This is my first games, so yay! I probably won’t do chariot rides or interviews, but I may do reapings to make sure I correctly portray the character. I’ll need two tributes, one boy and one girl, for Districts 0-13. There will not be any Capitol tributes, because this is when the Capitol is still in control. Be sure to include your tribute’s name, age, skills, weaknesses, strategy, history, token, personality, and whether or not they volunteered. I don’t want a lot of tributes that are siblings or boyfriend and girlfriend; so please see if anyone has submitted tributes like that before submitting your own. You can now submit tributes from more than one district. Update: I have decided not to do Lunaiis. Happy Hunger Games!


District Girls Boys User
0 Venus Blizzard(16) Comet Ash(16) Jabberjay78
1 Sunny Blares(15) Venom Strike(17) Nate777
2 Suko Yoshida(17) Chisel Jaws(16) Kenzen11
3 Lily Sage(16) Cameron Jaque(13) Skybender101

4 Bubbles Foam(17) Sandy Shipwreck (14) Prezziesnow9704:)!
5 Solstyce Midnight(13) Bronze Eagle(13) Clove1001
6 Cho Abiko(18) Lucifer Shadows(18) Tommyboy97
7 Keyllu Vetra (15) Aydan Monarcha(12) Tiki tooki
8 Vanilla Cream(14) Cocoa Cream(17) Jabberjay78
9 Nike O'Hare (16) Vector LaGuardia(18) Tiki tooki
10 Holly Honey(13) Fall Sky (17) Moviepopcorn123
11 Alice Wonder(12) Lion Coy(16) Kenzen11
12 Lilac Coalburner(15) Aaron Winters(17) Rockman117

(soldier) Myra Vane

(Soldier) Clerk Vane



28th- Fall Sky

27th- Myra Vane

26th- Bubbles Foam

25rd- Bronze Eagle

24nd- Aaron Winters

23st-Aydan Monarcha

22th- Lucifer Shadows

21th-Vector LaGuardia

20th-Suko Yoshida

19th-Sunny Blares

18th- Vanilla Cream

17th- Lily Sage

16th- Alice Wonder

15th- Venus Blizzard

14th- Comet Ash

13th- Keyllu Vetra

12th- Cho Abiko

11th- Chisel Jaws

10th-Lilac Coalburner

9th- Cameron Jaque

8th- Lion Coy

7th- Venom Strike

6th- Cocoa Cream

5th- Nike O'Hare

4th- Solstyce Midnight

3rd- Clerk Vane





The arena

The arena is shaped like a four-pointed star. The Tributes will start in the middle, at the cornucopia, surrounded by prairies filled with 4ft tall grass. Further out, a thick forest lays stocked with plants, game, and mutts. As the tributes get closer to the star’s tips, the terrain changes. The arena is surrounded by drinkable fresh water.

At the top point lies a giant canyon with many caves and places to hide, but no water and little food. The days are scorching hot, and the nights are still very warm.

The right star’s point contains rocky ground, filled with craters and pit traps. Some pit traps contain food and water, with a ladder to climb out of them; others have spikes or mutts at the bottom. The nights are very cold; if the traps don’t kill you the hypothermia will.

The bottom point has a sandy beach with a warm climate. Coconut trees cover the beach. The coconuts are usually normal coconuts, but a few contain weapons or food.

The left point is an abandoned city- but why? Tributes can hide in the buildings, which may contain clothing, food, and water. Every so often mutts made to look like peacekeepers will go through the city.

At day three each terrain sets off traps to drive the tributes closer to the center of the arena. The fresh water turns poisonous. The canyon in the top point starts to close, and other canyons begin to rapidly appear. Scorpion mutts are released. In the right tip the holes and crater deepen and multiply, any good pit traps are replaced with bad ones. At the beach all of the palm trees die and the beach gradually turns into a desert. In the left point the reason the city was abandoned becomes clear, poisonous gas slowly makes its way through the city. After day five, the forest will be set on fire. The remaining tributes will be forced to the grasslands.


There won't be a lot of mutts, because I'm going to focus more on gamemaker traps and tributes killing tributes.

Scorpion Mutt- Small, fast, and hard to kill; this mutt’s sting will leave you in agony until you die one day later from the poison.

Ant Mutt- This mutt attacks when you’re least expecting it. They are attracted to the scent of blood and hunt in packs. If they catch you they will swarm over you and eat you alive.

Peacekeeper mutts- Looking like a cross between a human and another animal, these mutts won’t hesitate to kill. Some have guns attached to their bodies.


The tributes will be given gray short sleeve shirts and thin track pants. Their shoes will be standard tennis shoes.


Each District will start out with $200, the person who submitted the tribute controls the money. Specify which tribute you are giving your gift to in your comment.

Survival items

$60- sleeping bag

$35- loaf of bread

$40- bag of jerky

$40- gallon of water

$75- parka

$115- book bag with one bottle of water, jerky, and 5 throwing knives


$75- 10 throwing knives

$100- Bow and 20 arrows

$80- Axe

$90- Sword

$60- vial of poison


$50- electrical wire or rope

$100- Cut/poison medication

$40- note to the tribute (say what you want on it in your comment)

If you think of something not on here ask me about and I’ll give you the price.


Here are the reapings. If you think I'm portraying your character wrong, don't hesitate to tell me.

District 0

The crowd hugged their coats closer, as the anticipation of the reapings gave them chills. Finally, a large man meant to be their escort walked on stage, looking ridiculous in his coat made to look like he was wearing a cross between a bear and a goose. Feathers flew everywhere as he walked towards the girl’s reaping ball. “L-ladies first.” The man managed to get out through chattering teeth. It was clear he was not used to the cold weather, even though his clothes were warmer than anything the citizens of District 0 possessed. His thickly gloved fingers struggled to take hold of a slip of paper, but eventually he pulled out a name. “Venus Blizzard”. The sixteen year old girl walked slowly to the stage. Biting her lip, she made it on the stage as the boy’s name was called. “Mars Len”. A cruel-looking boy smiled and began to walk towards the stage. “Stop, I volunteer!” A young man called out, running to the front of the crowd. He reached Venus and grasped her hand tightly. The escort asked for his name. “Comet Ash.” The young man announced, as a single tear fell off Venus’s face and froze.

District 1

The crowd was alive with excitement, leaning forward in anticipation. In the roped off section girls and boys were silent, coldly eyeing their potential obstacles to fame and fortune. Finally, a middle aged woman with magenta skin and teal hair styled in a beehive walked on stage. Professional as always, she skipped any unnecessary comments and went straight to the reaping ball. The name “Sunny Blares” was called, to her parent’s delight. The girls section let out a sigh of disappointment, there was no way they could volunteer now. If they had to choose between a life of ease or Sunny’s favor, they would go with Sunny. No one was foolish enough to get on her bad side. As Sunny proudly marched up the stage, the escort walked to the boy’s reaping ball. “Poison Strike” Before anyone else had the chance, one boy shouted “I volunteer!” Pulling his brother back into the roped off area, the boy walked slowly up to the stage, pausing to wave at another girl who seemed to be pregnant. As he reached the stage he whispered his name to the escort. He then shook hands with Sunny as the escort finished off the ceremony. “I give you our Hunger Game tributes, Sunny Blare and Venom Strike!”

District 2

The crowd was tense, not in fear but in anticipation. In the roped off sections teenagers bragged about their abilities and warned other children that they were going to volunteer. Several fights broke out to prove who was the best fighter, but other than that District two was surprisingly peaceful. The escort arrived early, as she was just as eager to begin the reapings as the rest of the crowd. Excited, she ran over to the girl’s reaping ball; her striped and polka-dotted dress swaying after her. Drawing the name, she paused for dramatic effect “Folly Glam!” The ill-prepared twelve year old’s walk of terror was interrupted by a teen’s voice. “I volunteer!” The teenager sprinted to the stage. “I’m Suko Yoshida. I volunteer in place of the child the Capitol would willingly kill.”Knocked off guard by the speech, the escort tried to continue on as if nothing had happened. She quickly drew the next slip of paper. “Chisel Jaws.” A tough-looking teenager walked onstage confidently. Though everyone wanted to volunteer, no one was brave enough to go against Chisel and replace him in the games. Just that day he had broken two noses and an arm when a group of kids were stupid enough to challenge him. The tributes faced each other, both of them confident and strong; attempting to learn their temporary ally’s every weakness.

District 3

A somber silence filled the air, interrupted only by the crying of twelve year olds scared for their lives. The rest of the potential tributes stood facing the stage in their roped-off areas; patiently waiting to see if they would be given the death sentence of the Hunger Games. Their escort, a young woman with hair shaped like a bird walked onstage. “May the odds be ever in your favor!” She chirped, before walking quickly to the girl’s reaping ball. Pulling out the paper slip, she paused for special effect. “Our girl tribute will be… Lily Sage!” A small gasp came from the boy’s section. Lily walked slowly up the stage, with her head held high. She focused on a boy in the crowd and shook her head, warning him off. The escort watched this before walking to the boy’s reaping ball, fluttering her hands with excitement. “The boy tribute will be… Cameron Jaque!” The boy who had gasped nervously walked up to the stage. A few members of his family smiled as he walked. “Now shake hands.” The escort said, clearly pleased with her performance. Cameron glared at his family while Lily smiled sadly at her brother in the crowd.

