Welcome to the 999th annual hunger games

you can submit up to 3 people

may the odds be ever in your favor!ts is a normal hunger games :D






Apperance: Lunaii or Fantage:




Backstory: Optional

Token: Optional

Weapon Of choice:

District Name Gender Age Height Skills Weaknes Back Story Weapon of Choice Allies Apearence User
1 male
1 Tristiana Sparkle female 16 5'5 Gymnastics, Climbing Trees, Betwinkling Stuff. Her curling iron is broken. She was spoiled as a child. She was the child of the mayor. She cares about the little things. Her curling iron broke so she's traumatized. Her diamond betwinkler (if not available a machete) Careers Ms.finnickodair
2 male
2 Louisa McLoyal female 15 5'6 Gymnastics, Running, jumping She's not the sharpest tool in the shed. not here Double Jagged Sword Careers Ms.finnickodair
3 male
3 female
4 male
4 female
5 male
5 female
6 male
6 female
7 male
7 female
8 male
8 female
9 male
9 female
10 male
10 female
11 male
11 female
12 male
12 female

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