Hi this is my first Hunger Games hope u enjoy. This is the Sixth Quell so the capitol is making each district reap a pair of Victor's children(of any age), one brother and a sister. Please sign up ur tibutes. Include both brother and sister, age, training score, their pic. & name, skills, weakness, and personality. I'm going straight into the game as soon as I get all the tributes, so Im gona skip all the other stuff.Thanx, and May the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry but the dead line will be August the 25th.


District Male & Age Score Female & Age Score Creator

Ruby Moon (16)

10 Sapphire Moon (16) 10


2 Starshine Glow (17) 11 Maime Clawson (13) 3 MnkyGrlsj
3 Gigaa Lokler (16) 6 Radion Lokler (16) 8 TotalDramaRox97
4 Alexander Lettom (18) 10 Karina Lettom (16) 9 Purplexmuffin
5 Blaze Hawk (17) 11

Ice Hawk (15)



6 Illegal Drugs (16) 9

Lilac Drugs (16)



7 Ax Woods (13) 6 Thorna Woods (15) 9 Nate777 (me)
8 Clear Gales (10) 7 Ember Gales (17) 9 Wiki Contribut0r

Apollo Silvermoon(18)

10 Artemis Silvermoon (18) 8


10 Jet Tigerson (16) 9 Molly Tigerson (15) 7 Bro (No Account)
11 Greg Rice (14) 5 Linda Rice (16) 8 Nate777 (me)
12 Max Thomas (14) 8

Kitty Thomas (16)



  • D1- Ruby Moon
  • D1- Sapphire Moon
  • D2- Maime Clawson
  • D2- Starshine Glow
  • D3- Radion Lokler
  • D3- Gigaa Lokler
  • D4- Alexander Lettom
  • D4- Karina Lettom
  • D5- Blaze Hawk
  • D5- Ice Hawk
  • D6- Illegal Drugs
  • D6- Lilca Drugs
  • D7- Ax Woods
  • D7- Thorna Woods
  • D8- Clear Gales
  • D8- Ember Gales
  • D9- Apollo Silvermoon
  • D9- Artemis Silvermoon
  • D10- Jet Tigerson
  • D10- Molly Tigerson
  • D11- Greg Rice
  • D11- Linda Rice
  • D12- Max Thomas
  • D12- Kitty Thomas


The tributes will wear black pants, brown boots, green shirt, light gray sweater, heavy black jacet, black gloves, and night vision glasses


The arena is inside of a mountain with no way out. In the heart of it, in small cave, lies the Cornucopia. The only way out of the cave is through one of the 12 tunnels that lead to bigger cave that represents one of the 12 districts. There are two major traps. The first one is... when both district partners die the area they represent collapses, starts at Midnight. The second one starts the frist day. On the frist day the district one area trap is set off, day two the district two area trap is set off, day three the district three area trap is set off, and so on so on. After day 12 the cycle starts again. When both Tributes die from the same district the trap skips to the next Area.

Design Trap
D1) Houes, hotels, and amazing building line the streets. Landmines and mutts disguised as house pets.
D2) A mini replica of the Nut. Cave dwellers, and tunnels collapse randomly.

D3) An electronic forest.

Electronic animals roam.
D4) A chain of islands. Tsunami and all hell breaks lose.

D5) A lab surrounded by a small forest.

Experiment gone wrong roam the area.
D6) A large swamp. Big snakes and bugs that drink blood are here.
D7) A lager forest Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!!

D8) A lager Textile Mill with cloth everywhere.

The cloth turns poisonous and itchy.

D9) A lager plantation filled with plenty of vegetation.

The friut and vegis turn poisonous. All kinds of poison, doesn't have to kill you.
D10) Open land with livestock everywhere. The livestock gets highly contagious, and deadly diseases
D11) A gaint grain field. Quicksand and bug mutts surround the area.

D12) A coal mine.

Spiders disguised as coal and rocks, vampire bats try to eat you here, and there are hidden landmies.

