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The Tributes

The Games

District 1 Male, Emerald Opal,
District 1 Female, Glow Décor
District 2 Male, Alvin Dover
District 2 Female, Florida Reed
District 3 Male, Minus Siege
District 3 Female, Plus Silence
District 4 Male, Rift Coral
District 4 Female, Liv Seasal
District 5 Male, Jolt Everest
District 5 Female, Haliey Watts
District 6 Male, Zak Slaughter
District 6 Female, Mimic Slaughter
District 7 Male, Ice Scale
District 7 Female, Ebony Pallet
District 8 Male, Ember Taliwind
District 8 Female, Wichita Firehill
District 9 Male, Frost Sears
District 9 Female, Victoria (Vikky) Inkheart
District 10 Male, Libre Longshore
District 10 Female, Columbus Midwinter
District 11 Male, Forest Night
District 11 Female, Milana Seasons   
District 12 Male, Fallstreak Hayes
District 12 Female, Savera Jardine

The 37th Hunger Games               
(POV's of Zak 6, Ebony, 7, Ember, 8 and Glow from 1)
Ebonys POV
"So, are you ready?" asks my mother "Yeah, not many voulenterrs from 7" i say "Ebony, are you sure you want to do this?" "i have to mum, besides, how hard can it be? Get a weapon, find water and shelter, and stay alive" i say, "Ok, remember Ebony, i love you" "I love you too  mom" we split up, i go to check into the 17 year old girl section, and my mom goes to the parent area to sit and watch. knowing that i will voulenteer. I am 17, as you could of guessed and i have pure black hair and 5.7 feet tall and my colour is blue. Our escort, Promiscuous, Yes, Promiscuous, Promiss for short walked up to the stage and told us about the history of Panem and the Dark days. Then he walked up to the dome of little paper slip witch contian the girls names. "Quince Taylor" Thank god im voulenteering, this is her first reaping and she only has 1 slip in there, well, i guess that's how the odds work. She walks up to the stage and whispers her name into the mike. Then Promiss asks us for voulenteers, And i shout clearly "I voulenteer as tribute" you can see the reaction of Quince. Going from Petrified to Releafed "A voulenteer! How nice" I walk up to the stage, nodding to Quince as i take her place. "Whats your name, sweetheart?" "Ebony R Pallet" "Well, Ebony, Congradulations! Give it up for our District 7 Girl, Ebony!" The audiance gave me a huge cheer."And now for the boys, Jack Thread!" A nimble boy walked up to the stage. "Any voul--" "I voulenteer as tribute" shouts a boy in the 17 boys section, cutting off Promiss "Well, someones egere!" up you come then" "Holy cr...Crackers!" shouts Promiss, we all know what he was going to say, and he was right to do so. A extreamly musled boy walked up, he's a good 6 feet high. Promiss, as he is a small man abouut 4 foot 10 has to look directly up to see his face "Need a step-ladder? Promiss" i ask into the mike, reciving a round of laughter, if this is what it was like in a District, especialy District 7 who disagrees with the games, i wonder how much the capitol laughed, considering they laugh at almost EVERYTHING "Yes, yes i might"
Glow's POV
"IM GOING TO VOULENTEER. IM GOING TO VOULENTEER. IM GOING TO VOULENTEER." I think to myself. Tensing myself up for the hour to come. I walk into the square and check myself in. I go and stand in the 16 year old girl section. The district has agreed that i would voulenteer so all i need to do is wait until some girls name is called out and i just shout I voulenteer. Simple. As our mentor picks up a slip of paper and reads out the name "Glow Décor". I wasn't expecting that. I don't even need to voulenteer! haha! I GOT REAPED!. I walk up to the stage with a massive grin on my face and i shout my name. And now for the boys! "Emmet Thistle" as soon as he walked up he gets immediantly replaced by a lanky boy named "Emerald Opal" who swags up to the stage like he owns the place. "Well done to our tributes of District 1! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Ember's POV
No. Just no. I just got reaped. Im not moving. im going to just stand here. I get picked up two peacekeepers and im getting carried to the stage "What's your name?" Asks our stuck up mentor. "Piss off" i whisper into the mic. I don't care about her. Or the stupid Capitol. And yeah, im sure she means well. For some reason. I get taken straight to the train with my female counterpart, Wichita. "Well, that went very well" she says sarcasticly "Eurgh" i say. We reach the Capitol in about half a day. I get rushed to a room where the make me look presentable, and they dress me in a stupid mix-match costume made of lots of diffrent materials. Its stupid. just like everything in this stupid games. We parade around the the city and end up in the training center the place where we will be staying for the next week. I get dressed into a blue t-shirt and some denim jeans and i go and eat dinner. Its very quiet at dinner. I finish and dismiss myself then go to bed. Hoping i never wake up

