Hi... This is my first Hunger Games.. You Can Only Make up to two Tributes


  • Dont Get Mad if you'r tribute Dies
  • Only can Submit up to two Tributes
  • No Cussing!!!
  • Reservations Only Last for 3 Days
  • No Reapings
  • On Chariot Ride


Name & District




D1M Pheonix Junder

18 Anything FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

D1F Julia Bronto

17 Bow and Arrow, Slingshot SuperTomato
D2M Quintus Garrello 16 Dagger Sword SuperTomato

D2F Thalia Combe


Throwing Knifes,Archery

Strength and Speed


D3M Rickey Dean

18 Explosives,Knifes Mrweare121
D3F Haylee Clearwater 12 Small Dagger, Throwing Knifes Hayleerhouse
D4M Thomas Quince 15 Trident,Net,Spear Robin040197
D4F Drake Dust 17 Trident and Axe FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D5M Navy Wonders


Sword,Axe,Spear 2legit2quit
D5F Petra Liits


Axe and Knife FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

D6M Brann Clatch

16 Sword's,Smart Robin040197

D6F Chosen Summers

18 Machete,Axe Maxoconnell
D7M Tom Porky 16 Sai AsherMizzou
D7F Yesenia Root 14 Throwing axe,Axe DaveForeva

D8M Ellis Vargo

16 Spear Clove The Best

D8F Lake May

16 Spear.Knife,Sword Maxoconnell

D9M Rye Skylark

12 Mace,Knife VarinEgo
D9F Demetria Rye 13 Sai,Spear,Knife,Axe AW3SOM3 S4MU3L

D10M Uit

15 Spear.Knife Micheal Iron
D10F Jone Depaul 18 ScrewDriver FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

D11M Darren Greene

18 Sickle,Knife,Sword,Spear KNKHungerGames
D11F Lila Greene 12 Throwing Knifes and Axes KNKHungerGames
D12M Palmer Cershaw 18 Bare Hands,Axe,Sword 2legit2quit
D12F Katrina Edenor 17 Throwing Knifes ShimmeringFire

Private Sessions and Training Score's

Name & District Age Training Score & Odds (1-24
D1M Phoenix Junder 18

10 3-1

D1F Julia Bronto 17 10 4-1
D2M Quintus Garrello 16 9 7-1
D2F Thalia Combe 16 10 6-1
D3M Rickey Dean 18 7 18-1
D3F Haylee Clearwater 12 8 10-1
D4M Thomas Quince 15 9 6-1
D4F Drake Dust 17 10 4-1
D5M Navy Wonders 16 6 20-1
D5F Petra Liit 15 8 9-1
D6M Brann Clatch 16 5 23-1
D6F Chosen Summers 18 6 18-1
D7M Tom Porky 16 5 24-1
D7F Yesenia Root 14 9 7-1
D8M Ellis Vargo 16 8 10-1
D8F Lake May 16 7 12-1
D9M Rye Skylark 12 8 8-1
D9F Demetria Rye 13 10 4-1
D10M Uit 15 9 12-1
D10F Jone Depaul 18 9 11-1
D11M Darren Greene 18 10 3-1
D11F Lila Greene 12 8 10-1
D12M Palmer Cershaw 18 9 12-1
D12F Katrina Edenor 17

9 11-1


EveryBody Starts with 1,000 dollars to spend on there tribute

Axe: 60$

Bow and Arrow: 70$

'A Backpack:60$'(which includes, Plastic,a Box of Matches, and A Blanket)

Sword: 70$


Bottle:10$(with no water in it)

A Bottle of Water:25$


Mediciene: 30$ (flue,Stomach pain,Infection's etc.)


Extra Clothing:10$

Throwing Knifes:50$




  • Untitled
    Green is Cornocpia in Middle
  • Red is Volcano Land
  • Purple is Muttation
  • Blue is Ocean Region


All the Tributes are lined up in ther podium's, Yesenia(D7) what Backpack should i get? Maybe that Blue backpack looks good, wait the District 6 boy is looking that one, he looks kinda fat i could outrun him and kill him at the same time!


Rickey(D3) I'm Looking for a good backpack maybe that blue one.. wait is the D7 Girl looking at the one.. i could kill her easily the way she is standing make's her look to confident! Damn that clocks going fast!


