This is how I think the 75th Hunger Games should have been. Write what you think in comments! Note: There was no rebellion.

Place Name District Gender How Killer
24th Unknown 5 Male Finnicks Trident Finnick
23rd Seeder 11 Female Enobarias Knives Enobaria
22nd Unknown 10 Female Johannas Axe Johanna
21st Unknown 9 Male Cashmeres Sword Cashmere
20th Unknown 9 Female Brutus' Spear Brutus
19th Woof 8 Male Enobarias Knives Enobaria
18th Cecelia 8 Female Cashmeres Sword Cashmere
17th Unknown 6 Male Drowned in water Water
16th Blight 7 Male Blood rain and forcefield Blood rain and forcefield
15th Mags 4 Female Poisonous Fog Poisonous Fog
14th Unknown 6 Female Monkey muttatations Monkey muttations
13th Unknown 5 Female Tidal wave Tidal wave
12th Wiress 3 Female Throat slit Gloss
11th Beetee 3 Male Stabbed in gut Enobaria
10th Katniss 12 Female Axe to head Johanna
9th Peeta 12 Male Trident in head Finnick
8th Chaff 11 Male Speared in abdomen Brutus
7th Gloss 1 Male Trident in shoulder Finnick
6th Finnick 4 Male Sword in back Cashmere
5th Brutus 2 Male Knife in head Enobaria
4th Cashmere 1 Female Axe in chest Johanna
3rd Unknown 10 Male Knife in skull Enobaria
2nd Johanna 7 Female Knife in chest Enobaria
1st Enobaria 2 Female VICTOR VICTOR

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