Hi, I have done two hunger games so far and they've failed. It would mean alot to me if I actually got all the tributes. I am a quick updater too.


The rebellion won. The 76th Hunger Games occured and Paylor, after a a lot of drinking said the winner would become President. This happened when there was only two tributes left. The victor turned out to president snow's granddaughter. She kicked her out of office. Paylor left very emberassed. President Sonja Snow is sure to make these the best games ever, in honor of her grandfather. There will be a twist. President Sonja dosen't care that it's not a quell.


  • Reservations are allowed and they last three days, then the tribute will be open if you don't give me the tribute fast enough
  • You can have up to four tributes. I will be including Capitol and District 13.
  • I will go to profiles.
  • I will swear occasionally.
  • I will be doing 1 day of group training, private sessions, then THE GAMES!
  • Just because your tribute isn't a career that dosen't mean they won't go far in the games :)
  • Give advice after? every? update (exept for reapings) or your tribute will? die.
  • Have fun!


The arena is a season. Which means there is four parts of the arena. In the winter area it is very cold but good for hiding because you can build snow forts for shelter. But there is little food. The only food is when you go ice fishing. In the spring area there is lots of meadows and food. If you are a pretty good hunter I reccomomend you go here for all the food. There is also one forest. The summer area is where the Cornucopia is. There is lots of flowers and berries. Some are poisonous, some are not. If you know you're plants, you are are safe here. This is also where the feast will occur, the bloodbath and some food is inside the cornucopia. The last area is the fall. It is a big forest with lots of animals and trees. Also some fruit and vegetables. Hunters can also go here too. And good hiders and camfluagers. 






Backstory (The more creative the better):





Token (optional):

Reservations/Taken Tributes

Spot Taken Reserved
Capitol Male Yes No
Capitol Female Yes No
District 1 Male Yes No
District 1 Female Yes No
District 2 Male Yes No
District 2 Female Yes No
District 3 Male Yes No
District 3 Female Yes No
District 4 Male Yes No
District 4 Female Yes No
District 5 Male Yes No
District 5 Female Yes No
District 6 Male Yes No
District 6 Female Yes No
District 7 Male Yes No
District 7 Female Yes No
District 8 Male Yes No
District 8 Female Yes No
District 9 Male Yes No
District 9 Female Yes No
District 10 Male Yes No
District 10 Female Yes No
District 11 Male Yes No
District 11 Female Yes No
District 12 Male Yes No
District 12 Female Yes No
District 13 Male Yes No
District 13 Female Yes No
Name District Gender Age Weapon(s) User
Rustle Fleets Capitol Male 17 Sword,dagger KatnissOdair
Emerald "Emmy" Goldins Capitol Female 18 Bow and arrow, muttations HGClatoLover
Noah Everest 1 Male 13


Bonita Stone 1 Female 17 Axe, anything Hello Im Cat Lady
Drake Mordan 2 Male 15 Sword, axe Theman77
Chester Evans 2 Female 15 Throwing knives, Machete, axe HGClatoLover
Deenla Ablelle 3 Male 15 Wires, mines, anything explosive YoungGuy5
Megan "Megapixel" Powers 3 Female 13 Wire, machete Hello Im Cat Lady
Morolith Dmitry 4 Male 18 Trident, kopis YoungGuy5
Alcyone Aquiver 4 Female 15 Trident, net ViniciusDeAssis1999
Elec Spike 5 Male 15 Wire, knife YoungGuy5
Power Hoarde 5 Female 12 Knives YoungGuy5
Bango Mango 6 Male 16 Sword MyWorld
Kami Wu 6 Female 15 Throwing knives Hello Im Cat Lady
Blaise Cooper 7 Male 15 Axe and stealth Wikia contributor
Blair Sparke 7 Female 12 Sword Hello Im Cat Lady
James Nokeu 8 Male 18 Sword ~glitterday~
Brook Hilt 8 Female 18 Ninja stars, crossbow ~glitterday~
Grant Denver 9 Male 17 Mace, snares Ninja~Toast
Rowanne Tamora 9 Female 12 Slingshot, throwing knives Ninja~Toast
Cowimity Livis 10 Male 12 Knife Wikia contributor
Lucia Avery 10 Female 13 Sword EpicnezzEmily
Spongebob Squarepants 11 Male 14 Stick and net, bow and arrow No1AppleFan
Kristina Lewis 11 Female 17 Spear Ducky35
Jake Lance 12 Male 15 Bow and arrow, hand to hand combat Bluefire16
Isis Hathora 12 Female 13 Lasso, knife ViniciusDeAssis1999
Josh Eagleye 13 Male 17 Sword, spear, hand to hand combat Bluefire16
Slyvia Churchill 13 Female 17 Throwing knives, dagger Wikia contributor


Careers: Rustle Fleets, Emmy Goldins, Noah Everest, Bonita Stone, Drake Mordan, Chester Evans, Morolith Dmitry, Alcyone Aquiver, Kristina Lewis

Leader: Drake Mordan

9,10, Alliance: Grant Denver, Rowanne Tamora, Lucia Avery

5 Alliance: Elec Spike, Power Hoarde

6,7,12,13 Alliance: Bango Mango, Blaise Cooper, Jake Lance, Josh Eagleye, Sylvia Churchill

3,7 Alliance: Deenla Ablelle, Megan Powers, Blair Sparke

8 Alliance: James Nokeu, Brook Hilt

Loners: Kami Wu, Cowimity Livis, Spongbob Squarepants, Isis Hathora


You can sponsor your own tribute. I don't know if I'm going to create a whole table for it, but you can tell me if you want one. Heres the deal:

Each tribute gets 1000 dollars. How you spend that 1000 dollars is not up to me. I advise you send your tributes sponsor gifts when they get injured because they will die. I might create a table for what your tribute needs and where he is.

Item List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Dagger: 80
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun: 50
  • Darts (x12): 25
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25
  • Shurikens: 250
  • Ninja Stars (5x): 235


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Soup: 80
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 20


    • Instant Relief: 400
    • Burn Cream: 95
    • Freeze Cream: 90
    • Antidote: 65
    • Bandages: 80
    • Pain Killer: 115
    • Antidote (for poison): 95
    • Band Aid (x10): 50
    • Sleep Spray: 95===Others===
      • Water (1 canteen): 70
      • [Promotion>>>] Water (2 canteens): 125
      • Iodine: 25
      • Sleeping Bag: 170
      • Camouflage Paints: 100
      • Net: 50
      • Wire: 75
      • Night-vision Glasses: 250
      • Blanket: 160
      • Snowshoes: 100
      • Map of Arena: 600
      • Tribute Localizator: 700
      • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
      • Plastic of piece: 20
      • Rope: 30
      • Empty Backpack: 50
      • Poison: 75
      • Matches: 45

Training- Day One

Isis Hathora's POV

I walk into training and the district 1 and 2 tributes are already there. Dosen't shock me one bit. All the tributes show up one by one and the girl from 2 can't stop smirking and laughing at everyone else. While the trainer is talking I think of home. The animals, the seam, my parents, home. Everything is going to be taken away from me in 2 weeks. I thought Panem was saved when Katniss Everdeen killed President Snow. I finally thought I would be saved from the torture and torment of the president. I slowly make my way over to the plant identification station until the girl from 2 walks over and "accidentally" trips me. I realize that although I hate killing, she will be my number one kill.