District 4

The air had a touch of salt, making the children waiting in the roped off areas believe they could literally taste victory. Their escort arrived onstage in a gigantic floppy hat and sunglasses that covered her whole face. As she opened her mouth to speak the crowd followed along, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Smiling at her luck of getting a decent district, the escort strutted up to the girl’s reaping ball and drew a name. “Bubbles Foam!” Despite the hordes of people waiting to volunteer, no one opened their mouth. Everyone felt too sorry for her to take away her chance of a life of ease. Bubbles walked to the sound of half-hearted clapping. Smiling briefly at Bubbles, the escort went right back to business, picking a name from the boy’s reaping ball with great care. “Sandy Shipwreck!” Several of the boys kicked the sand; they couldn’t deny Sandy the chance of winning and getting medicine for his sick grandmother. As the two tributes shook hands on the stage, they smiled sadly at each other. An odd act of kindness had given them the chance to solve their problems, but not unless one of them died.

District 5

The reaping day was as quiet as always in District 5. A few girls and boys whispered in their rope fences, but most parents did little more than shake with fear. As their familiar escort walked up, the crowd stifled their laughter. He was wearing a bright pink tux and had implanted sparkles into his skin. Glaring at the source of laughter, the escort stomped to the girl’s reaping ball and carelessly picked a name. Everyone in the crowd held their breath as he read the slip of paper. “Solstyce Midnight.” A little boy started to cry as the young girl was helped up onstage. An older boy simply bowed his head, tears silently falling as his stepsister was sent off to die. The escort yanked a piece of paper from the boy’s reaping ball and gruffly called out the name written on it. “Bronze Eagle.” A boy as young as Solstyce ran up to the stage and scanned the crowd hopefully for his brothers. His faced betrayed his fear as he realized no one would volunteer for him. As the escort told them to shake hands; he was only dimly aware of his hand moving. The brothers that had betrayed him slowly looked away.

District 6

“Cho Abiko!” The bright yellow-skinned escort called out. A teenager stepped through the crowd and onstage. She paused only to blow a kiss and smile sadly at her boyfriend. The escort paused as if she had forgotten what she was doing before skipping to the boy’s reaping ball. She drew a piece of paper and barely looked at it before calling out “Lucifer Shadows!” The crowd parted as a confident teenager walked to the stage. Even the cheery escort backed up as he went onstage, you could see in his eyes that something was off about him. As the teens left the stage several brave people began to cheer, happy at the sight of blood-thirsty Lucifer leaving.

“You’re going to win, you have to.” Cho’s boyfriend was yelling his final words before she left. Peacekeepers grabbed her roughly and began pulling her into the train. Cho stretched out for a final kiss before she was sent to face death. Her boyfriend jumped on the train to get closer and for just a moment their lips touched. Bang! The peacekeepers gave a final tug and she was thrown farther into the train as it began to move. As the doors closed she caught sight of her only love; dead and bleeding on the train station’s floors.

District 7

The crowd waited patiently for the reaping to start. Few showed how terrified they were, most stood up strong and tall like the trees in the background. Their escort walked onstage in a rainbow plaid dress; another one of the ways she tried to “relate” to them. In truth, she was the reason few District 7 citizens wore plaid anymore. After trying and failing to get the crowd excited, her posture slumped slightly and she marched to the girl’s reaping ball like she was trying not to throw her annual tantrum. Shoving her hand into the reaping ball and drawing out the paper; she called out the name. “Keyllu Vetra” the escort snapped, before walking quickly to the next ball and yanking out another name. “Aydan Monarcha”. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the tributes to walk onstage. Aydan walked slowly, refusing to hurry for anyone. Keyllu was nowhere in sight. “Will Keyllu please come to the stage?” The escort’s face turned deep red in anger, but quickly went pale as Keyllu whispered “here” right behind her. Smiling as the escort feinted; Keyllu shook hands with Aydan, who was patiently waiting onstage with determination in his eyes.

District 8

The district was acting normally, considering it was reaping day. A few parents with young potential tributes were crying, and one person was preparing to kill himself if he heard his name called; but all in all it was a day like any other. The escort was even dressed like she wasn’t a mental patient. With dark purple hair and a teal suit, she hardly looked like she was from the Capitol at all. Then she opened her mouth. “Good afternoon District 8 and may the odds be ever in your favor!” Several people groaned as the escort drew the girl’s name. “Congratulations … Vanilla Cream, you’ll be competing in the Hunger Games!” A snobby-looking girl strode confidently to the stage. The escort walked to the boy’s reaping ball. “Congratulations John Smith, you-“A loud piercing voice interrupted the escort’s, startling John Smith into dropping the poisonous berries he was holding. “I volunteer!” A boy everyone recognized as Cocoa Cream, Vanilla’s older brother, ran onto the stage. He went over and shook hands with his sister, while the escort gushed about all the excitement.

District 9

A collective intake of breath was heard as the escort walked onstage. Even her overly tightened skin and ankle long blue hair couldn’t make the crowd smile. Everyone stared as the escort slowly walked towards the girl’s reaping ball. The escort’s heels kept time with the crowd’s heartbeat “Click, clack, click, clack.” Finally, a name was called. “Nike O'Hare.” A black-haired girl walked onstage. Bending down, she picked up the slip of paper that had slipped through the escort’s fingers. In the brief second she held the paper, she saw her name printed in bold. It was just another physical reminder that this wasn’t a dream. The escort moved on to the boy’s reapings. “Vector LaGuardia.” As the giant bully arrived onstage, he cracked his knuckle menacingly. Nike went to shake hands with him, her positive attitude slightly fading. Even she couldn’t put a positive spin on this.

District 10

Save the distant mooing of cattle, no one was in the mood for talking on reaping day. Their escort seemed to be a tad drunk, as he was staring mindlessly at the crowd. His outfit was surprisingly subdued, for a Capitol citizen. His electric blue outfit barely hurt the crowd’s eyes at all, and his skin was dyed an almost unnoticeable peach. Out in the crowd someone coughed, and the escort snapped back to reality. After slightly slurring his opening lines, he stumbled to the reaping ball. “Holly Honey.” A young teenager stepped out from the crowd, her blonde hair and blue eyes furthering the look o her innocence. As she reached the stage many people opened their mouths to volunteer, but she simply shook her head and they quieted. The escort had used the distraction to drink from a small bottle, but was now walking towards the boy’s reaping ball. “Fall Shhh-ky.” The escort seemed to have trouble with Fall Sky’s name; but Fall knew he was being called. The tall teen walked slowly to the stage, throwing glances to a girl crying softly. He lifted himself onstage and shook hands with Holly without ever taking his eyes from the crying girl.

District 11

The square was thick with people, a good sign for those scared of being reaped. Despite the number of people waiting for the reaping to begin, not a sound could be heard. Peacekeepers marched up and down the square with guns ready. Their escort finally appeared, he had taken to arriving later and later every year. Pushing his cape decorated with dried fruit behind him, strutted over to the girl’s reaping ball. Little kids ran from their parents and picked up the dried fruit that fell of his outfit. “Alice Wonder.” A young girl walked up to the stage, tilting her head to shield her face from prying cameras. Despite the girl’s young age, there were no volunteers. Her family’s tears stopped only after Peacekeepers threatened their lives. The escort turned to the boy’s reaping ball, shaking dried fruit into the crowd. “Lion Coy.” Lion stepped forward almost before his name was even called. Weaving between people in the crowd, he quickly arrived onstage. Before he could be told to do so, he went over to Alice and shook her hand.

District 12

The skies were cloudy and as dark as the coal dust that covered everything in District 12. Tensions were high as the crowd waited to see who would be marked for death. Their escort arrived right on time, literally, as he was covered in clocks right down to his alarm clock shoes. Several toddlers pointed and laughed at the sight, but few of the other citizens did little more than raise their eyebrows. After making several jokes about his outfit, the escort walked lightly to the girl’s reaping ball and drew out a name. “Tanya Shade.” A girl burst into tears and began to move forward, but was stopped by another voice. “I volunteer.” For the first time that day, whispers spread through the crowd; as people discussed the crazy girl that volunteered. “My name is Lilac Coalburner.” The teenager shouted, leaping onstage. The rather shocked escort did his best to continue with the reapings. Drawing another slip of paper, the escort called out the name, his voice still shaky with surprise. “Aaron Winters” At this an audible gasp could be heard, everyone shocked at the teenage orphan’s misfortune. Aaron walked to the stage, showing no emotion. As they were told to shake hands Lilac dug her fingernails into Aaron’s hand. Wincing, Aaron withdrew from the handshake. “Is this a bad time to ask if you want to be allies?” He asked, as they were led down the stage.

District 13

Despite the enormous pressure of death being put on them, the crowd was talkative and wild. For their reaping they had been allowed to go into the open and enjoy the beautiful day. Pale skin was warmed and deepened by the sun as the children waited for the escort to come. The escort arrived with several bangs, miniature bombs on his coat would blow up randomly, sprinkling confetti through the air. The pleasant weather affected the escort’s mood too, as she smiled at the crowd before drawing a name. “Myra Vane.” A teenager on the brink of adulthood walked up the stage. One person in crowd whistled, but the hundreds of glares he received made him stop quickly. Giving the girl another smile before moving on, the escort drew and called out another name. “Sam –“another voice quickly interrupted the escort. “I volunteer!” Marching proudly to the stand, the teen proudly announced his identity. “I am Clerk Vane.” Turning to face his sister, he spoke once more. “United we stand, together we fall.” Brushing away a tear and messing up her hair for perhaps the first time in her life; Myra went to shake hands with her brother, but ended up hugging him. Nudged by the peacekeepers down the stairs, they walked towards untold dangers, together.

Training Scores

Note: these are all completely random, so don't be disapointed if your score isn't what you expected.

