Hey so i am an old user,so most of you don't know me. I hope you guys will participate because I'm gonna try to make this be my best game ever.

So this is the 11th Quater Quell o.O

The Reading of the Card

President Blaze takes the stage followed by a little girl dressed in a simple white dress carrying a wooden box. He talks about all of the three Wars all called the Dark Days. How The Capitol won the first war, the districts won the second, and the then third won by the Capitol. He goes on about pass Quarter Quells Like the 5th where siblings had to go in, the 7th where handicap tributes where reaped, etc. The president then motions the girl to come forward. She opens the box and he pulls out the card that is marked 275. “On the two hundred and seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even together you cannot overcome the Capitols power, there will be twice as many tributes. One male and female victor will be reaped alongside one male and female tribute between the ages of 12 to 18.”

How it works

So this is how it works. Each district is going to have two pairs of tributes that are partners. Each pair will consist of one reagular tibute and one victor. Tributes cannot kill there partners, and both partners will be allowed to be victors.Victor and victor teams will not be allowed, as well as tribute and tribute teams. They must be victor and tribute team.

Each pair will ride up on the same plate, so there are only 12 plates but 48 tributes. They will also be wearing watches that will tell them were there partner is at all times.

Submitting Tributes

Each user will only be allowed to submit only 6 tributes/victor. If you can make them for the same district it would be great, but you don't have to. Victors must be from be from 17+ years of age, but tributes must be from 12-18 years of age(They don't need to be real victors that have won a game on this wiki. They could be your regular tributes, but call them victors). Please give age, name, district, gender, strenghts, weakness, appearance, and whether they are a victor or tribute. Token and backstory are optional. (PS if your tribute or Victor has a backstory they have a better chance at winning) If you have question or don't get it please leave me a message. (Sorry if this is really confusing)

Victors/ Tributes
Districts Male/Female: Victor Male/Female: Tribute Pair
1 F:Rachel Whittaker(20) M:George Gold(18) 1
1 M:Navy Wonders(27) F:Miley Gold(18) 2
2 F:Harpy Evermist(16) M:Everest Sateer(15) 1
2 M:Stuart Hummes(32) F: Thalia Combe(16) 2
3 F: Kathrina Loula(15) M:Kevin Potter(16) 1
3 M:Calculum Infinity(47) F:Emmeline Shao(17) 2
4 F:Kiera Mellis(13) M:Karo Mellis(16) 1
4 M:Sandy Shipwreck(24) F:Bubbles Foam(17) 2
5 F:Xena Daniels(16) M:Richard Morter(15) 1
5 M:Ssithies Profane(28) F:Raine Winters(15) 2
6 F:Aurora Pines M:Vroom Rouge(16) 1
6 M:Russel Murphey(42) F:Tamora Summers(18) 2
7 F:Petra Liit (16) M:Pillani Violo(13) 1
7 M:Sawyer Thomas(18) F:Eva Woods(12) 2
8 F:Luna Snare(15) M:Sebastian Klein(13) 1
8 M:Reggie Miller(16) F:Maven Weatherby(18) 2
9 F:Dakota Chambercombe(21) M:Caleb Stoll(12) 1
9 M:Mickey Mcalister(23) F:Callie Grace Reardon 2
10 F: Mina Dana Vir(24) M:Liir Fluor(12) 1
10 M:Pamline Falcone(17) F:Leena Vertech(18) 2
11 F:Emma Lien(34) M:Charlie Hill(12) 1
11 M:Quincy Williams(20) F:Lauren Hill(14) 2
12 F:Darlene Jobes(16) M:Rick Patterson(15) 1
12 M: Alex Donaque(23) F:Velma Ready(16) 2


District 1: Navy Wonders-

I was 15 when became Victor. I had volunteered to go in. I thought it would be fun and so easy, I was way off. Those three weeks in the arena were a living nightmare. I will never forget the smell of blood, the sound of skin being torn open, the eyes of the people I’ve killed. Forgetting what happened in the arena was hard but I have forgotten almost everything, and I want to keep it that way.

Reaping day is here again, but this year is so different for me. When I was 15 I couldn’t wait to get on stage, but today I’m dreading the moment the escort picks the slip for the male victor. If she calls my name for the 2nd time, I know all those terrible memories will come flying back with a vengeance. “Ladies first!” shrieks our escort. She grabs a slip from the female victor and tribute bowls. “For our female tribute…Miley Gold! and for out victor…Rachel Whittaker!” When I hear Rachel’s name my stomach drops. She was the only kid I mentored that became a victor. The escort doesn’t waste time as she already has the males’ slip. “And the male tribute is Grim Soltice! and our male victor is Navy Wonders!” I see my face and a boy’s, I’m guessing who’s Grim, on the huge TVs. All the memories of my games come flying back, the blood, the death, the screams, the pain, everything. I slowly walk up the same steps I made 12 years ago. When I finally get on stage I see there is a different boy(George Gold) then the one who was on the TV, I’m guessing a volunteer. What a foolish boy.

District 2: Everest Sateer-

Today is the day. The day I have been looking forward to all year, the day I get to show off my mad skills, the day I get to go to the Games! I’ve been training my whole life for this, with my dad as my coach. I wouldn’t normally be volunteering but this is a Quarter Quell! There are plenty of victors, but not Quarter Quell victors. And I will get to play with a pervious victor, which will be a privilege. The escort arrives late so we get to skip the video we usually watch. The Escort goes to the female victor’s bowl and then the male victor’s bowl. “It is my honor to reap Panem’s best district in the Games!” The whole district goes crazy with whops and cheers. “Our victors that will yet again represent us are…… Harpy Evermist and Stuart Hummes!” the escort is giddy with excitement. I don’t blame her Harpy is one of the hottest victors of all District 2 and Stuart is a living legend ripping his last opponent’s head off with his bare hands. And Stuart was weaponless while the guy had a sword, spear, and knife.

“Now for our courageous tributes, Graver Huddon and Raven Fret!” yells our escort. As soon as she says the names the Square turns hectic. Almost every kid in District 2 has volunteered. Fights break out and I end up punching a guy in the face, and getting punched. I run to the steps and see that a guy is only two steps from the stage. I tackle him, and hit him in the temple. He knocks out and I run to the stage. I feel something trickling down my nose and into my mouth. I now its blood by the irony taste. I wipe the blood away and get in the center of the stage. “I Everest Sateer volunteer as male tribute!” I shout just as a girl climbs on stage. “I Thalia Combe volunteer as female tribute!”

District 3: Emmeline Shao-

I stand alone in the roped off section for 17 year olds, with my old raggedy work clothes and name tag. I have taken tesserae since I was 12, plus my name is added once for every year my brother stays in hiding. So if you add all of my slips in those glass balls it is…. 18. I am lucky that I haven’t been reaped, which is weird because usually I have terrible luck. Since I could remember I never had good luck. I grow up really poor. My father, mother, and older brother had worked multiple jobs to get our family by. But then on my 8th birth day, my father fainted. We had to take him to the hospital, which was very expensive and took most of our savings. They told us that he had stage 4 lung cancer. They told us we were too poor to afford the medicine to cure his deadly disease. So we took him home and he died a month later. Then two months later my mother was pushed to her limits working 6 jobs, and committed suicide. That same week my brother left me with absolutely nothing. I had to find little jobs all paid very low. The highest I was paid was only 75 cents an hour. I lived in a small shed from 8 and a half to 13 years of age. Then I found an abandoned factory that I still live in today.

