the Cornucopia now. I start walking the same direction I came from yesterday.

Irina Dupree, District 9

I am walking toward the Cornucopia when I all of sudden run into Shade (5). "Hello." Shade says to me. "Hello." I say back. "So you are one of the Final 3 tributes remaining. Do you know who the third one is?" I ask. "I am pretty sure the other tribute is Sam (7)." Shade answers. "Sam?" I say. "He was the guy who killed my ally Medusa (4) back at the Feast yesterday!" "Ouch." Shade says. "As bad as that was to you, yesterday night I lost my 2 remaining allies to someone who was acting extremely strange. I managed to make him fall for a trap, but then I was all alone. It took me a bit before I realised how few tributes there were left." "Yeah, there were a lot of cannons yesterday." I say.

"Is that the Cornucopia over there?" I ask, pointing through that seems to be like the Forest edge. "Looks like it." Shade says. "I hope you are ready. We shall all go 1 on 1 on 1." "I agree." I say back. "This will be a good true final battle. May the odds ever be in your favor." Me and Shade say goodbye to each other before going into our tubes. Our tubes are far away from each other. After waiting for around 10 minutes, Sam finally arrives. His tube is stationed closer to Shade's than mine. Just then I hear the voice of the announcer.

"Make sure you are on your tribute template. This will work just like the Bloodbath, except this time there is no leaving the area." Just then, hundreds of Zombies started to surround the entrances to the Forest and the Village. Looks like we can't leave the Cornucopia area. "The battle will end when only one of you are left. The countdown will begin now, starting at 30. Good luck."

Shade Spectrus, District 5





I look at the clock to see that there is 20 seconds until the battle starts. There is really no strategy to think of this time other than to kill Irina (9) and Sam (7). Irina seems nice but I know we can't make an alliance right now. This is a 1 on 1 on 1 battle. I decide on my target during the remaining seconds of the clock.

Sam Mason, District 7





The clock now shows 10 seconds left. I can hardly wait until the Gong sounds. My only strategy here is to kill Irina (9) and Shade (5). I don't know who to attack first though, as they both seem equal in power. I think I will actually go after Irina, as she was a career so she should be a better killer. Getting the hardest stuff over with is always a good strategy. I get my axe ready for the Final Battle.

Irina Dupree, District 9

The clock is now down to the final seconds. I know what I should do, I could try to get Shade (5) by surprise, but I notice Sam (7) is watching me like a hawk with an axe in his hand. Looks like I am his first target. If so, then I shall target him too. I get ready to attack Sam with an axe of my own as the final seconds tick on the clock.





Shade Spectrus, District 5

As soon as the Gong sounds, I first notice that Sam (7) isn't going after me even though my template was closer to his than Irina's (9). Irina seems to be going after Sam as well. I have an excellent idea. I will kill the winner of this battle by surprise, winning the games automatically. I somehow feel this will be harder than it sounds though. After about 10 seconds of seeing Sam and Irina brawl, I notice that about half the Zombie Mutts on the outskirts of the Cornucopia are running right toward me. Looks like I won't be able to do that well-thought plan. Dang. I quickly run toward the Cornucopia, but a couple of Zombies managed to knock my dagger from my hand my backpack. That backpack had my crossbow, flamethrower, and backup daggers in it! I think about going after my supplies, but I know that would be a death sentence with this amount of Zombies. I quickly run inside the Cornucopia where the Zombies refuse to go. Now I am basically trapped in here with nothing at all to use.

Irina Dupree, District 9

After minutes of gruesome fighting with our axes, Sam (7) finally pins me down to the ground. I am unable to get back up. I know I am doomed. "Now, let's finish this, shall we?" Sam says. "I still got someone else to take care of after you." "WAIT!" I shout right before he is about to finish me. "What?" Says Sam. "Are you trying to get me to NOT kill you? Well too bad, because there is no use at this point in the games." "Actually..." I say, looking to my left. "I was going to warn you about the Zombies heading right at us." Sam looks to his left and gets startled by the many Zombies running right at him. He lets go of me and runs away. I get up and run away as well, but for some reason, the Zombies continue to go after Sam, not me. I guess Zombies only stay locked on to their first seen target. Sam tries to kill the Zombies with his axe, but there is just too many of them. Without a flamethrower, the Zombies feast on Sam as a turn away from the gruesome sight. BOOM! Sam falls to the ground as the cannon sounds. Now it would be either me or Shade as the victor. Strangely, the Zombies return to their position of guarding the outskirts of the Cornucopia. I guess the Capital wants a 1 on 1 final battle to end the games. I just remembered that I must look for Shade. I don't see him anywhere. I call for him as I look around the Cornucopia area.

Shade Spectrus, District 5

I can hear Irina call for me after I heard the cannon sound. I guess Sam lost that battle. I know I have no hope at all, though. My backpack is no longer where it was dropped; I guess a Zombie took it or something, and all I have is a knife I just remembered I had in my pocket for emergencies. Now it is an emergency, but I know a knife is nothing compared to an axe. I know I am doomed...

