The main Characters of the Hunger Games were all sent an invitation by an anonymous person. The invitation had "Welcome, Welcome. You have been invited to a wonderful party. You do not have to bring anything but yourselves. This party is to die for, so you do not want to miss it. Please wear some thing classy, dresses for the women and suits for the men.This party is taken place at a mansion in the Capitol and it starts at 5:00pm sharp tomorrow." A hovercraft will come to get you tonight at 10:00pm. Thank you" Eveybody got excited and stated to pack.

Characters: Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, Clove, Beetee, Wiress, Mags, Finnick, Annie, Emma (Foxface), Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Gale, Madge, Haymicth, Katniss, Peeta, Buttercups, Effie, and Snow. And three of you can join this party. I will have a contest. I will put out 3 questions on today and the first three to answer will get the spot.

Once everybody arrived at the mansion, the lights went out and then back on. And a note is was left out, and it says "The host to this 'TO DIE FOR PARTY' is here at this party and will kill someone everytime the lights go off. You have to find me and catch me. The only thing l will give you is that l am a boy. And don't try to escape it is futile. The doors are locked and the glass of the windows are unbreakable. you will have work together and catch me. Good Luck!" everyone gasped. The lights went out and a cry came out. The light flashed back on and in the cornner.... lied dead Beetee.

Contest Questions!!! Good luck to all!!!!

1st. Name all the tributes killed at the bloodbath of the 75th hunger Games.

2nd. What is Peeta's favorite color, and Katniss's favorite color.

3rd. Who was the Victor of the 62nd Games?

The Winners! Congrats to our three Winners!!!-

1st- Anna-athena

2nd- Rockman117

3rd- Moviepopcorn123

Chapter 1: The Host

Anna cried at seeing the dead body. She closed her eyes and ran to the nearest living body and put her arms around it. She looked up only to see Finnick's charming smile looking down at her. She blushes red and says "I'm so sorry. I'm was so... scared." she says her most suducting voice. "Well then Anna allow me to protect you." Finnick purrs and leans down for a kiss. But for they can kiss Annie yells "Ohhh no you didn't!!!! That is my man!!!" Annie yanks Anna's hair just and Finnick's and her lips touch. Anna gasp and charges after Annie. Anna tackles Annie and start to punch her. A circle froms and then the mansion l now alive with hooting and rooting. "To the left!!! To the left!!!" yells someone. Then all of a sudden everyone stops and sings "To the left, to the left! Everything you own in the box to the left!!" We all grab a partner and start to sing and dance. Annie and Anna fight for Finnick as they dance. Then after the song Anna and Annie start to beat each other up. "Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! You don't have to fight, you can both have me." Finnick grins and put both of his arms around Anna's and Annie's waist. All three start to giggle. The lights go dark and screaming starts. When the light comes back Thresh has a knife in his back. A gasp goes out then someone say "Dun Dun Dun!!!!!" out loud.

Katniss start to shake with fear, and Movie walks with swag, leans one hand againist the wall and say in his most seductive voice "Do you need a big strong man to wrap his arms around you so you can be safe and protected. Cuz l'm your guy." Movie flexes and slides his arms around Katniss' neck. Just then Peeta walk over. Peeta rips his shirt off and grabs Movie and throws him, so that he crashes in the wall and knocks out. "Let a real man protect you." as he wraps his hands in Katniss'. The two oldies Mag and Snow devise a plan so they can be with there love ones, but they need to work together. Mag runs to Annie, Finnick, and Anna. "Annie and Finnick,come quick l need to show you the Secret District 4 Victor Handshake!!" She grabs there hands and leads them from the others. Anna proceeds to meet with them, when Snow grabs her hand, spray breath spray in his mouth, and kisses Anna. Anna then passes out from either the posion or sent of strong roses. Then Snow walks over to Madge and Rockman. "Hey Madge, I need to give you a message for your father. Follow me." They walk away and Mags makes her move. "Oh. You look like a very very strong man, Rockman. Can l feel you muscles?" Rockman panics but lets Mags feel his ripped arms. Mags is about to kiss him when the lights go out. When the lights come back on Mags is kissing Clove. Mags jumps away and eveyone is looking at them with shock. Then Clove winks at Mags, and Mags starts panics. Emma then finds another letter form the Murder Host. The letter says "What kind of host would l be if l let my guest die of hunger. Please go to the kitchen and eat the most finest dishes you will ever have."