Our escort hates our district, so she gets right to the point. “Our victors are Kathrina Loula and Calculum Infinity!” she says with a growl. Our escort is in such a hurry to get the reaping over with she trips in her 11 inch heels. Everyone starts to laugh, even our strict mayor. I start to cry from laughter, and I feel like peeing my pants. I guess since I’m by myself our escort sees me as an easy target and gives me a sinister smile. “She grabs the first slip she touches in the female tributes glass bowl. “And for our female tribute Emmeline Shao!” she says with an evil smile, great just my luck. I walk upstage and I stand next to Kathrina Loula and Calculum Infinity, right behind our escort. Since I’m directly in back of our escort I see the slip that supposedly had my name on it, but instead of my name it says Shana Buzz. How did she know my name, is the first thing that pops into my head. While I think she calls my last district partner’s name, Kevin Potter. I fold my arms across my chest and feel my name tag. I’M WEARING MY NAME TAG! THAT’S WHO SHE KNOWS MY NAME! I’m about to speak out but the a Peacekeeper throws me into the Justice Building before I get the chance.

District 4: Kiera Mellis-

Ohhh great! I should be sitting up on the stage on that empty chair. But nooooo, I have to stand in a roped off area with a bunch of other victors. The stupid Quell rule requires me, the strongest, smartest, and of course hottest person of all Panem to be up for grabs again. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. I MIGHT BE GOING BACK TO THE ARENA!!!! This is my worst nightmare! Wha.. Wha... What if I get a scare! I would never be able to heal a scare. My hotness will vanish because I have scares. Thank God I got a scare on the inside of my calf were no one can see. But what if I get one on my arm, or leg, or neck, or. No, no, no please not the money maker! Please not the face! If I get a scare on my face I will become a freak!

"Ok let’s get this party started!!!!" say our hot escort, Dewight. He's 17, years old and I know he likes me, last year he could help but keep drooling all over me. That will stop as soon as I lose my figure and become ugly. He walks over to the male victor's glass bowl and picks a slip, and then he walks over to the female victor's glass bowl and picks a slip. He unrolls both slips and reads "And our victors that will represent District 4 are Sandy Shipwerck!" my heart is racing as he starts to read the female victor " And...... Kiera Mellis!" Noooooooooo, I can kiss my figure good bye! I slowly make my way up the step I made last year. When I make it up on stage he already has the tribute slips in his hands. "And our tributes for this year are Bubbles Foam and.....Andre-" Dewight starts but is interrupted by.... MY BROTHER?!?!? "I volunteer!" yells my brother. That idot, called my brother, volunteered.

District 5: Xena Daniels -

One of my four boyfriends is squeezing the sh** out of my hand. And it’s for a stupid reason. He thinks he might get reaped since he has his name in the reaping bowl 52 times. Ya, this is my really poor boyfriend, Quinn. I have one poor boyfriend, one middle class, and two rich boyfriends. Since Quinn is annoying me I shake my hand loose and walk to my richest boyfriend Zyther. I place my hand in his and I lean against him. There I can finally feel my hand. Unlike Quinn I don’t fear the Games. I actually find them fun and adrenalin pumping. It’s also a time of making more money. I always bet during the Games and make a fortune at it. I know never to bet on District 5 tributes winning, because they are stupid. They are always making the same stupid mistakes! But if I went into the arena again I would become victor easily, because I wouldn’t be making the stupid mistakes tributes always do.

We have a new escort this year, and she is almost normal looking. Besides her yellow lighting-shaped hair she is normal. You can obviously tell that she is nervous, because she is shaking like crazy. Clumsily, she walks to the female tributes bowl and tries to grab a slip, but she trips and accidently pushes the glass bowl. It shards into a million tiny pieces, and everyone starts to laugh and point. If you thought she was nervous before you should see her now. Her face is red and her eye doesn’t stop twitching. She grabs a slip from the ground and then returns to the center of the stage. “Xe.. Xe.. Xena Daniels!” I walk up to the stage with a confident smile, for the second time in my life. When I finally reach the stage our escort, trying to quickly finish the reaping, collects the rest of the slips and mumbles the rest of the tributes. “Ssithies Profane, Raine Winters, and Richard Morter please come up to the stage.

District 6: Vroom Rouge-

Our bubbly escort comes running to the step flying through the steps in 15 INCH HEELS. How on earth does she keep her balance? If I were a tribute I would love to have amazing balance like her. She gets right down to the point and grabs all the slips. “For our Victors we have……. Russel Murphey and Aurora Pines!”

I look over to my step-sister, Nancy, biting her nails. I roll my eyes, and she gives me the look of death. This family has to be the worst by far. ALL my step siblings are a bunch of babies and my step parents suck. You can obviously tell they don’t care much for me. I think tonight is the night I’m going back to the orphanage. None of the six families I’ve been with have felt home. The only place I will ever feel home, is with my true parents. The thought of home and my real parents squeezes a tear from my eye. And of course Nancy catches me with a tear dripping down my cheek onto my bright red shirt. She starts to laugh and point, and soon others start to join. I tell her to shut up but the more I get mad the more she makes a big scene. I stomp out of the crowd to pack up my stuff and go to the orphanage, only to be stopped by a Peacekeeper. I try to shove passed him, but he won’t let me go. I catch a glimpse of the TV to see my face on it. Then it hits me, I have just been reaped.

District 7: Eva Woods-

This is my first reaping, and I'm really nervous. I'm the oldest out of 6 siblings and my mother is gone, so no one is here to help me get through this. I want to run into the forest and go to my secret place just like I did as I when I was 4, when my mother died, when my world fell apart. But I know I need to stay strong for my siblings. The Escort finally gets here and then she points us toward the huge TV to watch all about the Dark Days. Usually I am watching this but this year I'm thinking about my name being in the reaping bowl 7 TIMES! By the time the video ends my hands are sweating like crazy. Our Escort says "Now it time for the Reaping! :D" She goes to each of the 4 glass bowls and picks up one slip for each.

Our great strong Victors that will represent District 7 yet again are...... Petra Liit and..... Pillani Violo!" Exclaims our Escort as if it’s a privilege to go into the arena to fight for your death. "Now for our Tribies!!!!! For our female Eva Woods will be Representing District 7!" She says a huge smile. When I hear my name it feels like I'm in a nightmare. I feel like braking down and crying but I need to stay strong for my brothers and sisters, and crying won’t get you far into the Games. I make my way out of the crowd and then I feel a tugging on my shirt. I look down to see my youngest sibling Tammy, I pick him up and hug him tightly. Now I'm surrounded by all my 5 siblings. They are all crying and telling me to not get on the stage. "I..I love you all, but I need to go. It’s part of the rules. "Brett please take care of our family, I've showed you how to gather." I tell my oldest sibling. He nods and then the Peacekeeper come and breaks us apart. I'm pushed up the steps. Apparently the Escort got really emotional and is now crying. She says the last name but it is very hard to understand."Sawyer Thomas please come to the stage." Once he is on the stage we all shake hands, and we are rushed inside the Justice building.

