The divergent games!

okay, I have recently become obsessed with the divergent series. I have been dying to make a game, and I figured I could mix divergent and THG. it is essentially a hunger games, except the tributes are not from districts, but from factions. Therefore, there will be 10 tributes. as this is my first games, i figure it will be much easier to start out with 10 than 24. First come first serve! (p.s. if you haven't read the divergent books and wish to join, message me and i will give you a summary of the books) Also, I have a feeling not many people have read the divergent books, so therefore not many people will join. This means you can submit 2 tribs. By the way, Erudites and Dauntless are the career pack.

by the way, here are some things about the behavior of each faction:

Erudite: the erudite study and read and do things of that nature for the vast majority of their day. They must wear at least one piece of blue clothing at all times because it is a "calming color that helps with learning", and it helps identify them. They are probably the group with the most variation of personality, from Cruel to kind and funny to serious, etc. Their initiation, as implied by Caleb Prior, is a sort of intellegence test.

Candor: The Candor are blunt. They tell the truth no matter what, even when telling the truth is the wrong thing to do. when someone is becoming a full fledged member of the candor, they give them a truth serum that makes them spill all of their secrets. Candor members wear black and white only, and their headquarters is entirely black and white as well, in order to symbolize how they belive the truth is black and white. They also have a fairly wide personality range, but they all share the same bluntness and they are all open books.

Abnegation: The abnegation are selfless to the point of monotony. They all cut their hair the same way, wear gray clothes, and have very strict behavioral rules because these things make it easier to forget one's self and focus on helping others. They don't even consider harming another human, and will always act very rigidly, earning their nickname "stiffs". They aren't curious, as "curiosity is self-indulgent". They will hardly ever show public affection and they aren't allowed to look in the mirror ever except once every three and a half months. The abnegation initiation is 30 days of community service.

Dauntless: Most dauntless wear black clothing, leather jackets, have tatoos, odd colored hair and have piercings and other sort of "tough guy" items. The dauntless initiation is described very in depth, it is three stages. The first is teaching the initates to fight, use a gun, throw a knife etc. The sencond puts you in a simulation in which you must calm down while facing one of your fears. The third is a "fear landscape". It puts together everything you fear and in order to pass, you must face your fear. This is all supposedly to prepare you for combat and learn to control your fears. The dauntless tend to be adrenaline junkies, doing things like zip lineing off a 100 story building for fun.

Amity: the Amity wear reds and yellows, and are always happy. They smile 24/7 and most of them walk around with a bounce in their step. The Amity hq is completely self-sustainable, with renewable resources. The Amity leaders secretly put a serum that makes people very cheery in the bread there, but they would still be happy without the serum. The amity refuse to pick sides or cause conflict, instead they try and resolve everything diplomatically, and when that fails they don't do anything. The Amity never argue and laugh a ton.

submit a tribute like this:








bloodbath strategy:

will you have an alliance:

background (optional):

token (optional):

Tribute list:


boy: Michael Trinket

girl: Kandra Vyer


boy: Adam Keller

girl: Charlotte Fedross


boy: Fredrick Johnston

girl: Nerissa Cora


boy: Chase Amos

girl: Melody Trinket


boy: Jason Gray

girl: Bridgette Fairlie

Reapings (I'll post these tommorrow)

The Erudite Reaping (Michael's POV):

I got up in the morning and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and realized "oh... its reaping day." We were all sort of new at this. After panem claimed us as a territory, they decided that the best way to get us all accostumed to this new government system was to have us be the ones to send in the tributes to these "hunger games" of theirs. I've just got out of Dauntless for 2 months and now suddenly my life has been turned upside down by the Panem government, and I feel bad for leaving the Dauntless but I know its what I had to do. I mean when I got Erudite on my aptitude test, the choice was basically made for me. I still feel bad though, and with these "hunger games" and the whole transfer I'm just full of stress. No one is sure what to expect from the games and no one wants to be reaped.

