So, just writing this to give warning that between March 14-16 I will be gone from the wiki. I'm going on a field trip with my school. Anyway, so I won't be very active on here until I get back for three reasons:

1. I need to pack. Yeah, packing won't take that long, so its more of the other reasons.

2. I need to focus on an after school club. Its called Battle of the Books, and you basically have a list of 27 books, and 6 people on your team. You read as many books as you can, and then there's a competition where you go against other schools and answer questions about the books. (Example: In which book does a character not speak french?)

3. I'm trying out for volleyball. The tryouts were last thursday and friday, and this monday. I need to practice, and i I make the team my wikia time will also be cut down.

So anyway, because TAP is also taking a vacation, Habernathy (unless she's going to be gone too) will be the only admin when I'm gone. Please refrain from starting a giant fight or something. (I'm talking to everyone, if you think I'm singling out a user I'm not.) KEAP, please refrain from burning down the wiki until March 17. Thank you.

UPDATE: I know all of you missed me terribly and probably spent hours crying. Well, dry your tears for I am back! But I won't be on as often, as I have made the volleyball team and practices/games will take up a lot of my time. Then I have to do (unfortunately) homework. So yep.

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