All of a sudden crys of pain comes from a room. Everyone starts to panic and Prim does a headcount. The person that is missing is Glimmer. All the boys start to panic as the hot Glimmer might be dying. "OHHHHH NOOOO!!! GOD HELP ME!!!!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!" yells Glimmer from the room. Finally Marvel walks to the door and is about to open the door when they hear a flush and the door swings open. "Does anyone have febreze???" ask Glimmer. Everyone sees the toilet and then start to smell something that would make you throw up. "Ahhh l feel so better now. I think l lost like 5 pounds in there. And if l were you l wouldn't go in there for about a week." say Glimmer. Cato say "Close the door!! It smells like someone died in there!!!!"

Chapter 2: Dinner

I need four new Users!!!! This Contest is diffrent though. You need someone else to vote you in. So you have to ask someone to Comment this... "I want 'The Users Name' to be in this"... If you don't get it just ask me in the comments. I might have to kill you so think twice >:D!!! The Contest Begins Now!!!!

Congrats to Necterine411, Mopping, Rueflower, and Wolverine177!!!! You guys are the winners of the Contest!!!!!

Finnick's POV

Annie is so hot and cute, but Anna is so wild and funny. I don't know who to choose!!!! I know l can't date them at the same time cuz then they start to kill each other. Thats it l'll let them fight over me and the one to makes it out can have me. I am so hot and smart, l am the best of both worlds!!! By now we are all in the dinnig room with a huge table. I'm sitting next to Annie and Anna. Then the food comes. There are servants and then this smocken server comes with my plate with a name tag that says Necterine. "Necterine like the fruit right?" I ask "Yes." she answers. "Welll did you know that necterines are my favorite fruit. Can l have some?" l say with the slightest purr. "Right away, sir" she says with blush. "Plesase call me Finnick." She skips away to get me my fruit. Then I see Annie and Anna their faces are red with anger and both get up from their chair and walk to the restroom. I smile and start to eat.

Mags' Pov

The lights had to have turned off when l was gonna kiss Rockman. Stupid Host, l'll kill him for making me kiss Clove, and for the death of others. Ahhh I kissed Clove!!!!! And now Clove won't take her eyes off me. She is sitting across from me and she wont stop looking at me. Its creepying me out. Where ever l go she goes. And after l accidently kissed her SHE WINKED!!!! I want Rockman NOT Clove!!!!! I get up and walk to Snow to think of another plan to get back Rockman and get poison to killl Clove.

Rueflower's Pov

Necterine, Mopping, Wolverine, and l are all over the place serving food. This this hottie called Gale, is so hot ice melts when you put it on him!!!! I would kill for a guy like that!!!! But I think he's in love with that gothic girl Katniss! I can't belive he would fall in love with that ugly goth girl. And then there is this weird girl, I think Clove, and when ever l walk by she winks and then checks me out. It is kind of creepy, but atleast l will have Gale soon. I walk over with Hot soup and 'accidentally' drop it on Katniss and the boy called Movie. "What a cluts l am!!! I am so so so so sorry." l say with a slight grin. "CRAP THAT SO SO SO HOT, CRAP!!!!!!!!" Katniss crys and gets up and runs to the bathroom, but before that she shoots me an unforgiving look. And Movie yells like a little school girl and runs for the restroom. I start to clean when l 'accidentally' slip and fall. Just as l plan Gale catches me and then l kiss him. I look up to see Clove to the weirdo has crushed her glass cup, with her bear hands!!! She head to the restroom to clean off the blood.