District 8: Sebastian Klein-

Thump thump… thump thump…. Thump thump. My heart races as our hot escort, which I’ve had a crush on since I was 11, reaches into the bowl for the female tribute. My knees feel like jelly and my teeth are shivering. I’m holding my best friend’s hand and she is squeezing the life out of it, as our escort slowly unfolds the slip that might end my best friend’s life. “For our female tribute we have Maven Weatherby!” say our escort in a clear voice. My best friends hand relaxes her hand but my hand starts to squeeze as our escort grabs a slip from the male tributes glass bowl. He slowly unfolds it life he did the last time. “And for our male tribute…. Sebastian Klein!” his voice rings in my head. My best friend gives a squeal, as my face is shown all over Panem. She start to cry and she give me one last hug as I’m pulled away by a female.

I drag my feet to the stage and stand next to my fellow District Partner, Maven. Once I shake Maven’s hand, our escort continues the reaping and picks a slip from the female victor blow. “Luna Snare, you are yet again representing District 8!” Luna walks to the stage, and when I go to shake her hand she gives me a warming smile. Luna is District 8’s youngest victor, wining 2 years ago. Our escort walks over to the male victor reaping bowl. There are only tree slips in there so it takes him awhile to get one. When he finally does he is out of breath could barely speak. “Re-ggie Mil-ler.”

District 9: Dakota Cambercombe-

I stand behind the bright red ropes that remind me of my brother’s blood that he shed to save me. How I yearn to see his face one last time. I miss his hugs, I miss his stupid jokes that don’t make sense, but most of all I miss his stupid little smirk he makes. A tear falls down my face as I try to picture his smirk. I stand by myself in a roped off section for female victors, as I am the only living female victor of District 9. The escort that reaped my name as well as my brothers 4 years ago, walks to the stage and babbles about how this year Hunger Games will be the best yet. She wobbles to the female and male tributes’ reaping bowl. She says in a high squeaky voice “This year’s female tribute is… Callie Grace Reardon! And for our male is tribute… Caleb Stoll.”

There is a collective gasp as a twelve year old boy makes his way up to the stage. This happens every year when a twelve year old is picked. Once they have both made it to the stage, our escort goes to the male victor’s reaping bowl. She returns to the center of the stage and cheerfully yells “And for our big strong male victor we have…. Mickey Mcalister!” She doesn’t even bother going to the bowl with only my slip in it. “And for our beautiful female victor…. Dakota Chambercombe!”

District 10: Liir Fluor-

I am standing with a bunch of useless babies! They whimper and moan, and hold onto each other so hard it’s as if they are falling off a cliff. I for one find the Games amusing and blood rushing. I longed for that adrenalin rush as I exit the tube into the arena. I have made at least twenty plans for the opening bloodbath. Ever since I was 7 years old I have been making strategy for the Games. Now my day is finally here! Reaping day is one of the best days of the year, even better then Christmas or my birthday. {C} {C}The escort takes forever to get here. Once she arrives TWO HOURS LATE, she makes us watch the mandatory video we see every year. After it finally finishes she grabs one slip from the female tribute’s and female victor’s bowl and head to the microphone. “Now for the time we’ve all been waiting for, our females that will represent District 10 are……. Mina Dana Vir and Leena Vertech!” our escort says in the squeakiest voice of all Panem. Then she walks over to get the male tribute and victor slips. My name has to be on the slip it has to be. My name should only be in the reaping bowl once since I’m one rich 12 year old. But I signed up for tessera 35 times on my 12th birthday. Our escort slowly walks to the microphone and unfolds the male tribute’s slip. “For our male tribute we have Liir Fluor! And For our male victor Pamline Falcone!” I jump up with a cheer of glee as I run toward the stage.

District 11: Lauren Hill-

This is my third time behind these ropes. But this year is special, it is my brother’s first reaping. Not only is it my brother’s first reading it is his and mines first and hopefully last Quarter Quell. I look behind me and scan the crowd of 12 year olds. After about three minutes I find him with his friends. He is acting clam, but I can tell by his eyes he is deathly afraid. I give him a warm smile and the nod of my head. He gives a little smile and nods back. Just then the escort calls for our attention. “Hello District 11! Let start with our Victors!”

She walks to the bowl were that has male victors in it. She grabs the first one on top and bounces back to the microphone. “Quincy Williams will be representing us!” She goes the Female victor’s bowl and quickly grabs a slip. “And for our female victor we have Emma Lien!” After she picks the male tribute’s slip she scurries back the microphone. “And Charlie Hill will be our male victor!” My first reaction is confusion. Did I hear correctly? I look to the TV and see my little brother slowly walking to the stage with Peacekeepers at his side. My second reaction is pain. I clutch chest because I feel like I can’t breathe. My third and final reaction is panic. The escort doesn’t even have time to unfold the slip in her hand, because I run to the step. Peacekeepers try to stop me but I’m quicker than them and fly right past them. Once I’m in the center of the stage I yell as loud as my lungs will let me “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!”

District 12: Rick Patterson-

I slip past two Peacekeepers and enter the crowd. I lost the Peacekeeper that was chasing me a block away. I walk to my friends and try to catch my breath. I was running from our head Peacekeeper, Roombus Hether. I was starving because I gave my portion of food to my sister. So I broke into Roobus’house and ate some left over waffles. I thought he was out checking houses for the Reaping, but he wasn’t. He was still getting dressed in his room. I tried to slip out the closet window quietly but I knocked over a mug and it shattered.“Who’s here!?!? Show yourself and now and I won’t be in that much trouble!” Roombus yells as he runs to the kitten. I scurry out the window after he barges into the kitten. For a huge fat guy, Roombus is really fast. Anyways I was able to out run him and now I’m standing in the crowd.

The escort has already called the victors up to the stage, Darlene Jobes and Alex Donaque. She unfolds the slip that contains the name of the female tribute. “Velma Ready!” Of course someone from the Seam. She marches to the bowl that contains my name in it. She reaches in the shiny glass bowl and really digs in it for a slip. “And last but not least we have Rick Patterson to represent District 12.” I feel butterflies in my stomach but I know have to act chill and calm. Once I’m out of the crowd a three Peacekeepers comes to escort me to the stage. One of them being Roombus, who gives me a cold sinister smile.


