This was made for the Holiday Contest. My Category was Earth Day. Hope you enjoy!


I will need 24 willing tributes! One boy and One girl. When you submit please include Name, District, Age, Skills, Weakness, Token, and Lunaii. If you don't knkow how to make them, then just ask me and l'd gladly do it. History is optional, but it would make your tribute last longer. Thanx and more Info will be give as l get more tributes. You can only enter two tributes, and if you make one tribute you have to enter her/his partner. The reason is that there is gonna be a huge twist that will blow your socks off! Thank you!

District Male Female User Training Scores
1 Spider Tablo/17 Mary Tablo/14 Mopping M=10,F=9,U=10
2 Apollo Elto/16 Artemis Elto/16 Rueflower M=11,F=10,U=9
3 Anthony Morrison/17 Natalie Carter/13 Tigerstripes325 M=7, F=4, U=10
4 Cedar Mellark/14 Kajama Odair/13 Anna-athena M=12,F=9,U=12
5 Malco Crest/14 Heather Lavender/18 Skybender101 M=7, F=6, U=9
6 Shane Hover/12 Carrie Hover/15 Necterine411 M=6, F=5, U=9
Hunter Wintermoon/13
Panther Clawell/13 Clove1001 M=8, F=7, U=10
Brendan Downstreet/18
Lanila Boress/16 QuinnQuinn M=5, F=8, U=10
9 Justin Gomez/16 Selena Montana/14 Limaheights M=7, F=4, U=11
10 Ethan Gray/15 Wendy Zirbel/13 Foxface911 M=3, F=5, U=9
11 Trey Hawthorne/13 Eemet Flexrose/16 Clove1999 M=11, F=8,U=9
12 Aaron Winters/17 Lilac Coalburner/15 Rockman117 M=7,F=12,U=12

The Twist!

Three people are allowed to win. There will also be teams of three(randomly selected), you will also have to race to the end of the arena get a tree with you team number on it. Race back to the plate you came into the arena on and plant it there. Since you are in teams of three you will be coing up on one plate as a team. That means there will be 12 plates, and the plates will be sort like pots filled with dirt, so you can plant the trees. If one of your teammate dies mutts will be coming after you, but you can still win it will just be harder. When you plant the tree you are eligible tto win ghe Games. Now for the Biggest twist. You the Users will be going into the arena with the tributes you have made, and you might be one of the possible Victors. Your district will be the same as the tributes you have entered. If you don't understand just message me, or leave the question in the comments. Good Luck!!!

1 D1- Spider Tablo D2- Rueflower D6- Carrie Hover
2 D1- Mopping D9- Selena Montana D8- Brendan Downstreet
3 D5- Skybender101 D6-Shane Hover D11- Eemet Flexrose
4 D5- Malco Crest D11- Clove1999 D11- Trey Hawthorne
5 D7- Clove1001 D10-Ethan Gray D12-Aaron Winters
6 D3- Anthony Morrison D9- Limaheights D4- Cedar Mellark
7 D3- Natalie Carter D12- Lilac Coalburner D8-QuinnQuinn
8 D3- Tigerstripes325 D10-Wendy Zirbel D5-Heather Lavender
9 D7-Hunter Wintermoon D12- Rockman117 D8- Lanila Boress
10 D2- Apollo Elto D2- Artemis Elto D10- Foxface911
11 D4- Kajama Odair D9- Justin Gomez D4- Anna-athena
12 D1- Mary Tablo D6- Necterine411 D7- Panther Clawell

And May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!!!!


District 1,Spider Tablo

As l stand in the roped off section for 17 year olds, l can see Mary. Her straight black hair, glassy emarld green eyes. She is twilrling the spider ring l gave her for her first reaping. Unlike most kids here Mary fears the Games, and l don't understand. Me on the other hand, goes crazy and bet all the time. I give a grin as we meet eyes. She forces a fake smile, and l mouth "It's aright." She cheers up and turns to her friends. What l wouldn't give for her, she is my true weakness. I remember the day she was born. Our mom handed her to me and l jumped on the bed eager to hold my new sister. Once l saw her l was a gonner. I fell in love with her right away, swearing to protect her from everything. What brings me out of my past is seeing Mary on the stage. Why isn't anyone voluneetring!?!?!?!? Then l look to my sister's bully, she laughing out loud. She is feared by eveyone, she probably got all the volunteers to stay quiet. Gem, thats her name. She is so evil, forcing a little girl to face her death. I don't even hesitate to volunteer when the boy's name is called. Now l know why Mary is afraid of The Games.

