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May the odds be ever in your favor!

Hello and welcome to the First Annual Hunger Games! In this Hunger Games hold a reaping of all who have posted on comments their name, age and district! Please enter your name and I will hold reaping as soon as I have at least one boy and one girl from each district. So please hurry with putting your name in and if you wish, you may add the number of tessera along with your reaping slip. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Reaping Slips In the Reaping Ball:

District 1

Girls: Avia Hannith- Eievie

Boys: Quinn Neealeya- Eievie

District 2

Girls: Suleen Tolouse- Ruthlesskiller457

Boys: Stuart Hummes- Prezziesnow9704:)!

District 3

Girls: Shana Buz- Nate777

Boys: Ian Volt- Nate777

District 4

Girls: Pacifica Wave- EffieLuna

Boys: Kai Atlantis- EffieLuna

District 5

Girls: Julia Manganese- EffieLuna

Boys: Maxwell Liang- EffieLuna

District 6

Girls: Pema Alderweel- Rockman117

Boys: Golden Hawbrook- Rockman117

District 7

Girls:Giselle Sunburst- Jabberjay78

Boys: Twlight Dawn- Jabberjay78

District 8

Girls: Summit Daylight- Clove

Boys: Mikey Gold- Jabberjay78

District 9

Girls: Kasha Farro- Necterine411

Boys: Bulgar Millet- Necterine411

District 11

Girls: Lilac Coalburner- Rockman117

Boys: Aaron Winters- Rockman117

District 12

Girls: Holly Edwardson- Anon

Boys: Jake Woodwood- Anon

The Train

The tributes waited nervously, only the Career's were prepared and excited. Tokens were clutched, with a shaking hand

The Chariot Rides

District 1 rode out on beatuful chariots made of clear glass, the horses an deep white. The female was wearing a beautiful tunic in white silk adjorned with glittering jewels and a long flowing skirt. The male had a simliar outfit, wearing smooth white slacks and a matching tunic. The crowd cheers them on and throws white roses. They are always favorites.

District 2 rides out on a charoit made of steel. They are wearing peacekeepers outfits and hold fake weapons. The crowd yawns, they have seen this before.

District 3 rides out on a charoit lined with flashing lights and wires. They wear baggy electrician suits with glowing headbands that don't match. The crowd boos but is fasicnated by the chariot.

District 4 rides out in a chariot the color of the sea and horses that are painted green. They wear fishnets over them, covering embarresing parts, but the fishnets are purple and do nothing to win the crowd.

District 5 rides out in a black chariot covered with designs of dead bodies. They wear wicked balck iuts wih black boots and they each hold a syringe. The crowd gasps and looks away.

District 6 rides out in a white chariot pulled by brown horses. Both tributes wear fashionable lab coats and the girl wears a tiara. The crowds mummers in approval and claps, it was not the best but they looked good.

District 7 travels out in a wooden chariot, they both wearing a large fake tree with a fake ax sticking out. The crowd boos them.

District 8 wears a pattern of different prints, the horses are dyed multiple colors.

District 9 tributes wear hunting outfits( boots, jackets, fit jeans) and the horses are pulling a chariot covered in animal skins. The crowd noddes.

District 11 female is wearing a long dress the clor of honey and a woven headband, the male is wearing a pair of slacks and a buttonn down shirt the same color as the femal's dress. The crowd sighs, loving how they look.

District 12 is wearing miners siuts made to look very fashionable and they are wearing cute head lamps. The crowd claps, liking it as much as District 11.

The Training Scores

Avia Hannith- 5

Quinn Neealeya- 7

District 2

Suleen Tolouse- 9

Stuart Hummes- 3

District 3

Shana Buz- 10

Ian Volt- 6

District 4

Pacifica Wave- 2

Kai Atlantis- 9

District 5

Julia Manganese- 8

Maxwell Liang- 5

District 6

Pema Alderweel- 5

Golden Hawbrook- 2

District 7

Giselle Sunburst- 7

Twlight Dawn- 8

District 8

Summit Daylight- 4

Boys: Mikey Gold- 10

District 9

Kasha Farro- 6

Bulgar Millet- 8

District 11

Lilac Coalburner- 11

Aaron Winters- 7

District 12

Holly Edwardson- 11

Jake Woodwood- 5

The Sponser Gifts

You can only give gifts if you are the mentor of the person( you entered them inot my games). Each tribute has $10,000 that is availble to buy gifts. Post below during the games when you want to give them a gift. Prices go up by $50.00 each day.

