Okay, well. Its been a year today since I joined you bunch of sorry losers ;) jkk

But I thought that social protocol states that I have to say nice things about people on here... So. Here is a sentance for all yall

Emma: Ewww my ew friend, you just amazing tbh and your the best admin

Kiki: I know you left but I miss you and ahhh ;-;

Caylin: One of the prettiest people on this wiki, even if you don't think so

Oli: Haii :)

Joan: My lil sex pest

Alice: My DW fangirl buddy! :D

Erlend: My other lil sex pest

Jade: Da bcrat bitchhh :3 jk :)

Claudia: My bitching pm buddy <3

Wes: God of peni

Kaeghan: Kaegyyyy :P

Anna: The best writer since CIMW <33333

Kekai: One of the best tribute makers :P

Ryan: One of the best mods tbh

Will continue...

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