Blaise Cooper's POV

The Careers immediately make there way over to the weapons. I look around trying to find tributes that I can easily manipulate. I walk over to the Careers just to check them out. Withour hesitation the boy from 2 says outer districts aren't allowed here. I say I'm only from 7 and I can throw an axe well. The boy from 4 smirks and says you probably couldn't even lift it. I know these ignorant idiots aren't easily manipulated. I throw the axe at the dummy's heart and say thats you. I look over at this yellow square thing at the knot tying station. He says his name is Spongebob and I just go away. He is very easily manipulated but I need decent easily manipulated tributes not bloodbath victim tributes. I walk over to the girl from 12 and she is definetly not looking for and alliance. I walk over to the 12 and 13 tributes and I know who I found.

Chester Evans' POV

The girls in these Games are all weird and annoying. Espiacally the 12 female tribute. She will be my first victim and definetly not my last. I tripped her earlier today and it was awesome. She just looked up at me like she is going to seek revenge! In her dreams. No one is getting passed the highly trained Chester Evans. To show these idiots that, I walk over to the throwing knives station, my best quality. The 6 female is over here and I think seriously? Like what are you doing here. She throws a knife and it hits the bullseye. 

"Don't think your so amazing 2." She says. I just laugh. She throws another one and it enters the dummys head. So I take one and throw it. It hits their leg and I take a step back.

"Are you sure you trained whatsoever?" She snaps. 

"Oh I'm sure."

Elec Spike's POV

I sit here at the camoflauge station with Power. I know we haven't even been with everyone more than a day, I don't trust anybody. I'm not like Power who is raging and talkative. I'm shy and don't like talking to people. Which will help though. People won't know anything about me, not my name, age or anything. They will just know my district. I'm trying to do what the female tribute from my district did in the 74th. Exept I am better with weapons and I have an alliance. With Power. No one else. I look at her, struggling with this station and then I look at myself. I did decently on my arm. I take her to the knot tying station where we can use wires.

Private Sessions

Emmy Goldins' POV

"Emerald Goldins." The gamemakers say. I look over at Rustle and he wishes me luck. 

"Emerald Goldins, Capitol." I tell them. I go over to the bow and arrow station. They all are at the edge of their seats and I sigh. Here goes nothing, I say. I release the arrow and it hits the dummy's throat. Whew. I grab another one and release it. It misses. The Head Gamemaker starts laughing his head off and the trainer. 

"Stay calm, Emmy, stay calm." I say to myself. 

"You are an embarrassment to the Capitol!" The headgamemaker screams. I usually don't lose my temper but they went overboard. I shoot an arrow up at them. 

"Take tha-" I say cutting myself off. "AHHHHHHH!" The arrow comes flying at me and I duck. I realize that the Gamemakers put up a forcefield to protect themselves after what happened with Katniss Everdeen.

"You may go now!" They demand. I walk out proudly and I don't regret a thing.

Bonita Stone's POV

"Bonita Stone." They call. I'm so nervous. I don't want to tell anyone since I'm supposed to be the brave career. I will be. Just not now. 

"Bonita Stone, District 1." I say. I go over to the axe throwing station. They are all sitting back and I think something happened with Emmy. Whatever, she wasn't good anyways. I throw the axe and it hits the dummy's heart. I throw another one and it hits the head. I'm on fire! I throw the next one and it's in the throat. They all clap. I go to the spear throwing staion. I throw it and it is in the heart again! I throw two more and they were both in the heart. I now make my way over to climbing. This isn't my best area but I can't only do weapons. I slowly but surely make it to the top and I quickly climb down.

"You are now dismissed." They say all clapping. My performance was amazing.

Drake Mordan's POV

Noah said Bonita was awesome and I laugh. She is lying to herself so she can feel better. I'll show her with my upcoming 12. I go to the sword fighting station. I grab one and the dummy's start moving. I decapitate the first one and then whip the sword around the other dummys heart. They look amused and I smile. I slice the last one's head off. I make my over to the axe throwing station and I throw one without effort. In the heart, as usual. The next two were in the head. I go to the throwing knives station and they time me. They want to see how many kills I can get in 20 seconds. I throw the knives at the dummy's and the pressure is on. This will get me the 12. 

"You are now dismissed." 

"Why thank you." I replie. I'll show Bonita Stone.

Deenla Ablelle's POV

"Deenla Ablelle" The gamemakers call. Well here goes nothing. I don't have any weapon talents at all. I'm just good with wires and mines. I won't be dissapointed at all if I even get a 6. 

"Deenla Ablelle, District 3." I say. I go over to the electrocuting station. I tie the wires together and boom! The tree is in pieces! I look up at them and they look a little impressed. I do a couple other tricks with wires and then I go to the mining station. There is four mines, unactivated. So I activate them which only takes me 5 minutes. They say 5 more minutes and I can only explode two. I put my ear buds in and everything there is blown to pieces. The dismiss me and I now realize that you don't need weapons to win the Games.

Alcyone Aquiver's POV

"Alcyone Aquiver." Morolith walks out looking like he did an amazing job. Now the pressure is on. I know now Bonita, Drake and Morolith did awesome. I'm sure Chester did good and Noah probably showed his intellengence. I don't know about Rustle and Emerald definetly messed up. 

"Alcyone Aquiver, District 4." I walk over to the trident throwing station and get to work. I throw two and they are in the heart. I throw 3 more. One in the heart, two in the head. I look at the timer and 10 minutes have already gone by. I can't throw tridents all day long so I go over to weave a net. I'm very fast at this. I get to work and in 3 minutes I've already made one. I make another one and now I have four minutes. I only have time to make one more and I did it. I show them the nets and they look impressed. I walk out, confident about my performance.

Power Hoarde's POV

"Power Hoarde." I look at Elec and he wishes me luck. I hope he did good. We both have the same thing. We are both doing wires and knives. He talked to me about wires and I talked to him about knives.

"Power Hoarde, District 5." I do the wires for 10 minutes so I start off with something I'm not as good at. It takes me 5 minutes to get the wires all set and then 4 to electrocute the tree completely. Okay, enough of that I say. I go to the throwing knives station and start. I throw 10 in the first 5 minutes and 8 were in the heart, the other two being in the head. I'm doing awesome today! I go the spears just to try something new. I throw 10 and only 5 in the heart. The others were scattered around the body. 

