Now. We are forgetting about the Climb games because my inspiration levels came tumbling down and they died. SO. LETS BEGIN!


  • No swearing.
  • Read all of these.
  • No fighting.
  • 3 tributes each.
  • Upload anything you want, but profiles from THGRP are preferred.
  • No Reservations.
  • Include everything in the tribute table, but feel free to add more.
  • Don't moan if your tributes dies, Suck it up.
  • Don't get all squeamish. There will be some horrific deaths.
  • Must have a token.
  • No Wikia Contributers.
  • The Elements to choose from are Earth, Fire, Water and Air


District and Gender Name Age Weapon Token Element User
Capitol Male Felix Ashford 17 Axe Family Photo Air Smile :P
Capitol Female Camellia Theacea 12 Pickaxe Flower Hairpin Earth Erlend
District 0 Male Damien Tirips 16 Scythe Jar of Blood Fire WongPongSoup
District 0 Female Aylona Green 15 Hands Journal Fire Eli
District 1 Male Odin Amarth 18 Spear Ring Air Icanhasnofriends
District 1 Female Savera Hayes 16 Bowie Knife Photograph Fire Billie
District 2 Male Keats Shepard 12 Traps Picture Locket Air Jabberjay
District 2 Female Kanani Alsia 17 Spear Rock Earth Kaeghan
District 3 Male Onix Lacrimae 12 Fishing Nets Rope Water Toasty
District 3 Female Acacia Paragon 13 Javeline Tooth Fire Erlend
District 4 Male Allan Seashore 17 Trident Necklace Water Eli
District 4 Female Reia Sunrise 15 Archery Bottle Cap Air Erlend
District 5 Male Akumai Kubaya 17 Greatsword Video Camera Fire Blake
District 5 Female Nichole Peyton 15 Dagger Ring Air Nlby
District 6 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear Hologram Locket Air Blake
District 6 Female Lucia Morrise 13 Katana Tiny Gear Water Billie
District 7 Male Jayson Huff 17 Axe Medalion Earth Nlby
District 7 Female Kirsten Barker 17 Axe Mini-Axe Earth Billie
District 8 Male Konami Aretino 14 Fangs Tribute Tactics Water Blake
District 8 Female Echo Spectrus 13 Crossbow Crescent Moon Necklace Earth Alyssa
District 9 Male Toad Jenkins 16 Dagger Blue Bracelet Water World
District 9 Female Dawn Swan 12 Blowgun Ying-Yang Necklace Air Conspiracy
District 10 Male Blaine Fitz 16 Axe Red Ring Fire Conspiracy
District 10 Female Adriana Nereus 12 Chained Sickle Media Locket Water Alyssa
District 11 Male Rubin Jett 17 Sword Withered Rose Earth Conspiracy
District 11 Female Lexi Greenway 14 Mace Sunflour Fire Lexi
District 12 Male Tails Power 15 Throwing Knvies Mini Fan Air World
District 12 Female Andrea Flame 16 Knife Ying-Yang Necklace Fire Alyssa
District 13 Male Tameo Arghus 14 Archery Silver Bracelet Air Vinny
District 13 Female Samsaya Rian 15 Sickle Bullet Fire Yoonie



Yes. This time there will be sponsors.

Name Needs Owned Balance
Capitol Male $600
Capitol Female $500
District 0 Male $600
District 0 Female $400
District 1 Male - - -
District 1 Female $700
District 2 Male $700
District 2 Female $500
District 3 Male $400
District 3 Female $300
District 4 Male - - -
District 4 Female $500
District 5 Male $500
District 5 Female $350
District 6 Male - - -
District 6 Female $500
District 7 Male $350
District 7 Female $500
District 8 Male $600
District 8 Female $700
District 9 Male - - -
District 9 Female $250
District 10 Male $500
District 10 Female $500
District 11 Male $500
District 11 Female $250
District 12 Male $500
District 12 Female $350
District 13 Male $700
District 13 Female $700

