I'm just as bad as anyone else with this, but why do we feel the need to make lists saying why one team is good/awful? So, in a burst of hypocrisy, here's a list!

Reasons we should stop making lists supporting "Team Gale" or "Team Peeta":

  1. The books are over, what's the point? What do you want to achieve making these lists?
  2. This isn't Twilight
  3. Most of the arguments are poorly supported. Gale did not kill Prim, it was President Coin that sent Prim to the Capitol. Peeta is not weak, he carries around 100 pound sacks of flour.
  4. Does anyone actually read them? Maybe. Does anyone actually care? Unlikely.
  5. No matter how many lists you make, the person will still like Team Peeta or Gale. You can't change that.
  6. Why does it matter if you like Peeta or Gale?
  7. Most of the lists are opinion. "Peeta is annoying" or "Peeta's more talented" are opinions. They make your list purely opinion.
  8. If anything, they start more arguments and create division in the community. Everyone, including myself, feels the need to respond when someone bashes your Team of choice. I don't care if you hate or love Peeta. Let me talk to you normally, and don't bring it up. If you feel the need to mention how badly Peeta/Gale sucks every 5 minutes, have fun. I'll just be ignoring your lists from now on.
  9. I'm pretty sure enough lists have been made. At this point, all of the new lists are basically repeating what countless other Users have said.
  10. Everyone knows that Team Finnick Rules! (JUST KIDDING, ignore this entry!!

I'm really bored.

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