The 97th Hunger Games (PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT!!! :D

This is my first Hunger Games and you can tell because i needed help to figure out how to do it. Not that smart

(if someone has done a 97th Hunger Games then sorry :( )

And in my world, Foxface won the 74th games :) and i know people hate it when others mess up the acctual story line

if you don't like it then im really sorry :(

The Tributes

District 1: Terra, age 17, Liam age 18

District 2: Sapphire age18, Nick age 15

District 3: Buzz age 16, Litwig age 13

District 4: Finn age 17, Leni age 15

District 5: Ali, age 12  Robert age 15

District 6: Sextus age 17, Demetree age 17

District 7: B age 15, Tee age 14

District 8: Kate age 15, Alonzo age 17

District 9: Laura:age 10, Terrence:age 18

District 10: Lois age 18, Francis 18

District 11: Zoey age 14, Bill age 16

District 12: Leevy age 15 and Rory age 18

Part 1
The Brave
Ali's POV
(In my games, Foxface won instead of Katniss and Peeta)
And my the odds be ever in your favor! says our escort, Jaki, as she walks up to the massive dome of little slips of paper that has the girls of district 5's names on. It cant be me, though, i only have my name in twice, im surly safe. Jane Roberts! jaki announces as i turn to look at her, my best friend, she's like my sister, she turns to me and simply says "Odds, Eh?" as she walks up towards the stage, Jane shakes Jaki's hand and then Jaki asks for volunteers, and i couldn't stop myself, i shot my hand up and shouted i volunteer! and literally everyone's eyes are on me, Jaki looks at me in agony, knowing that im only 12 and says "very well", she looks at jane and says, "off you get love" and she reluctantly leaves, hugging me on her way back.
I reach the stage as my mum runs up and grabs me in a bear hug, she is aloud since she is also my mentor. she won 23 years ago in the 74th hunger games, she had a wierd nickname in the games, she was called 'Foxface'. and she had brilliant ginger hair, just like mine, she looks at me and says just one word to me "bravary" and turns round and sits back on her chair. Jaki walks up and grabs my hand and brings me center-stage and asks my name "Ali, Ali Turner" she smiles and announses "Now for the boys!" and she walks over to the dome of names and picks up a slip, and reads the name "Robert Downs" i don't know him personaly but ive seen him around.

Chapter 2
We immediately get rushed to the train and i went straight to bed. i woke up to my mother shouting for me and also a lot of screams. Jaki's screams. i leap out of bed and i find that everyone is gathered around Roberts room, my mum stops me but i carry on walking, that's when i see him, lying on his bead with a clean slash across his throat, he has a knife in his limp left hand and a note in the other. im not squeamish at all so i walk over to his body and i pick up the note, it read 'See you soon, Ali, and you too, Foxface' i turn and look at my mum "what?" she says as i hand her the note. "what does he mean?" mother asks me. "No idea, where are we going to get another tribute then?" i ask "No idea, Ali". we reach the capitol and everyone is looking at the train menacingly, wondering why im the only tribute to emerge from the platinum contraption .

We get a message from the head gamemaker, Francis Miller saying that we should carry on as normal. The tribute parade. I get a carrage to myself since Robert committed suicide. Im from District 5, witch specialises in power so I get dressed into a nice silver dress that has microscopic bulbs in so it lights up, making me look like a giant light bulb, all eyes are on me, not for my dress but for the fact thats its only me on the carriage.

The next day, training has begun and it looks like i have Serious competition, the carriers from 1 and 2 are deadly so are the ones from 4, 7 and 12. as i look aroud, i can see that everyone has a talent, spears, bows and arrows, tridents and knives. ive found out that ive got a good throe and hit all of the targets in the throwing knife area and i have inherited my mums skills with pants and stealth, and it also looks like ive inherited her nickname, they are all calling me Foxface! oh wow. The tributes from 9 have asked me to join a alliance, but i declined and on the statistic board i saw my odds go from 20 to 1 up to 24 to 1. bummer. on day 2 of training i stay at the knot tieing station and a practice a Katniss knot. the Katniss knot was named after a girl who was in my mothers games, she died in her feast when a girl named Clove killed her with a knife. Then 'Foxface' later went on to win when the 2 remaining careers, Cato and Clove turned on each other and ended up killing each other and mum won without killing anyone at all, i guess thats just plain luck. on the third day of training we preform privately to the gamemakers, i think i done pretty bad, i threw some knives and they all missed. it must of been the nerves.
later that night the results came up.

