President Jonson is mad and seeks revenge, but not just revenge bloody painfull revenge. Last years game was a hit to the Capitol, because of the rule change. Last year all of the victors of Panem, in the midle of the games, went to the Presidents manshion and demand the victor's kids be let free. President Jonson said "No" in an ominous voice, but we can make a deal. With that the rules were changed so that five victors shall emefge from the 150th Hunger Games, but everybody that was included in the rule change was to never talk about it. That means Gamemakers, Victors, and the mayors of Panem. But some one spilled the beans, and for that people will pay. They will pay with their lives.WAHAHAHA


For this year, this Game will need 30 tribute. The regular reaping of tributes, four Capitol tributes(Two regular Capitol Citizens and two Gamemaker Kids), and one of the mayor's kid shall also be tributes!!!!!! I will include Reapings and Training Scores, maybe Final Eight Interviews, and maybe Chariot Rides(Probably not Chariot Ride)

You will need Age, Skills, Stragety, History, Personality, Weakness, and Name.Post Lunaii on my talk page. If u don't know how to make them tell me and l'll do it for you. May the odds be ever in your favor!!!!!!!Dead line will be the 25th. Time may be extended

Place Male Female Submitters Training Score Training Score Placement Placement
District 0
Comet Ash 16
Venus Blizzard 16


6 10th 2nd
District 1
Kendall Mason 16
Jade Sycamore 16


8 7th 3rd
District 2
Chisel Jaws 16
Suko Yoshida 17
Kenzen11 12 10 20th 14th
District 3
Ron Williams 15
Tessa Roberts 14
Kenzen11 7 5 29th 19th
District 4
Kai Atlantis 16
Pacifica Wave 16


9 8th 6th
District 5
Spike Owens 17
Twinkle Night 15



12th 5th
District 6
River Rhodes 17
Su<strike>tton Yates 16</strike>
Wolverine1717 4 6 22nd 4th
District 7
Max Blonde 15
Cherri Blonde 15
Foxface911 3 7 9th 21st
District 8
Akim Yakovliv 17
Linda Pierre 13
Foxface911 8 6 27th 11th
District 9
Maxwell Liang 16
Julia Manganese 15
EffieLuna 9 8 25th 30th
District 10
Talon Faust 17
Kedzie Woods 15
Firecatcher3 8 9 16th 13th
District 11
Lion Coy 16
Alice Wonder 12
Kenzen11 7 6 26th Victor
District 12
Raven Archer Frost 17
Ella Simmer 12
Firecatcher3 9 5 28th 17th

Capitol Tributes
Female Male submitter Gamemaker Child Female

Gamemaker Child Male

Lucinda Sky-Diamonds 17 Edward Woodwood 17 Anon... Lily Summers 12 David Redfren 15 Prezziesnow9704:)!
7 9 Trianing Scores 5 8 Training Scores
23rd 18th Placement 15 24th Placement

  • D0- Comet Ash
  • D0- Venus Blizzard
  • D1- Kendall Mason
  • D1- Jade Sycamore
  • D2- Chisel Jaws
  • D2- Suko Yoshida
  • D3- Ron Williams
  • D3- Tessa Roberts
  • D4- Kai Atlantis
  • D4- Pacifica Wave
  • D5- Spike Owens
  • D5- Twinkle Night
  • D6- River Rhodes
  • D6- Sutton Yates
  • D7- Max Blonde
  • D7- Cherri Blonde
  • D8- Akim Yakovliv
  • D8- Linda Pierre
  • D9- Maxwell Liang
  • D9- Julia Manganese
  • D10- Talon Faust
  • D10- Kedzie Woods
  • D11- Lion Coy
  • D11- Alice Wonder
  • D12- Raven (Archer) Frost
  • D12- Ella Simmer
  • Capitol- David Redfern
  • Capitol- Lily Summers
  • Capitol- Edward Woodwood
  • Capitol- Lucinda Sky-Diamonds

District 0-

I can't wait for the metor shower tonight. It's just me and Comet in our secret spot with a romantic picnic. The showers are always so beautiful and very romantic. I think today is the day, the day Comet might propose. Frist l have to go throught a dreadful reaping, poor kids who are going to the arena. I know the odds are in my favor and Comets. My dad is the mayor and Comet comes from the wealthy part of our twon. I have my breakfast and tell my dad to hurry the speech up because l have to prepare for the shower. After we head to town 3 hours early, since my father is the mayor, but at least Comet is there waiting for me, he is so cute. What seems like hours my father finishes his speech. Then our ugly escort walks up to the glass bowls. He picks two slips one from the girls one from the boys. He reads Venus Blzzard loud and cleary, I'm stiff at the thought of me being reaped. I slowly walk up shaking. Then with out hesitation he blurts out Mars Len. Oh no, thats my Ex and he hates my guts. Before l can tell Comet no he has volunteered. He walks up and gives me a faint hug and a kiss on the forehead. l am not gonna see the shower and Comet is not going to propose to me tonight, this is a nightmare come true.

District 1-

As I wake up in the orphanage my gut tightens. I fear my curse might send me to the Capitol, or worse send my only friend Jade. Man I hate that old lady for bringing that curse to me. Because of it I lost my parents, school got hard and I always get in fights. If only I would of listen to my parents, I wouldn't have been here. I remember it so cleraly. They said I couldn't go to the hottest party of the year so I sunk out anyways. And on the way there this old ugly lady walked up to me and said I'd be cursed. I laughed and said "As if", I regret it so badly l'd do anything for a re-do. So l get dressed and go down for breakfast with the rest of the other kids. After we all walk together to the square. I meet Jade, my best and only friend, and we start to chat as the mayor starts his speech. God she is so pretty, l've had a crush on her ever since l have remembered. I've always wanted to ask her out but the fear of losing my best friends counters it. My name being called out is what interups us. I frezze knowing thats my name and Jade gives me a long hard hug with tears down her face. I walk up as her sister is reaped. I yell 'Nooo!", but it to late she has volunteered. We shake hands and flow our giddy and stupid escort, and Ruby one of last years victors. From what it seems he's nice and will do anything possible to bring back one of us, at school he was also very kind and popular. Then l feel safe walking next to him when reality steps back in at the thought of killing kids.

District 2-

I wake and make breakfast for my mom and me. After it is set up at the table l walk to the foot of my moms bed and shake her awake. She opens her eyes looks at me then the clock and tries to fall asleep. I tell her get up that today is the reaping. She srugs his hand off and again tries to slip into unconsciousness. I tell l made her favorite eggs, toast, and a pice of bacon. With that she gets up and walks to the table. After we finished we get ready and walk to the square. We arrive in the middle of the mayors speech, and are the last to arrive. Then our hot escort jumps to the glass balls and picks one from each. I hope that little slip has Chisel Jaws written on it. That little slip can mean fame and forutune.I cross my fingers and hear it. I race up the stairs before she can read the rest of my name and look down anyone who might volunteer. Then she reads a whipy little 12yr old and l laugh to myself. She so scared and small l bet she wont make it through the frist day. Then a wave of hands rises and a fight breaks loose. A smart gril, l think her name is Suko Yoshida, aviods the fight and leaps on stage and pushes the little twig off the stage. I look her in the eye and fear she might have a chance of beating me, but l don't show it. When we shake hands we both stair each other down. For the frist time in my life l'm a little scare of this strong, and wrothy oppenet.

