Okay, there has recently been some disagreements between Vaporage and I about Effie's profile picture. To prevent an editing war, I decided to get some other user's opinions. Here are the pictures, with their pros and cons.

Effie Trinket 2

Pros Cons
Better lighting Used as a promotion, not necessarily what Effie will look like in the movie
See more of Effie That picture is for the Capitol Couture
Looks posed

Please note that a space is to be created to put this picture under the Film portrayal section.

Hunger-games effie 510

Pros Cons
current picture dark
Effie in her official movie outfit half of Effie's face is blocked

I also decided to add a third option, after editingf the pic a bit I feel it also has merits.


Pros Cons
Shows whole body Her hand does get cut off
Shows her in actual movie See part of Katniss
Looks more like Effie, in my opinion expression's a little creepy
She's smiling

Of course, what's a con for me may be a pro for you. Please tell me which image you prefer, and why. (Per suggestion, I will add pros and cons to the tables)

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