District 1: Terra 10, Liam 9 District 2: Sapphire 11, Nick 10 District 3: Buzz 6, Litwig 7 District 4: Finn 7, Leni 5 District 5: Ali 2 District 6: Guy 7, Demetree 7 District 7: B 9, Tee 4 District 8: Kate 6, Alonzo 7 District 9: Laura: 10, Terrence: 8 District 10: Lois 9, Francis 8 District 11: Zoey 9, Bill 9 and finaly District 12: Leevy 9 and Rory 10
2... 2?!?! im a total disgrace. apparently im fine though, training scores dont really matter but to the sponsors, they do...

Chapter 3
Today is the final day before the arena, and i spend it with my mum watching lots off different hunger games including the 74th; her games, if this is my final day with her, Ive spent it well.
i woke up to a sunny day, thinking its just a normal day, then it hits me. i could die in a matter of hours, i walk to the table to get breakfast and i see everyone there, Jaki, Mum, my stylist and my prep-team. after breakfast my mum takes my to my launch room, kisses me and gives me a few last words of advice "you can do it Ali, Ive done it, so you can too" i step on my plate and i get raised up to whatever danger awaits me. A massive woodland and the center holds the golden cornucopia, but with many weird wooden and metal contraptions, before the countdown begins, a hovercraft materializes on-top of one of the contraptions, it drops a dummie and the wood came to life and formed a hammer like shape, and then plummeted on the dummie, smashing it into a million little bits, i look at the other 22 tributes, they all look horrified, then it hit me, i know where a am. The land of traps.
60, 59, 58, I look around to see what we have at the cornucopia: backpacks, knives, swords. there's lots. 48, 47, 46, i look next to me and hear Kate, the girl from 8 crying 41, 40, 39 shes muttering to herself, wait, is she praying??? 34, 32, 32, oh no, shes going to step off but shes hesitating, 29, 28, 27, oh Christ! shes got her own countdown going on "hey! you better not jump! im right next to you!" i shout, she looks at me, 20, 19, 18, and smiles, " 13 is my lucky number" she says, wait! 13! 17, 16, 15, "oh no", i whisper 13, BOOM, i get splattered with the poor girls blood, i recover my vision and i find out that i have 5 seconds left, 4, 3, 1, 0.
Everyone surrounding Kate's plate is in shock and forget to run to the cornucopia, so most of them run into the woodland. The careers have formed and are gathering weapons and food, then i see sapphire throw a knife, wich finds a home in Buzz's skull. Tee is running away from Terra when she sets of a metal trap, 3 bits of long wire violently swipe through her, splitting her into 3 pieces. Then i run, i just run into the woodland, never looking back, i hear Demetree scream but i don't look back. Never look back.
I run until my feet hurt, so i sit down and rest, i get woken to the cannons, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

