I got an idea for another games and I couldn't resist! Please submit your tributes at the bottom, Districts 0-13. Include the following in the comments:






History/ Personality


Whether or not they volunteered

The more information you give me about the tributes, the better I write them. I don't need lunaiis and reservations last two days, after which I will allow the second person who asked to submit tributes.


  • To remind the citizens that the Capitol gives them everything they have, no sponsoring will be permitted.
  • As a reminder to citizens that the Capitol comes first in any relationship, any tributes who are related or in love will not be allowed to ally.

Important: New Twist!

Every user must a pick a number from 1-28 for each of their tributes. Most of the numbers will do nothing, but a few could give you a weapon, send a mutt after you, and so on. Numbers must be picked by the end of today, or the number will be picked for you on Tell me your number in the comments. You may give your dead tributes a number if you wish.

1: Shadow Titan 2: Rosemary Milligan* 3: Shine Bright 4: Rhett Zekrom
5: Ginger Dunn 6: Stefani Wright 7: Gavin Octavian* 8: Malco Crest
9: Galigan Mazerapi 10: Heather Lavender* 11: Shoot Star 12:Everest Sateer
13: Coral Reef* 14: Venus Freeze* 15:Harpy Evermist 16: Isis Holly
17:Pirate Mast 18: Rebecca Ashcroft* 19: Lucas Hawthorne 20: Rhea Marine
21: Thomas Rudolph Barrymore 22: Estelle Mar* 23: Ash Greenwood 24: Jake Londh*
25: Maple Green 26: Slither Bueti 27: Lucky Love* 28: Rachel Weber

Congrats Skybender101, Heather Lavender gets her choice of weapon!

Congrats Prezziesnow, Pirate Mast will be brought back!

Other tributes will recieve what they've won/been cursed with on Day Two.

The *'s are to remind me of something.


District Male(age) Female User
0 Shoot Star(17) Venus Freeze(16) EffieLuna
1 Slither Bueti(17) Shine Bright(16) Moviepopcorn123
2 Everest Sateer (15) Harpy Evermist (16) Rockman117
3 Ginger Dunn (17) Isis Holly(13) CresentHearts

4 Pirate Mast (12) Coral Reef (17) Prezziesnow9704:)
5 Malco Crest(14) Heather Lavender(18) Skybender101
6 Jake Londh (13) Rachel Weber (17) Snowgirl57
7 Rhett Zekrom(18) Rosemary Milligan(14) Kenzen11

Thomas Rudolph Barrymore (17)

Rebecca Ashcroft(18) Anon....
9 Ash Greenwood(17) Maple Green(16) Nate777
10 Gavin Octavian(15) Estelle Mar(14) TomGurl22
11 Galigan Mazerapi(15) Rhea Marine (14) Tiki tooki
12 Lucas Hawthorne(12) Stefani Wright(12) Mikalmt
13 Shadow Titan(17) Lucky Love(16) Jabberjay78


There is no land; the arena is just an endless body of fresh water. Whether or not the water is safe to drink depends on how the Gamemakers are feeling that day. The cornucopia is located at the water’s bottom. Goggles, oxygen tanks, and a life jackets will be floating around, along with a few weapons. The water can be very cold, or very warm. It depends on where the tributes travel. Who knows what lurks in the darkest depths or the sunniest spots? Nothing good. Yes there will be mutts, but why ruin the surprise and say what they are?


Skin tight rubbery clothing that covers the tributes from ankle to neck. Long, slender, flimsy, shoes.


District 0

Venus Freeze

The sky is a stormy gray, not that it’s any surprise to me. I’m almost thankful for the clouds, they hide the sun that reminds my father and I of his failed experiment. I don’t need to relive any bad memories, especially on reaping day. Our district’s escort appears on stage, her head almost consumed by the hairspray cloud surrounding her hair. She seems nervous; she’s probably some newbie the Capitol had to find on short notice. Her shaky hand slowly draws the slip of paper that will decide one girl’s fate. The name is read, and I suddenly wonder if one of my ears has gone deaf to balance out my one blind eye, because there is no way my name was called. Only after I feel the pitying stares of my whole district do I begin to believe what is happening. The escort gestures at me as I begin to walk; clearly annoyed at my slow movements. I couldn’t speed up if I tried, and to the tune of the frustrated sighs of my escort I finally arrive onstage. I receive a final glare before the next name is drawn. The escort has barely started to read the name before another boy volunteers. He is only a bit faster than me, and I recognize him as Shoot Star, the depressed boy. I can faintly hear our escort complaining about our manners before we are escorted off the stage.

District 1

Slither Bueti

I stand with all the other kids of my age, somehow being the only person no one is touching. That’s just fine for me. I hate this District, where no one ever has much fun and miss the excitement of the Capitol. I hate that I was exiled because I bit one lousy person. I hate that everyone here hates me. My pet snake shifts and I smoothly hide his movement inside my jacket from anyone who may be watching. Rules are for the people unlucky enough to be born in this district. Besides, what peacekeeper would hurt a Capitol child? Our escort comes onstage, dressed completely in the color purple. All I see is a blur of purple, before I see she has already drawn a name and is preparing to read it. “Shine Brig-““I volunteer!” Shine Bright runs onstage, apparently not realizing she was the one reaped. She looks so excited and happy staring at the escort that no one has the heart to volunteer. I wait patiently for the boy’s name to be called. “Slither Bueti” No, no, no. The Hunger Games are for Capitol citizens to enjoy, not participate in. I walk stiffly to the stage, finding myself in a role I’m used to watching on tv. I arrive onstage and am told to shake hands with Shine. It figures, the time I am reaped the escort forgets to ask for volunteers. We are preparing to leave the stage when Shine makes her fatal mistake. “Why didn’t you make your skin purple? It’s such a pretty color!” The peacekeepers barely manage to hold me back as I lunge at her. They use something to stun me, just like a District citizen. Maybe I’m not as safe as I thought.

District 2

Harpy Evermist

The reapings are as exciting as ever, which isn’t saying that much. My mom waits on the stage, almost lost in the sea of other Victors. She gives me a smile and I know I’m ready. It’s my time shine, and win the Games. The escort comes to the stage. He’s been our escort since I was born, and even farther back than that. I know for a fact he was my mother’s escort. Time must not pass as quickly in the Capitol, because he has no wrinkles at all. He goes to the reaping ball and I tense up, waiting to take my place in the Games. “Harpy Evermist” I inhale sharply. I had known that I might be reaped because of who my mom was, but I didn’t think it would be before I got a chance to volunteer. I knew I had a split second until someone else volunteered. Without wasting time to get a breath of air, I dashed under the rope and to the 17 and 18 year old sections. The peacekeepers couldn’t get to me; all they saw were thuds as I knocked would be volunteers down. Then, dashing to the stage, I got up on the stage, smiled at my beaming mother, and took my place to see who my District partner would be. The escort raised his eyebrows; but didn’t comment. The boy’s name was drawn and a strong-looking 15 year old volunteered. I smile in satisfaction. The best way to be sure your District partner won’t kill you is to have one younger than you are.