"You are now dismissed." They say. I walk out, feeling good.

Bango Mango's POV 

"Bango Mango." I run out. I'm so nervous and Kami hasn't been the best of help. 

"Bango Mango, District 6." I go over to the sword fighting station. I'm staying here for the whole time. The Gamemakers now know that. For the first 5 minutes it's easy, I'm stabbing and decapitating. Then the next five it gets trickier. The dummy's start moving around. I still do good because I'm expierenced. The next five is harder because now the move around fast. I only get 3 stabs. Now it is REALLY hard. They are moving around and trying to hurt me. I end up getting 2 kills. The other 3 dummys are after me. They are punching me. They don't hurt that bad. I'm dodging them but there was one I couldn't dodge. The one in the nose. The one that was really hard. The one that was right before the buzzer. The last thing I see is the trainers about to carry me up.

Blaise Cooper's POV

"Blaise Cooper." I know I have to do good or my ally's won't want me and I'll be stuck with that yellow sponge thing. 

"Blaise Cooper, District 7." I slowly walk over to the plant identification table. There is six plants. I ask the Gamemakers what if I consume something posionous. They said the antidote is right there. They also said 3 are good, 3 are not. I get to work. I look at one light blue and a little purple. I'm guessing that's okay. I eat it. I don't feel funny at all. They said that was correct. I don't pick the pink one. One thing I know is posionous and pink start  with the same letter and your face turns Purple when you eat something Poisonous. So I brush those two off to the side and eat the red one. I don't feel funny on that one either and they said that was correct too. I then eat the orange one and I feel fine. They said that was good. I only have 5 minutes left so I go to the axe throwing station. I only got to throw one axe and I'm sure they got bored so they sped up the clock.

Brook Hilt's POV

I stare at James as he walks out and he wishes me luck. I don't care what I get. District 8 normally dosen't do that good execpt for of course Cecelia and she is now dead. Damn Katniss Everdeen. She messed everything up for my family.

"Brook Hilt, District 8." I walk around for three minutes looking for ninja stars. None, darn't! Death stars will do I guess. I go over and start. Wait no, I should start with the crossbow. There is none I know that. So I go to the bow and arrow. I shoot three and they are scattered around the body. I shoot three more and start to get the hang of it. Crossbows are so different! I now go to the death star station. I turn around and it's in the heart. Next one is in the head. Yeah! I accidently knock it over. The trainer comes over and starts to pick it up. I move to the next one and she is about to move. What I didn't know is that she was coming my way and I sunk the death star into her back. I leave without them telling me and I'm sure they would have told me anyway.

Grant Denver's POV

The girl from 8, Brook I think, storms out sobbing. I peek in and there is blood everywhere. The Head Gamemaker sees me and says Private Sessions are over and the Games start tomorrow. He also said they are assuming our abilities and basing our scores on that.

Training Scores

Name District Score Odds
Rustle Fleets Capitol 8 19-1
Emerald Goldins Capitol 4 60-1
Noah Everest 1 9 10-1
Bonita Stone 1 12 2-1
Drake Mordan 2 12 2-1
Chester Evans 2 10 5-1
Deenla Ablelle 3 8 12-1
Megan Powers 3 7 25-1
Morolith Dmitry 4 10 5-1
Alcyone Aquiver 4 11 4-1
Elec Spike 5 7 20-1
Power Hoarde 5 8 18-1
Bango Mango 6 6 31-1
Kami Wu 6 10 5-1
Blaise Cooper 7 9 6-1
Blair Sparke 7 7 17-1
James Nokeu 8 6 29-1
Brook Hilt 8 2 98-1
Grant Denver 9 6 26-1
Rowanne Tamora 9 6 25-1
Comimity Livis 10 5 36-1
Lucia Avery 10 8 20-1
Spongebob Squarepants 11 2 98-1
Kristina Lewis 11 8 20-1
Jake Lance 12 10 6-1
Isis Hathora 12 6 27-1
Josh Eagleye 13 9 8-1
Sylvia Churchill 13 7 13-1


Twist 1. No Cornucopia! Just weapons and three bags there so the tributes will have to fend for themselves! 

Twist 2. Halfway through the Games two tributes will be revived!

Death Chart

Place Name District How Killer
28th Spongebob Squarepants 11 Snapped neck Josh Eagleye
27th Cowimity Livis 10 Knife in back Noah Everest
26th Elec Spike 5 Sword in head Lucia Avery
25th Blaire Sparke 7 Decapitated by knife Chester Evans
24th Bango Mango 6 Axe in chest Bonita Stone
23rd James Nokeu 8 Burned alive Gamemakers/fire
22nd Noah Everest 1 Spear in back Kristina Lewis
21st Blaise Cooper 7 Knife in head Isis Hathora
20th Rustle Fleets Capitol Axe in face Bonita Stone
19th Drake Mordan 2 Poisonous berries Poisonous berries
18th Brook Hilt 8 Knife in heart Chester Evans
17th Jake Lance 12 Mace in heart Grant Denver
16th Grant Denver 9 Knife in throat Sylvia Churchill
15th Sylvia Churchill 13 Icicle in head Rowanne Tamora
14th Megan Powers 3 Knife in back Kami Wu
13th Emerald Goldin Capitol Strangled Isis Hathora
12th Deenla Ablelle 3 Poison Alcyone Aquiver, Morolith Dmitry, poison
11th Morolith Dmitry 4 Sword in head Lucia Avery
10th Kristina Lewis 11 Birth Birth
9th Bonita Stone 1 Spear in back Josh Eagleye
8th Lucia Avery 10 Knife in abdomen Chester Evans
7th Chester Evans 2 Knife in back Kami Wu
6th Isis Hathora 12 Arrow in abdomen Chester Evans (before death)
5th Power Hoarde 5 Icicle in heart Rowanne Tamora
4th Josh Eagleye 13 Trident in back Alcyone Aquiver
3rd Kami Wu 6 Drowned Alcyone Aquiver
2nd Rowanne Tamora 9 Drowned Alcyone Aquiver
VICTOR Alcyone Aquiver 4 -________- -________________-

Revived Tributes

Bango Mango, knife in eye socket by Chester Evans.

Blaire Sparke, Trident in back by Alcyone Aquiver.

The Games Day One- Bloodbath

Cowimity Livis' POV


I get up into my platform and it jumps out at me. It is the cornucopia. There is none! So I guess that is twist one. All the weapons are scattered around in the middle and so are the three bags. I guess they are expecting us to fend for ourselves. Great, ugh.

10...9...8...7....6...5....4...3....2....1 GONG!