8 cannons, 8 dead and 14 still alive. I fall back asleep, i get woke up again to the national anthem of Panem and then the faces in the sky appear
District 3, Buzz (killed by Terra)
District 6, Demetree (stabbed by Fin)
District 7, Tee (Sliced up by wire)
District 8, Kate (Blown up by pedestal mine)
District 9, Terrence (Impaled with spear by Litwig)
District 10, Lois (Double suicide with Frances)
District 10, Frances (Double suicide with Lois)
District 11, Bill (Back stabbed by Zoey)
Huh, so it looks like all the careers survived, me, and one from each district except from 10, who both died. i need water, but it can wait until tomorrow, if i last that long. I climb a tree and i go to sleep.
Chapter 4
Sapphire's POV
"Jesus Christ, guys, seriously if you don't stop kissing i will cut both of your god damned lips off" i moan, Terra laughs, "Jealous?" "I'd rather burn my face of" Nick chuckles at my remark and asks "how many dead then?" he asks me because Terra and liam have exceeded the toungs-in-mouth limit and Fin and Leni have gone hunting. "Umm" i look at my hand, Ive written the deaths on it with a pen i found in a back pack "D3 boy, D6 girl, D7 girl, D8 girl, D9 boy, both from 10 and D11 boy so that makes 8" "So 14 left then" BOOM! "all right then, 13!" he shouts into the sky we laugh for a bit until Fin and leni come back with the girl from 12, i think her name was Leevy. "what the hell is she doing here?" i snap "its ok, saph!" says Fin "shes got some serious killing skills, for a 12" says Leni. "Ok fine" i say reluctantly "thank you" says Leevy. "So, who died?" asks Terra "Leevy killed the girl from 9" says Leni "how?" asks Liam, "i set one of traps on her, shes been incinerated" says Leevy. there was a 2 minute awkward silence, trying to get around what such a innocent looking girl can be such a violent sociopath. "Well then, who wants lunch!" i chirp
Ali's POV
So, i have no food, no water and no weapons, im dead if i don't get water so i go looking for some, in a hour i find a pond, but someone else is there. Zoey. she sees me and starts running towards me with a knife, i duck and avoid it and i run, she runs after me, but i accidentally triggered a trap. A massive jet of acid shot out of the ground, so i have no choice but to run back towards Zoey, i received a burn on my foot from the acid and trip on to the ground, impaling myself on a bit of wood, luckily, Zoey didn't stop running and tripped on my body and fell into the acid stream, she was screaming as the acid melted her face of, she rolled over and i saw her face, it was in agony, but she kept going, she and at me with her knife but by that time I've already removed the bit of wood from my shoulder and i easily disarmed her and i stabbed her in the stomach, she fell to the ground for the final time. I waited for a while but no cannon was shot so i walked over to her body and she looked straight at me, right in the eyes and said "w--w-h----hh-y" " it was me or you, 11" and i got her knife and stabbed her in her melted face. BOOM.
"Attention tributes, attention" boomed the voice of the old and fragil voice of Claudius Templesmith, he must be near his retirement, hes been doing this job for years."As you may of noticed, only 23 tributes entered the arena. Well we think its time to change that, we are sending in a new tribute to represent District 5, and to some of you, this tribute may be very familier, and my the odds be ever in your favor." "Hmm... i wonder who it will be" i think aloud until i remember where i am, i guess i will find out so--BOOM. now its back to 13. I climb a tree then i see the faces in the sky
District 2, Nick (Killed by UNKNOWN tribute)
District 9, Laura (Incinerated by flamethrower trap set by Leevy)
District 11, Zoey (Stabbed by Ali)

Sapphire's POV
"NICK!" i shout, shaking his dead body untill Leni runs up and say "Saph! that was his cannon! Look at the sky, its him for god sake! Theres nothing you can do!" i nod and run after that red-headed girl, she paused for a moment to check the sky, who might she be looking for? oh! why do i care! SHE KILLED NICK.
"shes gone" says Fin "well, she did do us a favor, Nick was planning to run, i saw him packing a bag this morning." "Liar! He wouldn't do that, Fin" says Liam "its true. we was going to run." i whisper everyone looks at me in shock "but-but why?" "in the end we are all just going to turn on each other." Everyone seems enraged, but it was Fin who tried to kill me first, he grabbed his trident and threw it me, i dodged it, but what i didn't know, Rory was planning his own attack right behind me, at that moment, Leevy threw a spear at me, i ducked and it skewerd Rory in the heart. BOOM. Leevy screamed and ran over to him, then i grabbed Fin's trident and threw it at him, i heard a thump wich indicated a hit. BOOM. I ran away into the woods, no-one chased after me, probaly morning over Fin
I stop to see a girl in a tree, i think its the girl from 5, what should i do? kill her?, no. I should help her, she has a wounded shoulder, and i can't just go wandering around by myself. I throw a rock at her and she jolts awake, "Hi, i see you could use some help" and i hold out a medi pack.
Ali's POV
"Who are you!" i shout, looking at the girl, "Sapphire" "from--" "Two" i say "yes" she says "what do you want from me." i ask "A alliance".