Phoenix(D1) Hmmmm... I could kill all of them.. that D9 Girl.. Looks Vulnerable, Maybe I can just kill her she did get that good score.. it was the same as mine but her betting odds weren't as good as mine yesenia is also good she is looking at that bag over there i'll let her get it.. but as soon as she thinks of attacking me she is dead.


Demetria(D9) Here it goes.... So far im freaked out.. all i need to do is find a sai and a bag and im outta there!


Let the 189th Hunger Games Begin!


And The Tributes are off, Brann Clatch(D6) That Bag is mine! wait that D7 girl is running there she has it! i should just knock her down! Bang!! I Fall right on her! But Wait there is a sharp Pain in my Stomach i get up and there is a small hole followed by a huge cut.. The D7 Girl had a Axe in her hand and when i fell on her it dug right into me!! Everything is shaking and is turning black.

Ellis Vargo(D8) While I'm running inside to get the sword i spotted, I hear a BOOM! I look back and see the D6 Male on The Floor With Blood everywhere! and Suddently something hit's me in the chest! and i fall backwords into the floor. There's blood everywhere and a axe in my chest.. It was the D7 Girl i see her looking at me and saying.. I'm so sorry, but i want to get back home and i think i saw a tear in her eye.. she kisses me on the cheek and says you were always a sweet heart.BOOM!

Rye Skylark(D9) I run and hear a BOOM! There is the D7 girl on the floor crying over the D8 Boy, Then Suddently Phoneix is running toward me and i dodge is sword hit.. then i see yesenia running towards me and throws the axe but instead of hitting me she hit's the guys Hand and he screams in pain! this is my chance. i grab the sword and slice his throat! there he is laying on the floor dead then i hear a BOOM! .. I hug my new best allie. Yesenia Root!

Demetria Rye(D9) When the Gong Ring's i head straight for the boxes. i open one and see a dagger! then the D2 female comes and shoot's her dagger right at my face but i put the box in front of my face, and threw the box at her. Then she fell on another box and it split open! and in there were 5 sai's i ran and she fought with me she tore flesh of my foot and it was a small cut! so i kicked her and pushed her down i stabbed one of sai's in her jacket and she was pinned there then i got her backpack and ran straight to the cornocupia.

Rickey Dean(D3) I ran towards the Blue backpack but before i got there, i got a axe and swung at the D7 girl! but she ducked and kicked me in the face.. i fell down and got up, Then i see is her axe swing at my foot then i fall down! then i feel a sharp pain in my back. then another sharp pain, thats when i knew that she had stabbed me two times in the back! then before i black out i see the D6 boy fall on her.. and notice the axe in her hand.. thats when i knew i was the first tribute to die.

Julia Bronto(D1) I run and find a dagger, Then i see the D10 Male looking in a pack.. thats my chance! i kick him and he falls onto his back then i jump on his stomach and stab him and stab him.. thats when i see phoenix on the floor dead! i stop, then D10 Male punches me he is half alive i stab him in the Forehead and leave the dagger in there, Thats when i see both the Distrct 12 and 11 Males on the floor then i hear BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! the District 6 girl is on the floor with Quintus on top of her! and i get attacked by the D9 girl she swings at me but I dodge but not enough she cuts me with her sai right in the Stomach not a deep cut to kill me, but just enough for me to die of blood loss.. I kick her in the face and she lands on the floor.. then i come face to face with the D7 Girl.. she says leave the girl alone then i say what are you gonna do? then her allie comes up with a dagger and a axe. then my alliance comes and threatnes them.. so we settle this and say the next time we cross pass you'r all dead!

Falling Tributes Age Killer/Death District Day
24th: Rickey Dean 18 Yesenia 3 1
23rd:Brann Clatch 16 Yesenia 6 1
22rd: Ellis Vergo 16 Yesenia (Accident) 8 1
21st: Phoniex Junder 18 Rye Skylark 1 1
20th:Uit 15 Julia Bronto 10 1
19th: Darren Greene 18 Thalia Combe 11 1
18th:Palmer Creshaw 18 Thalia Combe 12 1
17th:Chosen Summer's 15 Quintus Garrello 6 1


  • Everybody that wasn't metioned in the Bloodbath is okay
  • Yesenia and Rye are Allies now
  • Demetria Now Trusts There alliance
  • Yesenia and Rye save Demetria again
  • there 16 tributes left
  • This hunger games is Inspried by SuperTomato's Hunger Games

Rest of Day 1

Thalia Combe(D2) I just can't believe it! Phoneix was killed by D9.. UnBelieveable, well i killed pretty much two tributes! D12 Male and D11 Male, Now i'm in the Career Alliance, with no 18 year old that could defeat just about anyone, we should get revenge by killing D9, oh wait what's his name??? Rye Right.... I want to kill him now! He's gonna suffer if i'm gonna suffer!