District 2, Artemis Elto

I am so so so so hot. No one is the prettier then me. I flash a winning smile at the cutest boy in the world. Brandon my totally hot boyfriend. We were made for each other, the two most hottest people in the most hottest District, District 2. I turn to my other side and smile at my twin brother, Apollo. Were the two hottest twins in the world. Ah this is nice, my two favorite boys on each of my sides. I would do anything for them. We start to talk about what is planned for the Games this year. All three of us love the Games! But we rather watch then play, even though were all itching to go in the arena an kill. What stops all the chit chat in the greatest District of the world, District 2, is the escort. An ugly old lady. Ahh l'm so mad at the Capitol! Why couldn't they send us a hot escort to repersent the best District in the nation. The escort is mean and obnoxious. She grabs one name from each bowl and walk to the microphone. "Artemis Elto and Ryan Witherspoon! Any voluneeters?!" I put Brandon in a sleep tonic, but can't stop Appllo in time. Because we are both on the stage now.

District 3, Anthony Morrison

My best friend that l know will be in this years Games is frowning and all by herself. I can't help it. I rather risk the chance of getting whip then seeing her so misrable. I hope the fence and cheer her up. I see two peacekeepers running at me and l know l have to finish soon. I was gonna end it with "l love you" But the stupid peacekeepers knocked me out. ln my dream l see Natalie get killed a thousand ways. l am froced to watch these horrific images, when l wake, I see Natalie on the stage along with another boy l don't know. The escort is calling for volunteers. "No voluneeters, Oh well. l guess w-" say the escort before l cut her off "I VOLUNTEER!!!!! I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!!" I shove the boy off and shake Natalie's hand. She is crying, and there is a knot in my throat and my eyes are so watery its hard to see. "Don't worry, you'll come back. You'll come back alive." l tell her. She breaks down and l catch her and then kiss her for all of Panem to see.

District 4, Cedar Mellark

I stare into the 13 year old section. There she is the most spectacular girl in the world. Those long curly curls, seagreen eyes, and her smile. I love her and l would die for her, she is the best thing that has happened to me. We meet eyes for just seconds and we wave. I wonder what she thinks of us just friends, like brother or sister, or maybe even as a couple. I look up from Kajama and noticed that the reaping have started. The escort pulls out a name and a 12 year old walks up. But before she get to the stairs l hear "I Volunteer!!!" Who is stupid enough to volunteer. I turn to see who it is and l turn whiter then normal. Tht stupid girl is Kajama. I know kids will be icthing to get into the arena so l have to be first to protect Kajama. "Now for the Boy Hector-" the escort manages to get out. "I Volunteer!!!" I run to the stage and shake Kajama's hand, secretly vowing to bring her back home alive.

District 5, Heather Lavender

I get up and out of bed. I'm the first one to wake as usual. I walk to the closet and find a spring green dress and put it on. l walk to my dresser and put my most prized possessions on, my mothers silver ear rings. These little thing are worth a fourtune, and we could sell them for big bucks. My whole family thinks l'm stupid and greedy for not helping the family and sell the ear rings. But they'er mine and nothing in the world would seperate them from me. l walk out of the room of which l share with my sisters, and start breakfast. After l have finished l walk to all of the rooms and wake my family. It takes a while but we are all dressed and sitting at the table as a family. We eat in silence and walk to the square. It goes by in a big blur, because before l know it the escort has said my name and l walk up the staris, with my jelly like legs. I look to my family to only see my father is hurt. I knew my siblings hated me. Oh well what do l care l'm gonna die in a week or two. I turn my attention to the cute boy walking up. When we shake hands l smile and he blushes. What do l need l have this stanger that treats me better then my family.

District 6, Shane Hover

I wake up in my king sized bed, and already smell the breakfast the cooks are making. It smells wonderfull and my mouth is starting to water now. I hurry up and shore, then put on nice clothes. Thhis is my first reaping and l'm really nervous. But then l tink, l'm the mayor's kid and 12 years old l'll have only one slip in the glass bowl. Then l think of my siblings that l use to live with, that l almost died of starvation with. They are so different from me. I bet some of them are still poor and can't find homes. I hold back tears and try not to think of them or my dead mother. I head down stairs and eat with my, ah family. After we head to the square and take our places. Troy and l are in the section for 12 year olds, my step-dad on stage, and my step-mom in the section for the lucky citizens that are not participating. It feels like hours when the escort walks on stage. She walks up to the girls bowl and skips back to the center to yell "Carrie Hover!!" I freeze knowing that is my oldest sister. l look to my Step-parents and Troy and they try to relax me and calm me down. But they'er not prepared to clam me down when my name is drawn. I almost faint. I walk up to meet my sister. We shake hands and l can tell she is holding back tears, just like me. Maybe were not as different as l thought we were.

District 7, Panther Clawell

Ah, today is so peaceful to bad it is the day of the reaping. I have three baskets full of fruit and nuts, but it is so peaceful and relaxing l full another basket and drop some fruit below to the animals at the base of the tree. I know l have to be in the square in 3 hours but l stay another hour and feed the cats that are statring to come out of the shadows. l venture deeper into the woods where the trees form a canopy and it becomes to dark to see... for a regualr person. My night vision kicks in and my claw retract out. My ears start to pick up sounds from a near by bush. Something jumps out and lunges at me. It knocks me down and pins me. Then l get a good look at it, a tiger. It is about to bite my face off when it sniffs the air then me. Then instead of biting my face it licks me. I laugh and it gets off. I climb a tree and look at the sun for the time and see I'm late for the reaping. I jump on the tiger's back, and tell it to run ahead. It is so swift and majestic were at the edge of the forest where the square is a block away in minutes. I get off and thank him. I run into the square to see a boy volunteering for a 12 year old. I slip into my section and here my name. I look to the screen to see l'm on it. Fear flows through my vains and l walk to the stage, to the arena, to my death.