Major medicine( will result in life or death of tribute): $1,000.00

Sleep syrup: $100.00

Medicine: $500.00

Sleeping bag: $200

Weapons: Depending on value, up too $5,000.00

1 pint of water: $50.00

Crackers: $10.00

Full meal( goat cheese, lamb stew, bread, apples): $100.00

Loaf of bread: $50.00

Beef jerky: $20.00

Others will be added as the games continue

Information About The Hunger Games Setup

Arena: Half of the arena will be in the snowy forest, the other half will be underground. The forest will be full of mutts and posionous animals and plants, underground will have other dangers.

Outfits: The outfits will consisit of long, fitted black pants, a green shirt, and a brown jackets, lined with fur. The shoes are boots with treaded soles and lined with fur.

Mutts: Some of the mutts will be:

A rabbit that is the size of a truck and eats people specifically.

Beetles uderground that burrow themselves into you, and eat their way out.

My Games work like this:

I will post about 5- 10 sentence responses for every tribute every day, and maybe more for each, depending on the day. I decide you dies and lives, but mentors can try to extend lifetime by sending gifts. Also I will be speaking form third person.

I will post in bold when it is the capitol speaking or something the Gamemaker says.

The Hunger Games: Day 1

The tributes are lifted up into a forest, snow covering everything including the Cornucopia. The cornucopia is filled with everything a tribute might need, the value decreasin farther away from the Corncopia. The bloodbath will be gruesome.

Avia Hannith

"Gotta, gotta get that crossbow!" She yells out as soon as the gong rings out and the games begin. She sprints to the cornucopia, no doubt in her mind that she won't die. Avia slips and falls on her face, bashing her teeth painfully, causing them to bleed. She jumps up and continues to run towards the pile of weapons. A tribute comes behind her and pushes her down then grabbs a piece of ice and attempts to bash her head in. Thinking quickly, she jumps out from behind him and pulls the ice from hands. She grabs her crossbow, a purple backpack and dashes away, into the cover of the snowy trees. "I got it!" She whispered happily, pulling the backpack on.

Quinn Neealeya

He noddes at the gong and walks towards the Cornucopia, letting the tributes pass him up. That is when he sprints at the corncopia, aiming to get a knive and supplies. Once he gets there, he pulls up a long, wickedly sharp sword with it's sheath. Then he grabs a backpack and whips around as a knife flies past him. He jumps down and runs at the tribute with his knife ready. The tribute laughs and stabs him in the gut. Quinn keels over and the tribute delivers the killing blow; a hit to the neck. Quinn's head rolls to the ground.

Suleen Tolouse

She darts faster than anyone and reaches the Cornucopia first. Suleen grabs up a knife, and a crossbow. She turns around and pulls a purple and pin backpack on her back, shoving a sheet of plastic into the pack. Suleen dodges a knife, seeing a tribute just walking as she turned. "What is he doing?" She wondered, knowing he was going to die. Suleen sprints away into the vast forest.

Stuart Hummes

He giggles at the gong, liking the sound and sprints at the sword that he was aiming for before the gong. A tribute comes behind him and Stuart turns around, already at his sword. He hacks the tribute in half and laughs, a cold manical laugh. He picks up a knife and throws it at the tribute standing above him. The tribute jumps down and runs at him, but Stuart stabs the tribute, then decapitates him. Stuart turns around and runs for the woods, disappearing into the snowy trees.