District 3

Ginger Dunn

It’s the one of the worst times of the year, reaping day; seconded only by the Hunger Games. Our escort arrives just as the clock strikes one, and begins to launch into a lengthy speech about the Hunger Games. After half an hour of stifling yawns, the escort finally draws the girl’s name. “Will Isis Holly come to the stage?” A boy I vaguely recognize as Alex Sun gasps. In another area a girl who must be Isis’ sister because they both have the same bright white skin and starving look, allows a few tears to all down her face. Meanwhile Isis stands onstage, shaking ever so slightly. There’s no way she’ll win the Games, even she must know that. The feeling of hopelessness I always get on reaping day comes back. The boy’s name is drawn and I close my eyes in anticipation. “Ron Swiss come to the stage!” Ron Swiss, who must be the smallest boy in our District, falls to the ground in terror. Peacekeepers move in to drag him forward, and something inside me snaps. “I volunteer!” Refusing to comprehend what I have done, I march determined to the stage. I shake Isis’s hand, which has stopped shaking, and give her a small sad smile.

District 4

Coral Reef

Ah, reaping day. No work, no school, and the chance at glory every District 4 citizen dreams of. Today that dream will be mine. In my roped off section, I know everyone is thinking the same thought, that they’ll be the ones to win the Games. All of them, or at least the girls, are wrong. I’ve trained my whole life, in weapons of course, but also in calling out as fast as I can. The words “I volunteer” come as naturally to me as my own name. Our escort arrives, looking proud and happy to be here. Of course she would, she’s the escort for a Career District. All the Victors she’s been an escort for have given her the luxury of being invited to any party or big event she wants. She’s obviously been given a heads up about upcoming trends, because she’s wearing a simple blue dress covered in fishing net. The fishing net we had to give designs to District 8 for, because the demand was becoming so high for water-like wear. I realize I have tuned out the escort, and almost missed the girl’s reaping. I focus all of my attention to the escort’s voice. Recently, they’ve gotten stricter about volunteering; anyone who volunteers before the name has been completely said is disqualified. “The girl tribute is Pearl Treasure-“ This is where everyone makes their mistake. I recognize the name as having two parts, instead of one. Immediately, all of my strongest competitors are eliminated. The escort finishes calling out the name. “Pearl Treasure-Sail” “I volunteer!” I barely have to rush my yell, and I stride confidently up the stage. The boy’s name is drawn quickly. “Seth Waves” “I volunteer!” To my surprise and satisfaction the person who volunteers is just a twelve year old boy, who says his name is Pirate Mast. My satisfaction vanishes as Pirate gives me a smile that makes my skin crawl.

District 5

Malco Crest

My sister is as fun as ever, we run around and laugh for what seems like minutes but is really hours. That’s how fast the time goes by when I’m with her. She turns, surely to tell me something, maybe a secret, and she, along with the rest of the world, shatters with a slam. I open my eyes as footsteps approach my bed. Soon my dad is leaning over me, looking sadly at me. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” I know he didn’t mean to ruin my perfect dream, so I give out my standard response. “It’s alright, there’s always tonight to dream.” Of course, how many other nights I have left to dream depends on today. Reaping day, the day of misery that reminds every citizen that yes, life CAN get worse. My mom hands me a small piece of bread and I run out of the house, with my parents preparing to follow me. The sun is climbing higher and higher in the sky, and my family can in no way afford to be late. I arrive in my age’s roped off area with minutes to spare. My mom and dad arrive just as the escort arrives on the stage, covered in exotic flowers. The smell makes my eyes water and it only gets worse as the escort moves to draw the girl’s name. “Heather Lavender” A girl separates herself from her two friends and walks onstage, emotionless. Two similar looking girls in the fifteen year old section begin to cry, and three identical boys bury their faces against their father, who seems too shocked to move. The cameras move around, capturing every second of drama. I narrow my eyes in disgust at the blatant disregard of privacy the camera men must have. Only the smell of hundreds of flowers draws my attention back to the stage, just in time to hear the boy’s name called. “Malco Crest.” I widen my eyes in surprise and the cameras move to capture my reaction as I walk upstage, and then move again to focus on my sobbing parents. No, I think. I won’t let my parents lose another child.

District 6

Rachel Weber

I can barely see the stage as I am surrounded by my adorers. They all try to talk to me at once, and I answer as many of their comments as I can with my never ending supply of clever comments. Even though it’s reaping day, I’m all smiles. I am always surrounded by nervous kids on reaping day, and even though I barely pay attention to their fears, the fact that I responded to them is enough. The escort arrives onstage, through the heads of the people surrounding me I see bright flashes of precious metals. She begins to babble on and I tune her out. A tap on my shoulder brings me face to face with my biggest rival, Emerald Cheers. “Scared, Rachel? Don’t worry, if you get reaped I’ll be sure to volunteer for you; and after I win the Games I’ll take all the attention that’s usually given to you.” My cheeks flush in anger, but before I can reply the escort draws the girl’s name. “Rachel Weber.” I see Emerald’s mouth opening, and I know I can’t let her take all the attention away from me. “I volunteer!” I walk up to the confused escort and stand confidently on the stage. The escort decides it’s not worth it to make me leave and calls out the boy’s name. “Jake Londh” A small boy clumsily walks to the stage, tripping several times. At least I know one person in the Games will be easy to kill.

District 7

Rhett Zekrom

You’d think that on reaping day they’d quiet down a bit, but there’s still the same group of kids, adults now, fooling around. True, their numbers are a fewer, some of them being shot or whipped to death by peacekeepers, but they still inflict the same amount of damage. They’ll clump around someone, stay for a second, then leave, with their victim looking terrified and usually missing something. My brother, Rupert, nudges me, and I tear my vision away from the glimpse of my past, what I might have become. The escort arrives onstage and with the help of a few nudges from peacekeeper’s guns the troublemakers quiet down. The escort seems to be having a struggle with his manliness, and has had thick hair grown on every inch of his body. He looks like a giant beast, and I’m sure not even a Capitol citizen would find that attractive. With the aid of a few grunts he escort crosses the stage and draws out the girl’s name. “Rosemary Milligan.” A girl walks onstage, her face blank and devoid of emotion. Her movements are stiff, almost robotic. Not even when the escort’s arm hair suddenly falls off, and it is revealed that the hair is really hair extensions does she crack a smile. The escort stomps over to the guy’s reaping ball and draws the name. “Rhett Zekrom.” My brother Rupert holds tight to my shoulder before releasing me to walk onstage. I know he will take care of our family if I don’t… make it. No, I tell myself. You will win these Games.

District 8

Rebecca Ashcroft

I’m a little nervous for reaping day, and I know Mystique can tell. She tries to cheer me up by taking out some balls and juggling them. She begins to toss some to me and soon my mind can only focus on receiving and tossing back balls until all I can see are blurs of colors as the balls go by. The annoyed cough of the mayor makes me lose my concentration and I drop the balls as the kids around Mystique and I giggle. I turn my attention to the stage and do my best to seem like I’m paying attention, but the mayor’s speech is lasting way too long. Finally he lets the escort take over, someone I actually look forward to seeing. This year her hair is pink and her eyes have been turned purple, just like mine. Clearly the escort has impeccable taste. The escort goes to draw a name and I hold tightly to Mystique’s hand as I become nervous again. With a smile on her face, the escort draws the girl’s name. “Rebecca Ashcroft” Unfortunately, my name. My walk to the stage is much harder than walking on fire. At least the escort tries to be nice, complimenting me on my hair. The boy’s name is drawn and my already bad day is turned to awful as Thomas Rudolph Barrymore’s name is drawn. Thomas, the boy found in the forest three years ago that would kill you just because he was bored. Great, just another deadly tribute I’ll have to face.