Katniss' POV

I walk into the Ladies room to find Annie and Anna talking in hush voices. All l can here is "That stupid server gril!!! We have to get rid of her."

"Do yo mean Kill her?!?!"

"Yes, that is exactly what l think. Know steals our man!!"

"Oh Anna you are so smart!!!"

"I want in! I want to see Rueflower's face full of pain!!!! Whahahaha!!!" Annie says "We were talking about getting rid of Necterine!" "Fine well get rid of both!" Anna hisses

Clove's POV

I over heard the girls talking about killing the two waitresses and l will stop them. No ones gonna lay a finger on them but me. The lights go out and a horrible cry slips out. I think it is Mags! And sure enough Mags is on the ground next to her headless body. I start to cry and promise to kill this horrible host. Katniss picks up another note "The doors to the Backyard are open. You should get some fresh air. But let me worn you it is dangerous and there is no escaping the backyard. You could try but it will be useless. Hahahaha!!!!"

Chapter 3: The Lost

For this contest there will be three winners. Who ever wants to join you have to witer a small story on how Mags won her Games. The three people with the most creative and best stories shall enter this story! May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!!!!! You have 28 hours Good Luck!!!!

The Winners!!!!- Clove1001,Clove1999, TomGurl22, and QuinnQuinn!!!! (I know l said 3 winners but they were all so good and l couldn't pick between all of you guys!!! They were all Creative!!! P.S Clove1001 and Clove1999 can you please tell me your names a or nick name so l don't get you guys mixed up with each other and the HG Character Clove. Thanx!!!!)

Everyone goes outside and takes in the fresh smell of pine trees and the sweet winter air. It starts to snow and Haymicth finds a shed with a lot of supplies. Everyone grabs a flashlight and starts to explore. "Come quick!!! Look what l found!!!!!" Mopping yells. Everyone rushes to see what seems like a maze. Katniss, Anna, and Annie all stair at eachother they are all thinking of the same thing. "We should all split up in to groups! Katniss, Anna, Rueflower, Necterine, and l will go into the maze! Everyone else split up and explore!!!" yells Annie. Everyone nods and and starts to split up and explore the forest of pine trees, the garden, the lake, and everything else that makes up the back yard. Rueflower and Necterine go ahead of Katniss, Annie, and Anna. All three of them have devilish smiles, because they are going to get rid of their problems..... or so they think.

Buttercup's POV

Meow meow meow Meow, meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow. Hiss meow meow (Claw) hiss meow. Hiss (Bite) Hiss meow. Hiss!!!! Meow meow meow meow!!!!!!! Purr meow meow (Belly scratch) purr purr meow. Meow Hiss purr meow!

Effie's POV

Haymicth and l are walking to the lake. Ahhh he is so hot and sober! To bad he usally is a drunken man, or else he would be mine. A bush moves and a mouse comes out, and runs across my cheese sented heels! I knew that was a bad idea to buy them. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I yell. But Haymicht grabs my hand, and brings me to safety. "No one messes with you!!" He yells as he runs for the mouse. He gets a rock and runs out to kill the monster that almost ended my life. "Take this! And this! and This!" With one strong blow he throws the rock and it kills the thing. Then there is a noise in the bush and Buttercup takes the mouse and runs out. I run to Haymicth, "My hero! That thing almost killed me!" I start to cry. "Don't worry, l wont let anything touch you when you are with me." Haymicth says with pride. And then we kiss.