Part 2
The Fox
Chapter 5
"So, your sister was in the same games as my mother" i say "what? Clove was in her games?" Sapphire asks "yes, my mum was nicknamed Foxface by that Katniss girl Clove killed" "oh yeah, she done quite a bit of killing, there was that boy from 12, boy from 6, i can't quite remember the rest." we started to eat when Sapphire shouted, "LOOK OUT" and i turned round to see the boy from 7, he threw a ax at me but it was deflected by a girl that looked vaugly fermiliar, the woman shot a arrow at him and it hit him in the eye. BOOM. I cant believe it, she just saved me, but Saph just went into a fit of rage, and jumped onto her i separated them and i got the first good look at her face. Brilliant ginger hair. Her fox-like features. My mentor. My mother; Foxface.
"Ali, People can't realise that im your mother, so you need to call me Foxface, ok?" "ok" i say." "FOXFACE, you killed nick!" "it wasn't my fault he attacked me, i just defended myself" the argument was cut short by a announsment form Claudius Templesmith "Attention tributes, attention. well done to the final 10 tributes! There will be a feast commencing at sunrise. Everyone must be present at this feast, and if your not, you will be taken away for tourcher, and remember, may the odds be ever in your favor." 
when the announcment ended, the faces appered in the sky
District 4, Fin (hit with trident by Sapphire)
District 7, B (hit with arrow in the eye by Foxface)
District 12, Rory (speared by Leevy)
My mum, i mean Foxface, had a idea, its similar to to the idea she had back in her games, where we hide inside the cornucopia, but when someone arrives, we go in for the kill. we make our way towards the cornucopia. it takes around an hour to reach the golden horn, and we decide to sleep in the back of the horn. Foxface takes thefirst lookout and me and sapphire fall asleep
Sapphire's POV
I wake up a hour before the feast begins. And im anxious, because this is where my sister died; at her feast, i try to forget about it but i can never get the image out of my head, Clove getting her head bashed in with a rock. I get some food out of the pack and make all of us a breakfast, we scoff it down like we will never see food again, and this might become true. We look out side to see if anyone was here already, i can see Terra, Liam and Leni, i don't know where that Leevy girl is, but to be honest, i don't really care. BOOM. i whip around to see if Foxface and ali are ok, they are fine. then i turn to the carrers, they are also ok, so that means it was either Willow from 8, Sextus from 6, Litwig from 3 or Leevey from 12, either way, one district is out of the running. Suddenly, a table emerged from the ground infrount of the cornucopia, its filled with turkeys, chicken, lamb and all sorts of assorted meat. then i see a little package materialise in frount of my feet, it has the number 2 on, so i open it, it has a 2 poisen antidotes inside and a note from my mentor, Robyn, it said 'You might want to avoid the feast'  i give one of the antidotes to Ali and then i understand what it means. The feast is poisenous. "hey, don't eat anything on that table" I say "why" says Ali "because its all poisenous, dear " answers Foxface, "how do you know" i ask "the purpel liquid on the chicken, its juice from the nightlock berry. you will be dead before it reaches your stomach." "I think we should stay here" I say. "Agreed" Ali says.
There is a horn and the carrers come charging towards the food. Leni reaches the feast first and picks up a turky leg and greedily eats it "LENI! WAIT!" Terra knows whats on the food, but its too late, Leni starts to twitch and then slumps to the ground BOOM. it the distance i can see Sextus and Willow. They must of made a alliance, and i can see a anitidote and a note in willows hand, she must of been warned aswell. Litwig must of come round the back of the cornucopia because she tried to hade in the cornucopia, but was spotted by Liam and he threw a axe at her right in her chest. BOOM. Terra and Liam decide to retreat, knowing there is nothing left to fight for. They run into the forest, but somehow, i find a spear in the cornucopia, witch can fire a rod and then retract it. I fire it at them and it hits Liam in the foot and he falls, Terra didn't notice so she kept ou running, then i retract the rod, bringing him closer towards me untill he is hext to the table, he sees me and tries to grab his knife, but i throw my own at his hind, making him yelp in pain, the three of us emerge from the cornucopia and look at him. "Hello Liam" I say, "Where oh where did Terra go? has she left you all on your own?" i say sarcasticly "Foxface, please can i borrow a arrow?" "just a arrow? not a bow aswell" she asked, confused "yes please, just a arrow, and you might want to take Ali to the the back of the cornucopia, and cover her ears, please?" "sure" she says and hand me a arrow, then she takes Ali to the back of the horn. "Just you and me now" i say (Robyn, this bit gets nasty) I get the arrow and stab him in the leg "Did that hurt?" "I saw you trying to kill Ali, shes 12, you sick twat!" at that moment he gets a knife from god knows where and stabbs me in the leg. "Bad!" i shout and i remove the arrow from his leg and i plant it into his throut. BOOM. his cannon fired, i take off his back pack and i take the knife the was in his hand, then i pulled the arrow out of his neck, therefore splattering myself with blood, and i walk away.
While im walking/limping, i hear the third and final announsment from the legendary voice of Claudius Templesmith "Attention tributes, Attention.There has been a slight rule change, now two tributes my win if they originate from different districts. This will be the final announcement. And may the odds be ever in your favour.