District 9

Ash Greenwood

I fix a reassuring smile on my face as my brother throws another worried look at me. Like every eligible kid or teen here, he’s nervous about reaping day. The only difference is that, like most of the kids still fairly new to reaping, he still openly shows his fear. In comparison my roped of area is full of carefully controlled faces and emotions. If they’re reaped they know there’s nothing they can do about it, so why worry? The escort arrives onstage in her usual outrageous outfit. This year she looks like she could kill someone with one wrong move, with all the tiny axes hanging off her dress. The mayor reads his speech about the Hunger Games quickly. As he hands over the microphone the escort turns a little too fast and one of the axes flies up and scratches the mayor on his arm. The escort pauses, takes out a cloth, wipes the tiny amount of blood of the axe, and continues on like nothing happened. A peacekeeper discreetly walks up to the mayor to offer him a bandage. Still unfazed, the escort draws a slip from the girl’s reaping ball. “Maple Green.” A nice looking girl moves slowly from her roped-off section, approaching the stage slowly. She finally arrives, warily eyeing the escort’s dress and keeping her distance. The escort moves on to the boy’s reaping ball and I know that there’s nothing I could do or say to calm my brothers nerves at this point. He’s only thirteen; he should have nothing to worry about. “Alder Greenwood.” I snap out of my stunned silence right before my brother reaches the stage. “I volunteer!” I run to the stage, and hug my brother once before sending him back to his roped off section where his friends are waiting. I meet up with Maple, who gives me the same reassuring smile I gave to my brother what seems like a lifetime ago. At exactly the same moment Maple and I extend our hands and shake each other’s.

District 10

Estelle Mar

It starts out as a distant moo that slowly gets louder and louder. Soon a dark cloud appears, growing bigger and bigger. Finally I see the cattle, raising dust with their hooves as they run towards me. I am frozen in place, my limbs unmoving. The first cow has just pushed me down when I am shaken awake by my aunt. “Get up if you plan on eating today.” I spring out of bed, trying to forget my nightmare. The sky is still dark, but I can tell by the way it’s already begun to lighten slightly that my aunt let me sleep in a bit. A pleasant surprise for reaping day maybe, but it’s more likely my aunt just didn’t feel like getting up early to wake me. I gather any small twigs or dry grasses I can find and return to the shack my aunt and I live in to start a fire and make a small breakfast. As soon as I am done eating I have to run out to the fields to feed the cattle. Maybe other Districts get the day off, but animals have to be taken care of everyday. At least we don’t have to do any slaughtering, and by the time noon rolls around I’m waiting in the town square for the escort to arrive. Arrive she does, striding up the stage confidently in eight inch high heels. If I tried to do that, I’d break an ankle before I even started to walk. She skips any sort of speech and goes straight to the girl’s reaping ball. Instead of reading the name, she draws a slip from the boy’s reaping ball also. She probably wants to add suspense. “District 10’s tributes this year will be… Estelle Mar and Keith Ranch.” I’ve never hated my name so much. I begin my walk up the stage when someone yells “I volunteer”. I turn my head hopefully, but the person who volunteered is the mayor’s son, Gavin Octavian. No one can help me now.

District 11

Galigan Mazerapi

I feel bad for any claustrophobic people, because on reaping day we are all jammed into our town square with barely any room to breathe. It’s a hot day, and being so close to others isn’t helping. As awful as it sounds, I just want the two unlucky kids to be chosen so I can go home already. The escort arrives but I can only tell by the sounds of his footsteps. It’s impossible to see the stage from this far away, especially with hundreds of kids’ heads blocking the way. The speakers that have been set up make hearing the escort no problem and every single one of her idiotic comments reaches my ears. Finally, the girl’s name is called out, Rhea Marine. She must have arrived onstage fairly fast, because the escort clears his voice to read the boy’s name within a minute or two. “Galigan Mazerapi” Somehow enough space is found for the kids near me to part, showing me a path towards the stage. It’s like no one wants to touch. Like unluckiness is a disease. Rhea faces me with a shadow of viscousness still in her eyes, but her face is relaxed, maybe even welcoming. But by the time we go to shake hands she has already changed her face for the cameras to look tough.

District 12

Stefani Wright

Around me other twelve year olds receive hugs and kisses from their mothers. I try to ignore them, casually shrugging off my dad to enter the roped off area. My first real reaping day. Unlike the rest of the kids surrounding me, I think I’ll be able to get through this without having a panic attack. After all, the chance of me being picked is so slim; the odds are surely in my favor. I still can’t ignore the fact that there is a definite difference of watching the reapings on the sidelines and actually being involved with them. Part of me wonders what will happen if I somehow am reaped. But a much larger part of me pushes that thought deep in the back of my mind and I wait patiently for the reapings to begin. Our escort arrives covered in glitter from head to toe. Our mayor has a coughing fit after standing too close to her and has to be escorted offstage. Oh well, at least there won’t be a long boring speech to listen to. Our escort carefully selects a slip of paper from the girl’s reaping ball. “Stefani Wright” Maybe someone else has the same name as me, maybe I can change my name; but no, it’s too late for that. Now’s the time to walk onstage and face the person I’ll be pitted against in the Games. So I do just that and end up almost choking on glitter myself until the escort hurries over to the boy’s reaping ball. “Rick Hawthorne.” A boy begins to walk from an older age group, but a small voice rings out. “I volunteer!” I recognize the boy from school, Lucas Hawthorne. I suppose it’s better to be pitted against someone my age than an older kid who could easily take me.

District 13

Shadow Titan

Reaping day is just a day of pretending. District 13 pretends we’re happy for the people reaped, and the Capitol pretends this isn’t just a big show of power. I’m sick of pretending. So while kids around me throw nervous glances at peacekeepers before talking about how nervous they are; I decide to strike up a conversation with the kid who made the mistake of standing near me. “Wow, don’t you just hate reaping day? I don’t see why the Capitol has to constantly show their power over us, seems like they’re worried we’ll take over.” Then kid looks shocked at first that I’m actually talking, then terrified as a nearby peacekeeper starts to come over with a frown. I make sure he disappears into the crowd of people waiting for the reapings to start before I do the same; making my way to my roped off section. After this year I’ll only have one more reaping left. Maybe I should volunteer, just to show the Capitol a thing or two. I wonder what they’d do if someone from the rebellious District 13 won their Games. The escort arrives onstage; wearing a dress that looks like it’s made from woven gold. Knowing the Capitol, it probably is. She smiles sweetly at the mayor and thanks him for his “ever so wonderful” speech before he’s even halfway finished. She grabs the microphone and reads out the slip she’s already drawn from the reaping ball. “Lucky Love.” A girl walks up to the stage, her hand twitching near the cell phone peeking out of her pocket like she’s dying to phone in for help. The escort gives the same smile she gave to the mayor to Lucky and moves on to draw the boy’s slip. My earlier thoughts about volunteering come back, but are ruined as the escort reads the name. “Shadow Titan.” Leave it to the Capitol to ruin yet another plan. I walk calmly onstage and the escort says something about shaking hands. Lucky raises her eyebrows and doesn’t move. Neither do I. In no way am I going to play by the Capitol’s rules.