Right now all tributes are in hiding except for one Demetria Rye! She running away from something let's see who it is.. Shall we folk's?

Quintus(D2) The D9 girl is mine!! She is really fast! I can't seem to catch up to her! Oh wait i her screaming, I run as fast i as i can.. Once i reach up the mountain there is nothing there! i'm thinking to myself where is when... BAM! something hit's in the back it's her foot i fall of the cliff.. All I feel is my stomach going up that's when I see a branch and i grab onto it but it almost breaks so i have to get my footing. That's when i climb up! there is the D9 Girl looking into my bag.. so i attack her she puches me and i grab her foot and pull her toward the cliff.. She i screaming Noooo! Thats when i see the D7 girl and The D9 Male.. I think his name is Rye?? And Yesenia Oh wait that's right Yesenia... She throws her axe at me but it misses and hit's the ground right at the end of the cliff... She runs but i trip her and she falls! The D9 Male Kicks me but i'm still dragging Demetria..Wait that's her name! Then all i feel is a pain in my back and i fall.. i hear Yesenia Say Walk to the career pack and tell them what just happend, this is a warning not to hunt us down and kill us so i run down and once i get there i pass out because of the blood on my shirt.

Haylee(D3) Where am i??? this is to difficlut to see in this jungle!!!! Wait is thata Bunny awww cute bunny!!!!(she didn't know the bunny was a muttation) Ahhhhhhh!!!!! It bit me!! Oh My God!!!! It's chasing after me get the knife you found and the rocks!!!! I threw a rock but i missed i threw another one but i missed Ahhhh!!!! Thats when i feel a bunch of pain in my back then a hiss! i'm being attacked by two muttations!!! Ahhhhhh.. thats when i fall down and everything is a blur!!! then it slowly turn's all black.

Lake(D8) While i'm waking i see here a scream!!! then i see the D3 girl running on by me then i run and stab my dagger right in her back then she falls on the floor and i hear a BOOM! I can't believe it!! wait whats moving under her stomach?? is that a bunny!! i know that muttations i better run!! while im running i hear it behind me then i run into Thalia Combe who is trying to kill me then i see her throw her knfie into the rabbits head, It die's then she put's her knife up! ready to hit when i see the D7 Male push her and pick me up!!! then he run's while carrying me while i'm behind him she throws a knife but it lands in his backpack! for now i think were safe.

Tom(D7) I just saved the D8 Girl Lake, I took her ot my cave, right now were eating!! Thats when she says So do want to be allies and i say no! then she say's why did you bring me here then??? because i didn't want to see you die right infront of me!! aww that's nice she say's, but then the cave starts shaking and it falls on us!! eveything to me was just black as night.

Jone(D10) Right now im in hiding im really scared!!!I'm hiding right next to the Career tributes so i can steel something from them when i have the chance!!! I just don't know what to do??? It's almost night time right now i so i should just take it when there sleeping one is hurt so i can just slit his throat with the dagger i took.. then maybe just run away and attack later maybe if i make it in the final 8 could both kill them and win.. right now we have, Julia,Quintus,Thalia,Thomas,Drake,Navy,Petra,Tom.Yesenia,Rye,Demetria,me,lila and Katrina, thats when i hear a BOOM!BOOM! two people died wow! The Anthem Just know and i see who's dead! Lake and Tom and Haylee so i cross them out two!! now there is only 13 of us left.

Fallin Tributes Age Killer/Death District Day
16th:Haylee Clearwater 12 Mutt/lake 3 2
15th:Tom Porky 16 Cave falls on him 7 2
14th: Lake May 16 Cave falls on her 8 2


  • All people who died in day one... where by natrual causes
  • Demetria is allies with yesenia and rye
  • there is only 13 tributes left

Day 2

Lila(D11) When i woke up this morning... I said Good Morning Darren but thats when i remembered darren is dead.. I just can't believe it *starts crying* why!! he was my brother i'm all alone here in the arena, i have no food or anything how am i supposed to live??? Thats when D2 girl, comes up and says to me you can live with us, decline and you die so i said yes and i walked with her to the career camp.. thats when i spotted the D10 i was about to tell thalia, when she mouthed run away st night come to me and take supplies.. then i knotted to her.