District Girls Boys


Venus Blizzard(7) Comet Ash(5)
1 Sunny Blares(5) Venom Strike(10)
2 Suko Yoshida(6) Chisel Jaws(10)
3 Lily Sage(9) Cameron Jaque(12)
4 Bubbles Foam(11) Sandy Shipwreck(9)
5 Solstyce Midnight(10) Bronze Eagle(8)
6 Cho Abiko(8) Lucifer Shadows(7)
7 Keyllu Vetra(6) Aydan Monarcha(11)
8 Vanilla Cream(10) Cocoa Cream(3)
9 Nike O'Hare(4) Vector LaGuardia(10)
10 Holly Honey(2) Fall Sky(9)
11 Alice Wonder(10) Lion Coy(7)
12 Lilac Coalburner(8) Aaron Winters(10)
13 (Soldier) Myra Vane(7) (Soldier) Clerk Vane(3)

The Games

Day One


Fall Sky- blew himself up

Myra Vane- Knife put in her head by Cameron Jaque

Bubble Foam- Head bashed in by Chisel Jaws

Bronze Eagle- speared by a trident

Aaron Winters- Neck snapped by Chisel

Aydan Monarcha- Arrow to the throat by Suko Yoshida

Cocoa Cream

As my plate is raised to be level with the ground, I survey the terrain. Grass is growing up to my shoulder, but I can see the tops of trees in the distance. The countdown begins and there is nothing to do but wait. I count down in my head as I listen for the gong. With only twenty seconds left, I turn to look at my sister. She’s been hanging out with the careers lately, but I know she promised to ally with me. Standing on the plate, I watch in horror as she takes her token and throws it at me. Smiling evilly, she waves goodbye. I close my eyes as I hear a bang.

Fall Sky

27 people. That is the number of people who must die so I can live. Even if I kill as many as possible, I will probably be brought down by a career. I know my mind is slipping back to before I met Penelope, but I can’t help it. I turn to Holly, the only person I agreed to ally with. She smiles at me and my heart tightens. I cannot, I will not, let her die so I can live. Closing my eyes, I whisper goodbye to Penelope as I step forward. Right before the mines go off I realize that I have finally done enough. I die close to the perfection I longed to achieve.

Cameron Jaque

The gong rings and I dash to the cornucopia. My attempt at being weak ended up with a trident almost impaling the head gamemaker, giving me a twelve that may as well be a target on my head. I see a bow and arrow sitting near Myra Vane. As she tries to grab it I pick up a knife and bury it in her head. A cannon sounds as she falls and I pick up the bow. I never liked Myra, she always insisted she be called soldier. I hear a cry of rage and see Myra’s brother running towards me. He raises his axe, preparing to strike me down.

Bronze Eagle

As soon as the gong rings I run, picking up the object closest to me, a pocketknife. For a second I almost believe I can escape. Then a body pops out from nowhere and I am on the ground. Before I can get up a foot presses me to the ground. Standing over me is Bubble Foam, a career. She holds a trident and is preparing to kill me when she hesitates. Her face softens and once again I believe I will live. A career, Chisel Jaws sneaks up behind Bubbles. He takes a rock and smashes her head in. I watch, terrified, as her hand with the trident falls on top of me. To think for a moment I thought my death would be quick.

Cocoa Cream

The token has almost touched my plate when the gong sounds. For a moment I just stand there, shocked that my sister was going to kill me. I quickly snap back to my senses, as I hear the first scream. Grabbing a backpack, I hoist it on my shoulders and run through the grass and towards the forest.

Lily Sage

In the midst of all the chaos, I manage to grab a spear and some knives. I look for Cameron, my ally, and see he’s about to be beheaded by Clerk. Wincing slightly, I throw my knife at Clerk.

Aaron Winters

I run towards the cornucopia as the gong rings. Curiously, only weapons fill the cornucopia. Of course, that can’t be true. I run closer to find the food, water, or blankets that must be hiding there. I tense as I feel someone’s hands on my throat. The last thing I hear is a snap.

Clerk Vane

My sister is dead. I repeat this through my mind as I prepare to kill her murderer. I’m just about to bring the axe down when a knife imbeds itself in my hand. Dropping the axe, I run, gritting my teeth from the pain. A dead tribute lies on the ground and I rip a strip of their shirt off. The grass slows me down, and finally I give up and lie in it. Hopefully the grass will hide me from any threats. I finally turn to my hand and pull out the knife. I bite my tongue to keep from screaming from the pain. The strip of shirt I ripped from the tribute is useful in binding my hand. Thankfully the knife didn't pierce any major veins. I don’t think I’ll bleed to death, but the loss of blood has weakened me and I’m left with nothing to survive.

Aydan Monarcha

So far my strategy has proved successful. Besides losing a strip of my shirt, I’ve played dead convincingly. The bloodbath will end soon though, and anyone left near the cornucopia will figure out my trick when my body is not picked up. Looking back, this wasn’t the best plan. I should have joined the careers when they asked after the training scores came out. As long as I had an axe, I would have had a shot at victory. I crack my eyes open slowly, and see two bodies inches away from my face. My scream is quickly ended by the arrow through my throat.

Venom Strike

After Suko shoots the screaming idiot with an arrow, we careers gather inside the cornucopia to talk. The bodies left over from the bloodbath are just now being picked up. Surprisingly, Cho Abiko and Vanilla Cream joined our alliance, even though they’re not typical careers. It’s a good thing we didn’t kill them, there’s strength in numbers. Plus, Chisel killed Bubbles, so we’ve already lost one member. Which brings me back to the conversation. “How could you kill her?” Sandy is yelling at Chisel, not a smart move considering he’s our unofficial leader. “We don’t need soft-hearted people in this alliance.” Chisel replies, looking around at everyone. “If anyone has a problem with that, feel free to join Bubbles.” No one says a word. I realize that Chisel will be the first person to kill when I leave.

Venus Blizzard

Comet and I wander through a rocky wasteland. The forest we ran through was small, and once we walked on this terrain I knew this was where I wanted to stay. The temperature is dropping as it gets close to night, and it reminds me of home. The stars only remind me further of our district. The district I will never return to if my plan succeeds. I look over at my new fiancé and my heart breaks a little. I know he had wanted to propose to me for a while, but when he asked me during the interviews all hope left me. For you can’t marry a dead girl, only love who they once were. Comet begins to ask me if I’m tired, but before I can answer the ground before me crumbles and I fall. My scream of terror harmonizes with his as we fall to the darkness.

Lion Coy

The heat is almost unbearable. Sweat pours down my back as I climb down the canyon. I wonder what Alice Wonder is doing right now, or if she’s even alive. We considered being allies, but both agreed to go our own ways. After all, hiding with two people isn’t effective. Still, I wonder if I’ll have to fight her. Our strategies are so similar it’s like we’re playing Hide and Seek. Giving in to my aching muscles, after a quick look down I release my grip on the canyon walls. I land on a ledge and escape into the shelter of a cave. I have nothing but a meager supply of berries I picked while running. No weapons, no water. Sighing, I decide tomorrow will consist of walking along the canyon walls, looking for a stream or lake.

Holly Honey

I pause to rest a while. After circling around the forest, I still haven’t found any animals. My whole strategy will be ruined if I don’t find some soon. Not to mention my only possible ally decided to kill himself. A sharp pain radiates through my ankle. Looking down I see an ant. Smiling I lean down. “Stop” I whisper. The ant pauses. Smiling at my resourcefulness, I give the ant one last command. “Take me to your swarm.”

Day Two

Nothing happened over the night. Vanilla Cream decided to wait until tonight to kill the Careers during the anthem.


Lucifer Shadows- Eaten by ant mutts acting on Holly's orders.

Vector LaGuardia- Neck snapped when he fell off the canyon.

Suko Yoshida- Killed by falling rubble when Lilac Coalburner blew up the building.

Sunny Blares- Killed in falling elevator.

Vanilla Cream- Strangled by Cho Abiko.

Clerk Vane

I look up at the rising sun and am surprised by a flash of silver. Floating down is a roll of bandages. I jump and catch the parachute before the bandages touch the ground. I replace the blood-soaked strip of shirt with the bandages, sighing in relief.

District 13- 200-30= $170 left

Chisel Jaws

I awake to find a sledgehammer at the foot of my bed. Finally, a decent weapon. Lifting it up, I decide to test it out on some tributes. In a few minutes, the career pack is woken up and we’re combing through the forest to look for victims.

District 2- 200-80= $120 remaining

Lion Coy

I have just begun to walk when a square shadow appears on the ground. I look up to see letter attached floating down. I quickly skim the through letter. After some consideration I decide I’ll backtrack to the forest, and pick another location. Thankfully, it won’t be that far of a walk.

District 11- 200-40= $160 remaining

Soltyce Midnight

From my vantage point in my tree, I see that the arena is really a giant island. It’s not even that big. Even though no one’s found me yet, I’ve should move on soon. The forest isn’t big enough to stay in, not with the pack of careers I just saw enter it. A crashing sound causes me to turn my head. Holly Honey is running through the forest, most likely be chased by careers. Oh well, this is a good time as any to ally with someone. I climb down my tree and pull Holly up with me. For a moment she thrashes, probably thinking I’m a career, but after she sees me she settles down and though we haven’t talked I know we’re allies. Quietly, we climb further up the tree and wait for her attackers. To my surprise, Holly wasn’t running from the careers but the Lucifer, the crazy guy from District 6. As he starts to climb the tree, Holly says one word. “Attack.” A swarm of ants comes out of nowhere, covering Lucifer completely.