I am rushed downstairs by one of these "peacekeepers" of theirs. The peacekeeper keeps jolting me around and I feel like I'm back in Dauntless, with all of the shameless bullying. I am yet again reminded why I left. Poor Melody. The take us into the main lobby where a woman with a terrifying amount of makeup and clothes that seem far too extravagant to be logical is pacing back and forth onstage. We are required to sign in using an odd finger pricking device, and the "peacekeepers" make us stand with people of our age and gender. The woman stops pacing and looks into a camera i have just noticed in the back of the room. She smiles and her teeth are unnaturally white. "Hello Erudites!" she says falsely cheery, and pronouncing Erudites wrong. She waves and walks over to a glass bowl with slips of paper in it with the names of all erudite boys ages 12-18. Apparently they have some sort of tessera system in panem's districts, but here everyone has a set number of slips just based on their names. I do a probability calculation in my head (factoring in population, age, and gender) and estimate i have a 0.024% chance of being picked as the male tribute. as they would say, the odds are in my favour, but then the odd woman reads the slip in the bowl and says the name, I freeze.

"Michael Trinket" she calls out shrilly. What?!?! That name is mine. I raise my hand, because that is what Erudites do, and I am rushed to the stage by the peacekeepers. I bow awkwardly, unsure of the custom. The odd woman chuckles a little to herself and goes to the girls bowl and reads the name "Kandra Vyer" A small girl with strange gloves walks to the stage, not even bothering to wait for the peacekeepers to escort her. she just glances at the crowd and i notice she has a sly grin on her face. I don't want to have to kill this small, obviously smart (shes a erudite! duh!) girl, but I know I will have to. Instantly I am reminded of Melody, oh god... what if she is reaped, and i have to kill her... but the odds of both of us being reaped is just 0.000000019% so i feel reliatively confident that won't happen. I don't feel reliatively confident about the games. The odd woman tells me to shake hands with Kandra and I do. I am a lefty, so I extend my left hand. She reluctantly extends her left hand and I realize what the the gloves were for. she has 3 fingers.

The Candor Reaping (Charlotte's POV)

Most people are sort of pissed about this whole hunger games thing. How do I know? they told me. This is Candor and we like to... speak our minds. Its far better than the alterntitave anyhow. I get up and get dressed and walk into the hallway yawning and stretching. I immidiately notice lots of people in peculiar "peacekeeper" uniforms. Peacekeeper? yeah right! it was sure as hell a lot more peaceful before they got here. One of them grabs my arm and brings me downstairs- i know how to walk by myself, thank you! I am about to tell him that, but something tells me that if I do i won't like the results. It is odd to me, keeping my thoughts to myself. The candor are all open books.

They shove us into a big line in the lobby, where more "peacekeepers" are drawing blood from people's fingers- why? I decided not to ask, another new sensation. I am jostled into a pack of girls my age and wait for everyone to trickle in. It doesn't really register to me exactly what these games are. I don't quite understand, why? why kill these kids? It suddenly occurs to me that there is a chance I might be one of "these kids". I start to panic, but when I look onstage to see a man who looks shockingly similar to a duck, I can't help but be cheered up.

Duck man walks over to a bowl and pulls out a name of a boy "Adam Keller" a fairly skinny boy I don't recognize walks up to the stage with a rather confident smile. I'm not sure weather he is confident if he can win, or it hasn't really occured to him that he might die. Duck man head over to the girl's bowl. I start shaking and tell myself that that it won't be me, it won't be me, it won't be me. Duck man calls the name "Charlotte Fedross" I look at my mom, glad it isn't me. Her face is stark white and then I realize- it is me. "S***!" I call out, earning laughs from the crowd. I wasn't trying to be funny though. I head up to the stage, guided by a posse of "peacekeepers". Duck man smiles at me and tells me to do something, but all i hear is him quacking. Adam reaches out his hand to me and I realize that he told us to shake hands. I look Adam in the eye and mouth the words Bring It.

The Abnegation Reaping (Fredrick's POV)

I wake up to the unfarmiliar sound footsteps in the morning. Usually it is silent at this early hour. I'm not sure where the noise is coming from, but as soon as i get dressed in my usual gray outfit and walk out of the room in my parents house that is where i sleep (this is how selfless abnegations tend to think and he means his bedroom), I see one of those panem "peacekeepers". Oh right, today is the day of this "reaping" of theirs. The peacekeeper takes my arm and drags me downstairs. "I wouldn't want to inconvienience you, Just tell me where you would like me to go and I will go there." she looks at me and smirks, but continues dragging me downstairs and then drags me into the meeting house.

a very colorful woman is on the stage and peacekeepers are filing the abnegation into different sections. We all look like one big gray blob, no induviduals, as it should be. the colorful lady could be seen a mile away here. I look at the boy to my left and say "good morning" he looks at me and curtley says "good morning to you too" we turn away from each other. I repeat this same exact convorsation with four other boys near me.