Shana Buzz

She sprints away immedietly, traveling to the an area in the forest close enough to the Cornucopia that she can see it. Shana sits there in the cold snow, her nose turning bright red as she waits for Ian to come. Sitting there, she hears someone running. "Ian!" She yelled, waiting to embrace him. But it is not Ian. What appears is a paw, from underneath the ground. The thing jumps out and runs at Shana. Shana realizes it is a large rabbit with razor sharp teeth. She turns to run but it grabs her in it's teeth and rips her apart.

Ian Volt

Ian sprints off into the woods, trying to find Shana, when her hear screaming.Ian runs to the sound and finds the human remains of a tribute. He runs to it and looks, finding that it was Shana. "Shana!" He yelled, crying. He stopped and stood up. "I will win for both of us." And he runs deeper into the woods.

Pacifica Wave

She ran and tried to find Julie, Kai and Maxwell. She turned around, finally reaching the Cornucopia and saw a tribute with a bow. The bow aimed at her and before she could react, the arrow went straight through her heart. Pacifica caught the sight of Maxwell before she died.

Kai Atlantis

Kai sprinted off and met a tribute with a bow. "Oh no!" Kai said and turned around. The tribute laughed and shot an arrow through his heart, like Pacifica. "Pacifica!" Kai yelled, seeing her die, right before he did.

Julia Manganese

She jumped off the plate and ran for the Cornucopia and sprinted. Someone called her name and Pacifica whipped around. "Max!" She cried in joy. At that moment, a tribute came behind her with a long sword. Before she heard the tribute, she had lost both her arms and Pacifica fell to the ground. Her last words were" No time.. to react."

Maxwell Liang

Maxwell ran, trying to find Julia. Finding her, he called out her name, not noticing the tribute that was advancing behind her. She called out to him, then she was dead. "Julia!!" Maxwell screamed, crying and runnig towards the tribute that had killed her. The tribute lifted his sword and Maxwell spread his arms, excited for death. Maxwell gurgled out "Julia" and died at the tributes feet.

Pema Alderweel

Pema ran into the woods, not caring about the Cornucopia. She ran until she was too tired then stopped. In front of her was a hole in the ground, large enough that tributes could find it easily. Pema, without second thought, plunged into the hole. In the hole, a long tunnel went lower and lower. Pema started running down the tunnel, not looking back

Golden Hawbrook

Golden truned and ran after Pema, following closly. Seeing her jump in a hole, Golden chased after, falling into the hole, but he picked himslef right back up and ran after. "Pema! Wait up!" Golden yelled after her, but he fell. "Ow!" He screamed in pain and examined his ankle. His ankle was twisted in a wierd way and hn he stood up, it couldn't hold Golden's weight. "Pema, I think I broke my ankle." Golden called after her.

Giselle Sunburst

Giselle sprints off the platform and reaches the Cornucopia in little time, achiving her goal of staying alive so far. She grabs up a knife and lightweight tentpack, then starts searching for an axe. A tribute comes behind her, but Giselle decapites them easily, and finds an axe. Jumping off the pile of stuff, Giselle heads straight for the forest, not looking back.

Twilight Dawn

He jumps off and sprints to the Cornucopia, immedietly looking for a set of bow and arrows. Twilight finds a sheath of arrowsbut no bow. Picking up a set of knove and a pot, he turns and sees a tribute a little ways away. Twilight sneaks up to them, poised to kill. But they turn around and strike him, decapitating him. An instant before the tribute killed him, Twilight realizes it is Giselle, but she hadn't regognized him.

Summit Daylight

Summit runs off the platform and is knocked down by a tribute, who then proceeds to crush Summit's head with a rock. She dies in a few minutes.

Mikey Gold

Mikey gets of the late and trips, bashing nose and breaking it. He stands up and stumbles around, blood flowing freely. He falls again, his head aching and watches as Summit dies. The tribute that killed her runs over and lifts the rock. Mikey tries to kick the tribute away but the tribute comes and jumps on Mikey's face, cracking his skull. The tribute then proceeds to bash Mikey's head. Mikey dies quickly and painfully.

Kasha Farro

Kasha runs off the plate and heads for a stray knife that a tribute has left laying on the ground. She then sprints towards the west side of the snowy forest. While she is running, she trips and hits the ground, causing a large amount of snow to land on her. Kasha jumps back up and continues to run.