Training Scores

Once again, these are completely random. Ask me if you want to know why your tribute got the score they did, I posted the really high or low score reasons below.

District Male Score Female Score
0 Shoot Star 6 Venus Freeze 6
1 Slither Bueti 5 Shine Bright 4
2 Everest Sateer 9 Harpy Evermist 11
3 Ginger Dunn 7 Isis Holly 10
4 Pirate Mast 6 Coral Reef 3
5 Malco Crest 8 Heather Lavender 9
6 Jake Londh 10 Rachel Weber 8
7 Rhett Zekrom 7 Rosemary Milligan 2
8 Thomas Rudolph Barrymore 5 Rebecca Ashcroft 8
9 Ash Greenwood 8 Maple Green 7
10 Gavin Octavian 7 Estelle Mar 9
11 Galigan Mazerapi 5 Rhea Marine 10
12 Lucas Hawthorne 9 Stefani Wright 9
13 Shadow Titan 7 Lucky Love 7

Harpy walked in and began to run until all the Gamemakers got bored and turned their attention to their food. As soon as she saw this she grabbed some paint and painted herself to perfectly blend in with the shadows. The Gamemakers assumed she had left, and began to call in the next tribute; at which point Harpy sprang up, revealing herself. One older Gamemaker had a heart attack.

Slither walked in just as a Gamemaker yelled "I HATE THE GREEN ONES" (He was talking about grapes.) Slither went ballistic and tried to kill the Gamemaker, but was stopped and knocked out by the force field. His brief moment murderous rage was enough to earn him a 5, but he was knocked out for the rest of his time.

Shine walked in and began to compliment the head Gamemaker on his purple suit. She also complimented several other Gamemakers on their various purple ties, hair, etc.(purple is a very popular color in the Capitol this year) This flattery earned her a 4. Both Slither and she convinced the other Careers their low scores were to get the other tributes feeling overly confident in their chances to win so that they'd be easier to kill.

In training Isis Holly learned how to make a bow and arrows then demonstrated this to the Gamemakers when it came time. When she shot her homemade bow she got all bullseyes.

Coral Reef was prepared to show her skill with tridents, but Pirate Mast had lit them on fire as part of his demonstration. When she started to show off her running skills the thick smoke left over from Pirate's odd display of stabbing then burning the practice dummies caused her to end up ccoughing uncontrollably.

Jake Londh tried to show how he could distinguish poisonous plants, which he learned in training. Instead he got a 10 for being surprisingly resistant to poison.

When it came time for Rosemary Milligan's turn she froze up, and for most of her time did nothing but stand there. Near the end she managed to throw a few hatchets, but her nerves made most of them miss. At least, that's what she told her district partner when he asked. Though she was nervous, she decided to be as weak as possible to avoid being a target.

Rhea Marine began with throwing a few spears at the newly replaced practice dummies, but became frustrated when she thought the Gamemakers weren't paying enough attention to her she began throwing spears at the force field, aiming them so they rebounded and hit the dummies in the heart.

Lucas Hawthorne began with shooting a few arrows at targets, getting pretty close to the bullseye. He then took at knives and began to throw them at the target. By chance, one knife hit an arrow imbeded in the target and split it in half, catching the gamemakers attention.

Stefani Wright used plants to form several poisons so potent special peacekeepers had to be called in to safely dispose of them. A bug crawling across the floor caught a smell of one poison and immediately died.


28th- Shadow Titan

27th- Ginger Dunn

26th- Rachel Weber

25th- Rhett Zekrom

24th-Galigan Mazerapi

23rd- Shoot Star

22nd- Stefani Wright

21st- Shine Bright

20th- Gavin Octavian

19th- Rosemary Milligan

18th- Rebecca Ashcroft

17th- Slither Bueti

16th- Everest Sateer

15th- Coral Reef

14th- Harpy Evermist

13th- Lucky Love

12lf- Pirate Mast

11th- Estelle Mar

10th- Lucas Hawthorne

9th- Heather Lavender

8th- Malco Crest

7th- Thomas Rudolph Barrymore

6th- Rhea Marine

5th- Ash Greenwood

4th- Isis Holly

3rd- Venus Freeze

2nd- Jake Londh

1st- Maple Green

The Games

Day One

Shadow Titan

My stylist took one look at my outfit and told me I better be able to swim. Thankfully I took advantage of the training center’s new pool during training days. Breaststroke should be able to get me anywhere. I hissing sound began and a plastic tube came down to cover me, followed by another larger one. Something opens above my head and water comes pouring down into the larger tube as I’m carried up in the small one. Just as I begin to see the arena my tube’s plastic goes dark and prevents me from looking out or seeing anything. The tube stops moving and I wait for the tube to release me but it doesn’t. I think about my interview, where my microphone was cut off as I mentioned how insecure the Capitol must be to have these Games. I remember the Peacekeeper that heard my comment to the boy on reaping day staring at me as I walked onstage, with recognition in his eyes. My eyes close as I think how stupid I was to say those things. I hear a cracking sound, and I wait for the end. Slowly but surely the cracking sound grows louder; and water sprays through the cracks. Soon water is up to my chin and even as I struggle to stay above the water I know it’s useless. I stop struggling as my thoughts dim. This is how I die, drowned in darkness; my death not even worth being recorded to put in the Games.

Ginger Dunn

I tried to prepare myself for the arena, but not even in my craziest nightmares did I think about an arena made up completely of water. I can’t swim, but maybe I can stay on the platform and hope everyone leaves me alone. Or I could try to reach one of the few lifejackets floating around with all of the diving equipment. Death is also a likely option.

Isis Holly

My plate rises, and I am momentarily blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the never-ending water. Nothing, not even a cornucopia is in sight. I have no idea what to do, until I see the diving gear bobbing around. I just need an oxygen mask and tank, and goggles if I can get them. I must have only seconds before the gong sounds, although I don’t know how bloody the bloodbath will be. I prepare to swim and grab my supplies, only to be caught off guard as I see the cornucopia resting ten or twenty feet below. I need a weapon for my strategy to work; but should I risk it. The District 4 tributes have been swimming their whole lives and will surely get there before me. Before I can decide what to do my platform is yanked out from under me. With the gong's sound ringing in my ears, I begin to swim.

Malco Crest

Thank goodness I can swim and that I made Heather learn how to during training. I put on an oxygen mask, and connect it to a device that, if I’m reading the label right, can take the oxygen out of water and bring it to my mask. As an afterthought I put on goggles. I turn around to see Heather finishing putting on her gear. Ignoring the cries for help coming from tributes that never learned how to swim, I dive down to the cornucopia.

Rachel Weber

How hard can swimming be? The other tributes aren’t making it look so hard. I wish I knew what they were doing right, because I’m sinking faster than I’d care to. I do my best to direct my body towards a life jacket, but I’m still several feet away when I accidently breathe in water. I cough and try to clear the water from my lungs but I’m sliding under the water and can’t break through to the surface. My lungs burn until they unexpectedly stop. My life stops.