Rockman, Mopping, Wolverine, Movie and Glimmer

The four boys are carrying one of those royal chairs. Each one carrying one of the four arms. And a very hot Glimmer is ordering them around. "Stop the rocking!!!! Feed me grapes!!! SPOIL ME!!!!!!" They stop and put the chair down and Mopping runs in to the forest to get some grapes for Glimmer. Out of nowhere a wolf jumps on him and start to claw his chest. "Ahhhhhhh HELP!!!!!!" he yelled. Then an arrow flys in its eyes and Gale comes out of the tree. "Thank you so much! I could just kiss you!!! Anything you need l am your man!" Mopping is shaking and still a little freaked out from the attack. "Ahhh ok. If l need anything l will come to you. And your welcome." Gale says as he disappears into the woods. Mopping walks away and finds a nice grape bush and starts to collect some grapes. "What took you so long, you idot!!!!" Glimmer yells at Mopping as he comes out of the woods. "Don't you see my clothes, didn't you here my screams! I was attacked!!!!" Mopping snaps. "And l'm supposed to care?!?!?" Glimmer snaps back. Mopping throws the grapes at Wolverine, and walks back into the woods to find Gale. "Well!!!! Are you gonna feed me the grapes or not?!?!?!?!" Glimmer yells at Wolverine. He hesitate and starts to feed her. As the fourth grapes goes down her throat she starts to shake and she drops down to the floor.... dead. Movie rolls a grape in his fingers. "These aren't grapes! They are Nightlocks!!!!!"

Peeta, Gale, Finnick, and Mopping

Mopping crashes into a clearing that has Finnick, Peeta, and Gale. They look up and then back down and start to continue their conversation. Mopping takes a seat next to Gale on the log. "I don't know how to choose! All the Nectreine is so pretty, Anna is so funny, and Annie was my frist love! Its to hard for me to choose. You guyschoose for me." Finnick says. "Well its not easy too. Katniss is the only one that l see and that stupid boy, Movie is stealing her from me!" Peeta complains. All Gale says is "Well I frist fell in love with Clove! And she doesn't even notice me! I guess Rueflower will be mine.... She has the prettiest name. Ahhhh" Mopping starts "Well Emma is the one for me. I like a women with brains. But on the other hand Johanna is so fierce it drives me in-" Just then a bear comes out and and slashes at Gales chest and bites at Finnicks neck. "Ahhhhh!!!! Real or not!!! Real or not!!!" is all Peeta screams. Finnick falls to the ground dead and Gale is still alive but bearly. Something scares off the bear and Mopping run to Gale. All he says is "Take care of Rueflower" Then he dies, gone forever. Mopping grab Peeta's arm and start to run to the mansion. Almost everybody seems to be there. When four grils start to come out the maze. The girls stop infront of everyone, and the one who seems to be the leader says "l am Quinn, and this is Estelle, this is Cass, and this is Ariana. We are the surviers of previous parties. We have not yet found out who the mysterious host is. But we want to help you out, and join you guys. We found about an hour ago. This is what it says 'Alot have died already, men and women. Now you have the chance to vote who comes back. Yes, one of my former guest that have died today shall come back to life. But choose quick, you have until dawn to write their names on this piece of paper, and throw it into the lake. Or else they will never see day light again.'

Who Comes Back Glimmer Beetee Mags Finnick Thresh Gale </poll> Ok Glimmer and Mags are tied so whoever answers this question first gets to choose who comes back and they will also get to come in the Story. If the user that is already in the story answers the question first, then he/she will get to pick Mags or Glimmer to come back, and they also get to pick two user that isn't in the story. But the User has to agree first, you just can't volunteer a user. You have till Wednsday. Good luck to all!!!!

Question: In The Hunger Games' what Chapter is this quote from ''"I wouldn't in a million years," says Ceaser encouragingly.' And who is Ceaser talking to?

Congrats to Clove1001 for answering the question first. Clove was already in the Story so she chose Everdeen and Anon.....

Chapter 3.5: The Lost


Everyone gathers in a big circle besides Katniss, Annie, Anna, Necterine, and Rueflower. It is nearly dawn "We need to write down who is going to come back to life or else we would have wasted a wonderful chance." Effie says. "But Katniss and the others haven't returned yet." Peeta whines. "Well everyone grab two leaves leaf. We will write down one male and one female who has died. Then we will put the males in the male pile and the females in the feamle pile. Then we will choose one slip from each. Those will be the ones who come back. It's like the reaping, but instead of wanting not to be picked, you want to be picked. Seems fair?" Haymicth say Everyone nods and starts to grab leaves.