District(M/F) Name(age) Score What they did User
1(M) George Gold(18) 9

Many dummies lost their lives to the bear hands of George. Rip Dummies : '(

Angry birds12
1(F) Miley Gold(18) 12 Exceled in every weapon. Turned the Gamemakers' playing cards into a deadly weapon as well. She killed 3 trainers. Angry birds12
2(M) Everest Sateer(15) 11 The Gamemakers loved his raw emotion of death. Rockman117
2(F) Thalia Combe(16) 8 She mastered the bow and seduced some of the Gamemakers. Catnipkatniss
3((M) Kevin Potter(16) 9 Showed off his mad wire skills. ~ilovepeeta~
3((F) Emmeline Shao(17) 7 The Gamemakers were in awe when she showed off her intelligence. District3Tribute
4(M) Karo Mellis(16) 9 To show his smarts he went over to the testing poison station picked a poisoned berry and dipped a knife in it. Broke an arrow and tied it to the non-sharp point and used it as a bow. ~ilovepeeta~
4(F) Bubbles Foam(17) 10 Impressed the Gamemakers with her ability to swim so fast, elegant, and silent. Great with nets. Prezziesnow9704:)!
5(M) Richard Morter(15) 0 Accidently ate a poisonous berry instead of a non-one. Ms.finnickodair
5(F) Raine Winters 7 Hit every target but two with the bow. One of the ones she missed almost hit a Gamemaker. Ms.finnickodair
6(M) Vroom Rouge(16) 7 Moved the Gamemakers to tears with his ability of speaking. Mysims
6(F) Tamora Summers(18) 7 Impressed the Gamemakers with her throwing skills. AshtonMoioLover
7(M) Pillani Violo(13) 3 All he did was try to hide. FinnickITAO
7(F) Eva Woods(12) 5 She climbed on everything that was climbable. She was like Spidergirl. Beetee19
8(M) Sebastian Klein(13) 8 Showed incredible accuracy with a blowgun. Justafox
8(F) Maven Weatherby(18) 6 Was throwing 200 pound weight everywhere. District3Tribute
9(M) Caleb Stoll(12) 2 He was ok at the sword but the sword was heavier then him so he kept on falling. LtRt
9(F) Callie Grace Reardon 4 She went over to the como station and fainted over the fumes. But she proved she was good with camo, before she fainted. AshtonMoioLover
10(M) Liir Fluor(12) 8 Was great at everything he did. FinnickITAO
10(F) Leena Vertech(18) 7 Was amazing at sickles and a kamas. FinnickITAO
11(M) Charlie Hill(12) 4 Was trying to swing a sword but the medal was way heavier than he expected. Rue district11
11(F) Lauren Hill(14) 5 She showed her camo skills but that took a lot of time. Rue district11
12(M) Rick Patterson(15) 8 He shocked the Gamemakers at his ability to sneak around without a sound. Angry birds12
12(F) Velma Ready(16) 4 Flipped off all the Gamemakers and showed her painting & knife skills by painting Dow With The Capitol on dummies then throwing knives at them. Angry birds12
District(M/F) Name(Age) Score What the did User
1(M) Navy Wonders(27) 11 Was amazing with swords. 2legit2quit
1(F) Rachel Whittaker(20) 10 Cut a dummy in half with a dagger! District3Tribute
2(M) Stuart Hummes(32) 10 Great with all the weapons in the training center. Prezziesnow9704:)!
2(F) Harpy Evermist(16) 8 She was the best with camo by far. Rockman117
3(M) Calculum Infinity(47) 6 Made an electric trap that could fry up to 50 people. Prezziesnow9704:)!
3(F) Kathrina Loula(15) 3 She tried to set an electric trap and something went wrong. It started a huge fire. ~ilovepeeta~
4(M) Sandy Shipwreck(24) 11 Charmed most of the Gamemakers and was amazing with tridents. Prezziesnow9704:)!
4(F) Kiera Mellis(13) 9 She jumped over one trainer, and he was 6'11! Great swimmer. ~ilovepeeta~
5(M) Ssithies Profane(28) 2 Accidently set himself on fire when making one. Prezziesnow9704:)!
5(F) Xena Daniels(16) 6 She is a halberd wiz. Ms.District1
6(M) Russel Murphey(42) 7 Proved to be great at hand to hand combat. SkyTimeGirl
6(F) Aurora Pines(13) 5 Was trying to shoot arrows but got really shy and missed 4 out out of 12. Ms.District1
7(M) Sawyer Thomas(18) 8 Axes were flying left and right with tremendous force and speed. Beetee19
7(F) F:Petra Liit (16) 9 Gamemakers loved her natural vicious attitude. FinnickITAO
8(M) Reggie Miller(16) 7 Hit almost every target with a blowgun. 2legit2quit
8(F) Luna Snare(15) 7 She could hide almost everywhere. Justafox
9(M) Mickey Mcalister(23) 10 Was a great swimmer and really fast. Also had great strength. 2legit2quit
9(F) Dakota Chambercombe(21) 8 Shocked the Gamemakers with her ability to throw a spear. District3Tribute
10(M) Pamline Falcone(17) 5 The only thing he showed the Gamemakers was his knowledge of axes. FinnickITAO
10(F) Mina Dana Vir(24) 10 She impressed the Gamemakers again with her knowledge of weapons. FinnickITAO
11(M) Quincy Williams(20) 8 Almost snapped a trainer's neck in half. 2legit2quit
11(F) Emma Lien(34) 7 She never touched the ground. Beetee19
12(M) Alex Donaque(23) 9 Was boss with the sword and bow. Mysims
12(F) Darlene Jobes(16) 1 She tried to make an eletric knife but electrocuted herself. ~ilovepeeta~

Each user that submits 1-2 tributes will get 4, each user that submit 3-4 will get 8 sponsor gifts,each user that submit 5-6 will get 12. You could give your gifts to any tribute, it doesn't have to be your own. If all your tributes die you can give your gifts to another user or use them to help save someone else's tribute's life. Each day one of your tributes survives you will get 1 gift for each.

I will also be asking question at random in the comments. Who ever correctly answers first gets 3, who ever correctly answers second gets 2, and whoever correctly answers third gets one

User Number of Gifts
Beetee19 8
Rockman117 7
Justafox 6
Rue district11 6
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 19
Prezziesnow9704:)! 18
Catnipkatniss 6
~ilovepeeta~ 20
District3Tribute 12
Angry birds12 15
Ms.District1 7
AshtonMoioLover 5
Ms.finnickodair 6
Live today Rejoice tommorow 6
Mysims 6
SkyTimeGirl 5
2legit2quit 12

Supplies -

Food and Water
List How many gifts it cost
Two pieces of fish 1
Loaf of bread 1
Bag of dried beef 1
Bag or dried fruit 1
Fresh fruit 1
Small pot of broth 1
Large pot of broth 1 1/2
Feast 2
Dog food 1/2
Bottle of water(64oz) 1
Energy drink 2
Dirty water(Drinkable if boiled) 1/2
Flavored water 1 1/2
Soda 2
List of Weapons How many gifts it cost
12 Knives 1
Sword 1
Mace 1
Blow gun 1
12 Darts 1 1/2
12 Poisoned dart 2
Bow 1
12 Arrows 1 1/2
12 Poisoned arrows 2
Spear 1
Trident 1
Axes 1
Throwing axes 1 1/2
Hammer 1
Sledge hammer 2
Pick ax 1
Awl 1
Needle 1
Poison 1
12 Ninja stars 1
Huge heavy ball 1
Huge heavy ball with spikes 2
Wire 1
Nightlock pills 3
List of How many gifts it cost How many gifts it cost
Burn Medicine 1
Poison Medicine 1
Starvation Medicine 1
Dehydration Medicine 1
Instant heel cut Medicine 2
Bandages 1
Steroid for allergic reactionallergic reaction 2
Medicine for infected cuts 1 1/2
Acid Medicine 1
List of items How many gifts it cost
String/Fish line 1
5 Fish hooks 1
Extra clothing(includes everything) 3
Gloves 1
Socks 1
Pants 1
Shirt 1
Jacket 1
Shoes 1
Matches 1
Flashlight 1
Small Backpack(Can put 3 things of anything in it) 2
Medium Backpack(Can put 5 things of anything in it) 3
Large Backpack(can put 7 things of anything in it) 4
Sleeping bag 1 1/2
20 Anti Acid Pills 2
Water bottle(64oz) 1
* ^Acid proof^ 1 1/2


