Welcome to my the 67th Hunger Games, also my Last Games. Since this is my last Game l will try to make the best Games l will have Ever made! So if you would like to enter tributes, please enter tributes with the following: District, age, name, appearence and or lunaii, personality, skills, weaknesses, strategy, and token. Also since this is my last games the first 5 users to enter their tributes get to pick if this will be a normal game or a game with a twist. Just write Normal or Twist along with your tribute's info. Please make the Careers volunteer, soiled, blood thristy, and Hunger Games loving tributes. Only 4 tribute from the same district please, and please also try to refrain form the couples. I can have a few couples but not to many.Thanks :D

Twist-4(Won) Normal-1:

Last years Games all the Career tributes died the first and second day, and there was no excitement. Due to last years Games, their will be double the Career tributes ensure full excitement. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Disricts Male's name Score Place Girl's name Score Place User
1 G-Man(18) 11 Puhnk Pink(14) 8 ~ilovepeeta~
1 Blade Johnson(17) 10 Yuri Ling(16) 11 Brony12
2 River Rhodes(17) 10 Sutton Yates(16) 8 Wolverine1717
2 Faust Woods(16) 9 Cahe Wolfe(15) 10 Clove1001
3 Digit Twek(14) 5 Samantha Dividen(14) 7 Moviepopcorn123
4 Tristen Tropic(16) 10 Dawn Bliss(16) 8 Everdeen
4 Blue West(18) 11 Aquamarine Summerton(16) 12 Brony12
5 Alec Powers(14)* 3 Addie Buzz(16) 9 Necterine411
6 Cobra Cruise(18) 10 Raile Rouge(13) 6 Everdeen
7 Axel Test(16)* 7 Ginny Amber(12) 5 Super.cute.kitten
8 Fredora Inp(15) 8 Noelle Vignios(15) 4 QuinnQuinn
9 Tod Omack(15) 5 Jennette Brich(17) 9 QuinnQuinn
10 Kevin Potter(16) 8 Darlene Jobes(12) 7 ~ilovepeeta~
11 Catcher Hawk(15) 9 Lily Shade(16) 8 Clove1001
12 Jay Wayland(18) 2 Irene Seam(16) 7 Necterine411
  • D1- Puhnk Pink
  • D1- Yuri Ling
  • D1- Blade Johnson
  • D1- G-Man
  • D2- Cahe Wolfe
  • D2- Sutton Yates
  • D2- Faust Woods
  • D2- River Rhodes
  • D3- Samantha "Sparky" Dividen
  • D3- Digit Twek
  • D4- Aquamarine Summerton
  • D4- Dawn Bliss
  • D4- Tristen Tropic
  • D4- Blue West
  • D5- Addie Buzz
  • D5- Alec Powers
  • D6- Raile Rouge
  • D6- Cobra Cruise
  • D7- Ginny Amber
  • D7- Axel Test
  • D8- Noelle Vignios
  • D8- Fredora Inp
  • D9- Jennette Brich
  • D9- Tod Omack
  • D10-Darlene Jobes
  • D10- Kevin Potter
  • D11- Lily Shade
  • D11- Catcher Hawk
  • D12- Irene Seam
  • D12- Jay Wayland




District 1- Puhnk Pink

I wake up to my pink room, and head off to the shower. After l'm squeaky clean and smell like flowers l head to my closet. What to wear, what to were..... After about 15 outfits l decided on a beautiful strapless dress. I comb my hair into pig tales, put on my gold headband, and head down stairs. My mom has left out a huge breakfast for reaping day. Eggs, bacon, muffins, french toast, waffles, orange jucie, and hot choclate. I take a seat next to my little sister and we start to eat. "I can't belive that there are going to be four tributes from District 1, 2, and 4 this Game! How exciting!" I cheer. "Why can't l enter the reaping, daddy?" Gem, my little sister whines. "Sorry hun, but you have to be atleast 12. And your only 11, so next year you will have a chance." my dad says in a perky voice. Gem gives a half smile and goes back to eating. After we are done we head for the square and l sing in. "Good luck Puhnk!!!" Gem yells. I walk to the 14 year old section and await for the names!

