This Hunger Games is for the Holiday Games contest and is based on Thanksgiving. Submit your tributes, each user can only submit two districts at the moment. I won't need lunaiis. More details later, I just need to start these soon so submit! Reservations last 24 hours, but please submit them sooner if possible.

District Male Female Submitted by
0 Calder Eden(17) Dahlia Everlasting(14) Skybender101
1 Max Summers (17) Jupiter Dorthog(17) Rockman117
2 George Gold(18) Miley Gold(17) Brony12
3 Crick Storm(15) Blue Ghost(14) Rueflower
4 Cedar Mellark (14) Kajama Odair(13) Anna-athena
5 Leven Hunter(16) Evelyn Winter(16) Clove1001
6 Rick Jones(13) Cathy James(15) Nate777
7 Oak Thunderbone (17) Reeanna Storm (15) EffieLuna
8 Down Smith(14) Raqel Numez(16) Brony12
9 Ethan Gray(15) Wendy Zirbel(13) Foxface911
10 Titanic De Leon(17) Britannic De Leon(17) Anna-athena
11 Brendan Downstreet(18) Cariettum Downstreet(13) QuinnQuinn
12 Faust Woods(16) Nemphisi Niguless(16) Nemphisi
13 Herflex Nome(13) Noelle Vignios(15) QuinnQuinn


Ham: Herflex

Gravy: Brendon

Stuffing: Cariettum

Mashed potatoes: Max

Pumpkin pie: Jupiter

Dinner Rolls: Rick Jones

Apple pie: Evelyn

Cranberry sauce: Leven

Grren beans with cheese: Blue


Tributes will start out on a boat, representing the Mayflower. Tributes will be on the boat for exactly 66 minutes, to represent the 66 day journey the Mayflower took from England to Cape Cod. (Oh snap, history.) Afterwards the ship will dock and tributes will be allowed to exit the ship and go onto an island. The island will look like this:


The Arena

The dark green area is a forest, the light green area is a prairie with 5 ft tall grass, the gray area is just smooth rock, and all blue areas represent drinkable water. Of course, there will be many traps and mutts hidden around.


Orange t-shirt, warm red sweater, and brown sweatpants. Yes, the colors are based on Thanksgiving. Well, my idea of Thanksgiving colors anyway.


District 0

Dahlia Everlasting

Reaping day, just another normal day for most people, but for two kids, their lives somehow get worse than mine. A few kids run by, young enough that they don’t have to worry about being reaped, and innocent enough to have still not grasped what reaping day is all about. One kids trips and falls near the river that runs by the path to town square. I freeze and hold my breath, but the girl stops herself before she even gets splashed. Calm down, I tell myself. No one’s going to drown; not today, when everyone needs to be accounted for the reaping. The town square is in view, already filled with anxious parents and teenagers. Cameras are there to capture it all. I enter the town square and step into the area I’m told to go to. I stop near a group a group of chattering girls, who greet me with big smiles. Somebody wonders what the escort will look like this year, and everyone begins talking at once, me included. But as the mayor’s shoes click across the stage everyone falls silent. When the escort comes up, despite how it seemed earlier, her outrageous outfit isn’t as hilarious as before.

Calder Eden

There’s no way to know for sure, but I can tell that no one really wants to stand next to me. Judging by the rumors going around about me, I’d be terrified too. I you asked any of the scared kids next to me, they’d probably talk about how I lived in the wrong part of town, my quick temper, and my tremendous strength. The escort finishes her little speech and reads out the girl’s name she drew. “Dahlia Everlasting.” She’s the girl people mention when they talk about bad luck, the girl who lost everyone she ever loved. Dahlia walks up to the stage while the escort calls out the boy’s name. “Calder Eden”, me. I walk on the stage and the escort instinctively steps back as she sees me; as if I was going to attack her. I ignore it, I’m used to it.

District 1

Max Summers

I’m hungry, but I know I won’t have any way of getting food. Not on reaping day, where peacekeepers are extra observant for anyone who would break a law and make the district look bad on camera. I don’t see why the peacekeepers listen to the Capitol. Who would willingly follow something so cruel? But I remember being beaten just for preventing myself from starving and I know that the peacekeepers will always be loyal to the Capitol. There’s no way someone with even a smidgen of doubt about his or allegiance would hurt an eight year old like they did to me. I walk to District One’s town square. The reapings are about to begin and kids are talking and playing around as they wait for someone to be reaped or for someone to volunteer. I enter the roped off area that represents my age group and stand off to the side, away from the other teenagers. Unless one of them has an idea to get rid of the Capitol, instead of just ways to win the Games, I don’t want to talk to them.

Jupiter Dorthog

The escort walks up to the stage with bluish, silvery skin and neon green hair that he’s spiked up. I’m still looking around for Harold, and I tune the mayor out as he begins to talk about Panem’s history. “Nervous?” I jump and turn to see Harold smiling at me. He holds my hand as the mayor gives the microphone to the escort. Instead of acting like an airhead, the escort goes on about how he can’t wait to see the fights the District One tributes will win. It almost makes me happy when he stops talking to pick a slip from the reaping ball. Harold gives my hand a squeeze as I wait to see who was reaped. “District One’s female tribute will be… Jupiter Dorthog.” Harold gasps as I begin my walk up the stage. I hear girls whispering about last year’s Games and I know no one will volunteer. Not when the last District One tributes were exploded by a missile. I scan the crowd to see if my parents even know what’s going on. I finally see them face down on the ground, having drunk alcohol until they passed out. I wonder if they’ll even notice I’m gone. The escort draws the boy’s name, and I only catch the last name- Summers. Another teenager walks up and stands quietly on the stage. Just like what happened to me, no one volunteers for him.

District 2

Miley Gold

It’s a wonderful day, the weather is nice, two kids will be sent to die, and even the peacekeepers are staying as far away from my brother and I as they can. The family walking in front of us speeds up a little as they see we’re behind them. Their fears are completely unfounded, I would never kill someone with so many witnesses. Even as we enter the crowded town square enough room is found so that no one gets too close to us. I enter my roped off area, one girl makes the mistake of pointing at me and I take out a sharpie. After the girl has retreated I turn my attention back to the mayor, who is welcoming the escort onstage. The escort walks onstage with an outfit that causes me to find my brother in the crowd and exchange small smiles with him; the escort’s outfit consists of a simple black suit with hundreds of sticks of chalk dangling off.

