Hi, it's nhtomahawks22. I took a short year break. After seeing Catching Fire (it was amazing) I really wanted to make another one. So, I'm going to the 75th Hunger Games, but no one is trying to save Katniss or Peeta. So all the same characters, except for the unnamed tributes. I got this idea from just thinking what if this was a normal hunger games, just like all the previous 74. So that's that!

Rules/Things you need to know

  •  Up to 2 tributes per user. If the Games isn't getting any tributes, I'll make it 3-4.
  • I will swear occasionally
  • No getting mad over your tributes death, it is what it is
  • I would like you to send advice, but I would also like to acually write a Games. So, send some basic advice and I willl write off of that. I would prefer you to send some type of advice. It will get you further. 
  • I will be doing 2-3 days of training, then a couple private sessions, then the Games!
  • The arena will split into 4 sections. A blazing desert, little vegetation. Then, a beautiful beach with an ocean. Then, there will be a freezing Antarctica themed section. I call it the tundra. Last, there will be a forest plentiful of trees, and one lake. The tributes start off in this section.
  • If you want an already named tribute but don't like their weapon, tell and I will change it to what you want!
  • I will go to profiles I guess
  • If there's any questions, comment, or things I need to add.  

Tribute Template!

If you want one of the already named tributes, I can just go to their page on website. if you want an unnamed, here's the format!






brief backstory: 

Feature Description:






Alliance or no:


Name District Gender Age Weapon(s) User
Cashmere 1 Female 22 Knife, bow and arrow ~glitterday~
Gloss 1 Male 24 Sword ~glitterday~
Enobaria 2 Female 30 Throwing Knives Aspen7783
Brutus 2 Male 41 Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
Petra Mines 3 Female 32 Knife, traps District3
Wire Elec 3 Male 17 Knife and bow, maybe sword Tehblakdeath
Mags 4 Female 80 Fish Hook Ichillyfry
Finnick Odair 4 Male 25 Trident Joecannon11
Ember Tantum 5 Female 22 Combat knife, dagger, poison, blowgun KatnissEverdeenFan
Buck Drinkard 5 Male 38 Long sword YourFavoriteSalmon
Leia Oakman 6 Female 25 Bow and arrow, machete Wesly3016
Lenny Oakman 6 Male 25 Dagger, sickle, long sowrd, axe Wesly3016
Johanna Mason 7 Female 21 Axes Mistfire333
Blight 7 Male 31 Crossbow and Throwing Axes Mistfire333
Cecelia 8 Female 30 Hatchet and dagger District3
Kodai Hitogoroshi 8 Male 17 Dagger, teeth, poison, strangling Mistfire333
Kaylana Brimth 9 Female 22 Mallet and sword Blue-Ribbonz
Sickle Fang 9 Male 27 Sickle Tehblakdeath
Charlie Fry 10 Female 21 Bow and arrow Ichillyfry
Willie Fry 10 Male 17 Bow and arrow, dagger Ichillyfry
Seeder 11 Female 61 Blowgun Wildcats11630
Chaff 11 Male 50 Spiked Mace Wildcats11630
Katniss Everdeen 12 Female 17 Bow and arrow KatnissEverdeenFan
Peeta Mellark 12 Male 17 Dagger Joecannon11


Careers: Cashmere, Gloss, Brutus, and Sickle Fang. 

3,5,6 Alliance: Petra Mines, Ember Tantum, and Lenny and Leia Oakman.

4 Alliance: Mags and Finnick

10 Alliance: Charlie and Willie Fry

12 Alliance: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark

2 and 7 Alliance: Enobaria, Johanna Mason, and Blight.

11 Alliance: Seeder and Chaff

3 and 9 Alliance: Weff and Kodai

Loners Cecelia, Kaylana Brimth, and Buck Drinkard

These alliances were before the Games started. 


You can sponsor your own tribute. I don't know if I'm going to create a whole table for it, but you can tell me if you want one. Heres the deal:

Each tribute gets 1000 dollars. How you spend that 1000 dollars is not up to me. I advise you send your tributes sponsor gifts when they get injured because they will die. I might create a table for what your tribute needs and where he is.

Item ListEdit


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Dagger: 80
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun: 50
  • Darts (x12): 25
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25
  • Shurikens: 250
  • Ninja Stars (5x): 235


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Soup: 80
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 20


    • Instant Relief: 400
    • Burn Cream: 95
    • Freeze Cream: 90
    • Antidote: 65
    • Bandages: 80
    • Pain Killer: 115
    • Antidote (for poison): 95
    • Band Aid (x10): 50
    • Sleep Spray: 95===Others===
      • Water (1 canteen): 70
      • [Promotion>>>] Water (2 canteens): 125
      • ==Iodine: 25==
      • Sleeping Bag: 170
      • Camouflage Paints: 100
      • Net: 50
      • Wire: 75
      • Night-vision Glasses: 250
      • Blanket: 160
      • Snowshoes: 100
      • Map of Arena: 600
      • Tribute Localizator: 700
      • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
      • Plastic of piece: 20
      • Rope: 30
      • Empty Backpack: 50
      • Poison: 75
      • Matches: 45