Josh Eagleye's POV

I immediately sprint to the "cornucopia". The damn 2 boy got the only sword in the Games. I'll get it later. So a knife will do. The sponge thing is crying on his platform. I go over and snap his neck. Josh Eagleye style. BOOM! I watch the 1 girl pushing over the girl from 13. The girl from 13.

"Sylvia!!" I run over and knock the girl from 1 over and grab Sylvia. I yell to Jake and Blaise and they said they will be in the forrest soon. We have a birdseye view now of the bloodbath.

Noah Everest's POV

I look over at the boy from 10 accidentally tripping the boy from 9. He is now on top of him. I'm not trying to save anyone so I throw my knife into the boy from 10's back. BOOM! The boy from 9 gets up and signals his allies it's time to leave. I watch them go to the other side of the woods and the boy go to the other side. I throw a knife at his thigh and tackle him. "Rowanne!!" he yells. BOOM!

"She's not coming! Shes at the other side of the woods!!" That was probably her." I hiss.

"She is right there genius." He snaps back.

"Drake! Chester" I yell. I get up and run away. 

"Lucia, Rowanne!" He sighs in relief. It turns out they have two of the bags. The girl from 3 has the other. 

Chester Evan's POV

I catch the boy from the Capitol trying to run away with Emerald. I think his name is Rustle. I want to kill him. He's useless. He gets Emerald's attention and they flee. The bloodbath is over. This is pathetic. Wait there is two more! The boy from 6 and the girl from 7. Bonita and me run towards them. I decapitate the girl and Bonita sinks her axe into the boys chest. BOOM! BOOM! The bloodbath is over. Pathetic. 5 kills. We go out and hunt. 

Bloodbath Aftermath

 Kami Wu's POV

BOOM! The day is almost over. There was five bloodbath deaths! I heard there was a forest fire and the boy from 8 was killed. The girl from 8 survived however she has burns and needs medicine. I climbed up in the tree with my knife and call it a night. Until The Careers camp under me. Great. My enemy and the best alliance, right below me.

"I'll take watch." The boy from 2, Drake I think says.

"No, I will!" The girl from 1 says.

"No, no, no!" He screams.

"I'll take watch." The boy from 1 says. They agree and go to bed.

I put on my night vision glasses and lie there. These are perfect. I can see who's awake and who's not. The boy from 1 is keeping guard, girl from 1 isn't sleeping and has her axe clutched to her chest, boy from 2 isn't sleeping and his sword is in hand. Chester is sound asleep and they won't kill her. The girl from 4 is very lightly sleeping and they boy is in pain. He takes some medicine from Kristina and applies it. I don't know where she got that. About 15 minutes later fatigue has overcome Bonita and Drake I think thats what there names were. Everyone is asleep execpt for Noah and Kristina. Kristina quietly sneaks up and jabs her spear into the boy from 1, Noah I think, back. BOOM! She grabs her spear and runs off very quick for a pregnant girl. I see her going into the direction of the 12,13 and 7 alliance. 

Overview (credit to moviepopcorn123)

  • Isis escaped the bloodbath and has a water bottle and a knife. She is camping up in a tree and has no food
  • Kami is up in a tree above the Careers. They aren't very successful so far, even though they have all the good people. Bonita and Drake are planning to kill eachother in their sleep.
  • Megan and Deenla have one of the 3 bags in the Games. Their alliance with Blaire is over as Blaire has died.They are well supplied with food and water. They have a wire and a knife.
  • Brook has huge burns on her legs and has food but no water. She needs medicine or else she will die.
  • Jake, Josh, Sylvia and Blaise are in the woods hunting for food. They have an apple and a water bottle. Blaise wants to attack the Careers so Jake or Josh can get killled. They are right behind Brook. Sylvia wants to runaway tomorrow night.
  • Power is well supplied with food and water. She wound up at a stream very far away from everyone else. She is mourning Elec's death and plans on avenging his death.
  • Rustle and Emmy are in the woods trying to find water. They are near Isis and a river.
  • The Careers aren't doing very good. Bonita and Drake are planning to kill eachother in their sleep, Morolith is wounded with a cut on his leg, Alcyone secretly has some food and water but dosen't want to give anyone it. Kristina's stomach is really hurting and Chester wants to kill her. She is planning to run away during the night. Noah is taking guard and they have broth and one water bottle.
  • Grant, Rowanne and Lucia are currently in the woods with no food or water. However, they are right next to a berrie bush and have one water bottle. 

Everyone is in the spring area, except Power. She is in the fall area. Deenla and Megan plan to check the winter, Rustle and Emmy are going to summer and everyone else are going to stay put. (unless you want your tribute to go somewhere else.)

Day 2

Isis Hathora's POV

I finsh reading the note my mentor sent me. The plan is pure genius. I grab my rope and hop from the trees closer into the Cornucopia and the Careers have made their way there already. Unfortuantetly, another alliance is there too. But the Careers don't see that. The Capitol pair are hiding inside the front of the woods and Drake dosen't know. 

"You guys we need to hunt. We have no food." The 4 girl says.

"Alcyone's right. I'll go with her." The 4 boy replies.

"Fine, you guys go me and Chester will also go hunting around the perimeter. Bonita keep watch." The 2 boy hisses. This is perfect, I think. Alcyone and Morolith, I think are long gone in the far direction. They are escaping the failed Careers. The 11 girl escaped also. I shoot the rocks in the field of the Cornucopia while Drake and Chester are still there. They immediately come my direction. Perfect. I climb higher in my tree as Drake and Chester pass by. I prepare to drop my knife. I hesitate and they're gone. Darn't! They run further in and my mentor is probably dissapointed. 

"Come on Blaise let her stay!" The 13 male says.

"Fine." They boy from 7 groans. I look and it's the 11 girl. "We have to attack the Careers." 

"No!" The 12 male says.

"Whatever, I'm leaving you guys. He heads in my direction, under my tree and I drop my knife. BOOM!

Bonita Stone's POV

I need to get away from these psychos. Alcyone and Morolith CLEARLY left our alliance, Kristina killed Noah and ditched, Drake keeps ranting about how to kill people and I like Chester. Me and her should run away and leave Drake by himself. I don't know if I'm just paronoid but I hear wisspering, like someone is about to kill me from behind. I'm not paronoid. Someone is. I pull my axe just to see our first runaways. The Capitol pair. They have a 2 on 1 on me. Crap. I tackle the girl and punch the boy. 

"Emerald!" Rustle yells, falling. 

"Let her go witch!" He screams, yelping. I get off of her and pull my axe out.

"Emerald, go, get out of here!" He screams just before my axe makes its way to his face. BOOM! Emerald books it into the woods and I smile.

Morolith Dmitry's POV 

I look at Alcyone. She is beautiful. But I can't fall in love with my district partner. 

"Okay we are in fall!" Alcyone says happily. Alcyone has food and water so we're set. We didn't take any supplies from the Careers except for our own. We didn't want Drake hunting us. Even though he will be anyway. 