Coral Reef

The arena was made for me. A whole world of water waiting for me to explore, with something done to it so even as I swim twenty feet down to the cornucopia my ears don’t even pop. The cornucopia is full of weapons, but I need one that’ll work well under water. All of the simple weapons I’m used to seeing in the games have been changed. The sword moves back and forth at the touch of a button, the knives are attached to a cord and launcher so you can stab someone and still get your knife back. I finally find a trident with tips that spring out to impale someone when I push a button. Pirate Mast has already gotten a sword and is preparing to defend the cornucopia. I do the same as the other tributes finally begin to make their way down.

Rhett Zekrom

I finally put on my oxygen mask, connect it to this weird device, and grab a pair of goggles. I begin to swim away from the cornucopia, where the first trace of blood has just begun to spread in the water. Something silver flashes by my ear and flashes by again, going back where it came from. I turn my head to look at the District 8 kid pointing something at me. He gives me a smile before pushing something. A knife springs forward and imbeds itself in my head as I realize what made that silver flash.

Rebecca Ashcroft

For a moment I think I’ll drown, my swimming is weak at best; even though I tried to learn during training. I leap towards a life jacket before my platform disappears. I’m a little short, but my set of juggling balls floats a little and I’m able to make it to the life jacket. With one hand I hold on to the jacket and with another I put on the gear I’ll need. As soon as my goggles are on I let go of the life jacket and let myself sink to the bottom. The current carries me far away from the bloodbath that’s just beginning.

Maple Green

Pirate Mast pins me down, preparing to finish me off. The sword flashes close to my face and Pirate smiles at my terrified expression. My dad, my whole family even, might die because I couldn’t live. I consider closing my eyes, until I see the body of the District 11 boy swimming closer with a regular knife in hand. It’s a small amount of hope that grows bigger as he swims closer. Pirate holds his sword close to my neck, where the blade will cut at the push of a button. His finger moves to press it, but freezes. The eyes that were staring so menacingly at me go blank and Pirate’s body releases its hold on me. I swim back and grab the axe I was originally going for before swimming off. Against my first reaction, I don’t pause to thank the boy from District 11 who saved my life by stabbing Pirate, nor do I warn him of the approaching Career. If I stop I’ll surely die, and I could never risk my life, not when my death would kill my dad also.

Gavin Octavian

The Careers have already accepted me; I made sure of that during training. Now all I need to do is shown them that I can and will kill. Even better, I’ll kill someone who killed a Career; namely, Galigan Mazerapi. He never even sees me coming, not that I have to get close. The specialized bow shoots an arrow cleanly into Galigan’s back and his body spasms for only a short amount of time before going limp. I’ll hear his cannon or whatever they’re going to do to signalize a death later after the bloodbath. Lucky Love is surprisingly good at protecting the cornucopia as the other Careers look around inside. Though few dare to approach the cornucopia, with all of the newly updated and more deadly weapons lying in the cornucopia where the Careers are it would be idiotic. Only one tribute is left near the cornucopia, the depressed boy from District 0. I guess he decided he doesn’t want to drown, because he managed to get all the gear needed to breathe underwater. Lucky watches as he approaches, and doesn’t move an inch. He gets within arm’s reach of her and she strikes, cutting him across the neck with a concealed knife. She returns back to her normal position as the boy falls, hardly batting an eyelash. The bloodbath is over, and the Careers are just getting started.

Jake Londh

I swim along the arena floor, waiting to be killed. I have no skills; I can’t fight, and I certainly can’t gather plants to eat. My training failure proved that, though with the Gamemaker’s sense of humor I got a ten. Why? Because I didn’t die after eating several poisonous plants by accident. I have no way to defend myself and a target on my back. In the distance a figure swims closer and I wait to be killed. Instead te figure approaches me with a smile. “Hi, I’m Stefani, District 12. Allies?” an ally, someone who doesn’t know how hopelessly bad I am at everything I do. How perfect. “Sure, I’m Jake, District 6.” Somehow I manage to hide the excitement from my voice. I could win these games yet.

Stefani Wright

What an awful ally. Not that it matters, he’ll die anyway. I’ll use the plants growing in the water or the small vial I got from the cornucopia to poison him. Then I’ll be free to move on to the next tribute, which might actually be able to help me before they die. I don’t want to complain though. Why speak ill of the soon to be dead?

Venus Freeze

I need allies, and I need them quick. I just barely got away from the bloodbath with my life, Lucky Love was chasing me down until Harpy called her back to guard the cornucopia. I never thought a Career would save my life, and I don’t think it will happen again. Hiding in the seaweed, I see someone swimming by. I try to see the tribute’s face, to decide whether or not to call out to them, but their head stays turned away. I’m so focused on the tribute, at first I don’t notice when the seaweed starts to wrap itself around my leg. It’s not until miniature spikes come out of the plant to spring into my skin do I notice. Unfortunately, I’m anything but quiet as the pain registers. The tribute turns around and begins to swim towards me as I claw at a second strand of seaweed beginning to curl itself around me. An axe flashes by and cuts the seaweed stems in half and my leg is immediately freed. The tribute raises her axe at me or a moment, but thinks better of it and lowers it. “I’m Rosemary, allies?” “My voice is shaky as I recover from my first gamemaker trap. “I’m Venus, of course.”

Shine Bright

It’s time to kill, that much is obvious. The only thing holding us back is Harpy insisting we set up camp and defenses to keep our supplies safe. I suppose she has a point, but the spear in my hand is just begging me to stab someone with it. The only thing that cheers me up is the purple sleeping bag I got from the cornucopia. It has special heaters built into it. Everest turns, probably to complain again, and for the first time I realize that despite the fact we’re under water I can hear just fine. Gavin sees my expression and motions to my ear. I bring my hand up and feel a smooth plastic covering my ear. That must be why I was knocked out before the games. Satisfied with this explanation, I turn to walk around our camp’s perimeter and look for any tributes.

Rebecca Ashcroft

I haven’t gotten far, the current stopped suddenly almost as quickly as it started. I need to move and get farther away from the Careers; but right now I’ve found the perfect gathering of plants that I’ll be able to live off for the whole Games. I don’t know if I’ll find something as good as this in the whole arena. I see a Career swimming over to my area and retreat farther into the shelter of plants. She has a spear in her hand and looks like she’s dying to use it. I silently curse my pink hair as the girl spots me. I try to swim away, but my leg gets tangled in a patch of seaweed. So this is how I will die. I turn to face the girl, someone I now recognize as Shine Bright. But her spear lowers as she gets a good look at me. “Look at your eyes! They’re… purple!” Did your stylists give you those eyes? I’m so jealous. You must love the color as much as me. Look, even the plants you’re hiding in are slightly purple! You should definitely ally with the Careers and I, I’m sure we’re going to be great friends!” I study her face; there’s no way she could be joking is there? Her face is completely serious and I realize I have no choice but to accept and play along. “I know right? Purple eyes are the best! We should pick some of the purple plants and bring them back to the Career camp, they’re edible!” I sound like one of the conceited girls that occasionally came to the circus to complain about the acts, but Shine buys it. Giving me a smile, she begins to swim to the cornucopia; motioning for me to follow.