Training Day One- Enobaria's POV

Just to be clear, I didn't want to go back in the Games. I know, I know, I'm the girl who ripped another tribute's throat out with her own teeth. President Snow just loved that. So, he thought that I would make great entertainment for an all victor games! He made me volunteer. I also had to put on the look that I was excited to be back, which I am actually not. I'm scared for my life. The Games I won were games. These games are all people that have done the same exact thing I did years ago. Granted, I am in better shape than some. But some are fresh off the block. Everdeen, Mason, I mean they just won! The 12 girl is 17! After doing all this thinking, I realized I haven't paid attention to one thing a person has said so far. Brutus knudges me, and gets me in the "zone" again. All victors are kinda just wandering around, talking, looking at the competition. Me and Brutus sit down at a little knife carving area. We talk about everybody else, and how much of a threat they will be. "Cashmere and Gloss, still beautiful, lethel, and just as dangerous as they were 12-11 years ago." Brutus mentions. I say, "Yeah, we'll have to get them on our side somehow." Brutus gets bored sitting with me, so he starts to talk to Gloss and Cashmere, leaving me alone to think about the others. For Brutus, he's really strong, and still in shape and good with weapons. He's a real threat, even though he's almost 10 years older than me. I'm not neccessarily scared of the 3 girl. She also has a decent build to her, and I can tell she will be fast. She seems to be very smart and about my age. But her male partner I am a little worried. Very young and in shape for this. Clearly just won, and I think I recongnize him. His name is Wire, I think. The District 4 tributes are unmistakable. The female is Mags, who is very old. About 80 I'm guessing, but has a little edge on all of us. She saw every single one of our games, so she knows our strengths and weaknesseses and probably told Finnick Odair. Mags is very skilled at fish hooks, but she is old. Her male partner, Finnick, is beautiful. A Capitol favorite. Tridents and swimming are his strengths, I can tell. The year he won was one of the first years I was a mentor. Finnick will be a problem for me and whatever alliance I may have. Unless I ally with him. I move on to the D5 tributes. The girl is probably a little younger than me, and clearly kept up with herself. The male isn't exactly in shape to fight. He begins to throw up on the female tribute from his district. I feel bad, because clearly he turned to alcohol. The 6 tributes don't exactly threaten me. I mean, they're in shape but I think I'm stronger. Both are siblings, and confident. I bet Gloss and Cashmere would love to take them out. I look at the D7 female, Johanna Mason. More of a recent victor, and is great with an axe. She is lethal. (I forget how to spell lethal!!) Her partner, seems to be mediocre. Not great, not bad. Cecelia from District 8 is about my age, and won about two years before me. I'm not that nice, but I like Cecelia and she isn't on my list of people I don't like. The D8 boy, is someone I would like to work with. He is semi isolating himself, and from the looks of it does not like the Games. Surprisingly, the District 9 tributes are dangerous. They are younger than me, and are actually great with swords and sickles. The D10 tributes are another sibling pair, and I bet this is the last straw for the pissed D1 pair! Haha!! The District 11 female, Seeder keeps to herself. She is kinda old, but obviously didn't turn to drugs or alchol, like her partner, Chaff. He is missing an arm. I remember him as a mentor, and he and the District 12 mentor would drink during the Games, instead of helping their weak tributes. Speaking of the two District 12 mistakes, I figure it may be a good idea to talk to them. I storm over. "Listen you bitch." I say to Katniss. "What you did to Cato and Clove last year was unnesscary and I did not like it. And Peeta, you are just lucky to be here, after Katniss saved you. Watch out." Katniss shivers. "Enobaria, we don't want any bad confrontations with you." I give them an icy look. "Oh I know."

Training Day 2- Ember Tantum's POV

I got up with no trouble today. I could not say the same for Buck. I had to drag him! I feel bad, as he is trying to become sober but isn't doing great. If he did, he could do really good. I eventually get him out of bed and we head downstairs. We get stuck in the elevator with the 12 tributes. They seem nice, but naive and young. The girl can defineitly shoot. I know because I watched them last year. I know it sounds mean, but I feel this Katniss is responsible for this year's Games. If she lost, this could not be possible. The elwvator ride is over quick, and I go over to my potential allies. Lenny, Leia, and Petra. Petra is pretty good, and Lenny and Leia are very good. But there is one kinda bad problem. Cashmere and Gloss are after Lenny and Leia, and whoever else is sided with them. I don't want people after us before the Games have even started. I can already see Brutus with the two siblings. We go over to the combat station. Lenny volunteers to go first. Clearly, he isn't used to fighting just yet because he gets knocked down in a matter of ten seconds. His sister goes next and does better, but not great. Petra then goes and is actually pretty good at this stuff for a district 3 girl. Then I goe, and I realize how long it's been since I fought. I do better than expected and make it to the end. I can sense Lenny and Leia getting jealous, which I do not want at all. I've seen firsthand a backstabbing ally.  I just hope our alliance isn't so fragile that a little jealously could break it apart.

Willie Fry's POV

Looking around at everyone, scares me to death. Most are stronger than me and my sister, and have a bigger alliance. But we will manage, as usual. There is a long line at the bow and arrow line, so we move to a survival skill area, and talk about the other alliances and who to avoid. Charlie starts to whisper, "The 9 girl is looking at us." I figure it could not hurt us to talk to her. I mean, her partner is pretty good and dangerous. Her name is Kaylana, and close to Charlie's age. She is nice, and we trust her. She seems very uncertain about where she stands with alliances. She slowly walks away, leaving me and my sister very confused, and scared if she likes us or not. Just like that, alliance making comes to an end, and training day 2 is over. 

Training Day 3- Mag's POV

I am done with all of this stuff. "Stuff" being President Snow, the hunger games, killing, poverty, and backstabbing. All of the young tributes all are fighting for the chance to kill the 80 year old. But I have Finnick, and he won't let them. I have seen all of these tributes regualr Games. Almost all of them did something to betray somebody else to win. They all had to trick and get someone killed so that they would win. Except for a select few. While Finnick does trident work, I sit down with a girl, Katniss. We both volunteered for a loved one, and I respect Katniss for saving her sister. I teach her how to make a fish hook, and we talk about being allies. I say to her that I can't do this behind Finnick's back, but if we ever cross paths in the Games, I will make sure he won't kill you. She smiles and walks away. I just hope that I will be alive when we meet Katniss, because my Finnick will kill her. 

Johanna Mason's POV

My alliance is pretty kick ass. Enobaria, although hates the Games, will rip someone's throat out for sponsers. Blight and me can share axes, so I don't have to fight for one at the bloodbath. Enobaria goes to the throwing knives station, and does great there. She is expierenced. I fight a dummy, and kill him, of course! I picture it as the District 12 lovers. Blight does a little axe work too. He is ok. At the fire making station, we run into the 11 alliance. Ha. Seeder starts to say, "I harbor no ill will for you killing both my tributes in your Games." I roll my eyes. The one year District 11 had good tributes, I killed them. "I hope you won't harbor any ill will for me killing you." Seeder doesn't know what to say to that. Chaff says, "Seeder and I, we know a lot about getting food and water. Our alliance isn't to be underestimated." I start cracking up. "Ok, we will be sure not to underlook you two." 