"Giving up so easily, are we?" A voice from somewhere quietly says. I look around to see a faint image next to me of my best friend, Mist (8), who died earlier in the games. "Mist?" I say, quietly enough so Irina can't hear me from outside. "Is that you? But that's impossible! You died earlier and I thought you were a Zombie!" "Yes I did die." Mist says back. "But don't worry, the Zombie Mutts are not really the remains of dead tributes, just something made by the Capital. What I really did was when I found out about the situation you are currently in, I scatted my way out of heaven to help you. I am here to tell you that you can't give up! I remember once listening to a song called "Time" by Scatman John, and that song has taught me one important thing. It has taught me that you can't give up! You just need to take your time. If you take your time to solve your problem, then you can do it! All you need to do is take it one part at a time." "Your right!" I say. "I remember hearing the song a few times too. Now I know what that song meant. So all I have to do to figure out what to do in this situation is to take my time and believe I can win!" "That's right!" Mist says. "Now get out there and win the games! Make me, your family and friends, and your District proud!" "Ok!" I say. "I will do it for myself, my family, my friends, and my District!" Just then, I see a dagger appear next to me. I am not sure if Mist or the Capital caused it to appear. "To encourage me, are you able to play that song "Time?" I ask. "I will see what I can do." says Mist. "I must go now. Good luck!" Mist then disappears. "Shade!" I hear Irina shout. I know you are in the Cornucopia! That is the one place I haven't checked yet!"

I take the dagger and head outside. I can hear a song play what seems like only inside my head. It sounds just like the song "Time." I can see Irina with an axe in her hand, walking toward me. "Alright Irina, let's finish this right now!" I say. "Impressive that you are still going good. I thought you were hiding and crying in the Cornucopia." says Irina. "Quiet." I say. "Man the best fighter win."

Irina Dupree, District 9

Me and Shade run after each other with our weapons in our hand. I am still impressed to see that Shade (5) looks very confident. I am not sure what caused him to be like this. I know I should feel confident too, though. I am a Career and he is an Anti-Career. When we reach each other, we just seem to take turns on being the attacker and reflector. After this goes on for about a minute, I know that I need to think of something to end this. I quickly back up when I got the chance. I as quickly as possible drop my axe and take out my sword. I am not as good with a sword as I am with an axe, but in a 1 on 1 battle, a sword will be more useful. Shade doesn't hestitate, he quickly run toward me like nothing even happened and stabs me on the hip before I have time to react. It hurts badly, but I know if I just fall I am done for. Instead, we continue fighting 1 on 1; this time with me having a sword. I quickly get an idea after we continue fighting. Maybe I should try a special fighting move. After he reflects one of my attacks, I quickly fake attack Shade at many different spots. I could see that Shade had a look of confusion on his face. Once he does this look, I quickly get my sword and do a huge stab on his stomach, hoping this is the final blow.

Shade Spectrus, District 5

After Irina (9) stabbed me in my stomach with his sword, I start to trip over and fall in pain. I drop my dagger and start to feel weak. If I fall to the ground, this will be the end. However, just then, I remembered the song playing in my head and the advice Mist (8) told me. No matter how bad my situation may seem, if I take my time, I can still find a way through. Even though I lost my dagger, I just remembered my emergency pocket knife. This is my last chance. As I start to fall down, the song in my head gets fainter and fainter. I take my knife and throw it right toward Irina's direction with all my remaining strength before I fall to the ground.

Irina Dupree, District 9

I am about to finish off Shade (5) when out of nowhere, a knife comes out right where Shade is and right at me. I never thought he had a knife with him! I try to move out of the way but it is too late. The knife must have really been thrown hard. I feel the knife hit me right in the head with intense force as I fall down and black out. BOOM!

Shade Spectrus, District 5

I close my eyes and wait for the number of seconds until Irina (9) finishes me off. Instead, I hear a cannon and feel, although weak, still alive. I managed to get up to see what happened. I see Irina on the floor with a knife in her head. What? I can't believe it! I thought for sure I was going to die! Looks like Mist's (8) strategy paid off.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" I hear a voice from somewhere announces as I can hear victory music throughout the arena! "Congratulations to Shade Spectrus of District 5 for winning the New Hunger Games 2!"

I can see a Hovercraft start to approach me as I await for me to get picked up and healed. As brutal as the games are, it sure feels great to have won.

Aftermath 1

And so Shade (5) returned to his home in District 5. He has changed quite a bit since the moment he got reaped. He now knows that he is without his brother. He feels disappointed yet happy at the same time. Shade tried all he could to make sure Frade had a successful life, but instead he turned insane and dangerous. Shade thought it might be better after all without having his "evil side of him in the form of his brother." Now Shade can live a more perfect and rich life. His family, despite the loss of Frade, improved overall, as they all live in a big house in the victor's village. He helped his District to make sure the poor people of the District have enough money to afford food and water to live. The District didn't reach the level of the Career Districts, but still became a better place to be. Shade was overall respected by the District 5 citizens.