Sandy Shipwreck

After an hour of searching through the small forest, all we’ve found is a skeleton that was quickly picked up by a hovercraft. Chisel is getting irritated; you can tell by the way he swings his hammer. If we don’t find someone soon I wouldn’t be surprised if he started killing us. It’s time for me to speak, but I don’t want a repeat of my last conversation with Chisel. I'm at a disadvantage, seeing as my district partner was killed, so I have no backup. Tightening my hold on my trident, I prepare to defend myself if the conversation goes bad. “Chisel. There’s no one here. Let’s move on, the city might have some people.” The rest of the careers go silent, waiting for Chisel’s reaction. As he speaks I release the breath I was holding. “Fine. Anyone have a problem with the city?” More silence follows and within the hour we have gathered our things and are on our way to the skyscrapers that tower above the trees.

Keyllu Vetra

As I lay on the beach, it’s hard to believe I could die at any second. The coconuts are plentiful and some contain bread, weapons, or blankets. After spending the morning cracking coconuts, I have two blankets, three knives, a cloth sack, and a full belly. I stretch out, resting before the time to kill comes. I’m not stupid, from now on I’ll be sleeping with one eye open; prepared to guard my beach paradise, and more importantly, my life, at any cost.

Comet Ash

Venus and I smile at each other as we wake up. We didn’t die after all, in fact, we’re much better off down here. Awaiting us are two book bags, filled with water bottles, jerky, and two knives each. It’s hard not to stay here forever, but we need to move on. There’s no telling who will find us if we don’t. Climbing up the convenient ladder, Venus and I both vow to watch where we step. I have a feeling next time we won’t be so lucky.

Alice Wonder

Lion can be such an idiot sometimes. He walked half a mile into the canyons, got tired, and decided to sleep. On the other hand, I walked through the night and am now enjoying swimming through cool waters I found at the canyon’s end. I drank some, and it seems fine. It took a while, but I even managed to find a small fish and catch it in my hands. It wasn’t a meal, but I don’t need much. Sleep though, will be essential to the games. Reluctantly I get out of the cool water and smear the red dirt on myself. After walking to the canyon’s walls and lying in the shadows, I’m sure that no one could see me. Sleep quickly overtakes me.

Cho Abiko

The buildings are huge and towering, they rise to heights I would have thought impossible had I not seen the Capitol. The beauty of the ghost city is somewhat marred by my anxiety. The careers, us careers, are on edge with Chisel as our leader. Time that should be spent coming up with strategies for hunting down tributes is being spent in quiet fear. My spear hasn’t even been used. A scraping sound alerts me to a coming threat. A horrible creature, looking like a tiger with a human body in peacekeeper clothes leaps forward, claws extended. My spear goes cleanly through its throat, and it lies still. The rest of the careers give almost imperceptible nods in my direction. Some of my worry goes away as the careers realize I could be useful. Still, their use has not been proven. I’ll kill them all tonight.

Lilac Coalburner

I smile as I watch the careers enter my building. Idiots, weaklings, incompetent fools. The career pack hasn’t gone well so far. I’m surprised more of them aren’t dead yet, with their sub-par skills they’ve barely killed anyone. I lean back in the cushioned chair, comfortable in my luxury suite. The hotel is so nice; I wonder why the gamemakers wasted their time giving soon to be dead people such fancy homes. I get up from my chair, wiping my hands covered in gas and coal, and climb out the opened window. I grab the rope I had strung from this building to the next, and make my way over to the other building. As soon as I make it across, I take some matches I found and use them to light the rope on fire. It’s not long before the building I just exited catches on fire too. I run down the stairs as I hear a giant Boom. I smile as I hear the first scream. Lilac Coalburner will burn the competition to the ground.

Nike O'Hare

I am running. Running from Vector LaGuardia as he attempts to kill me. A cruel trick, he promised to be allies, just as I told myself to overlook his bullying past. A possibly deadly mistake, seeing as he used me as protection at the cornucopia and turned on me the next day. My body is bathed in sweat as I push my muscles to the limit. I wish I had run in a different direction, any place would be great as long as it wasn’t the canyons. A knife whizzes by my ear and I swerve to avoid it. It buries itself into the ground by my feet. I see my chance. Stopping suddenly, I pluck the knife from the ground and turn to fight Vector. He is somewhat taken aback by my sudden stand, but prepares to fight me nonetheless. Taking out his last knife, he charges and I move to the side, slashing him with my knife. He retaliates by slashing my leg as he falls, gripping his side. He doesn’t seem to be getting up, and I turn my attention to my leg, not seeing as he runs at me yet again. I stumble backwards, falling off the canyon edge. Vector follows, apparently unable to slow down in time. We both land on a ledge, my leg is broken, but thankfully Vector’s neck is too. When the cannon sounds I’m relieved to hear only Vector’s, and not mine.

Sunny Blares

We had all settled down to plan out our strategy when everything exploded. Pieces of ceiling rained down on us as we struggled to escape the building. The high floor number we had chosen so we could see who was coming seems stupid now. The fire quickly spread, the smell of gas telling me this was no accident. I realize this could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of my competition. Suko Yoshida runs beside me, and I stick my foot out, tripping her. She screams for help, but no one is willing or crazy enough to stop and help her. Her screams are soon cut off by the sound of a chunk of ceiling collapsing. I run to the elevator, while the rest of the careers go the slow way down the stairs. I sprint inside the elevator and rest a little as the doors close. I go to press in the ground floor, and am horrified by what I see. Whoever did this pressed all of the elevator buttons before leaving. Above all the buttons, a smiley face made out of coal dust stares at me. The elevator begins to rise, the doors opening at each floor to reveal a thick burning inferno. By the time several floors have gone by I am choking on the thick smoke that has invaded the elevator. I am almost grateful when the elevator cable, melting from the heat of the flames, reaches its breaking point and drops. I will reach the ground floor dead, buried under rubble and ash. My last thought is wondering how the hovercraft will find my body in the midst of the wreckage.

Lily Sage

Cameron and I have finally found water in these awful canyons. I knew it wasn’t smart to choose a canyon as a place to stay, but I figured I would be less likely to kill someone. Cameron didn’t approve of my choice, but I’m older and he shouldn’t question my judgment. Besides, I already feel bad about hurting Clerk. It is almost worse knowing he is living with the pain I gave him, than knowing he died a not-so painless but quick death. Maybe I’ll get lucky, and one of the canyons I heard will be his. I push my thoughts out of my mind as I focus on catching food. I’m rewarded with a small fish. When I sit down to eat with Cameron, he offers me the larger portion, slightly blushing.

Vanilla Cream

I ready my axe, as the dead tributes faces are set to appear. I will have to kill fast, there hasn’t been nearly enough deaths today to distract the careers for long.

Venom Strike

I prepare my throwing knife under my sleeping bag. While the Careers are busy looking at the dead, I will be able to kill Chisel and run away. The rest of the buildings hopefully won’t be rigged and will offer plenty of hiding places.

Cho Abiko

I draw my hand back, prepared to throw my spear as soon as the first face of the dead appears. The Careers are idiotic enough to believe I’m guarding them. Honestly, how do Careers ever win?

Alice Wonder

Though my stomach aches, I can do nothing but watch as my little oasis is tainted with the presence of two other tributes. They enjoy themselves, catching what should be my dinner and laying on their backs to see who has died. The boy blushes yet again as that Lily girl’s hand accidently brushes against his. How cute. Too bad he doesn’t know in-arena romances never work out. He’ll learn that the hard way tomorrow when I kill him and his little crush.

Chisel Jaws

The sky lights up with the first of the dead, and chaos ensues. I thought the building explosion was bad, but this is a thousand times worse. In an instant a knife is heading for me and although I duck, I’m not fast enough and it cuts off the tip of my ear. Vanilla Cream throws an axe at Sandy, and it buries itself in his leg. In the meantime, Cho Abiko sends a spear my way. She throws it with such force the wooden end imbeds itself in my side, even though I broke the tip off with my sledgehammer. Gasping in pain, I fall to the ground. From my viewpoint, I watch as Venom runs to the city. Cho ignores me, figuring I’ll die soon. She turns to Vanilla, who has decided not to exert herself with the effort of chasing a fleeing Sandy. It will be easy enough to later, when she'll only have to follow the blood trail. Both have lost their main weapons, the fight will be settled with brute force. I can do nothing but watch as the two girls prepare to kill each other. I can't help but being a little mad that we couldn't of acted like this before and directed it to other tributes.

Vanilla Cream

We circle each other as Chisel slowly dies on the ground. I can’t risk looking at him though. Every muscle in Cho’s body is tensed, I’m sure mine are too. Cho charges, jumping on top of me. I fall, and I thrash on the ground while Cho sits on me to hold me down. My hands run over the ground for something, anything, to help me survive. My fingers grip a rock as Cho’s grip my throat. As she squeezes I desperately try to bash her head in. The rock is too small and my mind is going fuzzy. As my lungs burn for air I scrape the sharp side of the rock along Cho’s head. A gash appears at the side of Cho’s head as I close my eyes. My pathetic brother has outlived me. That will be the true tragedy of my death.

Day 3

No one died over the night.