Sickle Fang's POV

Although Enobaria refused Brutus' requests to join us, our alliance is doing well. Cashmere and Gloss are obsessed with killing the other pair of siblings from District 6. I tell them we will eventually. We laugh, because their alliance keeps fighting about being untrustworthy. They are just destroying themselves. Brutus keeps throwing his spears in anger, because of all the loud fighting. He starts to scream at them, "SHUTUP!" They all give him a look and walk away quietly continuing their argument. The girls from 3 and 5 start to get Leia and Lenny to stop getting mad, and both start to cool down. We can tell that their will be some backstabbing in that alliance. Anyways, we make our way to speak to Weff and Kodai, asking for a truce. They seem uncertain, but may cooperate. The last thing we need is to be hunted down by two smart tributes.

Buck Drinkard's POV

I guess coming back to these Games have been hard. I'm just becoming sober, and it makes me want to drink more. Although everyone looks at me like I'm some weak freak, I still have skills. They have a little swimming area that a couple tributes are at and I decide to jump in. Mags and Finnick are here, and Mags is very good for an 80 year old. Of course, Finnick is the best. I figure I should race him. We do 4 laps, and by the 2nd everybody is watching the drunk guy vs. the district 4 person. I only lose by a little, shocking everyone. I jump out and dry myself off. I think in my head, who's terrible now?

Private Sessions- Cashmere's POV

Being from District 1, me and my brother always had to go first. This time, he went first. I hugged him and wished him luck. "CASHMERE" I fix my hair and makeup a little, then go in. Gloss smiles at me, hinting he probably did great. I think in my head, fuck how can I live up to him if he did awesome. I walk in there, trying to look as beautiful as I can to boost my score up. I go to a mean mode then, and pick up a bow and arrow. I shoot a couple dummies down. Then I jump into combat with a knife and kill a few. They say I look sexy doing it. As I am walking away I realize to make things better I have to do more. I drop my knife, so I have to bend over in front of them. They clap, and I walk out, feeling a little degraded but happy.

Petra Mine's POV

"PETRA MINE." I figure between Weff, Enobaria, Brutus, Gloss, and Cashmere, they have probably seen a lot of fighting with knives. So I choose to do something they haven't seen yet. I get right to the mine station. Building mines take more than 10 minutes, which is how much time I have. I work fast, which could be dangerous. They give me a 2 minute limit. Oh, no, I think. I won't get anything done, and I'll get a 2. I really go fast now. My mine makes this weird ticking noise that sounds far too familiar. "OH SHIT!" My mine explodes, throwing me to the far opposite side of the room. Some of the shrapnel hits the Gamemakers. Many things are on fire, and I hear a terrible ringing sound in my ears. It hurts terribly. Looking around, I see I blew this place up. 

Finnick Odair's POV

We hear a huge explosion and the screams of Petra Mine. I say at least she is alive. The Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee comes in. "Because of Ms.Mine we are not allowed to do training sessions as the facility has been destroyed. Three Gamemakers have been killed. So, we are going one by one to tell me what you can do and then we will score you off of that." Everyone gasps. 'But that's not fair!" Johanna yells. "WELL LIFE ISN'T FAIR!" Plutarch screams at her. Johanna looks down and croaks out, "You Gamemakers made damn sure that didn't you guys." He lets the conversation drop. "Okay, Finnick Odair what can you do. Oh let me guess, swim, trident, and fish hook." He moves onto Mags, and I say she can make amazing fish hooks. Buck Drinkard says he can swim and use a long sword. Ember Tantum mentions her ability with knives and poison blowguns. The District 6 tributes start to make some long list but the Capitol puts down only 2. He skips Johanna and Blight because he knows they will say axe. Cecelia claims she can use a hatchet and a dagger. This Kodai person talks about strangling and teeth, and I just think of Enobaria. The 9 boy, Sickle, obviously uses a sickle probably. The two 10 tributes both talk about a bow and arrow. Chaff tells them how good he is with a spiked mace. Seeder talks about plant identification and blowgun. He doesn't need to ask Katniss or Peeta. 

Training Scores

Name District Score Odds
Cashmere 1 10 5-1
Gloss 1 10 5-1
Enobaria 2 11 4-1
Brutus 2 10 5-1
Petra Mine 3 1 99-1
Weff Elec 3 6 27-1
Mags 4 4 60-1
Finnick Odair 4 11 4-1
Ember Tantum 5 8 11-1
Buck Drinkard 5 6 27-1
Leia Oakman 6 7 14-1
Lenny Oakman 6 7 14-1
Johanna Mason 7 9 7-1
Blight 7 6 28-1
Cecelia 8 5 32-1
Kodai Hitogoroshi 8 5 32-1
Kaylana Brimth 9 6 26-1
Sickle Fang 9 9 7-1
Charlie Fry 10 4 60-1
Willie Fry 10 7 14-1
Seeder 11 4 61-1
Chaff 11 6 26-1
Katniss Everdeen 12 9 7-1
Peeta Mellark 12 7 13-1

Death Chart

Place Name District How Killer
24th Blight 7 Dagger in throat Willie Fry
23rd Willie Fry 10 Axe in heart Johanna Mason
22nd Peeta Mellark 12 Spear in chest Brutus
21st Sickle Fang 9 Mallet on head Kaylana Brimth
20th Leia Oakman 6 Throat slit Cashmere
19th Chaff 11 Sword in back Gloss
18th Lenny Oakman 6 Strangled Gloss
17th Kodai Hitogoroshi 8 Tsunami Tsunami/Gamemakers
16th Gloss 1 Skull cracked Jeti
15th Cecelia 8 Icicle in heart Icicle
14th Charlie Fry 10 Long stick in back Brutus
13th Brutus 2 Arrow in head Katniss Everdeen
12th Katniss Everdeen 12 Throat ripped out Enobaria
11th Seeder 11 Blown up Petra Mines/Mine
10th Kaylana Brimth 9 Decapitated Johanna Mason
9th Weff Elec 3 Trident in back Finnick Odair
8th Buck Drinkard 5 Burned alive by lava Lava
7th Mags 4 Burned alive by lava Lava
6th Petra Mines 3 Axe in chest Johanna Mason
5th Finnick Odair 4 Poison dart in neck Ember Tantum
4th Johanna Mason 7 Knife in heart Cashmere
3rd Cashmere 1 Axe in chest Johanna Mason
VICTOR Ember Tantum 5 -________- -________________-
VICTOR Enobaria 2 -________- -________________-

The Games Day One-Bloodbath

Seeder's POV

I say my last words to my stylist, because even he knows I will most likely die. Everyone is dressed in thermal suits for some reason, even though we are in a forest. The announcer booms out, "THIS ARENA HAS 4 SECTIONS. WHAT THESE FOUR SECTIONS ARE YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND OUT ON YOUR OWN." Oh, great, surprises. I stand on the pedestal next to Buck and Enobaria. I am worried that Enobaria will tackle me as I'm running. I figure I just will not get involved. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! A backpack is near me, so I grab and go. Before I get it, something hits me. I look, and it's a knife from Enobaria. In my leg. I get the backpack and go. I'm not risking my life. I go to the forest and wait for Chaff. He runs to me with a mace, but is in rough shape. So far, this hasn't been good. 