Yuri Ling

This is it the moment of truth! The hot escort, Gerrit Lemn, walks to the boys bowl pulls two slips and calls out a name "Silver Harda! Please come to the stage!" But before he even makes it out of the crowd of wild 15 year olds, there are over 20 "I volunteers!" Someone out of the 18 year old section pushes his way up the steps, and plants his feet firmly on the stage. "I VOLUNTEER!!!!!" He screams at the top of his lungs. "Thats the spirt of the Games, what is your name young man?" Gerrit's voice is full of joy. "Call me G-Man." the 18 year old says prodly. "Ok, the next tribute is... Blade Johnson!" Blade Johnson makes it to the stage, without any l volunteers. And the reason is beacuse G-Man is one of the tributes. He is feared through out the whole District. Once Blade makes it to the stage Gerrit grabs two slips from the girls. "And for the ladies...... Puhnk Pink and Yuri Ling!" Again no one volunteers. Both of us make it up on satge and shake hands with Blade and G-Man. "Lets give a round of applause to the tributes of District 1!!!!" Gerrit cheers.

District 2- River Rhodes

BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP! Is what l here about 5 striaght minutes, and l can't take it!!!!! I jump from my bed and slam into my brothers room. I push him off the bed and yank the alarm clock out of the wall. My brother flys, due to my strongnest, and he gets up lightning fast. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!?!?" he yells.

"Learn to turn off your FUC*** alarm clock!!!" l yell back. He lunges at me and we westle. He is strong and gets me in a thight head lock for about 10 minutes. I grin thinking that l have trained him well, but l'm stronger. I punch him in the gut and he falls on the bed. My parents come in the room and break up the fight. I stop and stomp to my room. When l get in l slam my door with all my might. I brush my teeth, take a shower, and head out the door with out breakfast just so l can be with Sutton before the reaping. I knock on her front door and she opens it. All the anger l was feeling before evaperates as l see her face. God l love her.... l even love her more then the Games. I was thinking of volunteering about 4 month ago, but she changed all that when l met her. She is my whole life know.

Cahe Wolfe

Ahhh, l wish l was still at my secret creek, but nooooo l have to be at this stupid reaping. Our district escort named Igiea, pulls two slips from the girls bowl. "Cahe Wolfe and Sutton Yates, you ladies have the honor to represent District 2!!!!!" I stand so shocked that l can't move a muscle, and when l do it is slow and it feels like my feet are asleep. Finally Sutton and l make it to the stage. "Well, it looks like District 2 has a couple strong females," Igiea moves to the boys bowl and grabs two slips. "And for the boys......" She is cut off by two boys volunteers. I see the two boy that are making their way to the stage. A boy called River, a vicious 17 year old, and ..... FAUST!!!! "Well, l have to say the names before you can Volunteer." Igiea says with bitterness. "Who cares they already volunteered." the mayors says obviously borad and wants to get on with his life. l look at Faust and l run to his arms.

District 3- Digit Twek

Terra..... Terra..... Terra is all l can think of, my dead sister. She was 14 years old and stood in this exact same spot as l stand in, when the Games and the Capitol took her. I was to young to undetrstand what was happening, but l still remembe. And now... l understand. We were in the Justic Building. My mother, father, and Terra were crying and hugging. Terra hugs our parents then she walked over to me. "Whaz goin on Tewa?" I said with teary eyes. "Digit l am going somewhere far away and l might not come back. If l do then everything will be fine. But if l don't....... Never ever forget l love you." she says the last word crying. She hugs me and puts a kiss on my forehead, then a peacekeeper with a pained look on his face pulls Terra away. All this flashes by my mind as the escort reads my name from the slip of paper. Once l get on stage l shake my district partner, Samantha Dividen's, hand, the girl with the unusual golden eyes. I turn to see my parents in each others arms with my little brother, Adam, sandwitched between them. The image sends a shiver down my spine. I stand in Terra's place and Adam stands in my place. Hopefully he wont have to stand in Terra's nor my place.

District 4- Dawn Bliss

This morning a met a 12 year old girl. My heart broke when l saw her. She was on the streets wearinging rags. People just walked by her like nothing. Some would look at her and give her dirty looks. I walk up to her and she says in the most innocent voice "Excuse me but can you please spare some change?" Her eys are big and watery. "Of course, take all you need." I take out my wallet and take out all the money. About 500 dollars, l was gonna by a new reaping dress. "Why is a young and cute girl doing on the streets begging for money?" I say with a gentle voice. "My mom died a month ago from a deadly sickness, and now my dad has it and lost his job a week ago. I'm the oldest of 4 kids. So l have to put food on the table." She starts to cry and I take her in my arms. "Don't worry, l will help you. Come to my house after the reaping and we will come up with something." I give her a smile and her face brightens up. "Thanks you miss. Thank you, thank you!" l give her my address and she runs home.