The Games

Thr announcer says over the speakers, " Ladies and gentelman let the 150th Hunger Games Begin, and My the odds be ever in your favor"

D8- Clear Gales, Cornucopia

I spot my sister as we rise up. Man I hate her, she's the reason why my life is the worst. No one else cold have a more miserable life then me. Thats why I was kinda happy when we were reaped. This is the only place were I can kill my sister and get away with it. Then I wonder what if l don't get to her first, being reap would have been a waste of time. Then it pops in my mind, I'll kill her before the games begin. I rip off my necklace, I'm gona throw it on the other side of her plate just incase it back fires at me. She"ll never know it's comming. I ready my arm I'm about to throw it when my arm starts to cramp. I throw it right smack in the middle of us. The mines set off a chain reaction killing us both. My last touhgt At least I got the privilege to kill my sister.

D9- Artemis Silvermoon, Cornucopia

I stand there as I see the little boy from 8 just kill his sister and himself. It was probably to much for him. This isn't fair that brother and sister didn't deserved that. I hate the Capitol so much, I know lm not gona win so l yell up to the sky "Are you happy a 10year old boy and his sister just die for your stupid entertainment!!!"

D2- Starshine Glow, Cornucopia

That stupid girl she's gona get herself killed talking about the capitol like that. At least l know the gamemakers are gona kill her, so no problem one less tribute to kill. In the middle of her hate speech the land mines expolde all around her. Haha stupid girl. I home in on a bag of knives, a bow an some arrows, and a sword for my brother. As the gone rings and l run for them, I get the sword and the knives first. I turn to get my bow an arrows to see the gril from three has them I get one of my many knives and let it out of my hand to let it enter her head. She falls with a bang. I run for my bow. I crouch down to get it when a knive enters my calf. I scream to she the girls brother is giving me a devilish smile. He about to let a knive enter my head when his head flys off. l see my brother's grin and I can't held but to laugh. He helps me up and carries me to the other careers.

D1- Ruby Moon, District 1 Area

We see Maime carry Starshine toward us. When he meets us he says don't all help at once. Then Karina gets up yo bandage her. Karina, Alexander, Sapphier, and l are all friend cuz our dads are friends. The only reason they're friend is because they're victors. They go to the games each year an we go with them so we all hang out. Thats why the four of us are so close, on the other hand Maime and Starshine we hardly know. Noe of us like them yhey think they're the leaders of this pack. None of us doesn't want to get into it so we head into one of the tunnels. All of a sudden we here the cannons, l count 5. Maime is mad, he yells "Only FIVE , Only FIVE. Come on we have to start killing". We enter the cave to see building everywear. It reminds me of home. We walk in a random house to finde a small dogs in the conner. Maime's childside comes out and say "Puppies" While he runs to them. I yell stop but he doesn't. Then it happens, one of the dog bites Maime. That sets off a chain reaction to the others. We manage to kill all the mutts but it's to late he's lost alot of blood. Starshine wobs to him and starts to cry saying "lm sorry l couldn't protect you". He repiles with "Thats ok,tell mom and dad l love them. I love you" he kisses her and then his cannon goes out. The rest of the day seems gloomy.

D10- lce Hawk, District 9 Area

My brother and l have allied with district 10 in the plantaion area. lm making a friut salad and Molly is going over the supplies. Our brothers are out hunting for game. Ice has finished and is walking over, she ask "Are you almost done with the salad." I replied "Ya just a sec." She goes off to get some bowls, and I am just about to finish. She gives me the bowls and l serve four plates of nicely cut cubes of fruit. Jet and my brother walk into our campsite. I say "Just in time" . I hand them both a bowl and we start to eat. The Jet falls to the ground and starts coughing while holding his throat. We all get up and run to his aid. We all start talking at the same time asking him qustion. He gets wrouse by the second, becasue now he gasping for air. Molly ask me what l put in the salad l answer "l don't now, aaa apples, bananas, berries, melon. Ohhh and some lemon jucie". She starts to cry "He's allergic to lemons.He's going into anaphylactic shock." She grabs his hands say I love you, and she's sorry. His body relaxes and his cannon goe out. Then a silver parachute set to the ground. Molly grabs it and open it. She stars to cry harder. "What is it l say", she answers back "The shot he needed, the shot that could of saved his life."