Zak's POV
"HA HA! Lets go sis! These tribs have nothing on us!" I say. Me and my sister, Mimic, both voulenteerd. "Whats for breakfast im starved" says Mimic. We eat breakfast and at 9am then we go to the first day of training. We seem like the strongest there! Even compared to the careers! And yes, we both did voulenteer, Just like the careers, except for one. Glow, i think her name was. I wonder why nobody else voulenteerd for her, well, she could of been planning to voulenteer but ended up getting reaped. But what are the odds of that? Me and my sister got a offer to join the careers. But we just laughed in there faces "Us. With you? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Like we would go with you!" Mimic laughed "You're odds will go up!" Shouts Emerald "Odds? Who cares about odds? Me and Mimic dont need 'odds'" "They seem a bit, unstable Emerald. If we let them in. All we will get is a knife in the back" says Glow "UNSTABLE. ILL SHOW YOU UNSTABLE" at that moment, Mimic launched herself at Glow "LEAVE IT! MIMIC! WE WILL GET THEM IN THE ARENA" I pull her of Glow and i take her to the archery station, wich is on the oppisite side of the center from the careers. "fire some arrows, that will get your mind of it" "grrr" she growled. "Did you just growl at me? heheheheh, brilliant!" she strung a arrow and aimed it at the careers. and it hit the dummie in the head right next to Florida and she gave a massive scream, drawing the attention of everyone in the center "Almost" Laughs the girl from 3, Plus. I gave a snicker and i took Mimic upstairs to the floor number 6 and i gave her a bowl of ice cream, that always calms her down. Typical. 

Ebony's POV
"That was awful" i say "Awful? That was AMAZING! she nearly made the games have 23 tributes" chuckles Ice. "Still, she looked petrified, I kinda felt sorry for her." Ebony. You need to harden-up. For all we know you could be slitting her throat in a week!" "I will only kill if i have to kill!" "Well whats the fun in that?" Fun. how can murder be fun. well, its not exactly murder. The Capitol is allowing it. But still. Fun. Is Ice finding it fun. Well you need to find some way to cope. I guess.
Day 2 of training and there is no sign of Zac or Mimic. I go to the knife throwing station. its my hidden talent. And i see that there is a blow dart station, there is never a blow dart station. Who cares? i go over and fire some, im pretty good to be honest. The careers didn't even look at the blow dart station twice, they just went to the spear throwing station and the archery station, Though Florida was reluctant to. I wonder why? haha. Well, some things are fun.

Glow's POV 
"Florida. Its ok!. shes not here, don't worry ok" "ok" she says  and she picks up a bow and hits all the targets on the bullseye. "See? Its fine". "Im supprised she is still her" says Rift "I mean, she shot a arrow at another tribute!" "She didn't hit her though" say Liv "I think if she tryed to hit Florida, It would of hit Florida." "Well thats boost my confidance" says Florida "Its the truth, though." Hmm. At the end of the day. All i have to do is wait for 3 seconds in the lift and im at my floor. "The perks of District 1" i say sarcasticly. District 12 get the penthouse and the roof. Unfair much? But i suppose its fair. Them being the poorest outline District, and not to mention in the interviews and the session alone with the gamemakers, they go last. And thats never good because the gamemakers have a very short attention span. They are normaly drunk out of there skull's or nursing a hangover when we do the group training, so it must be bad in the privet sessions, well, not for the careers anyway.
Day 3 of training. And since im the District 1 girl. I go first. i shoot some arrows and a knife witch split the arrow in the bullseye. I made a the shape of a Diamond and i got a massive round of applause from the gamemakers. I must of got a big score