George Gold

Two kids move further away from me when they see me smile, but at the moment they have nothing to worry about. They should be more concerned about being reaped, the escort is just about to read the girl’s name. “Miley Gold”, not Miley, not my sister. The escort reads out the boy’s name and I volunteer. As I walk up the stairs to the stage I trip the boy I saved and he falls on his face. Miley gives me a fast smile when she sees him fall. Something falls off the escort’s suit, a piece of chalk. In a smooth motion I bend down and pick up the chalk, studying it for a little while. The escort holds out his hand and I return the chalk. There will be plenty of opportunities to kill later.

District 3

Crick Storm

I’m almost to the town square when I see a spider web. I stand there for a while, watching as a spider begins to move towards a clump in the web that must be some insect. Slowly the spider walks forward and I watch mesmerized. Just before the spider bites the bug’s head off a peacekeeper shows up. “You are late to the reapings and shall be fined afterwards.” As if I care, I won’t be around to pay the fine after I volunteer, unless I win; in which case I’ll have plenty of money to pay the fine. Yanking my arm, the peacekeeper escorts me to my area while the mayor goes on with his speech.

Blue Ghost

To anyone else looking at me as I wait for the mayor’s speech to stop, I’m completely alone. To me, I’m standing with a small crowd of the dead. They’re usually tributes from past Games, who followed their bodies back to their district. They come to make sure none of their sisters and brothers are reaped, but not even ghosts can stop that. Usually they leave me alone; it’s only one ghost that gives me any trouble. What he does each year varies, sometimes he yells at his district partner who’s now a Victor for killing him, sometimes he cries the whole reaping, professing his love and asking why she betrayed him. It adds unnecessary sadness to reaping day. As the mayor’s speech draws to a close the ghosts disperse, some going to stand by their friends and siblings, others going onstage to get a better view of who is being reaped. A new escort walks onstage with light pink hair and skin. I don’t have to wonder what happened to the last escort; last year she was accompanied by a ghost who spent the whole reaping yelling at her to be careful of any food she’s given. I look at the ghosts crowded around the slip of paper that’s been drawn as the escort prepares to read the girl’s name; only to find them all staring at me with a horrified expression. Before the escort reads the name I know I’ve been reaped.

Crick Storm

The girl looks so upset. She’s very emotional I see, I can tell how much fun it will be to kill her. The escort reads out the boy’s name, but I don’t bother looking to see who it is. I just walk up to the escort, take her microphone and announce that I volunteer. The escort’s face is worth the effort.

District 4

Cedar Mellark

I’m already walking along the beach to town square when Kajama shows up. “Watch out for the water, don’t make me save you again.” She says playfully, giving me a shove. I blush, remembering when I almost drowned in a lake when I was seven and Kajama had to save me. Instead of responding I change the subject.

“That necklace is really pretty, did your mom give it to you?”

“Yeah, it would make a nice token, don’t ya think?”

“I guess, if you were unlucky enough to be reaped.”

“Reaped? Please. I would never be reaped; I’d volunteer before that could happen.”

I fall silent as I think about that. Kajama would never volunteer, would she? Not when her own mom went crazy in the Hunger Games. Before I can bring it up again, we arrive at the town square, and I have to leave Kajama to go to my area. My dad sees me looking worried from his spot onstage and smiles at me reassuringly. He must think I’m just nervous. My mom just stands rigidly onstage. She hates the reapings, especially whenever a twelve year old is reaped. Kajama’s mother, Annie, is just sitting on the stage with a dazed expression. I wonder if she’s been sedated to prevent her from having a breakdown like she did last year. The mayor speeds through his speech and hands the microphone to the escort, who has had a pattern like fish scales drawn into her skin. I close my eyes while I wait to see if Kajama really will volunteer.

Kajama Odair

One day, maybe even today, I’ll volunteer. I’ll win the Games and get my own house in Victor’s Village. I think about how proud my mom will be when I win. Maybe I’ll be able to understand her more too, after I experience the Games like she did. I should probably wait to be older; but my dad was young when he won. I wish he could give me some advice. The escort draws a name from the girl’s reaping ball and I still don’t know if I should wait or volunteer now. Then the escort calls the name- Shelly Guppy, a little twelve year old. Without thinking I know what I must do. “I volunteer!” My mom sees me a starts to cry, and I hesitate briefly before walking onstage. Cedar’s parents look pained to see me up here; but the escort loves that a victor’s kid is up here. The boys name is called, but someone volunteers. I scan the crowd to see my competition. The voice sounds familiar, but I hardly believe it when Cedar walks onstage. His mom gasps and falls into his dad’s arms. No, it’s not supposed to be like this. I don’t want to kill Cedar. He looks at me with a pained expression. “Kajama, I promise I’ll keep you safe.” The escort is beside herself with the excitement of having two victor’s children. Cedar takes my hand and leads me offstage. I let him, I’m shocked. This isn’t how it was supposed to be.

District 5

Evelyn Winter

“Eveylen wake up” My brother Grant is standing over my bed, a worried look on his face. Of course, it’s reaping day. I shoo my brother out of my room and begin to get ready. I put on my simple red dress that I wear every reaping day and pull my hair into a loose ponytail. Finally, I take my necklace out from its box and pull it over my head. A wooden wolf hangs from its black chain. I decided a long time ago this would be my token if I was reaped. I take a deep breath and stride out of my room. My dad and brother are waiting for me at the door. I walk with them to the town square, but they’re so quiet I could be walking with myself and I wouldn’t know the difference. My brother is scared that I’ll be reaped, just like he is every year. He shouldn’t worry, I’m only a couple slips in thousands. What’s the chance of me getting reaped?

Leven Hunter

As I talk to my friends I can’t help but look for Evelyn in the crowd of people. She arrives shortly before the mayor walks onstage. One of my friends follows my gaze to Evelyn and starts to ask me something; but he’s forced to stop as the mayor’s speech starts, thank goodness. The escort arrives just as the mayor is finishing his speech, wearing a flashy combination of glitter and sequins on his suit. Before he reads the girl’s name out I watch Evelyn turn to smile reassuringly at her brother. “Evelyn Winter” Her smile freezes and she turns stiffly to face the stage. As she walks she recovers a bit, striding forward bravely. Evelyn has always been brave. If I know her she’ll die fighting in the games. Die- I feel sick as I think the word. I realize what it means for Evelyn to be in the Games and black dots appear in my vision as my head spins and my stomach twists. I do the only thing that makes me feel better; when the escort calls the boy’s name, I volunteer.