"Morolith, look at this." Alcyone says very amused. Although we're in fall we can still fish. It turns out we found ourselves a saltwater ocean full of fish. 

"Yes!" I scream. Me and Alcyone can make a living here each day. Each day one of us will go to the lake nearby to get water and the other will get food with the fish. Well, let's get started. I say.

"Morolith, you fish I'll go get water." She says. I watch as her beautiful hair dissappears into the woods.

Jake Lance's POV

We walk on the trail Blaise went and find him dead.

"Thank God!" Josh says. We didn't like him at all. He tried to get us killed twice. He wanted us to stay in the bloodbath long and then attack the Careers! Yeah right. 

"TRAITOR!" Someone screams. The Careers come running at us. 

"Run!!" Kristina yells. I'm worried about her speed but she is actually running really fast. We take a detour down a trail and the temperature drops. Darn, we are in winter. 

"The tributes from 3 are here." I whisper pointing to the other side of the frozen lake. They get up and sprint into the woods. Wow. The anthem plays and it's the 1 boy, Blaise and the Capitol boy.

Megan Power's POV

Once we were spotted by the 12 boy me and Deenla had to leave. We can't do hand to hand combat which is why we are avoiding everyone. We make our way into the summer area and find a cave.

"This should do, let's sleep, I'll take guard." Deenla sighs.

"No, my mentor said to stay up because we were spotted." I tell him.

"Okay, but I'm so tired." He says with a yaun.

"Fine I'll take guard go to sleep." My mentor might not be happy, but I stayed up.


  • Megan and Deenla are in the sulesmmer area in a cave and are okay supplied with water and food.
  • The Careers aren't doing very good. They're in spring and lost Jake, Kristina, Sylvia and Josh. They are hunting them. Chester is taking guard and her and Bonita want to runaway without Drake.
  • Kami has stolen food and water from the Careers. She stole a little so they wouldn't notice.
  • Brook is getting better and is summer. She is near Emmy and plans on asking for an alliance.
  • Emmy is mouring Rustle's death. She prays he will be revived and is near Brook. She has three apples and a bottle of water. 
  • Rowanne, Grant and Lucia are hidden at the top of a mountain with food and water.
  • Jake, Josh, Sylvia and Kristina are in winter with a lot of frozen fish and cold water.
  • Isis is up in a tree very high in fall not near anyone. She has a bag of non poisonous berries and a big bottle of water.
  • Alcyone and Morolith have two bottles of water and a lot of fish. They are far away from everyone.
  • Power has enough food and water for a month and knife. She is till far away from everyone too.

Day 3

Power Hoarde's POV

I look at all my food and water. Perfect! Nobody else has this much food and water as me. I grab my supplies and put them in my backpack. I walk further down the stream and notice something. A huge cliff and at the end of the cliff 10 weapons and 3 more backpacks. I notice something though. They wouldn't give us all this food, water and weapons unless it was a feast or bloodbath. I walk closer and hear a BEEP, BEEP. Oh god, it's a bomb. I grab all my supplies and weapons and run down the stream. 

Bonita Stone's POV

"Drake, wakey wakey." I whisper childish to him.

"Did you get any food?" He groans. Yes, in fact we did. Berries.

"Yeah, we got some berries." I say.

"They're poisonous!" He screams. 

"No, they're from the 6 girl and she's smart." I say factual. This is the part I'm worried about. The 6 girl coming down and Chester attacking. Kami jumps down and sprints down the trail.

"I got her, I'll kill her!" Chester yells. Drake picks the berries up and puts them in his mouth.

"These taste like- BOOM!


Lucia Avery's POV

Grant picks up his new mace and wire. I munch up my apple slowly and wonder if they want to kill me. No, they would never. 

"You guys let's go higher." Rowanne says.

"Okay but how much is left." I ask. We step out of our cave.

"Woah, woah, woah!" Grant screams. 

"GRANT!" Rowanne yells very scared. He falls off the cliff but is hanging on to to the edge. We are trying to pull him up put it's no use. I look back and notice the girls from 1 and 2 heading up the mountain angry and ready to kill. I tell Rowanne to shoot one of the girls with her slingshot while I pull Grant up. She agrees but she makes me promise to get him up safely. I promise and she grabs her slingshot and a couple of rocks. She disappears and I grab his arms. Being from District 9, he dosen't weigh that much so I lucked out. But it's still hard and I'm not strong.

"I'm slipping!" He says worried.

"I got you." I tell him. I get him up and sigh in relief. 

"GAHHH!" The 1 girl screams. She falls to ground unconcius. 

"I got the girl unconcius, let's go girl from 2 is after us." Rowanne slurs. We sprint down the mountain and head into winter. 

Chester Evan's POV

That girl from 9 is dead meat. She almost killed my ally. Bonita still has a pulse and she will make it. Just will be out for a day or two. I pick her up and throw her over my shoulders. This will be hard transportation. I figure it's only me so I head up the mountain. As I'm heading up, I feel someone following me. I was right because the first death star comes wizzing past me. The psycho 8 girl, who killed the trainer, throws another one and misses. Instinctively, I pull out my throwing knives and throw one. BOOM! Yeah, nice try 8. The anthem starts to play and the first face is Drake, haha! Then the girl from 8 who I just killed.


  • Bonita will wake up at the end of day 3. Her and Chester are at the top of the mountain with some food and alot of water.
  • Alcyone and Morolith are very well supplied with fish and water and have poisoned some fish. Deenla and Megan are planning to steal from them.
  • Deenla and Megan are still in the cave and are going to steal from Alcyone and Morolith.
  • Emerald ran away from Brook and is in summer. She is nearing Isis.
  • Isis is up in a tree with alot of food and some water. She is near Emerald in summer
  • Kami is in fall, in a tree near Megan and Deenla's cave. She is going to attack. She has little food and some water.
  • Jake, Josh, Sylvia and Kristina are still in winter and are very close to Grant, Rowanne and Lucia.
  • Grant, Rowanne and Lucia are near the 11, 12 and 13 alliance.
  • Power is still far away from everyone and has alot of food and water. The bomb was supposed to kill her so now the Gamemakers are going to force her into the other tributes.

​Day 4

Jake Lance's POV

I look at my reflection in the ice. I should be Kristina's baby daddy, even though I'm not in her district. I could take care of her but I just need to get the baby and Kristina out of here. Me and Josh have to protect her at all costs. Which means when someone is going to kill her, we have to sacrifice. So when the boy from 9 throws the mace at her head when our alliance is woken up, I guess that means I have to take one for the team. I take one last look at Kristina and her eyes full of approval and "you did good" make my heart sink and death come so much quicker. But my heart was already dead before his mace sunk into it.  BOOM!