15th- Lily Sage- Knifed by Alice Wonder

14th- Alice Wonder- Crushed by canyon

13th- Venus Blizzard- killed by mutt

12th- Comet Ash- Killed by mutt

11th- Keyllu Vetra- Axed in the neck by Holly Honey

10th- Cho Abiko- Killed by chemical fog

9th- Chisel Jaws- Fell into new canyon

8th-Lilac Coalburner- Speared by Sandy Shipwreck's trident

Chisel Jaws

I am amazed that I am still alive. Cho Abiko lies beside me, in a small pool of blood. Her heart slowly beats, but the deep gash in her head will probably kill her if something isn’t done quickly. The same goes for me too. A parachute floats down beside me. I think it’s for me, but even if it wasn’t I’d take it. I’m relieved to see a medical kit; it must of cost a fortune. Opening it, I see bandages, a single pain reliever pill, and an odd serum. I take the pain reliever and grit my teeth as I pull out the spear shaft still stuck in my body. Blood immediately begins to pour out. I decide to apply the serum, and it lessens the bleeding to a more manageable rate. I apply the bandages and get up to walk away, leaving Cho Abiko to die her slow death. I wonder if Cho will be as lucky as me, and receive sponsors.

District 2 120-100= $20 remaining

Holly Honey

Even though I wasn’t going to ally with anyone else, it’s nice to have Soltyce. Everything I made so much easier. I can sleep peacefully knowing someone is standing guard. I send my ant army out to collect berries, while Soltyce and I discuss strategy. We seem to be the only ones in the forest. Putting together all of what we’ve seen of the other tributes, only Clerk Vane is unaccounted for. I remember him getting hurt with a knife, so he shouldn’t be any trouble. Our plans of waiting in the forest are interrupted when I get a letter from my mentor. The letter tells me to move to the beach. We’ve only seen one person go in that area, and she had no weapons at the time. As soon as my ant army comes back, we climb down our tree and begin the walk to the beach.

District 10 200-40= $160 remaining

Keyllu Vetra

I am woken by two packages landing on top of me. The first is an axe; I test its weight and sharpness before moving on to the next package. I find that I have been given a machete. It may as well be a ticket home. No one will be able to kill me with this in my hands. My mood is quickly improving, when I see something that makes it drop again. My perfect little haven, with its palm trees and ready supply of water is gone. All the water has been drained and the palm trees have disappeared. I find myself in a desert.

District 7 200-80-80= $40

Nike O'Hare

Just as I am getting jealous of Vector for dying so quickly while I have to suffer, a parachute floats down. It contains a single shot with a terror-inducing long needle. I begin to ill slightly sick as I realize what I must do. Taking a deep breath, I jam the needle right into my broken leg. I allow myself one scream as the needle enters the bone, but the pain is gratefully replaced by a feeling of warmth. I can feel the medicine inside the bone, healing the breaks from the inside out. My leg is still weak, but I am able to stand and make my way back up the canyon little by little.

District 9 200-100= $100 remaining.

Cho Abiko

I open my eyes and watch as a giant silver disk covers the sky, getting bigger with every step. Oh wait, it’s a parachute. I snap back to my senses, grateful I’m not dead. Chisel is gone I don’t know if he is somehow alive or if his dead body was picked up. Hopefully the latter. I try to remember what was so important a few seconds earlier. Of course, the parachute. The giant gash in my head hurts as I move and begins bleeding even more. I struggle to open the medical kit given to me before I black out. Ignoring the pain reliever, I apply the serum sloppily and do my best to wrap a bandage around my head. The bleeding slows, but I am still left dizzy and weak. I drag my body into an ally and rest, my hand gripping tightly to a bit of debris from the collapsed building. I refuse to be killed because I couldn’t protect myself.

District 6 200-100= $100 remaining

Alice Wonder

Now is the time to fight for my life. Both Lily and Cameron are eating a breakfast of fish they found dead when the water surrounding the island was drained. They don’t talk; they just look out on what used to be gentle waters. They will probable leave soon, and I can’t have that. If they leave I’ll be forced to either stay here with no water or somehow get out of the canyons without being spotted by them. Each option risks my life. In my hand I grip one of the knives they left lying around. I’ll kill one of them, and use my agility and brains to get away. Moving slowly so I don’t make a noise, I throw my knife with deadly accuracy.

Venus Blizzard

We haven’t seen a tribute the whole time we’ve been wandering through this rocky wasteland. Comet and I return often to the first pit we fell in; we’ve taken to storing our supplies there. Sometimes we visit a giant crater. It reminds us of home, where we spent hours learning about the moon and its craters. Comet and I sit and talk on the edge of the crater often, just as we are doing now. None of this distracts me from the fact that I’m just waiting to die. Comet tightens his hold on my hand, and I squeeze his in reply. I can’t wait forever. I find myself standing on the edge of the crater, looking down to ground that I’m sure is farther away than yesterday. I remember my parents, if you could call them that, ignoring me unless others were around. I remember the fists and cruel words, hurting more coming from someone who should love me. Comet begins to get, looking concerned as my toes line up with the crater’s edge. I remember Comet, giving me the attention I never received from my parents, taking me away from the cycle of hurt I was ensnared in. He was my savior, still is my savior, and for that I owe him everything. Only the thought of him pulls me away from the crater’s edge, right before it crumbles away.

Clerk Vane

I am tired, hungry, and thirsty; but if someone was to come across my little camp I could kill them without hesitation. I have one knife, but it wouldn’t miss. I will do whatever it takes to avenge my sister’s death. I stuff grass in my mouth, and chew furiously. For the past two days I’ve been living entirely on the grass around my camp. I would move, but why risk having someone see me? I’m sure everyone has forgotten about me. My camera time must be limited as well. Who cares about the poor boy, half crazed since his sister’s death? Death. How I hate that word. It sounds so final, when every night I see Myra in my dreams. She’s not gone, she’s only been moved to another reality. One where she is safe and free. Even though it is daytime, I put myself to sleep thinking about her. She visits my dreams as usual, dancing far above the ground in the sunlight citizens of District 13 always craved. But this dream is different. She dances farther away, I try to keep up with her, but she’s gone. She’s gone, she’s gone, she’s gone. I wake up muttering this, curled in the feral position. I am briefly glad that the camera’s have ignored me so much.

Sandy Shipwreck

I lean against a tree, waiting to die. I haven’t removed the axe in my leg; I don’t want to die faster than I have to. My thoughts of death are interrupted by two silver parachutes. Curious, I drag myself to them. The first is a cut medicine package. Opening it, I immediately focus on the pain reliever. After stuffing the pill in my mouth, I yank the axe out and apply the serum. I bandage my leg up as soon as I’m done. My leg doesn’t bleed as much as I thought it would and it seems the serum is slowly closing up the wound. I turn my attention to the second parachute. I smile when I see what it is. A trident gleams in the sun, a beckon to victory. I stick the pointed end in the ground, and use it to stand up. My leg can just barely hold my weight. Pulling the trident out from the ground, I decide it is time to go hunting.

District 4 200-100-85= $15 dollars remaining

Lilac Coalburner

From my rooftop view I can see the whole arena. More importantly, I can watch the tributes as they kill each other. The careers have disbanded although my little fire didn’t kill as many as I hoped. Now I am looking for my next victim. Using the rooftop telescopes, I make out a slight blimp in the perfect circle of grass surrounding the cornucopia. If I squint I can barely make out a figure lying in the grass. Smiling, I walk to the stairwell. Before I begin my descent I realize a thick cloud of unnatural fog is gathering. With a skip in my step I realize I might not have to waste my time chasing down careers after all.

Cameron Jaque

One moment we’re getting ready to move, the next Lily is slumped over and a cannon sounds. I don’t have to look much to see what’s happened. A knife sticks out of her neck. Looking around, I see Alice Wonder running off. I let out a cry of rage and chase after her. She’s fast and agile, but I’m running with blind rage. Soon I’ve caught up to her and pin her against the canyon walls. I realize I’ve forgotten to bring any sort of weapon with me. We stare at each other for a moment. Then she smiles smugly, as if she has the upper hand. “Poor Cameron. You lost your precious Lily.” This comment sends me over the edge. I don’t think, I just repeatedly bang her head against the canyon wall. Tears run down my face as I wait for her cannon to go off, but to me surprise she manages to get up. She’s severely off balance and as I prepare to finish her off, a shaking stops me. The very walls of the canyon are rumbling, and starting to move in. Forgetting about Alice, I begin to climb as fast as I can. Below me I know she’s doing the same. The next hour is terrifying. The canyon walls close in at a slant, and several times I’m almost crushed. My arms are screaming almost as much as I am. Right before I reach the top I pause to look down at Alice. Somehow she has been able to keep up. A hand touches my shoulder and startles me. Nike O’Hare hands me a shot. I look at her in confusion before I understand. I draw back my hand, and in one quick throw I throw the needle at Alice. It strikes her arm, causing her to pause. I watch with satisfaction as the pause loses valuable time and she is crushed between the canyon walls. Never before has a cannon sounded so fulfilling.

Comet Ash

I’ve heard of earthquakes, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of giant holes appearing in the ground. It must be a Gamemaker trap. I grip Venus’ hand and we run far away from the expanding crater. I’m forced to stop short when a hole appears inches in front of my feet. I can faintly hear the sound of a growling beast. Venus tugs me to the right and I follow. I can tell she’s leading me back to our pit camp. A hole forms under Venus and I barely manage to pull her back up. Tiny spikes in the hole’s walls scratch her, but she doesn’t even pause. Finally, we reach our home, and Venus jumps in without a second thought. I move forward to follow her, when I hear her scream. Leaping down the hole I see Venus being cornered by a giant oozing creature. It looks like a giant slug with guns or arms. A peacekeeper jacket finishes off the terror. I desperately grab a knife and begin to stab the mutt as it crawls on top of Venus. I smell a faint chemical odor and hear Venus’ screams intensify. Despite my effort to kill the mutt, I know before the cannon sounds that Venus is gone. Dropping the knife, I kneel on the ground and attempt to move the thing off of Venus’ body. With lightning speed, it flips itself off of Venus and onto me. I get a glimpse of her skeleton before I find myself being smothered in purple ooze. I start to scream as the ooze begins to burn my flesh right off my body.