Johanna Mason's POV

Me, Blight, and Enobaria all have weapons. We are trying to get some kills. And so are others. The 10 boy, Willie, comes out with a dagger and whips it at Blight. It hits his throat and just like that, the familiar BOOM! Immediately, I take an axe and hit Willie in the heart. BOOM! Me and Enobaria exchange looks that both say: let's go. We take our weapons and supplies and hurry out of this bloodbath. 

Brutus's POV

We keep trying to find people to kill but no one is really taking a huge risk. We see Everdeen getting away with Peeta and we see that if we shoot Everdeen, Peeta is screwed. I throw my spear straight at her back. "Katniss, NO!" Peeta screams and dives in front of the spear. BOOM! Katniss looks at us and cries. We all laugh. She also doesn't dare shoot, because she knows what we'll do. Completely out of nowhere Lenny, Leia, Petra, and Ember come out and attack. Ember and Petra realize that it's not smart to attack so early in the Games, so they runaway. Lenny and Leia go for Sickle, and he hits Leia in the leg. Lenny drags Leia out and runs away to Ember and Petra. Ha, try again 6. But we only got 3 bloodbath kills. Three! Pathetic, we all sigh.

The Aftermath of the Bloodbath

Kaylana Brimth's POV

Thank the lord I survived that! But, I don't know how long I will survive if I am alone. These tributes are good, and I am outnumbered. So, I figure I can stalk the district 10 girl, and ask to be allies. As she is sitting down, I run up and approach her. 

"Allies?" I ask. "Sure, we need to kill some people." She says. We realize that if we find Katniss, maybe she will join and we will be powerful. All I have is a mallet, and a rope. Charlie has dried meat, an apple, and a dagger. We decide go out and look for Katniss. But, as we are walking, we hear screams of pain. We run and see Katniss getting choked by Sickle Fang. "My district partner." I say. "I got this." I run up quietly to Sickle and yell, "Set her free asshole!" As I do that, I bang my mallet on his head, and the BOOM! sounds. We help Katniss up and say we gotta go, because Cashmere, Gloss, and Brutus will come soon. 

Kodai Hitogoroshi's POV

Me and Weff did not luck out during the bloodbath. We have a little piece of squirrel, and a rope and sword. We hear a cannon sound, and pray it's a career. Weff suggests to the beach, because he doesn't think anyone is there. I say for sure Finnick and Mags are there. But, that's two people. So we get moving. We see footprints through the woods, and immediately follow them. We spot Enobaria and Johanna, with a trident? Oh god, it's a trap. Finnick is too smart though. And, he and Johanna are friends. But, me and Weff run away on the jeti as soon as we get to the beach, as to avoid Johanna and Enobaria. Also, we don't see Finnick chasing us down. From a distance, we can see Enobaria setting her trap into action. 

Mag's POV

Finnick has been great to me. We have a lot of water, and fish. This what we grew up in, and the part of arena I would like to die in. I tell Finnick I hear little voices at the edge of the beach. They come from the bushes. Suddenly, he says to me their is a trident there. I tell him, you have one but he wants two. I've seen many traps, and I know one when I see one. This is definitely a trap. He walks closer, and I see two girls peak their heads and weapons out. I use all my garbled speech to yell, "Finnick don't! It's a trap!" As expected, it is. An axe comes flying through the air, with a knife following it. Finnick ducks and jumps away. The two girls reveal themselves, as Johanna Mason, and the mean Enobaria. Johanna whispers, "Enobaria, how could we have thought to kill them?" The girl replies with, "I don't know, he's a threat." Finnick gets up and asks to be allies. "We have fish." I say. The two agree. Johanna points out that there are two people on the jeti. Finnick says that we will kill them later. The anthem starts to play, and it starts with Blight, and I look at Johanna. Then it goes to Sickle Fang, surprising, Willie Fry, and Peeta. I think of poor Katniss, and how I will stop all these people from killing her. 

Overview of Day 1

  • Mags, Finnick, Enobaria, and Johanna are now allies. They are in the beach area and have a lot of fish, water, and weapons. 
  • Weff and Kodai are planning on asking to be allies with the 2,4, and 7 alliance. They have a sword, rope and a little squirrel. Also in the beach. 
  • Kaylana, Katniss, and Charlie are allies, and have water, apples, and a bow, mallet and dagger. They are moving to the desert, because they have water and can hunt on way there. Also, they want to find Seeder and Chaff. Cashmere, Gloss, and Brutus are wanting to kill Kaylana and Katniss. In forest, but moving to desert. 
  • The Careers are now only three people. They have spears, knives, a sword, water, and dried meat. The 3, 5, and 6 alliance are hunting them. They are in the forest.
  • The 3, 5, and 6 alliance, have poison, two machetes, and Petra is working on rebuilding mines. They are planning on attacking the Careers in the morning. They are in the forest. 
  • Cecelia has a water canteen, fried lizard, and a big warm jacket. She is in the tundra, and keeping pretty warm. Only two people are in the tundra.
  • Buck also has a jacket, and is in the tundra. He has a sword, ice, and is melting it to make water. Also, a couple pieces of bread. 
  • Seeder and Chaff are in the forest and need medicine, or they could die. They have enough food and water, just need medicine. Trying to find Katniss also. 

Day 2

Cecelia's POV

Looking around this "freezing tundra", I only see one other person on the other side of the frozen lake. It seems like neither of us really wanna kill eachother, so we stay put and hide. I'm almost positive we are the only two people who have these warm jackets, which is why no one else is here. I just hope the Gamemakers don't force me out of hiding, because I am not swimming in a frozen lake. I don't even know how to swim in a warm lake, nevermind a below zero one. I hear a tiny crack in the lake. I try not to get too paranoid about it, but I can't help it. The cracking sound stops, but I'm still extremely cautious of it. 