District 8, Lanila Boress

The stupid train honked and made me jump out of bed. Now l'm on the floor and my butt hurts really badly. I instantly smell coffee and vanilla. I go to the restroom and take a shore, but before l sniff my vanilla soap, vanilla shampo, and vanilla conditioner. After l get my vanilla sented towel and put on vanilla cream. I walk to my closet and pick out a nice warm vanilla color, vanilla sented dress. I walk to the kitchen and ask "What's for breakfast?" My mom says "Coffee and vanilla flavored coffee creamer, vanilla pancakes, vanilla tea, eggs and vanilla, and toast with vanilla cream cheese!" "Wow, sounds great! l love vanilla!!!!" I say, and start to eat my breakfast. Then we walk to the square licking vanilla lollipops. We get there right when the names are being drawn. For some reason the escort say the boy name first. Then he walks and picks the girls. "Lanila Boress!!! You have the honor to represent District 8!!!!!" I am in shock and can't move, then someone nudges me. I make my way up the stairs and shake the boys hand. Then the escort says "Do I smell Vanilla?!?"

District 9,Selena Montana

Today is the reaping and l'm scared. This is my 3rd year. My sister has always helped me through this, but she ran away. I'm mad but l don't balme her. l'm mad, why couldn't she take me with her. But l know she was protecting me. She is probably at the Capitol as an Avox. l shake the idea out of my head and go to the table in our small house. My mom is there eating and l join for some egg and stale bread. We eat without a word and head for the square. I know this is hard on my mom. She doesn't want me to go (Frankly l feel the same way, I do not want to go to the arena). My mom and l have lost our father to sickness, and my sister who might still be alive in the forest, but l doubt it. The escort walks on stage and picks the girl's slip. "Selena Montana!!" My legs go stiff, and the peacekeepers half carry half drag me to the stage. I look up only to see my mom crying her eyes out. Then the boy is called "Justin Gomez" Crap the hottest boy in our district is the one l might have to kill, this day can't get any worse. But some how it does. My mom runs for me and the sound of a gun goes off, and my mother drops before my eyes. I try to run for her but l'm pulled back and trusted into the Justice Buliding to await my death.

District 10, Ethan Gray

I get up and start my weekend homework. Then l go down stairs for breakfast. "Have you finished your homework yet, Ethan?" my mom ask. "No, but l will finsih it after the rea-" I don't get to finish because my mom slaps me and says "You finish it or no food for the rest of the Day, Understand me!" I nod and head up to my room with a growling stomach. It takes me 3 hours but l finish it and head downstaris yet again. My parents are about done with their breakfast when my dad says "Lets head for the Square don't want to be late" "But we'll be an hour earily! And l didn't get to eat" I yell. "No attitude young man. And you should of finished your homework ealier!" I didn't want to get slap so l shut up and we head for the square. The escort fianlly arrives and calls the girl's name. Then l'm picked and l slowly walked up to face my death. Then out of nowhere my parents fight there way to me and says "No you can't go! You haven't finished school!!!" Thats it l'm being sent to my doom and thats all they could think about is me not finishing school!!!!!!

District11,Trey Hawthorne

I stand still. I'm shocked, yet happy. I have just been reaped into the same Games an Katniss and Peeta's son. I will kill him for my parents. And l will make it as painful and slow as possibile. He doesn't deserve to live, and l'm doing him a favor. He wont have his parents anymore. Katniss will regret killing my uncle Cato, and Peeta will regret taking Katniss from my father, Gale. I Hope seein there son die will bring them much pain. I turn to my left an start to walk up the marble stairs. I see my brother is gonna volunteer, and l panic. I want to be the one to KILL Cedar Mellark. But his girlfriend calms him down, and a say a silent prayer. Then the escort pulls out the girls name. A little girl walks up and a hand shoots up. That girl is Eemet. I freeze, l have to bring her back. She will be the next Victor for sure, but l will be the one to kill Cedar Mellark.

District 12, Lilac Coalburner

This is the year, this is the year l will become the next Victor! My grandma puts out a nice breakfast and we are off to the square. There l wait impatiently for the reaping. It finally starts and l get giddy with excitement. The Escort calls up a 12 year old and l get mad. This little twig will represent District 12?!?!? Not if l can stop it so I cleary my throat and shout "I Volunteer!!!!" Everybody turns my way. I give a big smile and wave as if l was a star. Then l get up on stage and shake all of the Victors hands and the Escort. I turn to the crowd and give the biggest smile. The escot calls the boy, and a medium sized boy that could be of some use walks on stage. I think of a plan to get him on my side so l can come home a star. When we shake hands l throw my arms around him and give him a big hug. Then l whisper "If l could kill my father, and make him suffer. Then l could kill you in the blink of an eye, got it. So either your my ally or my enemy. Shake once for ally, and twice for enemy." When we back away his face is horific. He shakes once and now he is my puppet.