District 6

Cathy James

“Careful mom.” I’m trying to transfer my mom to a wheelchair so she can be moved. My dad was told he had to help clean the square before the cameras came, so he can’t help me at all. The peacekeepers have decided that she’s not sick enough to miss reaping day. Of course they couldn’t be bothered to get a doctor to make sure this was true. My mom starts to slip out of the wheelchair and it takes all my might to prevent her from doing this. I pull her back up use a piece of rope to keep her from falling again. All through this process my mom is crying out, whether from pain or hallucinations. I fill a jar up with water and another jar with broth and store these in a small bag that I attached to the wheelchair. “Mom, if you get thirsty water is in here.” I feel my mom’s forehead and she’s burning up. She shouldn’t be moving at all, let alone going to reaping day. Looking at the time, I hurry to change into a dress and wheel my mother out of the door. The sunlight hurts her eyes and she has to close them. Thankfully there are not many bumps on the path to town square. I find the quietest spot at the edge of the square and wheel my mom over there. A neighbor promises to take care of her and I run to my roped off area as the mayor walks onstage. With all my troubles I almost forgot about the risk of being reaped.

Rick Jones

To the Capitol citizens watching the reapings, we look normal. That’s because no camera stays on anyone’s face long enough for you to notice anything suspicious. But next to me a girl tugs nervously on her whiskers, and in the crowd someone chirps repeatedly. True, most people here aren’t that different in appearance, but if you watch closely you can see the sharpened teeth of a boy with snake DNA, or the small feathers hiding under one girl’s hair. The mayor finishes his speech and the escort walks onstage. I hear faint hisses and growls; the escort was stupid enough to wear a dress made of fur. A girl’s name is drawn, Cathy James. Whoever she is she was lucky enough to be mixed with an animal that doesn’t make you look different from another human being. The escort draws the boy’s name and I hold my breath. “Rick Jones” Everyone’s looking at me, I can’t stand it. I race to the stage and stand next to Cathy. She smiles at me and holds out her hand. I look down at the ground as I shake her hand, there’s no reason to make friends with someone who will have to die.

District 7

Reeanna Storm

I walk to town square with my best friend, Cypress Hail. We walk in silence most of the way, neither of us are in the mood to talk much on reaping day. It’s not until we almost arrive in the square that Cypress nudges me and giggles softly. Oak Thunderbone is walking in front of us. “Please Cypress; I’m not going to kiss him!” I whisper soft enough so that Oak can’t hear me. I told Cypress about Oak trying to kiss me and she’s been joking about it every chance she got. Not that I mind, why would I? I’m Reeanna Storm, I don’t kiss boys, I tutor them. Yet whenever I think back to the almost kiss, I can feel myself starting to blush. Oh my gosh, what’s happening to me? The clock in the town square begins to chime and Cypress and I realize we’re going to be late if we don’t hurry. We both begin to sprint, and just barely make it to the roped off section before the mayor begins his speech.

Oak Thunderbone

I’m such an idiot sometimes. How could I ever of thought that Reeanna would kiss me? She probably only tutored me because she felt bad for me. At least before the party she was my friend; and I ruined that. The escort comes onstage, wearing some hideous brown and black striped suit. Hmm, I wonder where he got it from. Last time he went on and on about some Capitol store called “Thanel” and another store called “Bucci.” Apparently they’re based on pre-Panem fashion lines, interesting. I snap out of my thoughts as the girl’s name is read. “Cypress Hail.” Oh no, Reeanna’s friend. “I volunteer!” I inhale sharply. I know that voice, it’s Reeanna. I close my eyes and hope that the boy reaped is a weakling she’ll easily be able to kill. “Oak Thunderbone.” My eyes are wide open as I walk up to the stage, staring at Reeanna the whole time. For an instant she looks sad, but in the next moment the sadness is gone and she’s looking in the crowd at Cypress; who’s crying uncontrollably.

District 8

Down Smith

I walk to the town square with my parents. I do every year; it’s the one day of the year that work is cancelled, so my parents can spend a whole day with me. I just wish they could be with me on a happy day, instead of just reaping day. I can’t even enjoy half the day I see them, my nerves won’t allow me to. My parents make up for my anxious silence by telling me all about the new fabrics that will come out in a month. My mom seems especially excited about a new type of cloth she calls “revolutionary.” I do my best to listen and respond when it’s needed; but soon we arrive at the town square and my dad gives me a pat on the back. I walk to my appointed area and stand by a few guys I know from school. The conversation is polite and nice, but it sounds stiff. My dress shirt is too small and pinches my arms. I feel like I’m being smothered.

Raqel Numez

I don’t belong here. That much is obvious as I look at the kids around me, who couldn’t even afford a decent shirt even though this is the textile district. Sure, the dress I’m wearing is worn cotton, just like the others, but I can remember a time when I wore fresh pretty dresses every day. It was more than a couple years ago when my dad decided to get fabric from here. He was so excited about seeing another country, he brought us with him. He didn’t know that the peacekeepers would keep us from ever leaving. So now I’m standing in a roped off pen like cattle herded to slaughter, when I should be back in Mexico, enjoying myself. The escort has already drawn a name but I don’t listen. There’s no way the Capitol would have the nerve to actually reap me for the Games. But a rough hand grabs my elbow and pulls me to the stage. When I start to explain that there’s no way I was reaped, another peacekeeper comes over and leads me up too. I stand seething on the stage while a boy called Down Smith is called up too. Even though he’s in the same situation, he smiles at me. I just roll my eyes and turn to walk off the stage. Does he honestly think I’m going to be friends with him?

District 9

Ethan Gray

My stomach growls, but I have nothing to fill it with. Not when I got a 99% on my last exam. The problem runs through my head a thousand times. 2345*64-(22934302/72355). I should be able to do it in my sleep. At least the teacher was nice enough to let me retest tomorrow. As soon as the reaping ends I’ll go home and study. I hear a loud laughter coming behind me. I don’t even look back before speeding up. The usual gang of boys are walking not far behind me, probably talking about who they’ll bully next.