Rowanne Tamora's POV

"Grant, come back!" I yell. Lucia slipped and Grant went to help her up. The 13 pair is coming up and we have no time! Just as I thought, her knife wizzes through the air. The boy runs back and leaves her. I goes into Grant's nose and he is still alive though. But then he looked up and the knife went into his throat. BOOM! Damn't Lucia! She's awful and ruined my life. Grant was from home. That evil 13 bitch. I'm not an evil person, but she went too far. I grab a sharp piece of ice and put it in my slingshot. I let it go and goes into her head. She crumples to the ground, fortuanetly. BOOM!

Kami Wu's POV

The booms stop and I start stalking the 3 pair. I need to kill the girl and the boy will be too sad. I watch them go into the cave and I peep in to hear them. 

"Okay, I'll go see what the 4's are doing. You stay here." The girl says. Yes!

"Okay, be safe." He replies. She steps out of the cave and I jab my knife into her back. BOOM!  I run away and hear the boy's weeps. 

Isis Hathora's POV

My mentor has been writing to me constantly, and I cannot wait for the battle with Emerald. Well, actually I can. I just want to go home. But it won't get handed over to me. I know, I know I will die. But I will go trying. But I won't go. I will see my district again. The first arrow comes quicker than expected. She calls her three mutts but only one comes. She clearly hasn't been using her bow in a while, because the arrows lodge themselves into a tree 20 feet away from me. She and her mutt come running at me and I prepare to....I prepare to.....kill her.

Emerald Goldin's POV

This wannabe victor has no chance. She's from 12! They never get victors. Except for some dead guy, a crazy drunkard, Peeta fatass and Katniss Everdeen, the bitch. We never had to participate, but we are still stronger. Yeah Rustle didn't do great, but it was my fault. Anyways, Isis is annoying. 

"Fetch!" She yells. She throws a stick into a nearby stream and my mutt falls for it. Ugh! Whatever, I'm a great archer. She disappears somewhere behind the trees.

"Come here, young one!" I say. Suddenly, her figure tackles me to the ground. 

"AHH!" I scream. She knocks my bow out of my hand and chucks my quiver of arrows. 

"Gah!" I yell at her.

"I'm not dying!" She hisses.

"Me neither, loser!" I snap back. I smack her face and falls. I go to get my bow but Isis was fast. She grabs it and throws that into the stream. 

"Who do you think you are!" I hiss, just like she did to me. 

"Isis Hathora, District 12." She proudly says. I knock her to the ground and get on top of her. I prepare to grab her rope and hang her to a tree, but she puts it under her back. 

"Looks like I will strangle you myself." I say happily.

"Not today." She replies. She hedbuds me and I fall. 

"No, no, NOOO!" I scream. She gets to the chase with her rope and strangles me. I guess it wasn't meant to be. BOOM!

Power Hoarde's POV

I walk down the stream, full of hope of Elec being revived. Well, that is until I see a female figure running in the woods, screaming somebody's name. I know it's not the 1 and 2 girls and the 6 and 12 girls wouldn't be running around screaming. The 3 girl is dead and the 4 girl is definetly at the beach with her district partner. Oh no, it couldn't be. The girl from 7 probably got revived. That means Elec has a lower chance of being revived. Before she sees me, I run back further down the stream. The anthem starts to play and it is the Capitol girl, surprising, the 3 girl, not shocked, the 9 boy, eh, the 12 boy, very surprising and the 13 girl, weird. Suddenly, an icy, mean voice fills the arena.

"Hello tributes. I hope you like it here in our arena. Now two tributes got revived. Tomorrow morning, those two revived tributes will go on a bloodthirsty hunt for their killers and try to kill anyone in their way. Goodbye, and may the odds be ever in your favor." Well two things come to mind. Thank god, that girl never saw me and that not killing anyone actually works out for me.


  • Blaire and Bango are the revived tributes and will set out to hunt Chester and Bonita at 7:00 am. 
  • Chester and Bonita have two bottles of water and dried meat. They have enough weapons and are leaving the mountain at 6:00 am. Bonita is a little mentally unstable.
  • Power still has all her water and food and is going back down the stream. She has two knives and a blowgun.
  • Alcyone and Morolith have a lot of fish and water. Morolith has two tridents and three nets. Alcyone has five fish hooks, two tridents and four nets. Deenla is going to steal from their poisoned pile of fish.
  • Deenla has one bottle of water and no food. He is planning on stealing from Alcyone and Morolith at noon.
  • Rowanne and Lucia have left winter and are in spring. They have found a cave with lots of food and they have one bottle of water, a slingshot and a sword. 
  • Josh and Kristina have built a fort in winter and have lots of frozen fish and water. Kristina can feel the baby coming and she has a spear. Josh has a sword.
  • Isis stole all of Emeralds supplies and has dried meat, a bottle of water, a knife and it is all up in her high tree that no one can see her in.
  • Kami has a pack of throwing knives, a bottle of water and three apples. 

Day 5

Bonita Stone's POV

Oh boy. Why did me and Chester have to kill so many people? Karma. One of us is sure to die and it will probably be me. My 12 is fading away from me and I will go off just like one of those stupid District 1 girls who dies before the feast and gets forgotten. I will go off like Glimmer did. Ugh, why am I thinking about her again? She was my best friend and had so much going for her. I will win for her, as unstable as I am right now. But, I might see her in heaven. Me and Chester are already in our cave waiting for Bango and Blaire. I wish I knew the time. But once I see Blaire and Bango trudging towards our cave. I know what time it is. Time to die.

Chester Evan's POV

My mentor sent me the perfect plan. It's all laid out for me. But, Bonita is a problem. She saw them coming and is rocking in the corner crying. Ever since she got hit by that rock, she's been mentally unstable.

"Bonita, I need you. One of us has to win." I say to her.

"MUST KILL GIRLS!" The revived scream in unison. I get my plan ready until they come.

"Screw my mentor and her stupid plan. WE....WILL......KILL....YOU!" Blaire screams. Her and Bango come charging at us. Instinctively, I pull my knife out and throw it. BOOM! Bango falls to the ground, knife in eye socket.

"You little priss." Blaire hisses.

"Bonita!" I yell quietly. She's still in the corner crying.

"I'll just finish her off after you." Blaire says to me like I am a child. I shoot an arrow but she dodges. Before I can shoot another one she tackles me. 

"Revenge!" She screams. I try to pull my knife out but it's no use. I know I'm dead by the time I see blood. 

"Hahahahah-!" Blaire cackles but gets cut off by blood spitting out of her off. BOOM!  I push her off of me and see a gleaming trident in her back. Before I can call Alcyone and Morolith, they are already gone.

"Is it over yet?" Bonita cries.

"Yes. Yes, it is." I reply.

Alcyone Aquiver's POV

"Come on Morolith quic-!" I yell quietly.