This year the arena is a big circle with the Cornucopia in the center. Nothing but lakes and and grass that is atleast 6 feet tall. There will be 12 section, like a clock, with a tree at the end which the tributes need to get. Two lakes are in each section. One is drinkable the other is poisonus. So the yellow on the diagram is the


Cornucopia, Purple cicrcles are poisonus lakes, and the blue circles are drinkable. The Numbers represents the teams tree is. Team 4's tree will be in the 4 section, team 5's tree will be in the 5 section and so on so on. Feel free to ask questions!

The Games

The tributes rise into the Arena. Tree to a big dirt plate. Some look like puking others look blood thristy. This Game is gonna be alot of drama. Past tributes' and Victors' kids are competein, along with brothers and sisters and couplse. So don't forget to tune in you won't want to miss out. "Let the Green Games Begin" then the gong goes out, and all hell breake loose.

Day One

District 10, Ethan Gray

My team Clove and Aaron are at my side. These are my allies, these are my key to victory, these will help me win. The Gong rings and all of us sprint to the Golden Horn in front of us. I pick up a set of knives, and Clove tells me to start to get out of here, but l know l can do more. I grab one of my knive and chuck at a girl but it misses by a foot. Heather Lavender of 5 grabs the knife and throws it at me. I jump but it still hits me in the thigh. Aaron and Clove have to stop what they are doing to carry me to the tall grass. Once we are conceld, Clove starts to yell at me, for not following orders.

District 4, Kajama Odair

Anna, Justin, and l have formed a plan. I will go in and get what we need while they distract me form bigger overpowering opponets. And it works because by the time were inthe grass we have 5 dozen knives, two swords, three spears, and 3 wonderful tridents and a golden net for me. There a crackle to our right and all of us ready our weaponds. Then Cedar comes into view. I yell "Wait!!!" but its to late Anna has buried a spear on the right side of his chest.

District 4, Anna

Omigosh!!!!! I just shot Cedar in the chest. We have been friends for about a year now, and he is the sweetest person l know. We run to his aid. He looks very pail and he has lost a lot of blood. We all know that he wont make it. Kajama puts her hands in his and whispers something in Cedar's ear that makes him laugh. Then Cedar mothions me over. "I'm so so so so so sorry l did that. l swear l didn't know that was you. Please forgive me." Cedar says "Thats ok, just please take care of Kajama for me she is the love of my life." "I will, l swear on my life." Then Kajama come over and Cedar says "I love you so so so much. Take care of yourself. You must return home with Anna. I love you." Kajama says in return "Cedar l have always loved you, too." Then they kiss. And in the middle of their kiss a cannon goes out, Cedar's cannon. And Kajama starts to cry.

District 3, Natalie Carter

My team is only girls. l guess you can call it girl power, because we are gonna dominate this arena. Lilac, Quinn, and l are in a group. As soon as the Gong goes out we dash for the Cornucopia and get weaponds. Quinn is bad ass with a bow and arrow because she has already taken down Selena of 9 and Lanila of 8. Once we have what we want we run for the grass. Once were a good mile or two away start to walk and talk about boys from our districts. Then we find an lake with a purplish tint. Lilac was about to glup some down but Quinn is smart enough to stop her and test it out. I like Quinn. She is smart and handy with a bow, l'm glad she was put on my team. As for Lilca, the only reason l haven't killed her yet is because we'd be swarmed by mutts. Quinn says we need live bait to test the water. So we start to think of a plan.

District 7, Hunter Wintermoon

As soon as the Gong rings Lanila sprints for a pack and gets herself killed. Now Rockman and l will be swarmed with endless Gamemaker traps till we get our stupid tree, dig it in our plate and become the victors. It didn't seem easy then and now it seems impossible. I dive for a loaf of bread and Rockman sprints in and grabs a pack and a huge bladed sword. I run in and get a dark gray pack with a sleeping bag connected to it. Rockman slices the District 11 girl in half. Then we meet and run into the tall grass in pursuit of the tree.

District 9, Limaheights

We go in the direction Cedar went. He was chasing his girlfriend. We saw a Hovercraft take a body in the air in the direction Cedar was going. Then out of nowhere a huge Snake with wings lunge at Anthony, and l cut off its head and a green blood goes every where. Then the ground around the blood starts to sizzle. We both look at each other, and we know that Cedar is dead. Hissing comes from the grass around us and a dozen snakes fly out of the grass. We both know the end is near. "We can't give up without. Don't let there blood touch you, its acid. For Cedar!!!!!" I yell, and run at the nearest snake.