Zak's POV
My turn has just finished. i shattered 5 dummies with 3 spears. two of them bounced of one and hit another. I think they liked it. i watch the tv as we get told our scores

Training scores:

District 1 Male, Emerald Opal 10
District 1 Female, Glow Décor 11
District 2 Male, Alvin Dover 9
District 2 Female, Florida Reed 8
District 3 Male, Minus Siege 5
District 3 Female, Plus Silence 6
District 4 Male, Rift Coral 8
District 4 Female, Liv Seasal 10
District 5 Male, Jolt Everest 5
District 5 Female, Haliey Watts 6
District 6 Male, Zak Slaughter 10
District 6 Female, Mimic Slaughter 10
District 7 Male, Ice Scale 8
District 7 Female, Ebony Pallet 9
District 8 Male, Ember Taliwind 2
District 8 Female, Wichita Firehill 7
District 9 Male, Frost Sears 5
District 9 Female, Victoria (Vikky) Inkheart 3
District 10 Male, Libre Longshore 6
District 10 Female, Columbus Midwinter 6
District 11 Male, Forest Night 8
District 11 Female, Milana Seasons 7  
District 12 Male, Fallstreak Hayes 6
District 12 Female, Savera Jardine 7

The day before the games. "What are you going to do for your interview?" asks my mentor. "Answer Ceasers questions. And have a bit of banter. make the crowd love me." "brilliant" she says. well. i don't need to train you that much. You've go it all sorted. Good luck. The interview was pretty boring. They like me. I go to bed, i need as much sleep as i can.

Day 1

Ember's POV
"EMBER! WAKE UP NOW! WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LATE!" shouts my escort  "What for? To die?" i say. "Just....Hurry....Up" "FINE!" i scream I get dressed and i walk into the living room where breakfast has already been eaten. "You can eat in the launch room, ok? Says our mentor "ok" I get taken to a hovercraft and flown somewhere. It takes a hour to get there. I get taken straight to my launch room. and there is a giant platter laid before me. Eggs. Bacon. Pancakes. Everything. I eat as much as i can and drink much much more. then a womens voice says "60 seconds to launch" I take a last sip of water. Take a deep breath. And i stand on my plate. And i get closed in.
"That was not 60 seconds" i think aloud. and i get rised up into a vally surrounded by mountains. I look at the traditional golden cornucopia. All i can see are blowdarts and blow pipes. Thats what the blow dart station was for. Just blow darts. You can see the disapointment on the other tributes faces. Except for the District 6 tributes. They have a crazed look In there eye. Great. I guess they are the looneys. "OH CRUD" 10 seconds left! 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4

Zak's POV
"3, 2, 1" straight away i go the the boy next to me and i snap his neck. That sets me in a craze. I see Mimic snap the District 10 girls's neck. Thats our trademark move. Neck snapping. I grab a dart off the floor and i leap onto Milana and i stab her in her chest, i done this about 10 times until i was satisfied that she was dead. i can see the the other tributes have reconised the real threat. Its not the careers. Its me and Mimic. "You ok sis?" "Never better" "ZAK" she shouts i grab a blow pipe and i fire the already bloody dart into Jolts head "That was a close one" i say "Everyone has run away! its just us!" says Mimic "but the careers? They wouldnt leave?" i say "well it looks like they have, look around bro." Shes right. no-one is here! that was a ver boring blood bath only 4 dead???
"Well, lets gather supplies and hunt!" She says "Brilliant"

Ebonys POV
BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Wait, is that it? only 4? last year it was 12??? Only 4. Wow. I got two blowpipes and three dozen darts. im fine for now until i hear a voice. "Hello Ebony" I whip around to see Savera. "I want a alian---" I shoot him straight in the throat. I don't do alliances. If it was Ice then maybe. but not for a 12. BOOM. that makes 5. My first kill. I can't believe Ive done that, Well, this is no time to be getting sentimental. Whats this? A pack! Oh wow, its big...