24th- Ember Gales(17), D8

23rd- Clear Gales(10), D8

22nd-Artemis Silvermoon(18), D9

21st- Radion Lokler(16), D3

20th- Gigaa Lokler(16), D3

19th- Maime Clawson(13), D2

18th- Jet Tigerson(16), D10

Day Two

D-11, Greg Rice, District 6 Area

My sister and l have camped in a swampy area. l am out hunting while Linda is asleep. l get to the camp site finding she is still asleep. I wake her up and tell her to help me skin the game. She does and we decide to make a small fire. We start it with matches and quickly put the meat in it. Then we climb a tree with no problem and wait for the meet to cook. Ten minutes later Apollo from nine walks to the fire. l grab my knife and throw it at him, but it misses him by an inch. He whips around to find us in the tree, and stick a spear in my sisters gut. She falls with a bang and her cannon goes out l cry out her name, and ready myself to join my sister. A minute goes by when l finally open my eyes. He is gone along with my food l'm to sad to eat any ways. I know l wont win these games so get my knive put it against my heart and fall flat on my stomach. Boom!

D-5, Ice Hawk, District 7 Area

My brother and l camed up in a very tall tree last night. Blaze had snaged a backpack with rope, sleeping bag, rope, some knives, water, and some dried food. We both got in the sleeping bag and tied ourselves to the branches so we don't fall. We woke up at the same time this morning. Now we are in the woods hunting for some food we desperately need. So far we have one rabbit and a small brid. But with my brothers appetite, that would be considered a snack. Then it happens. A wolf as tall as a small horse leaps for the bushes. It's leaps for me. and l close my eye's knowing this is my last breath. I wait for a few seconds before opening. I find my brother wrestling the beast l ready my arm to throw my knive, but it's to late the wolf has bitten my brothers neck. My knife finds it's way into the wolf and it falls with a thud. I run to my brother crying. He tells me Im gona win. With that he closes his eyes and his grip loosens. I know he's dead befor the cannon singels his death. I run off into the woods so they could collect him and my parents could put him in his coffin.


17th- Linda Rice(16), D11

16th- Greg Rice(14), D11

15th- Blaze Hawk(17), D5

Day Three

D-4, Karina Lettom, District 10 Area

It's night time now, and about to be morning. We're camping at a open land filled with live stock, cows, pigs, donkeys, and many more. Starshine is sleeping, and the boys are out hunting for tributes and food. Sapphire and l are talking about home when the announcer's booming vocies says "Ladies and gentelmen". Great a feast is gona take place, l tell Sapphire. "Our generous gamemakers and president are allowing five of you lucky tributes come out of this arena alive" Sapphire and l jump up and down hugging, now all five of us careers will live. "But," our smiles disappear and color drains from our faces. "Five of you could win but, you all have to be from different districts, that is all. May the odds be ever in your favor". Sapphire and l could come out alive but that will mean our brothers will come out dead. All of a sudden Starshine starts to laugh creep. "I'll be victorious... the old fashion way!!!!" With that she jumps up and runs to us with a knife.....Boom!!!!!

D-9, Apollo Silvermoon, District 10 Area

l examine what damage l did frist before walking out of the bush. l've let the arrow go into the head fo the girl from two. The other girl careers are looking for me. I come out with my bow rasied. They spot me and ready their weapons. Before any of their weponds enter my body, I yell allies. They talk a bit but still have their weapons ready for a fight. They have to let me join, we can all come out of the arena alive. They finally say yes and show me around camp. They tell me their brothers are hunting and l should go into the tent so they could have time to tell them lm in the alliance. l nod and go into the tent. Thinking l might have a chance to go home.