"Shh Shh the 3 boy is there." He says.

"Oh." I replie. He sneaks over to our poisonous pile of fish and takes one. He looks at it suspiciously. He shrugs it off and takes a bite.

"How do District 4 people eat this it tastes like-!" He yells before falling to the ground, dead. BOOM!

Rowanne Tamora's POV

A cannon sounds. 

"Hopefully that was Chester or Bonita." Lucia says.

"Yeah." I replie. I sense something coming. These Gamemakers want to manipulate the Games so careers can win. NOT HAPPENING. Non-career districts need a chance. For 75 years, the majority was career victors. My district had 7 girls to choose from and 9 boys. 16 people with a chance of being reaped! 

"Do you smell something burning?" Lucia asks.

"Yes...." I replie slowly. 

"Lets get out of here, forest fire!" I scream. Me and Lucia are booking it for our lives right now. I don't see her right now, but she is alive.

"Lucia!?" I yell. I lost her. Great.

Lucia Avery's POV

"Rowanne!" I call. its useless and I'm screwed.O

"Okay, I'll go get water guard camp!" The beautiful 4 female says.

"Alright, beautiful." The 4 boy replies. 

I can kill him. But I have to hide! Just in time, I find a spot in the bushes and wait for the girl to pass by. The sun is set. Its dark he won't notice me. When she is out of sight, I run out of my spot. I quietly creep up on him lying by the ocean when a voice says something.

"You wish." His icy voice says.

"I don't." I say back, worried.

"Prove it!" He laughs.

"Okay!" I say, getting mad. I creep up and slash my sword down on his head and hear his last laughs. BOOM!

Kristina Lewis' POV

"PUSH!" Josh screams. It hurts so bad! Death is probably better than this! 

"Ahhhh!!!" I scream. 

"Its out!" Josh screams. Having a baby is supposed to be joy but I take one last look at Josh and my baby girl and close my eyes forever. BOOM!

Josh Eagleye's POV

Well, Kristina fell dead and this sucks. I carry the baby and walk a little ways til I am disturbed by two girls arguing and one girl crying. Their names are Bonita and Chester and I immediately know who they are. The 1 and 2 girls. I need to get rid of them, or one of them. I throw my spear into the 1 girls back and sprint. BOOM! The anthem plays and it is Bonita, the 3 boy, the 4 boy, shocking and the pregnant 11 girl.


  • Kami is preparing for the upcoming feast and is finding a different tree and taking her supplies.
  • Isis is staying put as she is in summer and near the feast area.
  • Chester is preparing and moving a little closer but slowly. She is leaving her supplies.
  • Josh is stuck with the baby and is running away from Chester back to his fort in winter.
  • Rowanne is near Isis with a slingshot, a bottle of water and bread. She is preparing for the feast and looking for Lucia.
  • Lucia has nothing except for a sword, water and a pice of fish. She is preparing for the feast and looking for Rowanne.
  • Alcyone is looking for the killer and preparing for the feast. She has plenty of water, fish and weapons.
  • Power is taking her most valuable weapons, food and water with her and moving closer to the feast area, but not too close. 

I know who the victor is going to be and Day 6 will be the last day. The feast will be in summer and will contain 6 bags of ice skates for the tributes. Yes, ice skates. The entire arena will collapse  10 mintes after the lucky 6 tributes have ice skates, except for the frozen pond in winter where the tributes will be forced to go, which is why they have ice skates.

Day 6- The Feast and Victor

Kami Wu's POV

I slowly and quietly make my way to summer to observe this "feast". I'm guessing it's already about 11:00 AM and everyone slept in to get rest for the feast. Somehow, it was like we all had a truce not to kill eachother so we all slept. Anyways, the six bags of ice skates are there. One of them is sure to be mine. I will bring this home for District 6. Everyone is waiting to make the first move and I am almost sure most of us are already here. I figure we have about 45 minutes til the arena collapses. No one dares make the first move. But, one of us broke the "silence." The girl from 5 immediately sprint toward the bags and none of us dared to go for her because then we would be missing out on our own. She reminded me of the female tribute from 5 in the 74th. I can hear her snickers and laughs as she heads toward winter. 

Isis Hathora's POV

I just said screw it and went for it. I knew I was probably going to die, but there were only five left. I had to. At first, it was easy getting the bag but....then the 2 girl attacked. Before I could even arm myself, she leaped on top of me. But she wanted to giv me a slow, painful death.

"If it isn't the little 12!" She says to me like I'm a baby. 

"I'm a lot more than that." I say because I am. Did anyone think I would come this far.

"SOMEBODY!" I scream but she covers my mouth. Can't one of the 6 other tributes help? 

"Let's see, where do I begin?" She squels happily. She pulls out an impressive long, sharp knife. Before it can stab my eye out, she yells.

"Aw what the f**k!" She screams loudly. I get up while I have the chance and notice the 6 girl standing there with her knives and a death star. Chester is cursing on the ground in pain, while pulling the knife out of her leg. 

"We can't kill her, no time!" Kami says. We grab bags and run to winter.

Lucia Avery's POV

I finally found Rowanne. We will be allies to the end and then we'll pull a 74th. The 2 girl is on the ground cursing in pain and we go to kill her. Rowanne will get our bags and I will do the killing.

"Lets go." She says. We run the table. 

"Its not over!" Chester screams. She is bleeding, her hair is messed up and scratches. I see Rowanne signaling the double team. She leaves the bags and we go for Chester. Rowanne shoots rocks at her and she is a tough one.

"Not today kiddies!" She yells manly. She tackles me and we start wrestling. Somehow, both our weapons lose grip and we lose them in the field.

"Rowanne, go! I will finish her off! One of us has to win, you have more reason, just go! Win for me! " I say pleadingly. If my life will end here, I will go down fighting. My hand reches her face and I slap her. This messes her up and I run for my sword. Unfortuanetly, her knife was closer so we are both armed. She throws one of her knives and I dodge. She runs up to me and stabs me in the shoulder. My adrenaline is ready now and I will win this battle. I get my sowrd and bring it down on her arm. It takes one of her fingers off and she is still alive. How!? 

"You little bitch." She hisses. Now she means business she throws a knife into my abdomen and throw my sword into her eye. We both look like messes and can't fight. Now, me and her are just sitting here seeing who will outlast one another and who will survive. Sadly, she is still surviving and ready. I went down fighting and I did way better than anyone in District 10 that ever has in the last 10 years. I shut my eyes forever. BOOM!

Alcyone Aquiver's POV

The 10 girl has been picked up by the hovercraft and Chester immediately got up and took a bag of ice skates. The coast looks clear and I run up to the bags. The arena should be dropping soon so I sprint a little shortcut I found. I know I probably shouldn't have been looking behind me, but I had to. The arena as I knew it was breaking up and collapsing. My black hair was flying around and I was running for dear life. I knew with my shortcut I would get to the lake earlier but everyone will be ready to attack me. Fortuanetly, my way goes behind to the other side of the arena behind the lake. I should be safe there for now. 

