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In a far off planet known as Gorona they hold their own version of the Hunger Games without using their own species. In stead they look for other planets and use their species. They use different planets each year and have now found Earth and planing on using humans for the tributes. They have choosen a random states from a random country known as the United States of America. Reapings take place in the capitol of the states, but there is a state and a big screen in every single city. You must attened to the city you live in. Once you are called you are to walk up to the city stage and your are then beames to the capitol in your state. From their you are taken to Gorona to play in the arena. Once the Game is over you become the victor and get the choice to stay in Gorona or go back to your home planet. But you must mentor the next tributes. Pleas enter both female and male tribute. Please enter you tributes name, skill, weakness, age, state, personality, history(if you want), and if you can a Lunaii. Thank you!!! I would appreciate if tributes were not used if they were in my other Games

State Male Female User
Florida Stuart Hummes Geneive Terrion Prezziesnow9704:)!
Texas Down Smith Raqel Numez Brony12
North Carolina Sparks Cheerwine Emerald Shine Necterine411
New Jersey Everest Sateer Harpy Evermist Rockman117
Hawaii Reed Shacklebolt Kajama Odair Anna-athena
California Raphael Blackstone Domino Darkstar CarriMooz
New York Grass Whistle Giselle Sunburst Jabberjay78
Pennsylvania Damian Maroon Anya Showers Skybender101
Arizona Nick Gradi Ally Free Moviepopcorn123
Nevada Ash Stronghold Olivia Stronghold Prezziesnow9704:)!
Washington Jake Saltwater Acaia Granger Anna-athena
Michigan Pearson Woods Colbie Cain Clove1001
Alaska Eclipse Glade Cotto Crest Clove1001
Louisiana Sam Jones Spring Howards Brony12
Kentucky Lindor Vaca-Vaca Hen Cattopia EffieLuna


Ok so everyday is a different levels. The levels will represent Earth, like one level can be a desert, another an lsland, or even a prairie. To every leve there will be a different twist. One, you can't kill anybody, another you have to kill someone, and so on so on. There will also be mutts, from Earth and Gorona. In order to get to the next level you have to find someting, and that someting is a diamonds.A different color diamond for each level. When you find your diamond you have to get to the Cornucopia before the daily death toll and say "Gorona l give you my sacrifice." You can also give or steal other tributes diamond. If you don't find one or say the passage, you don't go to the next level, but forced to the Cornucopia to fight the others that also didn't do it. There you will have to fight to the death till only one stands. Then he or she will be taken to the next level. If your the only one that didn't find a dimond then you fight mutts and if you survie then you get the privilege to go on. If you don't get it leave a comment, hope you enjoy!


Sorry l did one Reaping, I randomly choose a tribute and it was Emerald. If you do want me to do reapings you can tell me in the comments and l'll gladly do them.

North Carolina: Emerald Shine POV,

l still can't belive Gorona has beat us, and now they are in control. Originally Gorna only wanted the USA, but all the countries in the world banded together and fought against them. The first time in history l think, only we didn't win. So now not only is the USA punished, but the everybody else. For the USA its the Earth Games, and the whole the world now is forced to watch them. We don't know the rest of the world's punishment, but l know its not gonna be happy. Know that Gorona is in control and the reaping starts in an hour, my parents won't let me out of there grasp. We walk to our little city Davie. After about 30 minutes the big screen on stage goes on, and a very young lady, prabalby about 16 or so walks up to this little box that can fit in the size or your plam. When see say "lm your new escort Let the Earth Games Begin!!!!" She says in an unhearable voice, then reaches her whole arm in the tiny box my eyes mouth drops in amazment. Gorona had to learn the Tributes language, and it turns out they are still learnig because when she calls out the name you can't understand her. "Emerald Shine!!!" she says a little clearer. I go numb, and it feels like l can't breathe. l wanted attention but not like this. l can see my parents running for me and l take off to them, but lm thrusted to the stage by one of the guards and my parents are tazed. I cry out but that doesn't stop them for kicking them. I franticly look to my friends to tell the goodbye, and when l find their eyes they start to sing our Alma Mater. Then almost everybody in the crowd has joined in. Im about to say goodbye when lm pushed onto a plate and beamed to Raleigh, my state capital. And now the escort is calling the boy's name, my competition "Sparks Cheerwine!!" In a matter of seconds he is in the Capital and were off to Gorona.