*Skips to the reaping*

I stand in line wondering about that little girl. I can't wait to help her. A smile creeps on my face as l think about her. "Welcome, welcome citizen of District 4!" our escorts shouts. She walks to the glass bowl and pulls two names. "Emily Heart and Aquamarine Summerton, you are our female tributes!" I look up to the big screen and see a pretty 16 year old and a 12 year old. Something clicks in my head....... THATS HER!!!!! It the little girl l was gonna help after the reaping. Without thinking l shout "I volunteer for Emily Heart!!!!!" I run and pull Emily from the steps of the stage. She has tears in her eyes and gives me a hug "Thank you." She whispers. And l walk up to the stage.

Blue West

I roll my eyes as a girl volunteer for the stupid little begger on the streets. Eveyone around me are teared eyed over the selfless act, but l find it idiotic and stupid. The escort has watery eyes as she picks the boy tibutes names. "Logan Blue and Gerrit Chance, please come up to the stages!" A 15 year old and a 17 year old start up the steps. This is my last reaping do l shout at the top of my lungs "I volunteer!" I race up the steps and find out another guy volunteered, a guy called Tristen Tropic. I look to the crowd and the family l save when l was six- There was this flood and family was stuck on there roof, so I swam them all back to saftey.- is staring at me with watery eyes. I give a wink and shake the rest of District 4 tributes hands with a big grin.

Disrtict 5- Addie Buzz

I stand in line thinking of what l'm gonna do atfer this reaping..... Cliff diving, bungee jumping, go hunting for wild dogs, steal sometihng, jump from a 3 story house in to a pool, climb the talles tree in this district, go rock climbing, play chicken with a friend, swim with sharks, ect. Then the biggest thrill ride above pops into my head. The escort reaches into the glass bowl and calls out a "Linla Hohary" What a weird name but as soon as the girl is on the big screen l shot "I VOLUNTEER!!!" There is a big gasp and then silence. Eveyone is looking at me and all they do is stare, even the peackeepers and escort. District 5 hasn't had a volunteer for ages. So l walk up to the stage and say "Can we get this on, l have a Game to win!" I give a big grin. "For our male tribute, Alec Powers!" I try to not laugh as he is literally drag to the stage by peacekeepers. When he get up to the stage he brust into tears. This is gonna be a piece of cake >:D

District 6- Raile Rouge

I stand off to the side of the ropes minding my own business. No comes to talk to me and l don't talk to anyone. The escort has just arrived and is slipping her hand into the glass bowl full of thousands of paper. Two of which have my name written on them. For dramatic affect she opens it very slowly and and says the first name. "Raile," I stiffen. Theres lots of Railes here, so maybe thats not me. "Rouge you are District 6 female tribute." My blood turns ice cold and it is hard to walk. When l make it to the stage l look for my step parents and l see them crying. I look a little to my left and see my biological parents. For a second we meet eyes then they break down into tears. "Grifin Terance you have been reaped." a small and weak 14 year old is carried to the stage by peacekeepers, when someone stupid enough volunteers. I turn right to only see Cobra Cruise.

Distirct 7- Axel Test

My whole world has just burned down and crashed before my eyes. Tears are swelling up as l see my love walk up those evil steps. I don't know what to do volunteer, die, and save the love of my life. Or live but watch as my love dies live TV for all to see. I don't know and time is running out. The boy that was reaped is now on those evil steps just as Ginny Amber was. The escort is now calling for volunteers. It is her thrid time asking. I know l have only a split second to decide "I Volunteer!!!!" with tear coming down my face. I walk to the stage and see Ginny's face. The sight of her relaxes me, and at that moment l vow to bring her back here, back here to District 7, back home.

District 8- Fredora Inp

I laugh out load as l see Noelle Vignios being carried by peacekeepers and making big a sceen. She is always like this, whenever she doesn't apporve of it she start to scream and throw a fit till she gets her way. Well l got news for her, it ain't gonna work this time. I am still smiling as the escort pulls the silp of paper for the male tribute. She walks to the center of the stage and read nice and clearly "Fredora Inp" l stiffen for a moment, as l see Noelle smile. I head for the stage with a happy and positive touhgt, At least l finally get to kill Noelle Vignios.

