The end was almost near.

I could sense my imminent doom as though it were the heart beating under my skin, the blood swimming through my veins. I was going to die. I knew it. I could sense it. I didn’t ask for this, did I? What had I done to result in such a bloody and unchangeable fate? Was I irredeemable? Were the consequences of my actions too much for anybody to handle? Did my own family condemn me to hell? These questions were stupid, infantile, in fact, but why the hell would I care?

I was going to die.

I could sense it.

The platform was moving up, up. The porthole about me opened, blinding me temporarily. Light. The sign of hope. The false sign of hope. Up where the light came from was not where I was going. I would die looking up at the light.

I had no hope of survival. I wasn’t trained. I wasn’t prepared for this. I don’t deserve this. 


I could see the other tributes. Things were not looking good. I couldn’t find anywhere to hide. What was I to do?


I couldn’t find her. Where was she? We planned to cooperate.


Did she not survive?


No. I can’t believe it.


Goddamnit where is she? She can’t have died.


Where is she? I said to myself. There was only one answer.


I might as well step off the pedestal now. Blow myself up. I have no chance.


Wait, my conscience said, you can do this. Avenge her


I thought it over. Should I commit the sinful violence perpetrated by the Capitol and remain clean, or give into the revenge.


Who do I have to kill?

Editor's Greeting

Hello everyone! After a brief two-year hiatus, I, VarinEgo, am back with a new username (NaturalDisaster2). I attempted to make something similar to this back when I was 13, but lacked the emotional maturity and the writing fluency to make a coherent story. However, with summer vacation fast approaching, I am back and ready to please.

The 2500th Hunger Games is very similar to what I attempted back in 2013, but expanded. Because this is the 100th Quarter Quell, the occasion is special. This is the biggest Hunger Games that the Capitol has ever produced, along with the biggest budget. In fact, the budget was so massive that they had to cut the distribution of food into the poorer districts, causing outrage. The entire nation is in civil unrest, including the Capitol. People have started to revolt.

In this Hunger Games, 4 tributes are reaped per 15 districts and the Capitol based on the votes of the districts. Anybody who does not vote is shot on sight. Once reaped, they are taken directly to the Training Center, where it is announced that there will be only one day of alliance forming and training. The tributes will then be taken directly to the arena. Or so they think. 

You see, the tributes are not taken to the arena, but rather to 11 different mini-arenas, all televised. This takes place of the Tribute Parade, helps with each tribute's odds, and allows for more sponsors. Randomly selected, they are to fight until two are left per arena. Immediately after killing two of their comrades, the tributes are taken directly to the main dome-like arena, which is ten miles in diameter. There, a normal Hunger Games would commence, except there a twist yet to be revealed. 


There will be some language and graphic violence in this Hunger Games, so viewer discretion advised.

You are encouraged to submit multiple tributes. Submit any alliances for approval to me.

Let the games begin!


There are 22 tributes spaces available!

There are no gamemaker spaces available!

Many of the districts have only one spot left, including Districts One, Two, Seven, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Thirteen, and Fourteen! Sign-up Now!

Districts Four and Eight are completely taken!

Removed District 15.

Sponsors have been completely revised! I am still keeping the same amount of items at the same price, as the Capitol is low on money after the huge arena was built, but instead of having people sign up to be sponsors, everybody will start out with $500, which you can then use to any tribute you want, not just ones you entered in the games!


Tribute Guide




Strengths (up to 3): EX: Agility, Strength, Adaptability, etc.

Weaknesses (up to 5): EX: Hubris (Pride), Irritability, Rashness, etc.

Fear (1): EX: Spiders, Snakes, Loss of Loved ones, etc.

Closest Family Member (up to 2): Name, age, and relation to main character

Weapon of Choice (1):

Personality: Three main things

Backstory: OPTIONAL

Interesting Fact: Related to family, experiences with Hunger Games or with fighting

NOTE: I will not be displaying family, personality, or fact on the chart below, for area restraints, but I will be keeping notes of everybody's information. 


Name Age District Strengths Weaknesses Weapon User
Richard Banks 14 CM Ability to Manipulate, Likability Ability to Recognize Environment Scissors/Axe Athalia from District 2
Bree Richmond 15 CF Trustablility, Intelligence, Adaptability Weaponry, Speed, Swimming Bow and Arrow Athalia from District 2
Julienne Keturi 14 0F Intelligence, Flexibility, Ability to Manipulate Swimming, Strength, Untrustworthiness Industrial Hammer The Wayward Daughter
Hope Timer 14 0F Ability to Manipulate, Endurance from Pain Intelligence, Swimming, Approachability Whip SirEatAlotISTK
Inter National 17 1M Close Combat, Running, Trustworthy Climbing, Swimming, Ability to give Mercy Spear/Mace SirEatAlotISTK
Moltra Flare 16 1F Manipulation, Ruthlessness, Intelligence Large Target, Swimming, Long-ranged Weapons Battle Axe SirEatAlotISTK
Forta Trae 16 1F Climbing, Weaponry, Balance Long-Range Weapons All Short Range Skrillsisdroppin
Rodeo Baldios 16 2M Mental Strength, Strength, Morality Naivete, Gullibility, Strongness of Beliefs Hand-to-Hand/Gavel The Wayward Daughter
Harpy Diadem 18 2F Heavily Trained, Will Kill Anybody Anytime Trustworthiness Sickle/Bow SirEatAlotISTK
Bridgette Wells 17 2F Weaponry, Agility, Intelligence Attachment, Risk-Taker, Obsessiveness Mace 1Echo2
Luna Tick 18 3F Ruthlessness, Weaponry Claustrophobia, Sociality Sickle 1Echo2
Nicca Corcoran 18 3F Intelligence, Stealth Confidence, Strength, Climbing