Training Scores

State Male Female Male Score Female Score
Florida Stuart Hummes Geneive Terrion 7 8
Texas Down Smith Raqel Numez 6 10
North Carolina Sparks Cheerwine Emerald Shine 8 8
New Jersey Everest Sateer Harpy Evermist 4 10
Hawaii Reed Shacklebolt Kajama Odair 11 9
California Raphael Blackstone Domino Darkstar 10 6
New York Grass Whistle Giselle Sunburst 9 8
Pennsylvania Damian Maroon Anya Showers 11 5
Arizona Nick Gradi Ally Free 8 7
Nevada Ash Stronghold Olivia Stronghold 10 5
Washington Jake Saltwater Acaia Granger 10 6
Michigan Pearson Woods Colbie Cain 11 9
Alaska Cotto Crest Eclipse Glade 9 7
Louisiana Sam Jones Spring Howards 5 10
Kentucky Lindor Vaca-Vaca Hen Cattopia 11 3

Let The Earth Games Begin!!!!

Day 1, First Level, Red Diamond, Twist: No Allies

Pennsylvania- Anya Showers, Cornucopia

Im being pushed up by a metal plate, and lm in complete darkness for about 15 seconds. While lm in the darkness my mind is raceing with thoughts and questions. Will l live for the first day? l need to stay alive. Will l find a diamond? Will l have to kill? l hope if l die it not be slowy and painful. l hope for my dad's sake, he's not watching. l'll need food and water. I need to survive. I need to be the Victor. Then my metal plate stops and l take in my surroundings. I take in the arena. I take in the other kids, l mean tributes. l see the arena, were on an island in the middle of a volcano!!! The only thing that connects the island and the mainland is a flimsy bridge. I can see the lava bubbling and it is so hot. l trun my attention back to the Cornucopia. l see a pack and a dozen knives just a couple yards from me and know what my next move is, l position myself to run. Then the booming voice of the announcer yells "Good luck to all you tributes, the Twist for this Level is No Allies, And the color of diamond you need is Red. Let The Earth Games Begin!!!!" The gong rings and l lunge for the pack and knives and run for the flimsy bridge. l stop and look down. l my heart drops, l shouldn't have looked because now lm deathly afraid of going acroos. What forces me to cross it, is the tribute running toward me with a sowrd. I can feel the full hottness of the lava being directly on top of it. l get to the other side and see the tribute chasing me is cling to the bridge. I laugh and head down a mile to only enter a cave and look for my ticket into the next level, a Red Diamond.

Nevada, Ash Stronghold, Cornucopia

As soon as l hear the twist l almost faint. That means that Olivia and l can't be have an alliance. I look around and see she's just a few tributes down. We meet eyes and l point to the Cornucopia and shake her head. And when the gong rings she goes off toward on of the bridges, whlie l sprint to the mouth of the horn. lm the frist to arrive. I whip a backpack over my back grab three awes and four swords. lm about to get knive for Olivia when a spear flys over my head only to hit Cotto's stomach. l whip around oly to find the thrower, Stuart, and he is readying to throw another spear when a knife hits him in the neck. He falls to the ground with a frown. Spring is smiling and throws a knife that plunges in to my thigh. And l in return put an ax in her chest. I run grab the ax and run where l saw Olivia cross the bridge. l go into the cave that Olivia went ionto. For what seems like an hour l stop to see whats in my backpack. I find a tent, three wather bottles, dried beef and fruit, and a red diamond. RED DIAMOND!!!!!!! I jump up with joy and run fo Olivia and scream her name. A hour later we meet and l give her my red diamond. She refuses but l make her take it along with the backpack full of supplies and three axes. We hug and walk in different directions, leaving me with dried fruit, four swords, and a full bottle of water. Now all l need is another red diamond.

New York,Giselle Sunburst, Cornucopia

As soon as the gong rang l dive for the loaf of bread inches from my plate. The scoop up a nice thick blanket. I run in about 20 yards and get a dark green backpack and take off to one of the bridges. I turn only for a second to see some bodies in a poll of blood and many more fighting. I run into a cave and noticed that there is a little light and very hot. I look to the side and see why there is light, here and there are little streams and pools off fresh lava. I make sure to stay clear of them and continue to walk in the endless cave. For what seems like an hour l search and search, but no red diamond. So l stop for a small break and look to see what l got in my backpack. A nice knife,a bottle full of water which l take a few sips of, night vision glasses, and some rope. I put on my glasses and continue on. Then l walk in a room with small island in the middle of a sea of lava. Supporting the little island are four little slim rock bridges. Each leading to a new room. Im about to walk a way when something catches my eye, a red diamond in the middle of the island. I hesitate for a while then slowly and carefully walk to the bridge. Halfway there, don't look down, slowly, just a few more steps, and presto. I jump on the island and run to the diamond. lt sits on a little pedistal. I lift it and the island starts to shake. I run for the bridge. l am almost across when the bridge starts to crumble. l jams the diamond in my pocket and leaps for the cliff. l just makes its it on time. With a smile on my face l starts my trail back to the Cornucopia.