Wendy Zirbel

A peacekeeper stops me right before I walk into my roped off area. “No animals allowed.” My dog dandelion wiggles out of my coat and scampers off to my parents. I smile at the peacekeeper and walk around him into my area. The escort has just walked onstage; wearing a beautiful dress filled with blue, purple, and green colors. Just looking at it makes me happy. She draws the girl’s name and reads it out loud. “Wendy Zirbel.” While everyone turns to stare at me with pity in my eyes, I prance onstage. My parents will send me plenty of sponsor gifts, why should I worry? I hear a small woof just as dandelion emerges from the crowd. Dandelion bites my dress and tries to tug me away from the stage. How sweet, he’s worried about me. I bend down and give him a quick hug, removing his collar to use for a token. Then I pry his teeth off my dress hem and climb up the stairs. I’ve never been to the Capitol before, I bet this will be fun.

Ethan Gray

Someone shoves me forward and I’m still stumbling as I hear someone volunteer. I look around to see who volunteered, but to my horror the peacekeepers are looking at me. They know I didn’t volunteer, right? The peacekeepers escort me up the stage where my parents see me for the first time. I’m led off stage Justas their screaming begins. “WHAT ABOUT SCHOOL?” My parents are right, how will I retake the exam now. For that matter what will I miss while I’m gone in the Games? The teacher was going to start to teach me calculus next week. My palms start to sweat and for the first time I’m truly nervous.

District 10

Brittanic De Leon

Eleni, Titanic, and I walk to the town square together. It’s a little weird, having to share my best friend with my brother, who’s dating her, but I’ve gotten used to it. Eleni seems happy, and she has two people to comfort her on reaping day instead of just one. We arrive at the town square with plenty of time to spare, and I wander away from Titanic and Eleni. I tell myself I’m just going to see how my dad is doing, but I know I did it to let Titanic and Eleni be alone for a little while too. I sigh as I maneuver around the crowds of people. Having your brother date your best friend can be hard sometimes.

Titanic De Leon

Brittani was nice enough to leave me alone with Eleni. I mainly try to reassure her that she won’t get reaped. Her worst fear is having to be a tribute in the Hunger Games. Right now she looks like she’s going to throw up, even though I’m sure her nerves prevented her from having a bite to eat for breakfast. I reach out and pull her into a hug. “You’re not going to be reaped Eleni. I promise.” I guide her to our roped off area to wait. Britanni’s talking to dad, who’s wearing his peacekeeper uniform. All around him are worried moms and dads. A scowl appears on my face as I think of my mom. If you could call her my mom, I mean, what kind of person abandons their kids? The mayor walks on stage and I see dad nudge Brittani towards Eleni and I. Thankfully the mayor’s speech is short and the escort arrives soon after, in a dress covered in red feathers. With a snap of her wrist she picks the girl’s card. Brittani takes Eleni’s free hand, I’m holding the other. “This year’s girl tribute is… Eleni Wright.”

Brittanic De Leon

If it wasn’t for me and my brother holding onto Eleni, she would be on the ground right now. As it is she’s already halfway there, and sinking fast. I know what I have to do. I release Eleni slowly, until she falls gently on the ground. Standing up straight, I utter the words that will change, or end, my life forever. “I volunteer.” My brother stands up, after sitting near the now passed out Eleni. The escort draws the boy’s name out. “Tita-“ “I volunteer!” It’s Titanic, he’s volunteering to protect me. From my view on the stage, I see my tears fall from under my dad’s peacekeeper helmet.

District 11

Brendan Downstreet

I rush downstairs, my sister Cariettum has already sat down at the kitchen table and is eating a fried egg. My stomach rumbles, and I don’t feel like making something myself. So I act shocked and point towards the window. Cariettum turns to see what I’m looking at, she always does, and I snatch the egg from her plate and take a bite. Mm, it’s still warm. I can tell Cariettum wants to say something, but she doesn’t want to risk waking up the rest of our siblings. She gives me a glare and goes to make another egg. Oh well, she shouldn’t be so gullible. I wait for her to finish eating her new egg and walk to the town square with her. We’re just closing the door when I hear the rumble of feet that means our other siblings have woken up. Good, they’re going to be late for the reaping if they don’t get a move on. The walk to the town square is short; it’s just around the corner. I leave Cariettum with her little friends, and she seems happy enough. Of course, she’s always been happy, and popular, and sweet little Cariettum. It makes me sick, she can be so gullible sometimes.

Cariettum Downstreet

The mayor arrives, and begins his speech with gusto, waving his arms as he describes how foolish the rebels were for rebelling. I tune him out easily. The other districts must have been crazy, trying to start a rebellion. After all, the Capitol takes care of everyone and keeps them safe. That’s what they say in school, and after all, the teacher never lies. The escort comes up, in a simple elegant gray suit with turquoise skin. He sticks his hand in the girl’s reaping ball and swishes his wrist back and forth a little before picking a card. “Cariettum Downstreet.” Despite what tributes in the past have done, I skip up to the stage. The other Districts just aren’t as good as District 11, of course I’ll win. Then I’ll have an even bigger house in Victor’s Village. The escort moves his hand around in the boy’s reaping ball and draws a card. He has just begun to read it when someone volunteers, my brother. A frown appears on my face. I’m not naïve enough to think more than one tribute can win.

District 12

Faust Woods

The sky is still dark when I wake up. As quietly as possible, I start a fire and cook a turkey leg over the fire; my special breakfast for reaping day. In another room I hear my dad roll over and I freeze, the bruises from his fists throbbing on my back while I wait anxiously. After a while he begins to snore and I let out the breath I was holding. I snatch my turkey leg from the fire and sneak out of the house, not before grabbing my bag. I wander along the electric fence until I arrive at my destination. Bushes have grown near this section of the fence, creating the perfect hiding place. This is where I keep the shrine for my brother. It’s not much, just his favorite shirt, the letter he wrote to me when he was reaped, and his token, a perfectly smooth rock. Beside the shrine is a blanket and I throw it around me. It’s cold, very cold; but already the rays of sunlight are appearing in the sky. This year’s reaping is early, I don’t have much time before I go to town square. I take my reaping clothes from the bag I brought and quickly put them on. Then I look back once at the only things left of my brother before walking up to the path to town square. A few friends from school see me and wait for me to catch up. I force a smile on my face as I join them.