District 3-

I wake up around 5am knowing today is the reaping. I try to go back to sleep, but l've proven l couldn't because it is now 6am and l'm still awake. I get up dress in a nice suit and put my lucky steel ball in my pocket. I walk over to my desk and fiddle with my new invetion l've made, until the house is awake. My mom puts breakfast on the table and we eat. After we walk to the square and l meet up with Tessa and we chat until the Mayor has finished his speech. Tessa grabs my hand and holds it so tight l start to feel pins and needles. To be honest I'm a little scared to, but I stair at our 3 Victors, and regain my confidence. In the history of the Games we have had 6 Vicotrs in 151 years. Beetee, Wiress, and Electron were the Victors before the rebellion. The escort grabs a slip from the grils and read "Congratulations to Tessa Roberts!!!!" Blood drains from her face and before l can stop myself l give her a kiss. By now she is crying and l'm on the verge of crying. The escort bounces to the boy's bowl and yells Ron Williams. I'm somewhat glad, now l can protect Tessa. I get on stage and by now Tessa is pouring. Instead of shaking hands we hug. Before we lets go I whisper "Don't worry, I wont let anything hurt you." I look at the three victor again, but this time instead of confidence, I feel dread.

District 4-

Kai and l are out swimming. We love swimming its our favorite past time. When l'm in the water l'm calm, relaxed, l think straight, l'm stronger, proud, it the one place l could go and escape reality. In the water l'm a whole different person, l can be angry and all vicious, but as soon as the ocean air fills my lungs l relax and let the cool slipery stuff engulf me. l'm having so much fun that Kai litery has to scoop me up and take me to my house, when it time to get ready for the reaping. I whine and tell him its not for another 3 hours, but he reminds me that my father is the Mayor and l have to set a good example. I whine and whine as he carries me to my house in his strong arms. He kisses me and says he'll meet me in an hour. l get ready as fast as l can and eat my food as if it was my last, and head out the door to meet up with Kai. He's there in the middle of the square by himself. I think he so romantic and sweet. He could be at home and do what he wants to do, but instead he's here waiting for me so l don't get board and lonely. We go to the place where all the other 16yrd olds go, and sit down facing the ocean and waiting for the reaping to start. Once my father finishes his speech the escort comes and picks a girls name. In a cyrstal clear voice she reads Pacifica Wave. Kai's blood drains and l command him not to volunteer, but l know he will anyways. As l walk up l plan what to say to get me sponser. A bulb goes on and when the mike is in my hand. I wipe away a tear and say "Panem, l am ready." The crowd goes so crazy you can't hear the boy's name, but it doesn't even matter Kai is on his way. We give the camra a long good juicy kiss, before we shake hand with our mentors. I already miss the Ocean.

District 5-

l wake up in my king sized bed in Victor's Village. I get a sickening feeling in my stomach and l start to cry, a year ago my brother would have been still alive. If it weren't for that evil Capitol, more kids would have lived and completed their goals in life. A whole other pain is ejected in me, l will have to keep 2 tributes alive in that god awful arena, and 24 new other kids will experince the mortifing thing l and all other victors have seen. l get up and get ready. Today my fellow victors and my friends, Ruby Moon, Lilac Drugs, Apollo Silvermoon, and Kitty Thomas will have our frist day of mentoring. At least my father was the victor before my Games and l wont be alone. We get ready and have breakfast. Two chairs full and one empty. I start to cry at seeing the chair and soon my father does too. Then as if planed my father hug and morn Blaze. By the time we leave to the square all are eyes are red. l sit in my chair lost in time day dreaming about my father, brother and l hunting in the woods, and fearing for the children who are going to the Capitol to day to be put to their. What pulls me back to reality is the booming voice of our escot calling Twinkle Night. I see her making her way up the step. She is shaking a little and l can't feel but bad for her, because thats how l had felt. Then the boy is called Spike Owens, the girls face turns paper white, and l understand. In school he is a bully and torchers her, l already know who l'm going to keep alive. And its not Spike Owens.

District 6-

When l wake my aunt and uncle are already up setting up the table for breakfast. I look at the clock and see that it is already 10am. I jump up dress, scarf down my breakfast kiss my aunt and uncle goodbye and tell them l'll meet at the square around 1:45pm, and run out the door to meet Sutton. I run to her front door and ring the door bell. When she answers she says about time and we go to swamp the for a hike. Sutton has been wanting to do this for over a mounth now. And I now know why, it turns out to be very enjoyable. Birds fill the sweet morning air, and squirrels run at our feet. We stop at a swamp and feed the bread l packed to the birds that swim in the murky water, were having so much fun she says let just skip the reaping. I look at my watch and its 1:25, and say we cant its the law. She sigh and rolls her eyes, and then we hastily pack our stuff and run to the square. By the time we meet with Sutton's parents and my aunt and uncle, we are so out of breath we and collapse. We get up and dust ourselves off when the Mayor begins his long boaring speech. As soon as its over our purple colored escort picks to names and reads them aload at the same time in a blur. She has to say it a second time for us to understand that Sutton and l are going into the arena. Sutton grips my hand and never lets it go, and l'm glad because l think l might fall. When we get up we meet our mentors, Lilac Drugs who seems empty of life, and Many Yale who seems pumped to mentor us, l feel hopeless. I take it back, we should of skipped this awful event.

District 7-

As l walk home with Max form the woods, l can't help but laugh at my twin brother who is tring to carry wood with his tail. He gets mad and gives up after a while.We arrive at my aunts house and a big breakfast has been prepared for us. The smell is so overpowering that we run toward the table and eat till were stuffed. It is so funny how Max was dropped on the head when he was a baby, and now he thinks he's a tiger wolf. It funny because he does tiger wolf things like running, sniffing, hunting, and swimming. He truly look and acts just like one, that sometimes l second guess that he might not be human, but a striking tiger wolf. The only downer is that he also eats like one too. When we finish we go to our room, our aunt has left us new clothes and a note. The note says, Cherri lm counting on you to get yourself and Max to the square on time. As you can see l left you new clothes. Please make sure to cut a hole in Maxs pants to let his tail out. See you at the square. With that l cut a hole in Max's pants and get ready, for his tail. We meet our aunt in the square at the end of the Mayor's speech. Then our hot ripped escort gets two slips from both bowls and he reads 'Cherri Blonde'. I freeze knowing lm gonna die and l haven't done all the things l want to do yet. l slowly and painfully walk to the stage. The escort doesn't even finish the boy's name when l here Max shout out he volunteers. I look out and see the pain in my aunts' eyes. I look back at Max and think, this is no place for a Tiger Wolf.

District 8-

I get up around 12pm and my parents are at the table eating. They said they tried to wake me but l guess l was in a deep dreamless sleep. I stair at my mom and my heart breaks. She has lost half a leg and an eye, form her year in the games. When ever l see her l can't help but hate the Capitol even more. Im glad they're sending four of their kids to go through what our 24 kids go through every year. I know l can never get reaped for the pain my mom would feel for me to live her nightmares in the arena. That and l would be scared and probably die. But if my one true love Linda Pierre would to reaped what choice what would l have. I hope that l never have to choose anything that devastating. I sit down and eat slowly and very little. After l dress and we're heading to the speech. l wish l could be over next to Linda in the 13yrd old section and hold her hands, but lm stuck in the stupid 17yrd old section. The Mayor finishes his speech and our old ugly escort and picks a slip from the girls. In a naggy voice she pronounces Linda Pierre. Blood drain from my face. Im stuck. What should l do volunteer and protect my true love and make my mom go through the worst pain imaginable, or keep quite and watch Linda slip from my grasp and keep my mom from the agonizing pain. My mind is racing because before l know it lm on stage volunteering. l find my mom's face with a tears falling off of it. l mouth sorry before lm rushed to my mentors.