District 6, Carrie Hover

Rueflower is still shaky from throwing a spear in Wendy of 10's stomach. While Spider is so pumped by cutting two people in half, literaly. They were Malco and the boy from District 2 My team was the last to be at the Cornuopia grounds, and nothing is left. Then the cannons go off and l count count 7. Thats all seven dead!!!! Well its good that none of my teammate are not dead. We wander for about 5 miles when we come apon a large nest with 6 eggs that are larger then my head. We rejoice and hurry to get the eggs. It was a bad idea because the parents of the eggs have jumped out. They are hideous creatures, half birds half spider. It has a beak, wings, and a strong tail from the bird DNA. And 8 legs & eyes, fangs, and webs from the spider DNA. I yell in horror, I hate spiders. We all bring out our weaponds ready to fight to the death.

District 2, Rueflower

I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!!!! They are gross, ugly, hairy, and ugh! I reach for one of my spears and throw it at one of them. It gets it's wing and it falls to the groung with a scary screech. Carrie and l run for the one that l took down and Spider brings out his sword and charges the other one. Carrier gets her knives, and throws on at the thing. She gets 3 of its eyes and l stab it in the head with my last spear. It falls to the ground half dead crying with horrblie noises. Carrie gets a knife and brings it down on its head, killing it. We run to Spiders aid to find out the other is outraged for us killing it partner. I distract it while Spider and Carrie sneak behind it. Carrie throws another knife and Spider chops out two of its legs. Then it yet it agian cries and spins a web on Carrie and Spider. I run with one of the knives l found, and start to cut the web. It is sticky, warm, and gross. Then the thing sprays another coat of webs at us and we all get stuck. It comes to us and gives out another cry. I start to cry because l know this is the end. I start to think of my faimly and say a silent prayer. It is just inches form our face, it backs up and then lunges at us.

District 1, Mary Tablo

The creature lands on my brother and his teammates dead. Three knives and two arrows to the head had done it. I'm still mad at my brother for killing my teammate Panther, but not enough to let him die. My teammate Necterine, and l run to my brother and his teammate and pull the ugly mutt off of them. Once my brother sees me he smiles and say "Just don't stand there get us out." I roll my eyes and Necterine and l cut the web away and let them free. We decide to travle together and find our trees as one group. None of us say it but we all know that two will ave to die, and let me tell you it wont be my brother, Necterine, or me. With three careers, Necterine with her bow, and Carrie with her knives, the other tributes don't stand a chance.

District 12, Aaron Winters

We settle our camp near a source of water. We look at the sky and watch the first face goes by. Frist is the boy form 2,4,&5. Then the girls from 8,9,10,&11. l look at the faces.They had families, friends, pets, girl- & boyfriends, and a life. I curl in my sleeping bag and start to cry. What if l'm next, and l'm right. An arrow flys throw my heart and cry out in pain. I yell out to my partners to run, because l know l can't make it. They say good bye and scramble away. Then the hunts walk out of the the grass, and it team 7. All girls, the girl from 3,8,&12. They walk over with a life and slit my throat.... Boom

Day 2

District 3, Anthony Morrison

Limaheights and l barley made it out alive, those snakes were pure evil. If they didn't kill you there blood would, because it is an acid. So every time we'd sbab it our weponds would start to fall apart. Son now we are left with one knife a spear, and half of a sword. We haven't slept all day and we are so thristy, and hungry. Limaheights says we should keep moving just for another half hour, but l'm so tired l could fall right here and go straight to sleep. I start to stumble and fall, on hard pack dirt. This confuses me because were in grass, then l look up to see trees. I jump up and give a yawn half hoot. I run to the frist tree l see and it has a stone at the bottom engraved 5. Limaheights joins me and says "This is Team 6's tree. We need to follow the the dirt path till we find our tree. What do you want to take left or right." "l say we take right." and so we start to travel, and l don't feel tired anymore. It takes awhile but we finally get to our tree and dig it out, and carry it into the grass. We decide to set up camp, and tomorrow we will go to the finish line.

District 5, Skybender

Ever since Eemet has died Shane and l have been swarmed with mutt. Every turn me make a mutt is there, we have had huge snakes with acid blood, half spiders half birds, Wolf bear mutts, and many more. We've also stumbled upon a posined lake. Good thing l had caught a live rabbit earlier that day. Shane had thought to risk the rabbit and l was glad l trusted him. Not even five mintues went by and the rabbit dropped dead. We made a not to test all the water in the arena form then on. l hear a sond and turn right to only find a wolf. It jumps on Shane and l pull out the last of our bacon. The wolf sniffs the air and get off of him and runs to me. I yell at the top of my lungs "Stop!!!" it obeys and start to drull. I wave it back and forth and its eyes follows. "Sit." l say strictly. He does and l walk closely and feed him it. After the bacon is gone the wolf jumps on me and Shane brings out a knife. "Wait!" l cry out, because the wolf is not trying to bite my face off but is licking me. I laugh and shake the wolf off. I know this is no regular wolf, but it is not a mutt either. It is bigger and trained. "Shane, we have ourselves a new ally. and his name is Wolfy" He smiles and all three of us walk for a half hour to only walk to a dirt path. And only a few feet away a tree. Shane takes off toward the tree, and the Wolfy jumps on him. I start to panic but, Wolfy isn't attacking. When Shane falls a knife comes out of the pack he was carrying. The knife stops in mid air and it flys back. Both of us stair in amazement. I throw a good size rock and it jumps back. Wolfy has just save Shane form a force field. Shane goes over to the Wolfy and thanks him by feeding him fruit and petting him. We walk over the tree cautiously and see a rock at the base. It is engraved 3,and we start to dig it out with the help of Wolfy.