Nemphisi Niguless

I stifle a yawn as the mayor starts his speech. We already had to get up early, why do we have to listen to a boring speech also. I can tell the mayor is tired; his head keeps bobbing like he’s nodding off to sleep. Finally the escort tries to salvage the situation by grabbing the microphone from the mayor and speaking in a cheery high-pitched voice. “Thank you mayor, for giving us a wonderful speech as always. Now it’s time to find our tributes for this year’s Hunger Games, I know you’re all as excited as me.” Walking expertly in her high heels, the escort click clacks her away to the girl’s reaping ball and pulls out a card. “Nemphisi Niguless.” I walk slowly to the stage. The escort holds out her hand to help me onstage; but I narrow my eyes and whack it away. I don’t need a Capitol citizen’s help. I take my place on the stage and glare at the escort until she draws the boy’s name. I hold my breath; even though I’m reaped I’m still worried about my brothers. Thankfully, Faust Woods is reaped. Didn’t last year’s male tribute have the last name Woods? I push the thought out of my mind as Faust walks onstage. A glare from me makes him stay as far away from me as possible. Maybe I should be nice to him; he’s going through the same thing I am, but these are the Hunger Games. I plan to win.

District 13

Noelle Vignios

I wake up to the smell of sizzling bacon. I make my way to the kitchen. Other District 13 citizens may have to eat bad food with all the others, but I was given a special privilege; on the condition that I wouldn’t scream every morning. My mom is flipping pancakes, and I spot a bowl of berries. “Mom, put blueberries in the pancakes.” My mom sighs and gets a frustrated look on her face. “Noelle, I was saving those for-“ I open my mouth to scream. “AHHHHH!” My mom closes her mouth and adds berries to the pancakes. After a satisfying breakfast I skip back to my room, being sure to bang on my brothers’ doors. They hate being woken up early. On a desk in my room hundreds of small containers of makeup sit. I study them carefully before going with light pink lip gloss, hot pink blush, my favorite mascara and foundation, and a shimmery pink eyeshadow. I’m in a pink mood today. By the time I’m done getting ready the reapings are minutes away from starting. I shove little kids aside to get to my roped off area, where my friends are waiting.

Herflex Nome

I hide behind a thick cluster of kids so my family doesn’t see me. I don’t want a repeat of last year, when my aunt gave me rocks and yelled at me for not cleaning my pet monkey. I don’t even have a pet monkey. At least the escort is already drawing the girl’s name, so I won’t have to worry about my family much longer. Soon I’ll be on a one way trip to the Capitol; and eventually, Victor’s Village. I’m such a good fighter, there’s no way I can lose. I hear a sharp high-pitched sound and instinctively cover my ears. I don’t have to pay attention to know that the person who screamed, Noelle, was reaped. The escort draws the boy’s name, but I don’t bother paying attention to the name. Instead I yell I volunteer and make my way up to the stage. My sisters and my dad try to make their way towards me once they see me, yelling something about unicorns. I smile as peacekeepers hold them back. After that it took just minutes before I was walking off the stage to win the Hunger Games. The other tributes better be ready.

Gamemaker Meeting

The head Gamemaker watches the reapings, a frown on his face. Gathered around the table, the rest of the Gamemakers watch the footage with similar faces. Finally the Head Gamemaker stops the tapes and turns to speak.

“I think we can all agree that this year’s tributes have been particular ungrateful. Blue Ghost was too emotional for the Capitol audiences, Rick Jones defied District 6 tradition by not shaking his District partner’s hand, Raqel Numez walked off the stage before she was dismissed, Ethan Gray threw a tantrum later on because he was going to miss school, Nemphisi Niguless glared at everyone during and after the reaping, and Noelle Vignios had to be gagged because she wouldn’t stop screaming.”

The head Gamemaker takes a pause to take a sip from his steaming mug of tea. After a long pause another Gamemaker finally breaks the silence.

“What do you suggest sir?”

Breaking out in a smile, the Head Gamemaker puts down his mug to speak.

“I propose we teach the tributes to be thankful this year, and I know just the way to do it.” With a snap of his fingers a nervous looking man enters the room. “Jack here has informed me of a pre-Panem holiday called Thanksgiving. I propose we add this theme to our Games. Any objections?” Nobody spoke. “Good. You may leave now.”

Training Scores

Male Female
Calder Eden(5) Dahlia Everlasting(2)
Max Summers (9) Jupiter Dorthog(2)
George Gold(10) Miley Gold(6)
Crick Storm(11) Blue Ghost(5)
Cedar Mellark (4) Kajama Odair(9)
Leven Hunter(8) Evelyn Winter(6)
Rick Jones(6) Cathy James(10)
Oak Thunderbone (4) Reeanna Storm (6)
Down Smith(7) Raqel Numez(10)
Ethan Gray(9) Wendy Zirbel(8)
Titanic De Leon(10) Britannic De Leon(8)
Brendan Downstreet(9) Cariettum Downstreet(4)
Faust Woods(8) Nemphisi Niguless(9)
Herflex Nome(7) Noelle Vignios(6)


Anyone who submitted tributes will have $200 to spend per district. (So if you submitted trinutes for two Districts you have $400) You can sponsor other user's tributes if you want. Anyone who did not submit a tribute has $75 to give to any tribute. You can give the user the money, or buy a specific item for a tribute.

Survival items

$60- sleeping bag

$35- loaf of bread

$40- bag of jerky

$40- gallon of water

$75- parka

$115- book bag with one bottle of water, jerky, and 5 throwing knives


$80- 15 throwing knives

$85 Bow and 20 arrows

$85- Axe

$85- Sword

$85- Trident

$80- Blowgun with 10 poison darts

$60- vial of poison


$50- electrical wire or rope

$100- Cut/poison medication

$100- Illness medication

If you think of something not on here ask me about and I’ll give you the price. I tried to keep the weapon prices fairly even, so someone wouldn't have to pay more just because their tribute was only good with an expensive weapon.