District 9-

I wake up in the mansion l call my new home. l walk to my dresser and get the picture of Artemis, my dead twin. I kiss her cheek and hold it tightly to my chest, not dare letting go. Thinking that the Capitol make take this the only thing left of her. She seems so peacful, worryless, innocent. She wanted to be a doctor and treat the sick. But she didn't even get to finish High School. Now two more kids are taking our place this year. Good thing lm in the rebllion and so are my friends and fellow victors of the150th Hunger Games. We will try to get every living soul we can, and escape to District 13 were we will destroy the Capitol. They will pay for my sister, the siblings of the 150th Hunger Games, and all the kids that have died. President Jonson wont know what will be coming, and we will have a little suprise for him next year, a very deadly suprise. At the thought of seeing President Jonson in pain a give me a smile. I get ready and walk out to the square to awiat the next tributes of this horrble Game. I get on stage and listen to the the Mayor's speech, and watch as happy and giddy escort picks the names and procliams "Julia Manganese". No volunteers, for this is a death sentence. "Maxwell Liang" say the escort cyrstal clear. The boy walks up looking at the kids he passs by hoping one might volunteer, but of course no one does. They shake hands and l walk over to meet them. l hope they can stay a live long enough for me to save them.

District 10-

As l return from the woods with my Game sac full of birds, rabbits, fish,and squirrels, a poor little girl at the age of 12 runs into me and ask if l can spare food. I remember when l was that hungry and l had to suplly food for my family, so l gave her two fish and a nice fat rabbit. A smile escapes fer face snd without hesitation she give me a big hug, and says her brother and sisters will be very thankful. I ask where are her parents and who many siblings she has. She answers that she her name is Bell, has 5 siblings all younger then her, her parents died, and they are living with their old aunt. l can't help but morn for her and say "My name is Kedzie Woods, and don't be afraid to bother me for food, and l could teach you how to hunt, fish, and gahter by tomorrow." She says thank you like twenty times and we part. I skin my kill and make breakfast for the family. The little one set up the table and we all have breakfast. After l dress and help Torin and little Hawk get ready as well. After we are all nice and ready we get to the square just in time to see the husky escort pick the girls name. My stomach tighten, and l start to sweat. I hope that little pice of paper isn't mine, and its not me but Bell. I freeze as l see the little 12yrd old l met just a few hours ago walk up to the stage. I know she won't have a chance and before l know it lm volunteering. I push her out of the way, and she give a hug with tears falling fom her eyes. A soft and scared thank you escapes her mouth. Im stunned and zoned out from what lm done, that l don't even realize lm shaking hands with the boy tribute from my tribute, Talon Faust.

District 11- I am swety and tired from all the the climbing lm doing to collect all the fruit in the trees. Finally my shift in done and l get to go home and clean all the dirt and sweat off. When l walk home l sing to the mokinjays in the trees. I just love them, l have three of them and can't wait to get more, tomorrow from the pet store. They are my best friends and l love to sing to them day or night. When l walk into my house the smell of breakfast intoxicates my lungs and l start to drull. I take a bath and dress as quickly as l can, and sit at the table waiting for the food. As soon as my mom puts the food on the table my family attacks it not leaving any letfovers. After we inhaled all the food we head for the crowded square. I start to day dream and block out everything. The girl next to shakes me out of it and l say what. She replies that l just got reaped. I freeze and start to panic on the inside, but on the outside l look calm. I finally get on the stage and feel like collapsing, but l suck it up and give the crowd a winning smile and a big wave. Then our escort reads the boy s name "Lion Coy". He truges up the stage and we shake hands. l turn to the camra and blow a kiss to the Capitol.

District 12-

Kitty and l are passing the fence of our district with plants and game in our bag. We really don't need it her being a victor and me being a child of a victor, have all the stuff we want. We hunt and gather for the people in our district. Kitty used to live in the Seam so we usally give our game to her neighbors and friends. It feels good give, and we probably get good karma for this. Because my father and Kitty are victors they have to get to the reaping early. They both sit on stage since they are going to be the mentors for our district this year. Once were done distributing food we walk to Victors Village and get ready an eat at Kitty's house. As soon as were doen we head over to the square and talk till the Mayor starts her speech. Once he does l have to be roped off and Kitty has to take her seat on stage. After the speech, the pink skines golden hair escort picks a slip and reads "Ella Simmer." l gasp for air and head for the stage with a stiff body. Next she calls out "Raven Archer Frost!" A strong boy walks up and shakes my hand. We turn to meet our mentors, and it takes all my will powere to not hug my best friend and father. I guess l have bad karma.


After l have my six course breakfast, l take an nice long hot shower, with the gentel setting on. After l dress in my best suit and head to the the president mansion. This is our frist reaping so evrery Capitol kid has one slip in the giant glass bowls. A stage has been set up and the president is saying a speech about the Capitol and its victory over the district. What losres and babies the districts are, how hard is it for them to send just two kids to fight to the death. The Capitol is doing it and l don't see how hard it is. Its atually exciting. After the president finishes, our hot escort comes up and picks two slips from the girls. "Lily Summers and Lucinda Sky-Diamonds." Nice names l think, as she asys the boy's names. "Edward Woodwood and David Redfren." We walk up all pumped up. Once l get on stage l walk over to the escort and slap her butt. She squeals and the crowd goes crazy. This isn't that hard, its actually fun.


Best Reaping
















Chariot Rides

The Capitol-

The crowd egarly awaits the Chariot Rides to began. The doors open and the Capitol Chariot comes out. It looks like a smaller version of a Capitol block. With stores, house, and a mini park. The four tribute act as if the crowd isn't even there, even though you can't hear over the roar. Then Edward Woodwood, Lucinda Sky-Diamonds, David Redfren, and Lily Summers freeze and start to throw all sorts of thing in the crowd. From food to expensive gems. The crowd goes nuts

District 0-

Venus Blizzard and Comet Ash are dress as astronaut and the Chariot seems to be the moon. Then all of a sudden aliens pop out of nowhere and start to take Capitol citizens. The crowd's first reaction is fear, but then Venus and Comet bring out high tech. guns ans start to shoot the kidnapping aliens. The roar turns into a loud crushing ocean as people are taken and then saved by the tributes. By the time the Chariot is gone the audince is full of green alien blood.

District 1-

Kendall Mason and Jade Sycamore are dressed in grey boaring clothes, but as oon as the crowd was turning away, they took out smoke booms and a brihgt light came. As the smoke went away Sycsmore was dressed in gems that changed colors and the same went for Kendall, except he was wearing a suit. Then they tossed out gems andgold to the Capitol. "As if they don't have enough" whispered Kendall.