Weff's POV

So, Enobaria's plan to kill Finnick did not work, and now they're allies? What? Me and Kodai see that if we join them, we can kill off so much more tributes. We sprint along the jeti, and everybody but Mags takes their weapons out. "Wait!" I yell. "Let's kill them!" Johanna yells. "No" Mags says, "Let them talk." Kodai explains that if we are allies, we can take out the Careers easier, and Katniss, and Lenny and Leia. A lot of people. Then, we can split up. They all think about it. Mags says yes, Finnick says yes because Mags says yes, and Enobaria and Johanna are probably saying yes because they want to get further. "See, it's a win win for everyone." I say.

Leia Oakman's POV

"Everyone just shut up and listen to me and my brother." I hiss.

"No, Leia. Why don't you shut up and cooperate." Petra snaps. We have been fighting this whole time. I kinda just want to kill Petra and Ember, but I do need them. 

"You know what guys, why don't we just attack Cashmere, Gloss, and Brutus." Ember suggests. 

"Okay, let's go. I think I see them over there." I say. We run after them, and I throw my machete at Cashmere. She ducks. No! Cashmere pulls out a knife and hits my leg. Gloss and Lenny are into it, and Gloss has Lenny cut up. My leg stings from the pain. "Ember, Petra!" I turn around and there not there. They ditched. Cashmere throws me to the ground. Before she can slit my throat, the ground shakes, and trees start to fall where we are. She cuts to the chase, and cuts my throat open. I look at my brother for the last time, and I close my eyes forever. BOOM!

Katniss Everdeen's POV

A boom sounds. It definitely came from near us. I hope it's Gloss, Cashmere, or Brutus. But, I figure out it's not. I hear their voices not too far away. I whisper to Kaylana and Charlie, "1 and 2 are coming! We have to move!" We immediately run away, hoping to pass Seeder and Chaff by on the way. As we're running, I see their figures in the bushes. "Hey! Guys, come with us to desert, Cashmere, Brutus and Gloss are coming!" They get up almost instantly and come. Because the Careers have been highly trained, they are usually pretty fast and light on their feet. Brutus, Cashmere, and Gloss sure are, as they are already 10 feet behind us. Chaff screams at us, "Go! I will fend them off for you guys! You all have more of a chance than I do." I look behind for a second, and think of my poor friend Haymitch, who is watching his friend die. Seeder says to us that Chaff would want us to go as fast as we can without thinking. We get into the desert and find a cave. I fall asleep as soon as I get there, not even the BOOM! could wake me up. 

Buck Drinkard's POV

I've stayed in my snow fort for two days now. The Gamemakers must be planning something by now, to kill me and whoever else is hiding in this place. I decide it's time to leave and get involved in this hell. I walk over the lake, careful not to break the ice, and see who is there. I hear a scream in the distance and a sudden BOOM! The girl in hiding looks out, and it ends up being Cecelia from District 8. "Cecelia?" I say. "Buck!" She yells and comes and hugs me. She asks to be allies, and I say yes. Suddenly, the frozen lake completely collapses, leaving me and Cecelia in freezing water. Cecelia starts panicking because she doesn't know how to swim. I grab an iceberg an hoist us up on it. As if our luck couldn't get any worse, Cashmere, Gloss, and Brutus come in. I quickly grab a couple more icebergs to hide us from them. Even though they won't jump in, and swim in below zero water just to kill two tributes who aren't big threats. They are laughing about the death of the male from District 6, meaning they killed him. Cashmere and Gloss agree about the being the superior siblings. The Careers soon realize this tundra isn't neccessarily a good place to be, so they run out, preparing to kill more. The anthem plays again. This time, it's the other brother-sister pair from 6, and Chaff. That saddens me, as Chaff was a friend of mine. We are surprised about few deaths there have been. Apparently everyone kept in shape. I take guard, just in case we slip off. 

Overview of Day 2

Alliances have shifted!

  • The alliance of Johanna and Enobaria met up with Finnick and Mags, then met up with Kodai and Weff. They are now a big alliance, and are planning on killing the smaller alliances. All they need is some freshwater, and they are still at the beach.
  • Ember and Petra left Lenny and Leia out to die, because they were worried about backstabbing. They took all supplies of Leia and have enough food and water. Planning on moving to the desert to inspect.
  • Cecelia and Buck are going to get out of the tundra at sunrise. They need food. 
  • Cashmere, Gloss, and Brutus have mnay supplies and are set from stealing from Lenny. They are going to the beach. 
  • Katniss, Charlie, Seeder, and Kaylana will stay in the cave. But at noon, they will hunt and find freshwater in the forest. They are running low. 

Day 3

Gloss's POV

Us Careers. although we just got a kill, are generally dissapointed at the lack of deaths in this Quell. It's the third day, and there has been 7 deaths. My original Games ended on the third day. Which worries me more. Panem must be getting bored. The Gamemakers are for sure going to be doing something interesting. We could have made these interesting. We could have swam out into the lake, where would we defininetly get hypothermia. We knew Buck and Cecelia were there. We just had a heart somehow and spared them. All of the District 1 and 2 people have a heart somewhere. The reason we do so much killing is because we just want to go home, like the 12 tributes want to go home. We just use killing to get further, that's what the rules are. I also know that my sister and I, one of us is going to die. The other one could die too. But for sure, I might die, or Cashmere. So to get myself further in the Game, me, Brutus and Cashmere agree on attacking Finnick's alliance. From the tundra, the beach is right next door. 

Enobaria's POV

I had to keep guard. The only person I trust not to kill me is Mags. No one really trusts me either, so I swore on Johanna's life I wouldn't kill anyone in their sleep. Johanna got all mad about that, like a 12 year old, but we got over that. Fatigue is coming on me as my shift is almost ending, and I hear some waves in the background. These waves weren't normal waves, they were killer waves, like a tsunami. "Uh..Finnick! Mags! What's happening!?" I yell. The waves pick up big, and crash down on our group while were sleeping. They all jump up and start to run. Just when things could not get worse, Cashmere, Brutus, and Gloss come to join the party. The tsunami waves get huge, and rip us apart. "OH SHIT!" I yell. Being from District 2, I learned how to swim in little pools at the academy. Thank the lord for that, because one of the waves take me, Cashmere, Brutus, and Finnick out to sea. All of us learned how to swim, but Finnick really helps us out, even Brutus and Cashmere. He takes us to the jeti, where the waves haven't reached. Everyone is panting, coughing up saltwater, and thanking Finnick, because without him, we would have died. Finnick looks at the two Careers with us. "I know both of you guys tried to kill me there. I know Enobaria also tried to kill me. But I just saved every single one of you guy's lives. So don't team up on me. Let's just get away from the water, and then when I find Mags, Enobaria finds Enobaria and whoever else, and when you two find Gloss, we just go away from eachother. Deal?" "Deal" We all say. Unfortuanetly, two cannons boom. Cashmere and Finnick start to cry. BOOM! BOOM!