District 9- Jennette Brich

I push the two girls next to me away from the ropes. I know l'm gonna volunteer today, l need to show my biological parents l can do this, that they can take me back. That l can be their little girl agian,and finally stop living with a stupid victor that now is a drugatic. The escort calls the girl's name and quickly l volunteer. I run up the stage and purposely push the weak 15 year old off the stage. The escort says "Now that is the spirt! Tod Omack please come up to the stage." Easy kill, l can already tell by the way he is walking up the steps. Yes he will be my first kill >:D

District 10- Darlene Jobes

I stand on stage with watery eyes waiting for my sister to volunteer. I look into the crowd and find her. See is crying and mouthes "I'm sorry" And that is when l start to cry. The only reason why she won't volunteer for me is because we got in to a huge fight. She went to a party after midnight that she was strictly told not to go. But she said it was gonna be the party of the decade. So she asked me if l could cover for her and l tried my best but she wound up getting caught because l accidentily left her door open. So she has been mad at me ever since. The escort walks up the the boy's bowl and calls out "Kevin Potter!" He walks up and the whole time he is keeping it together. Not once did he brake a sweat.

Distirct 11- Catcher Hawk

District 12- Jay Wayland

I stand in line and wait for the mayor to finish the speech. And when he does our annoying bubbly escort Effie Trinket walks on. "Ladies first!" as she take a slip from the blow that contian the female names. "Irene Seam, please make your way to the stage." As soon as l see the girl l feel bad for her. Abandoned as a toddler, and nowhere to live. I see her go into the forest everyday to find food and see her freezeing in the night trying to find sleep. "Jay Wayland, you have the honor!" I snap out of my daze and slowly make it to the stage. People moan and even Effie feels bad a little as l reach the stage. Then l am on the big screen for all of Panem to see. I give a little smile because everyone will see, which mean potential sponcers. And who wouldn't want to sponcer a guy without an arm like me.


Tributes Outfits- Tributes will wear skin tight socks, good running shoes, pants that can turn into shorts, a skin tight shirt, and an air tight hooded sweater. All of the tribute's outfit are waterproof. Also the outfits will be diffrent colors according to District. D1- White, D2- Grey, D3- Yellow, D4- Blue, D5- Orange, D6- Purple, D7- Brown, D8- Pink, D9- Beige, D10- Red, D11- Green, and D12- Black(Everdeen picked out most of the colors. Thanks!! :D)

For the 76th Games the Arena it is.......................... a Rainforest!!!! There will be plenty water, plants, trees, and animals. Seem like an easy kick back arena, but your wrong dead wrong. This arena will be the hardest to out live with danger at every corner. And very little sunlight hit you when your not in a clearing. Aslo the animals and mutts wont come into the arena until 12 hours arte the Games starts.

It rain atleast once a day, but here is the twist...... it is not just ordinary rain.The frist time could be ordinary but the next could be a shower of acid, or poison, or blood, etc. And here is the fun part l will ask questions and you the Capitol citizens will ansewer if you want. Who ever is the winner get to decide what type of rain it will be. Ther will be lots of mini lakes and waterfalls too.

Now for the animals, there are hundres and thousands of insects and animals and if you want to live to see another day my advice would be to stay away. Most of the animlas will be poisonous, but there poison wont kill. It will only make you want to die. The posion is strong that you wish it would kill you. Why wouldn't the poison kill you, you ask. Well the real sprit of the Game is that the tributes should be killing each other.

As for the plant life it is everywhere you look. There are plants that will poisonous and might or might not kill you, there are some that will shelter you, and there are some that you can eat or that can heal you. Have fun decieding what to use >:D

The Cornucopia will start of in a huge clearing. Surrounding the clearindg are nothing but trees. Each player is starting 50 yards away from the shining Cornucopia. This year it is nothing but backpacks. You have to choose carefully. Yuo could get only food, or only water, or only weponds. Maybe you might find a "nice" surprise >:D

Since there are only backpacks, spears, axes, tridents, bows, etc. can't fit in them. So there are silver sticks, but they'er not ordinary stticks. On the side of them is a button, and when you press the button the stick changes a weapond. So this is high tech Capitol weponds. The sticks are put into containers and labeled.

Let the Games Begin!