Since l don't have all tributes in I'm not going to reveal it. All Quater Quells have a theme. For example the 50th Quell had a poison theme, and the 75th Quell had a time theme. Whoever guesses what this years theme is will get 3 free sponcer gifts! You can guess as much as you want. But i will not tell you who wins till I have all tributes.

Theme- Acid

~ilovepeeta~ has won the challenge along with 3 free sponcer gifts!


  • Triangle Lake and Meadow Plateau
  • The Meadow
  • The Plateau
  • Triangle Lake and Meadow Plateau
  • The forest
  • Acid Water Source
  • The Forest
{C}The arena is triangular shaped mediterranean forest island. In the middle is a triangle shaped meadow plateau. At the bottom of the meadow plateau is a triangle lake. It changes from fresh water to acid water every other day. So the first day it is freshwater, the second day is acid water, the third day is freshwater, the fourth day is acid water, and so on so on. There are many lakes and streams. Most of them are acid water and the rest are fresh. In the meadow plateau there are no mutts. But in the forest there are many mutts, plants, and game.
275th hunger games

The Arena(sorry it sucks)


Not all mutts are deadly. Some are in the arena to torture the tributes. All mutts have some form of acid attack.
  • These wolf mutts will bite or scratch you with acid that coated teeht or claws. It's acid will slowly and painfully melt eveyting but your bones. After you are nothing but a pile of bones they willl eat you.
  • It will stalk you till you fall asleep. Once you fall a sleep it will bite you with its acid saliva. The saliva will weaken you. It also causes a big rash that will only be cured by the creature's fur.
  • This creature will try bite your bones. If it bites your bone it will inject an acid that will slowly wear your bone down. Making you an easy target.
  • This very tiny spider will use acid to burrow under your skin. Once it is in your body it will start to spread slow killing acid.
  • It has a bite that will burn and melt your flesh. It's fur is also coated with acid.
  • This beetle will wrap you in a cocoon and will inject acid in your blood. VERY PAINFUL DEATH!!!
  • Spits and bites acid that will insinigrate flesh.
  • Has acid at the tips of its horns.It will cause a very painful rash when stabbed.
Some spit acid, others have an acidic bite, and some have acidic fur and skin. All mutts have a different acid level. Some are very high and will burn you till you die. But some are low and will only cause a burning sanction, rash, or irritation.



All plants have some form of acid. If you put a flower near your nose to smell it, it will burn your throat and insides of your nose, leaving it very raw. Most edible plants have some level of acid. Some edible plants' juice is acid that will melt your flesh. Others will just bur or cause irritation to your skin, mouth, and throat.


The boys were tight sport underwear and a tight undershirt. The girls were a sports brawl and tight underwear. Since this game is way in the future technology has advance, as well as clothing. For this year's tribute outfit, tributes are wearing gray skin like clothing, that has a zipper in the front, and a fexible belt. it is skin tight and matches every curve and every lump of their body. It is very flexible and covers them from neck to toe. The outfit is totally acid and water proof. On the back of their outfit i

What the tribute sees when they press the button on the watch.

s their District number, each a district being a different color. All tributes will be wearing a watch on their right wrist. This watch will tell them where their partner is at all times. They press a button and it shows them a 3D map of the arena that only shows the Cornucopia, the tribute, and their partner. A blue square represents the searcher and the red square represents the person being looked for.


The Games

Day 1-

D11:Charlie Hill/Pair 1-

The glass tube pushes me into the cool air. There is a bright light that blinds me then the announcer's voice booms all around me. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the 275th Hunger Games begin!” The count down clock in the sky starts to countdown. We are standing in a triangular meadow cliff. I know were on a cliff because after the meadow stops, tops of trees sprout in every direction. "Remember Charlie, grab all the stuff around our plate and make a bee line for the trees." Emma, my partner, instructs me. "What about my sister? I won't leave without her!" I yell. "That's ok Qunicy and I have already thought of that. We are all going meet the south edge of the Cornucopia." Emma says with a hint of annoyance. I look up at the clock and see that there are 15 seconds left.

D12:Alex Donaque/Pair 2-

As I stand on my metal and look at the gleaming Cornucopia for the second time in my life, I wonder how I'm going to survive the Games again. I see a huge gray back pack only 25 yards away. "Velma, I'm going in for the gray back pack 25 yards away. I want you to go the void opposite of us. I will meet you there a minute after the gong rings got it." I whisper in her ear. "But there is a knife set only 20 yard to my left. I'm gonna go for it." she whispers back. "No, you haven't been in the Games before just listen to me." I hiss back. I look at the clock.

5- Should I run in for the backpack

4- Don't second guess yourself

3- Am I doing the right thing


1- Too late to turn back


I leap off my plate and make a bee line for the gray backpack. I grab the pack and start running. I have just passed my plate when I am tackled. I'm trusted against a plate. Luckily the pack softened the blow. If it didn't soften the blow my skull would be cracked open right now. My assailant quickly gets up and lunges at me. We roll around for a bit, but he manages to get me pinned to the ground. "Hi there District 12, you were lucky to avoid death last time in the arena, but this year you will end up at its door first." snarls my attacker, who I can now see as Pillani(7). You can tell he wants to saver this moment because he slowly takes out his long nasty sickle. I squeeze my eyes shut and wait for the unimaginable pain that is sure to come.

{C}Instead of feeling the ripping of my skin, I feel warm silky drops of liquid fall on my chin. I open my eyes and see the blade of a knife sticking out of Pillian's(7) mouth. He falls to the ground with a thud and I see a girl running at me with a knife at me. I start to panic but her face register and a smile creeps on to my face. Velma(12) offers me her hand, I grab it and I'm pulled to my feet. I grab the knife out of Pillian's(7) head, "Who ended up at death's door first?" I say with a mocking voice. Velma(12) and I run to the edge of the meadow and find there’s a lake about 25 feet below us. We both dive into the water and run to the trees.

