Hi! Well my teacher gave my class our semester assingment. It is to make a short storie with at least 7 to 15 pages. So l had an idea to continue the Hunger Gamesd Series! Please give me both positive and negative comments. This is for my Grade so please. Thanks :D

So since l'm making a game l will need tributes. So you may reserve District 1-13(expect 12) and the Capitol. I will ask you to please submitt Victor's kids. Like Johanna's, Annie's, Beetee, kids etc. It is not mandatory but will be appreciated. When you enter l will need the regular info History, Name, Age, etc. And you can only have one district. Thanks :)

If you have any question just ask.

Chapter 1

My name is Raven Prim Mellark and l lived a happy life with my brother Ron Cinna Mellark, baby sister Ember Rue Mellark, mother Katniss Mellark, and dad Peeta Mellark. Eveything was going great till the Capitol got incontrol of Panem two weeks agpo. It was full on war for about 3 years but in the end the Capitol won again. They were planing it for more the 25 years.

Now that they are incontrol they will punish us for our rebellion. In a few minutes we will get our punishment. I fear because l now how it was when my parents were children. They were forced to kill and out live 23 other childern. Just thinking about it make my stomach turn upside down. My parents are now scared and have mental problems because of it. I sit down with my family as the TV is truned on.

President Rose Snow, former President Coriolanus Snow's niece, walks on stage with a evil grin. "We the Capitol and District have battled and won. Us the Capiotl are willing to forget it and work together to rebuild Panem strong, healthy, and with just," Both my parents take a gasp of air and relief feels there face. "However what you did was unexpectable. So we will be having more more Game consiting all the 13 districts and Capitol," My parent's face of relief vanishes. "Yes, the Last Hunger Games. The rules will be the same, two tributes to represent the Capitol and Districts, one victor, and everything that goes along with it. The only thing different will be that the Games will include District 13 and the Capitol. Thank you for your corporation." Prsident Rose Snow walks off stage and the TV goes to black. My parents face are filled with horror. This punishment only affects me and my brother Ron. My name is Raven Prim Mellark, l live in District 12, l'm 15 years old, and welcome to my nightmare.

Chapter 2

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