Glow's POV
"May i ask why we ran? There is 2 of them and 6 of us. We are the careers for god sake." Asks Emerald "They are insane. And yes we outnumber them 3-1, But we can get them later. When they are not expecting it - EUURRRGGHH" "Alvin? ALVIN! holy crap. Whats happening? I don't know, wait, what is in his pocket, a granola bar?" says Florida. "How? how on hell did he get that" BOOM. While we where wondering how he got the bar. "Oh no. Alvin "Anafalatic shock" says Liv "What?" "anafalactic shock. His face has gone puffy and his neck is swollen. His airwaves must of closed" Liv explains. "So you knew that, but you didn't help him?" Florida shouts "Well, do you have a Epi pen on you? "What is a Epi pen?" I ask "Exactly". "So, who's dead?" i ask. "Well, all i know at the moment is Alvin. We where too busy bringing cowardice and shame to our Districts" Liv states sarastically "Shut up Liv"] "Its true though, on the scoreboard its going to show Alvins name in the 18th slot and next to it its gonna say something like Death by cereal bar!" "LIV!" I shout "Its the truth and nothing but the truth" she states "Too soon, ok?" I say "Thats nuts" she jokes "Liv, for god sake" sighs Florida "Oh, come on! We are in the games! We might as well make our short stay here a bit better then it already is" she shouts "Well, lets go hunting. We need food anyway, Stupid blowpipes" I say "Who should stay here?" I ask "I will" says Rift "Cool, ok lets go, and Liv, no more nut jokes"
"hehehe, brilliant" While we were hunting, we found a shack, it had food in but i was persuaded it was a trap, so i screamed at the top of my voice "GLOW, WHAT THE HELL" Shouts Emerald "Get in the bushes" i whisper, and by that moment everyone knew what i done. We hid behind a tree for about 10 minitues when i see two sets of boots. "Is that the insane 6's?" i whisper, "No, its Forest and Vikki" "Stop hiding, we know your there" shouts Forest "It turns out that the Careers are no longer Careers, they are just normal tributes, the 6's are in charge now" says Vikki "I think they are in the hut" she adds "Ok i will check it out" "Just be careful ok" "Ok, i will be back soon"...CHOP. BOOM.
"FOREST? ARE YOU OK?" "FOREST?" she went to look inside the shack "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" she ran off into a cave in the side of the canyon "What did she see?" Asks Florida "Lets have a look" i say,and i walk over to the shack and i can see Forests body, And his head a meter away. "He just got decapatated" i say "oh crap" says Liv. We make it back to the camp at night and Liv tells Rift what happened. Then the A
national anthem of Panem started to boom out oh the sky. Then the faces of the fallen appeared

District 2, Alvin (Death by cearal bar) Liv gave a snort at that one

District 5, Jolt (Shot by Zak)

District 10, Columbus (Neck snapped by Mimic)

District 11, Milana (Stabbed with dart by Zak)

District 11, Forest (Decapatated by trap)

District 12, Savera (Shot by Ebony)

District 12, Fallstreak (Neck snapped by Zak)

The careers:  Glow and Emerald, 1. Florida, 2. Liv and Rift, 4
The 6's: Mimic and Zak, 6
The 6' hunters: Plus and Minus, 3. Haliey, 5. Ice, 7. Ember 8. Vikki and Frost, 9 and Libre, 10