Although Shade's future looks bright, one question remains.

Who exactly was that Mist (8) vision? What is imagination? Or what is really something from Heaven?

Aftermath 2

???? POV

I wake up to find myself in a bright room. "I think she is waking up." I hear a voice say. I am able to open my eyes and see what seems like a room inside a Hovercraft. This is impossible! I am supposed to be dead! I feel my head and it feels suprisingly fine. I all of sudden can see Octavian (9) looking at me. What is she doing here? "Follow me." She says with a smile. "We have a lot to explain to you." Octavian directs me through a hallway and into what seems like the front room of the Hovercraft. I can see the faces of Mist (8), Tiburica (11), and Kyle (12) staring at me, also with smiles on their faces.

But most shocking of all, I can see a Yellowish Dot thing controling the Hovercraft. I am unsure where we are going and what is exactly going on. "Where am I?" I am finally able to ask. "What is going on?" The yellowish dot thing turns around. "My name is Pacster." He says. "I have a lot of explaining to do, but I will just give you a short summary for now, Irina." "There is no President Fire or someone related to President Snow. In fact, the New Hunger Games primary cause was not Tiburica, it was an unfortunate event from one of my rivals in disguise as a normal President. You are one of the chosen ones. You were saved from us and a fake holigram was in replace of you as soon as you were about to die. In order to stop the true enemy, we needed Shade to win, so we got Mist to send a message to him and tell him some advice." "Is this also why the knife took a direct lucky hit right at me?" I ask. "Yes." The man says. "We adjusted the direction and speed of the knife thrown. The knife would have barely done a thing to you if it wasn't adjusted."

"Wait, so are all chosen to stop this "enemy" that is the real cause of the New Hunger Games?" I ask. "Correct." Pacster says back to me. "But wait, who is this "enemy" and where are we going?" "That is a secret I will tell everyone later." Pacster says. "I also have 5 helpers somewhere else on the Hovercraft. I will introduce them to you later."

"And for as where we are going." Pacster says. "We are going to where I live."

"To My World."

To be continued...

The Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District When
28th Prometheus Oracle C Sylvia Matthews 12 Day 1 Bloodbath
27th Ash Fields 6 Frade Spectrus 3 Day 1 Bloodbath
26th Cleopatra Andrews 7 Helena Krisp 10 Day 1 Bloodbath
25th Helena Krisp 10 Mist Scorchil 8 Day 1 Bloodbath
24th Gloom Ivy 11 Jeffrey Killheart 1 Day 1 Nighttime
23rd Phoenix Rouge 10 Zombie Mutts - Day 1 Nighttime
22nd Cherry Laver C Allana Darkbloom 13 Day 2 Daytime
21st Sylvia Matthews 12 Allana Darkbloom 13 Day 2 Daytime
20th Allana Darkbloom 13 Medusa Vantor 4 Day 2 Daytime
19th Mist Scorchil 8 Jeffrey Killheart 1 Day 2 Daytime
18th Jeffrey Killheart 1 Shade Spectrus 5 Day 3 Daytime
17th Laila Bennett 8 Frade Spectrus 3 Day 3 Daytime
16th Veronica Morderkaiser 2 Zombie Mutts - Day 3 Nighttime
15th Marc Gage 2 Explosion - Day 4 Daytime
14th Calista Hawing 6 Felix Seaworth 4 Day 4 Daytime
13th Lucy Tillington 1 House Fire - Day 4 Daytime
12th Felix Seaworth 4 House Fire - Day 4 Daytime
11th Frade Spectrus 3 Octavian Silvercrest 9 Day 5 Daytime
10th Hannah Hurdersnicker 5 Zombie Mutts - Day 5 Nighttime
9th Cashon Lastoro 13 Zombie Mutts - Day 5 Nighttime
8th Karla Flake 3 Medusa Vantor 4 Day 6 Feast
7th Medusa Vantor 4 Sam Mason 7 Day 6 Feast
6th Octavian Silvercrest 9 Kyle Dake 12 Day 6 Nighttime
5th Tiburica Heloise 11 Kyle Dake 12 Day 6 Nighttime
4th Kyle Dake 12 Shade Spectrus 5 Day 6 Nighttime
3rd Sam Mason 7 Zombie Mutts - Day 7 Final Battle
2nd Irina Dupree 9 Shade Spectrus 5 Day 7 Final Battle
1st/VICTOR! Shade Spectrus 5 Good Job! Congratulations!

Thank you all for joining my games. There will be another games that will continue this series. The link for that games will be posted as soon as I finish making the blog post. That game will have even more features than this one, so be sure to check it out. Although most of the events are made up, I got the idea for the twist and a couple of other events from some videos on YouTube. Also thank you Scatman John for the song "Time." You were a great singer.

Hopefully I can see you next in my next games!

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