Antidote: $250

Awl: $150

Axe: $250

Blanket: $75

Blowgun: $150

Bow: $175

Bread: $75

Burn Cream: $175

Camouflage Paints: $150

Chains: $100 

Claws(2): $200

Crossbow: $200

Dagger: $75

Darts (10): $50

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $75

Elastic: $50

Empty backpack: $50

First-aid kit: $200

Fishing root: $125

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Iodine: $125

Jacket (for warmth): $125

Knife: $75

Knunchuck: $175

Mace: $200

Machete: $200

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $200

Net: $150

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $175

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $100

Poison: $100

Quiver of Arrows (10): $50

Raft: $250

Rope: $50

Shovel: $100

Sickle: $150

Silk: $50

Sleeping Bag: $100

Slingshot: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $150

Spile: $100

Brass Knuckles: $150

Sword: $200

Scythe: $175

Shurikens (5): $150

Tazer: $100

Tent: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $225

Throwing Knives (3): $175

Trident: $250

Water: $100

Whip: $175

Wire: $100

Wooden Club: $150

Training Scores

District and Gender Name Score Money Awarded
Capitol Male Felix Ashford 10 $400
Capitol Female Camellia Theacea 8 $300
District 0 Male Damien Tirips 9 $400
District 0 Female Aylona Green 6 $200
District 1 Male Odin Amarth 7 $300
District 1 Female Savera Hayes 11 $500
District 2 Male Keats Shepard 11 $500
District 2 Female Kanani Alsia 8 $300
District 3 Male Onix Lacrimae 6 $200
District 3 Female Acacia Paragon 3 $100
District 4 Female Reia Sunrise 10 $400
District 5 Male Akumai Kubaya 7 $300
District 5 Female Nichole Peyton 4 $150
District 6 Male Blade Spectrus 2 $50
District 6 Female Lucia Morrise 7 $300
District 7 Male Jayson Huff 5 $150
District 7 Female Kirsten Barker 8 $300
District 8 Male Konami Aretino 10 $400
District 8 Female Echo Spectrus 11 $500
District 9 Male Toad Jenkins 8 $300
District 9 Female Dawn Swan 3 $50
District 10 Male Blaine Fitz 7 $300
District 10 Female Adriana Nereus 7 $300
District 11 Male Rubin Jett 8 $300
District 11 Female Lexi Greenway 3 $50
District 12 Male Tails Power 7 $300
District 12 Female Andrea Flame 4 $150
District 13 Male Tameo Arghus 11 $500
District 13 Female Samsaya Rian 12 $500

Death Chart

Tribute District Killer District How Placement
Allan Seashore D4 Jayson Huff D7 Axe in the Back 30th
Odin Amarth D1 Andrea Flame D12 Burnt Alive 29th
Blade Spectrus D6 Damien Tirips D0 Neck Sliced 28th
Toad Jenkins D9 Kanani Alsia D2 Impaled by Spear 27th
- - - 1st


(Okay. And now we begin, happy hunger games! And my the odds be ever in your favor!

Day 1 - Morning

D12 - Tails Power

"Ow ow ow" I whimper, trying to remove my hand from the glass tube door. That will teach me for over excessively waving "Oh dear, I'll go get someone" Says Graham, he struts out of the room, leaving a glittery trail behind him. I look at my hand and I can no longer feel my index finger, though I can see it quite clearly on the other side of the glass. Suddenly, the tube starts to rise, and my stomach drops. "GRAHAM" I yell, yanking my my hand, trying to free it. I see he rush it "Oh god!" He cries "Peacekeeper! Come quick!" But of course it was far too late, I can no longer see his face and my tube stops. My hand is pulsing harder and harder, until finally, the door opens and I forcefully yank my hand backwards, sending myself back and ultimately whacking my head on the metal shute. "Fuck!" I scream, but my vision starts to blur, and I slump to the side, my face dragging up the side of the tube as I slowly rise.

D3 - Onyx Lacrimae

Shit, no timer. How the hell am I suppose to know when to run?!? I let out a little gasp when I see the boy next to me roll onto the grass. I prepare myself to be sprayed with blood and guts... But nothing. I think for a second about what it means. He should be dog food right now. I see some other tributes thinking the same thing as me, but Kanani decides to act upon it. She grabs her rock from out of her pocket, and it flies towards Sam's plate. She screams as it hits her in the boob; she tries to catch the rock, but it just scraps her fingers and it falls to the floor. She gives out a mind altering scream, but the rock just hits the grass. Nothing. "ahhh". A quiet scream is heard in the distance, it must be on the other side of the cornucopia, because I can't see anything. I squint my eyes and I see a girl run off into the woods... Holy fuck. There are no mines! We could of left as soon as we rose. It seems that the tributes on the other side of the cornucopia got the idea before my half, because Damian is running straight towards us with a scythe. "RUN" I yell, and I dart off into the forest behind me. I find a knife on my run, so I quickly swipe it up. Its better then nothing. I can hear screams, but I won't look behind me. I won't. I will run.

