I'm writing this at 6:20 in the morning. While I won't be able to tailor a goodbye for everyone here, I will have enough time to say thank you for a fantastic time. For those who don't know, I'm no longer an admin. Why is this? Because I believe that admins shouldn't be inactive, and that's what I've been for awhile now. I'm going to become one of the oldies that fades into the background, until the day comes that none remember them. Which sounds depressing, but oh well. 

Goodbye y'all. You have made my time here, while sometimes stressful and crazy (trust me, I could bash some people but I won't because it isn't nice and I don't want to hurt feelings), usually enjoyable and fun. And that is fantastic. I hope to visit occassionally, a complete goodbye isn't realistic to me. I thought I'd never write this, I'd never make a goodbye blog. Times change I guess.

Time to move on to another fiesta.

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