District 5, Heather Lavender

I miss my mom, vanilla, my dad, friends,vanilla, my siblings, oh yay and VANILLA!!! I swear if l don't get some vanila l'm gonna kill someone and it won't be pretty. One of my stupid teammate got himself killed and now it is harder to get our tee. Oh l hope its a vanilla bean tree, that will be one good thing these Games would offer. Tigerstripes is behind me when he just darts right by me. I turn only to see the biggest mutt in my life. It has razor sharp claws and teeth. I get a good look at it and it looks like a bear blended with a wolf. Well what ever it is its closing in. I catch up with Tigerstripes and say "I am so so so sorry for this but l need to get back to my vanilla, and mean District." His face look horrified when l hit him with the pack l was carrying. He falls and l hear his crys for help and pain that come after it. I start to cry at the pain he must be feeling. I run and run till l hit a dirt road with a two trees each an equal distance away. I sprint to my left and see the rock infront of the tree. It has a 11 on it. I know this is team 11's tree. I sprint to my right to the tree l saw earlier and the rock at the base of it is a 12. I now know that the trees are in order and resprint to my left to get my tree... hopefully my vanilla bean tree.

District 11, Clove1999

By now Trey and l are heading back to the Cornucopia because we have our tree. Both of us are holding on to either end of the tree. But something wraps around my ankle and l am drager away. Trey run after me as l'm dragged along getting twigs & leaves in my hair. Cut start to form as l slowly reach for my dagger in my pocket. I get it and chop the thing that is around my ankle. There is horrible cry and then something emerges from the tall grass. It turns out to be a meat eating plant the size of a house. I drop my dagger and curse. "Run!!! Run Fast!!!" I yell at Tery. We both dash back to our tree that is on the ground and hightail it away from the monster. But it is no use it is around my ankle again. It pulls me from the ground and l know l can't escape this time. I yell at Trey to take the tree and run for his life, that its to late for me. I see my last glimps and its Trey's sad eyes as he leaves to the Cornucopia.

Day 3

Nothing happened today. There were no deaths, but some mutts did attack. The only thing everyone has to know is that everybody has gotten there tree. So now all the teams have to do is plant there tree and fight to the death!!! How fun that does that sound??? Really Fun!!!!

Day 4

District 8, Quinn

We are at the Cornucopia grounds frist. Lilac is standing guard while Natalie and l are planting the tree. Its risky to be out in the open, but we don't have a choice. Lilac starts to panic and l look up to only see that other teams are starting to arrive and plant their trees. No one bothers us we don't bother anyone else. Natalie quickly drops the tree in the ground and all three of us start to push the dirt around the tree. Once were done we get up and admire our slanted tree. "That will do, come on lets eliminate some of our competitor!" I yell. By now all the teams are here and planting there trees. l see the solo, l think she is the girl from district 5. I charge at her knife in hand but she sees me runing and jumps to the left, barely missing the tip of my knife. I'm about to end her life when something hits my head. I scream in pain and see who hit me. l see the boy brom 11 as he brings down the massive rock to my forehead. Boom!!!

District 6, Carrie Hover

The death has driven eveybody mad. All of the trees are planted and now everyone is fighting. I run toward Panther to tell her our strategy when an arrow flys into her eye. She falls to the ground dead cold. I look up only to see, the boy from 12(Rockman) load an arrow and aim it at me. I meet Shane's eyes and say "Brother Please Help Me!!!" He doesn't hesitate and tackles the boy down. I run toward them grab one of the boys arrows and pierce it throw his heart. I look at at Shane and rise the arrow to kill him, when one of his teammate, the one from 5(Sky), brings a spear down on my back. I blackout hating my brother for living in luxury while l was in a stupid orphanage.


Tributes have been hacking away at each other for about two hours now. Many lives have been lost. Foxface threw a speasr through Ethan Gray's neck, and throws a knife in the back of Mopping. Brendan Downstreet behaded Natalie from 3, Hunter Wintermoon lays on the ground pail white because Clove1001 sliced his neck open. Necterine lost her life at the hands of Rueflower, and Artemis buries a knife in Anna-athena's head. The fighting stops and the teams disappear back into the tall grass leaving 15 alive. The sound of trumpets fill the arena and the announcer's voices boms over the speakers "To the remaing 15 tributes, there has been a twist. To connect you with Earth Day, you shall choose one mutt or animal to help you. Just whisper what type you want and tomorrow you Mutt or Animal will appear at your side. That is all. Happy Green Games!!!" All the tribute soak in the information and start to whisper their Mutt/ Animal.