D9 - Dawn Swan

"Get off me!" I push Allan off me, kicking him in the face "Come back here bitch!" He throws himself back on me and I try to resist. I shove my thumb into his eye socket, causing him to punch me in the face "You're going to pay for that!" He smirks at me and rips my top. Oh god. "Don't you even think about it!" Shouts Felix, shoving him off me "What the hell?!" He yells "You were going to rape her!" He exclaims "Get out of here, we'll kill you later" Felix waves me off, like he doesn't want to waste a tiny bit of energy on me. I don't heed his advice though. I just sit there, petrified. "Whats wrong with it?" He asks, bewildered at Felix's actions "Whats wrong with it? Whats wrong with it! You can't just rape her! She's 12!" He shouts "Yes I can, watch me" He shoves Felix out of his way and looks at me "Now, where was I?" He walks back over to me and I realise whats about to happen. I crawl back but he throws his trident so it lands right next to my head "Ohh my god" I cry. He then gets down on his knee's and leans over me. Oh no no no! Suddenly, he convulses, and spits blood all over me and I scream. I expect Felix to be stood there, my savior. But he isn't. He's probably off killing someone. I push Allan off me to see an axe. And above me there is Jayson. I look at him, wondering why he would do that, but he smirks at me, and bolts off into the woods, leaving one of his many axe's behind, probably a gift for me. What just happened? I stand up, look around, and remove the axe from the career's back. I'm not that skilled with an axe, but its the best of a bad situation. I decide to run in the same direction, leaving the on-going bloodbath behind me.

D1 - Savera Hayes

I whip my hair back and grasp my knife. Its evenly weighted with the blade just a bit heavier, so it would be easy to throw. I look around, trying to spot my next victim but I can't see anyone. I suddenly spot my ally, Allen, sprawled across the floor, a gaping wound in his back. I snarl at the scene and I flash behind me. Now I can see everyone, I don't know who to go for. Everyone is running, fighting or screaming. I spot Odin fighting the girl from 6. She swings her Katana down on Odin, slashing Odin's crotch. A piercing scream comes from him, and I decide to rush over as I don't think he will survive this "Hey bitch!" I yell and neck tackle her to the floor. I punch her several times in the face, but she pushes me off. I roll over and she gets on top of me, and starts to punch me. "ODIN!" I shout for my ally, but he doesn't come. I can see fire at my feet where Odin was laying. Fire? I spit blood on Lucia's face and she laughs, then gets up and kicks me before I can move. She kicks and kicks and kicks me, and I swear one of my ribs cracked. Suddenly, Lucia gets tackled again, but this time by Reia. I can't do anything. My ribs hurt too much to move. I can watch though. I see Lucia punch Reia in the throat and she gasps for air. How is this girl doing it? She's nearly beaten 3 careers?! Lucia grabs her Katana of the floor and its almost like she's deciding who to kill first, but Felix and Kanani come over and Lucia obviously gets scared, she runs off, avoiding Reia's sloppy arrow shooting. That girl is now so on our hit list. Felix helps me to my feet and drags me inside the Cornucopia "You will be fine here for now, who set Odin on fire?" He asks, and I look at him weirdly "Is...He dead" I choke "Yep" He spits "Stay here" Felix runs out of the cornucopia to deal with everyone else. I close my eyes, I did see who set him on fire. Andrea face shoots into my mind, it must of been when Lucia was punching me. I try to stand up, but I can't. I slide myself further into the horn and hoist myself up againt a crate. Now I wait. Either the Careers will win and help, or some random tribute will come and slash my throat. I'm not scared though. I open a case beside me to find a dozen knives. I pick two up, one in each hand, and I use the blade to push back my hair. I'm not going without a fight.

D3 - Tameo Arghus

"Please! I just want to run! Let me get out of here, please! I'm not a threat" I sob, impaled by Rubin's sword "You could get me later, no no, your dying now!" He shakes his head while talking, and slightly leans on the sword, rendering me in agony "FUCK PLEASE!" I scream. I don't want to die! Not this soon anyway. "Look, its the kid from 11!" A voice in the distance shouts. The Careers. "Oh god" Rubin's eyes widen. He rips his sword out of me and runs. I need to act fast, what do I do, I can't get up and run, I'm too slow. But I have a wound. I let my musles relax and I fix my eyes on a cloud in the sky, making it look like I'm dead. I try and steady my heart rate as they get nearer. "Its the boy from 13" Felix says "Is he dead?" Asks Kanani. Camellia looks down at me, right into my eyes "Yes. Sword to the heart" She thinks I'm dead! "Shame, he would of been a good Career" Those words make me cringe. I would never be one of the savages, killing for sport. Its wrong. But god knows whats right and wrong now days. I slightly look up, the Careers have gone, but I can still see everyone else scrambling for supplies. I quickly jump up, forgetting about my wound, its the last of my worries for now. I decide to run to the cornucopia to get a backpack. I reach the metel and I peer inside, but suddenly a knife flies past me. I'm not gonna risk it. I quickly run past the mouth, catching a glimps of the knife thrower. The career from 1. What is she doing in there? I quickly swipe up a backpack, dodging another knife sent by that witch bitch. I need to get out now, but I don't have a good weapon. I think that there is one in my pack, so I will just hope. I start to run towards the forest, jumping over one of the pedistals. I'm safe, for now. And the Careers think I'm dead, so there goes the target, if I ever had one that is.