Ash Greenwood

Maple and I have set up camp in a cluster of caves we found. Hopefully no one will find us here. We each have an axe, though Maple was in more danger than me when she got hers. I was able to get mine and not be spotted, but Maple told me about her Career scare. She told me that something distracted the career and she was able to swim away. I think she’s lying, I know she’s lying, but I didn’t press the point. Though I’m certain I’ll see the career’s face when the dead are shown, I really don’t want to know what happened. I’ll see and hear about enough murders over the next few days.

Rosemary Milligan

It’s good to have an ally, especially on who’s so nice. I swing my axe, making a dent in a thick stalk. Venus and I have found what looks like an underwater forest, but instead of trees gigantic green plant stalks rise out of the ground and above the water’s surface. Venus and I found the thickest one and I’m making handholds so we can climb further up. I swing my axe again, and it makes a wide gash in the plant. I look through the cut and see what looks like a tiny, circular, green room. I scoot inside and call for Venus, who’s waiting below. I’ve found the perfect hideout.

Heather Lavender

We’re a good team, Malco and I. At the cornucopia I got a blowgun and Malco got a spear before the District four tributes started to go after us and we were forced to leave. Later Malco speared some fish while I found some poisonous plants to coat my darts with. Malco discovered a button on his oxygen tank that made a little rod stick out and begin to heat up. We stuck the fish on that and in no time we had cooked fish. It wasn’t very good, but it wasn’t poisonous and was food. I thought we would keep moving after we ate; but Malco insisted on sleeping. He seemed to be looking forward to something. I’ve never met anyone who enjoyed sleeping so much. So now I’m lying down amongst brightly colored coral. Little fish swim by, but all I can think about is gamemaker mutts every time I see them. Beauty is wasted in the Hunger Games.


28th- Shadow Titan- Drowned by the Capitol

27th- Ginger Dunn- Drowned

26th- Rachel Weber- Drowned

25th- Rhett Zekrom- Killed by Thomas Rudolph Barrymore

24th- Pirate Mast- Killed by Galigan Mazerapi

23rd-Galigan Mazerapi- Killed by Gavin Octavian

22nd- Shoot Star- Killed by Lucky Love

Day Two

The twist will be applied on this day.

Stefani Wright

Jake is still asleep, looking as innocent as any tribute in the Games ever could. If we could receive sponsors, he would be showered in gifts just because of that. But we can’t, and I’m forced to pick the least bad-looking seaweed to eat for breakfast. After I finish choking down my meal I pick a few other plants I recognize from plant station during training days; the ones the instructor said not to eat, ever. They’re perfect. I call out to Jake in a cheery voice, “Jake, look. I got breakfast.”

Jake Londh

Stefani watches me as I eat the plants, looking more and more confused as the number of plants diminishes. I think about offering her some again; but the past couple times she’s refused so I don’t bother. Finally I can’t eat any more and thank Stefani for the delicious meal. Her mouth waters, and she mumbles something about suddenly becoming hungry before snatching up a plant to try for herself. She’s just taken a bite when I see a giant eel swimming behind her; with long spikes sticking out of it. A mutt. I turn, yelling for Stefani to swim, and try to escape.

Stefani Wright

I can’t move, the plant has paralyzed me. I can only watch as the eel winds itself around me; sticking its spikes into me. The eel turns bright blue and electricity goes from the spikes and courses into my body.

Heather Lavender

I hear a muted thud of a canon. Malco wakes up, with the annoyed look someone only gets when something important is interrupted. The careers have probably woken p and are looking for their victims. I wish they would just die. I think of ways the careers should be wiped out as I shoot some fish using non-poisonous darts in my blowgun. Their oxygen tanks could stop working, a herd of mutts could kill them, or maybe even a missile could fall on them.

Estelle Mar

It’s so cold. I’m hiding in the deepest and darkest section of water I can find; and I’m completely miserable. No plants grow in the darkness and my stomach growls so loud I’m sure anyone around could hear it. A faint current comes up; but instead of pulling me left or right I’m pushed up. I panic as the current increases its force, certain this is a Gamemaker trap. I arrive close to the surface and as my head rises above water I freak out when I can’t breathe. It takes me a little while to realize that I need to turn my tank off; but as soon as I do I breathe easily. That still doesn’t explain why I was pulled up here though. I have to look twice before I see the boat. It must be completely invisible from underneath, because I didn’t see it when I was underwater. But here it is, the size of a king-size bed with a backpack full of food and a small sleeping bag. There’s even a towel to dry myself off with. I can’t help my smile as I look at my ticket to winning the games.

Rebecca Ashcroft

The Careers are just waiting for a reason to kill me; as soon as Shine’s dead, I’ll be too. What’s worse is that I feel awful, I’m sure I’ve caught some type of virus. My forehead is burning, but I don’t tell anyone, nor do I show any weakness. I can’t, the Careers will kill me. But if I was honest with myself I would admit that my fate was sealed the moment Shine found me. A single canon sounds, but in the haze my fever has brought I barely register it.

Thomas Rudolph Barrymore

She’s dead, that stupid Shine Bright girl. I stab her once again with my knife before admiring my handiwork. The Careers might come soon, I need to leave, but I can’t resist allowing this one luxury. I cut one of her purple hair streaks, admiring how it looks next to that my other victims’s steel apple token. I swim away from her body, lying behind a boulder. Stupid girl, she shouldn’t have wandered off. My only regret is that the ground opens up and swallows her body before I can admire my work one last time. Who am I kidding? I have all the time in the world. The Careers will never imagine one of their own would be killed.

Lucas Hawthorne

I need allies for my strategy to work, but no one is to be found. I lean against one of the humongous plant stalks to rest. I’m tired. I lay my backpack down. It contains a harpoon gun and a few packets of a mush I guess is supposed to pass as food. I consider forcing myself to eat it, but two shadows interrupt me. Venus and Rosemary are swimming down from a plant stalk. They’re just the type of tributes I want to ally with. I approach them slowly, preparing to run as Rosemary raises her axe. I quickly explain my intentions, and when Rosemary turns to Venus she just shrugs. My hopes raise as Rosemary lowers her axe and I walk eagerly forward. I hear a growling stomach so I take off my backpack and start to look through it to find the most appetizing packet of food. My finger slips and presses against a button. I hear a tearing sound as my harpoon gun shoots a harpoon straight through my bookbag. I see a trail of blood and before I black out I see Rosemary’s screaming face.

Gavin Octavian

Shine’s missing and I volunteered to look for her. If she abandoned the Careers, she’s going to die. But I’m probably wrong, Shine probably got districted by a purple fish and followed it and got lost. She can be so annoying sometimes. I swim down so that I’m walking on the water’s floor. I really don’t feel like hurrying to track down some air-headed Career that hasn’t done much anyways. The ground below me tilts, and if I wasn’t underwater I would have fallen. Instead I tilt backwards and float on my back for a few seconds while three manta rays rise from the sand. Instead of their normal tails they have swords, which I quickly discover move at a lightning speed. In mere seconds most of my limbs have been cut off and I am practically begging for the manta rays to finish me off. They willingly do.

Pirate Mast

I was gone, but I’m back. The girl I was going to kill is nowhere to be found and my sword has been replaced with a simple knife. I was dead, but soon everyone else will be too. I’ll kill them all; but first I need to find the Career alliance. I want to know exactly why no one had my back at the cornucopia.