Animals/ Mutts
District Tribute Animal/Mutt
1 Spider Tablo Poisonous Man Eating Spider Mutt
1 Marry Tablo Werewolf Mutt
2 Artemis Elto Tridinoray
2 Rueflower Sharakeon
3 Anthony Morrison Big Eagle
4 Kajama Odair Fire Breathing Giant Elephant
5 Heather Lavender Human Size Poisonous Butterfly
5 Skybender101 Vampire Bat Mutt
6 Shane Hover Rhino/Snake/Horse Mutt
7 Clove1001 Wolf
8 Brendan Downstreet Unicorn
9 Limaheights Cat that shots out Poisonous Darts from it's Mouth
10 Foxface911 Phoenix
11 Trey Hawthorne Sparky
12 Lilac Coalburner Poisonous Dinosaur w/Spikes

Day 5

District 5, Skybender

I wake up to see a human size Vampire Bat sitting beside me looking out for any potential threat. l scream when l see a Rhino, Snake, Horse mutt! It has the legs and head of a horse, the bulkiness and horns of a Rhino, and the tale and vangs of a snake. My Scream wakes up Shane and alerts the mutts. Theres rustleing in the grass to our left and Shane's mutt starts to rattle its tale. Seconds later Kajama Odair comes out with a gaint elephant. "I see you guys have gotten your mutts as well. Hahaha! Hahaha! Time to diiiiiie!!!" Something is wrong with her, she seems a little looney! "No!!! They will die! You understand me. Stop trying to stop me!!!" Kajama turn her head to her left side and starts talking to herself. "Who are you talking to crazy?!?!" Shane taunts. "I AM NOT CRAZY!!! I AM NOT LIKE MY MOM!!!!!" Then she charges at Shane. "Hannnibal!!! Breath fire at the boy and his mutt!!!" The elephant does as she says and a wall of fire brust out. Shane and his mutt gets burned pretty bad. Then I order my bat to fly and grab Shane. It does and and just in time too. Kajama's elephant tramples Shane's mutt. But before it dies it bites Kajama, and a few minutes later there is a canon blast.

District 7, Clove

I wake up to a wolf at my side. I give a little shout and the wolf faces me, and starts to lick me. Ohh yay l forgot she is my little helper. I have always wanted a wolf when l was little, and now l do. She is beautiful too. She has a coat of gray and redish brown. I jump on her back and she starts to run like the win. We stop when we reach a lake. I'm about to pour it in a bottle of water when the Wolf starts to whin. I know there must be something wrong with this lake. I get on her again and stop at another lake just a mile from the other. I wait to see if the water is clear. When my wolf goes for adrink l know it is safe. We set up camp and l take a nap. When l wake up there is apile of fish near me. My Wolf pushes it closer and l know it is ment for me. "Whos a good girl!! Yes you are, Yes you are!" I give he a belly scratch and eat the fish, while watching out for any danger.

District 10, Foxface

My Phoenix is awesome!!!!!! I think l will call him Cinder! Artemis got someting called a Tridinoray, it is a trident headed dinosaurs with a sting ray tail. We have the best mutts! When ever l climb on Cider's back his flames go off. And when l get off his flames reappear! This is so awesome!!!! We settle down after about a 6 mile journey. When the rest of the careers storm through. Rueflower is on the back of a Mutt that is half shark half dragon, District 1 girl is on a werewolf, and her brother is next to a huge spider. None of there mutts scare me, besides the spider. District 1 girl charges first, on her werewolf she has major speed. It bites down on Cinders's leg and then jumps back. By now her brother is trying to climb his spider and Rueflower is battling with Artemis. I order Cinder to breath fire at Mary and her mutt. He does but before the flames could burn her alive, her brother and his mutt push her off of hers. Now her brother, his mutt, and her mutt burn alive. The mutts taking most of the damage, but her brother also get burned and there is no returning. I yell for Artemis to leave. She draw from her fight with Rueflower, after the mutt bites her. We see the sister crying over the boy and we ride off. 10 minutes later we hear a cannon and we know who it is. Then Artemis' bite starts to fester. She need medicine and she needs it now or else there is no future for her.

District 3, Anthony Morrison

My big eagle is soaring high above the grass in sreach of tributes, food, and or water. Limaheights' cat just came in too. We both easily fit on its back and we follow the eagle. About 10 minutes later my eagle spots something and reports back to us. We plan an ambush and get ready to attack.

