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    Yeah, this may be a bit early since I just joined today, but I have been really inspired to do a Fan-Game myself. I have read through so many good ones and I think it seems like great fun.

    These will be a basic Games, as I need some experience before I go into bigger and more complicated Games. I will only do the Training Scores before the Games. I will write from the perspective of different Tributes, and I´m sorry if your Tribute doesn´t get a part.

    1. Tributes which I find innapropriate or dumb will be rejected. Please use good grammar too.
    2. Dont rage in the comments. That is simply not acceptable.
    3. Four tributes per user at max.
    4. Reservations lasts for two days.
    5. Be nice and poilte to eachother, and have fun.

    Male : Reserved for AxedFox

    Female : Rese…

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