Mychemical alyssa

aka Alyssa

  • I live in Nevaland
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is master of everything yarn
  • I am a killjoy.
  • Mychemical alyssa

    "In your heart.. somewhere.. there's hope.."

    I woke up bright and early one Winter morning. Day of the reaping.

    I walked quietly to the kitchen. My mother stood there, her eyes aimed towards the floor.

    "What's up, mom?" I greeted her, trying to play casual.

    She sighed deeply, and put her hand on my shoulder. "Today is the very first reaping.. for the Hunger Games."

    I nodded knowingly. It's been going around on television for the past month now.

    I'm Nina, from District 9. Yes, grain. And I don't enjoy doing it. I do it every Saturday.

    I slipped on grey platform boots, a white tank top with a heavy, fuzzy sweater to go over it, paired along with blue sweatpants.

    Honestly, I'm scared.. not even scared. Horrified. Absolutely terrified.

    I can't lie..

    The r…

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