Weff's POV

I don't know how I survived that. I just did. But my ally didn't. Kodai couldn't swim, and drowned. A little after Kodai died, a wave picked up Gloss, and he hit the jeti pretty hard. That of course killed him. I'm not surprised that when the 4 strongest tributes survived. I am however surprised at the fact that Mags is still here, and Johanna hasn't ditched us yet. Johanna tells us, "It's better to be with people than alone." I agree, but I don't trust her. But she is a great killer, and nasty with an axe. Mags, well she can tell us tactics and how to survive, because after all she did. 

Ember Tantum's POV

Just when me and Petra make our way into the desert, two cannons sound. Please, please be two careers. If it is, my odds are better. Now, 15 people are left, and it's Day 3. Plutarch Heavensbee is sure to be getting fired after this year. Only 9 dead tributes right now, and that's how many are supposed to die in a bloodbath. Petra decides to dig up a mine, and blow the desert up. "Petra, no! They will kill you!" I yell. "I'm not gonna make it." She cries. "I'm from District 3, I won't win. Hell, you're from District 5." I think about that comment. It's true. I'm just a District 5 girl, not a strong Johanna Mason, or Enobaria. "Alright Petra. Fuck this desert up."

Charlie Fry's POV

Two girls are talking in a cave, and I tell Katniss that we need to see who they are. We get near their cave, and see it's Ember and Petra. Katniss whsipers, "Hey! It's me Katniss. Come out here, and why do I hear beeping?" Petra comes out. "Oh, it's going to blow the desert up. It is a trap. We are going to get alliances to chase after us, and then they will get blown up." Katniss starts to look at them weird. "What if Mags comes in, and gets blown up? She's sweet!" Ember steps in. "We are going to get people like Cashmere and Enobaria to die here. Oh, and tell your alliance that you might want to leave the desert now." Katniss runs after them. Seeder and Kaylana come up, questioning the situation. Petra tells us, "Just come with me!" 

Overview of Day 3

  • Petra built a big mine, that will blow up the desert. She plans to lure people in, then they die. She is with Ember, Katniss, Seeder, Kaylana, and Charlie. Between all of them, they have enough supplies. This alliance is moving to the forest. 
  • Cashmere, Finnick, Brutus, and Enobaria are stuck together. They lost all supplies. Finnick has his trident somehow, and Enobaria has a couple knives and a tribute localizer. They are moving to the forest. 
  • Johanna ended up with Mags and Weff. They have fish hooks, non poisonous nuts, water, axes, and knives. They are staying at the beach. 
  • Cecelia and Buck have little food, and are going to icefish. They plan on leaving the tundra, and going to the desert. They have a long sword, and a hatchet. 

Tomorrow will include more deaths than usual.....the Games are about to get INTERESTING

Day 4

Cecelia's POV

Me and Buck need to leave the tundra. My warm jacket isn't as warm as it was when I first got it. Our mini iceberg can only fit half of my body and half of Buck's, and we can't find fish. "Hey! I got one, I got one!" Buck says happily. He fishes it out and we split it. "Hey, Buck, do you think that maybe-" "Oh lord." Buck says as he looks up. Above us, there is a huge ice cliff, and it is breaking off. The cracking of it screeches. This huge icicles are also attached to this death trap. One of them breaks off, coming straight at me. I decide that maybe this death will be more appropiate for my children, instead of getting blown up, or stabbed. "I love you, Mark, Beth, and Olivia! Stay strong!" I scream. I close my eyes, look at Buck, and let the icicle sink into my heart. BOOM!

Cashmere's POV

I can't believe that I got stuck with Enobaria and Finnick. Brutus I don't mind. Enobaria is a scheming bitch, and Finnick is super manipulative. I don't trust either of them. Gloss is dead now too, so I don't trust anyone in this arena. We finally reach the forest, and we see Katniss, Seeder, Ember, Kaylana, Petra, and Charlie. Brutus picks up a  couple long sticks, and Enobaria surprisingly lends me one of her knives. Finnick picks up his trident and we all give the "let's do this" look to eachother. Brutus immediately throws one of his long sticks, and it hits Charlie Fry in the back. BOOM! Katniss picks up her bow and arrow, and lets it fly at Brutus. "Brutus watch out!" I yell. He doesn't listen, and it hits him right in the head. BOOM! Enobaria looks at Brutus's dead body, her district partner, and just says, "We should go." 

Finnick Odair's POV

So, Brutus just died, and everyone is kinda down. Everyone has come to the realization that we are not the big dogs on campus anymore. Someone from District 12 just killed someone from District 2. That is saying something. Cashmere thinks it would be a good idea to hunt down that alliance, because she feels that they're planning something. Enobaria suggests we hunt them down and kill them. To avoid a fight I say, "Let's just hunt them down and go from there.

Katniss Everdeen's POV

Um, you guys..I feel people stalking us. Seeder agrees. Suddenly, Enobaria comes out and throws a knife, but I move out of the way and it hits my thigh. For Chaff, and Rue and anyone else that has risked their life for mine, I yell to the others, "Go far away from here! I'll hold them down!" Seeder looks at me and then says, "I'll stay with you! For Rue, Chaff, and Thresh!" Cashmere and Finnick decide to team up on Seeder, and Enobaria takes me. She punches me in the face, and throws my bow and arrow behind her. I swing, and it hits her in the nose. "You bitch!" She hisses. She tackles me, and we start to wrestle. My braid gets bitten off by this vicious District 2 girl. "Enobaria, why are you being so mean? You don't have to do this!" She still has me pinned down, and she croaks out, "I just want to go home. I just want to surivive, and this is my way." I look at her oddly, and pray to God she doesn't rip my throat out. But, apparently my praying wasn't enough, because the last thing I see, is her teeth being brought down on my throat. BOOM!