District 11, Trey Hawthorne

Ahhh l'm still mad about not killing Cedar. Oh well l'll get over it. Atleast l have a great ally, Heather Lavender, one of the girls from district 5. My deadly parakeet and Heather's deadly butterfly keep getting into fights. We are about to go our separate ways when two boys storm in our camp. Then their cat starts to spit out poison darts from its mouth. I tackle Heahter but it is no use one lodges in her arm. She yells in pain and l know the poison is in her blood stream .I rip out the dart and she blacks out. I get on top of me parakeet, Sparky and l go for the huge eagle. My parakeet is very aglie and avoids the attack of both the eagle and cat. I devise a smart plan and get infront of the eagle, and at the last moment l move out of the way as the cat spits darts. The eagle falls and one of the boys runs for it. Now is my chance. My parakeet flys to the boy and eats the boys arm, and two legs. His partner knows that the boy is finished.

District 9, Limaheights

Anthony is a gonner. And l think l'm about to be one too. My cat is very tired and the boy from 11 is catching up. But l know he will recede because he will have to take care of his poisoned ally. That brings a smile to my face and then a cannon goes off. My smile disappears because l know who it is. Its Anthony's. l get off my cat and we start to set up camp. I start to doze off when a boy on a unicorn barges through. I run toward my cat but the unicorn stabs him through the heart. I start to run but it is to late the unicorn stabs my forearm and l black out. Boom!!!!

District 12, Lilac Coalburner

My Dino came early this morning. l've heard 4 cannon blast already. That means 10 more left. I've have ridden for about 7 hours non stop. l'm about to get off when l see a fire not a mile from here. I then charge, and its the the boy from 9. He is a sleep so when l trample him it was to late. I get off to finish him off with my knife. I stab him through the heart. A cannon goes out. I turn to see that my dino in on the ground dead, and standing next to him is a horse. But not just a horse, it has a horn. The word comes to me from stories my mother told me, it was a unicorn. I charge at it full speed. I swipe at its chest, but the unicorn is to powerful and one of its holves hits me in the head hard. I black out....... Boom!!!!


Almost every alliance has a poisoned or burnt victim. "Hello to the final 8 tributes. There will be a feast held at the Cornucopia. Alot of you need medicine. So this is more for medicine then anyting. There will also be food and water. Trust me you wont want to miss this chance. The feast will be held tomorrow at sunrise. Good Luck! And Happy Hunger Games!" The Faces show up in the sky and all the alliance start to pepare for the fight for tomorrow.

Day 6

District 2, Rueflower

Marry and l are hidden in the tall grass surrounding the Cornucopia. It is about an hour till sunrise. We have about 15 knives and 3 swords. We will kill Atremis and Foxface and any one who trys to stops us. No one will kills our allys but us! I here a a slight growlfrom somewhere in the grass. "Marry l think someone or something is stalking us!" I whisper. "Oh shut up, it's just your imagination." I shrug my sholders and focus on the Cornucopia.

District 7, Clove

I ready to pounce on the girl from 1 in three seconds. 1.... maybe this isn't a smart idea. 2.... No I can't back down. 3.... Just go for it!! My Wolf and l jump on the girl from 1. My wolf rips out her throat, BOOM!!! I turn only to see a rock be thrown to my face l fly off my Wolf, and land on the floor. As soon as l hit the floor the wind is knocked out of me, and I gasp for breath. My Wolf goes to attack her but the girl manges to put a knife in its head. Then she walks over to me with a big grin on my face. "Hi District 7, time to go." With a quick swipe she slits my throat. Boom!

District 10, Foxface

I here the two cannons and look to see if Artems is still breathing. A sigh of relif escapes my mouth as l see she is still breathing. Artems isn't doing good, she is getting weaker every second. "To the final 7 of you tributes sorry to say this but you will not have your mutts to help you for the feast and the rest of the games. Good luck to all!" the announcer's voice filles the arena. And if on cue our mutts run into the tall grass. I reaiy myself to go into the most imporant fight of mine and Artemis' life. If l don't come back she will be dead.

District 6, Shane Hover

Skybender readies herself to go off and fight. "I can help *Couch Cough* Please!" I whine. "No you can't you would get yourself killed! No shut up lets go to the of the grass where the Cornucopia lies." We pack up whats little of our stuff. Ahhh l wish we still had our mutts. It would be so easy to get to our destination. We get to our hiding spot just in time, because the ground opens and tables full of food, water, and medicine rise. Skybender runs without hesitating. She grabs a small shot and two loves of bread. I start to think that she might make it when a knife enters her neck.

District 2 ,Artemis Elto

We are in our awesome hiding spot, and see a girl get a knife to the neck. Her cannon didn't go out but l know she is dead. That means only 3 more deaths and l can make it out alive! I cough and blood starts to come out. Foxface gives me a worried look before going out. l see her out there with a few others fighting, and some bodies lie on the ground. She falls with an arrow in her back. And that is the last thing l see before l black out. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


"Congratulations to our final 3 who are the victors of the Green Games!!!! Out of all the others you have made it," the roar of the Capitol citizens are so loud you can barely here the annoucer's voice. "We have our Victors! Congrats to Rueflower of District 2, Shane Hover of Disrtict 6, and Trey Hawthorne od District 11!!!!!"

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