District 2-

The Chariot is literly a fort, then the in the center of the fort explodes. Shooting rock candy everywhere. Chisel Jaws and Suko Yoshida jump out of the newly made hole and shoot their guns out at the crowd. But instead of bullets, they are candy bullets. The crowd goes crazy and eats up all the candy.

District 3-

Nothing unique with this Chariot. They Capitol is about to turn away when an orb of light appears. Then in a minute Ron Williams and Tessa Roberts are covered in hundreds of orbs.You have to luck away form the bright light or you'll be blinded. When the crowd turns back Ron and Tessa, they look like lightning bolts and when ever they touch sparks fly.

District 4-

Pacifica Wave and Kai Atlantis are seperated by a pool of water. In the water there are all kinds of exotic water life. From weird fish to whales they got them. The Pacifica and Kai start to pass ou the water life. Every Capitol citizen is trying to get seals, fish, dolphins and many more. By the time they get Chariot ride is over there is no more water life in the pool.

District 5-

Not all the Capitol citizens got to get unique water life so, as the District 5 Chariot arrives those who didn't get water life is now getting muttations. The Capitol is estatic while getting cute baby mutts as pets. There are ponies with wing, tiger puppies, moose lions cubs, and platypus bear cubs. By the time District 6 Cahriot comes out the crowd is roaring with excitement.

District 6-

All ready the Capitol has gotten gems, items, and exotic pets. Now they get fake candy blood sprayed all over their faces. River is on a surgery table while Sutton is opperating on him. 10 minutes in River wakes up a zombie bites Sutton. The Sutton becomes a zombie, and the Capitol roars with fear and laughter.

District 7-

Both tributes are dressed as trees. The Capitol loses intrest very fast until they chop each others costums off to reavel Cherri Blonde 'sstunning leaf dress, and Max Blonde's marvelous suit. But what makes them desirable is their eyes. They turn evey shade of green you could think of.

District 8-

Akim Yakovliv and Linda Pierre are completely naked, the ony thing covering their genitals are their arms and hands. Then out of nowhere slik worm encase both tributes in a cocoon .When it breaks open they are dressed in the most desirable clothes you could think of. And this happens till the very end.

District 9-

Maxwell Liang and his district partner Julia Manganese are dressed in beige and in a colorful grain field. They are passing out grain so good the taste dances on your tongue. The Capitol goes wild for more grain but it runs out before they even make it to the finis line.

District 10-

The two tribute from ten are dressed in slaughterhouse uniforms with blood stain all over. The crowd turns the other way, but quickly return as Talon and Kedzie start to serve stake, pork chops, and all kinds of food a stake house would serve. The Capitol run for the Cahriot in hoping to get a free meal.

District 11-

The Chariot is an old plain old dead grain feild with dead trees Lion and Alice are dressed in some ulgy dead weeds. Then all of a sudden the chariot catches on fire as well as them. There is some much smoke that you can't see anything, but when it clears the old dead grain feild has transformed into a lushish grain feild with fruit trees ripe with all kinds of fruit. Alice has changed in a beautiful lushish Autumn dress and me a nice sharp autumn suit with a lovely bright colored flower sticking out of the pocket were the flowre is supposed to be. And they toss the lush fruit out to the crowd.

District 12-

Archer and Ella are collecting coal and putting it into some weird foreign machien. Then when they opened it diamonds took the place of the coals. The Capitol gasp, and get in line for Archer and Ella to give tell miniature version of the merical machien.


The Arena will be split up into four sections. One a fresh water ocean with islands on them, these islands are the safest place, but it dangerous to get there. Two a very dark forest with tall trees, were game and edible plants are, but also dark creatures. Three a mountainus terrian where it snows, there you are never safe with preaditors
  • Dark Forest
  • Big Foot
  • Jersey Devil
  • Fresh Water Ocean
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Mermaid
  • Mountainous Terrain
  • Yeti
  • Dragon
  • Desert
  • Chupacabra
  • Mongolian Death Worm
in the sky and on land. Last is the desert where there are plants edible and for medical use. But the twist is that in every section there are Cryptids. ln the forest we have the famous Big Foot and Jersey Devil, the ocean the Loch Ness Monster and Mermaids, in the mountains Yetis and Dragons, and in the desert the Chupacabra and Mongolian Death Worm. In each area there is a hard and specail spot where all the things you can ever desire in the arena. In this spot you are safe from all the cryptids. In the desert an oasis, the freshwater ocean islands, the dark forest a medow of tall and lushis flowers, and for the mountains there is a beautiful winter wonderland forest.


The tributes were a white undershirt, and a forest green V-Neck. The pants are a dull grey, and our sturdy boots are black, they have a light hoodie sweater that is grey, and a heavy black jacket. They will also have beige gloves.

The Games

"Let 151th Hunger Games Begin!!!!!" yells the announcer.

D11- Alice Wonder, Cornocopia

I take in all thrity of us are in an equal circle from the Cornucopia. Morning fog surronds our feet making it hard to see the ground. To my right lays an ocean with lakes swimming distance away. To my left is a ominous froest. In front of me is just a flat desert with plenty of plants l reconized, l know this is where l'll go. And finaly behind me is are rocky mountains with a blanket of snow on top of it. I clutch my locket when l see them scathered all over me are bows and arrows, of gold, silver and copper. The weakest one is just a 20 yards a way. It's a brown wooden one, but l don't care its still a bow its not the time to be picky. So as the gong rings l head for it, and also get the stuff around it. I leave to the desert with a backpack, knives, and a bow an arrows.

Capitol- David Redfern, Cornucopia

The little stupid girl just took the grey backpack l wanted. She will pay with her life. l'll probably get it by today anyways, along wit her life. I get 5 short swords and run for the desetr in prusuit of the little girl.

D1- Kendall Mason, Cornucopia

l've already killed two tributes with my sword. Ron Williams of three and Julia Manganese of nine are a thing of the past. Julia was busy getting supplies when l creeped up on her and bam. I brought my sword down so hard to her neck, her head went flying about 5 yards. That will surely get me a sponser. And the nerd from 3 was trying to save his little pathetic district partner. My sworded entered his heart and he hit the ground hard. l was about to behead the gril but she stabed my thigh and ran off. At the corner of my eye l see sometihng move and chager, at the boy from 12. For a while we just stair each other down. His bow rised and an arrow loaded. My sword ready at throwing position. I ask his name. He answered "Archer, and you, Kendall, Kendall Mason l say sinisterly. "Well Archer, Perpare to Die!!!!!!! I let my sword soar and he lets his arrow go. Both weaponds trying to find it's victum. We both fall, and l get up to yank the arrow out of my forearm and my sword out of Archer's chest. l bandage my thigh and arm and egerly get back into the games.

D6- Sutton Yates, Dark Forest

River and l are in the forest that light never reaches. For about an hour we have heard scary sounds. Sounds like roaring, from an animal l don't know. For sure it is a mutt. At the Cornucopia we barley escaped with our lives. River went in and got a backpack and one sleeping bag. There was a close call when Akim Yakowith of 9 almost stabed River. But before l can think l let my knife enter and leave his heart. We take a break, and l start to kiss him, what breaks us apart is the moving in a nearby bush. We ready ourselves for an ambush when Linda from 9 comes out and ask for an ally. She is so young, tiny, and cute l can't resist. l blurt out "Of Course!!!" with out even thinking. We share our supplies and head deeper into the woods hugging tightly because of fear.