Injuries: None

Day 2

Ember's POV
"I DON'T CARE" i shout "SHE ISNT DEAD! WICHITA IS ALIVE." "What? what do you want us to do, huh? go on a manhunt for her?" Libre shouts "We formed this alliance to kill the 6s'!, Not hunt for your stupid girlfriend!" "Libre! have a heart! He wants to find her, And me and Minus will help!" says Plus "Me too" says Vikki "do any of you care that Forest has just died?!". "We know, we just need to get past in" says Minus "can i go to? I want to get him out of my head" Fine, me, Hailiey, Frost and Ice will stay here" "No, they might find Ebony. Im going" says Ice "NO. DO AS I SAY!" THUMP. We see Libre lying on the ground with a bolt in the back of his head and Ebony standing behind him, crossbow in hand. "What? He was bloody annoying" I chuckle "Ebony!" Ice runs over to her and gives her a big hug "Where did you get that?" says Plus, looking and the crossbow held tightly in her hand. "It droped down when i killed Severa" "Cool" i say. "But more importantly, where is Libre's cannon? says Frost "Oh yea---" BOOM."question answered? So i heard you are going to find Wichita?" says Ebony "Yeah, you wanna go?" i ask "Sure" she says "So whos going?" "well, Me, you, Plus, Ember, Minus, Frost and Vikki" says Ice "What about you?" she says, looking at Haliey "I will stay, just incase Witchita come along" says Haliey "Be careful, ok?" says Frost. "I will". We set off into the Canyon and we find a tunnel, me and Ebony go and investigate. "Bit narrow, Eh?" I say "just a tad". "ARRRRGGGGG!" "A massive spider!" I shout, and then i run out of the tunnel

Ebony's POV
"Ember! Its tiny! hahaha" I taunt "Whatever" and i start to walk back, but suddenly hear a cannon BOOM "Is everyone ok?" "ITS VIKKI!" "MIMIC GOT HER AND RAN AWAY" "Wait, what about Zak?" i call after them "Im right behind you" I whip around to see Zak standing there "Now. We both know if you run i will kill you. Ok?" he states, i remain silent "I want to play a game" he says slyly, with a giggle in his voice. "Its called....DEATH" and he grabbed the crossbow and aimed it at me and he pinned me to the ground "PLEASE, ZAK! LET ME GO!" I shout "Hahahahah, no way" he says "See you in hell" he says. BOOM

"Bit narrow Eh?" says Ember. Wait, what? Oh my god, i just had a vison of my death "EMBER, WE NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW" i shout "What?, What for?" he asks "JUST RUN!" then i remember, "VIKKI!" i shout as i run out of the tunnel "GET DOWN!" Before she could even take in this order, i rugby tackle her to the floor, and at that moment, Mimic swiped a knife at the exact place where Vikki was standing before i took her down. "What the hell?" asks Mimic, thoese where her last words, because Ember lodged her knife into her throat. BOOM. "Ebony... You just saved me" she said, amazed by this stunt of heroism "Its fine" i say, "how did she get this knife?" asks Ember, who is examining it with great curiousity "How do you think? The same way i got my cros---- Where is my crossbow?" i ask myself. "I must of droped it in the cave when i ran" BOOM. I see a splash of blood shoot straight form Vikki's eyeball.Then i remember, how could i of forgoten? Zak is still in the cave, and he must of picked up the crossbow, and the bolts as well. "Mimic? MIMIC! NO! YOUR DEAD NOW, 7!" Oh drat, he must of thought i done it. he shoots a arrow, hitting Frost. BOOM. "Bugger" he says, mainly because the remaining 5 of us start charging at him "COME HERE YOU BASTARD" i say. He shoots another two back at us, one hitting me in the arm and the other hitting Ember's groin. "ARRRGGGGG" he shouts "Right in the plumbs" "Not like you will need them anyway" i turn to see Wichita "How bad is it?" she asks "Hes bleeding, we need a medi pack" says Plus "Medi pack please" I say with a smile to the sky, and just on que, a pack drops down "Thank you" I say. "Ok, lets get to work"

Zak's POV
"I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. TIME TO DIE! 7. TIME TO DIE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DON'T GO GENTLE INTO THAT GONIGHT, RAGE, RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IM COMING TO GET YOU ALL!"

Glow's POV

"Did you lot just hear that?" I say "hear what?" asks Florida "I could of swore someone was laughing." "I didn't hear anything Glow" she says "Huh, going mad are we?" taunts Liv "Being a twat are we?" "Using my jokes are we?" "Both of you shut the hell up!" shouts Emerald "Killjoy" says Liv "Rift, how many are left?" "Look at the sky, dumbarse" he says. The anthem must of started when we were arguing and we just ignored it.