Petra(D5) When i woke up i got up and started walking when i finally reached the cornucopia i thought wow! the career's aren't here anymore.. then i thought hey!! when did this waterfall get here??? then i thought Oh my god.. those are new weapons!! there is a second cornucopia in the heart of the jungle!!!! with all new weapons i need to keep this for myself!!

Yesenia(D7) When we wake up, Me,Demetria and Rye go looking for career's to kill while were walking we hear some laughter.. so we head to the spot of the laughter guess what we find there??? D5 girl laughing in the cornocopia then i say to myself what is that cornucopia doing here??? then i finally now what it is a second cornocopia and in the heart of the jungle there is s waterfall behind it!!! that's when D5 girl is looks at us and her expression turn's to frightfull.. i think to myself if the other tributes find this it's gonna be the bloodbath all over again!! then petra run's and rye run's after her so do i i finlly catch up and then i swing my axe and it hit's her in the back she falls down! then we hear a BOOM! that's her's then we hear Another BOOM! i turn my back and she Katrina dead with career's over her! So i throw my Axe and scream Run! we hear them after them Demetria Sai's uses her to cut down branches! Me and Demetria Could run for miles! But i wasn't so sure for Rye he was slowing down and they were right behinde Demetria hit's the right branch and alot of branches fall down on top of them!! they are stuck! so we run and run away!

Rye(D9) Demetria and Yesenia are so fast i know that you'r stuck so we decied to stay in a cave.. While i was sleeping a hear a Beep Beep Beep That mean's i got a gift from my sponser.. Yesenia and Demetria Were still sleeping... so i checked in it and it was for me!! I got a Dagger a throwing and some Morphling!! I'm so happy i have sponser's Demetria got up and said come back to sleep sp then i got up and put in my bag and went to sleep with Demetria.

Thalia(D2) I can't Sleep tonight... The Anthem Already Played and only one tribute died, Petra, Thats when i hear "Beep Beep i go outside and see a present from the sponser's i look in it and find a bow and arrow! and some throwing knifes... I can't wait to kill that alliance of them!! Yesenia is gonna pay!

Julia(D1) When i woke up it was Like 3:00am thats when i saw Thalia hiding something then I wake up Quintus! I tell what happened then we both hear a Beep Beep Beep A preasent from the Sponser's!!! well there is two!! I'm guessing one for Me and One for quintus so we both look inside and find Medicine! Finally Medicine to Heal Quintus!!! While i'm rubbing the Medicine on his back!! he look's back at me and says thank you! Then he looks at me in the eye's and i know what's gonna happen next! he leans in and we Kiss! after we both go to sleep!

Fallin Tribute Age Killer/Death District Day
Petra Liit 15 Yesenia Root 5 2
Katrina Edenor 17 Career's 12



  • We Don't know who killed Katrina??
  • We finally know that there is a second Cornucopia
  • 10 tributes remain

Day 3

Julia(D1) Last night was amazing! Me and quintus kissed! I knew he was my type but i might have to kill him if it comes down to us in the final 2, and i don't want that to happen so the only way is if Demetria,Yesenia, Or Rye, kills him let's see who's left? Lila,Jone,Dust,Me,Thalia,Quintus,Yesenia,Demetria and Rye, wait there has to be someone left??? but who is it??? Wait i know!!! It's Navy!! The D6M! But where can he be?? this is very werid.. The only place where we haven't gone is! The Cornucopia! he must be hiding there! I have to warn the other's they all went to get there supplies to bring them here!

Navy(D6) I just hid in the Cornucopia there is alot of weapons the Career's left! Yippe! wait someone is comming wait a minute it's the career's!!! I better hide but i do have weapons and there is about 3 of them?? what is lila doing there?? And wait is that Jone?? Oh My God there gonna kill the Career's! I better get in the action there to! good i found a sword and a bow and arrow! maybe i can like stab someone?? i Don't know, wait is that Yesenia,Demetria and Rye!! Oh my God!! This is a Raid! I Maybe i can accept if i help them?? Maybe i could!! I run out and say, Stop this is a Raid, Jone is in the bush,Yesenia is hiding over there, and lila is gonna kill you, They look at me then where i pointed them and they see, jone and Yesenia, Then they look to lila and she run's, This was a bad idea there gonna kill.. It' just all fast, Yesenia threw her axe at in front of the Career tributes! and they stopped! that gave her time to run, then yesenia Ran with her Alliance! Thats when they said i can join the career pack!