D0- Venus Blizzard, Mountain Terrain

Comet and l run to the snow covered mountains. Back home there is never a day without snow. That is why we choose this place. It get very cold, but l love the weather. Mostly because it reminds me of home. After a about 5 hours we start to set camp. We were so lucky, we espcaped the Cornucopia with our lives and a few other things. We got one sleeping bag, one tent, a backpack full of water, food, medicine, and plenty of weapons. We don't dare make a fire, but indtead put up the tent, squish into the sleeping bag. Comet takes frist watch and l slowy drift into a horrible nightmare

D7- Max Blonde, Cornucopia

There are already several bodies in a pool of blood. I run to the Cornucopia and get, a backpack, knives, a bag of dried beef and fruit, and a water bottle. I jumped on Lion Coy and tried to rip his head off with my teeth, but l guess my teeth are still to dull, being young for a tiger -wolf. So in stead l just stab him about 5 times. lm at the edge of the forest where my sister is hiding. We agreed she would watch my back while being covered, and l'd get supply. l see somthing at the corner of my eye and send my knife toward it. I turn to find it was my tail and run to retrieve my knife. I finally meet my sister and head deeper into the very dark forest.

D5- Spike Owens, Desert

I see girl from district go into very hot land. l have rope, knives, water, and food. When girl goes to sleep l tie her up and take her. She will be my special. l also get other little specials. But this girl Twinkle is favorite. She is mine. I am her new owner. Wahahaha. Right now l see her stop and drink and eat. She put up tent. Now she stair at stars. She pretty at night when all stars and moon shine on her. She go sleep now. l wait for 3 hours. Then l hit her so she can go night night. I tie her and put her in special place where she will be nice and safe. Now l go look for more pretty specails.

D1- Jade Sycamore, Cornucopia All of us careers are alive and ready to fight. All six of us are in a big circle surrounding all the supplies. We each get one backpack and two waterproof bags. We also have more then enough food. Now we sit and think of a way to kill more tributes. Then Suko Yoshida says we should leave stuff in the Cornucopia and hide in the edge of the forest and wait for a tribute to take the bait. We all think this is a great idea and get ready. When we arrive at the edge of the forest the cannons go off. l count 5 and think more will come. We wait for only an hour when two tributes stroll by. Bingo. We run and ambush them. We manage to kill Maxwell Liang of 8. But the girl from 3 ran away before we could kill her. But l did manage to sink my knife in her forearm.

Capitol- Lucinda Sky-Diamonds, Desert

My two allies from the Capitol and l are sitting in a circle dividing up our stuff. The only reason why lm here along with some of the victor's and mayor's is because someone squealed, making the president look stupid. So thats why my father told me how to get myself an the rest of the living tributes out of here. All l have to do is press a button on a bolder and drain the ocean and after that District 13 hovercrafts will come to get us. l plan to tell them in about 5 minutes so the cameras are not on us. My father programed them not to show us in 4 minutes now. Ok it now or never. "Guys my father and l planed a way to get out of here. Im telling you this hust incase l die. So frist we have to go to the ocean then we have to pre-Ahahahah!!!!" l sream as l pull my knife from my back. l fall to the ground while Edward Woodwood throws his ax and decapitates David Redfren. l grab Lily's hand "You have to... you have to press th" Boom!!!!

D9-Apollo Silvermoon, Capitol

Damit now the tributes can't get out. We just found out that Luninda has just died. We now have to probably explode the forefeild now, if we could just find the arena. Jonson is the only one who knows were it is, in fearing we might break the field. "Damit!!!!" l yell as l knock the lamp from the table. l try to calm down while the Avox try to clean the mess and my bloody hand. ln two or three day a hovercraft will come from District 13 and pick up all the mentors and their family and friends. For fear of what the Capitol did in the Second rebellion, District 13 is also takink all of the surving Victors and their families. l walk to the headquarters . As l sit with the other mentors l come up with a genius plan. Were going into the arena agin. And were gonna take the tributes with us.

End of Day One, Deaths:

D-9,Julia Manganese(15), 30th

D-3,Ron Williams(15), 29th

D-12,Raven Archer Frost(17), 28th

D-8,Akim Yakovliv(17), 27th

D-11,Lion Coy(16), 26th

D-9,Maxwell Liang(16), 25th

Capitol,David Redfren(15) 24th

Capitol,Lucinda Sky-Diamonds(17), 23rd

Day 2

D5- Twinkle Night, Desert Oasis

This is relly good rope, no doutb it is from the Capitol. If Spike didn't tie my hands so tight l probably could of escaped by now. I've thought about yelling for help but l don't, for fear of meeting a blood thristy mutt or worse another tribute. I'm getting thristy so l wiggle to the pond that seems clear as a diamond. I start to drink and eat the fruit at the base of the tree. You know up this isn't that bad, if l wasn't tied and in the arena. I sit against the tree and start to fall asleep. Then l here someting in the bush a few feet from me. I freak knowing the condision lm. Then l say who's there. After a few minutes l go to the sound and find its a sponser gift. I rip it open to find a very nice knife. l tucck under my but cuz l see something in the distance. Hoping it's not Spike.

D1- Jade Sycamore, Cornucopia

After a long day of hunting we set up camp in the mouth of the Cornucopia. Kendall and l are on frist watch. Both tributes from 2 go to two diffrent tents, and the couple from 4 are sharing tents. Kendall and l talk for a while, and l can't help but start to fall for him. He has saved my life 2 time already. And he got stab trying to protect me, and yaa he is kind of hot. Then we start to kiss, and don't stop for like 5 minutes. Then Kendall take a nap and lm left alone to garud. Half an hour passes whe l see something come out of the tent, the couple from 4, carring what seems to be a human. It's slowly making its way to Suko tent. I get up and go to it. I see him the boy from five. He has a passed out Pacifica on his sholders. I jump out and throw a knife at him he ducks and it hits a near by tree. l start to run for Kendall but he's quick and trips me l fall to the ground scared as he hits me in the head and blackout. The last thing l heard was "More specails."

D3- Tessa Roberts, Mountain Terrian

I remember Ron and me up on stage at the reapings. "Don't worry, l wont let anything hurt you." Thats what he said the day of the reaping. And he has kept his promise, he died protecting me. The boy from 1, Kendall, will pay for it. At least it was a quick death. l try to go to sleep and l do, but l dream of nightmares and Ron.

D10- Kedzie Woods, Forest

lm in the woods when l here a twig snap. l turn to and load my bow. My arrow is aimed at Talon. "You wanna drop?" the bow he says. 'Why shou," I wanna be allies, thats why." He interupts me and drops all his weaponds. "Fine" in say in return. "Your Todd's brother aren't you?" I say. "How do you kno... Wait your Kedzie aren't you, you were my brother's hunting partner, ha?" he says in an interrogative tone. "Yay" l reply, and were both drawn together talking about Todd. When a creature comes barging in out of the trees. It like nothing l ever seen. It taller then the average human. With hair everywhere it looks like a cross between a lager monkey and a man. It schreeches an unbearable yell. It grags Talon as if nothing and flings him against a tree. I shot 5 times and he still up. lt has me in his hands when Talon Slides his sword between its neck.