The Fallen

District 6: Mimic (Stabbed by Ember)

District 9: Vikki (Shot by Zak)

District 9: Frost (Shot by Zak)

District 10: Libre (Shot by Ebony)

Careers (Emerald and Glow 1, Florida 2, Liv and Rift 4)
District 6 (Zak)
The 6' hunters (Plus and Minus, 3. Haliey, 5. Ice and Ebony, 7. Ember and Wichita, 8)

"Mimic is dead. Thank god for that" says Liv. We decide to sleep and in the morning we are awaken by Claudius Templesmith

Day 3

"Attention tributes, attention. Congratulations to the final 13! And now for the bad news. As some of you may know, we have introduced 2 new weapons into the games. But those weapons are cursed, so whoever has used one of those weapons now has a, lets say, Reincarnated mutt chasing after them and they will stop at nothing to kill their target

Ember, you used a knife to kill Mimic, so you will be pursued by... Jolt!

Ebony, you used a crossbow to kill Libre, so you will now be pursued by...Libre!

Zak, you used a crossbow to kill Frost and Vikki so you will now be pursued by... Frost and Vikki and as a special treat for the tribute with the most kills, you will also be pursued by........Mimic. Happy hunger games, and may the odd be ever in your favour.

Jolts POV


Embers POV

"Oh. Shit. Jolt. So they have brought Jolt back to life? Why?" I ask "Because you stabbed Mimic with her knife, and the knife and the crossbow are the 'cursed' weapons" says Plus "Ok, we're back, where is haliey?" Asks Ebony BOOM. Minus walks towards the tree followed by Plus who gives out a massive scream when she discovers Haliey's incapacitated body. "Ebony..." A whisper echoes through the wind "Ebony....." The whisper is coming closer "EBONY" The whisper has escalated into a shout. " Ebony, i think you should hide!" I shout.

Ebony's POV

"So do i..." In the distance, there is a speck running towards us, now a dot, now a figure, and finally into the form of Libre, Equipped with two knives. He throws one, narrowly missing my head, that seems to anger him, i run up to him and punch him on the nose but it doesn't seem to phase him, then he stabs my with his other knife into my thigh. "SHIT". Plus and Ice run in and start punching the un-dead beast which is Libre. Whicita runs towards me and picks me up and takes me into shelter "We need to kill him, i will be back" I can still see the fight, Whicita runs back into the shelter carrying Ember, who received a arrow in the balls while chasing after Zak. BOOM. Ice's body crumples too the ground and i can feel this stabbing feeling in my chest BOOM. Libre snaps Whicita's neck and Ember screams beside me. Finally, Minus fires a blow dart into the monstrosities eye. Its over. The hovercraft comes to pick up Whicitas' and Ices' bodys. 13 down to 11. No more Ice. Ice... My vision goes black. I can hear one last thing "Ebony feinted"

Glows POV

"Its time we become REAL careers" says Emerald "No more hiding. No more cowering in the shadows. Its time to kill" "Well its about time!" Shouts Liv "So, time to hunt!" Shouts Florida "Yep". "I will stay and look after camp" says Rift, "No, we are leaving the camp. Its not like we have 'supplies' to look after, so there is no point in returning" says Emerald. "So who are we searching for?" I ask "Anyone and everyone"'says Rift, with a evil grin and a laugh to match" "Ok, lets head out" says Florida. We start to walk into a set of tunnels in the side of the canyon and we decide to split up and meet at the end of the maze, I go with Florida and Emerald and Liv and Rift head off in a different direction. While walking we hear a laugh, a bit like the laugh i heard earlier, then we see a cavern coming out of the side of the tunnel, "I will go and check it out" Says Emerald. He starts walking down the tunnel and into the cavern, but a dart shoots Emerald in the head BOOM. Then Zak runs out of the tunnel and then sees us and fires two more darts, one hitting Florida, instantly killing her. BOOM. But Florida managed to fire one before she died which him in the shoulder, so he runs off and i chase him, but I'm not as fast as him so i slow down to a halt. Three careers down, three more to go. Including me