Jone(D10) That stupid D6, I got have attacked them! well at least they left with the weapons, if there one i'm gonna do before i die is Kill D6! he ruined my chance!! At least i have lila here! por girl she was so scared that fell asleep fast!!! well no one died today! so i'm good for at least two Day's!! Tommorow i'm gonna get those weapons!! And Kill Navy!


  • No One died today!
  • 10 tributes Remain

Day 4

Demetria(D9) I woke up in the morning everybody was asleep... So i decided to fall asleep that when i hear a BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I got a present! from the sponser's no way i got a sponser! This is Crazy!! I guess my Sai's worked pretty good.. when we were being chased by Career's.. I still can't believe Navy Ruined our chance of elimnating the Career's i'm gonna kill him!! Anyway i open the box and find a Backpack,Ten Sai's and A jacket, to hold all my Sai's!! This is awesome!!!! The jacket is warm too! so it's two thing's in one!!! Yippe!!!

Lila(D11) I woke up to find Jone awake.. I can't believe i almost died!! Navy Sure made alot of people hate him! including me.. So when i see i'm killing him! I wonder who is gonna die next??? I dunno Know but i'm pretty sure it's gonna be me!

Jone(D10) I notice that lila Woke up... She's Pretty shaken up since she almost died! thats when i hear growling! and look to my left and there is a rabbit.. But me and lila know what kind of rabbit that is!! So we both run while were running we hear is again but this time to are left! and there is another one!! While were runnind something jumps on me!! and i scream!! it's the rabbit!! i hear lila scream and fall!! there are two rabbit's on her!! i kick them off but the one my back scraches me so i throw it off thats three of them jump on me.. I scream and fall.. I hear lila scream! followed by Crack! Iand then a BOOM! I know she's dead but when I turn and see her dead her eye's are like wide open looking at me.. That's when i feel biting me then three more jump on me! and it just becomes disorted and Black.

Rye(D9) While were hunting we hear Screaming then one BOOM! Then another Scream! Followed by BOOM! It's evening so we better get back to our cave! Once were there it's nighttime it took us a couple of hour's to get home! While were in the cave we see that Jone and Lila died.. and i figure that was the screaming.

Fallin Tribute's Age Killer/Death District Day
10th: Lila Greene 12 Mutts 11 4
9th: Jone Depaul 18 Mutts 10 4


  • 8 Tributes Remain

Day 5

Thalia(D2) I Don't know how were supposed to win these games!! Navy is gonna slow us down!! So i should Kill him... But he strong.. she he can strangle, Either Yesenia and Demetria.. Thats one thing the Can happen... i don't know i just don't trust him.

Thomas(D2) Yesterday we almost all died.. Good thing Navy was there to warn us! or we would have been toast! good thing were here! Today were gonna hunt and see if we can find any tributes.. Well all we have to do is Kill Yesenia Demetria and Rye! and were all done! for.. then we canKill who we want! So today were going to hunt them we get lucky we can hunt! them all down!! Yippe!!

Demetria(D9) So today were walking to see if we get lucky and Kill Navy and some of the Career's! So while were walking we here screaming! Then Followed by a BOOM! We ran saw navy Dead in the jungle!! This is werid wasn't he with the career's that's when thalia threw a knife and it barely missed my throat.. and it hit the tree! Thats when i see Dust,Thomas,Thalia,Quintus and Julia, Yesenia thinks fast and manages to kill Dust! Then i throw my Sai! and thomas.. BOOM! BOOM! we hear, this when it' happened! Thalia threw her knife at me! I thought this is it! the i'm gonna die! i close my eye's and hear someone scream! but not me! i open my eye's and see Yesenia, Following and Rye Catching her. She jumped in front of me to save me!! i was angry i threw my sai and thalia in the back! BOOM! she's dead. Julia and Quintus run away! i stay there and Yesenia is on the Floor with Rye holding her hand! The knife is pretty far in, and i can't pull it out, So i stay there with her! She say's I love you guy's and i know i'm gonna die, but i will wait in the gates of heaven for you until, it's you'r time to come That periced my heart, We stay with her and she say's Win for me and I love u so much she said, That's when i see her eye's close and her chest move up and down until it stop's BOOM! and i know she's dead! By the time we get to our cave we See the Fallin Tributes, Thalia,Dust,Thomas,And Yesenia, i cried my self to sleep that night.

