Some of you may have seen this feature on other wikis, its called message wall. It replaces taljk pages with a system that I suppose is more akin to leaving comments. It makes leaving people messages as easy as leaving a heading and comment, and shows who left the message so it doesn't matter if you forget to add your signature. However, to get to a message you may have to do a lot of scrolling unless you go to the message directly from the little box that notifies you of messages. (See the picture and explanation below for more info, btw the "you have messages" box won't appear unless you are on a wiki that doesn't have the message wall feature added.) So, after some discussing with TAP, we're going to let other users decide. Vote at the poll below please. (At the very bottom)

Further explanation


Here you see an example of a message wall. You can click the edit greeting button to put a message that will show up on the top of the message wall. (Kind of like what I have on my talk page). Below that you see the empty box where you can fill out the message you want to leave. The "What's this about" box is for the subject heading, and the space below is for the message. Under that you'll see a tan line, and in gray letters on that line you'll see "Newest threads". You can click that and threads will be organized how you choose, whether newest, most popular, etc. Then you see an example of a message wall thread. Underneath the main message is a space for the user recieving the message, or any other user, to reply. Also note that the user chose not to leave a signature, because the message wall feature leaves the user's picture, nickname, and username.


In the top right corner you can see an example of what the notification thing will look like when you hover over it with your mouse. When you have a notification from any wiki that uses the message wall feature it will turn red and display the number of messages you have. You are notified when anyone comments on a thread that is put on your wall, you have commented on, or you have followed. As you can see in the bottom left corner, if a wiki is not using the message wall and your talk page is edited you will still get that type of notification.

The Vote

Time for you to decide! Place your vote below.

<poll> Should Message Wall be enabled? Yes No </poll>

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