The Games

Day One

Cathy James

“Let the Thanksgiving Games Begin!”

My eyes snap open. Whatever they drugged us with has worn off; we are now on a boat. I can see an island in the distance. I can swim to it, but first I have to get some supplies. I run to the cornucopia, my feet sliding on the damp, rocking floors of the ship. I manage to grab a knife before I’m pushed to the ground. Crick Storm shoves past me to get to Blue Ghost. Instinctively I slash the knife at him at he falls, a huge gash in his leg. I get to my feet and run to the ship’s end. George Gold starts to chase me, but I get to the railing and jump before he reaches me. I’ve barely touched the water when I see the sharks.

Jupiter Dorthog

The Careers pay me no mind; thank goodness I acted weak and got a low training score. I get my bow and arrows from the cornucopia and start to climb the crow’s nest. Once I get there I have a perfect view of the chaos below. Reeanna is stabbed in the throat by Miley Gold and she falls. What really troubles me is Nemphisi. She hasn’t been attacked by anyone, but she’s on the floor coughing and twitching. I widen my eyes as her canon goes off.


“Sorry did I forget to mention something? Ah yes, several of you have been infected with a variety of diseases. By the end of 66 minutes, you will be dead unless you can kill another tribute. Carry on.”

Faust Woods

The effect is instantaneous. One tribute screams and all the rest run away from the cornucopia to hide. Miley takes the chance to kill Noelle during the uproar. Nobody notices. Only the Career alliance, Miley, George, Herflex, and Max; stay, but they’re eying each other uncertainly. I see my opportunity. I take a clump of seaweed and smear it on my face. Then I walk close to the Careers moaning and clutching my stomach. They buy it. Holding up their weapons they slowly back away and I get what I want from the cornucopia. Except for the tortured screams of a tribute that jumped off the boat, everything is quiet. I grab a backpack and leave before the Careers can get suspicious.

Kajama Odair

Cedar and I are hiding behind a stack of barrels. If it wasn’t for him, I would have jumped in the water and gotten eaten by sharks. But instead I remembered saving him from drowning and looked into the water full of sharks before jumping. I lean against the wall; the bloodbath has made me very tired for some reason. I wipe away sweat from my forehead and realize I’m burning up. Cedar, who’s been keeping watch, turns to see me. He takes a look at my face and freezes. “Kajama… no. You’re sick.” No, no, I can’t be sick. I try to stand, to show him that I’m perfectly fine, but I don’t have the strength. Cedar puts a knife in my hand and I look up at him. He’s concentrating on my face. “You won’t have time to find another tribute to kill. Kajama, I love you. And I will protect you.” He jerks my arm forward and before I can realize what’s happening; the knife has sunk into his chest. His body falls to the ground and I fall with it, my head next to his, crying. Cedar, Cedar no. My fever goes away his body heat vanishes. He's dead.

Ethan Gray

My head is filled with numbers. 5, 7, 9, 11. 1, 1, 2, 3. My hand moves faintly over the ground, tracing equations in the dust. My vision is blurry, but I can still see the giant spots on my hand. I’m tired, so tired; but I know I have to finish the equation. I have just finished when I feel the ship bump into the dock. As I hear the softer thud of a walkway being extended to the ship for tributes to exit on; I go still. I solved all the equations, I had all the right answers. Yet I feel myself dying, and nothing will stop it. The first of the tributes start to get off the ship. I know I never will. My heart stops, and just like that; I die.

Blue Ghost

I huddle under the coarse sacks as the tributes leave the ship. The dead tributes swarm me, whispering and moaning. Crick Storm promises to kill me, Ethan Gray babbles on about proportions. Reeanna Storm tells me all about how she missed her chance to be with Oak; Cedar begs me to help protect Kajama. Nemphisi asks over and over again how she died, and Noelle screams in a high pitched never ending note. I cover my ears, but I can’t quite block them out. They don’t leave me alone, but I have to escape them. I’m crying. I can’t take hearing about their deaths, my heart breaks hearing Cedar’s sacrifice. I’m rocking back and forth, as the dead talk on around me.

George Gold

Max and Herflex run to the docks, but I hesitate on the ship. I haven’t killed a single tribute. Miley looks at me and understands. “Catch up with us later.” She says, and when I nod she too walks to the dock. I hear a tribute coming and I plant myself between the walkway to the dock and her. Raqel Numez just looks at me. I take a few steps forward and stab her with my sword. She gasps as the force of the sword pins her to the floor. “But… I don’t belong here, you can’t-” I pull my sword out of her body and walk away. Let the other tributes see her body and know it was the Careers. Let them be afraid.

Brittanic De Leon

Titanic and I make a mad dash down the walkway and to the trees in the distance. My bow and arrow slaps against my back with every step, and Titanic’s backpack is weighing him down a little; but we manage to outrun the other tributes starting to emerge. Wherever the Careers have gone, they don’t see us and soon we’ve run through the tall grass and are just touching the bark of a tree. I get a good grip and begin to climb; Titanic following me.


"In the spirit of Thanksgiving, you will all get one Thanksgiving food. Just speak what you want out loud, and tomorrow it will come. Your welcome." Tributes begin to whisper their orders all at once, eagerly awaiting their food.

Okay users, this is up to you. Pick a Thanksgiving food (mashed potatoes, turkey, pumpkin pie) for each of your tributes. Be warned, a few foods may be poisoned. Try to pick a food no one else has, no more than two tributes should recieve the same food. You have until five o'clock eastern standard time tomorrow.

Brendan Downstreet

Carriettum and I sneak off the ship after most of the other tributes have left. I remember the announcement about getting food and my stomach growls. I’m craving gravy right now; I can just imagine it sliding smoothly down my throat. I can’t risk thinking about it for long. These are the Hunger Games; and I have to get my sister to safety. Knowing most of the tributes will go to the forest; Carriettum and I sneak into the tall swaying grasses.

Blue Ghost

The dead tributes have all left, whether to return to their district or get up close to the Hunger Games action. I think Cedar went to watch over Kajama; he still wants me to ally with her. Oh well, he’ll move on and disappear one day. Most ghosts do. I stretch out my stiff limbs and get up so I can walk off the ship. I see one tribute, Cathy I think her name was, swimming happily beside the sharks that killed her. I’m so focused on watching her move effortlessy through the waves, I don’t notice when I bump into Kajama.

