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    Hey people of earth! anyways, its been a really long time since i made a game. I wanted to make one, but i just didn't have any inspiration. I recently came across a website with beautiful pictures that reminded me of tributes and so now i have a plan!!! I will post a gallery of 24 tributes, but YOU will have to come up with a name, district, and backstory for the tributes in the pictures. I will then write a games useing the tributes you create. LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!

    here are the galleries. keep in mind that the pictures are in no particular order.

    D1 Girl

    D1 Boy

    D2 Girl

    D2 Boy

    D3 Girl

    D3 Boy

    D4 Girl

    D4 Boy

    D5 Girl

    D5 Boy

    D6 Girl

    D6 Boy

    D7 Girl

    D7 Boy

    D8 Girl

    D8 Boy

    D9 Girl

    D9 Boy

    D10 Girl

    D10 Boy

    D11 Girl

    D11 Boy

    D12 Girl

    D12 Boy

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    June 23, 2012 by NerdDFTBA

    My camp counselor and his friends are doing a hunger games fanfic on youtube. Just wanted to say that. (here is the link in case you are interested My couselor is a D1 dude named Slash. The first "episode" aires today at 10:00 where i live: here is the trailer:

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    I've got to go...

    June 22, 2012 by NerdDFTBA

    Hey guys! on Sunday I'm leaving for camp and won't be back for 7 weeks. For those of you who thought i was over-reacting to my chat ban, it is because I won't be here when the ban is lifted, so my ban is basically 8 weeks. yeah. Anyway, I love ya'll and I'll see you in August!

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    May 28, 2012 by NerdDFTBA

    okay, I have recently become obsessed with the divergent series. I have been dying to make a game, and I figured I could mix divergent and THG. it is essentially a hunger games, except the tributes are not from districts, but from factions. Therefore, there will be 10 tributes. as this is my first games, i figure it will be much easier to start out with 10 than 24. First come first serve! (p.s. if you haven't read the divergent books and wish to join, message me and i will give you a summary of the books) Also, I have a feeling not many people have read the divergent books, so therefore not many people will join. This means you can submit 2 tribs. By the way, Erudites and Dauntless are the career pack.

    by the way, here are some things about…

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  • NerdDFTBA

    Earlier today, my friend asked me if i thought foxface commited suiside. I told her "of course not!" but as she started explaining things to me, I have changed my mind. In the movie at the training center, foxface is seen doing incedibly well on an edible plants test station. Katniss frequently refers to how smart she is. I doubt she would have eaten the berries, even if she thought Peeta was ready to eat them. What if she just looked at the nightlock and thought to herself that this was the easy way out. A quick and painless way to go. Even if she ended up winning she would have had a miserable victor's life. What do you think?

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