• Nhtomahawks22

    The 300th Hunger Games

    December 29, 2013 by Nhtomahawks22

    Hi! It's nhtomahawks22, with his 3rd Hunger Games! The 75th Hunger Games just ended with Ember Tantum from District 5 and Enobaria from District 2 were crowned victors! I found writing them fun, and wanted to continue doing it. So join up!!

    • Up to 2 tributes per user. If it's slow getting tributes, I'll make it 3-4.
    • No getting mad over your tribute's death
    • Not every tribute will be accepted, I want interesting people. No one is perfect.
    • Only send basic advice when the Games start. I would like to write a Games, but I would also like you to keep up with what's going on. 
    • I will be doing 2-3 days of training, then the Games! Like to keep it moving
    • The arena is a neighborhood. 3 houses, a little center of town with some food. Some woods, 2 streets, …

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  • Nhtomahawks22

    Hi, it's nhtomahawks22. I took a short year break. After seeing Catching Fire (it was amazing) I really wanted to make another one. So, I'm going to the 75th Hunger Games, but no one is trying to save Katniss or Peeta. So all the same characters, except for the unnamed tributes. I got this idea from just thinking what if this was a normal hunger games, just like all the previous 74. So that's that!

    •  Up to 2 tributes per user. If the Games isn't getting any tributes, I'll make it 3-4.
    • I will swear occasionally
    • No getting mad over your tributes death, it is what it is
    • I would like you to send advice, but I would also like to acually write a Games. So, send some basic advice and I willl write off of that. I would prefer you to send some type of ad…

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  • Nhtomahawks22

    Hi, Nhtomahawks22 here! I just finished my 77th Hunger Games, where Alcyone Aquiver mentored by Vinicius DeAssis1999, emerged victorious! Now please read rules and guidelines before joining. Also, I know a lot of these are going on now, but I have wanted to do one of these for a while but had to wait til my other games where finished.

    The comment that Alcyone made at the end of the Games threw Panem extremely off. Rowanne Tamora of District 9, was confirmed to be the daughter of Persephone. Alcyone Aquiver of District 4 was also confirmed to be the daughter of Poseidon. President Snow soon figured out that the Olympian Gods have multiple demigod children in their patron districts. Now President Snow has singled out every demigod and the God…

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  • Nhtomahawks22

    Okay, so I have looked at a lot of maps of Panem. For example District 12 is several states. And I live in the District 12 area so the way Katniss describes District 12 it sounds to me that it is only like two towns, or a state maximum. Maybe, there is just a lot of open, empty space in District 12 and other districts, I don't know. Give me your feedback on this!

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  • Nhtomahawks22

    Hi, I have done two hunger games so far and they've failed. It would mean alot to me if I actually got all the tributes. I am a quick updater too.

    The rebellion won. The 76th Hunger Games occured and Paylor, after a a lot of drinking said the winner would become President. This happened when there was only two tributes left. The victor turned out to president snow's granddaughter. She kicked her out of office. Paylor left very emberassed. President Sonja Snow is sure to make these the best games ever, in honor of her grandfather. There will be a twist. President Sonja dosen't care that it's not a quell.

    • Reservations are allowed and they last three days, then the tribute will be open if you don't give me the tribute fast enough
    • You can have up …

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