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Nightlock Podcast is a podcast available on iTunes deciated to the Hunger Games series. The podcast discusses the books through fun, interactive segments. The main hosts are Kira and Matt.

The Segments

Through the Eyes of Katniss Everdeen is a segment where the hosts discuss the books through two chapters an episode. This is the main segment the podcast has and offers insight and thought provoking discussion. The hosts speculate aspects of the series that are unknown.

Panem Post is a news segments that informs the listeners of recent news relating to the Hunger Games fandom. This mostly includes movie news, since the Hunger Games movie is being released in March 2012.

Matt's Melodious Music is a segment where one of the host, Matt, choses songs that are related to the Hunger Games or they relate popular and classical songs. Parodys are other popular songs that are featured in the segment.

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