14th- Starshine Glow(17), D2

Day Four

D-1, Ruby Moon, District 10 Area

Alex and l are gona go leave to camp when we hear a noise. We stop to see the boy from 7 eating. I don't want to kill but if l want my sister to live l have to. We decide to ambush him. On the count of three. One... Two... Three!!! We charge and Alex makes a knife disappear in his back. We hear a scream. Following an arrow entering Alex's heart l whip around to see the boys sister running toward her brother crying. I louge a spear in her body. Seconds later l here two cannons go off. I run to Alex hoping none were his. I get to him and he says "Take care of Sapphier, Karrina, and yourself. Don't go down without a fight. Make it to the three of you. They have to let you win." I feel myself crying now. Alex is my best friend and like a brother to me. l respond with ok and hold his hand till his final breath. His grip fades and his canon goes out. I kiss his forehead and close his eyes and run to the camp. I dread having to tell this to Karina and Sapphire.

D-10, Molly Tigerson, District 5 Area

Four cannons have gone off l cry to myself cuz it reminds me of Jet. I found an abandone lab surrounded by a small forest. I head in the lab to find a monster staring at me. I scream to the top of my lungs and run through the halls. All the doors are locked except one. I run in to find another one. A part human, part bug, and eveything else all put in one body. l've seen mutts before, but this is the worst by far. The but worst of all is that there slow, and they waddle. I run into a random room to find a window. I squeez through it and run into the woods. I take a little rest when lm far enough. I collapse. Then l notice they're all around me. They've form a circle around me, slowy making their way toward me.Tears running down my face, I yell to the sky, to my mentor, the capitol, my family. "Send me a pill that will give me a pain free,and quick death!!!! Please don't let me die this torcherous death." Then the silver parachte with the pill in it land next to me, l don't waste time. I rip it open and swallow the pill. Seconds later l drop tho the ground. Boom!!!


13th- Ax Woods(13), D7

12th- Thorna Woods(15), D7

11th- Alexander Lettom(18), D4

10th- Molly Tigerson(15), D10

Day Five

D-12, Kitty Thomas, District 9 Area

My brother and l are in a grain full of fruit that coversthe whole area. It's down to the final 9, but with the change rule all l have to do is wait and hide him till theirs only six of us. Then l'll kill myself and Max will be a victor, the first in many many years in district 12. We were wondering around here and found a lake. It seems like the only lake because theres alot of animals drinking. I think to myself game and water in the same place, how easy is that. I kill tree bunnies and two duck easily,and get a drink at the same time. l sit down and start to skin the game. Max says he's gona go for a swim. l debate wheather to make a fire. After a while l do and start coke the game.

D-5, Ice Hawk, District 9 Area

I see the boy. This is for my brother, l will not let his death be useless. I feel bad but l have to in order for me to survie l aim my bow and shot. lt enters his heart and he strugels to stay aflot. His sisters sees him but not me. See dives and swimms off after him and brings him on land. She says her goodbeys, kisses him and his cannon goes out. A few seconds later l feel an electric charge and blackout.


9th- Max Thomas(14), D12

Day Six (Day of the Victors)

The Finalist

  • D1- Ruby Moon
  • D1- Sapphire Moon
  • D4- Karina Lettom
  • D5- Ice Hawk
  • D6- lllegal Drugs
  • D6- Lilac Drugs
  • D9- Apollo Silvermoon
  • D12- Kitty Thomas

D-6, Lilac Drugs, District 6 Area

Im asleep, after the last cannon had sounded, l felt an electric chager and blacked out. I know this is a black out becasue l alway get them when l take dramomine. lm addicted. I wonder if my brother is in the same state as me. At the cornucopia l stabed him and he shot an arrow in my leg. After that l got what l can, and got out of there. It's down ot the final eight mabey even seven if l don't wake up soon enough. The only reason l got out of that tsunami, is cuz l blacked out and saw it, and saw how the whole arena works. I also saw the victors of this game, and l was't one of them but mabey just mabey l can use what l know to win. There was another vision but a woke up before, that could of helped me be victorious. Atlaest if l win l'll have four other people to cope with. All of a sudden l come back to reality. Im in a cage with the other tributes in their own cages. Were on an island, but not like the one in the mountain, there's a realy sun. There is also a silver Cornucopia only filled with weaponds. Apperantly lm the last to wake because the cages release us and l run to the cornucopia get a knife and aim at my brother.