Hawaii, Reed Shacklebolt, Cornucoipa

As soon as the gong rings l'm up and running. I sprint to the golden horn and grab a four spears and three extra big swords. I see someone behind me. Without hesitaing l swing one of my swords and hear a sickening sound. I turn around only to see that my sword is sticking out of Eclipse. I give a big smile for the camras and get in to the fight. It only been 10 mintues and lm alreay sweating. This heat from the lava isn't helping at all. So l to run for one of the four bridges. The person that l was fighting takes off yelling "Coward!!!!! Come Back and fight like a man!!!!!!" Im across the bridge and turn back. Jake is on the bridge seconds from me. I riase my sword, and he stops to pull his spear out. We stare each other down for a bit. He wasn't exepting what l do next. His smile turns into panic face and l bring my sword down on the ropes that support the bridge. On his way down to his doom, he curses. I give yet another smile and search for my red diamond.

Kentucky, Hen Cattopia, Cornucopia

NOOOOOO!!!!! Our plan was perfect!!! Lindor my babies father, and l were gonna stick this thing till the end, but the stupid twist ruined it. I find his face, smooth and handsome. Right now he'd have his mustache, but they did something to it so it wouldn't grow back. So now he looks 15 instead of 18. Snice lm to small... and pregnat to do any damage, tributes pass me by for bigger tributes. And that 3 in training score was what l was aming for. I acted dumb and stupid, sad and scared, like l didn't know who to hold a weapond. So lm going into the bloodbath, and Lindor is going to hide till the death toll. This pregnancy was a curse at frist, but now it is a blessing, because lm practically invisible. Now lm at the horn l pick up pick up a bow and 12 dozen arrows. Someone comes and l pretend like l don't know how to use it, by putting the arrow on the wrong side of the bow. And that someone gives a frown and pretends not to notice me. After l've gotten what l want, l run into the horn and cover myself with supplies, instead of running toward the bridge. Now l wait, and wait, and wait. Then the cannons sounds, 5 of them. I smile and wait for prey.

New Jersey, Everest Sateer, Cave

Lucky me, l have found a Red Diamond. I almost gave up hope. I ditched the Cornucopia, and ran straight toward a cave. It took me hours to find a stupid a diamond. But guess what, it was yellow. I still put it in my pocket just in case though. The another two hours was wasted on finding a red diamond. Right now lm toppless and laying on my shirt and jacket that was to hot to wear. I was gonna close my eyes when a booming voice announced "Tributes this is your warning call you may now report to the Cornucopia to give your diamond. If you still haven't found one you have 3 hours. Good Luck to all, and Happy Earth Games!" As soon as he said we can report to the Cornucopia l jumped up and left. Im just crossing the bridge when a 12 yrd old jumped from the Golden Horn and shoot an arrow at me. I barely dodged it. By now l am Cornucopia grounds "Gorona l give you my sacrifice!!!!!" And I materialize. Just in time too because just then an arrow fly by where l once was.

Arizona, Ally Free, Cornucopia

I'm at the Cornucopia with my red diamond in my hand. I open my mouth to say the words, when a sharp pain goes through my stomach. I fall to the ground and reach for the arrow that has entered my body. I see the pregnet girl from 10 charging at me. I only get out "Gorona l give you my sacri-" because my head flew 10 feet from my body. Boom!

California, Raphael Blackstone, Cornucopia

"Attention! The time has past. Eveyone has past to the next level except for two tributes Raphael Blackstone and Everest Sateer! You two are to come to the Cornucopia and fight to the death, or else we'll come and get you and it won't be pretty, Good Luck!" Noooo!!!!!! lm out of time l haven't found a diamond. I walk to the Cornucopia slowly and hide behind trees. I wait for 20 mintues or so when he come running through the bushes. I freeze take a deep breath and charge at him with my knife in hand. I stab him in the back and he yells in pain. I rip my knife out which causes more yelling. He reaches his soward and l get my knife. Where about 30 yards from each other when we both throw our weponds at the same time, hoping to kill the other first. Boom!


24th-Cotto Crest

23rd-Stuart Hummes

22nd-Spring Howards

21st-Eclipse Glade

20th-Jake Saltwater

19th-Ally Free

18th-Everest Sateer

Night 1, Second Level, Blue Diamond, Twist: Everyone Must Find an Ally Before Going lnto the Thrid Level

Michigan, Colbie Cain, Forest

I was one of the first one toget to the level. So l took supplise from this level's Cornucopia and run off in to the snow covered forest. Surrounding the forest are huge mountains, and in the smack middle is the Cornucopia. "Hello remaining tributes! Since you are all in the second Level now l can give you the twist and color diamond. But first Congtats to Raphael Blackstone for killing Everest Sateer and making it to this Level. Now for the diamond, the Color is blue.The twist is You are to ally with one or more tributes before the Third Level. Good Luck!" Great now to look for a blue daimond, and another living tribute that has to be my ally. I look deeper into the woods in search of an ally and blue diamond.

More to come!

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