D5- Spike Owens, Desert Oasis

I got two specials. Very pretty, But Twinkle prettiest. l take two other specials to magical place in hot land. Both have rope on hand and feet. l put specials down. Two specials next to Twinkle. l call district 4 special Specail 1, and call district 1 special Special 2. Specials very pretty. They my specials. No one else specials. l new onwer now. No one touch specials, only me touch specials. Me sit and eat yummy food. And drink see through water. Me feed and give water to specials. They no resist. l sit and fall sleep sleep. They no leave me they love me. And if they leave me. Me kill special and get mor pretty specials. Tomorrow me get more pretty specials.

D2- Chisel Jaws, Cornucoipa

Both of the stupid love sick boy are going in cricles say we have to go out and find them. The only reason l agreed and didn't kill them all right now is because we still have a lot of more tribute to kill, and we could probably kill along the way. So we pack up our stuff and make a plan. We know they didn't leave because they would of brought their boyfriends with them. And we think to go to the forest because there would be a lot of coverage to hide in. But l have a gut feeling their in the forest.

D4- Pacifica Wave, Desert Oasis

Im next to Jade and the girl from 5. We were all kidnapped by this maniac. Right now l know Kai is despertly looking for us. I tell the girls in a soft whisper "We have to get out of here!" "lm Twinkle, and l got a knife under my butt." With that she gets up grabs the knife with her mouth. It takes a while but she finally gets her hands free. Then she works off the rope on her feet, in seconds. She goes to me next and frees me, the as soon as lm done Jade is next. We decide to raid the maniac's supplies, fill up our water bottles, and get some of this breath taking fruit. Twinkle is about to stab him when his eyes flash open. He slaps the knife out of her hand and l run for it. He says in a very ominous voice "What specials doing, lm specials onwers." he hisses the s. He gets up and l throw Twinkles knife at his arm. He yanks it out and runs away while saying "Specials pay!!!!"

D6- River Rhodes, Desert

Something is weird about this desert, it feels creepy. I think l keep hearing sounds. Its like someone gasping for air. At least Sutton and Linda are with me or else l probably be scared out of my mind. The reason we leftthe forest is because Linda has reconized some of the plants in the desert. We've been out here for an hour and we already have a backpack full of wild plants. Im glad we listen to her. Linda runs off to pick berries when Sutton spots it. It a creature that l never laid eyes on. It has fur that is very poky. Sharp fangs for sucking out blood. It howls and is about to jump on Linda. I lunge and push her out of the way. The thing lands on me and is sucking my blood out likes my neck is a straw and body a jucie box. Linda reacts fast by putting a knife in the sling shot and litting itfly into the eye. Sutoon runs to me and says she loves me, and Linda a sad little thankyou. I tell them one of them has to win, don't let me die for nothing. Both are crying now and agree. Were all hugging when my cannon goes out for all of Panem to hear.

Capitol- Lily Summers, Freshwater Ocean Edge

That stupid boy!!!!! We could of came out a live but no he had to kill our life line. I hope the rebellion sends for help. The last thing Lucinda said was "Go to the ocean and pre..." lm pretty sure she was gona say press, but not sure. Right now we are at the edge of the ocean trying to find clues on how to get out of this stupid Arena

D7- Cherri Blond, Mountian Terrian

The forest started to get crowded with people and very creepy creatures. We killed this donkey face with horns, a scary tail, Wings, hores feet, and little T-Rex arms. I creid at the site of it. It almost killed me but Max came in and bit its neck off. So now we are here in a cave in the monutains. We satrt to eat when yet another creature, a white fured creature. It screams a high pitches scream and lunges at Max. Now its my time to protect him l jump in the way of the the creature and Max. Its claws scrape me on the neck and l immediately fall to the ground with pain. Max doesn't hesitate to rip its heart out and come to my side. He starts to cry and l tell him he has to win for the both of us. He says he won't let me down, kisses me and stay at my side when my cannon goes out.

D0- Comet Ash, Mountian Terrian

l have found a romantic place. A cave that has an Ark in front of it with wild flowers covered in it. These flowers remind me of home. Today l propose to my one true love Venus. At 4pm l start to head over to the ark with Venus. She is speechless when she sees the Ark. But more speechless when she sees me on one knee with the ring out. "Will you marry me Venus Blizzard, Love of My Life" l tell her. "Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!" she screams, but we both don't care. I slip the ring on her finger and we start to kiss. A crunch is what seperates up, to find a sponcer gift, in it there are two rings and a book called 'Vows and Marriage'. We know what to do, and l think its a frist in the arena. We stand under the Ark and say our vowls and l Do's. Then at the end Venus say "You may now kiss the bride!" We kiss for about 7 seconds when we get yet another gift, a feast. We sit and eat half and save the rest for later. We crawl into our tent and l start to kiss my new wife, and before l she goes to sleep.

D4- Kai Atlantis, Cornucopia

We've returned to base to find three grils, Pacifica, Jade, and Twinkle. Jade and Pacifica are arguing against Suko and Chisel to let Twinkle into the career alliance. The only reason Kendall and l agree is because Twinkle saved their lives. Its only Suko and Chisel want her dead. So they start to attack us. l yell to the ocean. Pacifica, Jade, and Twinkle run for the ocean. Kendall and l try to give the girls a head strat by fighting Suko and Chisel.

D2- Chisel Jaws, Cornucopia/ Freshwater Ocean

Now its jut Suko and l left of the careers, the rest of them just bailed on us, and will soon regret it with thier live. When Pacifica, Jade and Twinkle are already half way to the lslands, Kendall and Kai start to go for it. Suko stays behind to look out for our supplies when l chase after them. The fog starts to roll in and you cant see 5 feet infont of you. But l don't care l swim in anyways. I see a figure in the distance and know its not any of the ones lm after, but l don't care one less tribute to worry about. I change direction and go toward the figure. 15 feet away l here a beatuiful voice singing. When l get close enough l see Half girl Half fish. She is the most dazzling thing l ever left eyes on. She says in a voice l melt in "So what your name strong boy." "Ch Ch Chiselll" l say love sick. "Well Chisel sorry you have to die" I snap out of it but its to late. Her beautiful smooth blue-green tail turns rough and brown. Her lushish blond hair is now tangled and grey. Her soft bear face is now bumpy and wrinkled, and her white striaght teeth are ugly and crooked. In a second it takes to blink, she jumps on me and starts to eat and drown me at the same time.

D10- Talon Faust, Dark Forest

We here a mockingjay give a loud waring cry. Kedzie and l look up to see a hovercraft land and let out 5 people. We hide in the bushes and see who it is. It shocks us to see all the victors from last years game walk toward in the arena. Apollo say "Ok guys let look for tributes frist and then we could start our plan." Kedzie is not sure about comming out of the bushes and going to them, but l talk her into it. We stand and walk over. As soon as they hear a crunch of a branch they whip around ready to kill. They see our face and lighten up. "Well are gonna ally with us or not?" says Lilac. A smile start to form on my face and we run to the victors.

D1-Ruby Moon, Dark Forest

"Attention Ladies and Gentelmen! There has been a rule change. We are leting as many of you tributes out as long you can find your way out of the arena with our past victors. Ruby Moon, Ice Hawk, Lilac Drugs, Apollo Silvermoon, and Kitty Thomas, are not tribute tribute, but you may now kill them without punishment. Thank you that is all! And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!!!!" yells the announcer. Hahaha tish is gonna be so easy. What we know and the president doesn't is that, there is a bolder with a button that will release District 13 hovercrafts into the arena and into the Capitol. Can't wait for look on the presidents face.