Happy Meadows
Dion Chamorin-Seppelt 17 4M Ability to Use Weapons, Strength Ability to Have Remorse, Argumentative Nature Sword SwimmingLion
Dylan Shad 18 4M Weaponry, Intelligence, Ability to Manipulate Climbing, Arrogance, Irritability Hand-to-Hand OR Trident & Net SuperLongName
Emilia Oswald 15 4F Swimming, Agility, Weaponry Prone to distraction/ADHD, Climbing Trident The Wayward Daughter
Kilani Ung 18 4F Strength in Combat, Swimming, Hunting Running, Stealth Axe Happy Meadows
Niqita Julienne 16 5F Stealth, Ability to Manipulate Climbing, Hunting, Finding Heat Daggers Happy Meadows
Amelia Aeris 12 6F WIP WIP WIP Athalia from District 2
Clara Willows 15 6F Climbing, Long-Range Weapons, Agility Swimming, Strength, Trustworthiness Hatchet The Wayward Daughter
John Mason 17 7M Agility, Speed, Ability to Manipulate Swimming, Amiability Axe SuperLongName
Mathilde "Matty" Pouliot 18 7F Strength, Hunting, Swimming Ability to Recognize Environment, Running Axe/Spear Happy Meadows
Annabelle Barton 16 7F WIP WIP WIP Athalia from District 2
Clover Field 18 8M Strength Obstinacy Spear Skrillsisdroppin
Adrian Munroe 16 8M Ability to Recognize Environment, Speed Agility, Swimming, Climbing Sickle The Wayward Daughter
Adelina Munroe 14 8F Ability to Recognize Environment, Stealth Strength, Swimming, Climbing Hunting Knife The Wayward Daughter
Caitlin Rubio 17 8F Ruthlessness, Combat, Ability to Manipulate Swimming, Long Range Weapons Machete Happy Meadows
Apio Atsu 17 9M Speed, Strength, Climbing Intelligence, Ability to Recognize Environment Kunai  SwimmingLion
Cheyanne Violanta 12 9F Stealth, Long-Range Weapons Swimming, Close-Range Weapons/Hand-to-hand Combat Bow and Arrows Skrillsisdroppin
Haylin Fontaine 16 9F Long Range Weapons, Running, Endurance Swimming, Climbing, Ability to Recognize Environment



Happy Meadows
Melvin Norwood 15 10M Strength, Speed Weaponry, Family Hand-To-Hand Athalia from District 2
Habib Allahu Akbar 18 10M Strength, Fearlessness Pride, Suicidal Tendencies Bombs Skrillsisdroppin
Lapis Lazuli 14 10F Swimming, Weaponry,  Pride, Ability to Attach to Individuals Tridant Skrillsisdroppin
Hemsway Jr. Shirelale 15 11M Manipulation, Immunity to Disease Slowness, Weak Digestive System Whip SwimmingLion
Timberly Cortlain 17 11F Quickness, Vision Weak in Strength, Clumsy Machete SwimmingLion
Byronia Coriander 16 11F Long-Ranged Weapons, Sight Strength, Speed, Fast-Thinking Scythe Can't think on a decent username right now
Sophie Carmwell 14 12F Agility (Jumping, Climbing, Dodging) Able to be Manipulated, Refusal to Kill Knife SwimmingLion
Avian Dorias 13 13M Ability to Speak/Convince, Long-Ranged Weapons, Intelligence Other Weapons, Swimming, Non-self-preservation Crossbow SirEatAlotISTK
C.C. Jackson 18 13F Throwing Weapons, Short Weapons Weaponry Experience, Strength Knife Skrillsisdroppin
Robin Blanchard 13 13F Speed, Strength, Hand-to-Hand Swimming, Endurance Axe Jomack03
Caesar Sharpclaw 15 14M Bloodthirstiness, Swimming, Alertness No sense of self-preservation, Climbing Teeth/Claws SirEatAlotISTK
Terrwyn Cymri 18 14F Weaponry, Ruthlessness, Intelligence Self Preservation Ability to Recognize Environment Sword (specialty) The Wayward Daughter
Axinite Peridot 16 14F Speed, Weaponry, Combat Ability to Recognize Environment, Overprotective- ness Spear Athalia from District 2


Every person gets a budget of $500 for all of the tributes in the games. A sponsor must have a tribute in the games, but can send something to any tribute, not just theirs. Good luck!

List of Items

There aren't very many items so choose wisely! They are also expensive, so spend wisely!

Water Bottle: $150 (w/water $200)

Loaf of Bread: $150

Raw Meat: $200

Healing Cream: $350

Short Dagger: $350

Poison Darts: $400

Bundle of Food: $500

Bow and Arrow (5): $500

Suicide Pills (for those who are desperate or for some trickery): $500


I just need some help with idea-making/designing the mini-arenas. This is open to anybody who can give me one good idea. Five spots available.

Gamemaker Sign-Ups


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