Petra Mine's POV

"KATNISS!!" I scream while running through the woods. I stop when I see Enobaria cleaning off her teeth, and Katniss crumpled on the ground, her throat...I can't describe it. Enobaria runs to Seeder, with Cashmere and Finnick hurting her. Seeder looks up to me, and mouths the word no. Cashmere kicks Seeder into the desert, right when the desert is about to explode. Seeder runs further to the bomb, and Cashmere, Enobaria, amd Finnick realize what is about to happen. They sprint away, and so do I, not wanting to see my own trap kill my own ally. BOOM!

I walk back to Ember and Kaylana. They hug and cry with me. In the sky we see Brutus, Cecelia, Charlie, Seeder, and Katniss. 3 of those 5 were allied with us, which makes us cry even more. Out of the blue, President Snow's voice booms out of the sky. 

"Hello, victors. I hope you are enjoying your lovely stay in the arena. But these Games are boring. The surviving 10 of you will be transported to an unknown destination. This destination, I do not know. The first five to the Cornucopia will be brought by hovercraft. The other five will have to grab a boat. There shall be no killing until you get to the island. Oh, and if you decide that you don't want to go, the arena will collapse 15 minutes after sunrise. Thank you, have a nice night."

Overview of Day 4

The remaining 10 tributes will be relocated to an unknown destination. The 10 tributes are: Cashmere, Enobaria, Weff Elec, Petra Mines, Finnick Odair, Mags, Ember Tantum, Buck Drinkard, Johanna Mason, and Kaylana Brimth. The first five at the Cornucopia get to go by hovercraft. The other five have to go by a boat. There will be 2 boats. No killing is allowed until everyone is on the island. The arena will also collapse 15 minutes after sunrise. There will be a feast once everyone is on the island. This is because no one is allowed to have supplies or weapons with them on the way to the island. Good Luck! Also, I know who the victor will be and where to go from here, so no advice is needed really. But still comment and stuff.

Day 5- The Feast and The Victor

Kaylana Brimth's POV

I take in the comment that I'm in the top 10. I'm just hoping that I won't die at 10th place. Even though I will most likely die. I think about the 9 other tributes, starting with Cashmere and Enobaria. Each are more than capable of killing me. Petra and Weff, eh. Mags, no. Finnick, yes. Buck and Ember, yes. Everyone else, yes, yes, yes! None of us are able to sleep, so we stay up and talk. We hear rustling in the leaves, which means that everyone is trying to get into the forest, because obviously the Cornucopia's here. We don't want to go it before sunrise, because what if President Snow has something bad planned if you jump the gun? The sun is coming up, and we get up and book to the golden horn. We were a lot further to it than we thought. Almost like the world is against us, we see President Snow waving in the window to the loser tributes. Me, Ember, Finnick, Mags, and Petra. Finnick says that he stayed with Mags because she could never have gotten to the Cornucopia that fast. We see Johanna, Weff, Cashmere, Enobaria, and Buck laughing at us, and giving condescending looks. Finnick lifts Mags up on his shoulders, and runs to where our boats are docked. They of course have a lot of expierence with this stuff, and before you know it, they are off. Well, between me, Ember, and Petra we have zero expierence with boats. Once we get in, the arena falls apart instantly. "Ahhhh!" Ember yells. We just push oursleves forward and try to get away. "How do we do this?" Petra cries. This isn't even a boat. It's a damn kayak. I tell them to take the oars and go left and right. We start moving, but very slowly. Ember looks back, and says that our old arena is unrecognizable. Finnick and Mags are far out of sight now.

About 2 hours later, we finally reach the new location. It's a huge flat rock basically. Nowhere to run, nothing. I'm starting to think it's a bloodbath, all over again. But with feast items. But there is one thing. There is 5 caves with two names on them. President Snow walks out of his hovercraft. "Hello. Like this place? This will make these Games go much faster and fun. We decided to pair each tribute up with another. At the first cave, Ember and Cashmere. Second cave, Petra and Buck. Third, Enobaria and Mags. Fourth cave, Finnick and Johanna. Last but not least, Weff and Kaylana. 

Mag's POV

Clearly Enobaria is not happy. I'm useless in this situation. The feast is in a couple minutes, and I just have to sit here and wait. Hopefully Finnick will give Enobaria my bag. Finnick is kind like that. "Hey, old lady, Stay here." She snaps. I nod. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I watch 3 tributes run out and attempt to retrieve their bags. Enobaria, Johanna, and Kaylana. Johanna takes her axe, and swings it at Kaylana. Her head goes flying off and my heart sinks. BOOM! Then, the guy Weff sprints out and grabs his bag, but then Finnick throws his trident out at him. Another BOOM! Enobaria then sprints back into the cave with her bag, and surprisingly mine. She tells me only me, her, Finnick, and Johanna have bags. I take a little peak outside, and no one is trying to get a bag. Not even Cashmere. We sit here for a good hour, without anyone but Cashmere getting her bag. President Snow is probably pissed. As expected, his voice booms over us, "TRIBUTES! Why aren't any of you getting bags? Are you mad?" "YES!" Johanna screams out. President Snow pauses, but begins speaking again. "Clearly, you didn't get the message, these Games were supposed to end hours ago." As if everyone had a truce not to kill eachother, each person without a bag walks up to the feast and grabs one, no knives, swords thrown. Nothing. President Snow starts screaming at us, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO COME AND TRY AND OVERPOWER US, SHOW US THIS? WE COULD KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! In fact, you know what? We are getting you 8 tributes back in a hovercraft and bringing you someplace where 7 of you will die painfully. Pain you will never imagine!" His hovercraft shows up. 