D2:Thalia Combe/Pair 2-

Stuart(2) and I have just made it to the Cornucopia. I see a dark green bow with a quiver of 24 arrows. I grab the bow and slide the quiver over my right shoulder. That’s when I hear a sickening sound and a scream I know will haunt me forever. I look to my left and see Stuart(2) with an ax in his back. I snap my head back and see the District 10 male victor with a bright red backpack on and an ax in each hand. He smiles at me and positions himself to throw his next ax. I quickly position my bow and grab an arrow. I release the sting of my bow and my arrow goes flying searching for a home, at the same time Pamline(10), at least I think that’s his name, lets his ax go. I try to doge it but I'm too late it slices a huge chunk of my thigh off. As for Pamline(10) my arrow sticks out his neck. I fall to the ground and try to stop the bleeding, but it’s futile. I begin to see black spots everywhere. I shake my head try to rid them of my vision, but it doesn't work. And soon all I see is blackness.

D1:Rachel Whittaker/ Pair 1-

I swing and swing, but none ever hit my target. My arm begins to tier and starts to feels like it going to fall out of my socket. Liir the boy from 10 is deceiving, he looks like a sweet innocent 12 year old boy but in reality he is a monster. My arms burn with every swing, and he hasn't even broken a sweat. That’s it, its time to play dirty. I swing my leg back and try to kick his crotch with all the force I have. But he anticipates it and lowers his sword. There's a loud crunch of bone and a sickening sound. There’s a binding pain just under my knee. I crash down on the ground and right next to me is my unconnected leg. Liir smiles and brings the sword down where it pierces my heart. The last thing I see is Liir running into the forest with his partner.

D1:Navy Wonders/Pair 2-

The female tribute from 9 dies before she registers the knife in her skull. I am reward with a crunching sound as my blade slip out of her head. I put the knife in my belt and pick up a spear only to throw it at district 11 sister, who is trying to sneak away with a tent. I am on fire! I sprint in 10 feet to retrieve a golden ax, when the male victor form five comes at me with nunchucks, and I charge at him with my nice gold ax. Piece of cake, nunchucks against an ax. It turns out I was very wrong. He hasn't received one cut, while on the other hand i have so many bruises. I get so pissed I just throw my ax at his general direction, and I manage to decapitate his head. I hear a scream and try to find the score of it. I see Quincy(11) bending Miley’s(1), my partner, arm the way it's not supposed to bend. He probably wants revenge for me killing his partner. I pick up the guy's head I just decapitated and throw it at him. He freaks out and releases Miley’s arm immediately. She then, starts to beat Quincy to death with the head.

D8:Sebastian Klein/Pair 1-

This stupid kid won't go down. Luna and I have been in an intense dual with Vroom(6). He is amazing with a sword. Luna and I keep on bringing our weapons on him, but he deflects them all with his amazing swords abilities. I have just thrown my last knife and it gets him right in the thigh. He starts to slow down but is still to powerful. I run into the Cornucopia and find a bin. In it is a large dark red backpack, blowgun, 12 darts, and a watermelon. I put the darts in my belt, sling the blowgun over my right shoulder, stuff the watermelon in the pack, and sling the pack over my left shoulder. I run out of the Cornucopia and watch George Gold(2) strangle the life out of the boy form three. I run back to Luna(8) and Vroom(6) only to witness Vroom(6) stab Luna(8) in the chest. I get so furious I grab the watermelon and sneak over to Vroom(6). I tackle him, and manage to pin him. His eyes grow in fear as I raise the watermelon and bring it down on his face at least 30 times. I know he's dead but I still smash his face until the watermelon is nothing but mush. After my rage is all out I get the hell out of the bloodbath.

D4:Sandy Shipwreck/Pair 2-

I can't stop from laughing and smiling as I rip the trident out of Darlene(12). She begs for me to just finish the job. So I roll my eye and smash the trident into her forehead. Her crying and begging immediately stops and there’s crunch and swishing noise. I put my foot on her head and pull my trident out of her head and there’s a loud crunch and blood sprays my face. There's really no one left so I start to jog to the careers gathered at the edge of the forest, so the hovercraft can pick up the dead bodies.

"Crap I dropped the knife vest!" I hear someone harshly whisper. I snap my head to the left only to see 3 tributes from district 5 running out of the Cornucopia’s mouth and to the edge of the plateau. With one flick of my wrist my trident goes sailing in to the chest of Raine(5). The boy cries and tries to run for her, but the other girl grabs his hand and they jump into the water and run to the safety of the forest.

End of Bloodbath-


D5:Xena Daniels/Pair 1-

Richard(5) and I run are still hand in hand running through the woods as the cannons go off. Thirteen tributes down, two of them being from District 5. We've been running for about 3 miles so we slow down to a power walk. I let go of his hand and we try to catch our breath. "Do you want to talk about it?" I ask him with a voice a mother would use when her child is broken sprit and not my usual seductive tone. "I just saw Raine get a trident in her stomach. And I couldn't do anything about it!" he says in the middle of sobs. For the first time in my life actually feel sorry a poor boy. I can tell by the way he looked at her in the Capitol, he loved her with all his heart. I open my arms and he doesn't hesitate to walk into them.

D7:Eva Wood/Pair 2-D6:

I wince at every cannon I hear. I count thirteen cannons in all, that means there are 35 more trib- BOOM! Make that 34 more tributes left in the Arena, and that means 32 more innocent tributes have to die in order for Sawyer(7) and I come out of this Arena alive. I ask Sawyer(7) if we could take a break. He nods and I sit on a fallen log. He takes off the medium size backpack and starts to see what we have to work with. He pulls out three 64oz water bottles that are full, some rope, a huge blanket, some matches, and a pair binocular glasses. He passes me one of the water bottles and only take a sip of knowing that this will have to last a very long time.

D6:Russel Murphey/Pair 2-

Tamora(6) and I barely escaped with our live at the Cornucopia. I have a few scratches and bruises, nothing major. The only thing we have is a gray storage bin full of supplies. It is starting to turn dark so we decide to stop and find a tree. But first we open the bin to see what we have. In the bin is an empty yellow backpack, night vision goggles, sack of apples, rope, one huge blanket, a watermelon, a dozen knives, and two huge gallon sized water bottles full of water. I quickly grab one of the containers of water and take a sip and pass it to Tamora(6). I then get two apples and toss one to Tamora(6). "So where do you want to sleep?" Tamora ask, with a mouth full of apple. "I think the trees will suit us the best. This one seems safe." I point to a big tree that is bushy with leaves. She gives a nod and we pack our stuff in the bin, and decide to hide it in the bushes. We fill the empty backpack with all the apples and knives just in case we need to make a quick escape. We climb the tree high enough to be hidden, but also safe enough so if we fall we won’t have any major damage. I put on the night vision goggle and wrap the blanket around Tamora and myself, and wait for the death toll.

D9:Caleb Stoll/Pair 1-

I sit in the tree by myself and look at the sky. The Capitol seal show and it lights my face which is probably red from crying. The face of the dead start to shine in the sky. First is the Rachel Whittaker(1), Stuart Hummes(2),Kevin Potter(3), Ssithies Profane(5), Raine Winters(5), Vroom Rouge(6), Pillani Violo(7), Luna Snare(8), Dakota Chambercombe(9), Callie Grace Reardon(9), Pamline Falcone(10), Quincy Williams(11), Lauren Hill(11), and Darlene Jobes(12). I start to cry after I see Dakota's face; she died the worst out of all of them. I wish I could have done something to help, but there was nothing I could do that would save her life.

