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  • My occupation is Horror Film Fanatic
  • I am Male
  • Nightcore

    The 189th Hunger Games

    August 9, 2012 by Nightcore

    • Dont Get Mad if you'r tribute Dies
    • Only can Submit up to two Tributes
    • No Cussing!!!
    • Reservations Only Last for 3 Days
    • No Reapings
    • On Chariot Ride

    Name & District




    D1M Pheonix Junder

    18 Anything FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

    D1F Julia Bronto

    17 Bow and Arrow, Slingshot SuperTomato
    D2M Quintus Garrello 16 Dagger Sword SuperTomato

    D2F Thalia Combe


    Throwing Knifes,Archery

    Strength and Speed


    D3M Rickey Dean

    18 Explosives,Knifes Mrweare121
    D3F Haylee Clearwater 12 Small Dagger, Throwing Knifes Hayleerhouse
    D4M Thomas Quince 15 Trident,Net,Spear Robin040197
    D4F Drake Dust 17 Trident and Axe FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
    D5M Navy Wonders


    Sword,Axe,Spear 2legit2quit
    D5F Petra Liits


    Axe and Knife FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

    D6M Brann Clatch

    16 Sword's,Smart Ro…

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