Cocoa Cream

I rub my eyes and try to avoid getting sand in them. I’d been hiding out in the middle of the beach, but it had quickly turned into a desert. My backpack, which I found out was filled only with weapons, now holds a few coconuts I picked before they disappeared. I wonder how Vanilla is doing, or if she’s alive. She tried to kill me but I have spent my whole life caring for her, and she is my sister. Isn’t that what being a family is all about? Loving unconditionally? A dark shape appears on the horizon, and I squint to make it out. I see what’s coming and seeing no place to hide, I bury myself in the sand. A few minutes’ later ants are crawling over me, thankfully not noticing my existence. I think I hear Holly and Solstyce’s voices, and I wonder how they manage to control these bugs. Oh well, they didn’t see me and after they leave I get up and run. I don’t know why the beach turned into a desert, but I’m not going to stay and find out.

Lion Coy

I grip tightly to the wall, if I fall certain death awaits. The rocky ground I’ve been camping out on suddenly opened up, revealing a pit of foot long spikes. I managed to grab a spike right before I hit the bottom and got impale by the spikes. Bit by bit I climb my way up. The spikes are well oiled, and several times my feet slip from the spikes below me and only my hands keep me up. Finally, I reach the edge of the pit and I’m able to escape. A silver parachute floats down and I grab it thankfully. It’s another letter. Reading it quickly, I’m glad to see my mentor wants me to leave as much as I do. Off to the forest I go!

District 11 160-40= $120 remaining.

I have just begun to walk when another parachute comes down. I am pleased to see a sword. I lift it up and do a few practice swing before continuing on my way. I might just win these games.

District 11 120-90= $30 remaining.

Solstyce Midnight

We finally reach the end of the beach, but we see another camp; clearly abandoned. Holly spins around and points to the rapidly approaching figure. I grab a knife from the figure’s camp and prepare to fight. She runs for Holly, drawing back her hand to throw an axe. Holly ducks as the axe speeds towards her, and she gives her ants the command to attack. I recognize the figure of Keyllu, now running at me with a machete and trying to avoid the crowd of ants. I watch as Keyllu destroys one fourth of our bug army by merely stepping on any approaching ants. I throw my knife at her. She tries to duck, but I have thrown the knife low and it enters her stomach. Despite the growing circle of blood on her shirt she continues to come after me with her machete. The ever shifting sand slows me down and before long Keyllu has knocked me to the ground. Before she can even get ready to kill me, I hear a soft thud followed by the boom of a canon. Innocent Holly Honey has chopped halfway through Keyllu’s neck. Her face looks shocked, and I understand. Rather than having animals carry out her work, she has killed someone using her own hands. We take what we can from Keyllu’s camp and set up our own.

Venom Strike

I can’t help but smile at my success. One career dead, the rest badly wounded, and somehow I got away without a scratch. I get up from the sleeping bag I found on the second floor o this building, where I am right now. Something floats by the window and I grab it before it falls out of sight. The sight of a sword surprises me. I didn’t think anyone was going to sponsor me, especially not with a weapon that must cost loads right now. A faint hissing sound attracts my attention. It’s almost like the walls are being dissolved. Widening my eyes, I dash down the stairs and out of the building. My suspicions are confirmed when I see a thick, dark cloud of something moving closer. Terrified, I begin to run.

District 1 200-90= $110 remaining.

Cho Abiko

I make an effort to stand again, but I’m knocked off my feet again by another one of those peacekeeper mutts. It looks like a kangaroo got rabies and became a peacekeeper. My small sharp rock isn’t going to do me much good. For a little while I just stare at my soon to be murderer. Swallowing hard, I prepare for what will surely be a long, painful death while being watched by thousands of people. The kangaroo mutt takes one leap and pushes me to the ground with its legs, knocking the breath out of me. Just as the mutt prepares to stomp me to death, it lets out an unearthly noise and runs off. I see that part of its back has been burned off. Lifting my eyebrows in surprise, I look for a source of fire or heat. By the time I have realized the fog burned the mutt, it is too late. My feet have already been badly burned and even as I drag myself away from the fog I know it won’t be fast enough. I consider throwing myself into the fog to end the pain, but by then my legs have been burnt off. I see Venom run out of a building. I let myself scream once, and I know he understands. Wasting valuable time, he sprints over to me and raises his sword. I close my eyes and wait for the pain to go away.

Chisel Jaws

I hear a scream and immediately run out of the building. I see Venom Strike running away from a headless Cho. Her body is quickly dissolved in the incoming fog. Without pausing I sprint away from the fog. Unlike Venom, instead of running straight to the forest I run to the canyons. I have walked for a few minutes when I see the tiny cracks in the ground. A parachute comes down and I grab it eagerly. In my hands are a packet of crackers. Grinning, I open the package. At least I won’t have to worry about dinner.

District 2 20-20= $0 remaining.

Nike O'Hare

Cameron and I walk side by side, his shoulders hunched in grief, mine in pain. I can walk on my leg, but whatever was in the medicine to take away the pain is wearing off. I guess you could say we’re allies, but it doesn’t feel that way. I just walk with him for company and for protection against any traps the Gamemakers spring on us. I have a feeling the only reason he hasn’t killed me yet is because I helped kill that one girl. I shudder slightly thinking of the awful crunch her body made as it was crushed. It takes me a few seconds to figure out what happened to Cameron. I turn and see him huddled on the ground in pain. I lean down to see what’s wrong, and I hear a crunch under my shoe. For a moment I think “just like Alice”, but I return my mind to more pressing matters; like the fact that judging by what I stepped on Cameron has been stung by a scorpion. As far as I know, normal scorpions don't disappear shortly after they die. From this I know it was a mutt.

Chisel Jaws

I consider staying in the canyon, but decide to leave after thinking about how crazy my mentor must be going. I walk quickly, not liking being in the open. I hear a crackling sound and my pace increases until I’m running. Looking behind me, I notice the tiny cracks are widening fast. Even as I push my body to my limits, I know I won’t be fast enough. Another canyon opens up right in front of me, and I’m forced to stop as the canyon I’m running from speeds towards me. I fall to my death, thinking smugly “At least I wasn’t killed by some idiot tribute.”

Sandy Shipwreck

I prop myself against a tree to rest. The faint rustling sound that made me pause several minutes ago is back louder than ever. Finally, a figure emerges from the trees. Lilac Coalburner, the girl from District 12. She isn’t armed, but she acts like she is. Her eyes find mine, and for a second she just stares. Then she lets out one small laugh. “Did you enjoy the fire?” I’m filled with rage looking at her, the one who killed two of my allies and now laughs about it. She has no guilt over taking a life. Perhaps she can’t see my trident, maybe she’s gone crazy. Either way she should know that you never mess with a career.

Lilac Coalburner

Sandy comes at me, murder in his eyes. He reveals his trident, and I know I’m in trouble. So I do what I did whenever I was training and things got too intense. “Stop, enough!” My mind flashes back to a day my father said the exact same thing, begging as I held a knife to his throat. I didn’t listen then, and I’m not surprised when Sandy doesn’t listen now.

Day Four

There were no deaths over the night.


Cameron Jaque- Strangled by Nike O'Hare

Lion Coy- Stabbed by Venom Strike

Cocoa Cream

It’s already midday, and no one has died. Despite how close we are to each other, I guess nobody feels like killing. The few Careers left seem to be subdued for now. As I walk through the tall grass, I’m confident that I’m safe. I wish I could say the same for my sister. When I saw her face in the sky, a burden was lifted from my mind. No longer would I have to put up with her ruthless and controlling ways. I was free to be myself. At the same time, another burden was added. The sister I tried for so long to keep alive was gone, and what did I have to show for my years of protection? She was dead, and soon I would most likely be. I ponder about this as I unknowingly walk into a small camp.

Clerk Vane

Though I was prepared to kill, seeing Cocoa surprises me. What are the odds of one the two tributes who lost their sisters wandering into the other’s camp? Cocoa seems surprised too, if he has any weapons he hasn’t bothered to use them. Cocoa looks at my meager camp, which is comprised of just me, a knife, and chewed pieces of grass. He reaches into his backpack, and I instinctively go for my knife. Giving me a nervous smile, he withdraws his hand, now holding a coconut. He only has to say one thing to get me to put my knife down. “Hungry?”

Cameron Jaque

I am burning, and then I am freezing. Above me Nike stands, trying in any way she can to help. At least, I think it’s her. It’s hard to tell when sweat is pouring into my eyes and I can’t stop crying from the pain. I will die soon, this I know. I almost wouldn’t want to live anyway. The one person who I might have loved me is dead, and I could do nothing to save her. My family hates me, and even worse, I hate them too. Maybe they realize how much I mean to them now that I’m dying, but even with my occasional hallucinations I know that’s unlikely as me being crowned victor. The most I can hope for is that they’re not celebrating my death. My slow, agonizing death. The pain somehow intensifies, until I can barely keep myself from screaming. Nike must see this, because she goes to get something, most likely to kill me. If I was in her position, I’d do the same thing. Even allies wouldn’t risk giving away their location for their ally’s last moments. She comes back crying, and I realize she has found nothing but a vine. “I’m so sorry Cameron. I promise this will take away the pain.” She wraps the vine around my neck and begins to strangle me with it. As I lose consciousness, I wish I could tell her one last thing. That she was right, this does take away the pain, but it takes everything else with it.