D5 - Nichole Peyton

This bloodbath is taking forever. I have everything I will need by reluctantly running into that big mess. This no alliance rule has really fucked us over. Why should the Careers be able to ally? They just want to see a group of 6 tear through us one by one so they can have a strong, noble victor. Bullcrap. "Hey Nichole!" An eager voice chirps up and I twist me head around to see Ganta "Ganta, what are you doing here?" I ask "Well, we would of been in an alliance, but since that's out the window, I thought I might get something to fight with" He explains. "So are we still aligned at the final 16?" He adds "Sure, if we're both still alive" I retort. He smiles at me and bolts off towards the forest. He is a pretty weird kid. The bloodbath might be ending I think, but I'm not too sure. "ARGHH" Acacia roars behind me and throws her Javelin towards me, which I narrowly dodge. I take my dagger and swipe it next to her face, hoping to hit but I don't. She punches me in the face and I kick her in the side "Stupid redhead!" Before she could recover, I stab her in the stomach. I somewhat though this fight would be a bit more dramatic, but if you gat a shot, don't just pander around. I remove my dagger and she slumps to the floor. I pick up her backpack and Javelin, then I look down at her. She isn't dead yet, though blood has somehow stained her bubblegum hair. She will die soon I hope. I don't mean for her to be in pain, but she did start it. "Good luck" I say to her and I walk away. While walking, I see Blade fighting Damien. I might as well watch. But there isn't much to watch anyway, because his head is semi detached from his body. He falls to his knees and blood spurts up from his throat, covering Damien in the hot sticky substance. Ugh, that was gross. I start to jog, realizing that the Careers are close, and I reach the tree line. That's enough excitement for one day.

Tails Power - D12

I slowly start to see the blinding light from the sun, I know I not dead, I can see the sky. My eyes ajust to the beams as I sit up. I have an unbelieveable headace. I move my hand to the back of my head, and my hair is wet, I bring my hand back in front of me to see that it is blood mixed with sweat, all we need now is tears, then you'd have the whole shabang. But I won't cry. I realise that my other hand is in pain, which also has swollen up pretty well. Its broken all right, that bone is not suppose to be there, thats for sure. I look up and see the cornucopia. The bloodbath is still going, judging by the amount of people running around. Everything is a bit spinny, so I better play dead for a little bit. I haven't been touched yet, so I must of already been deemed as dead. Good. I get on my knees, placing my hand up to my sholder so I don't hurt it anymore. Its too risk to just run into the cornucopia, so I make a dash towards the surrounding forest.

D2 - Kanani Alsia

Killing time. I wield my spear and play with the handle, I need to kill someone, what would the capitol think of me if I didn't? I look around and see who is left at the bloodbath. Felix, Camellia, Damien, Aylona, Savera, Keats, Acacia, Reia, Akumai, Lucia, Konami, Echo, Toad, Blain, Adriana, Lexi, Andrea and Sam. Shit that's a lot. Too many for me to be just stood here counting them all. I snap back into action and I see Toad is the closest. I smile and run towards him, poor thing, he is just stood there. This is far too easy. I keep on running and I put my spear to my side, just like a jouster would, and I keep running until I run straight by him, the force stopped me upon impact, and I see Toad looking at me, bewildered at what's going on, he then turns his attention to his chest, which as of now, has my spear lodged inside. I let go of the spear and he grabs it, trying to pull it out, instead he just falls to the floor with a tiny drizzle of blood running down the side of his lip. My first kill!!! I remove the spear from him and I take the knife he was holding, who knows why he didn't use it, but it doesn't matter now, he is gone. I again take another look at my surroundings, seeing a lot less tributes. Felix, Camella, Savera, Keats and Reia, my allies and in close proximity together, then only 3 others remain trying to find some items to help them live. Lexi and Andrea are fighting over a backpack, they both are un-armed right now so that's not really much of a problem. I jog over to the careers, Felix jumps and aims at me, but Keats quickly reminds him that I'm with them, he says sorry under his breath. All the careers - whats left of us that is - are now together at the cornucopia mouth. Savera looks like she's about to break down, but she's too strong for that. Suddenly, a crossbow blot flies from nowhere and hits Camellas forearm, she yanks her arm up and screams, we all turn to the cornucopia, where we think it came from, suddenly another blot flies out and hits Camella centermeters above the same place. "GET DOWN!" Reia yells, I quickly hit the floor as another bolt flies above Felixs head. This is crazy, the dark is shooting us!


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