D-1, Sapphire Moon, Island

I watch in terror as the brother ands sister from 6 chuck knives at one another. They'er neckand neck until the brother chucks a knife at her stomach and she fall to the ground with a dance. He see's me. I try to get my hands on a wepond and l do... a spear, but it's to late the knife enters my chest and leaves my back to only enter Apollo's chest. We both fall with a bang, but no cannon. I black out.

D-6, lllegal Drugs, Islands

I have put down three people so far including my sister. Haha. The girls from 4 and 12 are fighting. When Ice from 5 gets a spear in her stomach from the boy from two, l think Ruby is his name. Four lifeless bodies but no cannons yet. Then the girl from four, l think her name is Karina, buries a trident in Kitty's chest. But not before Kitty louges an arrow in Karina's heart. They both fall and theres only two of us left standing. I get a spear and haul it at Ruby from one. At the same thime he throws a knife right into my heart. He fall right then and there but l stay up a few seconds. l look around and see seven bodies in there own pool of blood. I fall. Eight bodies and eight pools of blood. No cannons have gone off yet so that means were all still alive. I think to myself, it's just a race against time now. I black out before the cannons sound... Boom!!!! Boom!!!! Boom!!!!!


8th- Illegal Drugs(16), D6

7th- Sapphire Moon(16), D1

6th- Karina Lettom(16), D4

Back at the Capitol (The Victors)

  • D1- Ruby Moon(Victor)
  • D-5 Ice Hawk(Victor)
  • D6- Lilac Drugs(Victor)
  • D-9 Apollo Silvermoon(Victor)
  • D12- Kitty Thomas(Victor)

D12- Kitty Thomas, Capitol

Yesterday l woke up with an Avox tending to me. Now lm up and running doing victor stuff. I and four other victors, or should l say my friends are having lunch right now. Trying to avoid our deadly games, and one thing we all have in comman our dead siblings. Next year l dread having to menter District's 12 tributes with my father. Hopefully we can keep one of them safe and alive.

D9- Apollo Silvermoon, Capitol

It feels weird without Artemis around it's so lonely, I still have nightmare about her blowing up. Why did she have to talk about the capitol she would of been here not me,l would of preferd that. Right now lm with Kitty signing peoples things and even their skins. The capitol people are weird like that. After what seems like an hour we finish and go to the training center with all the other victors are,and getting ready with their stylist, for tonights victor inteview.

D-6, Lilca Drugs, Capitol

Im sad that lllegal is dead but not that much. I really want to be with him, sometimes l even think of committing suicide. But l dont instead l just take dramomine and blackout for a while. My blackouts are alway about him and the games. It's a living nightmare. Im trying to quit the drug but it's hard, thats why lm gona take a pill the capitol designed for me. Hopefully it works and l can go back to normal.

D-5, Ice Hawk, Capitol

Im in my old room back at the training center with the stupid prep team that keep on talking about how good the games were and it was the best in years. One of them said that she put her money on me on winning while the other one said she put her money on me for the first one to die. Until l just snaped " Why don't you guys have sympathy for the 19 dead kids that gave their life for your stupid entertainment, you do know my brother was one of them!!! So have some Smypathy of them!!!!" Then l duck and cover like land mines were about to expolde around me like Apollo's sister blow up. But I quickly remember lm not in the games.

D1- Ruby Moon, Capitol

lm in my room and the prep team just left. l run to my bed and start to cry, "lm sorry Sapphire, Im sorry Alex, and lm sorry Karina, Im sorry you guys died and l lived it should of been the other way around, Im sorry" Then l notice my stylist had walked in, in the middle of me crying. I tell her "What", with hatered, "It's your reason they'er all dead!!!!!" She goes up to me and starts to hug me. For whats seems like hours we stop and l tell her lm sorry. She says she hates the games as much as l do, and with that she dresses me, and Im on my way. I meet my friends at the elevator. It's so funny, we were all killing each other yesterday but now were all friends, because of one reason that no one else has in common....The 150th Hunger Games.

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