After her cannon sounded I ran from that lake as fast as I could. At least I know something about this arena, there are acid lakes. I silently say my last goodbye to Dakota(9) and the 13 other people that died today, and try to fall asleep. But I know I finding sleep will be hard because of the nightmares I will have about the Dakota's(9) death, her screams, her melting skin, her cries, and the smell of burning flesh and skin.

End of Day 1

Day 2-

D6: Aurora Pines/Pair 1-

I'm sitting in a tree...........

D10:Mina Danna Vir/Pair 1-

"STOP!" I command. Liir(10) slows down and starts to panic, "We can't stop! The careers are gonna tear us limb from limb! It’s like 10 against two; we have to keep on going!" He says in between huffs. "No, if we don't make a stand right now we will never stop running. It’s time to make a stand! You go, I can handle the." I say back. "No, you can't kill all of them by yourself. I'll stay by your side." Liir(10) says with a sword in his hand. "No, we both won't make at least one of us can make if one of us leaves RIGHT now." I say. “Come on we almost have them!" there’s a shout. "I won’t leave you!" Liir(10) say. "Go, your young. You have a lot to live. You will leave and you will make it out of this arena ALIVE. Then you are gonna start a family and live for a long time. You understand, so go. Go now have a great life Liir." I say with a smile. Liir(10) nods his head and embraces me with my last hug I will ever have. "I will become victor and avenge you, I promise." Liir(10) say and as soon as he disappears from my sight the Careers come in. I give a sinister smile "Who's ready to die!"

D8:Sebastian Klein/ Pair 1-

I have an apple in one hand I have a half-eaten apple, a ready to fire blowgun in the other, and a backpack on my back. Munch....Munch....Munch... Gulp. I'm about to take another bite of my apple when out of nowhere something slams into me. My apple rolls away along with my blowgun. I pop back up and dive for my blowgun. Still on the ground I position to fire at the boy that has just ran into me. His face is red and his eye look like they are going to pop out. "Wana.... be ...... allies?" He say in between breaths. He's the 12 year old from 10, he looks beat up, and let’s face it I'm kind of lonely. "Sure." I answer. He smiles and then collapse on the ground from exhaustion.

D6: Aurora Pines/Pair 1-

I look down to the floor and see the Careers. It ok, if I don’t make a sound they won’t notice me. They seem surrounding a female tribute..... Wait a minute that’s Mina! She's really tough but is she strong enough to take down all of those Careers. There are eight of them 3 girls and 4 boys. The sister from 1 starts to talk about Mina. "Mine she's my kill. This is gonna be a piece of cake with a side o-" She falls to the ground with a knife sticking out of her mouth. Boom! "Whoopsies, my knife slipped. Guess were not gonna find out what were gonna serve the cake with. :/ That’s a shame I was really craving cake." Mina says all sarcastic. George runs at her with a mace and swings. She doges and hits him with the butt of her knife, he falls to the ground like pudding. The careers stay still stunned to see two of allies on taken down. Mina gets another knife and aims it at sister from 2. There's a Whizz sound followed by a gushing noisy- Boom!- But she still standing. At her feet is her older brother knife in stomach, eyes rolled behind the head. She crumbles to the floor and kisses him and then takes off. There's a breeze and the leaves start to brushes against my nose. I get the sensation to sneeze. Hold it in, hold it in. I raise my hand to my nose and pinch it. Thankfully it goes away and I turn my attention back to the chaos below me.


I raise my hand to my mouth but it’s too late they heard me. Everyone below me looks up and spots me. Crap >.<

D4:Bubbles Foam/Pair 2-

{C}I look up to see another one of my fellow Victors, Aurora. But she's not our problem right now, Mina is. It’s two against three, but have a brilliant idea. “Navy you and I will go after Mina, Everest go after Aurora. Got it?" both nod and I take out my half-finished net and sit crisscrossed, my fingers working at full speed making my net. Navy pulls out a long blood stranded sword and starts to hack at Mina, but she's really good and manages to block all of his blows with a small knife! Meanwhile Everest is climbing the tree Aurora’s on. I'm almost done with the net only a few more minutes, this net is going to the only this strong enough to slow down Mina in order to Kill her. I look up only for a second and she Navy is pretty beat up while Mina hasn't gotten a scratch. "Hold on Navy just a one more minutes!" I yell encouragingly. "One minute my ass! Just throw the Fuc*** net!!!" Navy yells in between breaths. "Ahhh!" screams Aurora and I see that Everest is only a few branches away from her. "Done!" I yell. Navy jumps to the floor and stays there exhausted. I throw the net over Mina, but before I can Mina throws her knife. But not at Navy or me. There's a huge thump and then a cannon and I turn to see Everest on the floor with a knife in his back. "Aurora Run!!!!" is the last thing that come out of her mouth as ram my trident into her stomach. Boom! I turn to throw my trident at Aurora but sees long gone. I give a hand to Navy and he takes it. He puts his arm around my neck and I half drag him half carry him back to camp. Eight of us came to hunt tributes but only two came back....were not doing too hot.

D9:Mickey Mcalister/Pair 2-

Wow, that was FOUR cannons.... Most likely the careers. So that means there are only 29 more tributes to go through and I can be crowded victor again. And one of those tributes is Caleb, I hope it wasn't one of his cannons. We are the only one left from District 9. I pull out an apple from the back pack I got from the Cornucopia, and start to think. Maybe he and I can ally, it would be peaceful, or at least 'Arena' peaceful. I think back to my Games, I had an ally. It was the 6 female, Ashley. I was in a cave freezing when she ran in and slammed in to me. I went to grab my knife. "Come with me, I'll explain later!" see silently screamed. She grabbed me by the hand and took me deeper in to the cave. A few minutes later the Careers barged in, but quickly left seeing no one was in. And like that we were in an inseparable alliance. We made it to the final 5 when she threw herself in front of me when and a spear went right throw her heart. Just thinking about it gives me chills. I will never forget you, Ashley. I take another bite of my apple when I here the sound of feet hitting dirt.

Caleb crashes through the trees. His eyes widened, but quickly relaxed after he realizes it was only me. "Come with me, I'll explain later!" he says then grabs my hand and we run. This takes me back to my first Games and Ashley. He stops in front of a big bushy tree, and starts to climb. "Here up they'er coming!" he says harshly. I make it through the bushy surface, just as the careers pop into view. It's only two of them, we could take them! I reach for my sword but Caleb stops me. "It could be a trap, don't do it. I nod and soon there out of view. I start to climb down, "Where are you going. Don't you want to ally?" Caleb says in a puzzled voice. "Ya, but we can't stay in a tree for the" I give and big grin. I can't believe I hadn't notice it. This is where Caleb has been since the Gong rung. There a huge tube of water, three packs of food, and plenty of weapons. "Where did you get of this?" I say in awe. With a big smile Caleb says "Careers are pretty stupid."