Zak's POV

What should i do now?. Ive killed some careers and now I'm bored. I could see how the other alliance is doing, kill a few more off, wait, whats this?. Ah. "Hello Vikki, how are you?" I ask "DIE" she shouts "Christ. The manners of some people." She start to charge at me un-armed so I laugh, until she gets out a crossbow from no-where "Where the hell did that come from, actually, i don't want to know" that remark seemed to anger her so she fired a bolt into my hand "Bitch!". I rip the bolt from my hand but she has fired another one, hitting me in the chest, I rip out that one too, but it has taken my energy but i still have enough to plunge the two bolts into each of her ears. Shes gone, but i can see Frost approaching "Oh damn" Even better, he has a bloody ninja sword, katana, i think its called. He swipes the sword in my direction but i dodge it while trying to stop the flow of blood from my chest, the second time he gets lucky and hits my leg, but not that hard so there is only a small cut. I reach out and i grab his hand and I toss him to the floor, but he still has a strong grip on the sword, I lift him up so he's on his knees and the sword is pointing up, so i grab his hair "Bye bye" i say as I plunge his face into the sword. Ive killed 4 people in a hour! Well, Vikki and Frost are not really people anymore, are they? A parachute flows down before me with bandages and cream to heal wounds. The relief is instant, its like the pain has been leached from my skin. But not even that can take my mind of it. She is still coming for me. Mimic.

Ember's POV

Its now night and Ebony is still out cold, the faces will appear soon and she wouldn't want to miss that. I slap her in the face when the anthem starts "hu--huh, what, whats happening? Where am I?" "Look at the sky, that should refresh you memory" i say

The Fallen

District 1, Emerald (Shot by Zak)

District 2, Florida (Shot by Zak)

District 5, Haliey (Killed by Libre mutt)

District 7, Ice (Killed by Libre mutt)

District 8, Wichita (Killed by Libre mutt)


Careers (Glow 1, Liv and Rift 4) District 6 (Zak) The 6' hunters (Plus and Minus, 3. Ebony, 7. Ember, 8)

Day 4... The Final Day.

"Attention tributes, attention. There will be a feast commencing at the cornucopia in 3 hours and everyone must be present, and when you arrive you may NOT kill another tribute and you must sit on the chair with your name on it. If anyone disobeys these rules then there will be severe consequences. That will be all. And may the odds be ever in your favour"

Embers POV (continued)

"3 hours? We better get ready" says Ebony "How are you going to get there with that leg?" I ask "I will manage. So, who os left then? She asks "Errm, well, me, you, Plus, Minus, Glow, Rift and Zak. I think thats it" I answer "Ok, lets set off" We start walking through the canyon and I can see Rift and Liv. Ah, we missed put Liv. but since we can't kill each other, we just carry on walking, eyeballing each other as we walk along. We arrive at the cornucopia and we can see 8 chairs, two already occupied by Zak and Glow. I walk over to my seat, hugging Ebony and Plus and giving Minus a handshake because I have a very bad feeling about this. I take my seat and i get clamped in, I gave a yelp and Zak started laughing "You crazy fuc*er!" I shout "I know" he replies Suddenly, a holographic face appears in the mouth of the cornucopia, the face of Claudius Templesmith. "Well well, I'm glad you lot could make it. Its so nice to see you. So, down to business. Now, I am going to ask everyone a question about the games, I will go anti clockwise, Ebony. Who was the first tribute to die?" "It was Fallstreak, I'm certain" she replies nervously "Correct. Ember, what mutt is chasing after you? "Jolt" I reply "Correct----

Glows's POV

"Rift, How many people has Zak killed" I really don't know this one, I'm glad i didn't get it "Er, oh, Sh!t. Er, 8.?" I can see that he has crossed his finger. Zak has gained a massive smile and a single tear runs down Liv's face. "Incorrect. Goodbye Rift" Suddenly the ground cracks and a Lizard mutt appears from the crack. It has razor sharp claws and bright green skin, it starts to walk over to him "NO, GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE" he shouts. When the mutt gets close enough it starts to slash a him, blood sprays everywhere. This goes on for 5min, and through every second he is screaming, until we hear the cannon. BOOM. "Plus and Minus, since you are the only remaining alliance. I will not be asking you questions. Glow, Ember, Liv, Zak and Ebony. On the upside. Only one of you has to die and this shall be decided by the public. The votes are in, the person with the least votes and is about to die is...EMBER. The same brutal procedure commences, I can faintly hear him shout 'Ebony' before he goes limp. BOOM. I can hear one last thing "Cool" muttered by Zak as we get gassed....