Day one-

D1- Blade Johnson:

The last person l see is my stylist as my plate rises. I've been thinking of this arena since the reaping. No my curiosity will be quench. Pita pata pita pata pita pata, this is all l here for about 15 seconds in darkness. I finally emerge form the tube and l see the arena. The first thing l take in is its raining, and very dim. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Let the 67th Hunger Games Begin!!!" Claudius Templesmit's voice booms all around me. My eye adjust and l see we are in a clearing with tall bright gree trees surrounding us. The Cornucopia is about 50 yards away... and its only full of backpack. Backpaks are everywhere, I need a spear not a pack! l know the minute is almost up so I postion myself toward the Cornucopia.


D7- Ginny Amber:

The Gong rings through out the arena signaling that the Games have just begun. My feet shuffle on my plate for a few seconds not knowing were to go. I jump from my plate and make a mad dash for a a small purple pack with hopefully ropes and some water. One of the boy's from one, l think Blade, is staring at me with a spear in his hand. My heart skips a beat as l know this will be the end. His spear is already stained with blood and l know mine will stain it next. With a flick of the wrist the spear glides swiftly to me. My eyes close instantly and l hear a sicking sound, but l don't feel pain at all. My eyes are still closed whan l hear a faint "Run!" My eyes open in a flash and l'm stunned and apparently so is Blade. Axel Test from my district is 3 steps infront of me with a spear in his left side of his chest. I run give him a kiss and take off with the small purple backpack. Tear on my face l vow to end Blade Johnson's life.

D5- Addie Buzz:

My heart is pumping 100 miles per hour! This is truly the ultimate adrenaline rush! l run for a back pack and tear it oppen to find 3 containers, water bottle, and sun glasses. I reach for the containers that are labeled one say Knives. The other two say Bow and Arrows l rip the one labeled with knives. When l open it it is nothing but silver sticks with buttons on the side. I am confused and l cautiously push the button. It shakes a little and l throw it to the ground frightened. And a second later the stick has morphed into a sliver knife that has a button on the side. l press the button again and the knife turns back into a silver stick. I grin and yell "Awesome!" l turn the stick back into a knife and look for my first victum. I spot a guy wearing orange my knife flys out of my hand and lands in his neck. I run up to him and yank the knife out of Alec lifeless body. Piece of cake >:D

D6- Raile Rouge:

Its raining and l'm trying very hard not to trip or slip. This year they the Gamemakers put everything in the backpacks to make sure there was a good bloodbath. I pick up to bags one that is as small as a purse and one that is bigger than half my body. I jog to the edge of the tree line a allow myself one peek. I turn around and see 2 boodies in a pool of blood already and half of the tributes are hacking at each other. Some have completely abandoned the bloodbath and ran into the surrounding enviorment. I here a battle cry and turn around to see a girl in beige sprinting at me. The beige tells me that she is from 9. I turn and run but the stupid backpack slows me down and in no time she tackles me. I think its the end and beg her to make it a quick and painless death. "Shut your trap! I'm Jennette Brich from 9, and its your lucky day," She puts her knife to my neck and l'm glad she will make this quick. "You either my ally or my kill." I don't hesitate to answer "Ally." She gets off me and we continue into the dark forest.

D10- Kevin Potter:

I have gotten a gray pack that has a tent. lt is still raining so l think l will set up camp. I find a great spot that is very well hidden but close enough to see the Cornucopia. l hear a twig snap and reach for my knife and quietly l turn to the source of the sound and l see a figure, and it sees me. "So whats your strategy?" l ask. A minute goes by. "I'm gonna blow up the Careers base camp, you wanna help?" A girl says. With a grin l say "Lets go srew those careers. Im Kevin Potter, District 10." "l'm Samantha Dividen, but you can call me Sparky, District 3." She steps out from the trees. I look in her eyes and l'm taken aback. There... Gloden.

District 2- River Rhodes:

xD I can't stop laughing, who does that!!!!! Yay, l get it, its raining. But really slipping on your plate as you jump off your plate. The girl from 8 is on the ground crying because she is mad and embarrassed. I walk over to her and say "What a disgrace for District 8, having you as a tribute." I spit on her and snap her neck. I leave her body and go back to the Cornucopia. I rip open a backpack and find a container of silver sticks that are lables Spears. I open the container and find that the sticks have buttons on the side; l take on out and press it. There is a slight shake and l freak out thinking l might have triggered a trap or bomb. But seconds later l have a sliver gleaming spear. A grin froms on my face.

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