Venus Freeze

Rosemary’s losing blood fast, and nothing I do can stop it. She doing what she can to hide it, but her first scream gave me a good idea of how much pain she must be in. Lucas is useless, he passed out as soon as he saw Rosemary’s blood coming out of her leg. I don’t know what to do. Pulling the harpoon would make her lose more blood, and at the rate she’s losing it all ready that would kill her. She can’t go on with it in though. Minutes pass by with me helplessly trying to decide what to do. Rosemary stares up to me, with tears pooling in her goggles. “Do you think people are watching this back home?” My voice is soft as I answer. “Of course they are, I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the Capitol too.” Despite my intentions my words turn bitter near the end of the sentence. Rosemary gives a harsh laugh that sounds more like she’s choking. “I always wanted to be popular. I guess my time has come.” The words take on a double meaning as her eyes close and a little while later a cannon sounds. Her time has come. I fight back tears as her body disappears under the sand.

Harpy Evermist

Pirate, Shine, and now Gavin; we’ve lost three career’s so far. Despite what others think I’m not so sure Shine just abandoned us, and Gavin been gone a long time. The cannon I heard after he left only further convinces me. At least I won’t have to worry as much about being killed when I leave tonight. Coral shrieks and I turn to see what she is. I blink twice and wonder if the food we got from the cornucopia has drugs in it. There’s no way Pirate is still alive, I saw him killed myself, his body sunk into the ground like all the other bloodbath victims. But here he is, walking into camp with his head raised; looking as good as ever. He marches towards me, a scowl on his face. “How incompetent are you that you can’t have my back in a bloodbath.” My face goes hot and before I begin to talk I get the feeling this will be a long argument.

Slither Bueti

While Harpy and Pirate yell at each other and Coral and Everest just watch I walk towards Rebecca. Shine isn’t to be found; she probably tried to desert us. She’ll be killed for that later. For now Rebecca needs to be taken care of. She’s stayed in her sleeping bag half the day and hasn’t proved how she could be helpful. I take my carefully selected weapon, a sword, and prepare to shove it in her heart just as she is covered in a shadow growing increasingly bigger. Harpy yells out and tries to swim away, Everest takes cover, Coral stays rooted in place, Pirate raises a knife like he could fight it off, Rebecca wakes up and screams and I just watch as what looks like a missile shoots into the water. I see my reflection in its polished surface; the last glimpse of life I get before it explodes.

Isis Holly

Even as far away I am from the Careers I’m thrown back as the force of the missile or whatever that was pushes water back. Estelle’s boat is moved back too. It’s hard to see, but not impossible. Similar to the force field chink I noticed, the boat has one spot that’s darker than the rest of the water. I just had to swim under the spot; as soon as I was a foot away I could tell it was a boat. When I began to climb into it, I noticed Estelle sleeping. She’s a light sleeper apparently; I had seconds to get away. Oh well, I didn’t have a weapon then anyway. Now I at least have a bit of sharp coral attached to a stiff plant. Not much of a weapon, but it’ll kill well enough. Warped through the water I can faintly see the rays of pink and orange that signify sunset. I tell myself that killing Estelle and stealing from her is just part of the Games. I wish I were wrong.

Jake Londh

Poor Stefani. I should have gone back for her; I should have fought the mutt off. She obviously had some time of allergic reaction to the plant; I mean, I ate the plant and I’m perfectly fine. Sure, I found out during training that I’m really resistant to poison; but Stefani would never poison me one purpose. She went to the plant identifying station almost as much as I did. It’s too late to change anything, I have no ally and I’m discovering the hunger part of the Hunger Games. After Stefani’s mistake I don’t want to eat any of the plants growing around. I sit on the ground but stand right back up as I feel a lump underneath me. A backpack filled with food has appeared under me. Sure, it looks unappetizing and probably tastes bad; but it’s food. I may just be the luckiest tribute in Hunger Games history.

Lucas Hawthorne

I wake up and see Venus sitting across from me. Rosemary is nowhere to be seen. I know what that means. I’ve killed my ally, and depending on what Venus decides I’ll be next. I’m missing my harpoon gun, but after a short look around I see its been chopped to pieces by Rosemary’s axe. I turn back to Venus. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so, sorry. I didn’t mean to- I didn’t think it would- I’m sorry.” Venus doesn’t react at all. Finally I get up slowly and swim away, leaving my backpack behind. Let Venus eat, I’m not hungry anymore.


Stefani Wright- Killed by eel mutt

Shine Bright- Killed by Thomas Rudolph Barrymore

All of the remaining Career alliance- killed by missile

Rosemary Milligan- Accidently shot by Lucas Hawthorne's harpoon gun

Day Two- Night

Estelle Mar

I’m completely safe, yet something unnerves me. I never swam under the boat to make sure it was completely invisible. As night approaches every sound scares me. In the distance a large shape come to the surface for a while before going back under with a slap of its tail. I’m so fascinated watching the same type of animal come up to the surface I don’t even notice as someone gets on the boat. By the time I look away my throat has been cut. I feel my body being thrown into the water and the last thing I see is another figure guiding the boat away.

Isis Holly

I’ve learned two things. One, oars are very helpful and two, dead bodies can float. I could have gone my whole life without learning either. At least I have a boat now, stocked with food. I try to wash the blood off my weapon, but the sharp coral is full of holes that keep the blood from completely washing off. Frustrated, I give up and lay down on the sleeping bag. It’s plush and warm, so why am I shaking?

Venus Freeze

Lucas is almost out of reach when something inside me snaps. I feel alive for the first time in hours. “He killed Rosemary, I’ll kill him.” is the only thing I am thinking as I swim to catch up with him, Rosemary’s axe in my hand. He killed Rosemary, I’ll kill him. I'm almost within reaching distance. He killed Rosemary, I’ll kill him. He turns and faces me with a smile at first. He killed Rosemary, I’ll kill him. His smile is replaced by fear as I swing the axe into his head. He killed Rosemary, I killed him.

Rhea Marine

The Games will end soon. I wait patiently near the edge of two District partner’s camp and wait for them to go to sleep. The boy is out cold, smiling wider than I thought possible. The girl is just sitting up and staring into the endless water. I can’t wait much longer. If she sees me she’ll wake the boy up and they’ll have a chance at beating me. No, I need to act now. I softly pick up my spear and begin to approach the girl. My movements are slow and rhythmic; as I come up from behind she doesn’t even see me. I carefully calculate where I will stab her. The throat seems like a good place, but what if she manages a scream? I’m so close her hair is brushing against my face. If she turned her head at all she would see me. As fast as I can I shoot one of my hands out and clamp it down on her mouth. With the other I stab her in the neck. She struggles and makes a few pitiful gurgling noises before going still.

Malco Crest

I’m swimming with Lily, fitting see where I am now. Fish come up to us without a fear and swim around our bodies. Lily laughs once, music to my ears, and splashes me. I laugh too and splash her back. A sharp pain wakes me. My eyes fly open to see Rhea standing over me with a spear in my chest. She doesn’t even look at me, she just makes sure I don’t pull the spear out. As my pain increases and my mind begins to turn to black, I’m given a gift. Lily is beside me, holding my hand and talking to me. At first I can barely hear or feel her, but she becomes more and more real the fuzzier my mind goes; until her hand feels as real as any other. “Lily” I whisper before I die.