I wake up in a tunnel, no, a cave, it has a small syringe in the middle, but there is someone here to. Minus. On the rock it says that the stuff we was gassed with is poisonous and the syringe is the antidote. Im stood in a pedestal so i run towards the syringe but Minus gets there first. "You need this" he says and he stabs me with the syringe "What, what did you do?" I ask "I just saved your life" he replies "Thanks" i say and Minus starts to twitch and then slumps to the floor. BOOM. I bend down and shut his eyelids "Rest In Peace" i say.

Ebony's POV

I read the sign and i run to the syringe but i look in horror as Zak presses down the plunger, realising the antidote into his veins. "Don't worry, i will let you live your last moments in peace" he says to me and he Sits down, because there is no way out.This is it. My life us over, I'm not going to see my family ever again, my friends. Or Robyn, my mentor. "I love you mum" I say and I feel my arm twitch, this is painless. Thank god for th-----

Liv's POV

BOOM. "What are you doing" I ask Plus. "Take the syringe, now" i don't complain as i stab myself with it "YES. LOOK, A HIDDEN SYRINGE", she plunges it into her arm. We are safe. The final 4, the finale! Suddenly, the walls fall down to reveal two other caves containing Zak and Glow, and Ebony's incapacitated body. But what happened to Minus, he must of been the other cannon. Suddenly, a extra wall falls, containing 4 people. The worst people. Each one assigned to each of us. Emerald for Glow. Mimic for Zak. Minus for Plus and. To my disgust, i get Rift

Zak's POV

"No, my sister, why my sister. You lot are sick" I shout. I knife drops to my feet and the second i pick it up, Mimic seems to come to life. She runs at my but I'm too quick. Ive always been quicker then her. I stab her in the back and she seems to come back for a few seconds "Zak, Zak. Tell mum i love her. And i love you. Stay strong bro" She dies in my arms and disintegrates, now all thats left is a pile of dust. I stand up and I throw the knife at Plus and it hits her in the head, then Minus disintegrates. Thats how it works. Kill the real one and the. The. Fake. Dies. I feel a sharp pain, Glow has just stabbed me. "Take that you demented fu*k" "Dying in battle for the glory of District 6. Wonderful" BOOM.

Glow's POV

He is dead, finally. I look at Liv and we start fighting, the mutts remaining have backed off, the sense this is the end. I punch her and her blue hair violently flicks, she punches me back. I grab a knife and i plunge it into her chest. Ive won. Ive done it. YES! I WIN. But I forgot. No cannon. But its too late. Liv takes the knife from her chest and swipes it across my throat. I grasp it and u try to stop the flow of blood. I can make out a few final words "You Bitch" BOOM.

'Congratulations! To the winner of the 37th Hunger Games! LIV SEASAL FROM DISTRICT 4!!!'

Death Chart.

Place Name District
24th Fallstreak Hayes District 12 (M)
23rd Columbus Midwinter District 10 (F)
22nd Milana Seasons District 11 (F)
21st Jolt Everest District 5 (M)
20th Savera Jardine District 12 (F)
19th Alvin Dover District 2 (M)
18th Forest Night District 11 (M)
17th Libre Longshore District 10 (M)
16th Mimic Slaughter District 6 (F)
15th Victoria (Vikki) Inkheart District 9 (F)
14th Frost Sears District 9 (M)
13th Haliey Watts District 5 (F)
12th Ice Scale District 7 (M)
11th Witchita Firehill District 8 (F)
10th Emerald Opal District 1 (M)
9th Florida Reed District 2 (F)
8th Rift Coral District 4 (M)
7th Ember Tailwind District 8 (M)
6th Minus Siege District 3 (M)
5th Ebony Pallet District 7 (F)
4th Plus Silence District 3 (F)
3rd Zak Slaughter District 6 (M)
2nd Glow Décor District 1 (F)
Winner Liv Seasal District 4 (4)

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