Kajama Odair

All I can think of is Cedar. He loved me; and I was too focused on winning these Games to realize it. A tribute bumps into me as I wander around the deck, and I instinctively draw my only weapon; the knife Cedar made me kill him with. The girl falls on her knees and begins to beg. “Wait, don’t kill me. Cedar told me to help protect you, I swear.” Was Cedar’s love for me so obvious that all the tributes figured it out; that one tribute is trying to use it to her advantage. “Lies.” I say, as I stab her in the heart. Anyone who dares mention Cedar will suffer the same fate.

Wendy Zirbel

I lay absentmindedly in the grass, twisting the tall grasses into necklaces and bracelets. No sponsor gifts have arrived yet, but I’m sure they’re coming soon. My parents and mentor won’t let me down. I dream of the food I asked for that I will receive tomorrow as I fall gently to sleep.

Down Smith

I run between the trees to avoid being seen. I can get and ally, I just need to find someone. My stomach growls, but I ignore it. I’ll be getting my dream dish tomorrow, so I can go hungry tonight. I make a final run towards a cluster of bushes. Diving in them, I see a small hollow. Unfortunately, it’s occupied.

Dahlia Everlasting

A tribute bursts into the small camp I’ve set up in a cluster of bushes. I raise my spear as the tribute grabs his knife. The sun is setting, but I can make out the tribute to be Down Smith. Remembering how nice he was to everyone during training, I lower my spear. Even though everyone I’m around seems to die, I need an ally. “Allies?” I say. Down grins and puts his knife away. “Sure.” He says. Maybe he’ll be just another person I know to die; but while he’s alive I’ll protect him like I couldn’t protect my family or friend.

Evelyn Winter

I slash another branch from a tree and add it to the small hut Leven and I have made. It’ll be snug, but we’ll both be able to sleep in it. I only have to walk a couple steps through the trees to find Leven adding some iodine drops to a jug of water. The lake is peaceful and I can see my reflection perfectly. No other tributes are in sight. I pick up my backpack to see what’s in it. Leven’s bag had iodine, a jug with water we drank traveling here, and a knife. I have two knives, a loaf of bread, and a blanket. It’s not too bad considering Leven and I just grabbed the first back packs we found before we ran away from the cornucopia. I tear off a chunk of bread and throw it at Leven. “Look, we won’t have to wait until tomorrow to eat.” He smiles at me, before starting to eat. I take a chunk of the bread and begin to eat.

As I’m putting up the food we don’t eat, I see a silver locket lying on the ground. I remember its Leven’s token. He refuses to tell me what’s inside. Looking around to make sure he’s still in the hut, I snap it open.

Jupiter Dorthog

From my vantage point in the crow’s nest of the ship; I can’t see anyone. It’s almost night, and everyone has found their hiding spot for the night. Even the careers are nowhere to be seen, I last saw them creeping into the tall grasses. I hear a clatter behind me and I jerk around and notch my arrow. It’s only a sword, attached to a silver parachute. I exhale slowly before climbing down from the crow’s nest and picking up a sword sheath from the deserted cornucopia. I run off the ship and slip into the grasses without making even a rustle. The sun has just finished setting as I reach the first of the trees.

Rockman’s sponsor money : 210- 85= 125

Death 28th- Reeanna Storm- Stabbed by Miley Gold

27th-Nemphisi Niguless- disease

26th- Noelle Vignios- Killed by Miley Gold

25th- Cedar Mellark- sacrificed himself to save Kajama

24th- Ethan Gray- Disease

23rd- Raqel Numez- Killed by George Gold

22nd- Blue Ghost- Killed by Kajama Odair

Day One- Night

Rick Jones

I climb up a rope and onto the side of the ship. It’s sad, if Cathy had jumped closer to the ship, she might have fallen in the lifeboat I found hanging on its edge. Now that Jupiter’s gone, I can come from my hiding place and find an alliance. I look over at the cornucopia, but there’s not much left. Nothing useful, anyway. A glint of silver in the sky draws my attention and I smile as my sponsor gifts fall beside me. There’s a backpack with one bottle of water, some jerky, and five throwing knives. The other parachute has a vial of poison that’s no doubt deadly. I slip the vial in my backpack and sling my backpack over my shoulder. Using the darkness of night as my cover, I sneak off the boat and into the grasses. With a plan formulating in my mind, I search for the Careers.

Nate’s Sponsor Money: 275-175= $100 remaining.

Max Summers

My eyes flash open as I feel something fall on my body. Thankfully, it’s just an axe. I have to admit, I expected it was Miley or George. I don’t trust them. They could have planned to kill me and Herflex, and I’d never know. I get a good grip on the axe before falling back into a light sleep.

Rockman’s Sponsor Money: 125- 85= $40 remaining

Kajama Odair

I lean against the ship’s side, the rhythmic motion of it lulling me to sleep. Almost. I’m wide awake and my eyes scan my surroundings to look for unsuspecting tributes. Something falls and bounces down the stairs leading up to the ship’s deck and I’m immediately on my feet with my knife raised. It’s just a sponsor gift. I get 15 throwing knives, and for some reason, poison medication. I’m too tired to wonder what the medication may imply; I just gather up my knives and huddle against the ship’s wall again. I try to sleep, but my dreams are haunted by Cedar’s death while he says “I love you.” Over and over again.

Anna-athena’s Sponsor money: 200- 180= $20 remaining

Anna athena gave her remaining money to Nate, so Nate777 now has $120 and Anna-athena has $0.

Herflex Nome

Something falls on me and I immediately sit up and look around for any tributes. I see a flash of silver as the parachute rolls off my body. Even though it’s in the middle of the night, I can see from the light of the moon and stars that I’ve been given a gallon of water. I can also see Max. He’s staring at me while holding his axe defensively. I understand. I’ve been on edge too. The psycho siblings make up half of the Career alliance. If they wanted to they could kill Max and I. Both of us know what we need to do. I nod at Max as he slides out of his sleeping bag with his axe in hand. He swings his axe down on George’s neck. His cannon goes off, but Miley doesn’t wake. I lay back down and hug the sleeping bag around my body as I begin to fall asleep. When Miley wakes up I’ll just have to tell her how I saw Max kill George, but there was nothing I could do.