Buck Drinkard's POV

I am fucking screwed. I can't kill these people. They'll overpower me. I am arguably the weakest one here, besides Mags. The Capitol's Peacekeepers bang on all of our cave walls, saying they will kill us if we don't come out. But they wouldn't kill us. Never. Once everyone is in the hovercraft, President Snow tells us how dissappointed he is in some of us. "Some of us" being Cashmere, Enobaria, Finnick. The people who should be killing a lot. Anyways, the hovercraft puts the pedal to the metal, and we arrive. Below us, we see a terrible place. It's all crushed, some of it underwater, with lava pouring through, just a mess. But it doesn't take me five minutes to realize it's our old arena, that really didn't collapse. President Snow knew something like this would happen, so he just destroyed it. President Snow looks at us. "Alright, we're throwing you out by partners. First cave, Cashmere and Ember! They step out to the exit, and the Peacekeepers push them off. The jump down is a good 100 ft, unfortuanetly. Then Petra and myself get thrown off. Once their cold hands touch me, I'm freaking out. I don't even know where Petra is. I see her feet away, crying and screaming. Adrenaline rushes through me as I feel as if I'm falling to my death. I close my eyes to make it go faster, to get down on ground. Suddenly, I see Cashmere lying on the ground and crawling out of the way. "AHHHH! SHIT!" I scream. My head slams onto the ground, and I definetily have a concussion. Soon, Enobaria and Mags come through, and I decide I have to catch Mags, because she will die if she hits the ground. Enobaria hit the ground hard. She is screaming at Snow, and threatens to rip his throat out. Finnick goes down softly, as not to injure his beautiful face. Johanna goes down the hardest. Broken arm probably, and ankle. Everyone gets up. Enobaria and Johanna suddenly run away together. Finnick, Cashmere, and Mags sprint off. That leaves me, Ember, and Petra. I don't know why we all turned our backs like that.

Johanna Mason's POV

Me and Enobaria had to go. We could not have that truce forever! But we don't go too far. We keep Buck, Ember, and Petra in sight, because we plan on killing them. Their dumbass alliance soon walk into a huge crack in the ground, and lava comes streaming out of it. The lava starts pouring, and even shooting out on to me and Enobaria. Buck falls through the crack to try and stop it, but just kills himself. Ember and Petra are critically injured, and my ankles and arm are broken. BOOM! There goes Buck Drinkard. About 3/4 of a mile away, we see Finnick, Cashmere, and Mags sitting down. Mags probably is really tired and hurt. So she decides to walk over to the lava as to not hold Finnick back from winning. Me and Enobaria say we have to comfort Finnick right now, as Mags is going to die. She jumps into the pit, and we sprint over to hug Finnick. BOOM! He starts crying, "No! NOOO! Mags!" I sit and hug him. Finnick gets up. "Finnick what are you doing....." Cashmere asks. "You guys, watch out, Ember and Petra are coming to kill us. Petra throws a dagger and hits me in the thigh, but then I whip an axe at her chest. Another BOOM! Ember then goes off, and starts whipping poison darts. One hits Finnick, well he dove in front to be with Mags, and he starts spitting out blood. We all shed a tear, but knowing this is what Finnick wants. BOOM!

Ember Tantum's POV

I look at the three girls as I'm dodging axes and knives. Two classic careers and one non career who is very good. One of my darts accidentally hits Finnick, when it was for Cashmere. The beautiful girl runs at me and rips some of my hair out. "Hey, what the fuck?" I say. I punch her, and she starts bleeding in the nose. This is a good wrestling match. She stabs me in the leg, but I get her in the thigh. It's even, but eventually she pins me down. Her knife reaches my throat, but I use all my strength to push her on the ground. Johanna and Enobaria are just watching. I pin Cashmere down but headbuds me and stabs me in the back, but I'm still going. She gets up, and throws a knife at Johanna, but Johanna throws an axe. Both hit eachother, and there is a BOOM! BOOM! It comes down to me and Enobaria. She throws a knife and it hits me in the foot. I throw a dart, but she dodges. She starts throwing knives and getting me out of sorts and confused. She throws me down. For a 30 year old she is strong. She has me pinned. Just what I wanted, to get pinned again. She prepares to rip my throat out, but I say, "You don't have to do this. We can both win, show the Capitol off. Isn't that what you want more than to kill me?" Enobaria thinks about it for a second, and puts her teeth away. "WE BOTH WIN, FUCK YOU SNOW!" Snow's voice comes on. "Enobaria, shut up! I could kill you right now! Rip her throat out please! I will not have two winners! No!" "Well too bad, Mr. Asshole!" I yell. President Snow realizes that he will have to let us win now. But who knows what our future beholds. "I PRONOUNCE YOU PANEM, THE TWO VICTORS OF THE 75TH HUNGER GAMES, ENOBARIA AND EMBER TANTUM!"


Enobaria's POV~ 20 years later

Winning those victor Games really didn't help me. At all. My repuatation is still up and down around the country. Some people wanted me to rip out Ember's throat with my teeth, but then some were glad I put that behind me. I'm glad I put it behind me. When I got back to District 2, I put on the fake smile, and pretended I was happy but I wasn't. President Snow wanted me dead back then, and he has passed that feeling down to his granddaughter, who also wants me dead now. I never had kids. I made that decision after I mentored again, and of course expierenced another Hunger Games. I didn't want to put them through those academy's and become conceited and arrogant, like I was so many years ago. But most of all I didn't want them to die. Me and Ember didn't talk a lot after the Games, except for when we caught up at mentoring. But now, I'm 50 years old and she's 40. We're not as young as we were, and at the 95th Hunger Games, the 4th Quarter Quell in 5 years, we are scared about the twist. All District 2, all District 5, anyone can be reaped. That's scary. But who cares about the Capitol anyways. My name is Enobaria, victor of the 62nd and 75th Hunger Games, and I wish you all a long and happy life. (kinda stole that from The Lovely Bones)

Ember Tantum's POV~ 10 years later

I know after you survive The Hunger Games, you would think that person would never want to have kids. Well, you're wrong. I was a mentor til death, as was Enobaria, and I thought I would make the best of this new situation. I married the victor of the 76th Hunger Games, Parker Nickelson, who was 18 and from Distirct 5. I loved him, and he loved me. The age difference didn't matter. It was only like 5-6 years. When he was 20, I was 25, we had a baby girl named Katniss, after the tribute from District 12 who saved me only to get her throat ripped out. She laughs a lot, and we teach her to appreciate everything in life, because who knows, it could get taken away at any moment. 3 years later, we had a boy named Finnick, who I killed accidentally to make sure I survived, because I was so selfish. He doesn't take anything for granted, and he's the one who cuddles up with me at night when I think of both of my Games. He knows it's because I get terrible nightmares of killing, as Finnick is very smart. I pray to the Lord they don't get taken away from me, because happiness is so hard to come by in this country. 

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