The colorful woman smiles and walks over to the glass ball and grabs a piece of paper with a girl's name on it. Before she even reads the name, my heart reaches out to the poor girl, the poor, poor girl. Colorful woman unfurles the paper and reads a name "Nerissa Cora" oh. I know her. Well, actually I don't know her, I know OF her. She is rather famous in abnegation for not following dress code and for being to curious. Curiosity is self-indulgent, so we abnegation frown upon it. We part the sea of people so as to ease her trip up to the stage. Everyone immidiately know where she was because of her un-regulation colorful hair. She walks to the stage in a strange way, leaning on her right side. she looks at the crowd, unflinching. Good for her for being so strong. Now it is time for her to read the name of the boy. "Fredrick Johnston" she calls. good, me. No one else has to go through the pain of the games. I am escorted up to the stage and the colorful woman tells me to shake hands with Nerissa. Nerissa extends her right arm very quickly, I shake it and flinch because physical contact with another gender is generally frowned upon by the abnegation. I glance at my mom and she is in tears. She knows i will probably not come back home. I wish her well.

The Dauntless Reaping (Melody's POV)

I wake up pretty early, I had a bad dream last night. It was michael leaving at the choosing ceremony and then as he put his hand over the water bowl, a shark jumped out and ate him. I wasn't scared by the shark-eating-my-brother part, i sorta enjoyed that- i was scared by the my-brother-left part. I went over to brush my teeth, and was interrupted when someone knowcked on my door "Come in" i yelled and a panem peacekeeper walked in saying "you are late. you must come on to the reaping." I'm late? I woke up at the crack of dawn! I shuffled out of my room, still in pjs and with a severe case of bedhead.

I saw a bunch of other kids shuffleing and walking down to the pit guided by peacekeepers. Most of them were in pajamas, too. Great, now when they broadcast the reaping to Panem everyone will think the dauntless uniform is footy pajamas, living up to our brave reputation. A dude who has so obviously had tons of plastic surgury walks back and forth surrounded by cameras. I am shoved into a group with other 12 year old girls.

The plastic man walks to a bowl with names of dauntless girls. I'm not too nervous, the Dauntless don't really do nervous. He calls a name "Melody Trinket" MY name. Crap, I'm going to be on TV wearing footy pajamas and beadhead. I walk toward him and wonder who else just had this happen to them, all of the reapings this year are going on simultaniously. did my brother get reaped? i smile at the possibility, but it probably won't happen. He walks to the boys bowl and reads " Chase Amos" A boy who i recognize vaugely walks up to the stage, with a classic Dauntless smile. He is wearing pajamas too. oh my... plastic man chuckles and tells us to shake hands. He do and then i turn and wave to the audience. What am i in for?

The Amity Reaping (Jason's POV)

I wake up to a banging on my door. "come in" i squeek out. My friend Calleigh tells me that today is reaping day and we have to get up early. oh well, I get dressed and brush my teeth and walk out the door. A panem peacekeeper guides me downstairs. Peacekeeper, what a nice concept and it is very nice of him to direct me where i need to go. When he takes me to the place where the reaping is, I smile at him and thank him for his trouble. He looks at me like I'm crazy and shoves me into a line of boys my age.

The stage has a woman with a crazy purple wig on it. The woman is very frowny, like she doesn't want to be here. They say the reaping will take approximately half an hour and the woman innterupts the commotion on the floor by shouting into the microphone. The microphone squeeks and everyone shuts up. "lets get this show on the road!" purple lady yells.

she walks to the bowl with girls names and reads " Bridgette Fairlie" I vaugely recognize the girl who walks up from school. Bridgette stares at the floor of the stage the whole time, almost in tears. purple lady walks over to where the boy's bowl is and reads "Jason Gray" ME????!!! oh my.... I know the hunger games are in an effort to keep a revolution from happening and keep peace, but is violence the answer? I am guided up to the stage by a friendly peacekeeper and stare into the crowd. Calleigh is in tears. I wave at her and mouth that it will be OK, but I'm just not sure.