QuinnQuinn’s Sponsoring money: 410- $40= $370 remaining


21st- George Gold- Beheaded by Max

Day 2

Kajama Odair

I wake up and the food the announcer promised me is besides me. I’m so hungry, I eat it all without pausing. As soon as I finish eating my stomach starts to hurt. When my heart starts to beat fast I remember the medication I got last night. I stretch to get the pill bottle and struggle to open it with my now shaking hands. I drop the bottle and the pills spill out on the floor. My vision is blurry, but I pick up a single pill and put it in my mouth right before I black out… I come to as the hovercraft picks up my body. I start to thrash around. I’m not dead, don’t they know that? Out of the claw of the Hovercraft a small dart shoots out into my arm. Once again I go limp. I wake up on a cold metal table, with restraints on my wrist so I can’t escape. Two people stand over me. One wears a blue paper mask that covers most of his face, the other is the president. The president smiles at me before speaking. “Hello Ms. Odair, I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Tell me, have you heard about why your father died? He was a rebel, and the Capitol does not tolerate those. Rebels spread their beliefs through the Districts, poisoning the citizens of Panem’s minds. Usually, they start with their children.” The president stops to take a sip from a glass of water, but his eyes never leave mine. I’m terrified, I have no idea what will happen to me. When the glass of water is drained, the President speaks again. “The only way we’ve found to stop the rebel’s lies is to stop their voice.” The other man picks up a knife and I remember the avoxs that served me in the Capitol, something had been done to their tongues. “Ms. Odair, I know you’ll understand when I say we can’t risk any children of rebels spreading what they say.” At this the President walks out and the masked man moves in, his knife glinting in the dim light. My jaw is yanked open, my tongue cut out. I scream, but no one hears me.

Herflex Nome

Once again, something lands on me and wakes me up. It’s the ham I asked for. My stomach rumbles and I pick up my knife to cut off a piece of the ham; not even noticing how quiet the Career camp has become. Right before the knife touches the ham, it transforms into a pig mutt. It has razor sharp hooves and it stomps on me, slashing my stomach and chest. I slash at with my knife, but it hardly slows down. I scream for someone to help me, and that’s when I see her. Miley Gold is standing over Max with a bloody axe. She just stares at me with a smile on her face. I know she’s enjoying my death. The pig stomps down one last time on my chest, and I die.

Evelyn Winter

He loves me. How else could you explain why Leven has a picture of me in his locket? I think about what to do as I eat the pie that arrived for me. I never went back to the little shack Leven and I made last night. I muttered something to Leven about keeping watch and vanished for the rest of the night. I just can’t face him. Maybe if we weren’t in the Games, we could be together; but knowing only one of us will be able to live, I can’t return any of his feelings. I hope he understands. I take another big bite of my pie, but frown at the odd taste I didn’t notice before. I hear Leven looking for me, but I’m already feeling light-headed. By the time he finds me I’m already close to death. He looks heart-broken as the point to my remaining pie and mouth “poison.” I remember the locket and give him one final gift. “I love you.” I say. Right before I fade away, the look on his face gives me joy, just for a moment.

Down Smith

I wake up before Dahlia does. There’s food waiting for us. I look back at Dahlia, she’s sound asleep and there’s no point in waking her. I take the food I asked for and eat half of eat before I think to stop. Maybe I’ll save the rest for Dahlia. It seems like something an ally would do. I get a sharp pain in my stomach that makes me bend over in pain. Never before has my stomach hurt this bad, not even when I got a stomach ache from the rich Capitol food. I shake Dahlia awake, but when she opens her arm the pain is too much for me to bear. I know if I open my mouth I’ll start screaming. Dahlia sees the bread and gets to her knees, begging me to stay with her. As much as I want to, I can’t. My stomach pain reaches levels I could never had imagined, and then I’m gone.

Dahlia Everlasting

No, not again. I can’t stand to lose another person, to have another person I know die. Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t I be given a break? Down Smith’s body lies beside me, and I know I should move so his body can be collected. I don’t want to stay here anyway, not when my only ally has just died inches away from where I slept last night. I snatch up my spear and dart out of the bushes. I don’t see any tributes, but maybe they’re avoiding me. Maybe they’ve already figured out what I’m just beginning to realize; that death surrounds me like a blanket, taking anyone who dares to come near.

Calder Eden

I grip my weapon, a club, and prepare to attack. Miley is the only Career left, and once she’s dead none will be left. She’s weaponless right now; all she has is a worthless marker she’s using to write something on a piece of paper. Before I can make my attack, she turns my way and I have to take a step back to hide myself. I hear a gentle wooshing sound, and a paper airplane hits me. On its wings is just one word—“idiot”. By the time I look up Miley’s already lunged for me, marker in hand.

Rick Jones

I hear fighting, and I know I should run; but I need supplies. Maybe the tributes will be too focused on each other to notice me. Sure enough, Calder and Miley are too busy trying to kill each other to notice when I pick up a backpack and start filling it with dried food, a filled water bottle, some iodine drops, and a couple of knives. Before a single glance is given my way I’m gone.

Calder Eden

I knock my club furiously against Miley’s body, hoping to throw her off me. She continues to stab me with her marker, which I can now see is really a sharpie. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone move, and that split second distraction is all that it takes for Miley to thrust her sharpie into my throat. I gasp for air as I stare at the spot where Rick Jones has vanished. Miley stabs me several more times to make sure I’ll die before turning back to her supplies. The last thing I hear is her shriek of rage when she realizes some of her supplies are missing.

Wendy Zirbel

I’m hungry. The box of chocolates I got for the twist didn’t fill me up, and not a single sponsor gift has been given to me. I stomp my foot and whine to the sky. “I’m hungry.” I plop down on the ground. I hear the grass rustle, and Oak appears next to me. “If you’re hungry, maybe you should find some food.” I jump to my feet, but I don’t have any weapon to defend myself with. Oak grins, tapping a knife lightly against his chin. “Want to ally? The person I was going to ally with… died.” Oak’s smile droops as he speaks. I have no other choice, so I nod my head yes. Oak throws me a piece of bread, and I eat it hungrily. It tastes great.

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