I bet Sextus and Willow are celebrating. So am i, to be honest, until i remember Ali and Foxface; Mother and daughter. Then i remember Terra, i bet she hopes i died instead of Liam, but when she sees his face in the sky, i bet she's going to be the one who goes insane. There always is a tribute who goes insane, with my sister's games, it was a boy called Cato and last year it was a 12 year old from 9, she looked really innocent, she scored a 5 in training, but after her 1st kill, she went on a killing spree and killed all of the careers, and finished 1st place, witch is very good for a district 9, even better for a twelve year old.
At night, we decide to eat, there are 12 crackers, 1 loaf of bread and 2 liters of water, so we spilt them. Then the anthem started to play.
District 1, Liam (Stabbed with a arrow in the throat by sapphire)7
District 3, Litwig (Hit with a axe by Liam)8
District 4, Leni (Ate Nightlock food)9
District 12, Leevy (Back-stabbed by Terra)10
I think i heard a scream in the distance. I ignored it and started to eat again. then i heard a roar. it sounded close. BOOM. i wonder who that was. or who or what killed them. seconds later, i see the culpret, A green haired lizard. i grab the retractible spear and i aim and release the trigger, it hit the lizard in the foot, luckily, the spear came out. I shot him again and it hit it in the head "LET GO OF THE SPEAR!" shouts Ali, i let go and the handle shoots back, hitting the other end with such force, the spear snapped and a peice of metal shot up into its brain, instantly killing it.
District 6, Sextus (Killed by lizard mutt)6
Chapter 6
Ali's POV
"What was that?" i ask "don't know" says Sapphire "a lizard?" asks Foxface."well, at least its dead, lets get some sleep." we fall asleep under the cover of the cornucopia. when we wake up. i have a feeling this is the final day "the final 5 eh? pretty good" says saph "Hmm, it normaly means trouble, But the sponsers do seem to get excited" and at that moment, a parachute appeares, strangly, its a Tazer. "well that is not what you see every day" Says Foxface. Then, in the distance, a red fog is closing in on the center, i think its suppost to bring us all together. And it dose, on the left side, i can see willow emerge from the fog, coughing, but she isn't the threat, its Terra. Terra comes out of the fog with a gas mask on. She throws a spear it missed Sapphire by inches, but i can feel a sharp pain in my stomach, i look down. IT HIT ME! I fall over and my mum rushed to me, saying im alright.... i can see a white light.......... its coming closer............................ This is it............................................BOOM.
Foxface's POV
"ALI!!!!! NO! ALI! STAY WITH ME!. ALI PLEASE! NO DON'T DIE. Ali... oh no... Ali......... please don't leave me Ali.................
Sapphire's POV
"ALI! OH, *$!£. YOU COW. I'LL KILL YOU JUST LIKE I KILLED LIAM" Thia seemed to set her of. Then i remembered that i had the Tazer. So i got it out and fired it, it hit her in the arm and she jolted, but somehow, kept on running, then i see a wooden trap, it has a trip mechanisum, and when activated, itshoots wooden pikes in the target who activated the trap, so i circle round and i stand next to it "YOUR DEAD 2!!!!, THIS IS FOR KILLING LIAM!!!!" she shouts.Then she runs at me, i step back and activate the trap, i drop to the ground and she runs straight into a spike, hitting her in the eye "Sorry, Bitch".BOOM.
We've done it, me and Foxface. We have won. But there are no trumpets, no voice of Claudius Templesmith. Nothing. Then i remember. Willow. I need to kill Willow. I try to find her, but i can't, then i see her, stood a few meters away from the cornucopia. "Willow, im sorry. But there can only be 2 winners." i go to kill her with a knife, "NO" Shouts Foxface. "Shes 13, Sapphire". She gets her knife. "you two have the rest of your lives ahead of you. I can't just stand by and watch another innocent soul get murdered. Good luck girls." and with a quick jolt of her hand, she slit her own throat. Boom
The final death toll.
District 1,Terra (Killed by trap set by Sapphire)4
District 5, Ali (speared by Terra)5
District 5, Foxface (Suicide)3
"Congradulations to Sapphire Gems and Willow Glaze!!!! The winners of the 97th Hunger Games!"
The Fallen:
24th Kate, 8
23rd Lois,10
22nd Frances,10
21st Bill, 11
20th Terrance, 9
19th Buzz, 3
18th Tee, 7
17th Demetree, 6
16th Laura, 9
15th Zoey, 11
14th Nick, 2
13th Rory, 12
12th Fin, 4
11th B, 7
10th Leevy, 12
9th Leni, 4
8th Litwig, 3
7th Liam, 1
6th Sextus, 6
5th Ali, 5
4th Terra, 1
3rd Foxface, 5
Winners, Sapphire and Willow.

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