Fallin Tributes Age Killer/Death District Day
Thalia Combe 16 Demetria Pod 2 5
Dust Drake 17 Yesenia Root 4 5
Thomas Quince 15 Demetria Pod 4 5
Yesenia Root 14 Thalia Combe 7



  • 4 Tributes Remain

Day 6 (The Last Day)

Rye(D9) When i woke up this morning i forgot that Yesenia's Dead, She usually wakes us up either Singing to us or making a funny joke that crackes us up in our dreams and we wake up laughing, Right now i miss her voice, Demetria has been taking hard lately, Last night she cried herself to sleep so i decided to cuddle with her to make her feel like Yesenia was there, So she didn't wake up screaming, In the morning, i heard a BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I knew instanly it was from the Sponser's i got a dagger and a note it said, Stay with you'r buddy, -Varin Well at least i know it was from my mentor. When Demetria Wakes up the first thing she say's Grab the first weapon you find it's time to kill Career's So i smile and grab my dagger she get's her Sai's and we head to the Cornucopia.

Julia(D1) i can't believe it! Thalia Ruined our chances, She had to throw her knifes!! We were supposed to kill Rye!! But she was to Confident! and tried to kill both and know she left us with two Tributes to handle! Quintus is Injured so i have to kill them! Ugh!

Demetria(D9) As were walking we see a rabbit, i knew it was Muttation but that didn't bother me.. i wasn't in the mind. So i just Threw my Sai and it died, We ate it for Lunch after, About 2 hour's later we reach the heart of the jungle and i knew we were ready to kill some career's!

Quintus(D2) When i wake up i see Julia up too! So i give her a Good morning kiss! That;s when we hear Come on get up Career's we know you'r in there I was so surprised! Usually we find them they don't find us! then a sai cam through the Room and Smacked me in stomach! all i hear is Julia Saying, Noooooo As my eye's close and i hear nothing.

Julia(D1) Nooooooo, They Just killed him! and i know it was That D9 because she only has Sai's, I grabbed my Dagger and Came out! At first i only see Rye on the floor dead! That's when i notice there hasn't been a Cannon Quintus just must've passed out! thats when i hear the D9 female Coming out of the Cornucopia and Saying, Oh i don't think so Then i hear a BOOM! I'm so mad i try to stab her but she's strong thats when Rye Hold's on to me and try's to pull me off! But i do some quick thinking and Stab her 3 times! i hear a BOOM! and Rye starting to cry. Then he kick's me and i fall down! Then i get up and he's gone! Then i hear him saying, This is for Demetria and Yesenia! and he throw's the axe, All i see is the axe hitting me in the head and Black!

Rye(D9) The next thing i know is that i killed Julia! BOOM! Then i hear a voice! Rye Skylark you have won the 189th Hunger Games! Oh my God i was so surprised! I can't believe it!! I won!

All the Dead Tribute's

Fallin Tributes Age Killer/Death District Day
24th: Rickey Dean 18 Yesenia Root 3 1
23rd: Brann Clatch 16 Yesenia Root 6 1
22nd: Ellis Vargo 16 Yesenia Root (Accident) 8 1
21st: Phoenix Junder 18 Rye Skylark 9 1
20th: Uit 15 Julia Bronto 1 1
19th: Darren Greene 18 Thalia Combe 11 1
18th: Palmer Cershaw 18 Thalia Combe 12 1
17th:Chosen Summer 15 Quintus Garello 6 1
16th:Haylee Clearwater 12 Mutts/Lake 3 1
15th:Tom Porky 16 Cave Falls on him 7 1
14th: Lake May 16 Cave Falls on her 8 1
13th: Petra Liit 16 Yesenia Root 6 2
12th: Katrina Edenor 17 ??? (Career's) 12 2
11th:Lila Greene 12 Mutts 11 4
10th: Jone Depaul 18 Mutts 10 4
9th:Thalia Combe 16 Demetria Pod 2 5
8th:Dust Drake 17 Yesenia Root 4 5
7th:Thomas Quince 15 Yesenia Root 4 5
6th:Navy Wonders 16 ???? (Career's) 6 5
5th:Yesenia Root 14 Thalia Combe 7 5
4th:Quintus Garello 16 Demetria Pod 2 6
3rd:Demetria Pod 13 Julia Bronto 9 6
2nd: Julia Bronto 17 Rye Skylark 1 6