D2- Suko Yoshida, Mountain Terrian

I know Chisel has died because he would have been back at the Cornucopia like two hours ago. I head into the mountains in hope of a weak tribute. And lm in luck, l see a body a few hundered yard from here. I break into a sprint with my knife in in one hand and a spear in the other. She sees me when lm about ten yards away but it is to late my knife is already in her thigh and she is strugling to get away. I throw my spear and it enters her heart. I get the spear out just to cause more pain, and whisper in the evilest voice l have "You know when the heart fails the brain still goes on for several minutes. That means you could still hear, see, and FEEL." I slowy rip her skin with my knife. In out, in out,in out, until l hear a canon.

End of Day 2, Deaths:

D6- River Rhodes (17), 22nd

D7- Cherri Blonde (15), 21st

D2- Chisel Jaws (16), 20th

D3- Tessa Roberts (14), 19th

Day 3

D11-Alice Wonder, Desert

lm hot, hungry, and thristy. My mind keeps playing tricks on me, thinking lm only a yard away from water, but when l get there it just rock and dust. lm about to givee up and fall to the ground when l see trees and a big lake. I run to it doubting its even there. But as l get closer it gets bigger and now l know its for real, and not just my brain. As soon as l get there l jump in the nice cool water, grab fruit from the hanging tree, and drink the crystal clear water. After about 3 hours of relaxing, l get up and start to set up to put up tent, and notice signs of struggle. Rope is on the ground and foot prints everywhere l pack up my stuff. And about to leave when l see him. District 5. "Hi Special, you my new and bestest special." In a blink of an eye he has tackled me and tied me to a tree.

D12- Ella Simmer, Freshwater Edge

So far l have almoted starved and dehydrated to death, killed mutts, almost was killed, and joined an alliance. My allies are the Capitol kids. They seem nice, funny, and relly cool for Capitol Kids. Both of them are still trying to figure out what their dead ally was triying to say to them before she was killed. Then all of a sudden we hear feet, and jump up. But its to late they have already ambushed us, and we are badly out number. Then l see Kitty's face and throw my arms around her. After she prys me off of her. Ruby says "We have a plan. A mile away from here lies a boulder wit a button on it. And all we have to do is pre-" "Press it!!!" yells Edward and Lily, as if they had already knew the plan. So we head to the boulder to find the button isn't there. It turns to total chaos. Then Suko jumps from a bush to stab Edward and his cannon goes off. After the cannon goes out it turns for a free for all.

D6- Lilca Drugs(Victor), Freshwater Edge

Several bodies lie on the ground already, and some cannon have already gone off. Everybody has forgoten were all allies. Everybody is trying to kill each other, but the past victors. We know that there is three buttons not one. We try to tell them but its to load and everybody else is trying to fend for themself. Then l see Suko with knife in hand running for Kitty. l sprint just in time to sheild Kitty with my body. With a scream l fall, Suko is so quick she sticks another kinfe in Apollo's stomach. But before she could do more damage Ruby has put a spear in her neck. Kitty put my head on her lap. "Its ok, dont cry. I can finally see lllegal now. This is what l've been wanting. Bye everybody l love you all. You guys were my best friends" I tell them. Before they can say anything l slip away to never return to Earth again but to my dear brother lllegal.

D10- Kedzie Woods, Freshwater Edge

Talon is on the ground in a pool of blood, and lm in a cornner crying. Then Kitty snaps and yells "Stop!!! Stop!!! We have another plan!!!" With that everybody stops. Then Kitty sees Ella's body and loses it. All of a sudden, someone is trying to bind my hands. l punch them in the nose and whip around to see Spike slit my throat.

D11- Alice Wonder, Freshwater Edge

Spike has just killed Kedzie when he is about to kill Kitty. But before he can l shoot an arrow in his neck. He falls. "No one kidnaps me and gets away with it!" Ice raises her hand and l reflexively piont my bow toward her. "You don't want to do that, we have a plan to get out of her." lce says slowly. I nod my head and join the alliance. Then out of nowhere both girls from 6 and 8 requset an alliance. And we all head to the the lslands were they say there is a button that will get us out of here. When we finally get to the lsland we have a head count and find out we lost Apollo to a prehistoric creatures, and Linda, the girl from 8, was drowned by a half fish half human.

End of Day Three, Deaths: Capitol- Edward Woodwood (17), 18th

D12- Ella Simmer (12), 17th

D10- Talon Faust (17), 16th

Capitol- Lily Summers (12), 15th

D2- Suko Yoshida (17), 14th

D10- Kedzie Woods (15), 13th

D5- Spike Owens (17), 12th

D8- Linda Pierre (13), 11th

Non Tributes

D6- Lilca Drugs(17)

D9- Apollo Slivermoon(19)

Day Four

D0- Venus Blizzard, Mountain Terrain

Me and Comet have done great so far. We have more then enough food, water, and weapond, we have a tent, ohh yay and we got Married! I think that was a first in the arena but l don't care were happy and both alive. Were taking a strole through a beautibul winter wonder land. Animals are running on the ground fruits from trees. Then Comet stops. I turn his way to see Max Blond of 7. He says in a chilling voice. "If l lose my loved one, you lose yours." Max and Comet have some mad speedy, because all l know is that Comet is on top of me with a knife in his stomach and Max is already 5o yards away. I hop up get a knife from my belt and toss it. He's to far away and my eyes are full of tears that l miss his heart but get him in the forearm. I hear moaning and Run back to Comet's side. "Don't talk just listen. I love you so much thats why l had to sacrife myself. Please win, win for me. And always remember l'll alway be looking out for you. I Love You. You were the best wife ever." He says so weak. Tears running down my cheeks l kiss my husband. What breaks the kiss is the sound of his cannon. Iget upclose his eyes and follow the blood trial. I hear another canno and know its Max. I still continue for there was someting or someone who killed him. About 400yards of walking l see it. A dragon, my mom used to read them to me when l was so little, they were always my favorite thing. I see it has my knife in its leg and walk slowly to heal it. Its the least l can do to thank it for killing Max. It starts to growl but l distract it by food. I clean the cut, remove the knife, give it more food, and then bandage its leg up. I can tell it a young boy, still bigger then any man, though. After l've done my work l pick up and leave. For about 50 yards l don't notice. Then l hear a crack and whip around. I see the dragon behind a rock and yelled "You don't have to hide!!!" lt comes out slowly. I walk to it and raise my hand to pet its nose. I stop half way because he growls and close my eyes. All of a sudden l feel a smooth silky cold surface and know lm touching the dragon. l look up and see him and now know l have a new ally. A smile crosses my face, because l have a new confidence.

