Ok so im making my first hunegr gaemes and its the demi-games! :D

well the demi part comes from demi god so you make a demi god from any greek, roman, or egyption mytholagy :D

Also u might be wondering

can i date someone with the same godley parent as me?

well no u cant it kinda like dating ur brother or sister which is weird... but u can date anyone with a diff godley parent.

REMEBER U CANT DO ARTEMIS OR HESTIA! THERE SWORE TO NEVR MARRY OR HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!!! if u need help here are some greek and egyption gods :D

Plz only make the gods have 2 children in these games :D ty










Minor Greek Gods

Eos - Goddess of dawn and sister of Selene and Helios
Helios - God of the sun and brother of Selene and Eos
Selene - Goddess of the moon and sister of Helios and Eos
Ariadne - goddess of passion and mazes
Aeolus - god of winds
Asclepius - god of medicine.
Bia - Goddess of force.
Cratos - God of strength and power.
Eris - Goddess of discord.
Eros - God of love
Psyche-goddess of compassion
Geras - God of old age.
Harmonia - Goddess of harmony.
Hebe - Goddess of youth.
Hecate - Goddess of magic, witchcraft, necromancy and crossroads.
Hypnos - God of sleep.
Janus - God of doors, gates and new beginnings.
Chione - Goddess of snow.
Enyo - goddesses of war and peacekeeping
Eileithyia - goddesses of childbirth
Momus- God of blame.
Moros - God of Doom.
Nemisis - Goddess of consequences and revenge.
Nike - Goddess of victory.
Persephone - Goddess of spring and flowers and wife of Hades, hence queen of the Underworld.
Phobos - God of Phobias and fear in general; brother of Deimos.
Thanatos- God of peaceful death.
Tyche - Goddess of luck, destiny and fortune.
Zelus - God of dedication.
Pan - God of the Wild.
Iris - Goddess of the rainbow.
Triton - god of ships, prince of Atlantis
The Charites - goddesses of charm, beauty, human creativity, and fertility.
Pallas - god of warfare
Melinoe - goddess of ghosts.

also the areana is coming soon.

You can submit up to 3 pplz.



Godley Parent:





Bloodbath Strategy:



Appearence: Lunaii

Backstory :

District Name Gender Hight Age Godley Parent Allies Blodbath Strategy Personality User Status Relationship BackStory
1 male Alive
1 Harte Riffle female 5'8 16 Aphrodite Careers Kill everyone by using her aphrodite powers. Making them fall in love with her and then kill them. Manipulative, Acts sweet, Rude.


Alive ??? She was born as a demi-god. Her mother had to go so her father took her to D1 because of its riches. She is an only child and always boys had a crush on her. (You should know why)
2 male Alive
2 Athei Criston female 6'1 18 Athena Careers Use her fighting skills to kill of people. Never backs down from a fight Ms.finnickodair Alive ??? Athena had taken her family to District 2. She had to leave and go to Mount Olympus. Athei never met her mother, like all the other gods kids.
3 male Alive
3 Diamond Pearl female 5,6 17 Aphrodite Careers Go in there and kill people Charming,Nice,Brutal




Back Story:

Diamond only uses 1 word Beauty being a daughter of Ahprodite she is the prettiest girl,single and will kill anyone in her way she does Beauty Pagents and all sorts of stuff. But ever since her sister won the games she had 2 wors Beauty, and Kill and she will get you to love her and then kill you.

4 Jaydo Tsunami male 5,9 18 Poseidon Careers Look out for other tributes like the threats and all that have weaponds grab a trident and kill! Helpful,Bloodthirsty EXcellent Alive ??? As being Poseidon's son he lived with his dad in Olympus. He learned about all the stuff that his dad knew and used it for training. He he found about this twist at age of 18 his dad sent him to District 4 and he volunteered.If  he wins he will go back to olympus
4 Tidemarine Wave female 5'6 14 Poseidon Careers Kill everyone that trys to steal her trident. Brave, humble, a little arrogant (because her father is one of the big three) Ms.finnickodair Alive ??? Tidemarine was pushed into the water when she was 7 bye a bully. The bully pushed her down and waited for her to drown. But it never happened, since she could breathe underwater. The teacher finally came and the bully got in trouble.
5 male Alive
5 Angel Garden female :5,7 15 Hera District partner Demi God sibling Grab a weapon and run away Knot Tieing Camoflaugue. Excellent Alive ??? Angel is one of the only daughters of Hera but when Hera brought her family to District 5 only Angel knew that her mom was Hera. She was the girl in the back row in school and she ended up getting reaped and her secret was revealed.
6 male Alive
6 female Alive
7 male Alive
7 Reserved female Alive
8 male Alive
8 female Alive
9 male Alive
9 female Alive
10 male Alive
10 female Alive
11 male Alive
11 female Alive
12 male Alive
12 female Alive

District Name Weapon Of Choice
1 Harte Riffle Her Manipulation
2 Athei Criston Sickle
3 Diamond Pearl Axe,Dagger
4 Jaydo Tsunami Trident
4 Tidemarine Wave Trident
5 Angel Garden Stealth,Hatchet

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