Solstyce Midnight

Another canon sounds, making me jump. Holly’s army of ants is resting dangerously close to me. It’s around this time that most alliances break off. Holly looks over at me, silently staring at me. She’s been quiet ever since she killed the girl on the beach. I wonder what it will be like for her to see the girl’s face in the sky, or if she’ll even be alive at that point. The a few ants crawl on my arm. I look up fearfully before I realize they’re forming words. Holly is whispering instructions to the ants too quietly to hear. Finally the ants stop, and the words appear clearly. LEAVE NOW. Good, I wouldn’t want to be killed by what may be the last friend I make. I leap to another tree, then another, until I am far away from my ex-ally. I want desparately to cry, to scream, to give up right now. But even as my emotions run wild I know I can’t show them. The capitol wants a bloody thriller, not a soap opera. Crying won’t help me live.

Venom Strike

I huddle against a few trees, trying to hide my position. I’m one of two Careers left, this certainly hasn’t gone the way most Games do. Sandy Shipwreck must be around here somewhere, but I have a feeling he’ll be quicker to kill than ally. Every sound I hear I think is a canon, and I wonder what my brother will think of me; seeing me so scared. Thank goodness he didn’t have to go through this. I try not to think about my girlfriend, and the child she’s carrying. The child that might grow up fatherless. I drag my sword across a tree, trying to look like what I’m doing has a purpose. Not that my actions matter. At this point I might as well go crazy and do whatever I want. Live for today for tomorrow I’ll probably die in this awful arena. I ignore the noise the sword makes. If anyone tries to kill me, I’ll be ready. If I’m going to die, I will feel the guilt of killing for only a day or two. If I become victor, as I’ll try to do, there are many ways to block out pain. While I’ve seen other victors turn to liquor or morphling, I have something above the rest. I have a daughter or son. Only for the unknown child do I go on. All of my thoughts are punctuated by the sounds of metal against tree.

Lion Coy

Below me on the ground Venom carelessly drags his sword against a tree, as if he wants to attract the attention of every living thing, human or mutt, close by. I consider waiting for him to leave, but anyone who comes to kill him will probably see him too. I’m left with no other choice. Just as I jump with my sword in hand I remember something from his interview. He spent a good bit of time talking about the brother he volunteered for and his pregnant girlfriend. Both of whom are probably watching right now. At the last second I move my sword and it sinks into the ground instead of Venom. His head turns and swings his sword at me as I move out of the way. I struggle to my feet as Venom lunges at me. I easily deflect the sword and I thrust my sword at Venom. This isn’t the time for heartfelt decisions, not when my life is at stake. Venom knocks my sword away and swings at me again. I instinctively prepare to block my neck or heart, but Venom goes lower and cuts off my hand. I scream in pain and chop at Venom, forgetting any sword fighting techniques in light of my pain. He deflects most of them, earning only a few scratches. Finally I trip and fall on the ground. He stands over me, sword raised, and I give a feeble attempt at blocking the death blow. It doesn’t work and the last thing I see is a sword in my heart.

Holly Honey

I killed someone. This thought runs repeatedly through my mind as I set up multiple snares. Their simple, but if a tribute comes across one he or she will find themselves dangling from one leg upside down. My ants stand beside me, having just come back from collecting various berries and plants. Many of them are gone, killed when Solstyce and I fought Keyllu. Do the ants feel sadness at the loss of members of their family? If only I knew, knowing the ants wanted vengeance for the loss of their relatives would lessen the guilt I’m feeling for killing Keyllu. But even killing someone over dead bugs is a weak excuse. There are so few people left, but I wish I had been able to keep Solstyce around longer. Having her around helped me forget the guilt of killing Lucifer, then Keyllu. It was for the best I guess, Solstyce would have left anyway. My final snare is completed and I climb up a tree drowsily. I hum as I wait to fall asleep. The old song my District would sing away from peacekeeper ears, especially after reapings, plays through my head.

“Before, before, we worked all day, before our children had to pay, before we heard of mocking jays, a country began to waste away.

Today, today, under strict command, today, where everything seems to be banned, today, where so many deaths are planned, we are to dream of a new land.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we might see the day; tomorrow maybe our children will play, tomorrow, they might be able to say, we don’t want this game to play.”

Sandy Shipwreck

A silver parachute comes down and it takes me a while to see what I’ve been given because it’s so small. When I finally find my gift, I have to stare at it several times before I believe it. My mentor has sent me a skewer. Bemused, I throw it to the woods. As soon as it touches the ground it sets off a snare. Pausing, I go to retrieve the skewer, carefully watching the ground. A tribute is setting up traps, and I refuse to die because a rope got my leg.

District 4 15-15= $0 remaining

Nike O'Hare

I have lost yet another ally. The first ally betrayed me; the next I killed to end their misery. At the rate I’m going, I should just ally with everyone and let my bad luck do the rest. Of course, there’s always a bright side. I’m not dead yet. In fact, I may just have a chance at winning these cursed games. Most of the tributes are deeper into the forest, but I have decided to stay on the fringe, close enough to avoid the scorpions from the canyon, but not deep enough to be found by the other tributes. Thankfully a few trees provide shade from the hot sun that always hangs at the edge of the canyon terrain. A few leaves flutter down and I look up curiously. A figure darts through the trees, moving so fast my eyes have trouble keeping up with her. There’s no use allying with anyone at this point. I’m weaponless, which will be a problem as it gets closer and closer to the victor being crowned. There’s no way to get a weapon at this point; or is there? The thought crosses my mind fleetingly, but in that moment I realize what I must do. The careers had no way of carrying all of the weapons in the Cornucopia with them. I begin to walk into the forest, as the sky gradually darkens. If I can just get to the cornucopia, I’ll have more than a good chance at winning this thing.

Day Four, Night


Venom Strike- Skull bashed in by rock

Cocoa Cream- Stabbed in throat by Clerk Vane

Holly Honey

I was sleeping well, until a sharp crack woke me up. My heart pounds as I wonder if another Gamemaker trap has gone off, but the lack of screaming leads me to believe otherwise. I finally think about the snares I set up. Whoever got caught can wait until morning, or until another tribute comes by. I begin to close my eyes when a faint rustling sound catches my attention. My eyes snap open again, only to see the welcome surprise of a parachute. I let out my breath slowly and untangle the parachute from the branch above. The first thing I see is a gallon water jug and I take large sips as I read my mentor’s letter. He doesn’t want me to trust District 4. District 4 is a career district, and I wouldn’t trust anyone from there anyway, so there must be a special meaning behind the note. Sandy must have some secret weapon. I make a mental note to be on the lookout for Sandy before falling back into a dreamless sleep.

Venom Strike

As soon as I hear a snap I realize this will be a sleepless night. I reach for my sword and find it has been covered with a silver parachute. Excellent. A few minutes later I am slinging my new bow and arrows across my back and preparing to find the source of the snapping noise. I think it’s time for the real games to begin.

District 1 110-100= $10 remaining

Nike O'Hare

Just as I think the Games couldn’t get any worse, I take one step and I find myself hanging upside down. I wait for a couple of minutes before a parachute floats down. It is just out of my reach when I hear someone running towards me. I frantically reach for the parachute, grabbing my new axe and cutting myself down just as Venom arrives. He reaches for his bow and I swing at him with my axe. The bow falls out of his hand and I kick it out of his reach. Without pausing Venom raises his sword to strike me down. I deflect each one of his attacks just as he does to mine. It seems as though our fight will never end, when I see a second parachute coming down. I briefly look at it hopefully, but to my bewilderment I see it’s simply a large rock. Venom swings at me yet again and I am forced to focus my attention on the fight. The rock still hasn’t landed, and at the rate it was coming down it must be pretty high up. In an instant I know what my mentor wants me to do with the gift. I fight with all my strength, forcing Venom into just the right position. As soon as he is I throw my axe into the sky. Venom stares at me for a second, smiling at his now easy victory. As he raises his sword to kill me, a rock with freshly cut parachute strings come down on his head. I try to ignore the dent in his head as I calmly pick up his sword, find his bow and arrows, and find my axe. By the time I’m using branches and leaves to make a tent, a canon has sounded and a hovercraft has appeared.

District 9 100-80-20= $0 remaining

Clerk Vane

I’ve finally got an ally, at the time most alliances are broken. Cocoa and I just sit across from each other, not talking and avoiding eye contact. Finally, Cocoa gives in and begins to talk.

“What was Myra like?” For a moment I’m convinced Cocoa is purposely trying to hurt me; but I think back to all the times Cocoa’s sister was willingly close to him before the Games, and pause. Cocoa stares at me, and I realize he is honestly curious about my sister. I have to think for a while before answering.

“She never faltered. When our parents died, it was really hard on us; but you would never know that by looking at Myra. She was always so put together; she never had a hair or even eyelash out of place. Back home everyone considered her one of the most beautiful girls in our District. She and I were really close. When she was reaped I knew I couldn’t let her die and be all alone so I volunteered. She had a great strategy for me and her; I know she would’ve won if it wasn’t for that one kid.” By the time I am done tears are welling in my eyes. Cocoa thought about my words for a moment before responding.

“My sister was good too. People say she was bad, but she’s not. People say she was using me, but she was just confused when she tried to kill me, and there’s nothing wrong with me wanting to protect my sister. She wasn’t bossy, she just knew how to do things correctly and others couldn’t handle her always being right. Everyone was jealous of her. They didn’t know her like I did.” Cocoa’s words pour out of his mouth, but they sound scripted, as if he was taught to say them. I can understand not wanting to taint a dead person’s memory, but this is ridiculous.