Katniss, Anna, Rueflower, Necterine, and Annie Katniss' POV

We were just about to kill them when Gorillabear jumped on me. Good thing it was just a baby so we killed it easily. But then we heard a terrible noise and out came its mama and papa. They see their baby and immedaelty charged at us. "RUN!!!!!" Rueflower screames. We start to run full speed, me in the leaded and Annie in the back. I can faintly see the tracks we had made. I run and run and run, its the 74th Hunger Games all over again. We run for about an 1 but it is useless. I start to give up hope when l see it. A light! A light!!! "We almost done girls, its time!!! I see a bright a light!" I say. Then Necteirne yells "Don't you dare give up Katniss, it is not your time to die. And if it is don't block the path so we can live!" Katniss snaps back "You idot l mean the maze, not life!!!" We run for about another 15 minutes and we crash out of the maze. And no one is there. Then there is a brigth teal light coming from the lake. "Look the mutts! they are retreating!!!!! They wont go passed the maze!!! Yay!!!..... What the He**! What is that!" Anna mumbles barely audible. We run for the lake and watch just in time. Theres a big light that is so bright you have to look away, and then four people rise from the lake.

Chapter 4: Death

Marvel's POV

OMG!!!! My BFFIE Glimmer is comming back to life!!!! I can't totally wait tosee her again. We had so many good time together like sleepovers, makeovers, playing dress up, painting nails, and alot of totally fun stuff! And then that Finnick guy is comming back too......

Clove's(Hunger Games Character) POV

I am going to kill whoever voted that Son of a Bic** back!!!!! It was supposed to be Mags comming back! Not that idiotic blondie. *Sighs and then talks to self* "Mags l swear on my life that l will get you back." I was this close to stealing the paper and putting Mags name on it, but the throw it in the lake before l can do anything. I look out only to see four people instead of two. Maybe the host was being generous!!!! Maybe one of them is Mags!!!!!!

Anon...., Finnick, Glimmer, and Everdeen

Anon pretends to not know how to swim, so then Finnick swims to the rescue and raps his big strong arms around her and takes her to shore. "You know you can teach me who to swim later on" Anon gives a wink and walks off were a group of girls start at her like they want to kill her. Everdeen cut swiftly through the water. Then erveyone something stalking Everdeen. Then everyone notice...... the fin of a skark the size of of five full grown men.

Ok guys the first user will die next. But instead of me choosing someone you shall choose for me! May the odds be ever in your favor!!!!

Who will Die!!! Anna-athena Rockman Moviepopcorn Necterine Mopping Rueflower Wolverine Clove1001 Clove1999 TomGurl QuinnQuinn Everdeen Anon.... </poll>


Eveyone now sees their is a gaint man eating shark chasing Everdeen. Glimmer sees it and screams, then the shark stops and turns for Glimmer! "Stay completely still!!!! They can't see you when you are completely still!!!!" yells Estelle. "No thats for dinosaurs!!!! What you need to do is stay completely clam. Swim slowly to shore.lf that doesn't work you can jab it in the gills and eyes. And if that doesn't work you are chum! Hehehehe did you see what l did there, l said CHUM cause it attracts sha- Aw forget it!" Cass yells. By now Everdeen is on shore, panting from exhaustion.

Then, all of a sudden Quin,Cass, Estelle, and Ariana start to float and their eyeys glowing light blue. And in harmony they start a Prophecy :

One shall die evey Hour

The death shall be long and Painful

Till you catch the one with great Power

So you be must be Mindful

If you not, all shall die but One

He shall join the Group

The ones that always Run

Forever be marked with the name, Dupe

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