Josh Eagleye's POV

I really messed up. There are no more skates left, first mistake. Second mistake is that I'm stuck with this baby. The  frozen lake is pretty big. I'm surprised it is not smaller so we have to battle. Very secretly I build a snow fort and leave the baby there on the pond. For warmth, I gave her Kristina's jacket. The lake is like a battlefield and I have to go in. The girl from 5 is running around from the girl from 2, Chester. The 5 girl is much faster and eventually out runs Chester. She looks terrible. Her hair which was beautiful, is now at different lengths with twigs and branches in it. Her face with cuts, scratches and bruises all over. Same goes for her body. The worst is that one of her eyeballs is out of it's socket. Now the girl from 6 and 12 have accidentally revealed themselves and have been spotted by Chester. Its awful out there so I crawl back in with the baby.

Chester Evan's POV

I know I will not win. Look at me! So I figure I might as well go around attacking people. I have to kill one of them. The 12! I will get her. She escaped me once, not again. I don't want to attack literally so I get a good distance and shoot an arrow. Get it in the heart, get in the heart! Abdomen again! She will die anyways. But, so will I. 

"Hahahahha!" I cackle like another familiar voice once did before death and fall to the ground after a sharp pain in my back. BOOM!

Isis Hathora's POV

I smile in pleasure as Chester falls to the ground, dead. But not complete pleasure. Death will consume me very soon so with that thought I will never have a complete pleasure. There is never any pleasures in these Games. Aside from the fact that there is basically only one career left and Chester dying. And me making it this long but losing it at 6th place. Unless someone else dies, 6 will the most unlucky number. Well not completely. Kami is from District 6 and she saved my life. Only by a couple of hours though. She is crying. I am crying. I die a unpleasent death and this poor girl watches one. Until now, I've seen many deaths. Not any deserved. No one deserves death. Not even Chester who was so evil and mean. She was a person and now her family is probably extremely sad. That boy that I killed earlier in the Games , his family is still sad and is probably taking in a pleasure. Chester's family is probably taking in a pleasure. I feel death coming. I look at Kami and say my last words.

"Win. For me, us and your district." I then shut my eyes. Completely. BOOM!

Rowanne Tamora's POV

The girls from 2 and 12 are dead.  Now that makes 5 of us. The sun hasn't set fully yet, but it's getting there. I set up my semi camp on a hard spot in the ice. I lay down my stuff and munch on an apple I got so long ago- when Grant was alive. When Lucia was alive. She had one request. That I win for her. To win, I must kill people that want it just as badly. An icicle falls almost hitting me in the head. Another falls almost hitting me in the eye. I know that those two icicles were Sylvia. Haunting me and warning me. Rowanne, you will die soon! Be prepared! Because with one kill I have to pay for it. Just because I am trying to survive. The asian girl from 6 is trying to survive. The boy from 13 is trying to survive with a baby! The 4 girl has the best chances of winning and really wants this. Now the 5 girl knows she won't win. She's hiding in a leftover couple of brances. I take my slingshot, put the icicle in and release. It nails her in the heart and she falls dead. BOOM! I let out a single teardrop knowing I just ruined a family out there. 

Kami Wu's POV

The girl from 5 dies and she is taken by the hovercraft. The Capitol wants blood and death. Exactly what I DON'T want. Everyone looks up from their hiding spots and notices the Alcyone grabbing one of her many tridents and stabbing it into the ice. That little! UGH. 

"AHHHHH!" We all scream, except for Alcyone. I notice the 13 boy putting the baby on a piece of ice and calling out to us. 

"I know we all want to kill eachother, but don't kill the baby! If any of us were to win, please bring the baby home. Don't make the baby pay for our mistakes." He says. Everyone nods in agreement and gets back to trying to kill eachother. The girl from 9 picks up her slingshot and an icicle and swims over to kill Josh when he isn't looking. 

"Don't do it." I say. She swims to me. 

"I'm a monster!" She sobs. "I just wanna go home!" She sobs even more. 

"Where is Alcyone?" I say. 

"There." Rowanne replies. 

"Oh." I say as she sticks the trident into Josh's back. BOOM!

 "Lets go team up on Alcyone and then pull a suicide threat, Rowanne." I say to her.

"Sure." She says pulling back tears.

Rowanne Tamora's POV

"Kami?" I call. Did she betray me? I don't even know anymore. 

"ROWANNE!" Kami screams, coming up to air from Alcyones grasp. 

"Kami! I'm coming!!" I yell back to her. 

"MMMM!AHHHHHH!" Kami is yelling like crazy now. Alcyone keeps pulling her down and grabbing her throat, theres no saving her anymore. But I have to try. 

"Rowanne!" Kami says coming up for her last breath, "Don't come down! You'll get killed too!" Then she gets pulled down the final time, and never comes up. BOOM! How has Alcyone stayed under the below zero water that entire time and not get hypotheremia. I'm freezing and I'm on a iceberg! Hm, District 4 is probably used to cold water. Wait, no there not. They don't get very cold weather. Somethings up here. She swims around my iceberg and I can't help to  notice a swarm of piranha around my spot. She got the fish to team up with her. 

She comes up with her tridents and the fish saty close to her. 

"Any last words, daughter of Persephone?" 

"Daughter of who? Who are you!?" I snap.

"I'm Alcyone Aquiver, daughter of Poseidon and the victor of the 77th Annual Hunger Games." She says proudly. 

She picks up her trident, somehow makes a wave and throws it at me. With my last few seconds, everything made sense about her and my past. Thats how she stayed under and didn't die. I'm not so lucky. BOOM!

Aftermath, Alcyone Aquiver's POV

They changed me. Once I saw Rowanne's body get taken away and the baby, I knew I did something wrong. Persephone has been giving me bad luck ever since. But I don't care. I finally met my long lost daddy, Poseidon and he said he gave me a blessing in the water at the end of my Games. But something is wrong. He said the Capitol is picking out Olympian demigods in every district. I also grew out of my popularity obsession and found a boy I mentored. His name was Morolith and was 18 when I was 17. I mentored him and he won. That was my first victor. We teach eachother to appreciate everything in our lives because it could have been taken away. I took Kristina's baby home and when we were ready, we started to take care of it. I was 23. His name is Morolith, after my semi boyfriend who was killed. He dosen't know why we cry every night. But he just cuddles up with us and cries too. Then, 2 years later we had a baby girl. I named her Rowanne, after the daughter of Persephone and the runner up who I killed. She's beautiful. Morolith and Rowanne are the most beautiful beings ever. So were the real ones.


Alcyone Aquiver.

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