Nightlock Kryptonite

aka Samuel :P

  • I live in Hastings, UK
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Always Finding A Way Through The Rift
  • I am The Bad Wolf
  • Nightlock Kryptonite

    Now. We are forgetting about the Climb games because my inspiration levels came tumbling down and they died. SO. LETS BEGIN!

    • No swearing.
    • Read all of these.
    • No fighting.
    • 3 tributes each.
    • Upload anything you want, but profiles from THGRP are preferred.
    • No Reservations.
    • Include everything in the tribute table, but feel free to add more.
    • Don't moan if your tributes dies, Suck it up.
    • Don't get all squeamish. There will be some horrific deaths.
    • Must have a token.
    • No Wikia Contributers.
    • The Elements to choose from are Earth, Fire, Water and Air

    District and Gender Name Age Weapon Token Element User
    Capitol Male Felix Ashford 17 Axe Family Photo Air Smile :P
    Capitol Female Camellia Theacea 12 Pickaxe Flower Hairpin Earth Erlend
    District 0 Male Damien Tirips 16 S…

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  • Nightlock Kryptonite

    Okay, well. Its been a year today since I joined you bunch of sorry losers ;) jkk

    But I thought that social protocol states that I have to say nice things about people on here... So. Here is a sentance for all yall

    Emma: Ewww my ew friend, you just amazing tbh and your the best admin

    Kiki: I know you left but I miss you and ahhh ;-;

    Caylin: One of the prettiest people on this wiki, even if you don't think so

    Oli: Haii :)

    Joan: My lil sex pest

    Alice: My DW fangirl buddy! :D

    Erlend: My other lil sex pest

    Jade: Da bcrat bitchhh :3 jk :)

    Claudia: My bitching pm buddy

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  • Nightlock Kryptonite

    Hey! So since we have had a new user serge, I thought it would be best to make a tutorial for all the users that are confused about how to make a hunger games!

    So, here it goes

    This is the easy part, all you need to do is go onto your user page, then you will see 5 buttons 'Profile', 'Talk Page', 'Blog', 'Contributions' and 'Following'. What you need to do is press the button 'Blog', that will take you to a page where all your blogs will be. Underneath the tab with the 5 buttons, you will see a seperate tab with 1 button which says 'Create blog post', you need to click on that, then you will be taken to a blank blog page, but a pop-up will, well, pop up, asking you what to name the blog, so thats when you call it something like 'My First Hun…

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  • Nightlock Kryptonite


    I moved my other games because they were 'too stupid' so I have decided to something like my last games. Nice and simple. These games will have the Capitol and D1 - D13 and I will add 1 tribute. I hope now these are more 'mature', more people will join.

    DISTRICT 1 ARE THE CONTROLLERS, Here is what it means, this is a extract from my previous games :)

    • No swearing
    • No fighting
    • 3 tributes each
    • Upload anything you want, but profiles from THGRP are preferred.
    • Reservations last 2 days
    • There will be no template to follow, just make you're own.
    • Don't moan if your tributes dies, Suck it up

    The arena is on a island that has been suspended 500 meters in the air, strategically placed so tributes can still make out the buildings below. The actual island is…

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  • Nightlock Kryptonite

    When you are waiting for me to update, read my best games!   

    I am a pretty good updater so I wont go like, days without a update and if i do, i will be sure to tell you :)

    I'm going to make a new games and this time people can choose their own tributes. These games will have Districts 1-13 and you can reserve a up to 3 spots and the reservations will expire in 1 week after the reservation has been placed. I know not many people will stumble across this but... WHO KNOWS? I will add 1 tribute but she will NOT win

    Tribute Template (Feel free to add in your own information but please include the items in bold in the template XD)






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