Bulgar Millet

Runs for the woods, not caring about anything else.

Lilac Coalburner

Lilac heads for atribute and picks up and rock. Bashing the closest tributes head in, Lilac slinks over to another and pushes him down, jumping and bashing his head in. Then she screams and grabs an ax, lumbering into the forest to find more victims.

Aaron Winters

Aaron sprints off the platform, heading for bow and arrows. Snatching them up, he sprints into the woods. He finds a tree and scales it fast, hiding high up.

Holly Edwardson

Holly runs into the forest, scared out of her wit. She bashes into a tree and is knocked cold.

Jake Woodwood

Jake grabs a knife from the Cornucopia and a large brown backpack, then he sprints into the forest. He searches for a cave and finds a small alcove, he dives in.

End of Day 1! All tributes that have lived find places to sleep and watch the skies. The trbutes that have died today are:

District 1: Quinn Neealeya

District 3: Shana Buzz

District 4: Pacifica Wave and Kai Atlantis

District 5: Julia Manganese and Maxwell Liang

District 7: Twilight Dawn

District 8: Summit Daylight and Mikey Gold

Sleep well tributes! For tommarow will be busy!

The Hunger Games: Day 2

A gong rings out, surprising Aaron Winters so much that he fall sout of the tree and straight into a pile of snow, which had been put there whilst the tributes were sleeping. Aaron ingests some and turns to ice.This pile of snow had a special poission injected into it that feezes the victim and kills them. His cannon is heard and Aaron is promptely carried off.

Ian Volt

Ian awakes from a ruough sleep, to find a large parachute laying upon his bed of pine needles in a cool cave. Ian rips it open and to his extreme delight, finds wire, throwing knives, medicine and and a sleeping bag. "Thank you!" Ian says happily and sets about preparing for the day ahead. Looking up, Ian notices the snow falling heavily, covering half of the cave entrance. He sighs and breaks the snow away, then steps out into the crisp air. Ian starts walking, in search of a different place to rest.

Stuart Hummes

Stuart wakes in a snowbank, his face and arms coated in thick snow. He looks over to find a parcute, supporting a basket with a bruatl looking mace and a set of arrows, along with a fine bow. He grunted in appreciation and looked around, seeing a bush of berries in the midle of a small clearing. "Oo, food!" He said happily and ran over, his weapons momentarily forgotten. Staurt stripped the bush and returned to the bank. Stauart packed his stuff quickly, notching an arrow and started hunting, the berries stuffed in the arrow sheath.Seeing a rabbit, Staurt shoots it and eats it raw, forgetting to cook it.

Holly Edwardson

Holly wakes up, and feels wrong. Looking up, a large slobbering rabbit is hovered before her. She scrambles away, but the thing grabs her ankles, and gobbles her up. Holly is dead in a snap of her neck.

Bulgar Millet

Bulgar awakes, face buried in a pile of softness. He sits up and yawns, streching. He looks over at the soft pile, and realizes it is not a soft pile. It is a tribute carcass. Bulgar screams and jumps up, looking for the person that killed. Seeing nobody, he gets up and starts walking.

Tributes that died today are:

Holly Edwardson and Aaron Winters

(I am advancing three days ahead) The tributes that died 3- 6th day are: Lilac Coalburner and Stuart Hummes both died in an avlanche of snow. Beware tributes, a surprise is in store tomorrow.

The Hunger Games: Day 3

Good Morning tributes! Now, that you have rested peacefully, I have a little game. All of you must come to the Cornucopia by evening today, or you will die painfully. There, I have something for you! And a reminder that there is only 9 left!

Jake Woodwood

Jake awakes after 2 days of sleeping. "Who is dead" He asked himself in a panic. He looked around, finding no one. Finally, he stepped out into the open, and heard the announcer. "I have to get there!" He said in a panic, as he sprinted to a rock, and looked around.

((Guys, I am sorry that I don't have a very good Games, I am new to making Hunger Games, which is why I have not had allies, many mutts or very fantastic Gamemaker things))

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