“Cocoa, I know you cared for your sister, but she didn’t return the emotion. You were nothing to her but a pawn, a way of getting what she wanted. You need to face that. You have a chance, at least for a little while, to be yourself. Don’t waste the last hours of your life lying to yourself.” My words are much blunter than I planned, and I’m not surprised when Cocoa’s face contorts in rage.

“You’re wrong! What do you know anyway? You spent your whole life living underground, you’ve literally lived under a rock. At least I watched out for my sister! I didn’t let her die in the bloodbath like a weakling! I wasn’t injured when I couldn’t do the easiest thing in the world and bring down an axe! I-“

His words are stopped by a knife in his throat. I look at my hands, horrified for a second that I killed my ally. Cocoa stares at me as he dies, putting every ounce of hatred he contains into one final glare. I curl up in the now- familiar fetal position at the edge of my camp and rock back and forth as a hovercraft appears and takes away Cocoa’s body.

Day 5- It all ends today

Sandy Shipwreck

By the end of the night I have set up most of the snares and am waiting near the tall grasses for shelter. Just as think I might be able to get some sleep; thick smoke begins to cover the sky. I stand as I hear the first scream. There aren’t many of us left, I have a gut feeling for many of us this will be our last day.

Nike O'Hare

I wake up coughing, my eyes burning from the dark gray smoke pouring into my small shelter. I try to escape my shelter, only to find that a burning tree has fallen, blocking off my exit. I take my axe and begin to chop at the shelter, trying to break free. This only feeds the fire, and the wooden wall is replaced by one of fire. With my back against a tree, I consider climbing it; until I see bits of burning leaves fanned by wind have caught the top of it on fire. There is nothing to do but wait for a sure death. It’s only a matter of time before my whole body, not just my eyes, begins to burn. I can only hope that my resulting screams can warn anyone nearby to leave as soon as possible.

Holly Honey

I wake up early, drinking from my water jug. A breeze blows, bringing with it the smell of ash. Trees spontaneously catch fire and the breeze turns into a weapon, something to feed the flames. I drop my jug of water, and jump down from my tree. Swiftly I run in between the trees, jumping over burning branches and leaves. A tree falls and crashes beside me, stirring up embers I have to bat away. Finally, I reach the grass, but even then I might not be safe if the Gamemakers let the fire spread. I need to be high, away from all this smoke. I need to go to the cornucopia.

Solstyce Midnight

My dreams are clouded by smoke, much like the world I wake up to. Below the ground is a burning floor of fire. In my panic I jump from tree to tree, trying to outrun the fire while relying on the very thing that is giving it its energy. I have never traveled so fast before; the ground is a blur below me. I t looks and feels like I’m dancing on flames. I stumble once, a fatal mistake. Before long I’m dancing in the flames, a dance of pain and death I’m sure Capitol citizens will enjoy watching. Even before my body is reduced to ash I have been reduced to a cheap thrill; something to watch once and talk about before being forgotten completely.

Clerk Vane

I wake up with sore muscles and a mountain of guilt. I’m no better than the boy who killed Myra. I took someone’s life; someone who probably had someone back home who desperately wanted him to come home. Compared to me, who has nothing at all to live for and no one to return home to. I don’t want to die, but who does? A breeze carries the faint sound of screaming to my ears. It must be a trap, something to end the Games with a bang. It all ends today.

Sandy Shipwreck

Two canons. As quick as that it’s down to the final three. I slowly walk to the cornucopia. The grass gets shorter and shorter, like the Gamemakers cut it to make hiding difficult. I try to think about who would make it to the final three besides me. The District 13 guy has been hiding the whole games, he probably still is. The last person could be anyone, hopefully not Venom. I would like for my victory to be as quick as possible. The grass is just up to me knees now, and the cornucopia is in view. A figure lies on top of it. Without hesitation I raise my trident and throw.

Holly Honey

Just as Sandy sees me I duck and a trident flies over my head. I wish I had thought about my ants during the fire, they would have come in handy now. At least I was able to get a few leftover knives from the cornucopia. I slide off the cornucopia and run for the grass. Sandy makes a quick stop to find his trident and chases after me. I still have no idea who the third tribute is, an idea that scares me. Sandy could be leading me right into a trap. A trap! I change my direction to run on the very edge of the grassy area where I set up several snares. Hopefully at least one wasn’t burned in the fire. Ash is still flying everywhere in the ever quickening wind. I am completely covered in a thin layer of soot. Suddenly I am knocked down, my ankle held down by a trident. I struggle to dig the trident out of the ground as Sandy approaches.

Clerk Vane

From my position I watch as Sandy prepares to finish the girl off. I hold one knife, still covered in Cocoa’s blood, and prepare to kill Sandy as soon as the girl dies. Sandy shifts positions and for a moment I see the girl’s face. Her eyes are wide in fear and shock, and slightly puffy from the tears falling down her face. The tears make tracks in her soot covered face. None of that matters though, because when I look at her I can’t help seeing Myra. The ash has darkened the girl’s hair to almost black, and she brushes away her tears just like Myra did at the reaping. The girl even struggles to compose herself for her death, something I know Myra would have done had she had the chance. Cocoa’s words ring in my ears and I know I can’t let Myra die again.

Sandy Shipwreck

I just want these Games to be over. I don’t want to kill this little girl, nor the other tribute left. I don’t want to know what someone looks like when they know they’ll die. I don’t want to be haunted at night with memories of the dead. But I will for my life. The trident comes loose from the ground and Holly goes completely silent, closing her eyes tightly. Just before I bring the trident down a sharp pain makes me double over. The missing tribute, the boy from District 13, stares me down.

“Get away from her. Don’t you dare hurt Myr- that girl!”

A perfect circle of blood begins to form right in the middle of my stomach. Does the boy really believe the little girl in front of me could be his dead sister? My hands lock around my trident, and I have just enough strength to make one last throw.

Clerk Vane

Sandy somehow musters up enough strength to throw a trident at me and soon I’m worse shape than him. The trident has poked multiple holes in me, but thank goodness it didn’t go completely through. I turn to Sandy, somehow still alive and twitching slightly in pain. I look up at the tiny girl, so much like Myra, and stare at her. She is crying even harder, shocked by the turn of events. She bends over me and begins to sing. “Before, before we worked all day,- “ I can feel her tears falling on my body like warm rain. “Myra” I whisper, before blacking out and joining my sister.

Holly Honey

I stare at the person who tried to kill me, but I feel no hate or need for vengeance. I feel sorry, for him and for me, one of us will have to live our whole lives knowing we’re murderers. I can’t do it, I really can’t. I’m so close to living, but what does that mean? That I’ll get to pretend I love the Games? That I get to send two children of to their deaths every year? That I live my whole life knowing that about 27 other families hate me for living when their children did not? Sandy moans again in pain, but he doesn’t realize how lucky he is. He and everyone else who’s died in this arena have finally escaped the Capitol. Sandy moans again and I can’t take it anymore. I run to the cornucopia and pick up a small vial from it, then return to Sandy, who has bandaged his cut up with leftover bandages from his leg. The Capitol has used me liked I used the ants in these games. We do all the dirty work, only to be forgotten whenever a real crisis emerges. No more. I will not simply be a player in these Games, I will be unforgettable.

Sandy Shipwreck

To my surprise, Holly doesn’t kill me. Instead she runs off to the cornucopia. I patch up my wound with some spare bandages, but I know I don’t have much time left. I try to drag myself out of sight, but Holly comes back before I can get far. She dips some berries in a vial and holds some out to me. Gone is the scared little girl, replaced with one of pure determination.

“I know you hate the Games as much as I do. Eat this with me. Die on your own terms. Don’t die alone, die with me. Together we can and will be more than some ignorant people’s entertainment.” Turning to face the sky, Holly yells again. “Do you hear that Capitol? Just you wait. One day someone will take you down and you’ll fall just as easily as the children who died in this arena.”

Without a word I take the berries. Holly counts down from three, and we both put the berries in our mouth. I discreetly move the berries to the back of my throat, and pretend to chew. Holly slumps down after a few seconds and I spit the berries out, wiping my mouth off. Trumpets sound and I know the Gamemakers are thankful I am still alive. Maybe one day someone will come to challenge the Capitol, maybe one day they will fall. But she must have known as well as I do that for now the Capitol is still strong. It’s their Games, you have to play by their rules.


I still have sleepless nights, because they’re better than the nightmares I have when I close my eyes. Everywhere I look I see Holly, her eyes silently accusing me of being too weak to stand up for myself. Victor’s Village is quieter than I thought it would be. Some days I manage to go out and put on a smile for all of the boys and girls wanting to volunteer in next year’s games, but mostly I stay inside or talk with other Victors. My grandmother passed away before I won, at the same time that Holly suggested killing ourselves. I know it is no coincidence, and some days I find myself hating Holly. But I could never be mad at her for long. Holly was much more courageous than I or anyone else in this District. I see the teenagers, training with hope in their eyes, and I can barely resist telling them what the Games are really like. They wouldn’t believe me anyway. Other Victors sometimes stop by, but all I see is the relief in their eyes, that someone else has taken over as mentor. I suppose soon I will do the same. Until then I will put on a fake smile at reapings and pretend the children I mentor have a chance. For the rest of my life I will be stuck playing the Capitol’s game, and only now is it clear that there will never be a winner.

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