D1- Kendall Mason, Freshwater Island

We have joined the alliance with the past victors. But lm crazy for blood. I don't know what happened. I was never like this, once the gong rang, its like l've been craving blood. So l know what to do. "Hey, Kai why don't we go fishing, and get us some meat." l ask. In response Kai says "Sure let me just get ready." Yes, l think to myself, time to kill. Once were out of sight and near the waters edge. l punch Kai as hard as l can and he knocks out. Then l refill my water and organize my knives. When he finally wakes up he is tied to a tree, and a pair of socks are in his mouth so he can't get away or scream for help. "Im sorry l have to do this, l really am. Im just icthing to kill someone. And you where just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don't take me wrong you were a good friend of mine." I tell him and thats makes him panic. I plung my knife in his stomach and twist it around, and pull it out. Warm thick liquid comes out and squirts on my face. How much l love blood. Then l jab my hand in his stomach and feel something squishy. I start to pull on it and that sends tears down his face. I pull out the squishy thing,that turns out to be his intestines. I wrap it around his neck like its necklace and start to bust up. Then l hear a pair of feet and whip around to see Jade looking at me. This snaps me out of my monstrous stage. "What have you done!!!!" yells Jade. "Im sorry lm monster don't look at me! Or better yet just kill me!" Jade looks at me and says "l can't l love you." I raise my knife and plung it in to my heart. Jade rushes to me and says "Why?" "The Games had turned me into a monster. Don't look at me lm sick" l tell her right before Kia's cannon goes out. "I love you and all ways will." She tells me before kissing me. lm growing weak becasue before l know it my cannon goes out.

D4- Pacifica Wave, Freshwater lsland

l hear a cannon and lm on my feet and running to the direction of Jade, Kendall, and Kai. Jade stops me and says "No don't go back there." l can tell by the voice she's using Kai is dead. I push her out of the way and see Kai with his internal organs all over the place. I fall to the ground unable to breath. Jade comes to my side and tells me it'll be alright, but l don't belive her. I take out my knife and her eyes widen. She knows my next move because before l can stab myself she swiftly grabs my knife. I try to push her off but she is to strong. "Listen, Kai is dead. Killing yourself won't help anyhting. Got it! Kendall is dead too, but do you see me trying to kill myself!?!?!?!" she yells at me. "I don't care l want to be with Kai!!!" l scream. I manage to knock her off of me, and l jump for my knife that lays on the ground a few feet from me. I stab myself before Jade could slap it out of my hand again. Boom!!!!

End of day Four, Deaths:

D0- Comet Ash (16), 10th

D7- Max Blonde (15), 9th

D4- Kai Atlantis (16), 8th

D1- Kendall Mason (16), 7th

D4 - Pacifica Wave (16), 6th

Day 5, The Victor

D5- Twinkle Night, Freshwater lsland

Yet again we go looking for the magical button that will us all leave, alive. And again the button is not there. The trumipts go on and we all fall silent, "My dear Tributes and Victors. You did not think l, President Jonson, would think to remove the buttons from the arena. You think l would not find out. Then you were wrong, dead wrong!!!! WHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ohhhh an-" say the president, but is interupted by gun shots. "Attention, This is President Ivory from District 13. We have captured the President and the Capitol. Hold on tight Victors and Tributes, we'll be there an soon as we can."

D6- Sutton Yates, Freshwater lsland

lm still sad that Linda died. She was so small and inocent.But lm even sadder that River died. At least Linda l can get over, but don't get me wrong it will still be tough. But River l know l can never go back to normal, its like someone stabing me and never being able to heal. At least l will get out of here alive. So both of their deaths won't te useless. Im with all the others in a cricle waiting to be rescued when a big light in the sky shaders. Sparks go everywhere, and l can see the real world. From were we are te ocean ends were trees come to life. The arna is in the middle of the a forest. Then a horrible thought comes to me all the horrible mutts wiil escape. l hear a scearm and that pulls me back to reality. i look up to see that glass is sticking out of Twinkle's body. Moments later there is a cannon.

D5- Ice Hawk, Freshwater lsland

We start to scream and wave our hands to let the hovercraft know where we are. "Wait!!!! It has the Capitol Seal! That's the Capitol's Hovercraft!!!!" Ruby yells at the top of his lungs. We all take of in different directions, and l swear we look like a bunch of ants. Then the bullets starts and we go ballistic. Were traped, were on an lsland and if we try to escape by swimming, they catch us for sure. For no reason l can't stand and fall. My fall has broken my nose and and blood is everywhere. I try to get up but its no use. Then it hits me. I get a big rock and forcefully hit my leg with it. The experiment has given me a concusion. They shot at my spin, and now lm paralyzed from the waist down. l start to whimper thinking l can't escape. l look up to see Ruby is trying to put me in his arms. "No leave me be, you'll have a better chance if you weren't carring me. Save yourself!" , "No, l can never do that. Were like family. And family doesn't leave family behind." he says. Then he scoops me into his arms, and were off and running again. I tell him "They shot me in the spin, and lm paralyzed ." "Everything is gonna be ok. We just need to hold on longer till District 13 get here." He says. l look behind Ruby's head to see that the hovercraft has landed and Peacekeepers are swarming out. I look up to tell Ruby, but see Venus of 0 is in the sky riding something..... A DRAGON!!!!!!!

D0- Venus Blizzard, Sky

I named my dragon Comet. I heard the announcment , and l saw the break in the force field so l naturally go to the lsand were there is alot of commotion. But l regret it as soon as l land on the ground. l get out my knives and throw them at every peacekeeper l can see. l feel a sharp pain in my thigh and see that lm bleeding from my thigh. Comet, my dragon starts to attack the peacekeepers that are starting to close in on me. Then one gets by and is only a few feet from me. I scream and Comet looks. With lightning reflexs, Comet gets in the way and is stabed in the heart, by the peacekeeper. I grab a knife a few inches from my hand and kill the peacekeeper. I crawl up to Comet and start to cry. He moans and starts to lick my face. Then with his last breath he falls asleep forever.

D11- Alice Wonder, Freshwater lsland

I see the dragon has sacfriced it own life from the girl from 0. And now she is crying over the dead thing, and is bleeding to death. I see a peacekeeper is gonna shoot her when l put in an arrow in her neck. l run up to her and drag her in a bush. "Th th th thaaank yyyou" she manages to get out becasue she was crying or she is losing to much blood. "Your welcome, no one gets left behind." l say and postion my self to see the fight. l witness Ruby and Kitty battle the last three peacekeepers, and Kitty is shot between the eyes. Ruby takes out two when the other stabs him and Ruby falls to the ground with a thud. He walks over to lce and slits her throat before l stick an arrow in his left eye. I take in the surrounding and see on more peacekeepers are left. Then l see another hovercraft and ready myself for another wave of peacekeepers. But l see the seal of district 13, and decide to come out of the bush. I drag Venus with me, to only find that Sutton and and Jade come out from the trees. I see something behind Sutton and yell "Behind You!!!" But its to late. Sutton is on the ground. Jade turns and throws a knife at him only to get a present from him as well. A shot to the face. By now the hovercraft has landed and lm drag Venus toward the it. When l arrive at the craft l find that Venus has past. I close her eyes and give her kiss on the forehead. Soilders rush me on the craft, and collect the dead Tributes and Victors. In 5 minutes were in the air and on our way to District 13. I turn around to be my last glimps of my nightmare come true. I think to the beginig of the Games. Many went in, but l only came out alive, Me the Victor of the 151st Hunger Games.

The End, Deaths:

D5- Twinkle Night (15), 5th

D6- Sutton Yates(16), 4th

D1- Jade Sycamore (16), 3rd

D0- Venus Blizzard (16), 2nd

Non Tributes:

D12 -Kitty Thomas (17)

D1- Ruby Moon (17)

D5- Ice Hawk (16)

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