Michael Trinket: 8 Kandra Vyer: 10

Adam Keller: 7 Charlotte Fedross: 8

Fredrick Johnston: 6 Nerissa Cora: 7

Chase Amos: 7 Melody Trinket: 9

Jason Gray: 6 Bridgette Fairlie: 5

Interview: Should I do interviews? vote in the comments

Kandra's Interview:

"Kandra, does having only three fingers on both hands affect you in any way?"

"No, not really, I have adapted to it really well and it shouldn't give me any terrible disadvantages." I tell him proudly.

"When your sister switched factions, did it affect you or your life in any way?"

"Yes. I grieved for a few days, but then I realized I didn't need her. She never really did anything in my life, and I don't ever want to see her again for abandoning me like that." I tell the nation, hoping my sister is listening.

Another question comes my way, "Kandra, your score of 10 was the highest score this year. Do you think that means anything."

"Pfft, Of course it means something!" I think. I say "It could, but there were a few nines and eights so I have to look out for those people too."


Charlotte's interview: "So, Charlotte, what do you think of the Capitol so far?" Caesar Flickerman asks me with his signature grin.

"I would rather be home," I say, acting like a snob. These people don't deserve an interview with me. They are freaks.

"O-Okay. What did you think when the Gamemakers gave you an eight as your Training Score?"

"They obviously have good taste," I say, allowing a small smile. I get some laughter from the audience.

"So, what are your strengths, Charlotte?"

"Well, Caesar, I may not be physically strong, but you'll be shocked about how sly I am."


"Yes, Caesar. The other tributes will be surprised."

"Are you planning an alliance, Charlotte?"

"Well, Caesar, I really don't think alliances are necessary. What's the point? Only one tribute makes it out alive. It's not worth it."

"Interesting. Well, Charlotte, we're about out of time. But I have one more question: how do you think you'll do in the Games?"

"Well, that, Caesar," I say, a smile spreading across my face, "only time can tell."

Melody Trinket's interview:

Caesar:Hello Melody

Melody:Hi Caesar

Caesar:So Melody how do you feel about being the youngest and maybe the smallest tribute in the games?

Melody:Well Caesar I don't really mind,Being small gives me tons of advantages

Caesar:What do you plan to do in the arena?

Melody:Go after Michael Trinket

Caesar:Really?Isn't that your older brother?

Melody:Yes he is I mean was my older brother til he changed factions

Caesar:Interesting, so do you enjoy the fact you have to kill him?

Melody:Well um....I'd rather not answer that Caesar

Caesar:Ok very well!!That's all the time we have, give it up for Melody Trinket

Michael Trinket's interview:

Caesar: Hell everyone and let's give Michael Trinket a warm welcome!!!

Michael:Hey everyone

Ceasar:So Michael what do you think of Melody's plan to go after you in the arena?

Michael:Well to be honest I'm not to happy about

Caesar:Were you planning to make an alliance with Melody?

Michael:Yes actually that was my plan, and since thats not going to work I guess I keep to myself then

Ceasar:Anyways what is your strategy in the arena?

Michael:Lay low and stay out of everyone's way

Ceasar:Michael is there anything you'd like to say to Melody before you have to go?

Michael:Yes, Melody I love you a lot and I'm sorry I abandoned you in Dauntless!!I love you!!


Nerissa Cora interview:

"Please welcome your Abnegation female, Nerissa Cora!"

"So Nerissa, I hear you are very famous back in Abnegation. Is this true?"

"Well, yes. Some say I'm rebellious and curious. Those qualities are generally frowned upon back home, plus I don't follow the dress code, and the dress code is stupid, who wants to wear grey all the time? It's boring, and it makes it look like our faction is made of cement."

"If you could switch to any faction, what would it be?"

"Oh probably Erutide or Dauntless. Dauntless is more me though. They won't frown upon my clothing, hair or the tatoo on my ankle. I can't wait until October 31st, my birthday, when I can switch to Dauntless."

" Nerissa, what do you think the male tribute thinks of you?"

"Oh I don't know, I don't really care, but I don't need allies, so I don't care if he doesn't like me."

"Please give it up for Nerissa Cora!"

Arena Announcement


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