D2:Harpy Evermist/Pair 1-

"Guys, I swear it on my mother's life! I think someone has been stealing from us. Come look at this." I motion to Thalia(2) and Sandy(4) to the huge tube of water. Sandy(4) scopes Thalia(2) up, scene she is still weak from wound. "Look see this the water has gone down about seven inch, and look it even wet right here. Do you see it know?" I say desperately trying to get them to understand. "You know what I do understand." Sandy(4) say and Thalia(2) nods with approval. I relax my muscles thinking we all know someone has been here besides us Careers. "Yes I understand that the wind has been strong and blew the water out of the tube. Therefore wetting the ground and reducing our water supplies." Thalia’s(2) voice has a hint of sarcasm. They both laugh, thinking they proved me wrong. I am gonna die, I'm working with idiots!

Then is if on cue there's a splash and horrible screaming following it. All of us run to the edge, we witness something so terribly gruesome even the careers wouldn't do that to someone. "That is so awesome! I want to push someone in that!!!!" Thalia(2) screams, and of course Sandy(4) is agreeing with him. Again I'm working with idiots. Boom! {C}

D5:Richard Motor/Pair 1-

The cannon jolts me awake. I rub my eye reach for the bottle of water that is not even a quarter full. "Xena(5), we need water." I shake her, but she doesn't wake. I shake her even harder but she is still asleep. So i decide to go get water by myself. I get up and notice a beetle come out of her sleeping bag. Gross, i crush it and proceed to the lake we found earlier today. I fill it up and add some iodine to it and walk back to our camp. I look up to the sky and I start to think of Raine. A tear falls to the floor as I promise to win this sick Game for her, and have a happy life. It's almost night so when I get back to the surrounding where Xena(5) is still sleeping, I open a pack of dried fruit and try to wake Xena(5) again. But when I get close to her I don't see a body, but some weird cocoon like thing. And start to panic, inside is Xena(5) I rip open her sleeping bag to find hundreds of beetles that look like the one I killed a few hours ago. They all flee as I start to stomp on them.

I grab my knife and tear open the silky cocoon. She gasp for air and start to moan. Her eyes are in pain and her body starts to spasm. She doesn't have to tell me, because to the look in her eyes says it. 'Please kill me' That is the look she gives me. Tears falling I stab her in the head. Her blood squirts everywhere. Boom! I fall over her body and start to cry, "I'm so so sorry Xena. I'm sorry you had to suffer like that." I say, as I kiss her forehead. I put her back in her sleeping bag and I leave the knife in her head. I grab the rest of our supplies and take off running.

D1:Navy Wonders/Pair 2-

It's already dark and its very dangerous. As Bubbles(4) and I run through the forest we hear hooting, howling, and seeing glowing eyes from the bushes. "Hold on Navy(1), just a bit more. We can do it." Bubbles(4) say in between breaths. I'm about to crumble to the ground and five out when I see the tree line and the plateau that holds the Cornucopia. We go even faster and don't stop till were at the edge of the lake. "WAIT! Don't jump!!!" yells Sandy(4) as we get ready to jump into the water. "Why. It's cold and were hunger." argues Bubbles(4). "The lake! The water is acid. The girl jumped into the lake. All of her skin fell off. It was bad ass! You missed it!" Thalia(2) says. I pick up some sort of beetle and throw it into the lake. There's a sizzling sound and some steam comes out of the lake were the beetle lands. "What are we supposed to do then?" I say panicked, "The night creatures are starting to emerge.

Right on cue there's a howl. It sends shivers down my spine as I remember my Games, and the horrible mutts that took out half of my alliance. "We'll through some supplies down. You guys should sleep in the trees, we’ll figure out what to do in the morning. Does that seem ok?" Harpy suggested. Bubbles and I look at each other and nod.


As day two ends and day three begins all tributes settle in. Everyone is fine and has everything they need but Pair 1 from 11(Emma Lien and Charlie Hill) and Pair 2 from 8(Reggie Miller and Maven Weatherby) Thet are in dire need of food.

D10:Leena Vertech/Pair 2-

I sit at the edge of my small private late, looking at the28 little fish that swarm, flee, trying to escape the lake as I toss rocks in it. A smirk forms on my face…. I’m a fish, and the Capitol is me, the lake the arena. I stop and grab the glistening red ruby that sits at my chest, held by strong eye blinding golden cord.


My eyebrow rises, wondering who could that be. The first name comes to name is Liir. I pray to God that it wasn’t him. He’s the only from home, he’s the only one thing, besides the ruby at my chest, that brings the seal to district 10 to mind in the God forsaken arena. I need to find him, even if only one of us could come out alive. If we work together one of us will come out, and if I die it needs to be Liir wining. I look at the lake at the lake one more time. There are still 28 of the little fish swimming. I snatch the one closet to me. Leaving just 27 in the lake and 27 in the arena.

Death Chart
Place District:Name(Pair) How they deid District:By who, or what User of Dead Tribute
48 D7:Pillani Violo(1) Knife in mouth D12:Velma Ready FinnickITAO
47th D2:Stuart Hummes(2) Ax in the back D7:Pamline Falcone Prezziesnow9704:)!
46th D10:Pamline Falcone(2) Arrow to the neck D2:Thalia Combe FinnickITAO
45th D1:Rachel Whittaker(1) Chopped off leg and stabbed in heart D10:Liir Fluor District3Tribute
44th D9:Callie Grace Reardon(2) Knife in head D1:Navy Wonders AshtonMoioLover
43rd D11:Lauren Hill(2) Speared D1:Navy Wonders Rue district11
42nd D5:Ssithies Profane(2) Decapitated D1:Navy Wonders Prezziesnow9704:)!
41st D11:Quincy Williams(2) Beaten to death by decapitated head D1:Miley Glod 2legit2quit
40th D3:Kevin Potter(1) Strangled to death D2:Everest Sateer ~ilovepeeta~
39th D8:Luna Snare(1) Stabed in the chest by a trident D6:Vroom Rouge Justafox
38th D6:Vroom Rouge(1) Beaten to death by a watermelon D8:Sebastian Klein Mysims
37th D12:Darlene Jobes(1) Trident to the head D4:Sandy Shipwreck ~ilovepeeta~
36th D5:Raine Winters(2) Trident in the chest D4:Sandy Shipwreck Ms.finnickodair
35th D9:Dakota Chambercombe(1) Jumped in acid lake The arena District3Tribute
34th D1: Miley Gold(2) Knife in head Mina Dana Vir(10) Angry birds12
33rd D4: Karo Mellis(1) Knife in stomach Mina Dana Vir(10) ~ilovepeeta~
32nd D2: Everest Sateer(2) Knife in back Mina Dana Vir(10) Rockman117
31st D10: Mina Dana Vir(1) Trident in stomach Bubbles Foam(4) FinnickITAO
30th D6:Tamora Summers(2) Jumped in acid lake The Arena AshtonMoioLover
29th D5: Xena Daniels(1) Stabed in head Richard Motor(5) ~PoundtheAlarm~
28th ?????????? ????????? ???????? ??????????
2nd or Victor
1st or Victor

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