Maple Green

It’s getting close to the end of the Games. I don’t want to have to kill Ash, or be killed by Ash. He’s sleeping now; but I can’t. Every time I close my eyes I see the boy who saved me being killed by that Career. I should leave tonight. Looking at my recent behavior, I would probably betray him if I stayed. I take my axe and slip out of the cave.

Thomas Rudolph Barrymore

The Maple girl will die soon. Maybe I should have killed her ally, but I need a challenge. I have a feeling that Maple girl’s death will be very fun. I choose a sword from my pack of weapons. I’ll make this a fair fight. I swim close to her and poke her with my sword. She whirls around with her axe raised and I smile. “Want to play” I say as I lunge forward with my sword. Maple knocks it aside and I focus myself to deflecting her axe. I underestimated her. She manages to cut my arm, and once again I make a final lunge. She expects it and gives me a final deep gash in my chest. I fall to the ground and the things I collected from my victims fall from the small bag I had them in. Maple goes to grab it and I use the last of my strength to move forward and snatch them up. “Mine.” I mutter, grasping the strands of purple hair and metal apple I had earned. At least I die with my treasures.

Ash Greenwood

Maple’s gone. All of her things are missing, so I don’t think she was killed. Where would she go? I swim out to the mouth of the cave to see if I can find her. Besides the single strand of purple hair that floats up to me; the landscape looks no different than yesterday. Maple must have quit the alliance before we had to kill each other. I can’t say I’m upset about that. Yet the thought of Maple, my trusted ally, being killed makes me sad. I don’t bother swimming back into the cave, I already have my axe. Instead I swim forward in smooth, even, movements. I tell myself I need a new hiding place, but I don’t know where I’m headed.

Rhea Marine

They’re dead, just two less tributes to kill. I wince as I remember the boy calling out to someone named Lily. Who was Lily? His sister? His girlfriend who wanted so badly for him to come home? His friend? Whoever they are I’m sure they hate me now. They’ll get over it. I can’t afford to consider the feelings of some safe district kid, not so close to the end of the Games. I can win these. I look around me and spot someone swimming. I grip my blood-stained spear and begin to move.

Ash Greenwood

Is that Maple? Can afford to see if it is? I grip my axe and swim forward a little. The figure is definitely a girl. I run through the remaining girl tributes in my mind. The District 0, 3, and 11 girls are still in; and of course Maple is too. There’s a good chance the figure will kill me. I finally see the tributes face- it’s not Maple. I start to swim, and despite the girls speed I’m getting farther and farther away. A giant rock lies in my path and I prepare to swim over it; just as what I thought was a rock opens its mouth.

Rhea Marine

I never even have to touch the boy. The thing, it looks like a giant gray fish, opens its mouth and begins to suck in water. Ash tries to get out of the way, but the pull is too strong. Only seconds pass by before Ash has been sucked up. I cautiously move closer to the thing to see if Ash is dead. Too late I realize how stupid that was and I’m sucked up too. Its stomach is filled with acid that immediately begins to eat through my clothes. Ash is trying to hack his way out; but I know it won’t work. Instead I raise my spear and point it at him. The acid is on my skin, burning me until I can’t take it anymore. He swings his axe defensively as I knew he would. I see the axe go towards my chest and imbed itself in my heart. I smile and Ash realizes what I’ve done as he finally notices that his legs are quickly disappearing. I die just as Ash begins to scream.

Day 3


Attention remaining four tributes. I strongly reccomend you visit the cornucopia. If you don't... well let's just say you don't want to find out.

Jake Londh

I need to get to the cornucopia; I’m not stupid enough to believe I could survive whatever the Gamemakers will throw at those who don’t go. I’m also not stupid enough to believe I have much of a chance at surviving the bloodbath that will happen among the remaining tributes.

Maple Green

There are only four of us left. Part of me hopes that one of the cannons was Ash’s; so I won’t have to witness his death at the cornucopia. The cornucopia will be the last place three people ever meet; and I’ll be the last one standing.

Venus Freeze

I have nothing. Sure, I have an axe; but it will always be Rosemary’s in my mind. I have no other options; I need to go to the cornucopia.

Isis Holly

How sweet, the gamemakers have invited us a deathmatch. I trail my finger lazily through the water before picking up an oar and beginning to paddle. I’m not going to risk my significant chance of winning. Attacking during the day can’t be that different from attacking during the night.

Maple Green

No one has come out in the open yet. I’m sure the other three tributes are hiding somewhere; I just need to find them. I just want to go home, at this point if it means killing someone I’ll do it. I move when the seaweed I’m hiding in does, until I can barely make out the form of a tribute. I grip my axe and wonder if I can really do this; just as the area around the cornucopia begins to shake and rise.

Jake Londh

I swim towards the cornucopia and Maple appears right beside me. I wonder how close I was to being killed, probably as close as I am now. Another tribute, Venus is already on the platform; holding an axe defensively. Isis is nowhere to be found. I reach the platform and Maple manages to catch the edge of it just as we break through the water. I see Venus take off her oxygen tank and Maple and I do the same. The platform rises high enough for me to see Isis in a boat, paddling with all her might towards us. She’s too late. A dark mass of fish surrounds her boat, eating it away with their razor sharp teeth. I look away as they move on to Isis herself. Her cannon fires quickly. Maple pulls herself completely on the platform. She’s somehow managed to hold on to her axe. I realize I’m the only tribute without a weapon.

Venus Freeze

I’m not afraid to kill; I’ve been in the games to long to care. If I want to live, two others must die. It’s as simple as that. Maple begins to walk forwards with her axe and I get a good grip on Rosemary’s axe. This will be a long fight.

Maple Green

I swing first. Venus manages to block it, but I can tell she doesn’t have much experience with an axe. I swing again and again; forcing her closer to the edge of the platform each time. Venus is cornered, and she knows it. She lashes out a final time and manages to cut into my legs before I can stop her. I stumble back, deflecting Venus’s crazed blows until I’m finally knocked down. Venus raises her axe and I hold up mine, in a final attempt to deflect the coming blow.

Jake Londh

Venus is going to kill Maple, then me. So I do the only thing that could get me a weapon in time- I jump on Venus.

Venus Freeze

Right before I swing something big knocks into me. I never realized how close I was to the edge of the platform until I fell off. The fish are waiting for me to land, and before I even touch the water they’re jumping up to bite me.

Jake Londh

I never stopped to think about when to stop moving forward. I'm barely keeping my grip on the platform as I dangle over the mutt infested waters. Maple comes over and I know that I can't luck myself out of this. Maple raises her axe and tells me she's sorry; right before she brings the axe down on my fingers, cutting them off.

Maple Green

His scream is somehow worse than all the others. I sit in the middle of the platform with my hands over my ears until his cannon goes off. I killed the person who saved my life. A hovercar appears to take me home and I wearily climb onto the ladder. Already they've started to bring construction crews in to build resorts for Capitol citizens. Within a month or two I'm sure some airheaded people will be re-enacting this fight. Disgusted, I look away.

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